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					                                                                                                                             September 10, 2008
                                                                                                                              Volume 4, Issue 17

Bok choy farm owner in Beaverton responds to neighbours’ concerns over water
Residents in the area of a 500-acre bok        merly a sod farm which used considerably       ing their use.
choy farm in Beaverton are expressing          more water to irrigate their fields than she   “We have been farming for 18 years in the
concern over the amount of water the farm      does to irrigate her vegetables.               marsh and we have a fertilizer company
is pumping from Lake Simcoe for irriga-        Keith Jamieson, the Ministry of the Envi-      that we work with that comes on site every
tion purposes and the quality of the run-off   ronment Agricultural and Environmental         week to test all of our vegetables,” she
as it seeps back into the lake.                Officer for York Durham, said while Good       said. “I ship my vegetables to the U.S. and
Jerry Stein and his neighbours Lillian         Year Farms has a licence to take               I cannot use illegal pesticides. We have
Cosgrove and Elizabeth Gouding discov-         10,916,000 litres of water a day from Lake     been shipping there for 10 years and we
ered that Good Year Farms, a 500-acre          Simcoe, they haven’t been using that           have never had one problem with the
Chinese vegetable operation just north of      amount and a wet growing season is one of      chemical issue.”
Beaverton on Mara Rd., has a water taking      the reasons.                                   She also said that as a former sod farm,
permit from the Ministry of the Environ-       “We actually inspected the farm recently       corn farm and soy bean farm, the land has
ment for just under 11 million litres of       to see if they were complying with their       been irrigated and fertilized for years, leav-
water a day.                                                                                  ing her to wonder why her vegetable farm
“That is an awful lot of water and I am                                                       is causing so much concern.
                                                “I don’t believe anyone is testing
also concerned about what is running back                                                     “I just want everyone to know that we
into the lake from the farm,” Mr. Stein         the run-off. It is not a requirement          have been farming for many years and we
said.                                           under any of our legislation.”                do know the laws and we try to do every-
But farm owner Lynn Lien Ly says her                               Keith Jamieson, MOE        thing right. We only work a few months of
Beaverton vegetable operation only uses                                                       the year and I know that it is a different
about 10 per cent of the water allowed and                                                    farm than they are used to, but it is still a
only irrigates two to three acres a day for    permit,” Mr. Jamieson said. “We reviewed farm.”
30 minutes.                                    their records during the inspection and         Mr. Jamieson said his inspection of Ms.
“The reason why is because we only irri-       they were using quite a bit less and there     Ly’s farm demonstrated that she was oper-
gate a couple of acres at once because we      was no day that they exceeded the permit,” ating within the guidelines of her pesticide
grow vegetables and we wouldn’t be able        he said.                                       permit but his office was not required to
to harvest the entire farm at once,” Ms. Ly    Neighbours close to the farm were also         test the run-off.
said. “People see our pumps everyday but       worried about run-off that might contain       “I don’t believe anyone is testing the run-
they don’t understand that we only operate     fertilizers and/or pesticides, but Ms. Ly      off. It is not a requirement under any of
for 30 minutes a day. And when we do, it       said all of the pesticides and fertilizers she our legislation,” he said. “If we received a
is only two to five acres at a time,” she      uses are approved by the Ministry of the       request we could eventually undertake
said.                                          Environment and she has the necessary          some sampling but we would have to have
Ms. Ly said the farm she owns was for-         permits required by the legislation govern- reasonable cause,” he said.

