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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Programs in Sports Business
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Gannett Tennessee photo
 Academic degrees no longer a luxury                                                                                                       to joining the Sports Business program, Artigue, as senior VP
                                                                                                                                           of marketing for the Phoenix Suns, directed the Sun’s sales and

 in the burgeoning business of sport
                                                                                                                                           marketing efforts.
                                                                                                                                              Speaking of the Suns, Rick Welts, team president, says the
                                                                                                                                           NBA franchise has hosted ASU sports business MBA Fellows for
                                                                                                                                           several years.
     It’s official. The concept of getting an academic                 sports business industry is one of the nation’s                         “We are always impressed with their level of understanding and
   degree or certification to work in the sports                       largest and fastest growing industries. In fact,                     sophistication,” Welts says. “In fact, these students have played a
   industry is, as they would say in poker, table stakes.             SBJ’s annual survey of the size of the industry                      significant role in helping us grow our CRM program and campaign
     On the flip side, employers in the world                          estimated the sports business last year at more                         According to Artigue, Welts’ comments are right on the mark,
   of sports – whether they are sports entities                       than $225 billion – far more than twice the size                     because the Carey School prides itself on its rigorous academic
   themselves or companies looking to connect with                    of the U.S. auto industry and seven times the size                   requirements as well as the program’s emphasis on multi-faceted
                                                                                                                                           “experiential” learning.
   sports in some way – now seek credentials when                     of the movie industry.
                                                                                                                                              First-year students experience the Carey school’s MBA core
   hiring. And the better the credentials, the better                   With that in mind, this special section                            courses, which emphasizes case-based and team-oriented learning.
   the chances of offering (and getting) that plum                    delivers vital information on the nation’s best                      Courses are taught in three 11-week trimesters, putting students
   job or promotion to a recent graduate.                             and brightest schools in the sport marketing/                        through a rigorous, comprehensive program of study. Integration
                                                                                                                                           and strategy are key to the W.P. Carey MBA curriculum. Students
     Why has a degree in sport become critical                        management business. From experiential learning                      learn how these business disciplines relate to one another to build
   for success? Well, it’s all about numbers.                         to social awareness, online offerings to facility                    successful and innovative solutions for companies, teams, leagues,
   SportsBusiness Journal estimates that the                          security, these programs rank among the leaders.                     etc. During the first year, students develop skills in accounting,
                                                                                                                                           economics, ethics, finance, information systems, marketing, supply
                                                                                                                                           chain management, statistics and strategy.
Arizona State University • Tempe, Ariz.                              country (the others are Oregon, Ohio University, Central Florida         Not until the last trimester of the first year do students take
                                                                     and UMass). In its selection process, the Journal singled out the     their first required sports business class: Sports Marketing and
   The W.P. Carey Sports Business MBA Program at Arizona             Carey program’s ability to produce students particularly well-situ-   Revenue Generation. This class provides an overview of the sales
State University (wpcarey.asu.edu/sports) is among the leaders in    ated for sports industry executive positions.                         and marketing role in sports, preparing students to distinguish
the sport business degree business, consistently ranking among the      “Sport knits together diverse societies and cultures,” says Ray    themselves in their intensive summer internships.
nation’s top programs.                                               Artigue, executive director of ASU’s Sports Business Program.            During year two, Artigue explains that his students take an
   In fact, a 2006 Wall Street Journal article named the Carey       “As this industry becomes more sophisticated and competitive, it      intensive array of courses that provide high-level experience, “real-
School’s sports business program one of five programs “most          will be the next generation of highly-educated professionals that     world” insights and practice and training in the art and science of
often recommend” by academics and the industry throughout the        ensures we will move forward with integrity and success.” Prior       being a sports business executive. “Let’s face it, you can talk about

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Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                                                                                                                                                              Arizona State University
                                                                                                                                                                              Sports Business MBA
                                                                                                                                                                              students Tiffany Mah,
                                                                                                                                                                              Kimberly Sambrook and
                                                                                                                                                                              Leslie Reedy take a break
                                                                                                                                                                              from surveying fans, as
                                                                                                                                                                              their sports program was
                                                                                                                                                                              responsible for creating the
                                                                                                                                                                              Super Bowl 42 economic
                                                                                                                                                                              impact study for the NFL.

