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        Annual Report 2004
Treaties are negotiated by governments.
Peace is made by people.
Seeds of Peace is doing what no government can.
    Table of Contents

    4   International Camp
    6   Middle East: Center for Coexistence
    9   Beyond Borders
   10    South Asia
   11   Cyprus
   11   Balkans
   11   Maine        Leadership
                         14 Education Program
                         16 Delegation Leaders

   18   Government Support
   20   Media & Communications
   21   Events & Corporate Support
   22   Evaluation

                         24 Funding
                         26 Donors
                                “Peace and reconciliation can’t be negotiated or
                                  legislated; it must be painstakingly developed
                                      through changes in behavior and attitude.
                                   That is why Seeds of Peace is so important.”

                                                     A Message From
                                         President Aaron David Miller

Dear Friends:
This has been a difficult but productive year for Seeds of Peace. Recent developments on the Israeli-
Palestinian front have created some hope that the situation will improve in the coming year. In any event, the
work that we do will continue to be of critical importance. Regardless of whether political agreements are
reached in the next several years, peacemaking is a generational proposition. In essence, it depends on the
transformation of attitudes of individuals and the creation of trust between them. Peace and reconciliation
can’t be negotiated or legislated; it must be painstakingly developed through changes in behavior and atti-
tude. That is why Seeds of Peace is so important.

As we carry on our mission in the next year, several key issues define our agenda.

     First, the absolute necessity of regionalizing our programming. The miracle in the Maine woods is
     a remarkable one; but unless it is reinforced, in large part, in the actual conflict areas, it will remain
     “miraculous” and not become a routine part of these young leaders’ lives. The key to Seeds of
     Peace’s success, pure and simple, is follow-up. Indeed, the philosophy that Seeds of Peace embod-
     ies must survive in the harsh political and security realities where these young people live. This
     means in part working unilaterally with our graduates within their own communities as well as
     bringing them together. Our Seeds must gain respect and legitimacy in their communities. This
     means involving them in school presentations, community service projects, and expanding our
     reach to parents, siblings and friends.

     Second, we must also concentrate more on our older graduates, those Seeds who are 18 through
     their mid 20’s. After all, it is this group – farthest removed from the memories of the initial camp
     experience – that are most at risk and yet present the greatest potential as they get off on their
     career paths. Creating opportunities for them including internships, seminars, work study programs
     and, above all, helping them find good jobs in their own societies, rather than abroad, is critical to
     our success.

     Third, we must place a much greater emphasis than we have in the past on evaluating our programs –
     not only with the objective of demonstrating their viability, but learning how those programs can be
     improved. By the spring of 2005 we will have available the results of a study conducted by a high-
     ly respected research and evaluation firm which is now engaged in surveying 10 years of Seeds
     graduates. Those results and the reunion we have scheduled for 2005 in Maine for over one
     hundred of our 1993-1998 Seeds should provide a clear sense of direction for the future.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank my colleagues at Seeds, the board of directors, and all of our
supporters for the time, effort, and resources that you have put into making our work such a success. We
could not have accomplished what we have without you.

                                                                                                     Best Regards,

                                                                                               Aaron David Miller
                                                                                        President, Seeds of Peace
Photo: Susi Eggenberger

                                 4 International Camp
                                 6 Middle East: Center for Coexistence
                                 9 Beyond Borders
                                 10 South Asia
                                 11 Cyprus
                          hope   11 Balkans
                                 11 Maine

                                                                                                                                                                                           Susi Eggenberger
                            Seeds of Peace
                  International Camp
                  Seeds of Peace held its twelfth summer season in 2004 and welcomed 483 future lead-
                  ers to the woods in Otisfield, Maine. Over three sessions, close to 300 Arab and Israeli
                  Seeds from the Middle East participated in the Seeds of Peace International Camp. The
                  pilot program Beyond Borders brought new delegations from Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
                  who joined youngsters from Egypt, Jordan and Yemen in a groundbreaking session with
                  teens from six American cities (see page 9). The 42 South Asian Seeds from India,
                  Pakistan, and Afghanistan as well as the 24 Seeds from divided Cyprus and the domestic
                  Maine Seeds program also experienced the transformation that the Seeds of Peace program
                  provides. Each Seed returned home energized by what they learned and ready to continue
                  spreading that message to their family, friends and community.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Susi Eggenberger
                  Dialogue Sessions
                  The Middle East Dialogue Sessions rose to
                  new levels this summer as larger delegations
                  than ever of Palestinians from the West Bank
                  and Jerusalem, Egyptians, Jordanians,
                  Moroccans, Tunisians and Qataris, joined
                  Seeds of Peace. With the continuing
                  Intifada, their participation with a diverse
                  Israeli delegation made the Middle East pro-
                  gram challenging and intense. Borders, reli-
                  gion and the media are just some of the topics
                  that emerged during the daily 90-minute
                  professionally-facilitated Dialogue Sessions
                  that are at the core of the program. Here, the
                  most painful and divisive issues of their con-
                  flict are discussed, challenging inherent
                                                                                                                              Group Challenge
                                                                   Ana Maria Cárdenas

                  prejudices with real stories and experiences
                  expressed by their peers. Yet, as always, in
                  less than one month, these young ambassa-                                                                   Like the Dialogue Sessions, Group Challange is a crit-
                  dors from the Middle East, South Asia and                                                                   ical component of the summer program. Through phys-
                  Cyprus accomplished what their govern-                                                                      ical and psychological challenges that reinforce trust,
                  ments have struggled with for decades – how                                                                 cooperation and communication, bonds form between
                  to communicate, negotiate, empathize, and                                                                   participants within dialogue groups who must depend
                  above all, respect one another as individuals.                                                              on themselves and each other to navigate high ropes,
                                                                                                                              scale climbing walls and tackle obstacle courses.
                  Seeds of Peace enhanced its dialogue pro-                                                                   Group Challenge complements camp life and is a flex-
                  gram this year by increasing the number of                                                                  ible program that is continuously reevaluated and
                  Arab and Israeli facilitators. These profes-                                                                adjusted to meet the needs of the teens as they evolve
                  sionals, working together and coming direct-                                                                through their dialogue sessions.
                  ly from the Middle East, not only were able
                  to discuss the most recent issues with in-                                                                   Take this example: After an argument in their Dialogue
                  depth knowledge, but served as significant                                                                   Session, Daniel, an Israeli, and Ahmed, a Palestinian,
                  role models for the Seeds. In addition, they                                                                 were asked to tackle the “Pirate’s Crossing.” Told to
                  have been incorporated back into the                                  begin on opposite ends of a thin wire suspended 25 feet in the air, Daniel and Ahmed had to
                  Advanced Dialogue program at the Center in                            work their way towards each other and cross paths, a difficult challenge which requires hold-
                  Jerusalem which creates an enriched part-                             ing on to each other and trusting each other to find a way that would keep them from falling.
                  nership and cooperation between the Seeds                             Challenging their own emotional and physical fears together, Daniel and Ahmed succeeded
                  and the facilitators.                                                 and found their relationship had transformed, giving them new respect for one another.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       P R O G R A M S
                                                                                                                                                                                                      International Camp
Top photo: Susi Eggenberger. Middle and lower photos: Ana Maria Cárdenas

                                                                                                                            Washington DC
                                                                                                                            The 2004 International Camp culminated as it has done in the past with a visit to
                                                                                                                            Washington, DC which helped fuel both governmental support and campers’ commitment.
                                                                                                                            The program in Washington emboldens the efforts of the Seeds with the proof that world
                                                                                                                            leaders are listening, and moreover, believe in their ability to make a difference.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ralph Alswang
                                                                                                                            This summer, campers met with Condoleezza
                                                                                                                            Rice at the White House, and Colin Powell at
                                                                                                                            the Department of State. Secretary Powell, as
                                                                                                                            always, offered words of encouragement to the
                                                                                                                            teens and high praise for the program. “It
                                                                                                                            sounds so simple and sounds so possible, and
                                                                                                                            it is, all of the young people who make up
                                                                                                                            Seeds of Peace are living proof that people can
                                                                                                                            change, that peace is possible, that attitudes
                                                                                                                            can be changed. All of you are examples for       Seeds discuss their conflict region with
                                                                                                                            others to follow.” In 2004, Seeds visited the     Representative Howard Berman (D-CA 28th)
                                                                                                                                                                              during their visit to Washington DC.
                                                                                                                            offices of many Senators and Representatives
                                                                                                                            on Capitol Hill. These small group sessions allowed the Seeds to see and learn more about
                                                                                                                            Congress and most importantly, have a private and personal discussion with government

                                                                                                                            play for peace
                                                                                                                              Basketball Clinic
                                                                                                                              This year’s Play for Peace basketball clin-
                                                                                                                              ic organized by board member Arn Tellem,
                                                                                                                              brought NBA stars Brent Barry of the
                                                                           Sports & Recreational Activities                   Spurs, Jarron Collins of the Jazz, Jason
                                                                                                                              Collins of the Nets, Etan Thomas of the
                                                                           Coexistence is not just what happens in
                                                                           Dialogue Sessions and Group Challenge; it
                                                                           occurs daily at Seeds of Peace through activ-
                                                                                                                              Wizards, and Carla McGhee of the WNBA
                                                                                                                              Suns to Maine. Said Barry, “This was my
                                                                                                                              third visit to Seeds of Peace meeting
                                                                           ities that are as typical as they are ground-      these courageous and confident teenagers.        Yael, Israeli
                                                                           breaking. Ordinary scenes – a game of catch,       Each year I am more impressed by how             Yael (above left), age 16, from the Haifa
                                                                           dining hall cheers, late night talks – become      the camp encourages and motivates                suburb of Tivon, was a camper at Seeds of
                                                                           extraordinary when the exchanges are               these capable young people to help make          Peace for the first time in 2004. Since
                                                                                                                                                                               camp, Yael has been participating in regular
                                                                           between Israelis and Palestinians, Indians         change in their societies.” Adding to the
                                                                                                                                                                               meetings and programs for the Haifa area
                                                                           and Pakistanis. Sports teach the values of         fun and excitement was comedian Dave             Seeds including organizing a puppet show
                                                                           teamwork, respect, and leadership – concepts       Chappelle (see page 20) who provided             that was performed by Seeds at the annual
                                                                           at the very foundation of the Seeds of Peace       everyone with the day’s entertainment. The       Holiday of Holidays Festival. Additionally,
                                                                           program. Similarly, arts and drama allow for       Seeds enthusiasm and dedication has              Yael participates in the Sesame Seeds pro-
                                                                           creative expression as campers work together       made a strong impression on these stars.         gram and is currently running a mini-dia-
                                                                                                                                                                               logue program for Arab and Jewish elemen-
                                                                           to create sculptures, drawings, songs and                                                           tary school children. Yael continues to rep-
                                                                           plays that reflect their shared experience.                                                         resent Haifa on the steering committee for
                                                                                                                                                                               Israeli Seeds.
                                                                           The culminating event at the end of every
                                                                           session is Color Games, the camp                                                                    Eias, Palestinian
                                                                           “Olympics.” During this time, the camp is                                                           Eias (above right), age 16, is from
                                                                           divided into two multi-national teams (Blue                                                         Jerusalem and first came to Seeds of Peace
                                                                                                                                                                               in 2003 and returned as a peer support
                                                                           and Green) that compete in intense competi-                                                         camper in 2004. Eias has been active in
                                                                           tion encouraging a cooperative spirit that                                                          various Jerusalem programs including a
                                                                           rises above the traditional ethnic and nation-                                                      community service project that provided
                                                                           al divides. Color Games as such, is an impor-                                                       assistance to hospitalized children and their
                                                                           tant way for friendships to be cemented and                                                         parents in the orthopedic ward at St.
                                                                                                                                                                               Augustine Hospital in Jerusalem. In addi-
                                                                           also serves as an important learning experi-
                                                                                                                                                                               tion, Eias gives school presentations at
                                                                                                                                     Both photos: Ana Maria Cárdenas

                                                                           ence about personal and group identity.                                                             Israeli schools, and is part of the Sesame
                                                                                                                                                                               Seeds program. In 2004, Eias participated
                                                                                                                                                                               in the Amman Arab Seminar, the Ramallah
                                                                                                                                                                               Palestinian Seminar, and the Jerusalem
                                                                                                                                                                               Coexistence Marathon.


                  Middle East:
                  Center for Coexistence in Jerusalem
                  Seeds of Peace made great strides in
                  2004 in follow-up programming
                  through the Center in Jerusalem
                  which has operated successfully for
                  six years. This year, Seeds of Peace
                  built on the strong foundation of the
                  past but made notable changes
                  designed to strengthen the voice of
                  the Seeds at all levels as well as
                  Seeds of Peace as an organization.
                  Significant changes included engag-
                  ing more Seeds in developing the
                                                           Graduate Program                                but what did not waiver was the overall con-
                  regional programs themselves as they                                                     sensus that violence would lead nowhere.”
                  are best able to decide what is mean-    Seeds of Peace’s older alumni (years 1993-
                  ingful to them. Additionally, program-   1999) who have graduated high school and        In an effort to solidify Seeds of Peace’s
                                                           in some cases have completed their Israeli      Graduate Programming, a group of 22 grad-
                  ming was organized closer to the
                                                           army service or university, are the fastest     uates from 1993-1998 completed a 90-hour
                  Seeds’ homes to avoid logistical chal-   growing population in the Seeds of Peace        diploma course in mediation and a 24-hour
                  lenges such as check points and bor-     community. Each year this group expands         course on identifying and dealing with diffi-
                  der closings when bringing people        and seeks programming geared towards            cult conversations. Some of these Seeds now
                                                           mature young adults. In 2004, Seeds of          serve as the foundation for programming
                  together. In 2004 and moving into
                                                           Peace met this demand by developing chal-       being led by the Graduate Seeds as a whole.
                  2005, the Center is working to have a    lenging and stimulating programs to help
                  local presence and staff not only in     these young adults become true leaders in       Advanced Dialogue
                  Jerusalem but also in northern Israel,   their societies, and their student or profes-
                                                           sional lives.                                   The Advanced Dialogue program continued
                  Ramallah, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Amman
                                                                                                           this year through three groups which met as
                  and Cairo.                               As part of the Graduate Program, older alum-    regularly as possible to continue the discus-
                                                           ni were empowered to create programming         sions begun at camp. Part of the Advanced
                  Seeds of Peace is now positioned to      for Seeds of Peace to provide its graduates.    Dialogue program includes the annual
                                                           Four seminars took place during the year,       Coexistence Marathon which was held over
                  offer programming for Seeds follow-
                                                           which included uninational as well as bi-       the New Year. This year, 160 Israeli and
                  ing their camp experience through        national discussions on the future of Seeds     Palestinian Seeds were engaged for two days
                  their young adult years as well as       of Peace and the implementation of that         in intense dialogue sessions, planning com-
                  offering programs for others including   vision. One such seminar, Shaping the           munity projects, and teaching each other
                                                           Vision, was held in May in Cyprus reuniting     Arabic and Hebrew. Older Seeds from 2001,
                  the Delegation Leaders and the
                                                           30 Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian and          acting as program interns, led the groups and
                  Seeds’ friends and parents. Against      Egyptian Seeds from years 1998 or earlier.      acted as counselors for the newer Seeds.
                  the backdrop of Israeli-Palestinian      Here, they discussed their continued com-       Said Israeli Seed Yaniv, “Seeds of Peace’s
                  confrontation, violence and terror,      mitment to advancing coexistence in their       regional program has expanded and this
                                                           regions, how they can most effectively carry    Marathon was the living proof of it. The
                  Seeds graduates, now over 2,500, are
                                                           out that commitment, and their expanding        Marathon, despite its intensity, was beyond
                  emerging into young adults; Seeds of     role as participatory components of Seeds of    great. It raised a number of difficult issues
                  Peace has adapted and grown along        Peace. Said Jordanian Seed Sami after           that we need to struggle with to make Seeds
                  with them so that it can continue to     reuniting with old friends, “Each person’s      of Peace as great as it can be.” Building off
                                                           accomplishments were amazing, but there is      the momentum of the Marathon, the regular
                  offer programming that gives the
                                                           one thing that has not changed in these past    Dialogue Sessions that followed allowed
                  Seeds the tools and experiences to       years: the belief in peace. Through their       groups to delve into some of the hardest and
                  truly make a difference.                 experiences, each has developed his/her         most painful issues of the conflict honestly
                                                           unique vision of how that peace should be       as they exposed and examined each point in
                                                           and how it’s supposed to be accomplished,       an attempt to move forward.

                                                                                                                                                         P R O G R A M S
                                                                                                                              Center for Coexistence

Parent Program
Not only are the Seeds continuing their dia-
logue at home, but they have persuaded their
parents to do the same. In 2003, Seeds of
Peace launched a program for Seeds parents
and meetings began in both Haifa and
Jerusalem. These parent meetings continued
monthly in 2004 and a new Jerusalem par-
ent group was added which met fives times
during the year. Just like their children, the
parents wrapped up their sessions with a         Community Outreach
“Parent Coexistence Marathon” to strength-
en the interpersonal relationships inside        Leading a new generation away from violence toward dialogue and understanding extends well
each group, continue their dialogue in           beyond the Seeds alumni. Extensive outreach to the family, friends, and communities of the
greater depth, and to receive additional input   Seeds has become increasingly more important to Center programs. Consequently, Seeds are
by an outside lecturer on negotiation.           reaching hundreds of Arabs and Israelis – friends, family, teachers and classmates – with their
                                                 messages of coexistence and tolerance, multiplying the regional impact of Seeds of Peace.
Incredible stories emerged from the parent
meetings. Last spring, a Palestinian family      In 2004, significant effort was placed on developing The Summer of Service, a program
from Jerusalem hosted a cultural dinner and      encouraging community volunteerism. Through the program, a group of Palestinian Seeds vis-
discussion in their home. For a group of         ited and provided assistance to hospitalized children and their parents in the orthopedic ward
Israeli and Palestinian parents to gather        of Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem, and a group of Israeli Seeds planned and
together socially in a Palestinian neighbor-     implemented a communications project with orthodox and secular Jewish youth.
hood is a rare sight but the strength of the
relationships built between the parents in       School presentations provide yet another way to increase Seeds of Peace’s outreach. This year,
this group made it possible. Said one Israeli    Israeli and Palestinian Seeds showed tremendous courage in standing together and explain-
parent of her experience, “Since we formed       ing the Seeds of Peace experience to skeptical but interested peers. They answered class-
our group and have discussed the more sen-       mates’ questions with poise, confidence, and competence that increased with each presen-
sitive and explosive questions and dilemmas,     tation. Said Tala, a Palestinian, about her experience presenting at an Israeli school, “This
our friendships have strengthened. I feel that   was one of the most remarkable experiences in my life. It was the first time I had ever entered
the more I hear and argue about the con-         an Israeli school and it was very different from mine…What we wanted to do was to make the
flicting subjects that brought our people,       students realize that everything is possible and something can happen to alter the situation
Arabs and Jews, to sad and difficult times,      that we are living in and experiencing every day. If we are willing to carry this message to all
the more anxious I am to meet my new             the people in this country, then maybe a solution will be found and maybe this conflict will
friends again and continue our talk.”            at last come to an end.”

       The Olive Branch
                                                 Liav, Israeli
                                                 Liav, age 24, is from Tel Aviv and first attended Seeds of
                                                 Peace in 1994. Following her service in the IDF and after
                                                 completing two degrees in Middle East History, and
                                                 Communications, Liav interned in 2004 at the Knesset
                                                 Television Station through the Seeds of Peace Daniel Pearl
                                                 Media Internship Program. Following that, she was offered a
                                                 permanent job at the station and now works there full-time. Liav
                                                 has always been engaged with Seeds of Peace and is still very involved in
                                                 regional programming. Currently, she is the co-coordinator of the Seeds of
                                                 Peace Graduate Program’s inaugural course on mediation and negotiation and
                                                 works with a Palestinian partner. Said Liav, “I believe in attacking various fronts to
                                                 achieve the goal of a more peaceful region, both within and outside of my country.
                                                 The Seeds of Peace International Camp was the experience that opened my eyes but since my
                                                 first summer of 1994, I have continued to strive to bring social justice, equal rights and dignity to
                                                 my troubled region.”

                                                 Khaled, Palestinian
                                                 Khaled, from Ramallah, first attended Seeds of Peace in 1994 and since that summer he has
                                                 remained very active in Seeds of Peace regional programming. In 2004, Khaled, now 22, attend-
                                                 ed the first Graduate Seminar for older Seeds and was part of the first class of Seeds formally
  Three issues of The Olive Branch, a            trained in the diploma course “Mediation and Difficult Conversations.” Khaled is now serving as
  magazine written, edited and produced          the co-coordinator with his Israeli counterpart of a two year mediation course for Israeli and
  by Seeds of Peace graduates, were              Palestinian Seeds run in cooperation with the Palestinian Conflict Resolution Institute and the
                                                 Jerusalem Mediation Center. Khaled received a degree in Computer Engineering and now works
  distributed in 2004. The Olive Branch          for JAWAL, a Palestinian cellular communications company. “I do this work because in the future,
  can also be found online at                    I know things will be different. This is the way we can make changes. The mediation course
  www.seedsofpeace.org/olivebranch.              taught me lifelong skills and I hope others will have the same opportunity.”

                  Center for Coexistence

                                                                                                                      Partnership Programs
                                                                                                                      Sesame Seeds
                                                                                                                      In    2004,      Sesame
                                                                                                                      Workshop, the nonprofit
                                                                                                                      educational organization behind Sesame
                                                                                                                      Street, and Seeds of Peace partnered to
                                                                                                                      develop a unique community outreach
                                                                                                                      project in the Middle East. This project,
                    Egypt/Jordan                                                                                      Sesame Seeds, will provide Seeds of
                                                                                                                      Peace graduates an opportunity to men-
                    In 2004, as Seeds of Peace continued to grow, it expanded programming in Egypt and Jordan.        tor and act as informal educators to
                    Activities in Cairo, Egypt and Amman, Jordan focused on community outreach and providing          young children in their communities by
                    educational and leadership seminars for career development. Additionally, the program aims        using Sesame Street material promoting
                    to expand the camp selection process for new Egyptian and Jordanian Seeds. In 2004, a             diversity, tolerance and mutual respect.
                    Seeds of Peace office opened in each country and there are now over 400 Egyptian and              This year, Sesame Workshop produced
                    Jordanian Seeds from years 1993-2004 that have access to the office and can contribute to         materials that will be used by the Israeli,
                    the network of Seeds of Peace in their respective countries.                                      Palestinian and Jordanian Seeds as they
                                                                                                                      volunteer in their country’s kindergartens.
                    Through outreach efforts, Seeds of Peace has reconnected with many of the Egyptian and            Harnessing the experience and commit-
                    Jordanian Seeds who had lost touch with the organization in the past. A new national email
                                                                                                                      ment of Seeds of Peace graduates and
                    listserv was created to keep Seeds updated with planned local activities and events. Many
                                                                                                                      channeling it with Sesame Workshop’s
                    Seeds were encouraged and excited about this new initiative and older Seeds have started to
                                                                                                                      media project is just one way to reach
                    take a vital role in the decision making process of organizing the follow-up programs in their
                                                                                                                      hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian youth
                    respective countries. Sami, a Seed from 1997, is now the Program Manager in Jordan and
                    Aly, a Seed from 1995, is now working full-time for Seeds of Peace in Egypt.                      with messages of coexistence.