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                               and transit AND on a really
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   Teresa Millar                                        Not intended to solicit sellers or buyers currently under contract
    Letter to the Editor
                                         Here we go
    It’s good the editor had a grip      again...
    on reality when she paused to
    do a little crystal-balling about    Well, it’s official. Canadi-
    the socio-economic future of         ans will be going back to
    Georgina (Pefferlaw Post, Au-        the polls again on Tuesday,
    gust 24/08).                         October 14.
    I too attended one of the public     I suspect with both the
    consultations on this subject        pending American election
    and had contrary thoughts            and now the Canadian elec-
    about this process. More time        tion, you won’t be able to
    was spent selling us on the          tune into a news broadcast
    vision already formulated by         or pick up national newspa-
    others than on listening to what     per without suffering from a
    we might have to say. First and      bit of election overload.
    foremost we heard there was a        And, given the fact that
    desire for “year-round, well-        nobody really wants this
    paying jobs” within our com-         election, I fear there could
    munity. Of course, this would        be a little bit of election
    be convenient but is the wish        lethargy among voters.
    based on realistic evidence that     But, want it or not, it is our
    it could happen here? There are      job to weed through the
    many business parks in York          rhetoric and make an in-
    Region and elsewhere located         formed decision on what
    nearer to the core GTA To-           party deserves the right to
    ronto/Hamilton area. Many of         govern this country. Young
    these towns are already linked       people are still dying in the
    to Highway 404 and other ma-         name of democracy. You
    jor transportation routes.           owe it to them to vote.
    Let’s stop dreaming and come
    to terms with a more attainable      Karen Wolfe, Editor.
    and appropriate vision, as sug-
    gested by the editor. And I
    would strongly urge that our
    vision should encompass above
    all the unique features that
    make Georgina special and
    different from other parts of             Publisher/Editor
    the Region – that is, our green              Karen Wolfe
                                                (705) 437-1216
    natural heritage, our closer
    contacts with a diversity of         Advertising Sales & Inquiries
    birds and animals, our location              Karen Wolfe
    on the shores of Lake Simcoe,               (705) 437-1216
    and our rivers that run through
    our towns and flow into the             Distribution Inquiries
    Lake. Let’s recognize the envi-       The Pefferlaw Post Offices
    ronmental benefits to human                  17 Otter Cove
    beings of a healthy watershed             Pefferlaw, Ontario
                                                   L0E 1N0
    ecosystem: carbon storage,                  (705) 437-1216
    water purification, waste treat-
    ment and clean air.
    Protecting, restoring and en-        The Pefferlaw Post publishes on the
                                        10th and 24th of every month (except
    hancing our natural environ-           December 24) and is distributed
    ment should be our goal. If we       throughout Georgina and within the
    put this first and foremost, then           community of Wilfrid.
    other worthy aims might be           The contents of this publication are
                                        protected by copyright and may only
    achievable.                             be used for personal and non-
                                         commercial use. The Pefferlaw Post
    Carol McDermott                      accepts no responsibility for claims
    R.R.2, Sutton                          made for any product or service
                                               reported or advertised.

South Lake Simcoe Naturalist Research
A decade-long research study      Mr. Harpley says native prairie
conducted by the South Lake       species like Tick Trefoil, Big
Simcoe Naturalists in Sutton      Bluestem and Little Bluestem
continues to identify and docu-   grass, Black-eyed Susan and
ment indigenous native grass-     evening Primrose persist pri-
land sites and the bird species   marily today in waste places
dependent upon them.              and rural roadside ditches in
According to Paul Harpley,        the Town of Georgina.
President of the South Lake       “Some of these prairie plants
Simcoe Naturalists, the organi-   are among our most endan-
zation’s work in Georgina has     gered species. For example, the
been helpful in assisting all     Dense Blazing Star is a nation-
levels of government in devel-    ally rare native wildflower that
oping legislation and in plan-    research, through the South
ning exercises.                   Lake Simcoe Naturalists, has
“Much of this scientific work     identified and we are working
and data have been used for       toward the conservation of
planning in the Town of Geor-     indigenous site locations we
gina, the Region of York and at   have identified.
the Provincial level in large     Mr. Harpley said many of On-
mega project designs for high-    tario’s most endangered bird
way corridors, hydro transmis-    species are grassland prairie
sion line studies, the Oak        specialists including the Savan-
Ridges Moraine Act and Plan,      nah Sparrow, Henslow Spar-
the Greenbelt Act and Plan and    row, Eastern Bluebird, Eastern
the present Lake Simcoe Act       Meadowlark, American Kestrel
and Plan,” he said.               and the Barn Owl.
In recent years, the group has    “Some of these species are still
focused their research on na-     relatively common in the Lake
tive grassland meadow identifi-   Simcoe area and some of them
cation, restoration plans and     are very rare,” he says. “In all
implementation in an effort to    cases, they are in decline as
protect and preserve these        grassland prairie habitat has
threatened species.               declined in southern Ontario in
“Most of our existing grass-      recent decades.”
lands have very few native        A special display of research
southern Ontario grassland        results, photos, maps and infor-
(prairie) species in them,” Mr.   mation on wildlife was pre-
Harpley says. “They are domi-     sented at the Eaglewood Folk
nated by Eurasian and Euro-       Festival by student members of
pean grass species originally     a federal human resources
brought to the South Lake Sim-    summer careers program work-
coe area by settlers after the    ing with the South Lake Sim-
1850s.”                           coe Naturalists.

                                                                     Dr. David Sadler

Great weather and music results in banner year for Eaglewood
Eaglewood Folk Festival Artistic Director,        Photos: (1) CUIT 89.5 FM—University of Toronto radio station deejay was live
Trevor Mills wasn’t the only one “super           from Eaglewood all weekend. (2) Georgina Community Drum Circle engages festi-
happy” with this year’s Eaglewood Folk            val goers in drumming lesson. (3) Musician Ken Whiteley (4) Renowned blues musi-
Festival.                                         cian Jackie Washington celebrated his retirement at Eaglewood.
“We really, really improved on a number
of things this year,” Mr. Mills said. “Our
numbers were up and we were trying out
some neat things that we hadn’t done be-
fore. Things like the farmer’s market, the
morning bike ride and the kids village.”
But, most of all, he said visitors were most
excited about the entertainment line-up.
“They were excited about the freshness of
it, the variety of it and the diversity of it,”
he said. “Many of the performers were
young and they did great and people were
really excited to see that young and vital,
exciting new music.”
Overall, the festival this year attracted ap-
proximately 500 people and is being touted
as one of the festival’s most successful


1                                                 3                                     4
Zoo to You charms kids at Riverview
Riverview Child Care in
Udora hosted an end-of-
season BBQ on Friday,
August 29 and gave kids
a thrill and an opportu-
nity to handle and learn
about exotic animals and

(Photo Right) Two-and-
a-half year old Bannock
Bersche-Glove hooks a
big one at the fish pond.