                                                                                                         principles and theory until you’re blue in the face,” Artigue says, “but until a student actually rolls
                                                                                                         up his or her sleeves and puts this new-found knowledge into practice, they will not truly under-
                                                                                                         stand the value proposition.”
                                                                                                            Speaking of rolling up their sleeves, ASU sports business students took on a herculean effort
                                                                                                         this past winter as they were responsible for creating the economic impact study for Super Bowl
                                                                                                         42. According to Artigue, more than 1,000 hours were worked and 500 miles covered by his stu-
                                                                                                         dents in their effort to measure and assess the overall impact of the world’s largest sporting event.
                                                                                                            “The NFL could have used whoever they wanted to conduct their economic impact study, so to
                                                                                                         be chosen over others was quite a compliment for our MBA program,” he says. ■

                                                                                                          Thanks to the generosity of the Orlando Magic and owner Rich DeVos, University of
                                                                                                          Central Florida second-year grad students take one major field trip annually. So far,
                                                                                                          they’ve visited Atlanta and Chicago (in the photo, they are gathered at the United Center)
                                                                                                          and will visit Boston next year.

                                                                                                         University of Central Florida • Orlando, Fla.
                                                                                                            At the University of Central Florida, the DeVos Sport Business Management graduate program
                                                                                                         (graduate.ucf.edu) is all about experiencing the “living classroom.”
                                                                                                            UCF graduate students learn how to become business leaders, committed to using the power
                                                                                                         of sport to improve life in a more-inclusive society. And they do it with a serious “hands on” com-
                                                                                                         ponent. So far, the DeVos program (bus.ucf.edu/sport) has been named one of the top five sport
                                                                                                         management graduate programs by the Wall Street Journal, SportsBusiness Journal and ESPN:
                                                                                                         The Magazine.
                                                                                                            Part of the UCF College of Business Administration, the UCF DeVos program is arguably the
                                                                                                         first of its kind in sport management graduate studies. Launched in 2002, it was the vision of Rich
                                                                                                         and Helen DeVos, owners of RDV Sports and the NBA’s Orlando Magic. The endowment for the
                                                                                                         program is a $2.5 million gift by Mr. and Mrs. DeVos, matched by the state of Florida.
                                                                                                            Along with the DeVos’ vision, the UCF program has another major cornerstone in its charis-
                                                                                                         matic director, Dr. Richard Lapchick, a human rights activist, pioneer for racial equality in sports
                                                                                                         business, internationally recognized expert on sports issues, scholar and author. When Lapchick
                                                                                                         came to UCF, he brought his commitment to equality and belief that sport can be an effective force
                                                                                                         for change. Also, Bill Sutton, one of the nation’s top sports marketers, joined the DeVos team in its
                                                                                                         second year.
                                                                                                            “It was a dream to get Bill here,” Lapchick says. “He draws the students into client-based
                                                                                                         classes. Bill grounds them in the way the sports business really works.”
                                                                                                            Students in the DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate program must complete 42 hours
                                                                                                         per semester of community work. For example, UCF Sport Business Management graduate stu-
                                                                                                         dents have volunteered for work in the devastated Ninth Ward neighborhood of New Orleans for
                                                                                                         their winter spring and summer breaks since December 2006.
                                                                                                            “We believe our program stands out as one that teaches good citizenship along with good busi-
                                                                                                         ness practices,” Lapchick says. “And we know our graduates get an added dimension to their edu-
                                                                                                         cations through the community volunteer component.”