                    Through the volunteer efforts of Egyptian and Jordanian Seed graduates, over 12 presenta-         The Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Foundation,
                    tions on Seeds of Peace were organized at schools, private venues and other organizations.        generously increased their contribution
                    Partnerships have been created with local NGO’s to organize and participate in community          this year to support Sesame Seeds.
                    service events. During 2004, the Seeds participated in clothing and food drives for under-        Executive Director, Nancy Greenblatt,
                    privileged people, volunteered in orphanages, and organized charity dinners. In October after     and founding trustees, Rita and Stanley
                    a visit to the El Hussein Cancer Hospital, Seeds of Peace was praised for its work and con-       Kaplan see a synergy between Sesame
                    tribution to Jordanian Society. Seeds in both countries have now committed to organizing at       Seeds and the Kaplan Foundation and
                    least one charity event every month in 2005.                                                      are proud to provide the funding neces-
                                                                                                                      sary to launch this innovative program.
                    Egyptian and Jordanian Seeds also took an active role in the selection of the 2004 delega-
                    tions of their respective countries. A select number of Seeds participated in the interview       Daniel Pearl Media
                    process and planned an orientation for the new Seeds who attended the Seeds of Peace              Internship Program
                    International Camp in 2004.
                                                                                                                      The Daniel Pearl Media
                    Seminars & Workshops                                                                              Internship Program, a
                                                                                                                      joint project of the
                    In June, Seeds of Peace organized the Arab Seminar for Egyptian, Jordanian and Palestinian        Daniel Pearl Foundation and Seeds of
                    Seeds ages 16-24. The goal was to allow the Seeds a chance to examine their role in the           Peace was launched in 2004 and
                    organization and to brainstorm together on future programming the Seeds would like to imple-      enabled nine Israeli and Palestinian
                    ment. The seminar also included lectures on diversity, gender roles and the status of women       Seeds to spend the summer interning at
                    in the Arab world, the political situation, and career development. Discussion groups includ-     international media organizations in the
                    ed topics such as how to be an activist in the Arab world and how Seeds of Peace could bet-       Middle East. Participating media outlets
                    ter support Arab delegations and current events surrounding the conflict.                         included The Jerusalem Report, an
                                                                                                                      Israeli newspaper; Channel Two, an
                    In August, Egyptian and Jordanian Seeds organized and participated in the Red Sea Initiative,     Israeli television news channel; Al
                    a seminar held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, that was designed to examine the progress Seeds         Ayyam, a Palestinian newspaper; The
                    have made and to discuss the future of Seeds of Peace in their countries. Graduate Seeds led      Ramallah Youth Times, a Palestinian
                    discussions with younger Seeds regarding topics such as the camp selection process, service       youth newspaper; ‘Alli Sowtak’ (Speak
                    learning projects and outreach efforts. At the end of the seminar, presentations were given to    Up), a television program produced by
                    the Egyptian and Jordanian Program Coordinator.                                                   the Palestinian NGO PYALARA; Just
                                                                                                                      Vision, a non-profit media organization
                    In December, Egyptian and Jordanian Seeds who are part of the Graduate Program partici-           that highlights Palestinian and Israeli
                    pated in an intense three-day facilitation workshop which taught those interested, the critical   peace efforts; Al Quds Educational
                    communication skills necessary for leading future facilitated discussions.                        Television, a non-profit media organiza-
                                                                                                                      tion for Palestinians; and Channel Hop!,
                                                                                                                      an Israeli children’s television channel.

                 Egypt Iraq JordanSaudi Arabia                                    K u w a i t Ye m e n T h e U n i t e d S t a t e s

Beyond Borders
This year, Seeds of Peace introduced a groundbreaking exchange program
called “Beyond Borders/Bila Hodood” enabling Arabs and Americans to engage
in serious, honest, and open discussions on the deteriorating relationship
between the United States and the Middle East. Beyond Borders is rooted in
the belief that direct interaction and communication are important first steps
towards developing understanding and cooperation. This unique program
brought together 62 Arab and American teens and 23 education officials rep-
resenting six Middle Eastern countries (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen,
Egypt, and Jordan) and six American cities (Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Dallas, and Atlanta).

                                                                                                                                                      Both photos: Susi Eggenberger
Seeds of Peace received both Arab and American support for Beyond Borders, demon-
strating the shared investment and commitment from both communities. Participants were
representative of the geographic, ethnic, and religious diversity in the US and the Arab
world. The youth were selected primarily on the strength of their leadership potential, and
the adults are educators well-positioned to have a significant impact on their communities.

Seeds of Peace International Camp, Maine, USA                                                       Youth Conference,
                                                                                                    Amman, Jordan
The first part of Beyond Borders began dur-       the issues now and I’m making it my duty to
ing the camp’s third session (August 14-30)       get the word out there and to share my expe-      From March 11-19, 2005, the Beyond
and programming followed the traditional          rience.” One Arab participant from Jordan         Borders participants reconvened in Amman,
Seeds of Peace model that combines a living       felt similarly and commented, “It helped me       Jordan for the second part of the exchange
and recreational environment with daily           to change some mistaken ideas about               program. The Jordan session resembled a
Dialogue Sessions. The Seeds formed close         Americans and I had the opportunity to            conference environment, as the group reunit-
relationships in the bunks and tackled tough      change some mistakes that some campers            ed to more deeply examine the core issues
political issues in Dialogue Sessions –           had about my country or religion.”                between Arabs and Americans.
September 11th, Iraq, US foreign policy, ter-
rorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, media   Following camp, paired Arab and American          Expert speakers from the US and the Middle
biases, and treatment of women and minori-        “City-to-City” groups jointly designed and        East added depth and context to their dis-
ties, to name a few – while also deepening        implemented projects that developed leader-       cussions, as did visits to sites around Jordan.
understanding of their respective cultures.       ship skills while helping their communities       The group also visited the King Abdullah of
The goal of the camp program was to build         increase understanding between Arabs and          Jordan. Given their firsthand experiences in
trust and relationships, create the space for     Americans. In addition, the participants kept     both the US and the Middle East, the foun-
participants to learn from each other direct-     in touch through a daily email listserv to con-   dation has now been laid to begin educating
ly, and to expose them to life in the US. The     tinue their debates and stay connected.           others.
session concluded with a visit to Boston.

Said one delegate from Texas, “Before camp,
I thought that I knew a lot about things but I
was really wrong. I always saw the bad            Partners
images associated with the word ‘Arab,’ espe-     Seeds of Peace partnered with AMIDEAST, an organization devoted to administering exchange pro-
cially after 9/11. Now I’m really passionate      grams between Arabs and Americans, to select the Arab participants and with LeadAmerica, a
about the conflict in class. It puts a face to    national youth leadership program with a political focus, to select the American delegates.


                  South Asia
                  The South Asia programs focus on continuing to engage, encourage, support and challenge            Afghanistan
                  the youth who started their Seeds experience at the International Camp in Maine. In 2004,
                  South Asia workshops focused on community outreach to equip these young people with                Since 2002, almost 40 Afghan Seeds have
                                                                                                                     participated in the Seeds of Peace program.
                  new skills and insight for conducting more effective presentations and workshops in the
                                                                                                                     Following camp, the Afghan Seeds return
                  subcontinent. In this way, Seeds of Peace ensures a ripple effect that reaches beyond those        home with skills that allow them to address
                  attending camp. The South Asia programs continue to expand through efforts of regional             the culture of violence so prominent in their
                  coordinators, local experts and Seeds of Peace staff traveling to the subcontinent.                country after decades of strife. Their com-
                                                                                                                     munity outreach specifically revolves around
                                                                                                                     promoting understanding between men and
                                                                                                                     women as well as between the various
                                                                                                                     Afghan ethnic groups.
                  India & Pakistan                                   intensive workshops were held in both India
                                                                     and Pakistan. Seeds from South Asia were        Seminars & Workshops
                  Since 2001, over 100 Indian and Pakistani          energized in the spring of 2004 with a two-
                  Seeds have participated in the Seeds of            day facilitation training and community out-    Throughout the year, Afghan Seeds met at
                  Peace program, creating a spirited communi-        reach workshop that taught participants how     least once a month in Kabul to reconnect
                  ty of advocates who promote peace and              to use drama for educational purposes. In       and discuss the latest in Afghan news and
                  understanding on the subcontinent. Since           December 2004, Seeds in Mumbai, India           how that relates to the future of Afghan soci-
                  the rapprochement between the two coun-            and in Lahore, Pakistan participated in a       ety. More intensive conflict transformation
                  tries in 2003, these efforts have increased.       three-day community-building, advanced          workshops were also organized to help the
                  Now that the youth are able to travel across       dialogue and leadership training workshop       Seeds overcome obstacles related to other
                  the border, Seeds of Peace programs have           that culminated in a Bring-a-Friend day that    conflicts in their lives. In February 2004, a
                  allowed them to interact with each other at        was planned and run by the Seeds them-          workshop was held that focused on the
                  home, discussing important matters in per-         selves. It was an exercise in leadership that   meaning of peace in Afghan society and how
                  son and conducting joint presentations.            built on the various workshops that the         respect and understanding can be promoted
                                                                     Seeds had participated in over the years.       more effectively. Two months later, a photog-
                  Seminars & Workshops                                                                               raphy workshop was held allowing the youth
                                                                     Home Stay 2004                                  to explore perspective through the camera
                  Throughout the year, Indian and Pakistani                                                          lens. Similar to India and Pakistan, the
                  Seeds met at least once a month in Mumbai          In the summer of 2004, Seeds of Peace           drama workshop held in early summer
                  and Lahore respectively to reconnect and           brought 21 Pakistani Seeds to meet their        focused on community outreach. Finally, a
                  discuss the latest news. A speaker series          counterparts in Mumbai, India. This fol-        workshop at the end of the summer focused
                  was also initiated in both cities inviting local   lowed the home stay program initiated the       on the media and ways to get their voice out
                  experts in various fields to address the           year before with an exchange from India to      through this channel.
                  Seeds, their friends and others in the com-        Pakistan. After a warm welcome the first
                  munity. This increased the exposure Seeds          night by the US Consul General, the             In July, 2004, US Ambassador Zalmay
                  of Peace receives in regional press and            Pakistani Seeds were guests in the homes of     Khalilzad hosted a reception encouraging the
                  addressed the need for programming that            their Indian friends who also showed them       Seeds to help rebuild their country in a
                  reaches beyond the Seeds graduates them-           the sights of Mumbai.                           peaceful, inclusive manner, while carrying a
                  selves. In addition, after months of hard                                                          message of respect, non-violent communica-
                  work, the first issue of the South Asia            For five days, the Seeds reconnected, con-      tion and problem-solving to their community.
                  Newsletter was published in 2004. The              tinued their dialogue sessions, and planned     The Afghan Seeds did just that – teaching
                  Newsletter, written by Seeds graduates from        for future outreach. Part of the exchange       computer and English classes, making pre-
                  India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, addresses         involved a retreat outside of Mumbai where      sentations at schools and conferences, writ-
                  issues that impact the South Asian Seeds           they spent three days discussing pertinent      ing about the problems in their country for
                  and their local and regional communities.          political and social issues. Upon returning     various publications and simply speaking out
                  Targeted at a youth audience, the Newsletter       to Mumbai, the Seeds visited various schools    against injustice and ignorance in their lives.
                  provides an opportunity for the South Asian        addressing over 1,000 students, teachers        These youth are continuously working to
                  Seeds to have their voices heard within their      and school officials to speak about their       make a difference in their communities. In
                  region.                                            Seeds of Peace experience and their shared      2005, the Afghan program will initiate
                                                                     commitment to tolerance, understanding,         Bring-a-Friend day to create a larger Seeds
                  To complement the monthly meetings, more           and coexistence between their two countries.    of Peace ripple in Kabul.


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: Susi Eggenberger
                                            Cyprus Balkans Maine
                                            Cyprus                                             soccer match for bi-communal youth groups.
                                                                                               Artemis, a Greek Cypriot Seed exclaimed,
                                            The Cyprus program was initiated in 1998           “The peace march yesterday in Nicosia was
                                            when border crossings on the divided island        awesome! People united in a country divided
                                            were difficult. Today, the border is more open     ...imagine a huge crowd of Cypriots walking
                                            and dialogue between Greek and Turkish             together and holding hands! We were all
                                            Cypriots is more critical with the potential for   shouting slogans and just one voice was
                                            peaceful resolution greater.                       heard – the voice of the Cypriots.”             that dissolved under the weight of fear and
                                                                                                                                               betrayal felt by many in light of the violence.
                                            During the second session of the 2004              Balkans                                         However, the strength of their bond as Seeds
                                            Seeds of Peace International Camp, 28                                                              and commitment to conflict resolution pre-
                                            Greek and Turkish Cypriots met for shared          The Balkans program, established in 2000,       vailed and they absorbed the next days of
                                            bunk living and dialogue, addressing               includes nearly 240 youth and Delegation        leadership training with dialogue on minori-
                                            changes created by the Annan Plan vote and         Leaders. This year, through grants from the     ties and national status. Workshop evalua-
                                            EU membership. They also created a DVD of          US Agency for International Development         tions recorded increased hope generated by
                                            their experience that will be used in joint        (USAID), the Government of Norway, and          the meetings. Said Ramiz, a Kosovar Seed,
                                            presentations in Cyprus now that border            continued partnering with US Embassies,         “Seeds of Peace pushes me to live for the
                                            crossings are possible.                            non-profits, and international organizations    future, and not just my own future.”
                                                                                               in the region, the Balkans Seeds were as
                                            At home, on a Cypriot email listserv, the          active as ever in their home communities.       In June, a similar leadership training for
                                            Cypriot Seeds share news and schedule                                                              Seeds from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
                                            meetings for activities, discuss future joint      Violence in March 2004 in Kosovo was the        and Serbia and Montenegro, with dialogue
                                            school presentations, and plan partnerships        worst suffered since 1999. To address this, a   on ramifications of EU membership and
                                            to expand Cyprus’ bi-communal effort. With         workshop was held six weeks later in Ohrid,     national status, was held on the Dalmatian
                                            adult facilitators, teachers, and other groups     Macedonia. An ethnically-balanced Seeds         Coast. As in Ohrid, the workshop encouraged
                                            across Cyprus, the Cypriot Seeds helped            group of Kosovars (Albanian, Roma,              Seeds to become leaders in their own activi-
                                            stage a fall peace march that captured the         Serbian), Macedonian (Albanian, Slavic),        ties and instilled in them the confidence to
                                            front page of newspapers, and organized a          and Albanians shared enthusiastic greetings     create and lead their own activities.

                                                                                                              The Maine Seeds program, now in its fourth year, incorporates youngsters
                                                                                                              from Portland and Lewiston, Maine whose lives and communities have been
                                                                                                              affected by ethnic-based problems. Maine Seeds brings together youth of all
                  Photo: Susi Eggenberger

                                                                                                              races and religions, including teenagers from Cambodia, Rwanda, Somalia,
                                                                                                              Vietnam, Sudan and Uganda who have recently settled in Maine, as well as
                                                                                                              youth from European-American families whose Maine roots date back several
                                                                                                              generations or more. Sixty youngsters participated in the 2004 Maine Seeds
                                                                                                              program this summer.

                                            Following their camp experience, throughout the year Maine Seeds organize and attend bi-weekly meetings and are also deeply involved in
                                            their schools, communities, and state as a whole. Many Maine Seeds are members of their schools’ Civil Rights Team, and at this year’s state
                                            conference, three of the presenters were Seeds. Maine Seeds are recognized in their communities for their volunteer work and for their many
                                            contributions to civic causes. In May 2004, the Portland Seeds organized and led a state-wide Youth Summit which took place at the camp
                                            and they are engaged in organizing another summit for 2005. In addition, the Lewiston Seeds organized several fundraisers for South Asian
                                            tsunami relief that brought in over $2,000. Maine Seeds are frequently called upon to talk throughout the state about Seeds of Peace and
                                            about school issues such as diversity and tolerance. In November, the Maine Youth Action Network invited four Maine Seeds to present a
                                            workshop at their annual conference in Bar Harbor. The workshop addressed their camp experience, follow-up program and the impact Seeds
                                            of Peace has had on them and their families.

                                            The face of Maine is changing, and the Maine Seeds program is implementing proactive measures to increase understanding, tolerance, and
                                            unity throughout the state.

                                                                          Messages from Seeds Graduates

                                  “I guess it’s a
                                  matter of phases...
                                  like an evolution
                                  inside of you.”                                                       “...it is a lifestyle.”

                                 A Message from Israeli Seed,                                         A Message from Palestinian
                                 Eldad Levy, Age 22                                                   Seed, Leena Yahia, Age 23

                                 I guess it’s a matter of phases...                                  I am a Palestinian who first
                                 like an evolution inside of you.                                    went to the Seeds of Peace
                                                                                                     International Camp in the
                             When you are a first-time                                               summer of 1996. After I
                             camper, you want to return as a                                         finished my graduate studies
     Peer Support camper to help the new and younger Seeds                                           at Hebrew University in
     adjust to camp life.                                                                            Accounting and English
                                                                                                     Literature, I wanted to rededi-
     When you are a Peer Support, you can’t wait to return                                           cate myself to Seeds of Peace
     home and begin leading other Seeds in the region                                                and I therefore applied to
     through the Center for Coexistence in Jerusalem.                      work at the Seeds of Peace Center for Coexistence in
                                                                           Jerusalem as a Program Coordinator and was honored
     When you are a Leader you want to return as a Counselor               when I was hired as a new full-time staff member!
     at the Seeds of Peace International Camp because you
     can just never get enough of that summer experience and               From my own experience, I believe that young people
     watching others go through it.                                        who participate in Seeds of Peace can gain and learn a
                                                                           lot. That is why I returned to work for Seeds of Peace.
     I received enormous support from the organization when I              Seeds of Peace offers those with high potentials the
     was in the Army so that I could stay in touch with Seeds              opportunities to develop their talents; it gives them the
     of Peace and the friends that I made there. I was invited             tools to become true leaders in their communities. For
     to everything and came to whatever I could.                           me, this objective is even more than a mission state-
                                                                           ment, it is a lifestyle.
     Since the Army, I have been working for Seeds of Peace
     part-time by leading group activities in Tel Aviv and the             Some people claim that institutions like Seeds of Peace
     surrounding region. The feeling of “teaching” what you’ve             make one identify with “the other” and forget his or her
     learned – of advising, of being there when you are needed –           own identity but this is not the case. For me, I became
     is an awesome feeling and it is clearly payback to what               more aware of my own identity as a Palestinian woman
     I’ve received along the years.                                        who comes from the heart of the conflict, and it has
                                                                           made me even more dedicated and committed to work
     I’ve never felt so fulfilled with myself.                             for the peaceful future that my community needs.

     Thank you for allowing me this opportunity,                           Thank you so much for your continued support,

                                                 Eldad Levy, Qiryat Gat                                            Leena Yahia, Jerusalem

Photo: Ana Maria Cárdenas


                            14 Education Program
                            16 Delegation Leaders   empowerment

                      Education Program
                      The Education Program assists Seeds of Peace graduates wishing to pursue their educa-
                      tion in the US by helping them with the application process. In addition, it raises aware-
                      ness of Seeds of Peace among US college and university admissions and financial aid rep-
                      resentatives. In addition, through the Global Leadership Initiative, the Education Program
                      empowers young adult Seeds to design and implement programs appropriate for their age
                      group, both in the US and at the Center for Coexistence in Jerusalem.

                      The events planned in the US through the Global Leadership Initiative in 2004 met with
                      great success. Through the Seeds Advisory Council, the Washington Fellows Internship
                      Program, and the Art of Negotiation Conference, the Seeds Scholars have dramatically
                      increased their effectiveness both within the organization and on their US campuses.

                      “[College] strengthened my personality and leadership qualities.
                      It was there that I learned how to take action in order to achieve my goals.”
                                                                                   –Sawsan, Palestinian
                      Seeds Advisory Council
                      The Seeds Advisory Council (SAC), estab-
                      lished in early 2004, has become the key
                      instrument for graduates’ input into all
                      aspects of the Seeds of Peace organization.
                      SAC members regularly attend board meet-
                      ings, meet with staff, and plan events for
                      Seeds Scholars which provide additional
                      leadership development opportunities.

                      The SAC members are actively promoting
                      global awareness both on their campuses
                      and in their broader communities. Malvina,        Washington Fellows
                      an Israeli Seed who attends Princeton
                      University, led a community-service outreach      The Washington Fellows pilot program placed
                      project in Veracruz, Mexico for her fellow        five Middle East Seeds Scholars interested in
                      classmates. She selected participants, raised     a career in international affairs or govern-
                      the necessary finances and coordinated the        ment in congressional offices and independ-
                      program. Bushra, a Palestinian Seed attend-       ent think tanks in Washington, DC. This six-
                      ing Georgetown University’s School of             week summer internship gave them a first-
                      Foreign Service, organized a panel presenta-      hand understanding of the complexity of the
                      tion on the Middle East and together with her     American political system. Hazem, a
                      Israeli classmate, engaged in a lively debate     Palestinian Seeds Scholar who worked for
                      about the future of the region. SAC members       Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) commented, “My
                      are also working together across their cam-       assignments varied from writing simple
                      puses. Adham, a Palestinian Seed studying         memos on some subject so that the Senator
                      at Columbia University invited an Israeli SAC     had a clear idea on how to vote, to in-depth
                      member to a presentation hosted by                research about hot issues. In addition to
                      Columbia’s Multi-cultural International           including my own opinion, I provided a well-
                      Student Association where they both dis-          balanced and thoroughly researched analysis
                      cussed the role of youth in regions of conflict   on the subject matter. It was interesting and
                      and their experiences in Seeds of Peace.          I felt that I was a part of something big.”

                                                                                                                                                          L E A D E R S H I P
                                                                                                                         Now Attend
                                                                                                                         American University
                                                                                                                              Bard College
                                                                                                                             Bates College
                                                                                                                            Bowdoin College
                                                                                                                          Brandeis University
                                                                                                                      Brigham Young University
                                                                                                                          Bryn Mawr College
                                                                                                                         Columbia University
                                                                                                                          Dartmouth College
                                                                                                                          Deerfield Academy
                                                                                                                            Duke University
                                                                                                                            Earlham College
The Art of Negotiation Conference                                                                                     Embry Riddle Aeronautical
                                                                                                                        Georgetown University
In mid-November, 45 Seeds Scholars from the Middle East, the Balkans, Cyprus, Turkey,                                    Graceland University
India and Pakistan who are all studying in the US, convened in New York City for The Art of                                 Hanover College
Negotiation Conference. This was the first event planned solely by the Seeds Advisory Council                              Hartwick College
in order to provide Seeds studying in the US the opportunity to gain exposure to profession-                               Harvard University
als involved in political negotiations as well as gain the tools necessary to negotiate effectively                          Hiram College
in their own lives.                                                                                                        Hofstra University
                                                                                                                           Kents Hill School
The conference focused on teaching negotiation skills and included an intensive workshop by                                   Knox College
the Conflict Management Group/Mercy Corps. Two trained facilitators led simulations and                                    Lehigh University
shared strategies based on Roger Fisher and William Ury’s method of negotiation outlined in                               Macalester College
their book, Getting to Yes. One Seed commented, “It was interesting to get insight into the                             Manhattanville College
practice of negotiations and the problems with current political practices. It made me realize                       Mass. Institute of Technology
that negotiations on all levels are like a game which many people play without knowing the                                Middlebury College
rules. I feel privileged to know a little bit more now!”                                                                 Mt. Holyoke College
                                                                                                                       Ohio Wesleyan University
Seeds Scholars left the conference invigorated having received professional negotiation train-                            The Peddie School
ing as well as reuniting with their peers. Fueled by the conference, one Palestinian Seed met                          Phillips Exeter Academy
with the organizers of the Jewish Hillel at Columbia University and is working with them to                              Princeton University
organize an Arab-Jewish dialogue group for 2005. Anna, an Israeli Seed pursuing her Masters                                  Smith College
degree at Georgetown University commented, “As a result of the Art of Negotiation                                         Swarthmore College
Conference, I gained both theoretical and practical insight into the real world of politics. I am                      Susquehanna University
further convinced that this is the field I want to go into in the future.”                                                  The Taft School
                                                                                                                           Temple University
                                                                                                                        Texas A&M University
                                                                                                                           Univ. of Missouri

                                        Profile                                                                         Univ. of North Carolina
                                                                                                                        Univ. of South Carolina
                                                                                                                         Univ. of Pennsylvania
Sawsan, Palestinian
                                                                                                                       Univ. of Southern Maine
Sawsan, age 22 from Ramallah, graduated cum
                                                                                                                            Univ. of Virginia
laude from Manhattanville College in 2004
with a BA in Computer Science and                                                                                            Yale University
Communications. Sawsan was active on cam-
pus as president of the Muslim Student                                       Shira, Israeli
Assoc., a member of the Connie Hogarth
Center for Social Action, and founded the                                     Shira, from Herzliya, is now a 21-year-old freshman
Debate Club. Said Sawsan of her education,                                   majoring in Government and on a full scholarship at
“It strengthened my personality and leadership                             Harvard University. Shira accomplished many projects fol-
qualities. It was there that I learned how to take                       lowing her camp experience including working last summer at
action in order to achieve my goals.” Last summer,                   the Center in Jerusalem to design seminars for younger Seeds.
Sawsan participated as a Washington Fellow interning for six         Once in the US, Shira continued her effort through the Education
weeks with Rep. Susan Davis on Capitol Hill. Now in Ramallah,        Program and participated in programs such as the Art of
Sawsan has worked in P.M. Ahmed Qurei's office and for JAWAL,        Negotiation Conference. Said Shira, “These conferences are vital
the Palestinian cellular phone company. She continues to be          for us as growing adults who gradually become engaged in diverse
active with Seeds of Peace and believes her education will be an     fields and occupations since in these conferences we get the rare
asset to her as she works towards a better future for her society.   opportunity to exchange professional opinions and initiatives with
                                                                     each other.” Before college, Shira served for two years in the
                                                                     Israeli Army Intelligence Unit and following graduation, she
                                                                     hopes to return to the Middle East to work in politics through the
                                                                     Ministry of Foreign Affairs or through the Knesset.


