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                            Monthly Calendar and News
                        For School District 103 Families

    August & September/2011
    the news
                                                             Superintendent Welcome                                                           103
    Superintendent Welcome........... 1, 3-4
                                                             We are excited to welcome you to our 2011/2012 school year!
                                                             As the highest performing school district in the state, based upon a Benchmark
    District 103 Overview ........................ 2
                                                             Study of students’ raw ISAT scores, our continuous improvement model focuses
                                                             upon our Vision, Mission and Core Values to create outstanding learning opportu-
    New School Year Reminders ............ 4
                                                             nities for our students.
    Fall Curriculum Nights....................... 4          Vision
                                                             To be “Leaders in Learning” – the premier educational organization.
    2011/2012 Academic Calendar ......... 5                  Mission
                                                             To provide innovative learning experiences which empower each student to excel
    Monthly Calendars ......................... 6-7          and make a difference in a diverse and interconnected world.
    District 103 News .............................. 8       Core Values
                                                               Academic Excellence
    Laura B. Sprague School.................. 9                Meeting Individual Student Needs
                                                               Social Responsibility
    Half Day School .............................. 10          Global Preparedness
                                                               Continuous Improvement
    Daniel Wright Junior High School ....11                    Safe and Healthy Environment
                                                               Long Term Perspective
    Learning Fund Foundation.............. 12                  Partnership Among All Stakeholders
    P.T.O. ......................................... 13-15   It is imperative for us to employ a thoughtful, deliberate and transparent decision-
                                                             making framework, especially during the current unstable economic climate. The
    OMMPa ........................................... 16
                                                             Board of Education and administration have developed a fiscally conservative bud-
                                                             get for 2011/2012, which maintains our programs at current levels, while maintain-
    Community Organizations &
                                                             ing a minimum 20% fund balance reserve.
       Educational Programs....... 16-17
                                                             Vision 2015 Strategic Plan
                                                             We tackled several key goals last year from our comprehensive, community-driven,
                                                             long-range strategic plan.
                                                               I. Curriculum and Instruction
                                                               GOAL: Implement the best model of foreign language instruction for District 103
    This document is being shared with District
    103 e-mail subscribers. This publication is
                                                               • We conducted research on models of foreign language instruction, includ-
    also available on the Internet at the District
                                                                    ing which languages should be taught, when instruction should begin, and
    web site: www.district103.k12.il.us. To                         best instructional practices. This goal will continue into 2011/2012 with a
    subscribe to our e-mail listing, contact                        comprehensive review of our K-8 ENCORE program, which includes foreign
    ksylvan@district103.k12.il.us.                                  language.
                                                                                                               (article continues inside on page 3)
THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                                                                        2

                  District 103 Overview
                   Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 is a nationally recognized, award-winning elementary district located in Lake County,
                   Illinois. The school district serves approximately 1,600 students from the communities of Lincolnshire and Prairie View and
                   portions of Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills, Mettawa, Riverwoods and Lake Forest. The district serves students through three
                   schools: Laura B. Sprague School for students in Early Childhood-grade 2, Half Day School for students in grades 3-4,
                   and Daniel Wright Junior High School for students in grades 5-8.

Administrative Team                                                                   103       Board of Education                                                               103
                          Administrative Center and Business Office                             The District 103 Board of Education represents and serves the resi-
                        Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103                           dents of the community in an effort to provide the best educational
                                                      1370 Riverwoods Road                      program possible for our young people. The Board determines
                                                  Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069                  policies and long-range district performance goals, employs and
                                                      phone: (847) 295-4030                     supervises the superintendent, responds to recommendations
                                                          fax: (847) 295-9196                   regarding curriculum, major projects, personnel and facilities, and
                                          http://www.district103.k12.il.us                      adopts a yearly budget. Our mission is to provide innovative learn-
                                   e-mail: Ask103@district103.k12.il.us                         ing experiences which empower each student to excel and make
                       For 2009 District and School Report Cards, visit                         a difference in a diverse and interconnected world. The Board of
                        http://www.district103.k12.il.us/general.htm.                           Education meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00
Larry K. Fleming, Ed.D......................................... Superintendent                  p.m. in the library of Daniel Wright Junior High School, 1370 River-
Scott Warren, Ed.D. .......... Superintendent-Elect (effective 1/03/12)                         woods Road, Lincolnshire, Illinois. The Board also conducts a Com-
Darryl Handcock ............. Assistant Superintendent for Business                             mittee of the Whole (COW) meeting on the first Tuesday of most
Marilee McCracken ................ Interim Assistant Superintendent                             months to discuss major District issues and upcoming action items.
                                                                   for Business                 Meeting dates, agendas, minutes and participation guidelines are
Katrina Bruley ............... Assistant Superintendent for Instruction                         available on the District 103 web site at www.district103.k12.il.us.
Julie Postma.................................... Director of Student Services                          David Panitch, President ............................... 2013
Gina Finaldi-Schmidt, Ph.D. ...... Asst. Director of Student Services                                  Gary Gordon, Vice President......................... 2015
Mark Westhoff.........................................Director of Technology                           Chris Curtis .................................................... 2015
Scott Gaunky ........................ Supervisor, Buildings and Grounds                                Larry Rivkin ................................................... 2013
Kim Sylvan ....................... District Communications Coordinator                                 Sherri Thomas ............................................... 2013
                                                                                                       Gary Walrath ................................................. 2013
 SP                                                   Laura B. Sprague School                          Ben Yomtoob................................................. 2015
                                                         2425 Riverwoods Road                          (The year following each board member’s name indicates
                                                   Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069                        the end of the term of service.)
                                                         phone: (847) 945-6665
                                                              fax: (847) 945-6718               Transportation Center                                                            103
                                                    absences: (847) 945-6686
                            http://www.sprague.district103.k12.il.us                                                                   District 103 Transportation Center
Christine Adler ............................................................... Principal                                                                 1370 Riverwoods Road
                                                                                                                                                    Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069
 HD                                                                     Half Day School                                                                   phone: (847) 295-8258
                                                            239 Olde Half Day Road                                        http://www.district103.k12.il.us/trans.htm
                                                       Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069                                                       e-mail: bus@district103.k12.il.us
                                                             phone: (847) 634-6463              Vicki Mattson....................................................................Director
                                                                  fax: (847) 634-1968
                                                          absence: (847) 634-1484               District 103 Publication Notes
Jill Mau .......................................................................... Principal   The 103 Monthly is shared with School District 103 families and is
                                                                                                accessible on the District and school web sites. The 103 Monthly,
DW                                   Daniel Wright Junior High School                           103 Weekly, and weekly school bulletins are provided in electronic
                                                      1370 Riverwoods Road                      format, posted on the web sites and distributed via e-mail to our
                                                Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069                    subscribers. To subscribe to receive District 103 publications via e-
                                                      phone: (847) 295-1560                     mail, send a request with “Subscribe to D103 List” in the subject
                                                           fax: (847) 295-7136                  line to: ksylvan@district103.k12.il.us. Please contact us at (847)
                                                   absence: (847) 604-5280                      295-4030 with any questions.
Howard Holbrook .......................................................... Principal            The next issue of the 103 Monthly will be distributed by October 1,
Margaret St. Claire..........................................Assistant Principal                2010. Input for this issue will be due by September 16th.
 3                                                                                                     THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

                 Superintendent Welcome 2011/2012
                 (continued from cover page )
Superintendent Welcome                                                                                                                103
(continued from cover page )

