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									                             Knight Line
                CHARITY            UNITY               FRATERNITY          PATRIOTISM
                          Breese Council #2869            September 2006

        ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?                               RELAY FOR LIFE STAND A SUCCESS!!

         August is now a part of history, and we                     Our efforts in working a food stand at
turn our focus to the busy month of September.              the Relay for Life event in August was an
Many members will be called upon this month                 absolute success. We were able to donate over
to make it another successful September.                    $700 to the cause.
         Since we are going to have a busy                           Next year, we hope to get started a little
month, I hope you will all have enjoyed the                 earlier in the year. Most teams are underway for
holiday weekend and will be all rested up for the           fundraising and team meeting around February
next few weeks!                                             or March. If you are interested in helping with
         If you are looking for an event to help            this event for 2007, please let myself or DGK
with, or if you have an idea for a new event, do            Rich know.
not hesitate to give me a call at 521-2690
         Remember Charity, the first thing we                            SQUIRES TO MEET
learn about when becoming a Knight. Each and
every fundraiser we do is in the name of charity.                    The Breese Circle will meet on
Without the selfless contributions of the                   September 13th at 8 p.m. at the KC Hall. If you
members of Breese Council, we would never be                know of a Catholic young man, between the
able to help as many people as we do.                       ages of 12 and 18, who might be interested in
         A few weeks ago, we traveled to St                 joining, give Chief Counselor Brad Halstead a
Clair Bowl to help with the Special Olympics                call at 526-4201.
bowling competition. When we first arrived it
seemed overwhelming, so many competitors                             WELCOME BROTHERS!!
were patiently waiting for the games to begin.
We were assigned to a lane and off we went. I                       Please join me in welcoming Jeff
had 9 guys at my pair of lanes and immediately              Niemeyer as a new member to Breese Council.
felt a sense of joy just talking to the competitors.        He is the son of Mark Niemeyer.
They were all so eager to bowl and have fun.                        Also, join me in welcoming back
We were all told to make sure everyone bowled               brother Mark Niemann!
in order and to keep it all straight. However,
once the bowling began, I didn’t have to see                    TEXAS HOLD’EM TOURNAMENT
anything about the order in which they should
go. There were so many exciting moments                                     It is time for another Texas
when they would make a good shot, but the                                   Hold’Em Tournament! Yes, we
absolute kicker was when one of the bowlers                                 enjoyed    another     excellent
broke 100 on the second game. He had been                                   evening in August and look
giving my high 5s, so that is what I was                    forward to another great event in September.
expecting. Instead, he ran back and gave me a               The proceeds from this month’s event will go in
huge hug! That was probably the happiest I had              part to benefit the Wheelchair Foundation. For
seen a person in a long time. So, if you can                more information on this excellent organization,
attend next year, I would definitely encourage it.          contact GK Shane. The games will be held on
                                                            September 16th. Doors will again open at 5pm,
                                                            and the blackjack tables will open shortly
                                                            thereafter. The poker tournament will start
around 7 p.m. There is a $35 entry fee again this          would like to go and has not already received a
time, and the blackjack tables will have chips             ticket, please contact Mike as soon as possible at
available all night. This event is open to anyone          526-4609.
over the age of 18.
         If you have helped in the past, we would                CHECK US OUT ON THE WEB!
surely appreciate you helping again. If you are
interested in helping at this tournament, give                      Webmaster Ahren Langhauser, has been
Shane a call at 521-2690.                                  updating the website and keeping us informed of
                                                           upcoming events.          If you haven’t visited
        DOWNSTATE BBQ TICKETS                              recently, check it out at
                                                           for all kinds of info regarding our council.
         Once again, Mike Nettemeier took care                      Also, if you have an email address,
of the Downstate BBQ ticket collection. We                 please send a short note to me at
returned our portion of the tickets on August 25, so I can add
and had over 900 tickets sold this year! Thanks            you to our list. This list will be used to notify
to everyone for their efforts in selling these             members of rosaries and other upcoming events.
tickets. Be sure to tell Mike thanks for the work          The newsletter will also be made available
he does on this project.                                   electronically via this list.