                      Delegation Leaders
                      Since 1995, Seeds of Peace has run an active educational program for the adult Delegation
                      Leaders who lead the youth to camp. Like the teens, the leaders are chosen by their respec-
                      tive communities as adults who not only serve as escorts but as emotional support for the
                      teens during their summer experience. Most importantly, all the educators return home and

                                                                                                                                                                             Photos: Susi Eggenberger
                      encourage their respective governments and communities to continue supporting the
                      efforts of Seeds of Peace. As such, the educators truly act as a gateway to their society –
                      helping their own students to evaluate the stereotypes that discourage understanding of
                      others from different cultures, religious traditions, and political views.

                      International Camp                                 a 26-hour Harvard University course that           Regional Program
                                                                         provided the educators with tools needed to
                      Sixty-five adults (aged 30-60) participated in     engage in the challenging discussions that         The Delegation Leaders Program continues
                      the Delegation Leader Program during the           would arise in Dialogue Sessions. Said one         year-round with follow-up activities within
                      2004 summer. Of those, 40 came from the            Delegation Leader, “There weren’t new issues       their home countries. Since the program
                      Middle East (including those participating in      discussed, but what was new was our ability        began, 225 Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian
                      Beyond Borders), six from South Asia and           to discuss them from two perspectives.”            and Egyptian Delegation Leaders have par-
                      four from Cyprus. Beyond Borders also                                                                 ticipated in the program. As youth educa-
                      brought 12 American educators and three            Following, lectures were given on religion,        tors, each of these adults directly connect
                      educators for the Maine Seeds program.             diversity studies, and gender – to name a few.     with over 500 students and many run pro-
                                                                         Additionally, the program included visits to       grams for 3,000-10,000 youth.
                      The diverse group of adults constituted a dis-     schools, religious and government institu-
                      tinguished international group of educated         tions, as well as small towns and larger           Five regional groups (based in Gaza, West
                      professionals with careers within their coun-      cities. The educators also participated in a       Bank/East Jerusalem, Jordan, Egypt, and
                      try’s Ministry of Education, as well as high       two-day Outward Bound experience to                Israel), meet twice per month to organize
                      school or college professors, principals, and      encourage team-building and conquering             continuing education and community service
                      heads of departments or diversity units.           personal challenges.                               activities. Some activities include computer
                                                                                                                            courses held for Delegation Leaders and their
                      The adults participated in an intensive coex-                                                         colleagues in Gaza, progressive education
                      istence program with daily four-hour dialogue                                                         workshops in Egypt, diversity workshops in
                      sessions and four hours of educational pro-                                                           Israel, and democracy education workshops
                      gramming. First, skills were developed using                                                          in the West Bank.

                                                                                                                            To increase cross-border communications
                                                                                                                            and joint projects, in January, the Delegation

                      Profile                                                                                               Leaders held the Aqaba Conference for 50
                                                                                                                            Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian partici-
                                                                                                                            pants that focused on advanced dialogue
                      Simha Harel, Israeli                                                                                  training and managing difficult conversa-
                      For years, Simha Harel, participated in a citizens’ initiative in which students and teachers from    tions. This conference trained the educators
                      Eilat, Israel and Aqaba, Jordan exchanged social visits. Following her experience in Maine, Simha     how to teach non-violent communication to
                      returned to her job as principal of the Rabin School in Eilat and was motivated to elaborate on the
                      exchange. Now teachers from Simha’s school and those from the Rosary Sisters School in Aqaba are      youth in their communities using these new-
                      together creating an interactive computer curriculum on the ecology of their shared seacoast. Simha   found skills. One project developed was the
                      says about her experience, “We who seek peace feel that Seeds has given us a roof over our head;      Eilat-Aqaba Coexistence Project, a partner-
                      now we are part of a bigger group, we are not alone.”                                                 ship between a high school in Eilat, Israel
                                                                                                                            and one in Aqaba, Jordan that will create a
                      Mohammed Mustafa, Egyptian
                                                                                                                            curriculum to study the Gulf of Aqaba. Once
                      Mohammed Mustafa excelled during his Outward Bound experience on Hurricane Island. Little won-        developed, the course will be conducted in
                      der; Mohammed is General Commissioner of Sea Scouts in Egypt. After his summer at camp in
                      2000, Mohammed continued his commitment to scouting but gave it a new spin proposing a new            both high schools with Israeli and Jordanian
                      scout badge for the thousands of Sea Scouts in Cairo. His new “peace badge” would be earned           students completing the online course
                      through tolerance activities including reaching out to local minority groups and to boys from coun-   together, and sharing their experiences with
                      tries often designated as “historic enemies.” A lawyer by training, Mohammed calls his Seeds expe-    their wider communities. This pilot program
                      rience, “wonderful training for becoming a peace educator.”                                           is slated to run two academic years.
Photo: Mark Finkenstaedt

                                        18   Government Support
                                        20   Media & Communications
                                        21   Events & Corporate Support
                                        22   Evaluation


                                    Government Support
                                    In addition to the Seeds visit to Washington DC where they often have the opportunity to
                                    meet with influential word leaders and share their hopes and concerns about the future,
                                    every year Seeds of Peace is recognized by government leaders in the nation’s capitol as
                                    well as by governments around the world. The year 2004 was no exception.

                                                              “The work of your organization has contributed and will
                                                              continue to the promotion of regional peace and stability.”

                                                                                                                                                                                    Both photos: Ralph Alswang
                                                                        – H.E. Marwan J. Muasher, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
                                                                                          The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

                                                                        “The Palestinian Authority highly values the
                                                                        work of Seeds of Peace, and wholly supports
                                                                        the idea of bringing young people from conflict
                                                                        ridden areas into conflict resolution programs.
                                                                        We are fully aware of the benefit these                   International Support
                                                                        programs and activities have brought to the               In the summer of 2004, Seeds met with
                                                                        Palestinian graduates who have been lucky                 Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and
                                                                        enough to participate.”                                   Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (then
                                                                              – H.E. Nabil Shaath, Minister of Foreign Affairs,   serving as National Security Advisor) during
                                                                                            The Palestinian National Authority    the visits to Washington DC. Both pledged
                                                                                                                                  their support to the campers and the pro-
                                                                                                                                  gram. In September, Seeds of Peace brought
                                                              “I am confident that the efforts of Seeds of Peace will             together many of the Middle East’s high-
                                                              eventually help in addressing the conflicts that face the           ranking foreign dignitaries during its Forum
                                                              world today and make the achievement of peace less                  on Conflict & Diplomacy which featured for-
                                                              elusive than it is now.”                                            mer Secretary of State James A. Baker.
                                                                                                                                  Those attending to support the event includ-
                                                                – H.E. Amre Moussa, Secretary-General, League of Arab States
                                                                                                                                  ed H.E. Silvan Shalom, Minister of Foreign
                                                                                                                                  Affairs of Israel; H.E. Ahmad Aboul Gheit,
                                    “Seeds of Peace is an extraordinary organization working to produce genuine                   Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt; H.E. Amre
                                    leaders for the future.”                                                                      Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League;
                                                                                  - H.E. Shimon Peres, Vice Premier of Israel     H.E. Marwan Muasher, Minister of Foreign
                                                                                                                                  Affairs of Jordan; and Mr. Nabil Shaath,
                                                                                                                                  Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Palestinian
                                                                                                                                  Authority. Following the luncheon, letters of
                                                                                                                                  support were received by many of those in
                                                                                                                                  attendance acknowledging the important
                                                                                                                                  impact the Seeds of Peace graduates have in
                                                                                                                                  their countries and communities.

                                                                                                                                  Left: Seated left to right HE Silvan Shalom
                                                                                                                                  (Israel), HE Ahmad Aboul Gheit (Egypt), Aaron
                                                                                                                                  David Miller, T.H. James A. Baker, III, HE Amre
                                                                                                                                  Moussa (Arab League), HE Marwan Muasher
                        Alan King

                                                                                                                                  (Jordan), and Mr. Nabil Shaath (Palestinian

                                                                                                                                                           R E C O G N I T I O N
Congressional Support
Seeds of Peace receives financial support from the US Government (see page 24) and along
with that comes the written endorsement of its programs. This year, the House and Senate
Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations highlighted Seeds of Peace as a “pio-
neer” in the field of conflict resolution programs (House Report 108-599). In addition, over
30 members of the Senate and almost 80 members of the House of Representatives signed
letters of support.

  Senate letter sponsored by Senators Collins, Feinstein, Levin and Snowe

  “We are strong supporters of Seeds of Peace because of the kind of innovative and quality
  programs it represents. The United States has been involved in the pursuit of peace in
  many regions of conflict for many years and there is strong bipartisan support in Congress
  for this vital American foreign policy goal and national security initiative. While it is essen-
  tial that the pursuit of peace lead to formal agreements, peace will ultimately depend on
  breaking down barriers and mistrust among people. Seeds of Peace can reach thousands
  of young people and accomplish its goal on a modest budget.”
                                                                                                            Election Year Conventions
  House letter sponsored by Representatives Ackerman, Berman, Chabot, Issa,
  Rahall and Ros-Lehtinen                                                                                   This election year, Seeds graduates were
                                                                                                            invited to experience what many might
  “We are writing to express our support for Seeds of Peace, an organization that works to                  consider the heart and soul of the US
  secure lasting peace in key regions of the world by equipping young people with non-vio-                  electoral process when they attended both
  lent tools to resolve conflicts and make peace...The innovative work of Seeds of Peace                    the 2004 Democratic and Republican
  helps ensure the enduring commitment of these young people to peaceful coexistence. In                    Conventions. This opportunity helped them
  light of the continuing violence in the Middle East and instability in other key regions, there           understand what was required to be suc-
  has never been a greater need for this type of program.”                                                  cessful in politics – a field that many of
                                                                                                            them are considering for their future.

                                                                                                            In July in Boston, a select group of older
                                                                                                            Seeds participated in the National Demo-
                                                                                                            cratic Institute’s International Leaders

 Profile                                                                                                    Forum along with over 120 country repre-
                                                                                                            sentatives to discuss and learn more
                                                                                                            about the US political process and inter-
    Maine Senators Olympia J. Snowe                                                                         national affairs. Joining the Seeds, who
    and Susan M. Collins                                                                                    were the only teenagers invited to partici-
                                                                                                            pate, were 600 government leaders
    Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins                                                                including 15 former chiefs of state or
    from the State of Maine have both been                                                                  heads of government and 80 members of
    long-time supporters of Seed of Peace. For the past five years,                                         parliament representing 55 different par-
    they have co-sponsored letters to the entire Senate and the                                             ties. The Seeds had the opportunity to
    Senate Subcommittee of Foreign Operations on behalf of Seeds of Peace. They consis-                     meet with former Secretary of State
    tently encourage their colleagues to support the important work that Seeds undertake                    Madeleine K. Albright, as well as have
    during their time in Maine as well as when they are back home in their regions of con-                  conversations with countless ambassa-
    flict. Senators Collins and Snowe have devoted countless hours to ensure the Senate                     dors, country representatives and mem-
    recognize the positive impact that the Seeds of Peace program has on the participants                   bers of Congress.
    by breaking down barriers and mistrust within the troubled regions where they live,
    which is a goal of American foreign policy and a national security initiative.                          During the Republican National Conven-
                                                                                                            tion in New York City in September, the
                                                                                                            Seeds were invited guests at the “Youth
                                                                                                            Convention.” This event drew more than
                                                                                                            2,500 student leaders and of those were
                                                                                                            Seeds serving on the Student Advisory
                       Combined Federal Campaign                                                            Council (see page 14). At the Convention,
                                                                                                            the Seeds met with Representative Joe
                       In 2004, Seeds of Peace again took part in the Combined Federal Campaign
                       (CFC), the annual workplace fundraising drive for federal employees. Being           Knollenberg (R-MI), a long-time champion
                       accepted as a member of the CFC is an honor as it is a highly selective and com-     of Seeds of Peace in Congress.
                       petitive process requiring strict eligibility and public accountability standards.
                       In 2003, Seeds of Peace raised over $7,000 through the CFC; results of the
                       2004 campaign will be available mid-2005.


              Media & Communications
              Ever since that first meeting on the White House lawn in 1993 captured the media’s atten-
              tion and propelled Seeds of Peace into the spotlight, the organization has strived to keep
              the public aware of its activities. This year was no exception as media attention was gen-
              erated through Aaron David Miller’s frequent appearances on CNN, FOX News, BBC, and
              NPR and his op-ed publications in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and
              International Herald Tribune. In addition, Beyond Borders and star-studded events gener-
              ated even more media buzz including coverage on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ESPN, Al Arabiya,
              Middle East Broadcasting, Haaretz, The Jerusalem Report, Washington Post, Dallas
              Morning News, and the Associated Press.

              SEEDS the documentary                               Website Expansion &
                                           SEEDS, the new
                                           full-length docu-
                                           mentary film on
                                           Seeds of Peace
              that was produced by independent filmmak-
              ers Marjan Safinia and Joseph Boyle of
              Merge: Media made its US premiere in 2004
              at the opening night of the SilverDocs Film
              Festival in Silver Spring, MD. The premiere
              of the film generated major press attention
              and celebrity attendance including Judy             In 2004, Seeds of Peace upgraded its web-
              Woodruff of CNN, Sheryl Crow, and Lance             site system through a partnership with
              Armstrong. Following its premiere, the film         Convio, a company that specializes in non-
              brought acclaim at a number of top festivals        profit websites and Internet software built for
              including the Hamptons International Film Fes-      reaching, motivating and retaining supporters
              tival, the Bahamas International Film Festival,     as well as driving better results in marketing,
              the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the   fundraising, and events. Consequently, this       Dave Chappelle
              Cleveland International Film Festival, and the      year Seeds of Peace launched a new-and-                   “I was amazed at what I saw
              Bermuda International Film Festival.                improved website that is more user-friendly                 on my visit this summer.”
                                                                  and personalized, contains an email commu-
              Seeds of Peace is honored to have been rec-         nications system, online event ticketing, and     Dave Chappelle of Comedy Central’s Chappelle
              ognized and showcased in this beautiful trib-       a better ability to track supporters as it        Show was drawn to Seeds of Peace to learn
              ute film and looks forward to the film gaining      allows for synchronizing of online and offline    more about the Arab-Israeli conflict and he
              a larger audience and support base in 2005.         fundraising efforts. Streamlining this process    traveled this summer into the woods of Maine
                                                                  allows work to be done more efficiently and       during the Play for Peace basketball clinic.
                                                                  all records to be up-to-date.                     Along with the enjoyment of participating in the
                                                                                                                    clinic, Dave did his best to speak with as many
                                                                  In addition, Seeds of Peace launched a new        Seeds as he could to learn first-hand about
                                                                  monthly e-Newsletter to keep its supporters       their experience living in a region of conflict
                                                                                                                    and how the Seeds of Peace program has made
                                                                  better informed. At its launch, the e-
                                                                                                                    a difference. Said Chappelle, “I was amazed at
                                                                  Newsletter began with 4,000 subscribers; by
                                                                                                                    what I saw on my visit this summer. There is
                                                                  the end of 2004, the number had doubled to
                                                                                                                    nothing funny about the situations where these
                                                                  over 8,000. Additionally, through the e-          kids come from but their smiles and laughs
                                                                  Newsletter and specific online appeals,           always seemed to shine through and give me
                                                                  online giving numbers and dollar amounts          hope that they can make a difference. Growing
                                                                  significantly increased as supporters were        up in the inner-city in Washington DC, I have
                                                                  provided an easier and direct mode to             seen and experienced the determination and
                                                                  donate. Compared to 2003 when over $10K           courage it takes for teenagers to defy expecta-
                                                                  was received in online donations, 2004            tions and overcome tremendous challenges; I
                                                                  brought online giving to over $121K.              know these Seeds can do the same.”


               Events & Corporate Support
              From large-scale fundraising benefits to smaller briefings, Seeds of Peace brought togeth-
              er its graduates and supporters on a variety of occasions in 2004. Events promoting Seeds
              of Peace were held around the country and throughout the world. Additionally, fueled by
              the initiative of the Young Leadership Committee, in 2004 Seeds of Peace launched its
              Forum on Conflict & Diplomacy, a nonpartisan educational forum that provides a platform
              for thoughtful discussion on strategies to promote negotiations and resolve conflict. This
              year, corporate supporters including Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Exxon Motor Corporation,
              Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Corporation were just some of the businesses
              lending their name and financial support toward Seeds of Peace programming and events.

                                                                                            bid for peace

                                                                                                                                                                               Top photos: Alan King
                                                                                                                          September 20, 2004 - Forum featuring former
                                                                                                                          Senator George Mitchell and Seeds graduates,
                                                                                                                          NYC (top photo). Forum featuring James A.
                                                                                                                          Baker, former Secretary of State, NYC (bottom
                   February 10, 2004 - featuring Madeleine K. Albright, former Secretary of State with live
                   performance by Hootie & The Blowfish, and Host Al Franken, The Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

                                                                                                                        Seeds of Peace Detroit Gala
                                                              SEEDS OF PEACE
                                                              GALA DINNER

                                                              May 20, 2004
                                                              Featuring Thomas L. Friedman,
                                                              The New York Times Foreign Affairs Columnist,
                                                              The Mandarin Oriental, NYC                                                         December 13, 2004
                                                                                                                                                 Detroit Gala Premiere of
                                                                                                                                                 SEEDS, Birmingham 8,

                           Profile                    Fred and Helaine Gould
                                              Fred and Helaine Gould were first introduced to the
                                                                                                                                                 Pictured (left to right):
                                                                                                                                                 Tim Attalla, Florine Mark
                                              organization in 1995 when they met Jordanian Seeds                                                 Ross, and Gil Silverman
                                              while on a business trip. Excited and inspired by the
                                              Seeds, they arranged a meeting with John Wallach and
                                              presented him with a check on behalf of the trip partici-
                                              pants. Since then, they have been hooked and have
                                              donated invaluable resources, time and energy to
                                              Seeds of Peace. Helaine, a member of the Board of
                                              Directors and Executive Committee, has been instrumen-      Hope Happens
              tal to the success of every major gala event in New York, volunteering her time to help         December 14, 2004
              with every event detail. She also has provided the impetus for Seeds of Peace to                    Hope Happens,
              expand the reach of its events, in New York and around the US. As outgoing Chairman
                                                                                                                The Rosen Plaza,
              of the board and member of the Executive Committee, Fred has provided leadership,
              direction and vision for the organization, helping Seeds of Peace reach new heights.               Orlando, Florida
              Fred and Helaine Gould, and supporters like them, are critical to Seeds of Peace's          Pictured: Dick Batchelor
              ongoing success. Seeds of Peace thanks the Goulds for all that they do!                        with Seeds graduates

  Seeds of Peace Evaluation
Seeds of Peace has always solicited participant feedback on its programs to make sure
they are meeting the needs of participants as well as program objectives. These efforts
have been expanded substantially over the last two years, as Seeds of Peace has begun               Social Impact Survey
developing a monitoring and evaluation system for all its programs and camp delega-
tions. This will provide Seeds of Peace with hard data from which to evaluate, design,
and refine its programs.

                                                                                                   Under a grant from USAID, in 2005
                                                                                                   Seeds of Peace will carry out its first
Zogby International Survey                                                                         impact assessment of its Israeli-
                                                                                                   Palestinian program over the last ten
                         In the summer of 2003, Seeds of Peace conducted its first exter-          years. This will include an assessment of
                         nal evaluation of changed attitudinal shifts among Israeli and            the quality, impact and effectiveness of
                         Palestinian youth participants at the Seeds of Peace International        the Seeds of Peace Israeli-Palestinian pro-
                         Camp. The evaluation, carried out by Zogby International, was             gram for youth and adult Delegation
                         based on a survey instrument produced in English, Hebrew and              Leaders, and provide recommendations
                         Arabic and given to youth participating in the second session of          for strengthening these efforts. The pri-
camp in 2003. The survey was followed up by interviews on-the-ground in 2004 after the             mary focus will be on the Seeds of Peace
youth had been home for one year.                                                                  follow-up program from the Center in
The Zogby assessment proved what Seeds of Peace has always known – that participation in
the program positively changes the hearts and minds of thousands of youth who grow up in           The evaluation will measure the impact of
conflict. Some key findings following the second survey included:                                  the program on the attitude of partici-
                                                                                                   pants and their willingness to work
  • Influencing the “Other Side”                                                                   towards peaceful coexistence with the
     A majority of respondents (89%) were optimistic that they were able to influence the          “other side.” Moreover, it not only will
     “other side” in 2003 and this number increased one year later in 2004 (93%) showing           assess the effect of the program on par-
     that Seeds were even more confident than they were after camp about their ability to          ticipants, but also on the broader commu-
     influence others.                                                                             nities (e.g. families and schools) from
                                                                                                   which participants come. This will allow
  • Making and Maintaining Friendships with the “Other Side”                                       Seeds of Peace to assess whether there is
     In August 2003, 93% of Israelis and Palestinians felt that they had become genuine            a multiplier effect of the program.
     friends through Seeds of Peace. One year later, a large majority (83%) still believed in
     that sentiment, showing that most friendships forged at camp were maintained through-         The evaluation team is being led by Dr.
     out the year – a significant factor given the situation on the ground during the Intifada.    Mohammed Abu-Nimer, a leading scholar
                                                                                                   on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and pro-
  • Sharing the Seeds of Peace Experience                                                          grams aimed at addressing the conflict;
     Following camp, 100% of Palestinians and 96% of Israelis felt they could share their          and by Dr. William Millsap, a leading
     experiences with their family, friends, and community. In fact, only 2% felt they had not     expert in designing and carrying out eval-
     been able to share their experience – an important finding given that this is one way to      uations of international NGO programs.
     increase impact and spread the message of Seeds of Peace beyond the camp experience.
                                                                                                   The research team has already conducted
  • Participating in Center Activities and Staying in Touch                                        many interviews in the United States and
     A large majority of the Seeds (95%) surveyed in 2003 and 2004 have participated in fol-       Jerusalem with Seeds of Peace staff and
     low-up activities and events – whether at the Center or within their home community. 94%      graduates. Up to 300 Seeds will be sur-
     of Palestinians have done so, as well as 95% of Israelis. This shows a dedicated interest     veyed with an equal size control group.
     in the organization and the community, which is essential for Seeds of Peace to have any      There will also be extensive interviews and
     long-term impact.                                                                             focus groups of both Seeds and
                                                                                                   Delegation Leaders.
The Zogby survey demonstrated that Seeds of Peace must begin surveying all camp partici-
pants to ensure all its programs are effective and achieving the results desired. During the       This in-depth review of Seeds of Peace
summer of 2004, Seeds of Peace began developing and testing, in house, its own survey              will surely help plan the next steps in fur-
instruments for all program participants with help of an expert to assist with the survey design   ther developing the organization and its
and statistical analysis. Based on lessons learned the last two years, survey instruments are      critical leadership programs.
being further refined for all Seeds of Peace programs.

