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									       Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston
                5885 Point West, Houston TX 77036 Phone (713) 271-5885    Fax (713) 271-9229

                                     Scholarship Program
        Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston (THSH) was founded in 1989. The main goals of THSH are
exposing and fostering the Taiwanese culture to our second generations and to the general public and
providing community services in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. The establishment of the
Scholarship Program reflects the importance of the higher education and community services for our young
generations. We hope that this scholarship furthers the ambitions of Taiwanese descendants who want to
obtain educational advantage and to make contributions to mainstream of America.
        The terms of the program are summarized in this brochure, which also includes an application form.
The program is administered by Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston (THSH). An independent
Scholarship Committee has been appointed to conduct the selection process. This selection process will be
conducted on a names-blind basis.

The amount of each scholarship is $500. Up to 10 scholarships will be awarded.

Applicants are evaluated based on the academic merits, community services and essay.

An Applicant must:
1     Be a Taiwanese descendant who is a resident of the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.
2     Expect to begin full time undergraduate studies in an accredited college, university, or an institution
      of higher learning in the United States in the fall of 2000.

1     Complete the application form included in this brochure and submit it to THSH by October 15,
2     Send a complete set of official transcripts from all high schools attended, and a photocopy of SAT
      (or ACT) scores.
3     Send one letter of recommendation. (From a teacher, counselor or community leader, sent directly to
      the Scholarship Committee)
4     Submit one essay in less than two typewritten, double spaced pages. The title of the essay is from
      one of the following topics:
 Describe your greatest contribution to the Taiwanese community in the past and your envisioned
  contribution in the future.
 Describe the qualities that you have which make you a positive role model to other Taiwanese-
 What ideals, customs, traditions, etc. should a second generation Taiwanese-American uphold?
 What do you think is the most difficult issue that Taiwanese-Americans face today?
 If you had the opportunity to talk to the Presidents of the United States, Taiwan or China, what would
  you say?

October 15 1999:               Application Form due at Scholarship Committee of THSH
October 25 1999                Deadline for receiving any additional information such as the
recommendation letter, academic transcripts, tests records and essay.
        Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston
                   5885 Point West, Houston TX 77036 Phone (713) 271-5885 Fax (713) 271-9229

                                  Scholarship Application Form
Mail to: Attention: Scholarship Committee, 5885 Point West, Houston TX 77036
Postmarked or hand-delivered by: October 15, 1999

Type all information except signature and Taiwanese Name
                           Last                                   First                        Middle

                           Taiwanese Name (optional)

Mailing Address:

                           City                        State/Country               Zip code

Other Information
                           Date of Birth                          Place of Birth              Social Security Number

                           Gender                  Home Phone                      E-mail
I certify that I am a high school senior of Taiwanese decent, that I expect to attend a college of my choice on a
full-time basis in the 2000 academic year and all information provided in this application is true and accurate
to the best of my knowledge.

Signature___________________________________________ Date:________________

(The above information would not be made available to the scholarship committee during the selection process.)

                           List all high schools attended

                           GPA                  Grading scale                                  SAT(or ACT)       Date

Honors, Awards
(with date)

and Community
 (with date)

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