                                                                                                            On a more sport-oriented experiential front, Rich DeVos provides the Orlando Magic plane for
                                                                                                         students to make a three-day field trip. Each year, second-year students experience an intense,
                                                                                                         whirlwind three day trip in a major sports city. So far, they have visited with team officials in
                                                                                                         Atlanta (Hawks, Thrashers and Georgia Tech), Chicago (Bulls, Black Hawks and Notre Dame) and
                                                                                                         this year they will be going to Boston (Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Boston College).
                                                                                                            The DeVos integrative concept combines the “living classroom” aspect with a rigorous academic
                                                                                                         schedule that keeps teams of students together over two years. The curriculum combines courses
                                                                                                         with an emphasis on diversity, community service and philanthropy, sport and social issues and eth-
                                                                                                         ics with UCF’s strong business curriculum. After two years, the students graduate with a Masters
                                                                                                         in Sport Business Management, an MBA and a family for life.
                                                                                                            “Sport management courses and internships are necessary,” Lapchick says. “It’s also important
                                                                                                         that our graduates are different from their peers at other programs. Based on our track record and
                                                                                                         community feedback where our graduates work, we’re convinced that is exactly what’s happening.” ■

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                                                                                                                                Programs in Sports Business

Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                   Leading schools look to boost paid internships
                                      In 1981, as a graduate student at Ohio University earning a            sated our students for their services.”                                     Gregg Bennett, director of the sport marketing lab at Texas A&M
                                   master’s degree in Sports Administration, Jim Kahler was thankful            University of Central Florida also has its internship period at the   University, says A&M has a mixture of paid and unpaid interns, but
                                   that he had a great program where he could learn the ropes before         end of a grad student’s coursework.                                      the unpaid interns are on the undergraduate level (A&M has 500
                                   going out into the workforce.
                                      Kahler, today the director of the Center of Sports Administration
                                   at Ohio U, also is thankful that in those days, pretty much all gradu-
                                   ate students in sport administration and management programs
                                   received a paycheck when they interned at various sports entities and
                                   corporations around the country.
                                      Today, Kahler and leaders at several of the nation’s top sport
                                   academic programs say that is no longer the case. With competition
                                   increasing among schools, more graduate students receive no income
                                   for their intern work.
                                      Kahler and several peers at leading schools (Arizona State,
                                   University of Central Florida, San Diego State, University of
                                   Memphis, Oregon and Texas A&M) are hoping to reverse the trend.
                                   Mainly, they are thanking the hundreds of companies and sports
                                   entities who already pay interning graduate students. Second, they
                                   want employers who are not doing so to learn from those organiza-
                                   tions – and realize that it’s a win-win scenario.
                                      At the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of
                                   Oregon, Managing Director Paul Swangard has converted many                                                                                         When the leading sport management schools gathered for
                                   reluctant firms by positioning MBA students as consultants rather            “I have always advocated paying internships for my students           the 2008 National Sports Forum Case Cup competition, a topic
                                   than interns. Swangard notes that most students at Oregon have at         over the past 20 years, no matter where I have taught,” says Dr.         of conversation was trying to convince more sport entities to
                                   least two years’ work experience before grad school, making them          Bill Sutton, associate director at UCF’s DeVos Sport Business            pay graduate student interns for their work. Several leading
                                   much more qualified to deliver bottom line results.                       Management Program. “We believe that you get what you pay                schools are taking the lead in the effort nationwide.
                                      “I’ll ask a company to develop a list of projects tied to revenue      for – and that a contractual relationship with payment creates
                                   growth. If a student can contribute to the company’s success while        an atmosphere in which both parties have an investment and, in           undergrads in the sport marketing program), which is not at issue.