Photo: Ralph Alswang

                            24 Funding
                            26 Donors


                      Funding Overview
                      Seeds of Peace enjoyed another record-breaking year in terms of revenue growth, as it raised
                      the resources to allow for continued expansion of programming and investment in organizational
                      capacity. This growth is remarkable considering the competition for dollars posed by the
                      Presidential election, the continuing Israeli-Palestinian violence, and the war in Iraq.

                      In total dollars, Seeds of Peace raised $8.715 million dollars in FY2004, an increase of 42%
                      over FY2003 ($6.15 million dollars). This figure is magnified by a $1.9MM gift from an anony-
                      mous donor that helps to expand Seeds of Peace's infrastructure to deliver programming to more
                      teenagers in the Middle East, and will facilitate the launch of a major fundraising campaign.
                      Even excluding this generous gift, Seeds of Peace’s revenue grew by more than 12% in FY2004.
                      The total number of donors also grew by 10%, from 4,835 donors to 5,321 donors. Behind the
                      numbers, there are a number of indicators that suggest that Seeds of Peace can continue to
                      expand its revenue with increased efficiency.

                      Growing Rapidly and Efficiently                  Fundraising Events
                      While Seeds of Peace managed to match its        Seeds of Peace is concentrating fundraising         Federal Funding
                      previous successes in major event fundrais-      efforts on more cities throughout the United        In FY2004, Seeds of Peace drew down
                      ing, revenue growth was most dramatic in         States. From large-scale fundraising benefits       $1,380,479 in federal funds from grant
                      general donations, which has a much lower        to smaller breakfast and lunch briefings,           awards made by the State Department and
                                                                                                                           United States Agency for International Dev-
                      cost per dollar raised. General donations        Seeds of Peace brought together its gradu-          elopment (USAID). These funds were direct-
                      increased by over 50% in 2004, making it a       ates and supporters through a variety of            ed to support specific coexistence projects
                      larger percentage of total revenue (34%)         events in 2004.                                     in the Middle East, the launch of Beyond
                      than last year (26%).                                                                                Borders program, and conflict resolution
                                                                                                                           work in other regions around the world.
                                                                       Events promoting Seeds of Peace were held
                      Seeds of Peace was also able to lower its        around the country and world including
                      fundraising costs by raising more dollars        Boston, Dallas, Detroit, London, Los
                      online. In August 2004, it introduced a new      Angeles, New York, Orlando, Portland (ME),         $1,380,479
                      website and monthly email newsletter, and        San Francisco, Seattle, Scottsdale, and                                                       $842,210
                      realized an immediate and sizable return on      Washington DC (see photos on page 21). In
                      investment. Online fundraising from August       each community, a volunteer base is devel-
                      to December 2004 generated over $120,000         oping that will facilitate future fundraising
                      from 503 gifts, compared to $11,000 from         activities.
                      85 gifts in the same period last year–an
                      increase of over 1000%! A winter e-Appeal        Peacemaker’s Society                                                                       $315,675
                      was also supported by Paul Bernstein, a
                      longtime Seeds of Peace board member, who        In 2004, Seeds of Peace introduced the
                                                                                                                                        $15,700      $96,000
                      generously matched online gifts dollar-for-      Peacemaker’s Society, a new donor club that                            $23,460
                      dollar in memory of his daughter Stefanie        recognized the critical support of donors that
                      Bernstein Brown. Each online donation has a      made an annual contribution exceeding
                                                                                                                          Awards from Government Agencies for
                      much lower cost of processing, and is            $1,000. As a member of the Peacemaker’s            FY2004
                      acknowledged via email, so continued growth      Society, donors received admission into the        U.S. Department of State Bureau for Near
                      in this area will allow Seeds of Peace to con-   Seeds of Peace Forum on Conflict &                 East Affairs, Middle East Partnership
                      tinue to lower its overhead costs.               Diplomacy, a nonpartisan educational forum         Initiative (MEPI)
                                                                       that provides a platform for thoughtful dis-       U.S. Department of State Bureau for
                                                                                                                          Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM)
                      Seeds of Peace’s fundraising efforts contin-     cussion on strategies to promote negotiations      U.S. Department of State South Asia
                      ued to grow with expanded concentration on       and resolve conflict. Peacemaker Society           Bureau (SA)
                      raising monies from proposal-based founda-       members, who also receive access to exclu-
                      tions this year. The effort proved successful    sive policy briefing calls and additional spe-
                      as it competed for and won more grants than      cial events throughout the year, will be a vital
                                                                                                                          Note: References to FY2004 refer to Seeds of
                      ever this year, raising approximately 30%        base of revenue moving forward.                    Peaces fiscal year, not the government fiscal cycle.
                      more in 2004 as compared to 2003.                                                                   Drawdowns in FY2004 were made against federal
                                                                                                                          grants awarded in FY2003 and FY2004.

                                                                                                                                                                                  F I N A N C I A L S
 Budget Analysis
 With three summer sessions in Maine, including a pilot program during the third session that brought together Arab and American
 teens, the Center for Coexistence in Jerusalem, new programming initiatives in Amman and Cairo, follow-up activities for delega-
 tion leaders and youth spanning the globe, and an education and leadership programming for Seeds of Peace graduates, the Seeds
 of Peace annual operating budgeted was $7.7 million dollars in 2004. Fiscal controls now ensure that over 76 cents of every dol-
 lar support programming; moreover, Seeds of Peace is increasingly identifying new ways to reduce costs, whether it’s the introduc-
 tion of new technology or sourcing major cost categories, including travel and entertainment, printing, and shipping.

Gross Income 1998-2004                                                                          Expenses 2004
 $10,000,000                                                                                      $4,000,000
  $8,000,000                                                                                      $3,00,0000
  $4,000,000                                                                                      $1,500,000

         $0                                                                                              $0
                                                                                                                  Management &          Development            Programs
               1998    1999    2000      2001      2002        2003        2004                                     General

Gross income rose dramatically, up approximately 40% over 2003                                  Expense figures are approximate and based on unaudited financial figures.
                                                                                                Expenses exclude direct event costs, which are considered cost of revenue.

                                                Source of Gross Income 2004

                                                                      Individual   Foundation      Corporate       Government

                                                Gross revenue figures are approximate and based on unaudited financials.
                                                Sources of gross income not pictured include program fees, stock appreciation,
                                                store sales, and in-kind donations. Also note that foundations include proposal-
                                                based foundations and family foundations.

 Seeds of Peace is in the process of finalizing its financial statement for the 2004 fiscal year. Should you be interested in
 receiving a copy, please call 212-573-8040.

 Seeds of Peace is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


                                                                                                 Gary A. and Mona Davis               Sidney Sutter                        Elson
                                                                                                 Dead River Company                   David S. and Linda Taub              Hank Hanau
                                                                                                 Nancy G. Dickenson                   William M. Taylor                    Bill M. Harrison, Jr.
                                                                                                 Discovery Channel Global Education   Malcolm and Barbara Thomson          Evan A. and Regina Haymes
                                                                                                 Fund                                 Tishman Speyer Properties            Clifford B. and Deborah N. Hendler
                                                                                                 Ari Emanuel                          Trollback & Company                  Herring Creek Acquisition

                      2004 Donors                                                                Eos Foundation Trust
                                                                                                 Gary R. Fears
                                                                                                 Lynne H. Federman and Joseph
                                                                                                                                      United Nations Foundation
                                                                                                                                      Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc
                                                                                                                                      Weil, Gotshal & Manges Fdn, Inc
                                                                                                                                      Davis Weinstock
                                                                                                                                                                           William and Marlene Herzig
                                                                                                                                                                           Stanley L. and Barbara Hirsch
                                                                                                                                                                           Cynthia Howland
                                                                                                 Catherine Frey                       Diane Weiss and Carolyn Maloney      HSBC Bank
                                                                                                 Arthur Fried and Mem D. Bernstein    Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher            Infinite Possibilities Fdn, Inc.
                                                                                                 David B. Friedman                    The Oprah Winfrey Fdn                Keith R. Ingersoll
                                                                                                 Nathan and Alice Gantcher            Young President's Organization, Inc  International Sister Cites Assoc. of
                                                                                                 GCP Capital Group, LLC               Barbara and Michael Zasloff          Fort Worth, Inc
                      $100,000 and above                     Lockheed Martin Corp                Diane D. Ginsburg                                                         Interstate Outdoor Advertising
                      Anonymous                              Lydia B. Stokes Fdn                 Sharon Ginsburg                      $2,500-$4,999                        Jacobs & Goodman, PA
                      Marvin Weissberg and Judith Morris     M. M. Kaplan Fdn                    Jane Glass                           A.N. Abramowitz                      Sherry Jacobson
                                                             Jewish Communities of Western CT    Seth Glickenhaus                     Leslie Abrons                        Steven H. and Joanne L. Kane
                      $50,000 - $99,999                      Robert and Laetitia Mack            Albert and Judy Glickman             Stephen M. and Anita B. Adelson      Huei-Sheng and Monica Kao
                      Paul and Margaret Bernstein            Amy Mandel and Katina Rodis         Robert & Dorothy Goldberg            Jacques and Nicoletta Aigrain        Bernard and Norma Kaplan
                      Ford Motor Company Fund                Marble Collegiate Church            Charitable Fdn                       Airstream Airconditioning            Peter Katona and Dorothy
                      Alan and Harriet Ginsburg              Dennis and Graci McGillicuddy       Bruce Golden and Michelle Mercer     David and Judy Albertson             Mermelstein Katona
                      Fredric H. and Helaine B. Gould        Aaron and Lindsay Miller            Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund         Carolyn Ugiss Altieri                Judith Katz and Grant Rhode
                      Rita J. & Stanley H. Kaplan Family Fdn Samuel H. Miller                    Good Works Fdn                       Anonymous                            Lewis Katz
                      Harvey and Connie Krueger              David Mimran                        Jay and Luetta Gould                 Rose Assi                            Stephen Katz
                      Million Dollar Round Table Fdn         Larry A. and Carol Mizel            Steven F. Grant                      Georges E. and Nada Atallah          Marc and Henrietta Katzen
                      James M. and Nora Orphanides           Marjorie Monkhouse                  Ira J. and Linda Greenblatt          Attorney's Title Insurance Fund, Inc Alex Kaufman
                      Ross Perot, Jr.                        Jacques Nasser                      Peggy Greenhut-Golden                Andrew D. and Ariel Ball             Randy Kessler
                      The Russell Berrie Fdn                 Judd Nelson                         Bernard J. and Jennifer D. Haan      Philip G. Barber and Amy Stursberg Alan Kirschenbaum
                      Gilbert S. and Lila Silverman          Jeanne and Gary Newman              Ray B. and Ross Hammerman            Zvi and Dale Barzilay                Edward J. and Susan Kleiman
                      Robert and Jane Toll                   I. Waldbaum Family Fdn, Inc         Gary K. Hart                         Basser-Kaufman                       Joseph and Phyllis Korff
                                                             Northern Trust Bank                 The High Five Fdn                    Judy and Peter Baum                  KPMG, LLP
                      $25,000 - $49,999                      Hutham and Lubna Olayan             Internal Medicine Specialists        Richard and Marilyn Berger           Harriet Lake
                      Khalid Ali Reza                        Plymouth Hill Fdn                   J M A Foundation                     Kenneth L. and Ronni Berman          Lawrence Exterior Restoration Corp.
                      David and Pernilla Avital              Albert and Audrey Ratner            David W. and Fran Kalish             Arnold H., M.D.and Susan C.          Lennar Family of Builders
                      Carlson Wagonlit Travel                Marshall Rose and Candice Bergen    Kenduskeag Foundation                Bierman                              Annette M & Theodore N. Lerner
                      Jon S. and Joanne D. Corzine           Samuel Goldberg and Sons Fdn        Keren Keshet Fund 902                Joan Binkow                          Family Fdn
                      The Dibner Fund                        Michael Schachter                   Gary M. and Julie Killian            Roger and Pamela Birnbaum            Gary Levene and Debbie Eisenberg
                      Exxon Mobil Corp                       The Schoenbaum Family Fdn           Hersch and Abril Klaff               Samson Bitensky                      David Levy
                      The Leonard and Susan Feinstein        Ben Silverman                       Vahan Kololian                       Hatte and Daniel Blejer              Geoffrey Lewis and Amy Caplan
                      Fdn                                    Gilbert "Buzz" Silverman            Jude P. Laspa                        Rene Bloch Fdn                       Larry Lewis
                      French American Charitable Trust       Harriet Silverman and Erwin         James G. and Helene Lawrence         Michael and Melissa Boxer            Peter and Wendy Lewis
                      Joe Gantz and Paula Blumenfeld         Gudelsky                            Michael and Andrea Leeds             Mark A. Boyar                        Thomas W. and Patricia Loeb
                      General Motors, North American         C. Michael and Joan Spero           Lehman Brothers                      Richard Braemer and Amy Finkel       S. Catherine Longley
                      Operation                              Stella and Charles Guttman Fdn      Perry Lerner                         Brahman Capital Corp.                Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor
                      Helen M. and Norman D. Kurtz           Ravi Suria                          Elaine Gorbach Levine Charitable     George W. Bramblett, Jr.             & Reed
                      Loews                                  Barry and Susan Tatelman            Fdn                                  Jonathan Brandon and Harriet         Lois Lowry
                      Eugene and Sue B. Mercy                John C. and Karyl Kay Hughes Fdn    Levine Family Fdn                    Scheft                               Mark and Lisa B. Lundy
                      Abraham and Barbie Miller              Time Warner Inc.                    David and Ruth Levine                Bruce and Lynn Brofman               Richard H.M. Maidman
                      Deborah and Bobby Newmyer              Casey Wasserman                     Robert and Martha Lipp               Charles Bronfman                     Maine Community Fdn
                      Morton and Carole Olshan               Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr.             Alexander M. and June L. Maisin      Peter Buchthal                       Majestic Abstract Corp.
                      Rita and Harold Divine Fdn             Ian Weiss and Marna Broida          Fdn                                  Felicia A. Bundy                     Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant,
                                                             Melvyn and Bobbie Weiss             Darryl Mallah                        Jeanne Burd                          Inc
                      $10,000 - $24,999                      The Yahoo Employee Fdn              Man Group USA                        Daniel B. and Harriet S. Burke       MASCO Corporation
                      S. Daniel and Ewa Abraham              Robert and Judith Yarmuth           Paul A. and Yaffa S. Maritz          Stephen J. Calvacca                  Maumee Valley Presbytery
                      Lillian M. Ackerman                                                        Helen & William Mazer Fdn            Robin H. and David H. Carlin         Simon McPherson
                      Avenue Capital Management Corp         $5,000-$9,999                       Robert and Marilyn Mazur             Phil M. Cedar                        Gary and Janet Mendell
                      The Barbra Streisand Fdn               The Academy for Educational         McGraw-Hill Companies                Don and Sheila Chaifetz              Etan and Debby B. Milgrom
                      Bear Stearns                           Development                         Mildred, Herbert & Julian Simon      Linda W. Chester Rind and Kenneth Gabrielle Miller
                      Anne R. Bord                           Daniel H. and Jenna P. Adler        Fdn                                  Rind                                 Robert and Adriana Mnuchin
                      Simeon and Judith Brinberg             Rita and Jeffrey A. Adler           Constance Milstein                   Richard and Robin Chwatt             Richard Moriarty
                      Bert E. and Muriel Brodsky             AHG Group, LLC                      Eliot A. and Doris Minsker           CJ Phipps Co.                        Morris L. Levinson Fdn, Inc
                      Peter Buttenwieser                     Albemarle County Rotary Club        Richard and Marie Mole               David and Deborah L. Cohen, M.D. MTV Networks
                      Cogan Family Fdn                       Alliance Bernstein Fdn Fund         Moody's Corporation                  Congregation Bet Ha'am               Michael Najjar
                      Kenneth P. Cohen, Esq. and Darcie Alpern Family Fdn, Inc                   Robert and Ornella Morrow            Michael H. Corpuel                   Mark E. Nejame
                      Bundy                                  Norman and Jane Alpert              Newmeyer                             Stephen A. Cozen and Betty Spolan Nelson & Small, Inc
                      Ronald M. Cohen                        Joel Altman                         Novartis Corporation                 Credit Suisse First Boston           Merle Nelson
                      Harvey J. and Tina Crosby              Robert Arnow                        William Obeid                        Walter and Virginia Czarnecki        The New Majority
                      Daniel Pearl Fdn                       Diane Asseo Griliches               Miles Odonnol                        DC Graphix                           Newtek Business Services, Inc
                      Roger M. and Chagit Deitz              Bank One                            Jeffrey P. and Sam Orleans           Meijer Deborah                       Nodarse & Associates, Inc
                      Eden Hand Arts                         Thomas K. Barad and Jill Barad      Jane Overman                         DeRoy Testamentary Fdn               Mark and Gwen O'Donnell
                      Jonathan G. and Heidi Epstein          Lawrence Benenson                   Michael and Maryann Palma            Deutsche Bank                        Kobi and Dalia Offer
                      Ethan Allen, Inc.                      John Benson and Pamela W. Lynn      Lawrence Phillips                    The Don Yoder Fdn                    Stephen and Karen Parish
                      Forest City Ratner Companies           Howard and Judy Berkowitz           Pierce Atwood                        Alvin Dworman                        Park Square Enterprises, Inc
                      Frankel Family Fdn                     Claude Bernstein                    Henry and Jean Pollak                Earlham College                      Wayne and Dorothy Patterson
                      Robert Goldberg and Lois Goldberg Camille Bidermann-Roizen and             Joel Press                           Neal and Bunky Elyakin               Molly Peter and Jeffrey Jay
                      Paul Gottlieb and Sara Adler           Jacques Roizen                      The Lynn R. & Karl E. Prickett       Victor and Ronit Eyal                Phillips Exeter Academy
                      Barbara and Thomas Gottschalk          Charles L. and Regina A.            Fund                                 John and Margee Falk                 Owen Pickus
                      Steven Green                           Biederman                           Molly Raiser                         Fierce Release Designs               Thomas M. Pierce-Bulgar
                      Susan and Murray Haber                 Bloomberg                           Dennis Richards                      Filzer & Gruttadaurio PLL            Jeffrey N. Plotkin and Nancy B.
                      Jack Halpern                           John and Linda Bohlsen              Israel and Avy Rosenzweig            Stephen R. Fireman                   Levine
                      Jeremy Halpern                         Brunswick High School               Dennis and Deborah Ross              Myron F. Fishkind and Robin Z.       William A. and Ronnie N. Potter
                      Howard and Sandy Hammer                Bryan Cave LLP                      William Ross and Florine Mark-Ross   Kaplan Fishkind                      Precision Piping
                      Donald R. Harivel                      Patrick J. and Barbara Callan       Allan and Amy Ruchman                Sheldon and Marcia Flanzig           PVS Chemicals, Inc
                      Warren and Chris Hellman               Canary Charitable Fdn               Samuel L. and Susan Samelson         David Fox                            R.H. Bluestein
                      Harry and Joy Henshel                  Capital Partners, Inc.              Martin and Barbara Sass              Paul D. and Evelyn Frankel           Laurice Rahme
                      Herrick Feinstein, LLP                 George W. and Barbara Carroll       George A. and Ellen R. Schieren      Ronald and Helen Freeman             Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church
                      Hootie & The Blowfish Fdn              Clive and Bonnie Chajet             Mark and Randi Schlanger             Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver &      Michael and Marilyn Ratner
                      The Hudson Fdn                         Debrah Lee Charatan                 Michael and Betty Shaffet            Jacobson                             Keith L. and Rose-Lee S. Reinhard
                      Art and Bess Hurand                    Paul W. and Margaret Chisholm       Philip L. and Joyce Sharfstein       Jane M. Friedman                     Philip W. and Margaret K. Reitz
                      Gary and Carol Hurand                  CIBC World Markets Corporation      Steven and Wendy Shenfeld            Thomas L. and Anne Friedman          Richard Riess
                      Allen I. and Valerie Hyman             Citigroup Global Markets Inc        Diane Sherman                        Stanley and Susan Gallant            Richard Ripps and Barbara Lembo
                      Joel E. Jacob-Bottle Crew              John & Golda Cohen Trust            Howard and Sue Simon                 Edward and Arlyn Gardner             Ripps
                      Kaller Family Fdn                      John B. Coleman                     Jonathan Simon                       Graydon and Pam Garner               Marian F. & Horace Y. Rogers Fdn
                      Seth and Lyn Kaller                    Congregation Emanu-El of the City   Adam R. and Vicki Solomon            Alan Garry                           Dorothy Roberts and Paul Cohen
                      Lawrence H. Katz                       of New York                         Richard and Barbra Solomon           Bernard and Phyllis Givertz          Robert and Barbara Rohdie
                      Nancy and David Katzman                Milton and Shirley Cooper           Sony Music                           Glen Oaks Philanthropic Fund         Norman and Marjorie Rosenbaum
                      Rashid and Najat Khatib                Gary Cosgrave                       SRA International                    Richard and Carolyn Glickstein       Barbara L. Rosin
                      Brad Klatt                             Christine R. Covey                  St. James Episcopal Church           Global Impact CFC Overseas           Amira and Hannan Rotem
                      Murray Kushner                         Benjamin and Stacey B. Cross        Christopher C. Stavrou               Stefany Gordon                       Royal Abstract Company
                      Lee Langbaum                           Peter and Julie Cummings            David Sterling and Mona Friedman     Gray Robinson                        Rubun Family Fdn
                      Daniel L. Lembo                        Darden Restaurants, Inc             Warren Stieglitz and Carla Harman    Douglas Green                        Mark and Sharon Ruchman
                      Leo Rosner Fdn, Inc                    Joel E. Davidson, Esq.              Thomas W. and Bonnie Strauss         Martin B. Greenberg and Michele      Stephen and Cheryl Rush