I. Curriculum and Instruction (continued)                                 3.   Ten classrooms at Half Day were renovated this summer,
   GOAL: Define success criteria for District 103 students and                 and air-conditioning was added as well. Science labs and
   determine measurable as well as intangible qualities that                   restrooms at Daniel Wright were added and/or remod-
   quantify success.                                                           eled.
     ACTIVITIES:                                                          The total cost of these renovations is approximately $3 million,
     • We implemented a metric dashboard to report district               which is coming from fund balance reserves. Our PTO has ear-
         performance on goals, student academic achievement,              marked $280,000 to complete the DW Athletic Fields project.
         programs, staff development, and budget on the District          NEXT STEPS:
         web site.                                                        • Develop a timeline to air-condition Sprague School and
II. Communication and Collaboration                                          refurbish classrooms.
   GOAL: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communica-           • Conduct an evaluation of the roof condition at Sprague
   tion processes used in District 103.                                      School to determine a three-to-five year maintenance and
     ACTIVITIES:                                                             replacement plan.
     • Our District participated in two major communications              • Monitor and revise the five-year maintenance cycle.
         surveys: Speak Up 2010, a national research project con-       Our annual Quality Learning Action Plan will include detailed
         cerning education, technology, 21st century skills, science    steps to accomplish district and building level initiatives.
         and math instruction; and the National School Public Rela-
         tions Communications Accountability Project, which will        Leaders in Learning
         allow us to compare our local results to national results in   Student achievement is our top priority in District 103, and we
         order to further enhance our communications processes.         continually seek best instructional strategies, staff development,
     • A resource list of key district personnel has been posted        technology, assessment, and programs to challenge and support
         on our District web site to assist parents and community       our students.
         members when questions arise.
     • The District web site and teacher web sites are regularly        School Search Bright A+ Award recognized District 103 as #8
         updated. Google Analytics allows us to track visitation        in the state with a state ranking of 99.00%. These accomplish-
         information on our District web site.                          ments are based upon our students’ exemplary ISAT perfor-
                                                                        mance: 97.4% met or exceeded standards in reading and math
III. Facilities                                                         on the 2010 ISATs, compared to the 870+ districts in Illinois.
   GOAL: Implement an exemplary facility use model in District
   103.                                                                 We are also very proud to recognize that Half Day School and
                                                                        Daniel Wright Junior High School received the prestigious Blue
     ACTIVITIES:                                                        Ribbon Award for Academic Excellence from the United States
     • Capital projects have been prioritized, and the follow-          Department of Education. Less than 1% of the schools in the
         ing facility improvements will be completed prior to the       United States earn this award, and it is very rare to have two
         beginning of the 2011/2012 school year.                        schools from one district honored within the same year. Con-
         1. Projects completed over the last three months include       gratulations to our students, staff, parents and community on
             carpeting the Daniel Wright library; phase one of          this wonderful accomplishment!
             the unit-vent replacement at Daniel Wright; lighting
             replacement in all three gym facilities; asbestos/ lead
             abatement at Daniel Wright; business office construc-      Expanded Learning Opportunities
             tion; water heater replacement at Daniel Wright.           Through the leadership, involvement and cooperation of our
         2. Summer projects included the Daniel Wright athletic         Learning Fund Foundation, PTO, and district, we completed our
             field renovation; carpet replacement in the libraries at   ambitious plan to digitally equip 76 instructional areas and class-
             Half Day and Sprague; asbestos abatement at Half Day;      rooms. Our students and staff now have access to interactive
             19 classroom furniture and equipment moves at Dan-         white boards, projection systems, document cameras, and audio
             iel Wright and 10 at Half Day; compressor replacement      systems. Teachers participate in two days of training to learn
             at Daniel Wright; and water main upgrade at Daniel         how to integrate technology into lessons. Additional workshops
             Wright.               (article continues above, right)     are provided throughout the year.
                                                                                                              (article continues on page 4)
    THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                                 4

    Superintendent                                                       Fall Curriculum                                                   EC-8

    Welcome 2011/2012
    (continued from page 3 )
                                                                         Nights 2011/2012
Superintendent Welcome (continued)                              103
                                                                        We invite parents/guardians to join us for Fall Curriculum Nights
                                                                        at the schools to gain insight to the learning environment,
2011/2012: A Year of Transitions                                        student expectations, grade level curriculum, teaching teams
Our school district will experience an unprecedented turnover in        and more. Please contact your child's school with any questions.
staff members who will retire by the end of the 2011/2012 year.         Each of the following sessions typically lasts one hour unless
This includes three administrators, twelve teachers, and four           otherwise indicated.
secretary/support staff. Our Board of Education has been plan-
ning for this change for the past two years and has already hired                                        Laura B. Sprague School
Dr. Scott Warren as Superintendent-Elect, to begin on January 3,                                         2425 Riverwoods Road
2012, which allows a six-month transition period with me prior                                           Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069
to my retirement on June 30, 2012. Dr. Warren will be respon-                                            (847) 945-6665
sible for personnel decisions, and I will continue to run daily
operations. Our succession plan is designed to have Dr. Warren
assume the majority of superintendent spokesperson responsi-                Aug. 25 ............ 7:00 pm..........Early Childhood (AM class)
bilities, after a several-month period to become acclimated with            ......................... 7:40 pm..........Early Childhood (PM class)
our district.                                                               Aug. 30 ............ 7:00 pm..........Grade K
                                                                            Aug. 29 ............ 7:00 pm .........Grade 1
We enjoy working with your children and look forward to an out-             Aug. 31 ............ 7:00 pm..........Grade 2
standing year. Thank you for your continued high expectations,
involvement and support!
                                                                                                         Half Day School
                     Larry Fleming, Ed.D.                                                                239 Olde Half Day Road
                     Superintendent                                                                      Lincolnshire, IL 60069
                     (847) 295-4030                                                                      (847) 634-6463

                                                                            Sept. 6...............6:00 pm ........ Grade 3
                                                                            Sept. 6...............7:15 pm ........ Grade 4

    New School Year                                                                                      Daniel Wright Junior High School
                                                                                                         1370 Riverwoods Road

                                                                                                         Lincolnshire, IL 60069
                                                                                                         (847) 295-1560

•      The District 103 Academic Calendar is posted on the district         Sept. 1................. 7:00 pm .............. Grades 5 & 6
       and school web sites and is on page 5 of this publication.           Sept. 8................. 7:00 pm .............. Grades 7 & 8
•      Student registration forms and fees for 2011/2012 are due
       to the school offices. Contact the school office to obtain the
                                                                                                                             The District 103
       required forms.
                                                                                                                             Administrative Office
•      School starts on August 24th for students in Full Day Kinder-
                                                                                                                             is located adjacent to
       garten and Grades 1-8. Students in Half Day Kindergarten
                                                                                                                             Daniel Wright Junior
       begin class on August 25th. Early Childhood classes begin on
                                                                                                                             High School at 1370
       August 26th.
                                                                                                                             Riverwoods Road
•      Informal classroom visits for students in Grades 1-5 will
                                                                                                                             in Lincolnshire, IL
       take place on August 23rd from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Early Child-
                                                                                                                             60069. For informa-
       hood students are invited to visit their classrooms with their
                                                                                                                             tion, call (847)
       parents on August 25th from 9:30-10:30 a.m.
•      PTO membership and volunteer signup information is
       accessible at www.district103.k12.il.us/ptovc.htm.
5                                                       THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

School District 103 Academic Calendar for 2011/2012                               103



    Approved April 11, 2011 by the Board of Education
THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                                  6

        MONDAY                     TUESDAY                     WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY                     FRIDAY

	                         1                            2                              3                            4                       5

    DW Board of Education
       7:00 pm
                          8                            9                         10                          11                          12
                                                                                          SP Grade K
                                                                                          Bus Orientation
                                                                                          10:00 am