(Photo Right) Eight-
year-old Avarie Wide-
man handles a chin-

(Photo Right)
Jesse Sten-
nitt, 5, is in
awe as Zoo
to You han-
dler, Matt
Wood, shows
off Charo-
lette, the ta-
Jazz lovers flock to Estonian camp grounds to support children’s camp
A fund-raising event designed to      talents of 16 jazz artists known
raise money for the Estonian chil-    both locally and internationally.
dren’s camp in Udora know as          New to this year’s event was an
Joekaaru, drew as many as 800         art exhibit featuring the work of
people during the two-day event       22 artists. The art exhibit was
on August 23 and 24.                  housed in the Timmas Art Studio,
According to organizer Tom            a new building built with monies
Kutti, he is expecting that JK Jazz   bequested to the camp.
2008 will meet or exceed the          The Joekaaru Summer Camp has
$10,000 raised at last year’s event   been operating in Udora for 55
and the proceeds will be used to      years and continues to present
upgrade facilities at Camp            programs designed to connect
Joekaaru.                             campers with their Estonian cul-    Guests and supporters of the Joekaaru Children’s Camp
JK Jazz 2008 featured the musical     tural heritage.                     mingle and enjoy the entertainment.

alumni play a
game of
Back Row—
Kairi Hess,
Marja Kimsto.
Front Row—
Warren Nis-
bet, Paul Lil-
lakas, Tom
Graungaard,                                                               Terry Clarke, international jazz drummer, and a jazz en-
                                                                          semble perform for the guests.
               Cryderman’s Chronicles
A recent guest at The Briars         all of you for your support of
Resort was Jackie Hardy              the fair.
(Thayer) of West Chester, Pa.
She and her husband Ralph were       The fundraiser for the Georgina
celebrating Jackie’s birthday.       Art Centre was very successful
Jackie is formerly from this         by the smiles on the faces of all
area. Every summer they visit        who attended. They were enter-
friends and relatives and enjoy      tained by Dinah Christie and
the summer at their farm in Oak-     The Good Brothers. The high-
wood, Ontario.                       light was the art auction.
                                     Among the guests were MP
We welcome “home” Carol and          Peter Van Loan and Judith
George Blinov. Your friends and      Moses, the Federal Liberal can-
family are looking forward to        didate for the riding of York
your return. They are returning      Simcoe. Doing a great job as
from Fort McMurray, Alberta to       auctioneers were Dan Pollard
Maple Beach where they plan to       and Mayor Rob Grossi.
live in retirement. George is
the brother of Lydia Rambo.          For anyone who has read the
Lydia is well known in our area      story of Corrie ten Boom you
and at one time operated Lydia’s     will be pleased to hear that on
Esthetics in Jackson’s Point.        Sunday, September 28 at 2:00
Recently she opened Lydia’s          pm, St James Anglican church is
Spa at 89B High St. in Sutton.       presenting Mrs. Marion Ford in
                                     Free to Forgive. This is an
The Sutton Marathon Bridge           amazing experience. Tickets are
Club welcomes new members.           $12.00 each. Call 905-722-6848
They have an opening meeting         to reserve.
with bridge to follow at Egypt
Hall on Tuesday, September 12th      On September 10 from 3:30-
at 1:00 pm. Please call Ruth         5:30 pm a tea will be held at the
Reid at 905-722-3399.                home of John and Lynn Gilbank
The staff at Bank of Montreal is     at 56 Malone Dr. in Jackson’s
looking real neat in their smart     Point. Tickets for “Tea and Top-
yellow shirts. It kicks the Friday   ics Roundtable” are $20 for
Casual Dressing up a notch.          women only--free to representa-
                                     tives of social service organiza-
During the fair in Sutton, you       tions. Guests are Liberal Candi-
may have seen “Cowgirls” in          date Judith Moses, The Honor-
red stetson hats and vests on        able Carolyn Bennett and The
High Street looking fantastic.       Honorable Maria Minna. For
They were staff members of           reservations please call (905)
Scotiabank. Our hats are off to      551-0661.