              TOOTSIE ROLLS!!                                             FROM MRS. GK

           That’s right, it is that time of the year              Fear not! Sheena will have another
again. If you are on the work list to help this            column for us in October!
year, please do your best to make your shift. If
you have worked in the past and haven’t been                       4th DEGREE STEAK NIGHT
contacted yet, please call Jim Schulte at 334-
6537. We will be out on the streets on the 15th                     The Bishop Althoff Assembly 193 will
and 16th. We will also be at each mass that                be hosting a steak night for Sir Knights to come
weekend! If you are interested in helping, there           and enjoy. The event will be on September 25th
is still time, just call Jim and he will find a spot       at the Breese KC Hall. The price is a very
for you!                                                   reasonable $12, and the menu will include steak,
                                                           baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, cake, ice
          LET’S TAKE A CRUISE!                             cream, and coffee or tea. Other beverages will
                                                           be available in the club room.           Faithful
                     The Columbian Board has               Navigator Jerome Rakers encourages all Sir
            asked that everyone help make the              Knights to come and enjoy an evening of
            Caribbean Cruse Raffle a success by            fraternity, and card playing. Please RSVP by
            getting the tickets back in as soon as         September 18th! Contact Jerome Rakers at 526-
            possible. The drawing will be on               7579, Mike Nettemeier at 526-4997, or Barry
            September 16th, in the Club Room.              Dixon at 594-3895 if you plan to attend or have
            So, come on down and see if you                any questions.
are a winner! Also, feel free to attend the
regular Columbian Board meeting on September                   SAVE THOSE ALUMINUM CANS!!
                                                                   Attention all kitchen and bingo workers!
       KC DAY AT BUSCH STADIUM                             Please save all aluminum cans and put them
                                                           behind the upstairs or downstairs bar. Don
        Thanks to Mike Niemeyer, who has                   Deiters will be collecting these cans and storing
once again stepped up to the plate to handle this          them until there is enough for a trip to sell them.
fun event. We will be headed to Busch Stadium              The funds from these cans are currently being
on September 17th, to cap off a VERY busy                  used to purchase equipment for our kitchen.
weekend. If you know of a squire or server that

  OCTOBER IS RESPECT LIFE MONTH                                  KNIGHT OF THE MONTH

         The US Conference of Catholic Bishops                  Dan Koerkenmeier became a member of
designated October as Respect Life Month and            the Knights of Columbus on Palm Sunday of
the first Sunday in October as Respect Life             this year. He, like many other Knights, is very
Sunday. After masses on Sunday October 1st the          busy with home and family. However, he
Breese Knights will once again offer the                stepped up to help his brother Rich with the
attractive KC Pro-Life Magnetic Ribbons for a           Family Picnic and helped make the train ride
$5.00 donation and lapel roses for a donation,          there an absolute success with the kids.
with proceeds for pro life causes. The National                 I had the chance to play some rummy
Life Chain will also be held that same day when         with Dan and his son at the Picnic, and look
people all over the nation gather as a human            forward to working with him in the future
chain to pray silently for an end to abortion and               Please be sure to thank and congratulate
the mentality of the "culture of death" which has       Dan when you see him!
a strong hold on our country. Participants
gather, hold signs and pray from 2 to 3 PM at                       ADDRESS CHANGES
various locations along new highway 50.
(Gather near CC Food Mart south of new                          Please send all postal address changes to
highway 50 at Breese) I urge all brother Knights        the Financial Secretary. If you receive your
to take this one hour to become a part of the           newsletter by e-mail, e-mail changes to the
"culture of life." - Rich Koerkenmeier                  Grand Knight.

                  SOCCER!!                              Fraternally yours,

        October 1st will also be the 2nd annual K
of C Soccer Challenge. The event will kick off          Shane Bowen, Grand Knight
at 1 PM in the new gym at Mater Dei. For more
information, contact Chairman Mike Schrand at
526-8187. The event is open to boys and girls,
ages 10 to 14.


         Ron and Jane Kleiboeker are the
September Family of the Month. They were one
of the couples that stepped up to help with the
Relay for Life food stand and helped make it a
         Ron has been a KC member since 1970
and has served in many capacities over those 36
years. Recently Ron accepted the nomination to
again serve the council as a Trustee, helping me
to better lead our council. Ron has also helped
with maintaining the headstones of the religious
at our parishes.
         Please join in me in thanking Ron and
Jane for their support of the Breese KCs, and St
Dominic’s Parish.


13 – Squires meet at 8 PM
14 - Regular Meeting, 8 PM
15-17 – MRLD Tootsie Roll Drive
16 – Texas Hold’Em
16 – Cruise Raffle Drawing
17 – KC Day at Busch Stadium
17 – Wheatfest Parade in Okawville
25 – 4th Degree Steak Night
27 – Mater Dei Homecoming Parade

1 – Soccer Challenge
1 – Respect Life Sunday and National Life
8 – Special Olympics Bowling
8 – Membership Blitz
11 – Squires Meeting
12 – Kick off Keep Christ in Christmas Poster
12 – Regular Meeting 8 PM
15 – Chapter Meeting
22 – Major Degree, Aviston
28 – Southern Friendship Dinner
29 – Pork Sausage Dinner


“Try not! Do or do not, there is not try.”


Grand Knight:
        Shane Bowen
        P.O. Box 5, Breese, IL 62230
        Daytime: 526-4277
        Evenings: 521-2690
Financial Secretary:
        Joe Langhauser
        P.O. Box 124, Breese, IL 62230
        Daytime: 526-4277
        Evenings: 523-8189


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