                        15                           16                          17                          18                          19
                               DW/HD/SP                     Classes Begin: FDK-Gr 8       First Full Day: Gr K-8       SP Classes Begin for EC
                               Institute Day                SP/HD 9:05-11:05 am           SP/HD 9:05 am-3:20 pm        AM Program, 9:15 am
                                                            DW 7:50-9:50 am               DW 7:50 am-2:35 pm           PM Program, 12:30 pm
                               Informal Classroom                                         SP EC Curriculum Night
                               Visits for Gr 1-5, 2:00 pm                                 AM Program, 7:00 pm
                                                                                          PM Program, 7:40 pm
                        22                           23                          24                          25                          26
                             DW Soccer Tryouts*             DW Soccer Tryouts*
                                2:45 pm                         2:45 pm                                   DISTRICT 103 CONTACT INFO.
    DW Cross Country Begins* DW GBB Tryouts*                DW GBB Tryouts*                        Administrative Center/Business Office
       2:45 pm                  2:45 pm                         2:45 pm                                          1370 Riverwoods Road
                                                                                                             Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069
    SP Gr 1 Curriculum Night   SP Gr K Curriculum Night     SP Gr 2 Curriculum Night                              (847) 295-4030 phone
        7:00 pm                    7:00 pm                       7:00 pm                                             (847) 295-9196 fax
                        29                           30                          31                   http://www.district103.k12.il.us

August                                                      KEY
                                                                     Cross Country
                                                                     Daniel Wright Junior High
                                                                                                       * Please see page 11 for information
                                                                                                         and requirements concerning these

                                                            EC       Early Childhood                     athletic programs.
                                                            FDK      Full Day Kindergarten
                                                            GBB      Girls’ Basketball
                                                            HD       Half Day School
                                                            SP       Laura B. Sprague School
School District 103 / Monthly Calendar
7                                                                                                  THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

        MONDAY                    TUESDAY                  WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                  FRIDAY

                                               DISTRICT 103 CONTACT INFO.
                                        Administrative Center/Business Office     DW GBB Tryouts*
                                                      1370 Riverwoods Road              2:35 pm
                                                  Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069    DW Soccer Tryouts*
                                                       (847) 295-4030 phone             2:35 pm
                                                          (847) 295-9196 fax      DW CC Parent Meeting
                                               Ask103@district103.k12.il.us             4:00 pm
                                           http://www.district103.k12.il.us       DW Gr 5+6 Curriculum
	                                                                                 Night 7:00 pm       1                          2

    NO SCHOOL                                          DW Show Choir Auditions
    (Labor Day)               HD Gr 3 Curriculum Night    2:45 pm
                                 6:00 pm               DW Soccer Parent Meeting
                              HD Gr 4 Curriculum Night    4:00 pm
                                 7:15 pm               DW GBB Parent Meeting
                              DW Board of Ed COW          5:00 pm               DW Gr 7+8 Curriculum
                          5      7:00 pm            6                       7 Night 7:00 pm         8                            9
    Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing

                              CLC-Southlake PTO Coffee
                              and Open House
                                  9:30 am              DW Show Choir
                                                       Rehearsals Begin                                     SP PTO Back to School
    DW Board of Education                              6:00 pm                                              Picnic 6:00 pm
       7:00 pm         12                          13                        14                        15                     16
    Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing        Gr 2-8 MAP Testing

                                                                                  AC OMMPa Board Mtg        DW Q1 Midterm
                                                                                       2:45 pm
                              DW PTO Board Meeting      DW Sports Pics            DW Beginning Band
                                 1:15 pm                   2:35 pm                    Open House
    DW LFF Board Meeting                                                              5:00 pm
       6:00 pm        19                           20                        21                        22                     23
                              DW Q1 Progress Reports    Early Release for
                              Posted to Family Access   Professional Development NO SCHOOL
                                                        DW 10:50 am              (Rosh Hashanah)
                                                        HD/SP 12:05 pm
                                                        No Class for EC
                              SP PTO Welcome Night
                              and New Family
                         26   Orientation 7:00 pm 27                         28                        29                     30

September                                               KEY
                                                                 Administrative Center
                                                                 Cross Country
                                                                                             OMMPa Organization of Music
                                                                                                   Makers Parent Advisors

                                                        CLC      College of Lake County      PTO   Parent Teacher Organization
                                                        COW      Committee of the Whole      SP    Laura B. Sprague School
                                                        DW       Daniel Wright Junior High    SATURDAY EVENTS
                                                        EC       Early Childhood             Oct 1    IMEA Band Auditions
                                                        GBB      Girls’ Basketball                    @ Aptakisic Junior High
School District 103 / Monthly Calendar                  HD       Half Day School                      Time TBA
                                                        LFF      Learning Fund Foundation
                                                        MAP      Measures of Academic
                                                                                             * Please see page 11 for information
                                                                                               and requirements concerning these
                                                                                               athletic programs.
THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                                      8

            District 103 News
             Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 schools have received the following honors and recognitions: U.S. Department of
             Education’s Blue Ribbon Schools; SchoolSearch™ 2011 Bright Red Apple Award for Educational Excellence; SchoolSearch™            103
             2010 Bright A+ Award for Academic Excellence; 2010 Academic Excellence Awards as Illinois Honor Roll Schools; National Board
             for Professional Teaching Standards’ National Board Certification® for twenty-three staff members; two teachers recognized as
             Golden Apple Award winners; Financial Recognition Award from the State of Illinois for seven consecutive years.

Instant Alert Notifications                                            103      MAP Tests in September                                       SP HD DW
In order stay advised of school closings and other matters of                    Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests are administered in
high importance, District 103 notifies parents/guardians via the                 the fall and spring of each school year. Students are tested in
Honeywell Instant Alert SystemTM. Please take a moment to log                    reading and mathematics, and the assessments help us to chart
into the system and verify your contact information, such as                     each child's educational progress. Results help us to make any
home or cell phone numbers. You can find the login informa-                      mid-course instructional adjustments. MAP tests for students in
tion on each school web site on the Parent Information tab or                    grades 2-8 take place September 12th-23rd. Any questions about
visit http://www.district103.k12.il.us/information.htm. Please                   student assessments should be directed to Katrina Bruley,
contact Bonnie McNeill with questions at (847) 945-6665 or                       Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at (847) 295-4030 or
bmcneill@district103.k12.il.us.                                                  kbruley@district103.k12.il.us.