                                   also getting experience … it makes it easier to argue the merits of       my opinion, that creates a much higher level of accountability and          “There is an obvious value in paying someone with experience
                                   compensation,” Swangard says.                                             ultimately performance.”                                                 for their work, even if you are paying a lower sum,” he says. “We’re
                                      The San Diego State University program saw the traditional                Richard Irwin, a professor in sport and leisure commerce at           encouraging folks to pay as well as they can, because both sides
                                   summer “internship,” which often connotes an unpaid position, as          the University of Memphis, agrees that ensuring graduate students        benefit.
                                   impractical for graduate students, so it structured its consulting        receive a stipend while serving as interns is in the best interest of       “It’s really a necessity that graduate students are paid during
                                   period at the end of the curriculum.                                      all involved. He adds that entities that do pay grad interns will        internships,” he adds. “After all, the hiring entity is getting a valu-
                                      “This way, students can secure full-time jobs in lieu of internships   treat the situation much more seriously than those who don’t.            able, experienced student. It’s actually a fantastic deal.”
                                   or leverage their availability to stay with an organization longer in        “The difference of the experience a student receives in a paid            “Compensation for our MBA interns is all about a value proposi-
                                   order to increase the value added to the organization,” says Scott        situation versus unpaid can be very wide,” Irwin says. “The sal-         tion and happily, our host organizations have consistently reported
                                   Minto, director of SDSU’s Sports Business Management MBA pro-             ary legitimizes the experience, so the company puts a higher             a satisfactory return on their investment,” concludes Ray Artigue,
                                   gram. “It’s almost impossible for students to support themselves in       degree of importance on the situation and also has heightened            executive director of Arizona State University’s Sports Business
                                   an unpaid position. We applaud every organization that has compen-        expectations.”                                                           Program. ■

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Programs in Sports Business
DePaul University • Chicago, Ill.                                                “We looked into what programs were available, and designed a
                                                                              curriculum for our MBA program,” Young says. “Unlike many of the
     Scott Young, chairman of the Department of Management at                 sport management programs nationwide, we took the approach that
DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, was                sport management works best from within a business curriculum, with
browsing through the business section in a local bookstore a few years        all the necessary accounting and finance courses before taking any
back when he noticed a number of business leadership books by sports          sport-related classes.”
figures, people like coaches Louisville’s Rick Pitino and Duke’s Mike            One strategy driving the DePaul program, according to Young, is
Krzyzewski, to name just a couple.                                            that not every graduate will wind up working for professional teams,
   The experience got him thinking. Soon after, DePaul (www.depaul.           so DePaul preps its students to work in a broad field of sport-related
edu) launched a Leadership in Sports class for business graduate stu-         businesses. For example, the school exposes students to employment
dents. It filled up quickly. The next year, DePaul offered a similar class    opportunities with food and/or soft drink companies, recreation com-
to undergrads. Same result on enrollment.                                     panies or lifetime fitness sports on the pro or collegiate levels.
   At that point, Young realized that DePaul had an opportunity to go            “That way, our students have a more realistic chance of landing a         Senior instructor Sam Manella, a former De Paul
beyond a single class, so in the fall of 2007, it launched a sport man-       job,” he says. “Most of our students in the MBA program are part-time,       basketball player, outlines the intricacies of Chicago
agement MBA program and an undergraduate program with a sport                 so many of them are already working, some in sports, some not.”              baseball to DePaul sport management MBA students.
management concentration.                                                        DePaul’s sport management programs currently draw primarily

 Columbia University • New York. N.Y.
    If you want to find a sports management program in the Ivy               establish learning what the skills the sports industry needs and to          • People with advanced degrees in business, law, journalism or
 League, there is only one place to look. That would be Morningside          develop program content accordingly.                                           among other related fields who are seeking to expand their
 Heights, the New York City neighborhood and home to Columbia                   The Columbia program offers small, intimate classes. Students               credentials in the sports world.