CIBC breast cancer research BBQ

The Keswick Branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
hosted a BBQ on Friday, August 22 and raised $524.39 for breast
cancer research. Connors Music students above (Garion St. Jean,
drums; Mark Rabey, bass, and Joe Connors, guitar) entertained the
crowd throughout the afternoon. According to event organizer
Carolyn Ellis, Connor’s Music has produced a CD of the songs
performed on the day of the BBQ and is selling them for $10 each.
All proceeds will support the CIBC Run For the Cure.

Pefferlaw couple eliminates oil bills with geothermal heating system
Laura and Garry Cyr on Snodden Rd. in          component system. First they installed 600         pump. However, with the hot water tank
Pefferlaw can’t wait to try out their new      ft. of polyethylene pipe approximately two         now being driven by the geothermal sys-
georthermal heating and air conditioning       meters into the ground. At that depth, the         tem, there won’t be any hydro costs associ-
system. The couple took advantage of an                                 temperature of the        ated with the hot water tank and the heat
interest-free loan offered through the Pow-                             soil in southern          pump isn’t supposed to use any more en-
erHouse Renewable Energy Technologies                                   Ontario is a con-         ergy than the fan did on our oil furnace,”
Funding Program and said good-bye to an                                 stant 10 degrees C.       he said.
expected $4,000 oil bill this winter.                                   Next, they re-            At a total cost of just under $30,000 to
“We are no longer using fossil fuels,” said                             moved the Cyr’s           install, Mr. Cyr said he expects the pay
Mr. Cyr. “We are totally green with this                                old oil furnance          back for the geothermal system to be ap-
and that is our big thing.”                                             and installed a 4-        proximately seven years but his move to-
Mr. & Mrs. Cyr attended a seminar in the                                ton ground source         ward green energy doesn’t end with his
summer and found out about a $50,000                                    heat pump/furnace         new heating system.
interest-free loan program that would al-                               unit and then put in      “We are going to a seminar on the 20th
low them to convert their heating system to                             the venting system        and hopefully we will get enough informa-
green energy.                                                           to distribute the         tion out of that to take the rest of the house
“We had the choice of solar power or wind                               heating.                  off the grid, or the majority of it off the
power but we chose geothermal,” Ms. Cyr                                 On Thursday, Sep-         grid, and put it on solar,” he said.
said. “I figured if I had to budget for oil, I                          tember 7, the sys-        According to Ms. Cyr, the funding pro-
might as well take that money and pay off                               tem was charged           gram is available in Georgina, East Gwil-
an interest-free loan.”                                                 with glycol and the       limbury, Whitchurch-Stouffville, King,
A geothermal heating system is based on                                 Cyr’s were up and         Caledon, Brampton and Missisauga.
the concept of transferring the heat stored      Typical geothermal running.                      “There was no elaborate process of quali-
in the earth’s soil into the home by using a     heating system con- “We will only get a          fying for the loan. It appears that you only
heat pump.                                       figuration to trans- hydro bill this win-        have to be a customer of one of the hydro
Once the Cyr’s application was approved,         fer heat from the     ter,” Mr. Cyr said.        companies covering these areas,” she said.
Yanch Heating and Air Conditioning from          earth to the home. “The hydro will be            Information on the program can be found
Barrie took one week to install the 3-                                 driving the heat           at

                                                                       What’s Happening at...
                                                                               Georgina Trades Training Inc.
      Pro Hardware and a whole lot more...                                          Information Sessions—So you want to be a...
                                                                      Hair Stylist                               Small Engine/Marine Mechanic
                                                                      Thursday, September 11, 2008               Thursday, September 25, 2008
                                                                      7:00 pm until 9:00 pm                      7:00 pm until 9:00 pm
                                                                      GTTI—5207 Baseline Rd. Sutton              GTTI—5207 Baseline Rd. Sutton
                                                                      Presented in Association With

                                                                        Support for this program was made possible through the York Region Community and
                                                                             Health Services Department’s Community Development Investment Fund.
             SHAW PRO HARDWARE                                           GTTI FALL JOB FAIR—Thursday, September 18, 2008
             533 PEFFERLAW ROAD                                                2:30 pm—6:30 pm located at 5207 Baseline Rd. Sutton
             PEFFERLAW, ONTARIO                                                  Local Job Seekers will have the opportunity to:
                   L0E 1N0                                            ► Speak and interview with local employers
                                                                      ► Access information from local community service providers about
             Telephone: (705) 437-2397                                training and job finding assistance programs available in the community
                Fax: (705) 437-2638
                                                                                      Personal Support Worker Program
                         Brent Shaw                                   Personal Support Workers, both male and female, are in high demand. Gradu-
                           Owner                                      ates find employment in homes for the aged, retirement and nursing homes and
                                                                      community agencies. In fact, over 90% of graduates from this provincially rec-
                     STORE HOURS                                      ognized program gain employment within a short time of completing the course.