District 103 Communications                                            103
                                                                                 Budget Update for 2011/2012                                      103
We encourage all District 103 families to subscribe to receive                   The 2011/2012 Tentative Budget has been on display as of
our publications and regular communications via e-mail. E-mail                   Wednesday, August 10th. A public hearing on the 2011/2012
address updates should be made directly through the Skyward                      Budget will be held on September 12th. It is anticipated that the
Family Access portal. The link to Family Access is available                     Board of Education will then approve the 2011/2012 Budget,
through the Parent Information tab on the school home pages                      which will be posted on the district’s web site at
and on the District 103 web page. Please be sure to also book-                   www.district103.k12.il.us/business.htm.
mark the virtual backpack web page, where important notices
about school programs are continually posted and updated:
                                                                                 Health & Wellness Notice                                         103
It is extremely helpful to access our web sites for current                      In line with the Illinois State Board of Education, the Illinois De-
information. E-mail notifications and our web sites are two of                   partment of Public Health’s guidelines, and Public Act 96-0349,
the most important ways to stay up-to-date about your child’s                    District 103 has developed new procedures for supporting
school. Please contact our communications coordinator with                       children with life-threatening allergies. Because of the nature
any questions or concerns: Kim Sylvan at (847) 295-4030 or                       of these allergies and their increasing prevalence, District 103
ksylvan@district103.k12.il.us. Questions of a general nature                     must be prepared to provide treatment to allergic children, re-
can also be sent to Ask103@district103.k12.il.us. Your inquiry                   duce the risk of an allergic reaction and accommodate students
will be directed to the most knowledgeable source for a timely                   with allergies, whether food allergy, latex allergy, or insect sting.
                                                                                 In November 2010, District 103 adopted Policy 7:285 Food
Family Access Portal                                SP HD DW                     Allergy Management Program. New procedures were also de-
                                                                                 veloped outlining guidelines and best practices for District 103
District 103 offers families access to student information
                                                                                 schools to follow primarily in the area of food allergies. With ac-
through the Skyward Family Access portal. This secure, internet-
                                                                                 knowledgement that there are similarities in treatment of other
based module provides report card (grades 1-8) and gradebook
                                                                                 life threatening allergies (i.e., latex, insect stings), schools must
information for students in grades 6-8. Parents/Guardians were
                                                                                 also prevent and/or provide treatment in response to these po-
provided with their login and password combinations in the
                                                                                 tentially life threatening reactions. A summary of District 103’s
principal letters mailed on August 12th. The Student ID num-
                                                                                 Life Threatening Allergy Procedure and a Quick Reference for
ber (also called Other ID) was also identified on the principal
                                                                                 Food in Our Schools are posted on the district’s parent informa-
letter. Please safeguard this information for reference during
                                                                                 tion web page at www.district103.k12.il.us/information.htm.
2011/2012. With Family Access, you can stay informed about
                                                                                 Questions? Contact Julie Postma at (847) 295-4030.
your child’s learning throughout the school year.
                                                                                Influenza Season Preparedness
                                                                                                                    SP HD DW
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved vaccines for the 2011/2012 influenza season. For the news release, visit
http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm263319.htm. Updates are posted by the Illinois Depart-
ment of Public Health at http://www.idph.state.il.us. Back to School Health Guidelines from the Lake County Health Department are
available at http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs015/1102992250985/archive/1106836507220.html.
9                                                                                                                          THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

                Laura B. Sprague School
                Sprague School is dedicated to the development of lifelong learners. We encourage creativity through                              SP
                experimentation, problem solving and reflection, while acknowledging and welcoming individual
                differences. We foster collaboration among staff, parents and children to create an
                environment that is best for children.

A Special Welcome to the Class of 2020!                                                                 SP
                                                                                                                  Summer Synopsis at
On Thursday, August 18th, the incoming kindergartners joined                                                      Sprague School                                SP
their moms and dads for a special Welcome-To-School                                                               From summer school to summer workshops,
orientation. The morning kicked off with a bus ride to                                                            Sprague School saw little rest during June, July
Sprague, where all were greeted by the principal, office staff,                                                   and August! Incoming kindergartners, as well as
and kindergarten teachers. The boys and girls enjoyed a                                                           nursery school-aged students, enjoyed attend-
light snack and officially began their role as kindergartners!                                                    ing summer school with Mrs. Hecht, Mrs. Bu-
Students joined their new teachers in the classrooms and met                                                      chweitz, Mrs. Metzler, and Miss Niziolek. From
their new classmates, while parents heard from a number of                                                        structured play to hands-on projects, and even
staff members regarding details pertinent to the start of the                                                     Friday swimming, the boys and girls had a great
school year. Parents joined their children in classrooms prior                                                    time learning with friends as well as becoming
to boarding buses for the ride home. The morning was filled with big smiles and excite-                           familiar with the layout of the school building.
ment for the start of a new school year!
                                                                                                                  At the same time, the custodial staff was hard at
                                                                                                                  work addressing some larger maintenance proj-
Tips for a Smooth Start to Sprague School                                                               SP        ects, such as replacing the library and computer
                                                                                                                  lab carpeting, painting classrooms and offices,
• The school day begins at 8:55 a.m. Supervisors will be outside from 8:45 - 9:05 a.m. daily.                     emptying each room to provide deep cleaning,
Children should not be dropped off any earlier than 8:45 a.m., as adequate supervision is                         as well as creating outdoor gardens for each
not available. During the first week of school, all staff will be stationed along the front drive                 classroom. The building looks beautiful for the
and in the courtyard/parking lot to ensure that students successfully find their teachers and                     start of the school year!
                                                                                                     Teachers have also been busy preparing for the
• If your child has a change to his/her after-school routine, please be sure to send a written       arrival of their new students. From workshops
note with your child to school. For example: If your child typically rides the bus each day, but     related to curricular planning to taking a deeper
you are picking him/her up, be sure to notify the teacher in writing. All notes regarding after      look at the purpose and role of homework
school plans are photocopied in the office each day. It is critical that this communication be       at the elementary level, teachers not only at-
clear and in writing. Please refrain from calling the office after 2:00 p.m. to make changes to      tended but also provided professional growth
your child's plans unless it is an emergency.                                                        opportunities for their colleagues during the
• If you are picking up your child after school, please come to the front entrance of Sprague. summer. Some exciting staffing changes were
Students will be seated in the chairs lining the front hallway beginning at 3:20 p.m. Supervi- also made! Kindergarten welcomed LeeAnn
sors will be present and are happy to assist you. If you would prefer to wait in your car, enter Delli back to teach half-day, while Heather
the front drive as the buses exit and supervisors will escort children to cars. This service         Unruh joined the 1st grade team. Sue Vani and
begins between 3:25 - 3:30 p.m. or as soon as the buses depart. Please be prompt during              Christina Muller were both welcomed to the 2nd
pick-up, as supervision is not available after dismissal.                                            grade team. Julie Hupp has joined the staff as
                                                                                                     the occupational therapist for Sprague and Half
• The early days of the school year can be warm in Sprague School, so please dress your              Day, and Christine Andersen will be a part-time
child for the weather. Feel free to send a frozen water bottle that can provide relief through- speech and language pathologist. A school
out the day. Because all students have physical education during the week, it is important           psychologist/interventionist will be joining the
that rubber soled gym shoes be available. A pair can be left in the locker if your child opts to Early Childhood team, and Ann Voermans will
wear sandals during the warm weather.                                                                be expanding her lunchroom role at Sprague to
• Parents of students in full-day kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades are welcome to join their        include clerical support in the office. Other excit-
children in the lunchroom and/or at recess. Extra hands during these times of day are                ing news...school psychologist Susan Elbaum,
particularly helpful! There is no need to call ahead for volunteering--just stop in the office,      and her husband Dave, became proud parents
pick up a volunteer badge, make sure you have a signed Volunteer Agreement on file in the            to Madelyn Cara earlier this month. Mrs.
office, and make your way to the cafeteria or playground. Please note, you cannot accom-             Elbaum will return to Sprague and Half Day fol-
pany your child back to the classroom unless you have made arrangements for volunteering lowing Thanksgiving. On behalf of the Sprague
with the teacher.                                                                                    staff, welcome to the 2011/2012 school year!
    Full-Day Kindergarten Lunch: 11:25-11:50           Recess:       11:50-12:15         We're looking forward to a terrific school year filled
    1st Grade Lunch:                 12:35-1:00        Recess:       1:00-1:25           with amazing learning and social opportunities for
    2nd Grade Lunch:                 12:00-12:25       Recess:       12:25-12:50         your child!
THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                                    10

              Half Day School
               The mission of the Half Day School community is to share an educational experience, which is academically               HD
               challenging, developmentally appropriate and responsive to each individual in a safe, nurturing environment:
               where children, parents and teachers collaborate and embrace lifelong learning.