 University, the nation’s 5th oldest university (founded in 1754).           pursue a rigorous, highly focused executive-style program (no elec-
    Just two years ago, Columbia did something no other Ivy League           tives) in a cohort fashion. That is, they are based upon conveying           “Though jobs as sports managers are plentiful, it’s a very com-
 school had ever done before: it launched the Ivy League’s first             broad-based business knowledge and then applying that knowledge           petitive field,” Dr. Rubin says. “Our M.S. in Sports Management
 graduate sports management program.                                         to industry-specific areas.                                               expands professional opportunities by providing students with
    Part of Columbia’s School of Continuing Education, the Master               “This equips students with the basis for comprehending and             advanced, industry-specific training in finance, personnel manage-
 of Science in Sports Management (ce.columbia.edu) is designed to            understanding management issues in sports in a fashion that few           ment, law, marketing and facility and event superintendence.”
 broadly educate sports managers about the industry, while provid-           other schools are able to provide,” notes Dr. Rubin.                         Dr. Rubin explains that Columbia’s M.S. in Sports Management
 ing industry-specific training in finance, personnel management, law,                                                                                  helps its graduates:
 marketing and facility/event superintendence.
    “The Columbia School of Continuing Education’s mission is                                                                                             • Master the management skills and techniques necessary for
 to mount innovative programs that meet Columbia’s standard of                                                                                              success in the sports industry
 excellence, and take the best advantage of University resources,”                                                                                        • Gain a broad understanding of the sports industry.
 says Lucas Rubin, program director. “We developed the Sports                                                                                             • Develop or enhance industry-specific management skills.
 Management program in concert with our NCAA Division I                                                                                                   • Learn from experienced, practicing professionals.
 Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education.                                                                                          • Study and network with a select group of peers.
    “At the same time, it takes effective advantage of Columbia’s
 traditional strengths in finance, marketing, management and law, as                                                                                      Schedule-wise, the M.S. in Sports Management is a part-time
 well as its location in New York City – a nexus of the sports indus-                                                                                   program designed to accommodate working professionals. During
 try,” he adds.                                                                                                                                         the academic year, most courses are 14 weeks long, meeting on
    According to Rubin, Columbia created its M.S. in Sports                                                                                             weekday evenings.
 Management to train students for management positions in all sec-                                                                                        “It’s rigorous, concentrated program that demands a serious
 tors of the sports industry. It offers a combination of broad-based                                                                                    commitment of time and energy,” says Dr. Rubin. “Students are
 and industry-specific skill training – a hallmark of the program              Columbia is the only Ivy League school to offer a graduate               expected to devote significant time to completing reading assign-
 – that is evident in both the content of individual courses and the           sports management program.                                               ments, class assignments, and term projects outside of class.”
 sequence in which degree candidates take the courses.                                                                                                    Dr. Rubin notes that the Columbia program differs from many
    Professionals working in the field helped design the sports                Columbia designed the program to meet the needs of a range of           other programs in that it is a true management-oriented programs,
 management curriculum. Other courses are offered by prestigious             people, including:                                                        with emphasis on communicating broad-based knowledge as well
 Columbia faculty. Course content is continually reviewed and modi-                                                                                    as industry- (and position) appropriate skills and techniques. But
 fied by the sports management advisory board and instructional                 • Professionals working in the industry who would like to              unlike a general M.B.A. program, the Columbia graduate program
 staff to remain current. The curriculum is supplemented with pro-                advance their career by completing a graduate program that           in sports management lets students understand managerial issues
 gramming such as the annual Sports Ethics Symposium, which has                   offers industry-specific training;                                   and challenges in the context of the sports industry.