           Monday—Friday 8:30 a.m.—7:00 p.m.                            Program Starts September 22, 2008—Course Fee: $695.00
             Saturday 8:30 a.m.—6:00 p.m.                              Georgina Trades Training Inc.          FIND US ON FACEBOOK
              Sunday 9:30 a.m.—5:00 p.m.                                         Phone: 905-722-6300, E-Mail:

                              Island residents mourn passing
                              of community icon
                              A service commemorating and
                              celebrating the life of Paul
                              Trivett, 52, was held on Geor-
                              gina Island on Saturday, August
                              30 after he lost his battle with
                              cancer at the Southlake Re-
                              gional Health Centre on August
                              Chief Trivett was remembered
                              and praised by Georgina Island
                                                     Donna Big
                                                     Canoe as a
                                                     kind and
                                                     member of
                                                     the com-
                                                                   Paul Trivett, 52, was a deco-
                                                     munity        rated police chief.
                                                     who had a
                                                     passion       Chief of Police for the Nish-
                                                     for native    nawbe-Aski Police Service, the
                                                     culture.      largest First Nation police force
                                                     “The First    in Canada and the second larg-
                                                     Nation        est in North America.
                                                     was so        Survived by his wife, Mavis
                                                     fortunate     (Charles), children Alicia,
                                                     to have       Brent and Kelsey and father
                                                     him in our    Don, Mr. Trivett started his
                                                     commu-        police enforcement career as a
                                                     nity and a    constable with the Georgina
                                                     part of our   Island Police from 1981 to
                                                     lives.        1986 when he joined the On-
                                                     Humor-        tario Provincial Police. In 2005,
                                                     ous, car-     he joined the Nishnawbe-Aski
                                                     ing, role     Police Service and later became
                                                     model,        Chief, leading 35 detachments
                                                     great         and the 135 uniformed officers
                                                     cook, or-     who police First Nations com-
                                                     ganized,      munities in an area covering
                                                     peace         two-thirds of Ontario.
                                                     keeper,       “Chief Trivett’s enthusiasm for
                                                     loyal         the Nishnawbe-Aski Police
                                                     friend, and   Service was matched only by
                                                     loving        his dedication and our thoughts
                                                     husband       and prayers are with his family
                              Tickets:               and father
                                                     are just a
                                                                   and friends at this time,” said
                                                                   NAN Deputy Grand Chief Al-
                            (905) 722-               few words
                                                     that can
                                                                   vin Fiddler. “The people of
                                                                   Nishnawbe Aski will miss his
     The Sutton Legion                               sum up a      compassion and professional-
                                                     great         ism and I am confident that his
     Friday, September 26                            man,” she     spirit will live on through his
     7:00 p.m.                                       said.
                                                     He was a
                                                                   officers and the tremendous
                                                                   work they do in our communi-
     For:                                            much ad-      ties under very challenging and
                                                     mired and     often quite dangerous condi-
                                                     respected     tions.”
     Pefferlaw Anglers golf tournament
     Brian Guilford, president of the   Routledge, John Marr and Rod
     Pefferlaw Anglers and an or-       Charles who came in with a
     ganizer of their annual golf       score of 11 under.
     tournament said the group          Funds raised will go toward
     raised approximately $2,000        supporting Pefferlaw Angler
     when 90 golfers competed in        projects such as improving the
     their tournament on August 22      fish habitat in the Pefferlaw
     at the Pines of Georgina.          river and the walleye spawning
     Winners of the scramble event      efforts.
     were Len Big Canoe, Brian

     Illustrator publishes children’s books
     Bonnie Lamaire of Udora has       She is a graduate of the Ontario
     been illustrating children’s      College of Art and currently
     books for other publishers for    teaches drawing and layout and
     more than 10 years, but has       design at Durham College.
     recently entered the self-        She is supportive of introducing
     publishing foray herself with     the art world to children and
     two products of her own:          supports the idea of introducing
     Denton the Dragon and I’m So      art instruction to young chil-
     Hungry.                           dren in Udora.
     Ms. Lamaire illustrated Denton    “I did some lessons at the
     the Dragon, a book written by     Grade 1 level in a Montessori
     husband Robert Westall, and       school and the things that came
     wrote and illustrated I’m So      out of the kids was amazing,”
     Hungry.                           she said.
                                                      Margaret Bur-
                                                      rows, chair of the
                                                      Udora Hall
                                                      Board, believes
                                                      there is a tremen-
                                                      dous amount of
                                                      artistic talent in
                                                      the Udora area
                                                      and is consider-
                                                      ing the idea of
                                                      encouraging local
                                                      artists to come
                                                      together and con-
                                                      duct classes for
                                                      children at the
                                                      Udora Hall.
      Bonnie Lamaire illustrates children’s books, “Art is a way of
      generates original artwork for other publish- encouraging chil-
      ers and promotional product suppliers, and dren to learn,”
      has her own line of creative ceramic tiles,     she says and she
      carrying sacs and puzzles, to name a few.       disagrees with the
                                                      lack of art in-
      In addition to her publishing    struction in the schools.
     exploits, she creates original    Ms. Lamaire agrees.
     artwork for greeting cards, ban- “Most parents aren’t familiar
     ners, home décor, giftware de- with different media and don’t
     sign, ceramic tiles, puzzles and know how to introduce their
     hand-painted furniture. Many of kids to it so if the kids had a
     the items featuring her artwork place to go which isn’t in their
     can be found on the shelves of home, I think it would be a
     Michaels and Lowes.               good opportunity for them.”