A Kid’s Life
Half Day School performed its annual musical on May 17th,
18th and 19th (see photo below). The production, entitled “A
Kid’s Life,” was a comedic musical, which displayed our third
and fourth grade talent with a variety of acting, dancing and
singing roles and showed how youngsters could have FUN
these days WITHOUT the use of electronics! Led by music
teacher Mrs. Lighthall, Mrs. Lathrop, and Mr. Turini, this year’s
performance was a gigabyte of success! Colorful scenery was
painted by students during an after school set design class
with the help of Mrs. Buschardt. The musical showcased an
interactive chorus to boot! Approximately 200 students from
the school were involved in the musical, which entertained                       4th Graders Embark Upon Camp MacLean
the likes of many friends, families and our entire student                                                                                        HD
body!                                                                            One hundred eighty-three fourth graders, thirty-six parents and
                                                                                 twenty-five teachers from Half Day School ascended upon Camp
                                                                                 MacLean in Burlington, Wisconsin for a two-day outdoor educational
                                                                                 trip on May 26th and 27th. Teachers used the outdoor education
                                                                                 experience to provide students with a unique opportunity for both
                                                                                 physical and emotional growth. The two-day trip included a variety
                                                                                 of study classes focusing on many aspects of nature. Classes included
                                                                                 pond study, solar ovens, nature-art project, canoeing, archery, the
                                                                                 Skyway Challenge and team building. The teaching and learning
                                                                                 that took place at Camp MacLean emphasized the appreciation we
                                                                                 must all have for nature while inspiring students to have fun and
                                                                                 get involved in the team building exercises. The wooded setting of
                                                                                 Camp MacLean provided the perfect environment for an outstanding
                                                                                 learning experience for the children. After dodging some inclement
                                                                                 weather, we crossed the state line and had a fabulous time in this
                                                                                 alternative “classroom” of nature! (See related photos above and
 Fall Curriculum Night at Half Day School                                        below this article.)

 We look forward to seeing parents at the start of the school
 year for 3rd and 4th Grade Curriculum Night. Please join us for
 an opportunity to learn about your child’s school year and
 learning experiences.

           Tuesday, Sept. 6th 6:00 pm .............. Grade 3
           Tuesday, Sept. 6th 7:15 pm .............. Grade 4

 It promises to be yet another extraordinary school year for
 the children and we look forward to sharing all that Half Day
 School has to offer!

Summer School Wrap-Up
The District 103 Summer School program was up and running on Monday, June 13 giving students in pre-school through eighth grade very

little time to be bored this summer! Laura B. Sprague School hosted the nursery and pre-kindergarten classes, and Daniel Wright Junior
High School was the site for the kindergarten through eighth grade program. Students and their parents selected from a variety of academ-
ic, creative arts and athletic classes. Additionally, an assortment of remedial and enrichment classes in math and language arts were offered
to students. This year’s District 103 Summer School program provided learning and enriching opportunities for over 450 students!
11                                                                                                               THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

                Daniel Wright Junior High
                The mission of the Daniel Wright School is to create a developmentally responsive                                     DW
                community which will foster confident, enthusiastic, responsible, lifelong
                learners prepared to make a positive impact on their world.

Welcome, Mrs. St. Claire!                                                                               Music Notes
                                              DW                                                                                                   DW
Margaret St. Claire joins Daniel Wright Junior                                                          Chorus programs begin the first full week
High School as Assistant Principal. Mrs. St. Claire                                                     of the year. Chorus for 5th graders begins on
replaces Mr. Bob Bolin, who accepted a position                                                         August 29th. Chorus for 6th, 7th and 8th graders
this summer as Associate Principal at Cherokee                                                          begins on August 30th. To learn more about
and Sheridan Elementary Schools with Lake                                                               the chorus programs and how to be part of
Forest District 67. We certainly wish Mr. Bolin                                                         them, visit Mrs. Alban's web page at http://
success in his new administrative role. On                                                              web.me.com/nalban103/Nancy_Alban/Cho-
August 8th, the Board of Education approved the                                                         rus_Show_Choir.html.
employment of Margaret St. Claire as our new assistant principal. Please join us in welcoming           Show Choir auditions are on September 7th
Mrs. St. Claire to the District 103 learning community.                                                 from 2:45-4:00 p.m. Show Choir is open to
Margaret has over 16 years of experience in the field of education. After receiving her Bach-           any 6th, 7th or 8th grader, who must sign up for
elor’s degree in education from Purdue University, she started her teaching career at Lake              a 15-minute audition time in advance. For
Forest District 67. Margaret taught 1st, 3rd and 4th grades for a total of 8 years. She also            audition requirements, a rehearsal schedule,
taught at Oak Grove School District 68, as a long term substitute for the gifted program and            and more, visit Mrs. Alban’s web page listed
the technology department.                                                                              above.
Margaret received her Master’s Degree in Administration from National Louis University,                 Orchestra programs for 5th-8th graders are led
where she worked as an adjunct faculty member supervising student teachers. For the past 3              by Tess Van Wagner. Opportunities for stu-
years, Margaret was the Director of Instruction/Assistant Principal at Academy of Our Lady, a           dents will be posted on Mrs. Van Wagner’s
Kindergarten through 8th grade school in Waukegan, IL. She was responsible for the imple-               web page at http://web.me.com/tvanwag-
mentation of curriculum, evaluation of teaching staff and overall building responsibilities.            ner103/Mrs._Van_Wagner/Home.html.
Mrs. St. Claire lives in Libertyville with her family and enjoys traveling, biking, exercising and      Band programs for 5th-8th graders are led
reading. She is thrilled to be part of the tradition of academic excellence in District 103 and         by Mr. Owens & Mrs. Fencl. All 5th grade
looks forward to a fabulous year!                                                                       students and families who are interested
               Fall Curriculum Nights at Daniel Wright                                                  in band should attend the Beginning Band
            We invite parents/guardians to join us for Fall Curriculum Nights.                          Open House at the school on Thursday, Sep-
                                                                                                        tember 22nd at 5:00 p.m. Please contact Mr.
                    Sept. 1st ............... 7:00 pm .............. Grades 5 & 6                       Owens with any questions, or visit http://
                    Sept. 8th............... 7:00 pm .............. Grades 7 & 8                        web.me.com/dwmusic103/Rodney_Owens/
Fall Sports Programs for Daniel Wright Students
Daniel Wright Junior High School participates          PLEASE REMEMBER, A SPORTS PHYSICAL               Co-Ed Soccer
in the Patriots Middle School Athletic Confer-         MUST BE ON FILE IN THE DANIEL WRIGHT             Tryouts for 7th and 8th grade co-ed soccer will
ence, which includes the sender schools to             OFFICE PRIOR TO PARTICIPATING IN OR TRY-         take place after school on August 30th ,
Adlai E. Stevenson High School: Aptakisic              ING OUT FOR ANY SPORT. Physical forms are        August 31st and September 1st. Soccer
Tripp District 102, Kildeer-Countryside                available at the school office and on Daniel     tryouts will last until 4:00 p.m. A parent
District 96, Diamond Lake District 76, Fre-            Wright’s web site at www.daniel-wright.          meeting for soccer team members will be
mont School District 79 and Lincolnshire-              district103.k12.il.us/athletics.htm.             held on Wednesday, September 7th at 4:00
Prairie View School District 103. Fall sports                                                           p.m. in the school cafeteria.
                                                       Cross Country
programs will begin the first full week of the
                                                       Practices will begin after school on Monday,     Girls’ Basketball
new school year.
                                                       August 29th and will run until 4:00 p.m. Cross   The 7th and 8th grade girls’ basketball tryouts
Team schedules will be posted to the Daniel            Country is open to all 6th-8th grade students.   will be held on August 30th, August 31st and
Wright athletics web page at http://www.               A parent meeting for Cross Country partici-      September 1st. Practices will end at 5:00
daniel-wright.district103.k12.il.us/athletics.         pants will take place on Thursday, September     p.m. The informational parent meeting for
htm.                                                   1st at 4:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria.        girls’ basketball team members will be held
                                                                                                        on Wednesday, September 7th at 5:00 p.m. in
                                                                                                        the green gym.
THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                                         12

 Learning Fund Foundation
 The Learning Fund Foundation, a not-for-profit education foundation for School District 103, is committed to enhancing the learning experiences of
 each and every child in the District. The foundation serves as a catalyst for innovation, enrichment and educational excellence for the entire
 community. The foundation’s parent volunteers form the governing board, which seeks new and different funding resources.