The Ruth Kessler Warshaw Fdn         Alan Burnstein                       Tom and Barbara Gould                Jay and Marilyn Marks                Alan B. Slifka
Ryan, Beck & Co.                     BWD Group LLC                        Steven Greenberg and Avra            Bryan and Kathleen Marsal            David and Lois Slovik
Gary Sakwa                           Mardelle Cagen                       Goldman                              Peter M. Marx                        Eric and Susan Smidt
Kevin Salter                         Susan Calhoun                        Phyllis Greenman                     Benard L. Maas Fdn                   The Sobel Family Fdn, Inc
Michael Salzberg and Deborah         Gerard Carlucci                      The Greenspan Fdn                    Norman and Joanne Matthews           Abraham and Marian Sofaer
Ratner Salzberg                      Miriam and Robert Caslow             Jeffrey Gural                        Mattlin Fdn                          C. Michael Soussan
Harvey and Ellen Sanders             The Cathedral Church of St. Luke     Andrew F. Gurley                     Peter W. and Leni May                Leland R. and Bessie Speed
Robert Schloss and Emily Sack        Chabad of Port Washington            Edgar and Sarah Hagopian             Patrick and Svetlana McDonough       David Spring
Daniel L. and Lisbeth B. Schorr      Robert Chalphin                      Fred and Cheryl Halpern              MCJ Foundation                       Robert F. and Lee S. Sproull
Zachary and Lori Schreiber           Sarah Chapin Columbia                Jonathan M. Harris Fdn               Thomas F. McLarty, III               Kenneth and Alice Starr
Michael J. and Deborah A.            Jim and Barbara Charlton             Gene C. and Julie A. Harris          Julian and Sheryl Meitin             Kathleen and William D. Steeves,
Sciarrino                            Chepenik & Associates, Inc.          Walter F. Harrison ,III              Steven and Nancy Mendelow            Jr.
Robert Seeley                        Chicago Sinai Congregation           Timothy Hawkins                      Walter and Arlene Meranze            Les and Shirley Steir
Seinfeld Family Fdn                  CI Group                             Hendry, Stoner, DeLancett and        Tod Mercy ,III                       Meyer & Jean Steinberg Family
Anas A. and Marjan S. Shallal        Cogswell Realty Group, LLC           Brown, PA                            Metrostars                           Fdn, Inc
Paul E. and Carolyn G. Shapiro       John D. and Ann E. Cohen             Stephen and Sally Herman             Jeffrey and Esther Miller            Susan Steirn
Louis P. Shassian                    Combined Federal Campaign of the     Francine Hermelin and Adam Levite    Herbert E. and Nancy Green           The Percival Stern Fdn
Kyle Shenfeld                        National Capital Area                Roger Hillas                         Milstein                             James A. and Suzy Stickles
Alvin A. Siegal                      Congregation Kol Ami                 Hilton Boston Back Bay               Josef and Marsy Mittleman            Milton and Frances Stickles
The Simkiss Agency, Inc              Jonathan M. and Mary B. Conrad       Seema Hingorani                      Abe J. Moses                         Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara
Dick and Patty Simon                 Richard Cooper and Judy Areen        Hitchcock Presbyterian Church        Dan Murphy                           Ed R. Stolman
Donald E. Simon                      Leon and Toby Cooperman              Linda R. Houser                      National Basketball Association      Strypemonde Fdn
Stephen E. and Ellen Solms           Paul Copeland                        Virginia M. Howard                   National Football League             Swift Arrow
Solomon F. Schick & Associates       Lou Cortes                           Jonathan and Franny Ilany            Lee and Joyce Neibart                Sy and Lynn Syms
Southern Community Bank              Pilar Crespi                         International Business Machines      Stuart and Linda Nelson              David and Peggy Tanner
Michael P. Spies and Claudia Spies   Sheryl Crow                          Corp                                 Gerard and Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser    David and Michelle Tarica
Clifford and Carla Stein             Patricia Crown                       Jac Education Fdn                    New England                          Ellen Tarlow
Richard Steinberg                    Daniel L. Cruise and Liz Bowyer      Mitchell and Kathy Jacobson          New Orleans Saints                   Connie Tavel
Yaromir Steiner                      Cushman Fdn                          Simon and Marie Jaglom Fdn           Scott and Wendy Newman               Temple Sinai
Richard Stevens and Nancy Kurtz      Shukri and Dunia David               Les and Michele Janka                North Carolina Conference of The     Sheldon Tepler
David Strasser                       Judith and Kim Davis                 Lynn and Stuart Janney               United Methodist Church              April Thibeault
Audrey Strauss                       Larry Davis and Donna Emma           The Jewish Community Alliance        North Shore Country Day School       Donna Thompson
SunTrust Bank                        Kimberly Dawn                        JFK Library Fdn                      Morris and Nancy Offit               Tides Foundation
Syrian Lebanese Club                 H. Andrew and Anna S. Decker         Ralph and Rosalie Joel               One Liberty Properties,              TOD'S
Robert and Marla L. Tanenbaum        Deerfield Academy                    Judea Reform Congregation            Incorporated                         Stephen and Wendi Goldstein
Taylor Foundation                    Craig Delaurier and Bess Oransky     Julyan & Julyan, LTD                 Rhonda E. Ores                       Trilling
Jack and Janet Teich                 Mohammed N. and Rihab Diab           Robert and Marilyn Jurick            Oved Diamond Company                 Richard B. Troutman
Temple Israel                        Terry and Marilyn Diamond            Irving Kagan                         Michael Paladino and Carmine         Douglas Turshen and Rochelle
Trans Continental Companies          Stuart and Judith Dix                Linda B. and John H. Kahle           Malatesta                            Udell
Michael Tuck                         L. B. Doggett                        Mark and Karen Kalimian              Arnold Penner                        United Jewish Fed. of Northeastern
United States Trust Company          George E. and Marie Doty             Linda H. Kamm                        Michael M. and Susan Perl            NY
Walnut Group                         Ruth A. Drucker                      Steve and Mindy Kantor               Thomas and Elizabeth Pileggi         United Jewish Fdn of Metropolitan
Samuel Waterston                     Tamara Duker                         Phil Kares                           Jeffrey and Jodi Pliskin             Detroit
Seth P. Waxman and Debra F.          E. Sambol Corporation General        The Jane and Robert Katz Fdn         Ben and Sheila Plotkin               Tom and Ann Unterberg
Goldberg                             Contractors                          Adam and Robin Katz                  John and Alex Porges                 Shahid and Shaista Usmani
Dindy Weinstein                      East Coast Petroleum, Incorporated   Leslie Katz                          Thomas Postek                        William J. and Melinda Vanden
Martin J. Whitman                    Edw. C. Levy Co.                     Rosalie Katz                         Pratt-Abbott Cleaners                Heuvel
Robert and Sherry Wiener             Martha D. Ehrenfeld                  Jeffrey H. and Carol Kaufman         Pritchard Family Fdn                 Stanley and Diane Vickers
Cliff R. and Margaret Wright         Phillip M. and Betsy S. Eisenberg    Kehilat Gesher                       Donald and Joanne S. Purther         Vreeland Marketing & Design
John and Dorothy M. Wroblesky        Lee Elman                            George A. and Martha B. Kellner      Quicken Loans                        Paul E. Wahlgren
William and Mary A. Yarmuth          Luisa Engel                          Pat Kery                             Stephanie Rappoport                  William H. and Audrey F. Walzer
                                     Matt Engel                           The Kesselman Family Fdn             Rational Games, Inc.                 Parne Weber
$1,000-$2,499                        Frederick L. and Theodora C.         William and Susan Kinsolving         Brian and Tawny Ratner               Lynn and Irene Weigel
Burton and Patrice Aaron             Engen, Esq.                          Mirek and Maryann Klabal             Bonnie and Richard Reiss, Jr.        Michael and Eddie Weinberg
Roger and Virginia Aaron             The Episcopal Church of St. Mary     Beth S. and Seth Klarman             Peter Ripka                          Ron Weiner
Kenneth Abramowitz                   The Virgin                           Phillip E. and Harriet J. Klein      Isadore L. and Celia C. Risen        Jeff and Beth Weingarten
William H. and Vicki S. Abrams       Uri and Dina Evan                    Allan and Millicent Kleinman         Stanley Robboy and Marian Meyer-     James M. and Brigitte P. Weinrott
Nathan Ackerman Memorial Fund        Brian and Debbie Ezralty             Joel Koblentz                        Robboy                               Jeffrey A. and Jeanne Weissglass
Robert L. Adams                      David and Leslie Fastenberg          Kochav Katan Philanthropic Fund      Stephen and Pilar Robert             Wells High School
Stanford Adelstein                   Maurice & Carol Feinberg Family      #230                                 Denny and Leslie Rogers              Westminster Presbyterian Church
AEFFE                                Fdn, Inc                             Robert I. Kohn, Jr.                  Alain and Ellen Roizen               Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-
George Ajjan                         Filutowski Eye Institute, P. A.      Sergio Kopeliovich                   Heidi Root                           Cohen
Madeleine K. Albright                Ian and Lynne Findlay                Ted and Grace A. Koppel              Sonia Rosenbaum                      Shari B. Wolfson
American Leadership Council          Edward S. and Kay C. Finkelstein     Jonathan Kraft                       Marvin and Elaine Rosenberg          Sophie Wolman
Hossein Amir-Aslani                  Jane E. Fireman                      Kramer, Levin, Naftalis & Frankel    Martin H. and Irene F. Ross          Young and Nan Woo
Erika Andersen                       Martin Fishman                       LLP                                  Rotary Club of Seminole Lake         Ronald and Paula Wurtzburger
John and Judy Angelo                 Flowers in Fariyland                 Lowell and Fern Kwiat                Michael and Joshua Roth              Yorktowne Cabinets
Apple Lane Foundation                Andrew H. and Betsy G. Forrester     Sherry and Jack Lahav                Stanley Roth                         Mark D. Young and Rachel A.
Eugene and Marcia Applebaum          Aaron J. and Deborah S. Fossett      The Lampl Family Fdn                 Eric and Harriet Rothfeld            Carren
Geoffrey and Meredith Arnold         Dorothy A. and Suzanne Fox           Wendy Lang                           Robert E. & Judith O. Rubin Fdn      Nicholas Zoullas
James M. and Margie Arsham           John E. Frank                        Philip and Patty Laskaway            The Morris & Dorothy Rubinoff Fdn    Barbara Zucker
Ian and Nancy Ashken                 Elena B. Frankel                     Frank Lautenberg                     Alvin and Marilyn Rush               Roy and Barbara Zuckerberg
Associated Family Medicine, PA       Kathy Franklin                       Roger and Lillian LeBlanc            Jerry Rush
Tim A. and Fatina Attalla            Ferne Freedman                       Sam Lehr                             Arthur Ryan                          $100 - $999
Claude Ballard                       Douglas Frenkel and Marlene          Elihu and Sheila Leifer              Jack and Betsy Ryan                  A. Fisher Conn. Co., Inc.
Thomas and Kathleen Bargallo         Weinstein                            Stuart Lemle                         Alan J. Salzberg and Lisa S. Smith   Samuel and Pearl Aarons
James T. Barnes Fdn                  Richard Freundlich                   Steven and Miki Lenter               Stuart M. and Gwen M. Sarnoff        Jesse and Jennifer B. Abbott
Michael Barza                        Marilyn and Tom Friedman             Marianne Lester                      William Sarnoff                      Laura R. Abel
Bart and Debbie Beilman              Paul Friedman                        Melvin C. Levine                     Jerome Scheckman                     A. Dean and Nancy Abelon
William and Susan Belfiore           Peter R. Friedman                    Philip G. Levy                       David Schieren                       Tom and Abby Abelson
Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman,       Sidney and Ellen Friedman            Richard Levy and Lorriane Gallard    Alan and Janice Schlesinger          Charles Abookire Jr.
LLP                                  David and Nancy Gad-Harf             Shari Lewchanin and Bert Meek, III   Nicholas Schoewe                     David Abramowitz
Benjamin Peace Fdn                   Kristin Gamble                       Liberty Development USA, Inc.        Scholastic                           Daniel and Beryl A. Abrams
Edgar Ben-Josef and Avital Mazar     Michael Gantcher and Christina       Barbara Lidsky CSW                   Mark Schubin and Karen               Jeffrey I. Abrams and Margaret A.
Ben-Josef                            Orwicz Gantcher                      Warren and Gail Kramer Lieberfarb    McLaughlin                           Barry
Berdon LLP, CPAs                     Edward Gargiulo                      Lincoln SouthEast High School        David Seeler                         Marilynn Abrams
Jay and Jill K. Bernstein            Dennis S. and Janice Gazer           Manfred Lindenbaum                   Samuel N. and Patricia Seidman       Richard I. and Patricia W. Abrams
Norman and Diane Bernstein           Charles and Rita Gelman              Bertram N. and Mary Ellen Linder     Marvin Seligman                      Joel and Doris Abramson
Robert S. and Nancy Blank            Roberta Gerson                       Lindin Carpets                       Brent W. and Debbie Sembler          Zack and Maizie Abuza
Mark S. and Pamela Blaskey           Barbara and Elliott Gewirtz          Gerald and Linda Lipkin              Philanthropic Fund                   Carolyn and William Achenbach
Gerald and Lois Blonder              John and Deane A. Gilliam            Richard and Amy Lipton               John and Jane Shalam                 Martha Ackelsberg
Ernest Bogen                         Barry and Merle Ginsburg             Litho Partners                       Eric P. Sheinberg                    Ari Ackerman
Bonness Enterprises, Inc.            Mathew and Edythe Gladstein          Robert and Loren London              John and Marilyn Shelton             Charles and Joanne M. Ackerman
The Boston Fdn                       Howard and Jane Glass                Paul A. and Dorothy-Sue Lotke        Ivan Sherman, MD                     Jerome Ackerman
Leo and Francis Bretter              Adam Glick                           Jesse R. and Patricia Lovejoy        Gil Shiva Shiva                      Acton Lions Club, Inc
Jay Brida                            Steve Goldbas                        Loyola College                       Norman Shulevitz                     Arnold R. and Diane L. Adams
Ira and Myrna Brind                  Alan and Janis Goldberg              Lawrence and Elizbath Lucas          Mahmood A. Siddiqui                  Clifton Adams
Steven L. and Elizabeth C. Brint     Stanley and Merle Goldstein          M. Fabrikant & Sons, Inc.            Glen and Amy Siegel                  Rebecca Adams
Broadway Screening Room              Nancy Gonzalez                       David S. and Sandra Mack             Jerome and Ruth Siegel               Michael Adelman
Kenneth D. and Carolyn Brody         Jim and Dorothy Goodman              Makoff Family Fdn                    Stanley and Maureen Siegel           Adir Salon
David C. Brown                       Robert Goodman and Jayne Lipman      John T. and Mary A. Maloney          Irwin and Carol Silverberg           Doug and Anne Adler
Bruce Brownstein                     The John R. and Kiendl Dauphinot     Michael and Meryl Mann               Steven and Eileen Simmons            Joan Adler
Larry and Judy Brownstein            Gordon Fund                          Alan and Nancy Manocherian           Sanford and Jill Sirulnick           Jonathan Adler
BRT RealtyTrust                      Sheldon W. Gordon                    Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.    Jerome and Arlene Skolnick           Sara Adler

F I N A N C I A L S   International Camp

                        Stephen Adolphus                     David and Lisa Barse                Bluehill Resturant                   Camp Androscoggin                   Steve Cohen
                        Brenda Adrian                        John and Cynthia Bartlett           Eric and Lisa Blumencranz            Camp Fernwood                       Sylvia Cohodas
                        Avanish Aggarwal and Gauri           Shepard and Naomi Bartnoff          Edward and Susan Blumenfeld          Janice Campbell                     Pamela Cokin
                        Aggarwal                             Kenneth N. Bass                     J. R. and Barrie Blumenthal          Benjamin Canet                      Peter D. Cokin and Beth Shimlock
                        AGM Financial Services, Inc          Sam Bass                            The Boathouse Restaurant             Eric Cantor                         John S. and Cindy A. Coldren
                        Robin and Thomas D. Ahern            Batia and Aleeza, Inc.              Gabriela Bockhaus                    Capital District YMCA               Cole Haan
                        Ijaz and Ghazala Ahmed               Frederick and Ilse Baum             Jason E. and Julie A. Bodnick        Leslie Caplan                       Charles H. and Sandra L. Cole
                        Christopher K. Aidun and Susan E.    Noa Baum                            Stephanie Boggs-Mette                Edward and Linda L. Carberry        Marcy Cole, Ph.D.
                        Weiner                               Peter and Judy Baum                 John Bolton                          Juan C. Cardena                     Richard and Kelly Coles
                        AIG Matching Grants Program          William and Robin Baum              Julie Borchard                       James H. Carey and Stella I. Ko     Kathy Collins
                        Steve and Samar Ajluni               Cleopatra Bayada                    Moe Bordwin                          Peter Carlino                       Combined Federal Campaign 2003
                        Bader Omar Al Dafa                   Charles G. and Amanda A. Baynton    Stephen and Susan Borkow             Patricia B. Carlis                  Combined Federal Campaign of
                        Alan and Peggy Tishman Fdn, Inc      James M. and Virginia F. Beall      Phil Boroff                          Carlisle Clothing                   King County
                        Michael and Lorraine P. Alberi       Beth Beasley                        Rudy and Ellen Boschwitz             Charles and Susan Carlson           Combined Federal Campaign of
                        Alexandra Alberstadt, Esq.           John T. Beaty Jr.                   Bottino                              Charles and Michelle Carlton        North Puget Sound
                        Eric and Jan Albert                  Frederick Becker                    Irma S. Botvin and Larry M.          Virginia M. Carmellini              Combined Federal Campaign of the
                        Valerie Aldridge                     Rose Becker                         Berkelhammer                         James and Kathy Carney              Massachusetts Bay Area
                        William Ale                          Michael and Nancy Beebe             Steven and Susan Boughner            Linda S. Carr                       Combined Federal Campaign
                        Hana Alexander                       Debbie Beeber                       David Bouley                         Peggy and Web Carr                  Southeastern North Carolina
                        Raza and Zenaida Ali                 Kerrin Behrend                      William Bouton                       Sandra A. Carrigan                  Community Church
                        Linda A. Allegretti                  Bernard and Wendy Beiser            Aaron Bovarnick                      Dana Carroll and Jeannine Marlowe   Elizabeth M. Comstock
                        Michael Allegretti                   Stuart Belkin and Maureen Dewan     Michael and Camilla Bowater          Jeffrey Carus                       Congragation Kol Ami
                        Janet B. Allen                       Pamela S. Bellett                   Melanie M. Bowen                     Jerome Casagrande                   Congregation Beth Ahabah
                        Robert A. Allesee                    Jeanne Charn Bellow                 Charles W. and Robin C. Bowie        Casco Village Church                Congregation Beth El
                        Robert Alloway                       Jerome and Rosalie A. Beloff        Jonathan Boyar                       Jim and Barbara Casey               Congregation Beth Elohim
                        David D. Almroth                     Kerry and Batyah Ben-David          Keith Boyd                           Joyce Cassidy                       Congregation Rodeph Sholom
                        Robert M. and Alene Alper            Thomas Benenson                     Paul Boykas                          Marni Cassuto                       The Congregational Church of
                        Joel L. and Barbara W. Alpert        Eva Bengtsson and Dolph Tokarczyk   Timiny and David Braemer             Patricia Castaneda-Davis            Needham
                        Paul and Catherine E. Ambler         Sandra Benhamou                     Robert Brahms                        Patrick Cavanagh                    James Connelly and Sharon
                        John K. and Sharon B. Amdall         Daniel Benjamin and Henrike         Paula Brandolini                     Lois Cecsarini                      Connelly
                        John Ames                            Frowein                             Beth Brandvain                       Jesse Cedarbaum                     Consulate General of Israel to New
                        Katherine Amlin                      Macky Bennett                       Pat Bredenberg                       Leslie and Robert Cenci             England
                        Robert and Judith Ancell             Joseph Berardo                      Billy and Robin Breetner             Cendant Charitable Fdn              Sally Cook
                        Anne Anderson                        Barbara Berdon                      Arthur R. Bregman and Patrice R.     Century 21 New Golden Age Realty    Albert Cooperman
                        Peter L. and Judy F. Anderson        Avi Berg                            Gancie                               Inc                                 Richard and Fara Copell
                        Paul Angelis                         Roger Berg                          Peter H. and Eleanor Bregman         Carol and Kenneth Ceppos            Lisa Coran
                        Jesse M. Angelo                      Stuart Berg and Natalie Bowden      Marilyn Breslau                      Morton and Joyce Certilman          Marion E. Cornelius
                        Jerry D. Anker                       Berle and Pamela Berger             Daniel L. and Cheryl Breslin         Lisa Chajet                         Cornucopia
                        Anonymous                            Eric Berger, M.D.                   Caroline Bretter                     Seth Chalmer                        James Corrigan
                        Linda Anstendig                      Leslie Berger                       Gale Brewer                          Brad Chamberlain                    John Corrigan
                        Richard M. and Dottie Applebaum      Sandye and Renee Berger             Judith P. Brightman                  Tom and Bonnie Chamberlin           Stanley Cortell
                        April Martucci                       Vivian Berger                       Bayard Brokaw                        Moises Chame                        Alexi Coscoros
                        The Araca Group                      Abner and Linda Bergman             James and Mimi Broner                Champaign-Urbana Jewish             Pat Cosgrove
                        Sasan Arbabha                        Jane E. Berkman                     Sherry Bronfman                      Federation                          Eduardo Costa
                        Devon Archer                         Warren and Joan Y. Berland          Rachel Bronson                       Deborah and Richard Chandler        John E. and Ann Costello
                        J. G. and Susan L. Arkin             Mitch Berliner                      Harvey and Marion Bronstein          Benny and Poh-Yong Chang            Matthew Courey
                        Deborah Arnold                       William Berlow                      Jennie Bronstein                     Katherine Chang                     Moira and Brian Courtney Reno
                        Donald and Deborah Aronson           Nicole Berlyn                       Judy Bronstein                       Chanterelle                         Lynn V. Courtney
                        Jeffrey and Shari Aronson            Jeffrey Berman                      Richard Bronstein                    Leon I. and Phyllis N. Charash      Edith Couturier
                        Jules and Muriel Asher               Jonathan Berman                     Jocelyn Brooks                       Ronald B. and Lynda Charfoos        Laird T. and Marcy L. Covey
                        Andrea B. Askendunn                  Krista A. Berman                    Brookwood Financial Partners, LP     Charriol Swiss Watches              Robert and Ilene Cowen
                        Susan Assadi and Katarina            Lisa Berman                         David Brown                          Lewis and Pat Chartock              Steven C. and Patricia Coxe
                        Kovacevic                            Mandell Berman                      Garrett H. and Amy W. Brown          Burton R. Chasnov                   Craft Restaurant
                        Yasmina Asseily                      Michael and Carol Berman            Gwen Brown                           Edward H. and Barbara Gross         Clifford Craine and Susan E. Linn
                        Assouline Inc.                       Stanley M. and Clarice Berman       Howard L. and Nancy G. Brown         Chazen                              Gerald B. and Daphna Cramer
                        Akram and Patricia Atallah           Ruth Bermant                        Howard M. Brown                      Susan Cheatham                      Consuelo Crespi
                        William B. and Martha M. Atherholt   Elizabeth Bernard                   Jessica Brown                        Irene Checkovich                    Daniel W. and Elizabeth M. Crofts
                        Betty Atherton                       Robert A. and Willa Bernhard        Jordan Brown                         Ariane Cherbuliez                   Kathleen Cronin
                        Liz Atkerson                         Charles A. and Rachel O. Bernheim   Raymond and Mary Ann Brown           Adam and Lissa Chesnoff             Melora L. Crooker
                        Emily Atkins                         J. S. Berniker                      Ken and Rebecca Bruder               Chicago Area Combined Federal       Keating Crown
                        Robert H. Auld                       Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson,   Michael Bruenjes                     Campaign                            Caroline Cruise
                        Sebastian Auscher                    PA                                  Leonard Brum                         Elizabeth A. Chiche                 Roger and Vivian Cruise
                        Marc and Rochelle Auslander          Bruce Bernstein                     Eric and Margo Brundage              Mubeen and Shahnaz Chida            Lester and Toby Crystal
                        Bridget Austin                       Carolyn Bernstein and Nick Grad     Roger A. and Bryna M. Brush          Lloyd and Sarah Chinn               Robert Cummins
                        Gene Austin                          Deborah R. Bernstein and J. Paul    Julio Bucatinsky                     Sheree Chiou                        Brenda and Thomas Curnin
                        James L. Avera and Barbara Babin     Weinstein                           Buchbinder Tunick & Company LLP      Christ Church                       Joseph and Carolyn Curtin
                        Cassie Avirom                        Willa Bernstein                     Lawrence Budner                      Frank and Janice Cicero             Edward, Jr. and Angela F. Curty
                        David A. Azulay                      Michael and Ruth Berry              Mike and Caroline Buenger            Bob Civiak and Noriko Tani          Eliot R. and Melanie Cutler
                        B. B. King Blues Club & Grill        Vivian Berry                        Lynn A. Buffington and Donald H.     Evan Claar                          Walter Cutler
                        Marjorie Backman                     Beth El Synagogue                   Nguyen                               Fred and Joyce Claar                Ted and Marilyn Gunn Daniel
                        Gail H. and Marjorie Backus          Bethesda Friends Meeting            Noah Bulkin                          Terry Clarbour                      Aaron and Judy Daniels
                        Philip and Lori Baden                Fred Bialek                         K. M. and Gary L. Bullock            Jeffrey J. and Susan S. Clark       Larry and Susan Daniels
                        Eric Bader                           Myrna Biblowit and Charles          Katharina Burdet                     Clearwater Central Catholic High    Fred and Carrie Dannhauser
                        Joan and Jerry Badner                Biblowit                            Thomas E. and Kathleen Burdett       School                              John H. Darrow
                        Marc Badner                          Bice Restaurant                     Martha Burgess                       The Clever Carriage Company         Bryan Daves
                        Arthur D. Baer                       Jaime Biderman and Lauren Leroy     Derek Burley and Polly Hall-Burley   Climbers Class of the Cranesville   David and Inez Myers Fdn
                        Donald Baer and Nancy Bard           Jeremy Bier                         Gaurav Burman                        Reformed Church                     David and Patricia Bornstein Fund
                        Gary Baer                            Michael Bijaoui                     Frances Burnet                       Alan and Ann Clive                  David J. Feldman & Sydney E.
                        David Bailey                         Jeffrey H. and Mary Bijur           Brent Burns                          Coach                               Feldman Charitable Trust
                        James Bailinson and Nancy S.         Doris and Eric Billes               Dolores Burns                        Edward and Elizabeth Cobb           Janet David, Ph.D. and Bernie
                        Gibson                               Peter K. and Constance Bingham      J. Michael Burns and Mary Jo         William Cobuzzi                     Wides
                        Erin Bair                            Frank Biondi, Jr.                   Hollender                            Pamela Codispoti                    Arthur I. and Barbara M. Davis
                        Curtis W. and Pamela J. Bakal        Joyce Birdoff                       Jack S. and Bernice Burns            Edward D. and Jean L. Coen          Catherine Davis
                        Dylan and Becky Ann Baker            Richard Birdoff                     Richard and Susan Burt               Coffee By Design                    Nancy and Jay M. Davis
                        Richard W. Baker                     Philip and Joan Birnbaum            Emily Burt-Hedrick                   Charles I. and Ellen F. Cogut       Sandy Davis
                        Peter Bakst and Anna Bakst           Scott Birnbaum                      Lisa Busch                           Leslie Cohan                        Ann Davison
                        Susan Baldwin                        Rodney S. Birney, M.D. and ZM       Joel and Sandra Busel                Marshall N. and Judith J. Cohan     William H. Davisson and Barbara F.
                        Cynthia A. Ballan                    Suzanna Nadler                      Curtis R. and Patricia J.            Adrianna Cohen                      Davisson
                        Gisela Ballard                       Susanna Bjorkman                    Buttenheim                           Allen B. and Marcia Cohen           db Bistro Modern
                        Ronald D. Ballard                    Martin Blackman                     Ann S. and Robert Buxbaum            Carol B. Cohen and Ellie Carol      DCM Partners
                        Samuel S. and Sally Ballard          Michael Blaha                       ByBlos Development Inc.              Daniel J. and Jane M. Cohen         Heidi de Laubenfels
                        Craig and Jodi Balsam                Ari Blank and Sheryl L. Nosan-      Lance Bylow                          David and Janis Cohen               Joao L. De Mereiros
                        Jeffrey and Julie Baltimore          Blank                               Lorren S. Byrom                      Jackie and Irvin Cohen              Sanjit De Silva
                        Cindy Bank                           Mark Blask                          John P. Cabalar                      Jeffrey Cohen                       Mofid Deak and Fatima
                        Jacob and Dana Barak                 Kenny Blatt                         Elizabeth W. Cabot                   Jeffrey Cohen                       Abdulsamad
                        Kenneth and Lynn Barasch             Marc and Lorin Blitzer              Tom Cabot                            Jim Cohen and Anicca Jansen         Dipanjan Deb
                        Daniel and Natalie Barkan            Tom Block                           Cafe Lebowitz                        Jonathan S. Cohen                   Roxanne Decyk
                        Henri Barkey and Ellen Laipson       Amy Bloom                           Deborah Cahn                         Leslie Cohen                        Elias Deeb
                        Judith Barnett                       Ann Bloom                           Jeffrey Cahn and Lili Schad          Martin and Joan A. Cohen            Deeb's Rentals
                        Philip and Pam Barnett               Barbara Bloom                       Donald and Myrna Calderon            Michael Cohen                       Meredith and Richard Del Bello
                        Frances S. and Jerome Baroch, Jr.    Lee and Jackie Bloomberg            Michael Callahan                     Neil and Dana Cohen                 Nancy Delahunt
                        David M. Baronoff                    Blanche Z. Bloomfield               Charles and Nancy Calomiris          Raphael Cohen                       Joe and Rebecca DeLois
                        Marie Barr                           Daniel Bloomgarden                  Calvin Klein Cosmetics               Richard Cohen                       Joseph DeLuca
                        Scott and Joan Barr                  The Blue Note                       Mark and Lindy Camel                 Ronald S. and Susan Cohen           Donald M. DeMarsh and Heidi E.