                               Tennyson Tidbits
 Congratulations to the firefighters at the    Jim Dunlop who will celebrate his spe-
 Pefferlaw Fire Hall on their recent fund-     cial day on September 18. Cheers Jim.
 raising endeavours. They held a commu-
 nity car wash on Saturday, August 23 and      John Sondrup celebrated a birthday on
 raised over $200. This event was fol-         August 29 with family and friends at a
 lowed by their Boot Drive in Port Bolster     washer tournament. Although John didn’t
 on Saturday, August 30 when they col-         win, he did have the energy to blow out
 lected over $2,000 for Muscular Dystro-       all those candles. Cheers, John.
 phy in three hours. Well done!
 The firefighters also wanted me to men-       We also want to extend our best wishes to
 tion that they have just reconditioned a      Braeden Chandler who turned 12 on
 pig roaster and are making it available to    August 13. Congrats Braeden!
 residents who can rent it for $150. This
 includes drop-off and pick-up. Please callI was speaking with Dave Haynes from
 Pat at (705) 437-4858.                    Sutton Home Hardware the other day
                                           and he tells me progress on the new store
               Well, the kids are back to on Dalton Rd. is ahead of schedule. He
               school which means sum- said if things continue to go well he will
               mer is over and drivers     have a soft opening of the new store on
               are cautioned to take extra September 13 and the old store will close
               care on the roads. For      its doors on September 14. Grand Open-
               many young ones, this is ing celebrations will take place in Octo-
               their first experience on   ber.
               the big yellow bus so your
               care and consideration      Bon voyage to Daphne Torr who has
               will be greatly appreci-    finished her tour of duty with the armed
               ated.                       forces and is planning a six month “Walk
                                           About” in Australia.
 Happy Birthday greetings are extended to

“Washer” tournament will help
raise funds for ice pad
A group of community-minded         Organizers of the event are Tim
residents is organizing a           and Amanda O’Neill and John
“washer” tournament for Sun-        Sondrup.
day afternoon on September 21.      “It is a fun and exciting game
Teams of two will compete           and even if you have never
against each other on the Pef-      played, it is something every-
ferlaw Lions soccer field to win    one can play and enjoy,” said
prizes and bragging rights as       Mr. Sondrup.
the top Pefferlaw washer cham-      So, grab a partner (no experi-
pions.                              ence is necessary) and register
Each team will be required to       for the 1st Annual Pefferlaw
pay $20 to participate—the          Washer Tournament by calling
proceeds of which will be do-       Amanda at (705) 437-1977. If
nated to the Pefferlaw Ice Pad      you don’t want to play, come
committee in support of the         out and cheer for your favourite
new Pefferlaw ice pad.              team.
The game of “washers” is simi-      Players are asked to be at the
lar in nature to a game of horse-   field at 12:00 noon on Septem-
shoes except players pitch a        ber 21 and the games will get
washer, three inches in diame-      underway at 1:00 pm.
ter, into a wooden box which        Prize donations are also wel-
also contains a piece of plastic    come.
pipe. A washer that lands in the    Sponsors include Valhalla
box counts two points and a         Travel, Shaw Hardware, the
washer that lands in the pipe, is   Pefferlaw Post, Challis Con-
called a “clucker” and counts       struction and Harry & Ginger’s
three points.                       Pizza.

     Proud Pefferlaw grandparents sing songs
     of praise for “hero” grandson
     Marilyn and John Gallagher of Flor- When police and EMS arrived, Ben
     ence Dr. in Pefferlaw are keen to re- gave the attendants Cam’s medica-
     late the story of their seven-year-old tions and watched as they stabilized
     grandson, Ben Sherlock whose feisty him and loaded him into an ambu-
     nature has helped                                            lance.
     ut his rare malig-                                           Officers realized
     nant brain tumour                                            they needed to
     into remission and                                           transport Ben to the
     saved the life of                                            care of a familiar
     family member.                                               adult until his
     At the age of three,                                         mother was noti-
     Ben was diagnosed                                            fied, but when they
     with a rare malig-                                           placed Ben into the
     nant brain tumor                                             front seat of their
     which required the                                           cruiser, he abruptly
     youngster to spend                                           told them that he
     a year in hospital                                           was not allowed to
     undergoing four         Seven-year-old Ben Sherlock          sit in the front seat
     surgeries, five         applauded for quick action in        of a car and he
     chemo treatments medical emergency.                          would also need a
     and a stem cell                                              booster seat. Offi-
     transplant.                               cers finally convinced Ben to remain
     In remission for three and half years, in the front seat but not without a
     Ben was home alone with his Mom’s threat from him claiming “my Mom
     companion Cam, when Cam experi-           could have your fired”.
     enced a seizure. The young boy tried “Once everyone got home, they told
               to administer CPR but when Ben how proud they were of him and
                  the victim refused his ad- how he was our hero,” says Marilyn
                  ministrations, Ben called    Gallagher. “Now that he is our hero,
                  911 and explained to the     he wanted us to let the newspapers
                  operator that Cam “was       know so that he could ‘have a ride in
                  dying”.                      a limo’”.