A New Year . . . A New Initiative!                                                                                                                     103
Welcome Back!                                                                           Our CheckAwards Program is under way! CheckAwards are
We hope that everyone had a relaxing, restful, and enjoyable                            gift-checkbooks with over $500 in gift checks from local area
summer break. The Learning Fund Foundation Board is excited to                          merchants—all for just $30/checkbook! This marks the 3rd year
share several items for the new school year.                                            that the Learning Fund Foundation has partnered with the
                                                                                        Lincolnshire Rotary to fund two scholarships through this highly
Welcome to our new board members: Kim Bernard, Laurie Gens,                             successful program. Any graduating high school senior who
Kate Harper, Beth Konieczny, Alice Lee-Osborne, Grace Park, and                         graduated from Daniel Wright Junior High School is eligible to
Jayanthi Swaminathan. They bring a wealth of expertise to the                           apply for these scholarships. For details and to place an order,
board, including experiences with fund raising, technology, ac-                         log onto www.rotarysavings.org or contact one of our Co-Chairs,
counting, marketing/publicity, events planning, and much more!                          Grace Park at grace_m_park@yahoo.com or Kate Harper at
We are fortunate to have enhanced the LFF Board with such tal-                          5harpers2009@gmail.com.
ent! They join our existing board members: Daphne Dickens-King
(President), Roberta Hancock (Vice-President), Ron Caprariello
(Treasurer), Lara Kirts (Secretary), Christy Greeley, Rachel Nowa-
kowski, Stephanie Pither, Cindy Powell, Tanya Schwartz, and Scott
Treiber. Ex-Officio/Advisory members include Dr. Larry Fleming
(D103 Superintendent), Dr. Scott Warren (D103 Superintendent-
Elect), Gary Walrath (D103 Board of Education), Larry Rivkin (D103
Board of Education), Anne van Gerven (PTO President), and Sandy
Simon (PTO Vice-President).                                                             Be a Corporate Matcher! Does your employer offer a Corporate
                                                                                        Match program? What an easy way to increase your donation to
The New Science Initiative promises to be an exciting one! We                           the Learning Fund without an additional cash outlay from you!
need YOUR HELP to outfit the D103 classrooms, including the                             Simply log onto your company’s intranet to complete the online
new science labs at DW, with the latest science equipment and                           forms. For more information, contact Cindy Powell, Corporate
resources for ALL of our students to enhance their interest and                         Match Chair, at powellcindy@comcast.net.
studies in science beyond D103. We are currently working with the
administration to prioritize items. We are also looking for district                    Enthusiastic volunteers are always welcome to assist with
families who work with science companies that may have items                            various foundation events as well as to serve on our advisory
to donate. Since a new initiative calls for a new fundraiser, the LFF                   board. The LFF Advisory Board is a group of individuals with
fundraising committee is hard at work creating a family bowling                         expertise in a particular area (legal, grants, accounting, finance,
event to occur toward the end of October 2011. An adult evening                         strategic planning, marketing/publicity, etc.) who answer ques-
event will follow in Spring 2012. Details to follow soon…                               tions by e-mail and/or phone, as needed. It’s an easy way to
                                                                                        volunteer and have a positive impact in the district! Contact any
Our new Learning Fund website will go live soon! It will provide                        Learning Fund Board member to volunteer.
“one-stop shopping” to include history, current and past initia-
tives, scholarship news, and various ways to donate and vol-                            We hope to see you at the Science Bowling Event in October!
unteer with the Learning Fund. Be on the look-out for the big                           On behalf of the Learning Fund Foundation Board of Directors,
announcement!                                                                           thank you for your continued support. Best wishes for a wonder-
                                                                                        fully productive school year!
Innisbrook is back! You can support the Learning Fund Founda-
tion’s Science Initiative by purchasing wrapping paper, candy,                          Daphne Dickens-King
magazines and all kinds of gifts! Please also encourage your                            President
friends, neighbors, and out-of-town family to purchase an item                          D103 Learning Fund Foundation
(or more!). Brochures will be available at the end of August, and                       dickens-king@comcast.net
displays will be set up during the various back-to-school events
at all D103 schools. For questions, contact Co-Chairs Tanya
Schwartz at tanya@bannerdaycamp.com or Laurie Gens at
13                                                                                                                          THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

                    Opportunities for parent participation and involvement are great within the District through an active Parent Teacher
                    Organization. The PTO organizes and sponsors many activities and coordinates volunteer programs in the
                    schools. Through membership dues and fund-raising, the PTO provides funding for cultural arts programs,
                    specific programs that extend learning at each school, and grants for innovative instructional programs.
                    More information about the District 103 PTO can be found at www.district103.k12.il.us/ptovc.htm.

A Note from the PTO President
District 103 Community,                                                                   students would focus on performing arts and not include
                                                                                          traditional art. In response to parent and teacher feedback,
I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer, survived the heat                                PTO has decided to work with the 5th grade teachers to
and the power outages and is looking forward to the start of a                            define an art program for the students that will provide
new school year! The entire PTO board and I are excited about                             some art exposure to them on a periodic basis. We are in
the year ahead. We have started to define our goals and objec-                            the early stages but are excited to be able to work with our
tives for the year and are looking forward to continuing the past                         teachers on this new program.
year’s tradition of making sure our work and programs enhance                       •     100% PTO Membership participation. One of the major
the school experience for our children. I want to take a moment                           sources of income for PTO is through membership fees.
to highlight a couple of those goals we will be working towards:                          These fees are used to benefit every child in the district. Not
                                                                                          only does membership entitle you to a PTO Directory, the
•    DW Athletic Field Renovation. Over the past few years, PTO                           money you pay is also used to support programs at all three
     saw a need to improve the DW fields so that students at                              schools, for all children. Our goal is to work toward having
     DW can have full use of this space for the athletic programs,                        every family become a PTO member, since every family and
     physical education programs, recess, and other activities.                           child benefits from these dollars. If you have not already
     Since then, PTO has been focused on raising the necessary                            joined PTO, please consider becoming a member – the fee
     funds for this large scale project while also working with                           is only $35 per family, and it really does help us make your
     district administration, DW physical education teachers, and                         child’s education better. To become a member, click here
     other outside planning and design firms to outline a clear                           https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fo
     and obtainable plan for the fields. Thanks to the overwhelm-                         rmkey=dE5uZWNsOHVIS3R4OGZIUjl5Rzc2SGc6MQ.
     ing financial support from the parents, staff and community,
     we were able to raise enough funds to begin the project                        As always, we would not be able to achieve these goals without
     and in July we officially broke ground. The retention pond                     the strong parent volunteers who are on our PTO board this year.
     is being relocated, drainage improvements made, and field                      Last year, we decided to combine the PTO and Volunteer Council
     layouts adjusted, so that next spring the students at DW will                  boards into a single board. The new board structure reflects this
     have a renovated field to use. It will also be the site of our                 change and will allow us to work more efficiently and effectively
     2nd annual Run for the Fields 5K on May 19 to continue to                      towards our goals. I am excited to work with all these individuals.
     raise the additional $100,000 that is needed to complete the                   As always, if you ever have any program questions or comments,
     funding for this phase of the project. It is never too soon to                 please feel free to contact me or one of the board members. A
     start to train!                                                                complete PTO board listing can be found on page 15.
•    PTO Coffee and Open House. In an effort to continue to
     educate our parents on the various opportunities to get                        We also rely on parents for donations of time and talent to help
     involved with PTO, as well as all the different programs that                  execute the programs we offer. If you have already registered
     PTO supports (both financially and with volunteer time), we                    to volunteer, a program coordinator will be contacting you once
     will be holding a PTO Coffee and Open House on September                       school starts. If you have not registered, please take a moment
     13th from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the College of Lake County-                       to review all the volunteer opportunities that exist and register
     Southlake Campus. ALL parents are welcome to attend.                           for those that interest you. You can do this online at https://
     The Open House will consist of a short 10 minute presenta-                     spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHNiUFlFSHRRN0
     tion on PTO. Most of the PTO board members and district                        xtVzg5SkpnMG1rQVE6MQ.
     administration will be there to talk to you and answer any
     questions you may have. Hopefully, this will help you learn                    Lastly, we appreciate the incredible financial support we receive
     more about PTO in an informal manner. More information                         from parents, local businesses and other community groups. We
     on this event will be available in the school newsletters and                  would not be able to offer the programs we do or complete proj-
     at the curriculum nights in the fall. We hope to see you                       ects like the DW Athletic Field Renovation without your ongoing
     there.                                                                         support. We have provided a detailed document which outlines,
•    Work closely with teachers on new or revised program-                          in more detail, exactly what your financial contributions help us
     ming. PTO is always looking for ways to improve our                            achieve. Visit the virtual backpack web page, where this docu-
     programs and looking for areas where we can help out                           ment will be posted: www.district103.k12.il.us/vbackpack.htm.
     more. One of those new areas this year will be an “Art Lady”                   Thank you so much for your ongoing support!
     program at Daniel Wright for the 5th grade students. In the                                                                 (article continues on next page)
     spring, it was announced that the art curriculum for 5th grade
                                    (article continues above, right)
THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                    14