Kvinge                              Nancy England                         Brett Forman                           Girasole Restaurant                  Bruce and Dianne Grossman
Stephen and Sarah Dembitzer         David Engman                          Helene and Alan Fortunoff              Steve and Lindsey Girden             Jane Grossman
Elazar and Lorie Demeshulam         Environmental Training Associates     Ella M. Foshay                         Fred G. and Bea Glaser               Larry and Rita Grossman
Valerie Demong                      David Epstein                         Quintin Foster and Dorothy Foster      Jules and Barbara Glaser             Sarilee F. Grossman
Martin Demsky                       Kevin Epstein                         William Fowler and Bridget Nedzi       Michael Glaser                       Blair P. Grubb and Barbara Straus
Richard and Susie Denmark           Marcy Epstein                         Nancy Fox                              Judith A. Glaser-Marash              Maurice and Sylvia Gruber
Denver Associates, Inc.             Equinox                               Tali Fox                               Jonathan Glass                       George and Antonia Grumbach
A. W. Deval and J. Deval            Laura V. Ernst                        Beverly Frank                          Dale Glasser                         Gucci
Khaled Diab and Fathia              Sandra L. Errant                      Donald and Pauline Frankel             Lou and Paula Glazier                Theodore E. Guglin, Jr. and Karen
Elbouihiaoui                        David M. Espo and Anne C.             Etan Frankel                           Daniel J. and Josephine G. Gleason   R. White
Nicholas Diamond                    Mazonson                              Ilene K. Frankel                       Marty and Andrea Glenn               Martin L. and Florence H. Gumer
Patrick Diaz and Elizabeth M.       Burt and Cynthia Esrig                Jon and Erin Frankel                   Glow Hair Salon                      Kenneth R. and Mary F. Gutierrez
Weaver                              John and Curran Estreich              Richard Frankel and Kathleen Clark     Gluck Family Charitable Found        Blance Gutstein
Anthony Dicenzo                     Bernard and Leslie Ettinger           Steven R. and Mickey Frankel           Jeffrey Glueck                       Joseph H. and Merna C. Guttentag
Kristen Dickey                      Ewing Noble & Winn Interiors          Susan Fraser                           Todd and Emma Goergen                Alan Haberman
Christine A. Dietz and Linda S.     Eric C. and Debra Z. Fagans           Frederic Fekkai & Co.                  Alan and Rita Sue Gold               Scott and Sheryl Haberman
McKenney                            Hannah and Amanda M. Faigen           Barbara J. and C. L. Frederick         Alice Gold                           Elaine G. and John A. Hadden, Jr.
Lucy Dinner                         Rami Fakhory                          Free Country                           Jamie and Tayler Gold                Joanna Hagan and Matthew Rego
Bernard Dishy                       Karine Fakhry                         Donald Freedman                        Mitchell Gold                        Cletus and Anmarie L. Hagg
Ellis Disick                        Kenneth Fakler                        Jay W. and Linda N. Freedman           Eleanor Goldberg                     Doris Halaby
Rocco DiSpirito                     Frank and Ann Falconieri              Perry D. and Diane S. Freedman         Elliot H. and Sandy Goldberg         Libby C. Halaby
Ken Doctor                          David and Mindy Falk                  Elsie N. and Bernard Freeman           Kenneth and Sharon Goldberg          Tarek Hallaba
Dan Dolgin and Loraine Gardner      Ethan J. and Anne M. Falk             Lee A. Freeman and Kirsten R.          Michael J. and Shari L. Goldberg     Ron and Jan Hallsten
Don Reid Ford                       Sima Familant                         Moline                                 Philip N. and Adrienne Goldberg      Robert and Leslie Halper
Melkon Donikoglu                    Erika Fanelle                         Stephen Freidus                        Rosalie Goldberg                     Robert M. and Candace J. Halperin
Joseph Donner                       Fannie Mae Florida                    Edgar and Barbara H. Freitag           Jocelyn and Aaron Goldberg-          John Hamburg
Mary E. Donovan                     Victor and Judy Farkas                Orit Frenkel and Claude Fontheim       Schaible                             L. P. Hamlin and Zelda L. Mason
William R. and Jane D. Dopheide     John Farrar, M.D. and Shelly          Diane Fried                            Michael L. Goldblum and Ann S.       Alissa Hammerman and Ruth
Leland Douglas                      Kessler                               Samuel Fried                           Rauch                                Raubvogel
Ronald and Beth Dozoretz            Linda Farrell                         Robert and Debbie Friedberg            Beatrice Golden                      Jerry M. Hamovit
Mitchell Draizin                    Jonathan Fasman                       Marshall and Elaine Friedenberg        Lewis Golden                         Hamptons Resorts & Hospitality
Doug and Gail Dransfield            Paul Faver                            Jotham G. and Roberta S. Friedland     Sylvia S. Golden                     Carole Hanau
Sean Drazner                        Robert S. and Randi S. Feder          Tova Friedler-Usdan                    David Goldenberg                     Frank Handelman, Esq. and Bonnie
Kenneth and Lisa Drew               David Feigenbaum                      Beatrice Friedman                      Robert Goldenberg                    Bellow
Felix Dreyfous                      Michael C. and Lisa G. Feiner         Howard J. and Debra W. Friedman        Andrew Goldman                       Arthur and Susan Hankin
John and Yvonne Driscoll            Kathy Feld                            Lisa Friedman                          Guido Goldman                        Dennis Hanno
Marcy Drogin                        Jonathan Feldman and Lorie            Robert and Sondra Friedman             James W. Goldman                     Herbert and Jeanne Hansell
Carol Drosdeck                      Fitzgerald                            Stephen and Sonya Friedman             Sheldon Goldman                      Scott E. Hansen
Howard and Marjorie Drubner         Lori Feldman                          Thomas and Jill Friedman               Jami Goldschneider                   Morgan Hanson
Jo-Ann Drucker                      Marlin and David Feldman              William Friedman                       Ellen Goldstein                      Joseph and Anita Hara
Gordon Du Gan                       Moses and Susan Feldman               Darryl Friedricks                      Irving Goldstein and Ellen Keats     Jonathan E. Hardis
Seth H. and Dorothy Dubin           Robert and Lisa Feldman               James Frischling                       Judy L. Goldstein                    Isabeth Hardy
Fred and June Dubrowsky             Tovah Feldshuh and Andrew H.          Carol Fritz                            Lawrence and Janice Goldstein        Michael Hardy
Kenneth and Nancy Duffy             Levy                                  Miriam Frolow                          Matthew Goldstein                    Spencer Harman
Keven Duffy and Brewster Pettus     Felix Rey                             Egon and Joan B. Fromm                 Sidney and Susan Goldstein           Hen Harpaz
Gordon DuGan                        Andrea E. Feller                      Arthur and Roberta Frumkes             Jonathan and Ruth Golomb             Ann M. Harris
Michael A. Duncheon and Joan L.     Michael D. Felsen                     Raymond and Edith Fuchs                Thomas Gommes                        Ginger Harris
Cassman                             Shirley Fender                        David W. Fulker                        Lev Gonick                           John and Randi S. Harris
Dorothy W. Dundas                   Barbar J. Ferrell                     Bryan G. and Marilyn M. Fulwider       Sara Gooch                           John and Nancy Harris
Jennifer D. Dundas                  Duane M. Fiedler                      Gail Furman                            Jennifer Z. Goodbinder               Leonard A. and Rosalyn J. Harris
Gilbert Dunham and Kat O'Neal       Gladys Field                          Jill Furman                            Douglas Goodman                      Maury and Laurie Harris
Robert and Marla Dunham             Maria Fields                          Doniel Furst                           Mary A. Goodman                      Laura Hartigan
James Durkin                        Robert and Barbara Fierman            Abraham and Elizabeth Gabor            Melvin and Edith T. Goodman          Hartington Trust
David Durst                         Filagrina By Zani                     Neil Gabriel and Cheryl Rosen          Nancy R. Goodman, Ph.D.              Harvey and Dorothy White
Nicole Duval and Elai Katz          Deborah Fine                          Deborah Gaffin                         Peter and Jill Goodman               Charitable Trust
G. H. Dyer                          James and Patricia Fingeroth          Gala Enterprises of Central Florida,   Abby M. Gordon                       Bill Harwood and Ellen Alderman
E.S & M.J. Mayer Fdn                Howard J. and Deborah R. Fink         Inc                                    George and Roberta Gordon            Shuki Hassoun
Todd E. Eagle                       Seymour and Anita Finkelson           Amy Galen                              Herta Gordon                         Larry Hauptman
East-West Gateway Combined          Howard and Susan Finkelstein          Phillip Gall                           James Gosling and Judith Borcz       Hawaii Pacific Area Combined
Federal Campaign                    Seymour Finkelstein                   Kathleen Galli                         Mark Gottesman                       Federal Campaign
Thomas and Gretchen E. Eaton        Mark Finklestein and Janet A. Penn    David and Louise Galpern               Bruce Gould                          Kathie Hawkes
Daniel and Ina Ebenstein            First Church of Christ Congregation   Robert W. and Deborah F. Gandre        Mitchell Gould                       Tim Hawkins
Antonio and Christina Echavarria    of Bethany                            Sheldon Ganis                          Bernice M. Gourse                    Steve and Linda Hayman
Sebastian Echavarria                First Congregational Church of Blue   Kay and David Gannon                   Muneesha Goyal                       Stephen D. Haymes
Echo Scarves                        Hill                                  Meredith J. and Joel Gantcher          GR8PARTY!                            James R. and Jane L. Hayward
Daniel T. Edelman                   First Congregational Church of        Gary and Eileen Garber                 Glenn D. Grab                        Scott and Nan Hayworth
Peter and Marian Edelman            Scarborough                           Daniele Garcia and Stephanie           Morton and Fay Grad                  Marvin and Lynn Hecht
Rosalind Edelstein                  First Parish Church of Stow $ Acton   Courseau                               Henry F. and Edith K. Graff          Rob and Elisa Hecht
Honour Edgerton                     First Parish Church United            Laurence Gardner and Alison Noiles     Rochelle F. Granat                   Scott D. and Sheri A. Heckens
Richard and Robin Edwards           First Parish Unitarian Universalist   Art and Kim Garfunkel                  Virginia M. Grandison                Robyn Hecker
Jodi Efros                          Church of Kennebunk                   Susan S. Garnett                       James Grant                          Virginia Heffer and Gary R. Link
Edmond I. Eger                      First Unitarian Society in Newton     Janeane Garofalo                       Jonathan and Rori Grant              Dorothy Heffernan
Kenneth S. and Gail I. Ehrlich      First United Church                   Jane Gaskell-Fahey                     Louis Grassi                         Dorit Heimer
Daniel Ehrmann                      Susan E. Fisch                        Thomas Gaskins                         David I. and Fern D. Grayer          John and Marilyn Heimerdinger
Lois Eil                            Gerald and Ruth Fischbach             Uri and Ruth Gat                       Adam Green and Evelin Weber          Dalya and Avra Heller
Lee and Lisa Einbinder              Barry and Marti M. Fischer            David and Rachel Gatenio               Andrew J. Green                      Robert E. and Jacqueline E.
Elizabeth Einhorn                   Ilene Fischer                         Sam Gavish                             Jeffrey E. and Beth Z. Green         Helpern
Joel and Linda Einhorn              Herbert and Vivian M. Fishbone        Jeffrey and Elaine Gaynes              Rachel Green                         Nasir Hemani
Peter J. Einhorn and Beth P.        John R. Fishel                        Scott and Lauren Gaynor                Beth and Eli Greenbaum               Paul and Shelly Hendler
Abrams                              Brian and Gabrielle Fisher            Hilton J. and Mary T. Geartner         Greenbeads                           Danette M. Hennigar
William Einhorn and Miriam          Jodi Seeds Fisher                     Paul and Lynn M. Geary                 Ivy F. Greenberg                     Janet Henry and Vernon Moore
Gitterman                           Justine Fisher                        David and Kathy Gelfand                Joel and Leslie Greenberg            Douglas R. and Melissa A. Henston
David Eisenberg                     Marian S. Fisher                      Judith Geller                          Kenneth and Lois S. Greenberg        Louis V. and Barbara Henston
DD Eisenberg                        Marianne Fisher                       Meredith Geller                        Madelyn Greenberger                  Faith Hentschel
Elliot Eisenberg                    Paige and Brendon Fisher              Sheldon Geller                         William and Eleanor Greenblatt       Douglas C. and Jan Heppe
Jonathan Eisenberg and Lisa Hicks   Fisher-Price Brands                   Edward and Wendy Gellert               Francis Greenburger                  Paulette Herbstman
Barbara Eisenstadt                  Jeffrey and Melissa Fishman           Geoffrey Freeman                       Jane Greene                          Paul R. Herman
Mohammed N. Elachie                 Michael and Pam Fishman               George E. Coleman Jr. Fdn              Leonard and Joyce Greene             Robert and Susie Hermanos
Adina Elfant                        Paul and Dawn Fishman                 Geraldine M. Murray Fdn                Michele Greene                       Julie Hermelin and Mitchell Frank
Sahar Elhabashi                     Robert and Susan Fishman              Christine Mary Gerli                   Jullian M. and Frances S.            Julia Hermos
Arthur and Carole Elias             Thomas Fitzpatrick                    Dennis and Nancy Gershenson            Greenebaum                           Roth F. Herrlinger, III
Stafford N. Elias                   Monica Flanagan                       Michael H. Gerstein                    Bertha S. Greenhut                   William, II and Dana P. Herrman
Meir and Hanita Eliav               Meredith J. Fleck                     David Gettler                          Bruce and Karyn Greenwald            Jennifer Herscovici
Ronit Eliav                         Ruth Fleischmann                      Azadeh Ghotbi                          Carolyn Greenwald and Adam R.        Richard Hershcoff
Marilyn Elin                        Susan Fleisher                        Dino and Barbara J. Giamatti           Schaye                               Mark Hershey
Magdy and Linda Ellabidy            Stanley and Martine Fleishman         Collin R. Gibson                       Greenwich House Senior Center        Patrick E. and Helen N. Herssens
John and Carla J. Elliott           Daniel and Jamie Flynn                Jay Gilbert                            Ira S. and Renee E. Groban           Claire M. and Martin Hertz
Barat Ellman and Jay Golan          Dennis J. and Carolyn Flynn           Laurence Gilbert                       Steven C. and Judith Groban          Henry L. Herz
Rob and Annette Elowitch            Clarita and Alex Fodor                Miles Gilburne and Nina Zolt           Jeffrey and Elyse Gropper            Roger E. Herzog and Kathryn J.
Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc.      Jeffrey and Karen Fogel               William Gilligan                       James and Nancy Grosfeld             Madden
Kate Emery                          Elizabeth Folgeman                    Gary L. Ginsberg and Elaine R.         Albert I. and Linda Gross            Melissa Hess-Gilardi and Rob
Michael Endrizzi                    Sarah F. Fontenot                     Shapiro                                Erica Gross                          Gilardi
Marc S. and Michelle Engelbert      Anne Forbes                           Myron and Myrna Ginsberg               Samuel and Ina F. Gross              Betsy Heuer
Teresa L. Engelhard                 Benson Ford Jr.                       Jane Knitzer Ginsburg                  Alfred E. and Edith Grossman         Hevreh Of Southern Berkshire, Inc.