                   For the love of dogs
                   Eaglewood Resort, in partner-      and people thinking about get-
                   ship with Found Time Farm in       ting a dog.
                   Pefferlaw, is hosting an educa-    “Their knowledge may help
                   tional day entitled “For the       some dogs stay out of the shel-
                   Love of Dogs” in support of        ters because the owners will be
                   the Ontario Society for the        more educated and ready to
                   Prevention of Cruelty to Ani-      handle the responsibility,” Ms.
                   mals (OSPCA).                      Jenkins said.
                   Visitors will be able to browse    Ms. Jenkins says admission
                   through vendor booths show-        will be an item from the
                   casing dog related retail items    OSPCA's wish list, which in-
                   and take part in workshops and     cludes items such as dog food,
                   artisan displays.                  towels and blankets, collars
                   “We will be holding a gift         and leashes, indestructible
                   show, raffle, door prizes, work-   bowls and Canadian Tire
                   shops and dog related events to    money. Raffle proceeds go
                   entertain and educate dog          directly to the OSPCA.
                   families and prospective dog       The event runs from 10:00 am
                   families,” said event organizer    to 3:00 pm on Saturday, Sep-
                   Julie Jenkins.                     tember 20 at the Eaglewood
                   Dog related professionals will     Resort on Morning Glory Rd.
                   be available to offer advice and   in Pefferlaw.
                   counseling for dog families
Building character and self confidence with martial arts
Martial arts, specifically Taekwondo, is         dren which is different from the one we           7:30 pm every week from Monday to
more than building skills in self-defense.       teach to teens.”                                  Thursday. In every one-hour class, Master
According to the proprietors of the new          Master Kim explains their programming is          Kang and Master Kim take special care to
Taekwondo School in Sutton, it is a proc- customized and is tailored to the individual             change the focus regularly.
ess that develops strength, speed, balance, and their abilities.                                   “We want to make every class exciting so
flexibility and stamina and it is also an        “If you are out of shape, our program can         it won’t be boring so every 10 minutes we
activity that combines physical discipline help you get in shape,” says Master Kim.                change focus,” Master Kang says.
with mental discipline to build character,       “It is a hard work out but one month later        Their students start out with a white belt
self confidence and respect.                     there will be a big difference.”                  and progress through a series of nine belt
Chul Kang and his wife Doona Kim are             Taekwondo distinguishes itself from other         colours until their skill level reaches that of
both masters in the art of Taekwondo and martial arts by emphasizing kicks thrown                  a black belt. But according to Master
together they have                                                       from a mobile stance      Kang, that is not the end of the training.
over 60 years experi-                                                    and includes a system     “A lot of people think that the 1st level of
ence in martial arts                                                     of blocks, kicks,         a black belt is the end, but that is not true.
including judo, kumdo                                                    punches and open-         It is a journey with no end,” he says, add-
and hapkido. They                                                        handed strikes. It may    ing he continues to train everyday.
were both born in                                                        also include various
South Korea and came                                                     take-downs or
to Canada four years                                                     sweeps, throws, and
ago when they opened                                                     joint locks. In com-
their first school in                                                    petitive sparring,
Scarborough. Shortly                                                     points are awarded by
after, they purchased                                                    making contact with
an existing business in                                                  specific parts of the
Keswick, closed down Master Kim (left) and husband Master body and safety
their school in Scar-      Kang (right) instruct son Jack (centre) equipment such as
borough and in May of in the art of Taekwondo techniques at head gear, chest pro-
this year, they ex-        their new school in Sutton. Martial           tection, arm, groin,
panded in Georgina         Arts instruction not only builds self-        shin and mouth
and now operate the        defense skills it also builds character, guards are commonly
Kang Chul Taek-            the couple says.                              used.
wondo School at Som-                                                     But as important as
erset Square in Sutton.                                                  the physical aspects of
Master Kang holds a 7th degree (Dan)             the sport is, it is the psychological disci-
black belt in Taekwondo and his wife Mas- pline that can transform a self conscious
ter Kim holds a 6th degree (Dan) black           person with no self image into a confident,