PTO                     (continued from prior page )
                                                                   For more information about PTO, visit

PTO President’s Note (continued from page 13)                103   PTO Communications                                              103
Looking ahead, we would like to highlight a couple of key PTO      Welcome back to school! As the new school year begins and
dates for the upcoming month:                                      new routines are established, get more involved in your child’s
                                                                   school by volunteering for PTO. Within the PTO, the Communi-
•     September 15th – LCA and Rotary Golf Outing (19th Annual     cations group needs volunteers to help the district and PTO with
      Herb Didier Memorial Golf Outing)                            various clerical, publicity and technology related tasks. Special
•     September 16th – PTO Back to School Bash                     projects include mailing out PTO Directories, organizing the year-
•     September 20th – PTO Board Meeting                           books for distribution, or decorating a bulletin board. If you have
•     September 27th – Welcome Night at Sprague                    web site skills, we’d love to hear from you! Time commitments
                                                                   are flexible, and no special training or knowledge is needed.
For additional PTO and district events, dates and times for this
year, please see the PTO Calendar of Events located on our PTO     When events require such help, volunteers are contacted by
web site at http://www.district103.k12.il.us/ptovc.htm.            e-mail. You can help for one hour or more, or pass until the next
                                                                   time help is needed and you have the time. For each job, we
As always, please feel free to contact me or any board member      gather at one of the schools to alphabetize, label, sort, and it’s
with questions, concerns, ideas or feedback.                       amazing the interesting and useful information you can learn.
                                                                   Find out more at http://www.district103.k12.il.us/ptovc.htm or
Enjoy the rest of the summer!                                      sign up online at https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?for
Respectfully submitted,
Anne van Gerven, PTO President
(847) 955-9156 vangerven@comcast.net
                                                                   PTO Welcome Committee                                          103
                       Mark your calendars!
                    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th                       It is hard to believe that summer vacation is almost over and the
                                                                   start of the school year is just around the corner. The Welcom-
           19th Annual Herb Didier Memorial Golf Outing            ing Committee is gearing up for a great start to the 2011-2012
                           Presented by:                           school year. Our primary function is to welcome new families
             The Lincolnshire Morning Star Rotary Club             to District 103 and provide them with helpful information about
    in partnership with the Lincolnshire Community Association     the district and the surrounding communities. To do this, the
                                 at                                Welcoming Committee invites all new families to Welcome Night
                        The Arboretum Club                         at Sprague, which will be held on Tuesday, September 27, 2011
                       Buffalo Grove, Illinois                     at 7:00 p.m. Invitations to our new families will go out the 1st
                                                                   week of September, but all District 103 families are welcome to
    Lincolnshire Community Association (LCA) proceeds from this    attend. During this event, families who are looking to become
       event will benefit the PTO's Daniel Wright Athletic Field   more involved in the district will learn about the great programs
                         Renovation Initiative.                    our district and community have to offer. Representatives from
           For more information or to register, please click       various organizations within District 103 will be able to provide
                     www.lincolnshirerotary.org.                   an overview of their group and how you can get involved.

                                                                   In addition to sponsoring this special evening at the beginning
                                                                   of the year, the Welcome Committee continuously reaches out
SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT!                                           to new families throughout the school year. Each new family
                                                       SP HD DW
                                                                   receives a welcome packet with important information ranging
            Spirit Wear samples will be on display at all          from how to receive the district directory to District 103 com-
                      Fall Curriculum Nights.                      munication web sites. The packet also includes a list of local
                                                                   phone numbers and web sites for the surrounding area. We are
           Watch for order forms coming home soon and              available to answer questions or if you are interested in joining
            posting on the District’s virtual backpack.            the Welcome Committee, please contact me, Stacy Szwejbka, at
        Questions? Contact Jane Ernst at rj2ernst@aol.com.         Swebs@sbcglobal.net.
15                                                                                                                 THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

More From PTO                                                              For more information about PTO, visit

PTO Board for 2011/2012                                                                                                                        103
President ............... Anne van Gerven                                  Health and Safety .... Jan Lamberti/Heather O'Brien
Vice President........ Sandy Simon                                         HEPCO ..................... Kristine Keevins/Cory Ingersol/OPEN
Treasurer ............... Mary Claire O'Donnell                            Membership/
Secretary ............... Stacy Walsh                                         Sponsorship: ...... Eliisa Capstick
Communications.... Stephanie Hooper                                        Membership/
Community                                                                     Directory: ........... Beth Konieczny/Debbie Fisch
Relations ................ Jackie Curtis/Diane Laudati/Veronica Pantelis   Membership/
Cultural Arts .......... Jennifer Quallley/Gina Stec                          Welcome Cmte .. Stacy Szwejbka
DW Coordinators ... Amy Klein/Christy Greeley                              Room Parents .......... Tania Surane
   5th Grade/                                                              Special Projects ....... Beth Konieczny/Liz Treiber/Chris Udoni
   Colonial Days.... Veronica Pantelis                                     SP Coordinator: ....... Laura Polen/Tanya Schwartz
   Dance Lessons.. Diane Gillis                                            Ways and Means
   Lighted                                                                    Coordinator:....... Julianne Spilotro
   Schoolhouse..... Leah Kieffer                                              Book Fair ............ Vicki Morelli/Beth Ann Fell
Fine Arts Day ......... Linda Pinsel/Erika Tully                              School Supplies .. Robin Babbo/Beth Poteet
HD Coordinator ..... Anne Rainis/OPEN                                         Spirit Wear ......... Jane Ernst
   3rd Grade                                                                  Run for the
   World Fair ........ Tiffany Etzel/Anne Rainis                              Fields/5K ............ Sandy Simon/Jen Sturgeon/Chris Udoni
   4th Grade
   State Fair .......... OPEN

                                     YOU ARE INVITED…
                         The school year has started in District 103.
                        Welcome back, students and all our families!
                          You are all invited to share in some fun -                                PTO’s BACK TO SCHOOL BASH
                    A picnic, games, and treats, sure hope you can come!
                                                                                                    at SPRAGUE SCHOOL (EC – Grade 4 Families)

                                                                                                           YES, we’ll be there!
                                                                                                           Family Name:
                                                                                                           # attending:

                                                                                                          YES, I’d be happy to volunteer!
       Date:        Friday, September 16th, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.                                              Phone Number:
       Rain date:   Saturday, September 17th, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.                                           Email Address:
       Place:       Sprague School Gym Playground
                                                                                                    Return this completed form to Sprague School or
       Who:         ALL EARLY CHILDHOOD THROUGH 4TH GRADE STUDENTS AND                              Half Day School no later than 9/14/11.
                    THEIR FAMILIES

The P.T.O. Community Relations will be providing submarine sandwiches, chips,
cookies and water for all families. Feel free to bring side dishes/desserts for your
family to enjoy. Gentle reminder…alcohol is not permitted on school grounds.
Don’t forget your blanket, as seating will be outdoors in the grassy area around
the playground. Live music and playground equipment will provide lots of fun!

