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					   Born In Ontario Canada on June 22, 1914
            Died May 2nd. 2008…
        “For Love of God and Country
 evout Traditional Catholic and for the love of G
 she devoted herself as an Angel Of Charity…
 nuary 15, 1937 Angelia known only as Angela w
 ccepted as a Registered Nurse by the Ministry
   Of Health in the City of Ontario, Canada.
December 14,1942 Angela was accepted at camp
Kilmer, New Jersey where she was naturalized
   An American citizen and was granted the
  Rank of Major in the United States Army…
She soon joined m.a.s.h groups
deep in battle…
She recalled how the Japanese
soldiers could be heard
Nearby while she assisted in
several amputations to save
soldiers lives all the while being in
danger of losing her own or being
  Flanigan met the of war.
taken as a prisoner General…That is General
She ended Arthur. of duty at the
Douglas Mcher tour The General came often to
Philippine army many lame soldiers and
        visit the
  To show his for so many soldiers
Hospital caringappreciation for their service.
and other military personnel. It was
  The two Irishman became good friends and
there that Major
               Angela was always at
 jor Flanigan received several decorations and citations
 e of which included the American Theater Service me
 Asiatic Service Medal, World War 11 Victory Medal.
       Philippine independence Medal and more.
June 1st. 1966, Major Flanigan transferred to the Retire
serve in recognition of her honorable and heroic servi
And continued interest in the defense of our Nation…

 s Angel of mercy did not retire but relocated in Orland
 a and occupied herself in the pursuit of helping and ca
e less fortunate especially the elderly. It wasn’t long be
 uld be caring for several of her neighbors and church
  Daily she would call or visit them making sure
                they had food to eat.
She provided transportation and made sure they
                      kept their
appointments with their doctors. She picked up
             their prescriptions seeing
        to it that they took their medicine.
It wasn’t long that Angela heard about the little
 Chapel in Altamonte Springs and she started to
come here since we had Mass four times a week
                 Including Sundays.
   Shortly there after Fr. Ben came down with
                Parkinson’s decease.
 (A form of paralysis characterized by muscular
care she gave father was an act of Love and Charity an
 ile she still maintained a relationship with her other fr
n afterwards Angela fell and broke her hip leading to a
acement. Father’s condition got worst and his family pl
  Him in a nursing home. Within thirty days Father Ben
               Marcilionis died of starvation…
ng her hip replacement Angela recovered well but the
r fall and the passing of her priest led to Dementia and
                 Beginning of Alzheimer's…
   long that we realized that she could no longer care fo
  time the greatest joy you could give Angela was for h
                near the Blessed Sacrament.
g home was out of the question and we moved her in t
         Angela was with us for nine years.
t year she was in a wheel chair and for eight more yea
                  remained bed ridden.
 Flanigan was no longer the vibrant person that we kn
    She lost all her functions but never her smile.
years she never complaint except once she called me
      Needless to say I have been called worst.
gest honor you can have as member of the Order of S
rusalem Is to be called a True Hospitaler, and so it is
y of Grace Kathryn Gauvin who for nine years remaine
y the side of another True Hospitaler, Lady of Grace
                 Major Angela Flanigan
Major Flanigan never married and never had children
                She lived like a lay nun
 ved, containing within herself a constant vigil of praye
what very few have today, the Gifts from the Eternal F
       True Faith, True Hope and True Charity
d I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock
  built my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevai
               Against it.” -Matt.xvi,18
 Major Flanigan was not just a rock but a mountain.
 A mountain of True Faith, a mountain of true Hope
            And a mountain of true Love…
Sunday May 11 we will celebrate the
Birthday of the Church of Pentecost
    Almost 2,000 Years ago and
me to establish a great devotion to Our Lady and to tak
                   To Her messages…
 e who seek my Son and I elsewhere know that we are
 are here and only where the True Sacrifice of the Mas
ed…In my Son’s Church there can never be any compro
           It must be as He gave it to You.”
want everyone to know That the Vatican is controlled
         Satan, Free Masons and Communism.”
                 In the name of the Father
                        And the Son
                  And of the Holy Ghost
n the name of Our Holy Mother the Church of Pentecos
          In the name of St. Peter the first pope.
 “You are rock and on this rock I shall built my Church
    And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
      In the name of Major Angelia Cecilia Flanigan
 I pray and ask all those who profess to be Traditional
  Catholics not to fall prey to the devil’s ‘Motu Propio’
              No one can serve two masters.
Benedict made it very clear. Paul the six mass is the m
        The day every day throughout the world.
 Pope John the 23rd. Mass is to be a secondary option.
     No one can serve two masters at he same time.
There is no problem here. We choose to be brain dead.
  Tridentine Mass of Pope Pius the V is the Holy Sacrif
ass that Our Lady speaks about of which outside of the
n. It is the Mass which consist of the Transubstanciatio
e Last Supper and whose creator was and is Jesus Chr
               Our Lady of Sorrow speaks
 who seek my Son and I elsewhere know that w
We are here and only where the True Sacrifice
ffered. There can never be any compromise in
    Church, it must be as He gave it to you
he New Mass is an abomination created by the evil one
            A Traditional Catholic Point of View
 foremost Angela left this world as a devout Traditiona
 this world as a Servant of Mary, as a Tertiary (Servite
          Confraternity of Our Lady of Sorrows.
eft this world as a ‘Lady of Grace’ in the Order of Sain
                       Of Jerusalem.
 he left this world during the Armistice of the Ascensio
  this world on a First Friday and on the eve of First S
received the Sacrament of Extreme Unction prior to he
nce sheet was impeccable. It is fair to say you can pray
                  Farewell Gracious Lady
“Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away”
                  God Bless
                                       Ted Gauvin O.S.J./

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