 featured, among others, faculty member and historian Peter Levine,             • Students with undergraduate degrees in sports or recreation             “We recognize that sport is a business, so our first priority is to
 film director and sports enthusiast Spike Lee and Sonny Vaccaro,                 management who are looking to complete a graduate degree             instill business skills in our students,” he says. “We may be a new
 sports marketing impresario.                                                     in the field;                                                        program, but we take very seriously the quality of students and
    Columbia’s sports management administration also has held                   • People seeking to turn their passion for sports into a new           graduates, which is reflected in the small number of students we
  meetings with league commissioners and other industry leaders to                career;                                                              accept each year.” ■

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Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION
                                   from DePaul undergrads, but Young believes as the MBA program              Some of the skills students can develop through the Drexel pro-      Duquesne University • Pittsburgh, PA
                                   becomes more well-known, it will attract more students from out-        gram include how to apply the fundamentals of business to sport
                                   side the school and the Chicago region.                                 management, how to use knowledge of law and labor relations in             Giving people what they want is typically a very smart busi-
                                       “If you are a true sports person, it’s a fun degree,” Young says,   the sport industry and agency business and how to use existing and      ness strategy. So it’s little wonder that it’s been working well at
                                   adding that if you compare sports with management positions in          emerging technologies in the sport management field. Students           Duquesne University.
                                   most other industries, this is more enjoyable for students because                                                                                 Duquesne developed the first ever online Master of Science in
                                   if they are in the program, they can really relate to sports.                                                                                   Sports Leadership (MSSL) degree (leadership.duq.edu) in response
                                       In fact, that enthusiasm has begun to rub off on Young who                                                                                  to feedback from professional sports industry employers and
                                   signed on to a fantasy baseball league run by students.                                                                                         managers, who indicated a strong demand for leadership skills in
                                       “All of a sudden, I am learning ballplayers’ names again,” he                                                                               today’s dynamic global marketplace.
                                   says. ■                                                                                                                                            According to Steve Greenberg, executive in residence, sports
                                                                                                                                                                                   marketing, and associate director of Duquesne’s MSSL, the knowl-
                                   Drexel University • Philadelphia, PA                                                                                                            edge and skills mastered in the Duquesne program will expand the

                                      Launched in 2007, the Drexel University Sport Management
                                   Program offers a Master of Science (M.S.) in Sport Management
                                   through Goodwin College.
                                      Dave O’Brien, J.D, director of sport management, describes the
                                   Drexel M.S. as a unique advanced degree program designed to help         Drexel University Sport Management students get a chance
                                   sports administrators and managers understand the connections            to learn from the pro’s on a visit to the Philadelphia Eagles
                                   between the sports industry and traditional business principles and      Training Camp.
                                      Basically, there are four points of concentration in the M.S.
                                   program: sports marketing, sports business, sports media and            also will utilize the knowledge and skills learned through the M.S.
                                   sports law. Drexel also has had an undergraduate sports manage-         program to produce an in-depth research project or thesis, which
                                   ment program for four years and started an online program in            will serve to advance the study of sport management.
                                   January 2008.                                                              “Our program is right for those who already work within the
                                      “We want our students to see themselves in one of those four         sport industry and seek professional advancement,” O’Brien says.
                                   areas,” says O’Brien, a former athletic director at Long Beach          “But it’s also a good program for others who work in more main-
                                   State in southern California, Temple University in Philadelphia         stream sectors, such as marketing, finance or insurance and would
                                   and Northeastern University in Boston.                                  like to change fields or move into the more specialized field of
                                      What makes the Drexel M.S. in Sport Management (drexel.              sport management.”
                                                                                                              Finally, O’Brien says being located in sports-rich Philadelphia is    Steve Greenberg (far right), executive in residence and
                                   edu/goodwin/programs/smt) program different? For starters,                                                                                       associate director of Duquesne’s M.S. in Sports Leadership,
                                   O’Brien says Goodwin College serves as an excellent environment         also a great resource for the Drexel program. Apart from the usual
                                                                                                           quartet of professional teams (Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and Phillies),
                                                                                                                                                                                    says students leave with the “tool set” to become sports
                                   for graduate and undergraduate students learning, researching and                                                                                industry managers and executives.