R.S.V.P. no later than Wednesday, September 14th, by returning the slip below to
the main office at Sprague or Half Day Schools. It is critical that you respond in a
timely fashion, so that there is enough food/drink for all. Let us know if you can
volunteer to help. Questions/ideas? Please contact Jackie Curtis at
jackiecurtis4@gmail.com or Veronica Pantelis at vmbach@comcast.net.
     PTO’s BACK TO SCHOOL BASH at SPRAGUE SCHOOL (EC – Grade 4 Families)

            YES, we’ll be there!
THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011                                                                                                                    16

                                  The Organization of Music Makers Parent Advisors (OMMPa), provides parent support by assisting

                                  the chorus, band, orchestra and fine arts programs at District 103 schools. Fund-raising efforts
                                  help to subsidize instrument purchases, music-related field trips, cultural activities, music
                                  camp scholarships and more.

A Note from the PTO President
As a new school year gets underway OMMPa is already busy
planning and preparing for exciting things for the music pro-
grams at Sprague, Half Day and Daniel Wright Junior High
Schools. OMMPa is proud to continue its support of the many                                     The 2011/2012 OMMPa Board
wonderful music programs throughout our district.
                                                                                          Kathy Knezevic .............President
Providing support means raising funds, and we continue our
attempts to offer opportunities that are beneficial to you, while                         Mara Grujanac .............Vice President
at the same time raising money for our programs. We are of-
fering a hot dog lunch each Thursday at Daniel Wright. Profits                            Diane Laudati...............Treasurer
from these lunches go directly to OMMPa. Parent volunteers
will distribute Thursday lunches. (If you’re interested in serving                        Ellen Singer ..................Secretary
lunch on an occasional Thursday, please e-mail Kathy at
kknezevic@comcast.net). We also continue to collect Box Tops                              Shari Panitch ................Publicity
for Education. We can potentially raise up to $2000 each year
just by clipping the box tops from products you already buy. The                          Jen Bott & Missy Finn ..Box Tops for
Plant Sale will be back next spring. We hope you are enjoying                                                     Education
the plants you purchased last May! New this year for OMMPa
will be the sale of gift cards. We will offer gift cards several                          Beth Konieczny ............PTO Liaison
times throughout the year. Watch for the order form coming
soon!                                                                                     Dede Ginsberg .............member

As your sons/daughters start a new school year, we hope they
look forward to getting involved in one of the many music                              As always, please feel free to contact any
programs available. Keep an eye on the Virtual Backpack for                              of the OMMPa board members with
information about chorus, band and orchestra for the 2011/2012
                                                                                            questions about our programs!
school year. For a re-cap of last year’s programs and how
OMMPa made a difference for District 103 musicians, visit the
District 103 virtual backpack web page or click here:

                                                                                                             The Lincolnshire Sports Association is
                                                                                                             looking forward to another great year!
                                                                                                             In addition to offering recreational and
                                                                                                             travel sports programs for all District
                                                                                                             103 children, we have been busy work-
                                                                                                             ing with the schools to help fund capital
                                                                                                             improvements. First, in partnership with
                                                                                                             last year’s 5th grade boys travel basket-
                                                                                                             ball team, we are re-surfacing the Half
                                                                                                             Day gym to make it safer for all. Coach
                                                                                                             Dwight Ekenberg and the 5th grade boys’
                                                                                                             Lightning team raised over $3000 for
                                                                                                             this endeavor, and we are delighted to
                                                                                                             match their contribution. Second, LSA
                                                                                                             contributed $30,000 to PTO’s initiative
                                                                                                             to make the DW fields more usable for
                                                                                                             all, year-round. We look forward to
                                                                                                             working together to improve District
                                                                                                             103 kids’ athletic experiences, in and
                                                                                                             out of school!
                          For fall soccer information, be sure to visit http://www.slsl.net/soccerIndex.asp.
17                                                                                                                   THE 103 MONTHLY - AUG/SEPT 2011

     Community Organizations                                                                                      Visit our virtual backpack for school and
                                                                                                                  community news:

     & Educational Programs
     School District 103 does not endorse the programs mentioned under this section.

The College of Lake County offers new programs for children                            The Stevenson High School Community Foundation announces
in grades 2-4 and in grades 5-8 to accelerate their reading. The                       its annual Spotlight on Stevenson Events as well as its Children's
programs will be held September 17th through October 22nd at                           Theater programs for 2011/2012. Spotlight events will feature
the Grayslake campus. Visit the virtual backpack web page for                          Comedy-Sportz on November 12th, Under the Streetlamp on
further information. Register at www.clcillinois.edu/youth or call                     January 21st, and Ralph Covert on February 19th. The Children’s
(847) 543-2022.                                                                        Theater will bring performances of Darius the Dragon on Octo-
                                                                                       ber 23rd and the Jungle Book on March 18th to the school. For
The College of Lake County is offering a program to help                               ticket information, please call (847) 415-4121.
students in grades 6-12 prepare for the ACT exam. For a
registration form and more information, call (847) 543-2022,
visit www.clcillinois.edu/youth, or send an email to

Community Christian Church welcomes District 103 families
to take part in its programs throughout the school year. Bryan
Elliott, the new senior minister, will start the program year with
a celebratory event: Kickoff Sunday on September 11th at 10:00
a.m. Everyone is welcome! On Saturday, October 1st, the annual
Community Garage Sale will be held from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
at the church, 1970 Riverwoods Road in Lincolnshire. Donation
drop-off is scheduled for September 25th-29th. For details, visit
www.ccclincolnshire.org. Please contact the office with ques-
tions: (847) 945-8824 or Office@CCCLincolnshire.org.

The Lincolnshire Garden Club's first program of the 2011-2012
year is on September 15th at the Vernon Area Public Library.
Have you ever wanted to walk through the Royal Gardens of
England? Join Garden Club members Rick Sanders and Janice
Hand for a pictorial stroll through these exciting locations. Cof-
fee begins at 9:30 a.m., and a brief business meeting follows at
10:00 a.m. The program starts at 10:30 a.m. For more informa-
tion please call Jan at (847) 945-6575.

Stevenson High School welcomes the community to SPIRIT FEST
2011 on September 17th from 4:00-10:00 p.m. Stevenson High
School’s National Honor Society is inviting the community to
come celebrate the start of a new year as well as raise money for
CASA. There will be fireworks, games, and an attempt to break
another world record. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special
Advocate. This charity helps give support through a volunteer
that will remain a constant during turbulent times for abused or
neglected children thrown into the foster care system. Steven-
son’s National Honor Society has chosen to support CASA in                                         Remember to visit our virtual backpack
order to give back to the community. Families and kids of all ages                                    for school and community news:
are welcome! More information is available at http://www.d125.                                 http://www.district103.k12.il.us/vbackpack.htm

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