belt. And while their experience and skill self-respecting individual.
in martial arts has landed them both on the “Our program builds character and can
Korean National Team, they believe their change a bad attitude. We teach people
attention to the individual needs and goals that a person who is kind to everyone, has
of their students is their greatest asset.       no enemies,” Master Kang said. “It is not
“We have many kinds of programs,” said only exercise it is character building.”
Master Kang. “The one we teach to adults Kang Chul Taekwondo students in Sutton
is different from the one we teach to chil- can receive instruction from 5:30 pm to
                                  COMING EVENTS
                                                                                                    CLASSIFIED ADS
Skate Canada registration at the Sutton        Call Angela (905) 722-7888.
Arena is from 4:00—7:00 pm on Sept 9 and                                                        SALE-SALE-SALE-SALE-SALE-SALE
11, and from 5:00—6:00 on Sept. 10.            The Southlake Regional Cancer Program
                                               will benefit from Stepping Up Events that           BUCHNER MANUFACTURING
1st Pefferlaw Scouting is hosting registra-    will be held on Sun. Sept. 21 from 11:00—       Vinyl Siding from $49 a sq. Pre-
tion at Morning Glory Public School in the     4:00 pm at the Madsen’s of Newmarket            painted steel roofing from $79.
gym on Sept. 9 and Sept. 16 from 7:00-8:00     Banquet Centre and Greenhouse. Enjoy a 3-      Delivery Available. Call (705) 437-
pm.                                            course lunch, silent auction, fashion show     1734 Store—(905) 868-6118 Cell
                                               and beauty panel. Contact Sheri Andrunyk 
Join the fun at the English Pub Night at the   (905) 853-1968.
Georgina Art Centre on Fri. Sept. 12 from                                                           FAMILY FIRST DAYCARE
7:00—11:00 pm. Tickets are $20.                Attend the Autumn Harvest Festival at the                  PEFFERLAW
                                               Georgina Pioneer Village on Sat. Sept. 27     Safe, loving & educational. Large
All are welcome to Back to Church Sun-         from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Re-opening of       play areas. Nutritious menu. Reli-
day at the United Church in Virginia on        the Noble House is scheduled for 3:00 pm.     able & experienced. Special Needs
Sept. 14                                       Adults $3, children & seniors $2.             welcome. One full-time spot still
Pefferlaw Youth Centre is hosting an           All three Georgina Fire Halls will host an    available. Call (705) 513-0220.
Open House & Registration Night on Mon.        open house on Saturday, Sept. 27 from
Sept. 15 from 4:30-6:30 pm. BBQ & light        10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Face painting, colour-     EMPLOYMENT IN AGRICULTURE
refreshments, games and Lean On Me Pet-        ing contest, BBQ and more!                    Research Technician, Guelph or Lake
ting Zoo. Call (705) 437-2100 after 3:30                                                     Simcoe area. Responsibilities: set-up
pm.                                            Don’t forget the 14th Annual Georgina         and maintenance of field plots; data
                                               Studio Tour & Sale on September 27 & 28           collection and management.
The Georgina 2008 Senior Games start on        from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Call the Geor-      Qualifications: farming background;
Sept 15 and run until Sept 26 and will be      gina Arts Centre & Gallery (905) 722-9587      experience with agricultural equip-
staged at various venues across Georgina.      for participating artists.                    ment; some understanding of agricul-
Contact Robin at (705) 437-2210 for details.                                                 tural research. Please send resumes
                                               St. James Anglican Church in Sutton will           to Greg Steward, OMAFRA.
Pefferlaw Rabies Clinic sponsored by the       present “Free to Forgive, A story of Corrie
                                                                                             Phone: (519) 824-4120. Ext. 54865
Pefferlaw Association of Ratepayers will be    ten Boom” on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 2:00 p.m.
at the Fire Hall on Saturday, Sept. 20 from    Tickets are $12. Call Nancy Glover (905)
                                                                                                      Fax: (519) 763-8933
1:: am to 3:00 pm. Cost this year is $20.      722-6848.
You are invited to The Royal Canadian          The Pefferlaw Ice
Legion in Sutton for a Steak & Corn Roast      Pad Committee is
on Sat. Sept. 20 from 5:00-7:00pm. $8          looking for volunteers
                                               during the construction
1st Annual Pefferlaw Washer Tourna-            phase of the facility.
ment at the Lions’ Hall in Pefferlaw on        Students can use this
Sunday Sept. 21. Registration at 12:00—        volunteer time toward
games start at 1:00 pm. Proceeds to the Pef-   their 40 hours of com-
ferlaw Ice Pad. Call Amanda at (705) 437-      munity service. Safety
1977 for details.                              footwear is required
Drop by the Egypt Hall on Sun. Sept 21 and     and safety hats will be
bid on the winner of the Egypt Hall’s An-      supplied. Contact
nual Best Pie and Cake Contest. Entries        Doug Carr at 437-4232
should be dropped off between 9:00 am and      if you can help.
11:00. Doors open to the public at 1:00 pm.

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