                                   practicing in sport management.                                         there is a second level of pro teams (hockey, arena football,
                                      Also, it offers full-time pracitioner members with diverse back-     etc.), more than a dozen colleges and sports-related companies
                                   grounds, so students receive the best balance of theory and practi-     (Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company, is headquartered in       leadership and ethical “tool set” among sports industry managers.
                                   cal knowledge. Another advantage is small classes, allowing for         Philadelphia).                                                          The program covers strategic marketing, legal issues, sales manage-
                                   more hands-on learning, close relationships with fellow students           “Of course, Philadelphia is located mid-way between New York         ment and negotiation, media, leading people and more.
                                   and professors and an emphasis on group discussion over lectures.       City and the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region, so we have our             “Until now, many sports professionals looking to develop
                                   In a related area, since Drexel is known for its cooperative edu-       city, plus two of the largest metro areas in the nation to draw from    their leadership skills have had to rely upon on-the-job train-
                                   cational program, there is plenty of experiential learning through      when it comes to internships and job placement. Location-wise,          ing and informal mentoring among colleagues,” says Greenberg,
                                   practicum or research projects.                                         that’s an advantage.” ■                                                 formerly vice president of New Ballpark Development and

                              34                                                       STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                 ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                          JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Programs in Sports Business
Communication for the Pittsburgh Pirates (in that role, he coordi-                                                                                 degree since 1992, with the graduate program being introduced in
nated the design and construction of PNC Park).                                                                                                    2005. If there is a philosophy the program has followed all along,
    Now in its third year, Greenberg says he is amazed at the diversity                                                                            it is “think small.”
of the students in the program, ranging from very high executives to                                                                                   That is, not in terms of student career goals or academic plans,
coaches on the sports side, and account representatives to assistant                                                                               but in terms of class size.
public relations directors on the marketing side. Current students                                                                                     According to John Wolohan, a professor and chair of the
include collegiate coaches, athletic directors, senior directors, ticket                                                                           school’s Sport Management and Media department, there are
managers and other professionals representing major league base-                                                                                   many ways in which the Ithaca program differentiates itself from
ball, NBA, stadiums and minor league baseball and more.                                                                                            the pack, but the fact that admissions are limited to 25 undergrad-
    “The backbone for success in any program is its substance, and                                                                                 uates and 20 graduate students is a major one. At Ithaca, under-
Duquesne’s online sports leadership program is a tremendous way                                                                                    graduate programs include sport management (B.S.), sport media
for the busy professional to take their career to the next level, with     Georgetown’s Master of Professional Studies in Sports                   (B.S.) and sport studies (B.A.), while the graduate program offers
one of the top sports leadership programs in the country,” says            Industry Management offers students primary tracks in                   an M.S. in sport management. By offering all these programs
Len Komoroski, president, Cleveland Cavaliers.                             Strategic Marketing, Communications & New Media; and                    under one department, Wolohan says, “there is great synergy in the
    Due to the online nature of Duquesne’s MSSL, there is no ceil-         Business, Management & Operations.                                      way all of our sport programs work together.”
ing on students able to enroll.                                                                                                                        “One of our strengths is that we offer two small, selective pro-
    “We targeted a goal of 16 people the first year, and 32 in                 “The program builds on Georgetown’s academic strengths,” says       grams, which means we can really focus on the important aspects
2007,” Greenberg says. By the fall, Duquesne had more than 100             Robert L. Manuel, PhD, dean of the School of Continuing Studies.        of careers in sport,” Wolohan says. “From day one, we assign an
people in the program and its first class to graduate earned their         “Students make connections by working with sports executives to         advisor to each student. That advisor serves as a mentor, someone
degrees last August.                                                       solve problems that affect the industry. We want to make sure that      who students can talk to about academic goals, career plans, etc.”
    “Several students have recommended the program to colleagues,          each graduate has theoretical knowledge, practical experience and           Apart from the classroom, Ithaca sport management (ithaca.