F I N A N C I A L S   International Camp

                        Jay M. Heydt                         Donald W. and Judith A. Johanson    Victor F. and Danielle Klebanoff      Leach                                 Muriel Loeb
                        Vicki and Bruce Heyman               John A. Buscarello, Inc             Chuck and Annette Kleeman             Andrew and Michele Lazar              John and Louise Loewenstein
                        David B. Hiatt and Gwen Keighley     John T. Cyr & Sons, Inc. School &   Deborah Klein                         Elise Lazar                           David A. and Patricia A. Long
                        Susanne F. Hilberry                  Charter Bus Lines                   Debra Klein                           Gary Lazarus                          Dana M. Longo
                        Alison D. Hildreth                   Aliza Johnson                       Edward and Muriel M. Klein            Le Bernardin                          Jennifer Lopez
                        Deborah Hildreth                     Brian A. and Joni Johnson           Harvey and Phyllis Klein              Le Parker Meridien New York           Tanya Lopez-Brooks and Stanley
                        Hillel of Greater Philadelphia       Joseph A. Johnson                   Howard Klein                          Simcha Leavitt                        Brooks
                        Ivan and Joan Hillman                Sarah L. Johnson                    Jeanna B. Klein                       Susan Leavitt                         Harrah Lord
                        Todd Hirsch                          Marjorie Jonnenfeldt                Linda G. Gerber Klein, LCSW           Steven and Marian Leber               J. M. and Renee L. Losh
                        Harry P. and Maida Hirschkorn        Phil Jordan                         Mark D. and Debra Klein               Lee & Nathan Rosenmutter Family       Sherif Lotfi
                        Jay Hirschson                        Robert C. Jorden                    Marlys Klein                          Fdn                                   Garrett Loube and Marcia Rodgers
                        Carl Hobert                          Gene and Miriam Josephs             Monika P. and Herbert D. Klein        Lee Management Co.                    Darrell C. and Beatriz Lowery
                        Fred and Marcia Hochberg             Mohit Joshi                         Nancy Ressa Kleinman                  Anthony Lee                           Maurice E. and Elaine P. Lteif
                        Nathan Hochman                       Jujamcyn Theatres & Producer's      Reed A. Kleinman and Pamela           Carole Lee                            Lubin Family Fdn
                        Daniel and Mary M. Hoffman           Fourq                               Blake                                 Damon Lee and Michelle Kydd Lee       Barry and Shari Lubman
                        David Hoffman                        Linor Junowicz                      Jennifer and Scott Klenzak            Daniel O. Leemon and Julie L.         Luca Luca
                        David and Ellen Hoffman              Just Give                           Michael Klinger and Carole Drago      Dorsey                                Sharon R. Lundhal
                        David J. and Beryl Hoffman           Alexander Jutkowitz                 Stephen H. Klitzman and Justine S.    Todd and Karen Lefkoe                 Andrew and Melissa L. Lustig
                        Ellen M. Hoffman and Jack            Larry Kaagan and Laurie Storm       Lisser                                Pearl and Howard Lefkowitz            Danny Lux
                        Goelman                              Roy Kabla                           Laurie Klugman                        Martha G. Leggat and Stephen J.       Michael C. and Katherine R. Lynch
                        Saul and Alice Hoffman               Omar and Nancy S. Kader             Robert and Christine Knarr            Barr                                  Judith and Charles Lyons
                        F. L. Holec                          Martin P. and Karen S. Kafka        Christine Knight                      Arthur and Kathleen B. Lehmann        Andy and Ruth Maass
                        Holland Enterprises                  Kahal B'Raira Congregation for      Edwin Knights                         Michael Lehr                          Doralee Madsen
                        Stephen and Margo Holland            Humanistic Judaism                  Seth Kobay and Miriam Klein           Howard M. Leibowitz                   Dan and Maia Magder
                        Jonathan Hollander                   Michael Kahan and Lynn S.           Eileen Koffler                        Martin R. and Eileen G. Leinwand      Kiran R. Magiawala
                        David A Hollender                    Lawrence                            Kristin Kohler                        David M. and Deniz Leitner            Beatrice H. and L. B. Magruder, Jr.
                        Christine and Mike Holly             Daniel P. Kahn                      Kol HaNeshamah                        Wayne Lencer and Karen Klein          Ada Maidman
                        Shelley E. and Steven I. Holm        James Kahn                          Seth Kolkin                           Heidi Lender                          Maine School Administration
                        Stanley and Rita Horbar              Marvin and Madeline G. Kalb         Marvin and Barbara Kolsky             Jay Lender                            District #71
                        Ari Horowitz and Teressa Hill        Paul Kales                          Gordon Konsker                        Lenore and Sydney Bland               Melvin and Selma Maisel
                        Martin Horowitz and Heidi            Seema Kalia and Vedula Murti        Aaron and Patricia Konstam            Charitable Fdn                        Sandy Maisel and Patrice Franke
                        Soumerai                             Rick Kamal                          Margee Kooistra                       Leon Zoland & Son                     Jeffrey and Carol Maisels
                        Richard A. and Linda Horowitz        June and Lisa Kamil                 Linda A. Korbel                       Geraldine Leptieri                    Karen Majorowicz
                        Arthur M. and Gina Horwitz           David and Ali Kamin                 Ben Korman                            David Lerner                          Donald Malawsky and Theresa
                        Larry Horwitz and Naomi Pinchuk      Julia Kamin                         Korn/Ferry International              Judy Lerner                           Koncick
                        Sharon A. Hosley                     Kaminsky                            Martin Kornheiser                     Julie Lerner                          Sheldon D. Malett and Roseann
                        James S. and Zona Hostetler          Todd Kaminsky                       Mark J. and Mary G. Kosinski          Leonard and Lorraine Lerner           Kraus
                        Winchester and Jane E. Hotchkiss     Max M. Kampelman                    Joy D. and G. R. Koskela              Nina Lerner                           Peter and Isabel Malkin
                        Howard A. and Martha R. Wolf         Greg Kannerstein                    Herbert and J. Z. Kosstrin            Kathleen S. Leslie                    Robert and Leslie Malkin
                        Fund                                 Robyn Kapiloff                      Lori Kotkin                           Norman I. and Paula E. Lesser         Anton Malko
                        Charley Huebner                      David and Elayna Kaplan             Arnold and Alice Kotzen               Marshall Lester                       Rick and Barbara Malm
                        Robert and Susan Hughes              Jeffrey and Robin Kaplan            Phyllis Koyner                        Sylvia Lester and Gabriel Gabella     Arnold Maltz
                        Robert Huhem                         Lawrence Kaplan and Bart Halpern    Kramer Photography                    Michael J. Letheby                    Mammoth Mountain
                        Robert Hurand                        Lisette Kaplowitz                   Robert A. and Andrea S. Kramer        Daniel Levene                         Piero Manara
                        Benjamin Hurwitz                     James C. and Nancy M. Kardon        Barry Krasner                         Arthur Levin                          Jon and Karen Manchester
                        Hanan M. Hussein                     Robert Karetsky                     Genessa Krasnow                       Bernard and Mollie Levin              Manchu NY
                        Mamoun and Susan Hussein             Neil and Patty Karnofsky            Sandra L. Krasnow                     Ezra Levin                            Jason L. Mandell
                        Jennifer Huvar                       Louis and Laurie Karol              Liliane Kraus                         Marc Levin                            Jay and Yasmin Manji
                        I Do Foundation                      Candace and Stuart Karu             Jason and Susan Krauss                Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett      Kenneth L. Mann
                        ID Cleaners, Inc.                    Casey Kasem                         Richard S. Kraut                      Nancy M. Levin and Daniel Caraco      Lawrence Mansueti and Annella
                        Idaho Women's Charitable Fdn         Kate Spade                          David and Janice Kravette             Peter J. and Carol G. Levin           Auer
                        The IDT Charitable Fdn               Andrew Katz                         Georgene S. Kravitz                   Martin S. and Cynthia G. Levine       Alan Marash
                        Steven W. and Annetta Igou           David S. and Judy D. Katz           Judy J. Kreag                         Ruth Levine                           Max and Pearl A. Marco
                        Immaculate Conception Catholic       Gary and Diane Katz                 Joyce Krensky and David Strauss       Jackie S. Levinson                    David Marcus
                        Church                               Robert S. Katz and Ellen            Howard and Cathy Kress                Avery and Joan Levy                   Steven and Amy Marcus
                        INCA                                 Zimmerman                           David A. Kriegel, M.D.                Benjamin Levy                         Benjamin Mardell
                        Karl F. and Meredith R. Inderfurth   David Katzenstein                   Simeon M. Kriesberg and Martha L.     David Levy                            Gary Marder
                        Andrew M. Ingall and Neal D.         Susan W. Katzev                     Kahn                                  David and Rita Levy                   David C. Margolies and Sheila
                        Hoffman                              Amanda Kaufman                      Margaret R. Kriss and Clifford M.     Jerome Levy                           Hochhauser
                        Stephen M. Ingram                    Ariella Kaufman                     Pollan                                John S. and Dot Levy                  Jean Margolin
                        Lili Irani                           Stephen E. and Lisabeth M.          Leslie Kriteman                       Laurence and Stephanie Levy           Margaret Marinda
                        M. A. Irani                          Kaufman                             Armin and Evelyn Kroehler             Lawrence and Steffie Levy             Pablo Marino
                        Samuel S. and Jane C. Ireland        Sharon E. Kavanagh                  Stacey Krone                          Leslie Levy                           Tara Mark
                        Iron Mountain Productions            James Kavanangh                     Thomas Kruger, Esq.                   Marjorie Levy                         Denise C. Markovich
                        Dan and Marie R. Isaacson            Paul M. Kavanaugh                   Peter J. and Patricia L. Kuch         Mitchell and Leslie K. Levy           Daniel and Katherine Markowitz
                        Selwyn and Hillary Isakow            Jack Kay                            Alexandra Kuftinec and Martin         Walter and Karen Levy                 David Markus
                        Joseph S. Iseman                     Jonathan H. Kaye                    Schwartzberg                          Robert and Harriet LeWinter           James and Leah L. Marmon
                        Noah Isenberg and Melanie Rehak      Peter and Nancy K. Kaye             Todd and Mary Kugler                  Bonnie Lewis                          Stephen and Irene Marmott
                        Lobna Ismail                         Milly Kayyem                        Kule Kids Clothing                    Heidi A. and Scott Lewis              Dale and Theresa Marquardt
                        Ithaca College Financial Services    Bernard and Shirley S. Kazon        S. Andrew and Irene Kulin             Hugh and Heidi Lewis                  Marrin's Moving
                        Laura Jackson                        Dina J. Keidan                      Geraldine Kunstadter                  Lewiston High School Field Hockey     Andrew and Jennifer K. Marrus
                        Lorraine Jackson                     Leslie Keidan                       Diana Kuper                           Boosters                              Cindy Marshall and Katharine
                        Scott and Liz Jackson                Bryan Keith and Julie Norton        Jeff Kurek                            Timothy Lewitzke                      Pillsbury
                        Doug and Tilia Jacobs                Clayton Keller                      Michael Kurman and Patricia Hoff      Lisa Libby                            Robert, Jr. and Siri Marshall
                        June Jacobs                          Marc and Lois Kemp                  Michael Labadorf                      Peter Lichstein, M.D. and Elizabeth   Joseph R. and Catherine M. Martin
                        Marc Jacobs                          Ron Kenan                           Myron and Joyce LaBan                 R. Gamble                             Lisa Martin
                        Martin and Ellen Jacobs              David E. and Annie L. Kendall       Jonathan M. Labaree                   Lenny Licht                           Armando I. and Adalgiza Martinez
                        Robert and Hilary Jacobs             Robert and Lynne Kenney             Barbara and Robert F. Lah             Warren Licht                          Todd A. and Julie C. Marvin
                        Bowie and Michelle Jacobson          Elizabeth Kennick                   Maroc and Alia Lahlou                 Julia Lichtman Kepniss                Leo and Maria Mascotte
                        Robert and Anita Jacobson            Bernard and Nina Kent               Luis and Lee Lainer                   Elliott Lichtman and Judith L.        Christopher M. Mason
                        Ellen J. Jacques                     Caroline Kent                       Jennifer Lalani                       Kepniss                               John D. Mason and Elizabeth
                        Alex Jaegerman and Susan Morris      Gary H. Kepniss                     Joan Lambert                          Franz Lidz                            Gaines
                        Jaffe Charitable Fdn                 Heinz Kerstring and Traude          Ezra and Lois S. Lamdin               Irene S. Lieberman                    William Masters and Gail Berman
                        Marc Jaffe                           Hornmann                            Peter and Kate Lamdin                 Mark and Ann Marie Lieberman          David and Danielle Matalon
                        Karl D. and Elizabeth M. Jahnke      Wendy Kesselman and Brian Briody    Lamm & Co.                            Ronald J. Lieberman and Susan L.      Lori Matlin
                        James N. and Jane. B. Levitt         George S. Khalaf                    Jessica Lampert                       Oliff                                 Virginia J. Mattern
                        Charitable Fund                      Rym Khalifeh                        Victoria Lancia                       Donald R. and Anita Liebeskind        Jon Mattleman and Wendy Rundle
                        Cindy Jamieson                       Elias Khalil                        Jonathan Landsman                     Marty and Judy Liebman                Donald and Marlys Mattson
                        Ronald Janis and Susan Spear         Rishi Khanna                        Aline R. Lange                        David and Maureen Liebowitz           Stanley and Bonnie Mauss
                        Judith A. Jarashow                   Robert Khedouri                     Mickey and Judy Langsfeld             Mira Lieman-Sifry                     Aaron M. Max
                        Charlene D. Jarvis                   Fadi Khuri                          Albert Langweiler and Kim Fischer     Martin and Ellie Lifton               Helen and Thomas May
                        Marian Javits                        Kevin S. Killourhy                  John Lantos and Nancy Fritz           Renee and Alan Lightstone             Noam Mayer-Deutsch
                        David and Hope Jeffrey               Melinda Kimble and Jim Phippard     Cary and Denise Lapidus               Limited Brands                        Douglas and Adri Mayo
                        Robin Jeffries                       David King                          Curtis E. and Anne C. Large           Thomas C. and Renee H. Lincoln        Laura McAplpine
                        Abraham and Marjorie Jelin           Roger J. and Louise S. King         Mary Larkin                           Jacqueline F. Lindo                   Linda J. McBrierty
                        Richard E. Jenis                     Sarah King                          Daniel D. and Martha Larsen           Peter and Kathleen Linneman           Elizabeth B. McCall
                        Stephen G. and Leslie C. Jenkins     Todd R. and Michelle Kingsley       Dorothy C. Larson                     Jeff and Linda Lischer                Richard McCormick
                        Elizabeth R. and Richard Jerome      Christina Kirk and John Hamburg     Peter and Ann Lasusa                  Marty and Stacey Litt                 Sarah McGinnis
                        Alletta W. Jervey, Ph.D.             Bonnie Kirschenbaum                 Earl M. and Marilyn S. Latterman      Jay Livingston                        J. J. and E. M. McGowan
                        Jewish Comm. of San Miguel           Ian M. Kirschner and Leslie C.      Ronald A. and Valerie P. Lauderdale   Liz Lange Maternity                   Alexander J. and Adelaide B.
                        Jewish Community Center of           Soodak                              Karen Lavine and Donald G.            Lizze Scheck Jewelry                  McKelway
                        Greater Washington                   Leni Klaimitz and Mitchell Berg     Kilpatrick                            L'lmpero Restaurant                   Casey McKeown
                        Jewish Family Congregation           Steven Klar                         Law Office of Guy Fronstin, PA        Alan and Karen Lobel                  Samuel J., III and Eugenia A.
                        Jewish Federation of Ocean County    Joanie Klayman                      Richard Lawrence and Laura A.         Deena and Stuart Lockman              McKim
                                                                                                                                       Jeremy Loeb

McKinsey & Company, Inc.             Kenneth M. and Mary P. Nelson        Laura Perl                           Alma and Elliot Ring                   Daniel Rudick
Donna McMillan                       Michael Nelson                       Joannna Perlman                      Judith Ringo                           Francine G. Rudoff
Jeff McMillan                        Phyllis E. Nelson                    Norma Perlstein                      Ripco Real Estate IV Corp              Adam and Cheryl Runsdorf
William J. McMillan and Anna C.      Drew Nemer                           Joseph M. Perta                      Stephen Risen                          Leslie A. Runser
Izraitel                             Larry and Roz Nemer                  Peter D. Hart Research Associates,   James Riviello, Jr. and Susan Torrey   Barry Rush
Thelma McPherson                     Mark and Lisa Neporent               Inc.                                 Mark Rivin and Lisa Dubow              Gregory Rush
Robert S. McWilliam                  Network for Good                     Betsy Peters                         RM Seafood Restaurant                  Stephen Sachman and Alexia
Brenda Medlin                        Shane Neuringer                      Elnora Peters                        Lee T. Robbins                         Quadrani
Meek Foundation                      Alicia E. Nevarez                    Lauren A. Peters                     Selwyn Robbins                         Ronni Sachs Kotler
Sandra Mehl                          New Jersey Devils                    Elisabeth Peterson                   Joseph Roberto                         Philippe Sachs
Bernard H. and Emily Mehlman         New Jersey Nets                      Rachael Pettus                       Fred Roberts                           Edward and Carol Sacks
Dilip and Meeta Mehta                New Line Cinema                      Bruce A. Phillips and Judith M.      John C. and Elizabeth Robertshaw       Cliff and Jackie Saffron
Dina S. Meier                        New Utrecht Reformed Church          Kaye                                 James L. Roblin                        Joseph and Rita Salama
Deborah Meijer                       New York Community Trust             Phoenix Closures                     Lauren Rocheleau                       Anthony Salem
Richard Meisegeier                   New York Jets                        Rori Picker                          William Rockett                        Brad and Jane Saltzman
Eli and Rita Melamed                 New York Rangers Hockey Club         Stephanie Pieczenik                  Rockville United Church                Paul and Betty Saltzman
Richard P. and Lynn S. Melnick       New York Sports Club                 Tom and Marilyn Pierce-Bulger        David T. Rodda and Jane van Doren      Charles and Henry Salzhauer
Mark Melrose                         Bonnie B. Newcomb                    Richard N. Pierson, Jr.              Andrew Rodwin                          Renee Samson
Clifford and Tammy B. Mendelson      Stephen N. and Ronda Newman          Pilgrim United Church Of Christ      Abigail Roesch                         Pamela Samuels
Herbert and Phyllis Mendelson        Andrea Newmark                       Carolyn Pilkington                   Theodore and Brian Rogol               L. J. and Wendy H. Samuelson
Joan Mendelson                       Sarena Neyman                        David Pincus                         Tobi and Martin Rogowsky               David Sandberg and Dina Mardell
Patricia T. Mercuriano               Sally Ng                             Jonathan Pincus                      Janet L. Rohler                        Michael R. and Maryla Sandberg
Andrew and Molly Mercy               Nickelodeon                          Lloyd Pine                           Stuart A. Rojstaczer and Holly P.      Amy Sanders
Alvin and Carol Merlin               Nathan and Nancy Nickerson           Stanley Pine                         Welstein                               Kimberly Sanderson-Hutfilz
Thomas G. Merrill and Mary Beth      Jeffrey Nicklas                      G. Peppe Pinton                      Rokalor Foundation                     Josephine Sandler
Forshaw                              Joseph and Marie Nicolato            William M. Pinzler                   Neil and Carlotta Rolde                Martin and Kim Sands
Metro Lights                         Dan H. and Alice Nicolson            Pioneer Theatre                      Maurice Rollnick                       Barbara B. Saphier
The Metropolitan Museum of Art       Nina Lallan & Associates             Deborah Pipe-Mazo                    Daniel L. Romanow and B. Andrew        Saratoga Racetrack
Lee and Ellen Metzendorf             Debra Nir                            Leah Pisar                           Zelermyer                              Andy Sareyan and Nancy Marshall
James and Susan Meyer                Robert Nitschke                      Carolyn Pittel                       Jan and Michael P. Romanowsky          Merton Sarnoff
Michael Meyer                        Kris Norelius                        Janie Pittendreigh                   Nathan Rome and Bonnie Alpert          Maury Satin
Avi Meyerstein                       Edward Noroian                       Suzanne Platoff                      Daniel and Joyce R. Romm               Paul M. and Ellen H. Saunders
Michel's Inc                         North Flats Guiding LLC              Harvey and Irene Platt               Marlene D. Rosati                      Tedd R. Saunders
Sara Michl                           North High School                    Roy W. Pneuman                       Carnie and Paulie Rose                 Andre and Houng Q. Sauvageot
Middle East Television Network,      Sue J. and Steven North              Paul Pnuzan                          Daniel J. Rose                         Frederick V. Savage
Inc.                                 Michael Nouri                        Raphael L. Podolsky                  Joel E. Rose                           Leigh Savar
Le'Ann Milinder                      Jeffrey and Linda Nudelman           Leonard and Ellen Polaner            Leslie Rose Rose                       Lesley Savin
C.G. and Elaine Miliotes             Fritz S. and Elaine Nussbaum         Joseph and Betty Pollack             Stephen M. and Wilma Rose              Barbara L. Sawyer
Millefleurs Spa Mondial              Lawrence and Melanie F. Nussdorf     Victor A. and Elizabeth R. Pollak    Rory and Wendy Rosegarten              Jonathan S. and Suzanne K.
David D. and Susan B. Millen         Adam Nussenbaum and Shari            Hillary Pomerantz                    Brett and Debbie Rosen                 Scharfstein
Brad Miller                          Abramowitz                           Jennifer S. Pomerantz                Jeremy S. Rosen, D.D.S.                Adrianne Schatz
Deborah Miller                       Diane L. Nutting                     Greg Poole                           Martin and Joan Rosen                  Tom M. Schaumberg
Ellen Miller                         Donald and Jane Ocker                Lia Porcella                         Sam and Galit Rosen                    Lori Schechter
Jonathan and Cathy Miller            Barbara A. O'Connell                 David and Miriam Porte               Andrew and Michelle Rosenbaum          Neil J. Schechter
Robert E. and Sheila Miller          Joanne O'Donnell                     Portland Friends Meeting             Irving Rosenbaum                       David and Carol Scheffler
Russell Miller                       Mark and Gwen O'Donnell              David Portny                         Jerry F. and Lidia V. Rosenbaum        Robert and Jodi Scheinfeld
Wayne Miller                         Charles W. and Betty A. Oldanie      Ellen Posman                         Shoshana Rosenbaum                     Jeffrey and Katie Schissel
Thomas and Sandi Millman             Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist     Michael and Hali Poteshman           Barry Rosenberg                        Judith Schmidt
Darin Milmeister                     Church                               Joseph B. Potter and Janet C.        Benjamin Rosenberg and Amy             Marian G. and James Schmidt
Rowland L. Mindlin                   Omni Center for Peace Justice &      Jennings                             Willens                                Mike and Mical Schneider
Minnesota Returned Peace Corps       Ecology                              Phyllis Prager                       Carin Rosenberg                        Lois Schnitzer
Volunteer                            On Location Photography              Reggie Pratt and Ellen Reggie        David and Jane Rosenberg               Betty Schoenbaum
Martha L. Minow                      Ronald and Nina P. Oppenheim         The Presbyterian Church              David L. Rosenberg                     Lauren I. Scholnick
Michael J. and Judy Mintzer          John E. and Judith Oppenheimer       Presbytery of Hudson River           Ricardo Rosenberg                      Jeffrey and Nancy Schondorf
Rosanne Model and Raja Kamal         David R. Oran and Silvia Arrom       Gordon C. Preston, MD                Robin Rosenberg                        Glen and Frances E. Schorr
Patrizia Moggia                      Organize Me                          Thomas E. Proben                     Sheri Rosenberg                        David and Rosalie Schottenfeld
Mark Moir and Victoria M. Genys      The Orlofsky Company                 Andrew J. Przybysz                   Joseph B. Rosenblatt                   Lee Schulman
MoMA                                 Wendy Osborn                         Robert Puder                         Samuel Rosenblatt                      Michael E. and Lora Schultz
Monsac                               The Osborne Group                    Quilt Artisan                        Daniel Rosenbloom and Giovana          Rhoda Schulzinger
John Montesi                         David W. and Judy D. Osgood          R.C.C. Womens Circle                 Bonjiasca                              Seth F. Schumer
Lane Montgomery                      Harold and Peggy Osher               Jessica Raab                         Oscar A. and Margaret J.               William and Christine Schurtman
Robert and Margaret Montgomery       Frances J. Osman                     Rima Rabbath                         Rosenbloom                             Alan Schwartz
James L. and Marjorie E. Moody       Michal Osteen                        Jeffrey Rabin and Pam Goldberg       Robert and Linda H. Rosenbluth         David Schwartz
Kate Moore                           Ron and Beth Ostrow                  Jack and Irene Radlo                 Steve Rosenbluth                       David E. and Florence B. Schwartz
Phil and Beth Moran                  Steven E. and Ann O. Ostrow          Justin Radomile                      Howard Rosencrans                      Eliott and Dorothy Schwartz
Bernard and Muriel Moray             JoAnn Ottman                         Juan and Maria E. Radulovic          Kenneth Rosenfeld and Jennifer         Gary Schwartz
Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal         Elizabeth and Randall C. Outlaw      Arvind V. Rajan                      Bixby                                  Henry R. Schwartz
Campaign                             David and Andrea Page                Thomas L. and Charlotte J. Raleigh   Allan and Claire Rosenfield            Howard and Carla Schwartz
Jerry and Nita Morman                Robert H. Paley and Marianne         Susan Rappaport                      Howard T. and Mary J. Rosenfield       Jack Schwartz and Daryl Freedman
Jonathan and Sarah Morris            Steiner                              Michael and Joyce Rappeport          Olive Rosenfield                       Jon D. and Carolyn H. Schwartz
Robert Morris                        William Palkovics                    Amie Rappoport-McKenna               Richard E. and Lise Rosenfield         Richard C. and Elizabeth M.
Bruce Morrison                       Kenneth and Charlotte Palmer         Ripa Rashid                          James S. and Marcia B. Rosenheim       Schwartz
John Morrison                        Keith Palzer                         Melanie Raskin                       Martin Rosenman                        Elliott Sclar and Nancy Aries
Kenneth P. Morrison                  Siegfried Paquet                     Joel H. and Sharon Rassman           Norton and Linda Rosensweig            Maxine R. Sclar
Doreen L. Morrow, M.D.               Josef and Shelly Paradis             Ratner Family Club                   Joyce Z. Rosenthal                     Scopia Management Inc.
Douglas A. Morse                     Melvin and Joyce Paradise            Emily Ratner                         William and Harriet Rosenthal          Scott Hamilton Watches
Ed and Linda Morse                   Aldo and Helene Parcesepe            Lenny Ravich                         Nancy Roskind                          Alexis Scott
Lester Morse, Jr. and Dinny Lester   Anna Maria Parker                    Gil Raviv, Esq.                      Victoria Rospond                       E. W. Scott
Keith Morton                         John H. and Barbara L. Parker        Mariam Razavi                        Eric F. and Lore Ross                  Hal and Joanna Scott
Steven H. and Susan H. Moskowitz     Gioia Parnell                        Barry and Linda Recht                Nancy Ross                             Holly Scott
Motivational Management              Mary Parsons                         Red Flowers                          Karin Rotem                            Lois Seaman
Harriet Mouchly-Weiss and Charles    Barry and Deirdre T. Paster          Lawrence and Arlene Reed             Charlotte Rotenberg                    Morton and Lois Seaman
Weiss                                Riaz Patel                           Laura Reff                           Adrienne Roth                          Wesley Seavey
Daniel Murphy                        Paul and Harriet Weissman Family     Paul D. Reid                         Evan and Lindsay Roth                  Second Abraham S. and Fannie B.
William Murphy                       Fdn, Inc                             Kenneth M. and Judith E. Reiss       Peter T. Roth                          Levey Fdn
David R. and Janet H. Murray         Dennis Paul and Coralie Charriol-    Linda Reiter                         Alice Rothchild                        Joni R. Seeger
MWI Enterprises, Inc.                Paul                                 Norman Reitman                       Barry and Ronnie Rothenhaus            Pete and Toshi Seeger
Frank E. and Elizabeth A. Myers      Christopher Paulu and Lisa Almeder   Relax Spa                            George and Lillian Rothkopf            Elizabeth Segal
Lois Myers                           Peace Channel Network, Inc.          Conseulo Remmert                     Michael and Alaine Rothkopf            Jeffrey C. and Teresa N. Segal
Terrill and Cheryl D. Myers          Peace Fleece                         Meika Resinsky                       Scott Rothkopf                         Simcha Segal
Alix Myerson                         William J. and Kay D. Pechilis       Ira M. Resnick                       Rothman's Steakhouse                   Marc H. Segan
Bruce and Donna Mylrea               Bradford and Kate Peck               Robert Resnick                       Marc and Barbara Rowin                 Kathryn Seidel
Carl H. Nacht and Mary Beth Kelly    Roger and Annie Peduzzi              David and Sandra Reznick             Raymond and Judith L. Rowland          Mary Seiler
Peter and Fern Nadel                 Iva and Jeremy Peele                 Mark and Janna Rhodes                Michael S. and Alexis Royce            Robert and Anne Selby
Stephen M. Nagler                    David and Donna Pelton               David Ribet                          Eric S. Roza                           William Selick
Audrey A. Namowitz                   Pemaquid Group of Artists            Frank and Marie Ricciardone          Dan J. Rozenblatt                      Sephora
Teann Nash                           Stephen M. and Sharon K.             Patricia B. Rice                     Joel Rubenstein                        Daniel Septimus
Noel and Susan M. Nathanson          Pendleton                            Howard and Barbara Rich              Keith Rubenstein                       Sequim Church of Religious
Kevin Nee                            Peninsula Production Company         Stuart Rich                          Frederick and Gay Lee Rubin            Science
Jennifer S. Neely                    Henry B. and Marion L. Pennell       Lawrence and Mindy Richenstein       Richard Rubin                          Sequoia Financial Partners
Eileen Neff                          Robyn Peper                          Yosef J. Riemer and Vitina A.        Ronald Rubin                           Julius and Millie Ser
Edna Neidorf                         Sam Perelson                         Biondo                               Trudy Rubin and Paul Hogan             Sandy Serebin
Richard and Margaret Neimeth         Fred Perkins Jr. and Alice B.        James Riley                          Ilan Rubinfeld and Dolcy Garfield      Robert F. Serio
Deborah Nelson                       Cannon Perkins                       Louise Riley                         Ernest and Rita Ruchman                Sesame Workshop

                      Bruce A. Sesnovich                    Larry Smucker                         Edward Tavino                         Account                               Brenda Williams
                      SFX Sports                            Jane L. Snerson                       Andrea Taylor                         Unity Church of Gulf Breeze           Elliott J. and Stephanie A. Williams
                      Kenneth and Jennifer Sghia-Hughes     Arthur and Marilyn Snyder             Guenevere Taylor                      University Lutheran Church            Emily Williams
                      Ronald J. and Mardena R. Shader       Eleanor Snyder                        Tec-Detroit, Inc.                     University Of Maine System            Irving and Ruth M. Willner
                      Sheila M. Shaffer                     James S. and Tina Snyder              Aziz and Nafisa Tejpar                University Presbyterian Church        Elle B. Willson
                      Andrew Shagrin and Segolene           Scott and Carol Snyder                Temple Beth El                        University United Methodist Church    Charles J. Wilson
                      Jtwros                                So Charitable Trust                   Temple Emanuel Congregation           Eric M. Uslaner                       Deborah R. Wilson
                      Patricia and Sam Shaheen              Jackie Sobel and Audrey Sobel         Temple Emanu-El                       V. O. S. Selections                   Judy Wilson
                      Richard J. and Roberta Shaker         Joel Sobel                            Temple Israel of Northern             Valery Joseph Salon                   Carlton Winbery
                      Sam Shamie                            Mike and Helene Sokobin               Westchester                           Van Brimer Family Fdn                 Windham Friends Church
                      Rania Shammas                         Stephen and Helena Sokoloff           Temple Shalom of Newton               Mark and Dawn Van Denend              Melba and Sidney Winer
                      A. J. Shamos                          Richard M. and Roberta L. Sol         Temple Sinai Adult Education          Alberto Varon                         Eric and Katherine A. Winne
                      Sameer Shamsi                         Stephen Solarz                        Temple Sinai                          Patricia Vega                         Henry S. Winokur
                      Lawrence and Margie Shanker           James Sollins and Sherry Soford       Roberto J. and Amy F. Tenenbaum       Vendredi Club                         The Winsor School
                      Richard and Harriet Shapack           Herbert Solomon                       Brooke P. Tenney                      Ventura County Neurosurgical          Carol Winter
                      Judith Shapiro                        Solutions from the Heart, LLC         Arnold Thaler                         Associates                            Laura Winters
                      Robert Shapiro                        Theresa Sommo                         The Eileen and Jerry Lieberman        Aarti Verman                          Margo Wintersteen
                      Robyn and Michele Shapiro             Joseph Soprani                        Tzedaka Trust                         Richard F. Vidale and Margaret R.     Jennifer Wintner
                      Shelly Shapiro                        Stephen and Sandra W. Soule           The Institute of Culinary Education   Vidale                                Jennifer Wintner
                      Farid and Nancy Sharifi               South Congregational Church           The International Academy of          Vilebrequin                           Frank and Christine Wisner
                      Robert and Ellen Shasha               Aly Sower                             Television Arts & Science             Paul Vizcarrondo Jr. and Andrea L.    Larry and Denise Wohl
                      Stanley Shashoua                      Lou Spadaccino                        The Kids Room                         Vizcarrondo                           Edward W. Wojcik and Ellen S.
                      Russell H. N. Shattan                 Andre and Danielle Spatz              The Law Offices of Felix Nihamin,     James and Cara E. Voth                Titen
                      Gerald Shaw                           John J. Speicher                      PC                                    Victoria Voytak and Robert Fogelson   Paul and Jane Wolansky
                      Tina Shaw                             Spice Island Furniture                The Peanut Butter Co                  Kathleen Vozzelli                     Jeffrey and Allison Wolf
                      Alan Shayne                           Edward and Deanne Spiegel             The San Francisco Giants              Philip R. and Harriet G. Wagman       Milton Wolf
                      Nedda N. Shayota                      Jack and Anne A. Spiegel              The Sprecher Organization             Alvena Wagner                         Robert Wolf
                      Charles and Ellen Shechtman           Arthur and Marlene Spielman           The Wine Cellarage                    Mariam M. Wahab and George T.         Michael Wolfe
                      Arthur Sheeham                        Chuck and Amy Spielman                Werner and Joan Thiessen              Block                                 Marvin and Elayne Wolfenson
                      Douglas J. and Carole Sheft           Larry Spilkin                         Carolyn H. Thomas                     Adir Waldman                          Shane and Heather S. Wolfsmith
                      Stanley Sheinbaum                     Kenneth S. Spirer and Joan Leitzer    Lisa Thompson                         Myra Waldman                          Charles and Nancy Wolfson
                      Michael and Vivian Shelanski          Pamela Sprayregen and Eric            Barbara B. Thomson                    Stephen and Jackie Waldman            Daniel J. Wolfson
                      Katherine Shenofsky                   Weissman                              James L. Thoreen                      Edward S. Walker and Leslie A.        Jeff Wolin
                      Robert Sher                           Jonathan Springer                     Peter and Rebecca Thyssen             Jump                                  Jack M. and Janet S. Wolinetz
                      David Sherman and Gail May-           Frank and Ann Sprow                   David Tillman                         Jennifer Walker                       Chic Wolk
                      Sherman                               Mark S. Squires                       Ann Tirschwell and Robert Shapiro     W. S. Wallace                         Cheryl M. Wollin
                      Harlan and Judith Sherman             St. Geroge Orthodox Catherdral        Tirschwell                            Dana Wallach                          Carol and Arnold Wolowitz
                      John L. and Elizabeth S. Sherrill     St. Louis Roma Catholic               Dina Toak                             Janet Wallach                         Pamela Wolpin
                      David Shneyer                         Congregation, Inc.                    Daryl Toby                            Geraldine Wallier                     Brian Wong
                      Sholley Fdn, Inc                      George Stabler                        Stefanie and Tristan Todd             Jeff Wallis                           Woodlands Community Temple
                      Shore Family Fdn                      Karen J. Stam                         Larry Todisco and Deborah A.          Carolyn Walsh                         David E. and Judith H. Woodman
                      Leonard B. and Joan Shore             William R. and Bonni K. Stanley       Berger                                Ryan Walter                           David and Marlena Woods
                      Marc S. and Tal Shore                 Harry L. and Laura L. Starbuck        John Tomizuka                         Roy S. Walzer and Carol Walzer        William A. and Selina Woods
                      Shoreshim, Inc.                       Starbucks Coffee Co.                  Tommy Hilfiger                        Stanley Walzer                        Joan M. Woodward
                      Arthur and Norma Jean Shufro          Amy Starkman                          Michael I. Tong                       Mitchell Wander                       Richard and Roberta Satow Wool
                      Jerry and Judy Shulman                Judy F. Starrels                      Scott Torgan                          Joan M. Warburg                       William Woolis and Dassi Citron
                      Myra Shulman and James Morin          Brian Steel                           Marc Torrey                           Andrew S. and Jennifer R. Ward        Woozie Wear
                      Janet L. Shur and James K. Wilson     Terry and Anita I. Steen              Melody Tortosa                        Corby D. and Bonnie Ward              Ellen Wormser
                      Norman Sider                          Tom and Dee Stegman                   Laura Tow                             Jennifer C. Ward                      Brian Wormwood and Judith
                      Sidney Bernstein & Son Lingerie       Debra Stein                           Amor Towles                           Stephen E. and Emily T. Ward          Pickering
                      Inc                                   Dylan J. Stein                        Robert L. and Winifred D. Tozier      Aviva Warter                          Candace Worth
                      Henry J. and Talia Siegel             Eric Stein                            Trada Wood Flooring Corp.             Emily Washkowitz                      J. P. and J.L. Wright
                      James Siegel                          Robert E. and Jane J. Stein           Robert and Shirin D. Trainer          David Wassong                         Victor Wright
                      Rachel Siegel and Joshua LeBeau       Katherine M. Steinbach                Michael H. and Datia Traison          Kathy Waterman                        Writer's Bootcamp, LA
                      Peggy Siegle                          Jay Steinberg                         Joe and Cary Tralies                  Kay Watkins                           Michael and Lee D. Wygant
                      Richard and Brenda Siegler            Stephen P. Steinberg                  Judson Traphagen                      Charles D. Wattles and Rosemary C.    Anne C. Wyman
                      Micah L. Sifry and Leslie A. Lieman   Lenore Steiner                        John and Jill H. Trask                Willey                                Richard and Claire Schultz Yaffe
                      Barbara Sigman                        Nancy R. Steinman                     Liza Travis                           Max Watzman                           Barbara S. and Gratian M.
                      Mark I. and Gail Silberman            Ronald G. Sten                        Jan and Linda Treilman                Weaver Family Fdn                     Yatsevitch
                      Steve Silk and Katherine H. Emery     Sterling Optical                      Tribune                               Bryna Webber and Dick Tomkins         Douglas C. and Susan S. Yearly
                      Claudia Sills                         Daniel Sterling                       Tri-City Community Chorus             Joan S. Weber                         Joan Yee
                      Susan Sills                           Robert Sterling                       Tri-Community Combined Federal        William Wegman Studios                Yellow Springs Friends Meeting
                      Mark and Virginia Silver              Alice F. Stern                        Campaign                              Paul Weiden                           Bonnie Yofe-Sharp
                      Viviane Silvera                       Noah and Marilyn Stern                Trinity Presbyterian Church           Robert and Meredith Weil              Yoram Yossefy and Anat Goldberg-
                      Barry and Sandy Silverman             Scot B. and Talia Sternberg           Triton Foundation                     Julie Weiman                          Yossefy
                      Lora Silverman                        H. G. and Joyce Stetson               John and Susan Troy                   Edward H. and Adele L. Weinberg       Barbara T. Young
                      Stephen Silverstein                   Adam and Rebecca Stettner             Stuart and Marilyn Troy               Alan Weiner                           Michael D. Young and Debra Raskin
                      Jill Simon                            Donna Stevens                         Raymond Trudeau and Sylvia C.         Nina A. and Walter Weiner             Irene Yu
                      Judith Simon                          The Steward School                    Trudeau                               Jon and Lori F. Weinrott              Jeff Yusem
                      Leonard and Marion Simon              Frances I. Stewart                    Richard and Fiona True                Boal Weinstein                        Anna Yusim
                      Barbara Simonetti                     Richard D. and Marie A. Stewart       Debby Tucker                          James N. and Miriam M. Weinstein      Harold Zagorin
                      Lisa Simonsen                         William B. and Susan Stewart          Karen Tucker and Jerry Avorn          Joel Weinstein and Gladys Gottlieb    Beyhan Zaim
                      Robert and Elaine Sims                Mary Stickles                         William Tucker and Shelia Kohler      Sherry Weinstein-Mayer and Rachel     Steven and Caron T. Zaleznick
                      Ben and Melissa Singer                Rosanne M. Stone                      Tuck-It-Away Storage                  Mayer                                 David and Julie Zalkind
                      Murray D. and Dolores L. Sirkis       David Stonehill                       Stephen, Sr. and Karen Turbyfill      Yair and Carol Weinstock              Jeffrey A. and Deborah L. Zaluda
                      Jeff and Nancy Siskind                Adam Stotsky                          Matt Turck                            Alvah and Lillian Weiss               Matthew Zanolli
                      Archana Sivadasan, Esq.               Andrew F. and Thelma K. Strauss       Peter Turecek                         Nancy and Richard Weiss               Nikki Zapol
                      Parke Skelton and Alison Morgan       Mark Strauss                          Eric Turiansky                        Steve and Karen R. Weiss              Warren Zapol
                      Jack and Ferne Skiba                  Scott and Lisa G. Stuart              Charity Turner                        Mel Weitsman and Elizabeth            Margo Zaslavsky
                      Michael Skiba                         Sebastian A. Stubbe                   John H. Turner Jr. and Harriett T.    Horowitz                              Mark Zausmer
                      Jon J. Skillman and Luanne Selk       Robert and Judith Stuchiner           Taggart                               Stevenson Weitz                       Seymour and Joan Zeenkov
                      Tamar Skowronski                      David Sulman and Anne Altshuler       Lauren Turner                         Wells Fargo Financial Leasing         Steve and Paula Zeitlin
                      Daniel D. Skwire                      Philip and Kimberly Summe             Two Boots Pizzaria                    Brian Wells                           Daniel Zibel
                      Robert and Donna Slatkin              David Susser                          William and Susan Twombly             Martin and Betty Welt                 Aaron and Marjorie Ziegelman
                      John and Suzanne B. Slattery          Edna Sussman                          U.M.W. Sulphur Grove, U.M.            West Auburn Congregational Church     Michael and Diane Ziering
                      David Slaven                          Richard Sussman and Deborah           Church                                Westbrook Warren Congregational       Mary Lou Zieve
                      Wayne and Joanne Slavitt              Mincer                                Richard and Susan Ulin                Church                                Daniel and Frannie Zilkha
                      Christine and William Slayden         Sam Sussman and Felice Schnoll-       Melanie Ullman                        Westminster Presbyterian Church       Susan F. Zinder
                      David M. and Patricia L.              Sussman                               Harley Ungar                          Gary P. and Dana S. L. Wexler         Michael F. Zipser
                      Sleightholm                           Diane and Brian Sutherland            William Ungar Ungar                   Lennard and Judy Wharton              William A. and Leah C. Zisfein
                      Jerry Slivka                          Rivelle E. Sutton and Michelle S.     Lewis and Inge Unger                  Beatrice H. White                     Penni S. Zola
                      Ralph E. and Ellen M. Sloan           Siegert                               William and Jerry Unger               William B. and Gail C. White          Michael and Phyllis Zornitzer
                      Stephanie Slovak                      Alan Swerdloff                        Unionville High School                William H. and Jane N. White          Brett Zuckerman
                      Martina Slowey                        Jeff Swiatek                          United Church of Chapel Hill          Marc and Maria Wiatrowski             Joel M. Zuieback
                      Albert H. and Tina B. Small           Timothy Sylvester                     United Way - Thomas Jefferson         Rose K. Wiener                        Lyonel and Sylvia Zunz
                      Martin Small                          T/S Kully Philanthropic Fund of the   Area                                  Michael Wiesenfeld                    Joseph S. Zuritsky
                      John E. and Mary L. Smart             Fed. of Metro Chicago                 United Way Capital Area               Bruce Wightman
                      Joel Smilow                           Evelyn R. and Dan Tabas               United Way of Excambia County,        R. W. Wigoda
                      Bradley Smith and Michelle Trufelli   Tabla Restaurant                      Inc (PCFO)                            Edwin D. and Sharon Wigutoff
                      Dutton and Kay Smith                  Brian and Beth A. Tack                United Way of Kern County, Inc        John Wilcha
                      Jean M. Smith                         Stephanie Takacs                      United Way of New York City           Joshua Wilkes
                      Michael and Esther Smith              Gil Talmi                             United Way of NW Florida, Inc         W. B. Willauer
                      S. Scott and Deborah Smith            David Tarshes and Deborah             United Way of the Capital Region      Yvonne A. Willey
                      Michael J. and Donna F. Smoler        Kerdeman                              United Way- Special Distribution      Andrew and Sharon V. Williams

                                                                    Janet Perez
                                 UNITED STATES                      Development Officer

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                                 Senior Development Associate       Administrative Manager

                                 Kheng Chow                         Marieke van Woerkom
                                 Database Manager                   Director of Education, Director of
                                                                    South Asia Programs
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                                                                    Executive Vice President
                                 Cheryl Creighton
                                 Development Associate              Dindy Weinstein
                                                                    Development Advisor
Aaron David Miller               Jeremy Goldberg
President                        Director of Development            Susie Wiesenfeld
                                                                    Director of Events
Janet Wallach                    Tiffany Goodyear
Executive Vice President         Executive Aide to the President    Barbara Zasloff
                                                                    VP, Director of Delegation Leaders
John Wallach*                    Eva Gordon                         Program
Founder                          Director of Program Development

                                 Bobbie Gottschalk                  JERUSALEM
ADVISORY BOARD                   Executive Vice President
                                                                    Walid Abed El Hadi
T.H. George H.W. Bush                                               Coordinator of Programming
                                 Rebecca Hankin
T.H. William Jefferson Clinton                                      (Jerusalem-Eilat)
                                 Director of Communications
Her Majesty Queen Noor
H.E. Shimon Peres                                                   A. Geneviere Adel
                                 Cynthia Hickenbottom-Wills
Dr. Sa’eb Erekat                                                    Coordinator of Programming (Egypt
                                 Payroll & Benefits Associate
                                                                    and Jordan)
                                 Carol Palinski Hildebrand
Joseph Gantz                     Coordinator of Arab Educators      Sami Al-Jundi
Chairman                         Seminar Program                    Center Supervisor and Senior Advisor
                                                                    to Director
C. Michael Spero                 Megan Hughes
General Counsel                  Director of Academic Affairs,      Ariel Huler
                                 Alumni Program Coordinator         Coordinator of Programming
Odeh Aburdene                                                       (Jerusalem-Eilat)
Timothy Attalla                  Molly Jennings
David Avital                     Communications Associate           Reem Mustafa
Richard Berman                                                      Administrative and Public Relations
Paul Bernstein                   Catherine Joseph                   Manager
Christine Ramsay Covey           Staff Accountant
Roger M. Deitz                                                      Zaqloub Said
Alan Ginsburg                    Leslie Adelson Lewin               Coordinator of Programming (West
Fredric Gould                    Director of Programming            Bank)
Barbara Gottschalk
Helaine Gould                    Meagan McCauliff                   Seth Wikas
Allen I. Hyman                   Database Associate                 Editor-in-Chief, The Olive Branch
Joel E. Jacob
Meredith Katz Gantcher           Aaron David Miller                 Jared Willis
Lee Langbaum                     President                          Coordinator of Programming (Tel
Hani Masri                                                          Aviv-Haifa)
Eugene Mercy, Jr.                Susan Morawetz
Lindsay Miller                   Director of Government Grants      Tim Wilson
Merle Nelson                                                        Vice President, Camp Director,
James Orphanides                 Suzanne Morrell                    Director of Center for Coexistence
Imran Riffat                     Director of Government Relations
Arn Tellem                                                          Leena Yahia
Nancy Tellem                     Neesha Nanda-Rahim                 Coordinator of Special Projects
Malcolm Thomson                  Director of Donor Relations
Jane Toll
Robert Toll                      Kofi Nti                           SOUTH ASIA
Edward S. Walker                 VP, Finance and Administration,
Michael Wallach                  CFO                                Sajjad Admed
Timothy Wilson                                                      Program Coordinator, Pakistan
Barbaba Zasloff                  Glenn Pastore
                                 Director of Grounds and            Feruzan Mehta
                                 Maintenance                        Program Coordinator, India

Photos: Susie Eggenberger

                                                      Treaties are negotiated by governments. Peace is made by people.
                                                      Seeds of Peace is doing what no government can.

                                                      It   is   sowing the seeds of peace among the next generation of leaders.
                                                      It   is   educating them to develop empathy, respect and confidence.
                                                      It   is   equipping them with communication and negotiation skills.
                                                      It   is   enabling them to see the human face of their enemies.

                                                      By empowering them to emerge as tomorrow's leaders,
                                                      Seeds of Peace is working to forge the personal relations so
                                                      critical to peacemaking and reconciliation.


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