Greenberg adds. “That response says that not only is this unique, but      solid relationships that will help them advance their careers.”         edu/academics/programs/sm) students learn through two separate
it really has merit. Many executives want to take their careers to             Matt Winkler, associate dean, is directing the program. Winkler     work experiences, tailored to a person’s specific interest. For exam-
next level and help the organizations they already work for.” ■            has worked in the sports industry for 15 years and has developed an     ple, they would not work in a football program if baseball is their
                                                                           annual national sports career conference.
Georgetown University • Washington, D.C.                                       “Our program has been created with the input of top sports
                                                                           executives. Many classes will be taught by industry executives,”         Apart from
    When you look down the list of Georgetown graduates in the sport       Winkler says. Apart from coursework, students also will be involved      the classroom,
industry, you have a pretty good sense that the Master of Professional     in industry-based research and action -based problem learning.           Ithaca sport
Studies (MPS) in Sports Industry Management program, which                     According to Winkler, much of the degree program’s agenda will       management
                                                                           be set by an Advisory Board, a select group of executives from a
                                                                                                                                                    students learn
launches in the fall of 2008, is headed in the right direction.
                                                                                                                                                    through two
    Ted Leonsis, business mogul and owner of the NHL Washington            variety of sports, business and technology organizations.
                                                                                                                                                    separate work
Capitals and the WNBA Washington Mystics, is a Georgetown grad.                Naturally, Winkler says being in the Washington, D.C. metro mar-     experiences
So is Mark Abbott, president of Major League Soccer (MLS).                 ket is a good thing as well, as Georgetown can use local resources       tailored to
Arizona Cardinals’ owner Bill Bidwill is a Hoya and so is Paul             for internships, rather than have graduate students leave for a          a student’s
Tagliabue, retired commissioner of NFL. The impressive list goes           semester to get hands-on experience.                                     specific
on and on. With that as the context, Georgetown’s new Master of                “Georgetown has always had a tradition focused on developing         interests.
Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management (scs.george-            the whole person,” Winkler says. “The School of Continuing Studies
town.edu/sports) program promises to be a winner.                          also focuses on industry changes, which means we have the flexibility
    The Georgetown MPS in Sports Industry Management,                      to add curriculum and adapt to global marketplace trends.” ■            primary interest. If they are interested in marketing, then they will
delivered via Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies, is a                                                                                      get their work experience at a large sport marketing firm.
full or part-time, 30-credit program, with two primary tracks:             Ithaca College • Ithaca, NY                                                Networking also plays a critical role at Ithaca College. For
Strategic Marketing, Communications & New Media; and Business,                                                                                     example, every spring students in the Sport Networking & Events
Management & Operations.                                                     Ithaca College has offered an undergraduate sport management          Club (SNEC) organize, promote and manage an Annual Hole-in-One

JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008                                      STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                  ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                     35
Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION
                                   Golf Tournament weekend. Originally, the main focus of the golf                                                                                 might teach only theory. We provide the theory, but we are equally
                                   tournament has been to provide an event for students to network                                                                                 interested in what’s happening in the actual business of sports.”
                                   with alumni currently working in the sport industry. While still pro-                                                                              If “experiential” learning is the thing at Lynn, its out-of-the-
                                   viding these opportunities, the tournament has shifted focus to help                                                                            classroom efforts certainly demonstrate it.
                                   support a scholarship fund for sport management majors in the                                                                                       “The Final Four® Experience,” has proven to be a signature
                                   department.                                                                                                                                     course for the program. In the semester-long class, students learn
                                      Wolohan says another strength is that Ithaca College is an                                                                                   about major intercollegiate sports event management. Then they
                                   undergrad institution historically, which means all courses are                                                                                 travel to the Men’s Final Four® and work with the NCAA and its
                                   taught by full-time faculty. And while the Ithaca program resides in                                                                            partners to run college sport’s biggest event.
                                   the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, students                                                                                      Each year, the school takes a group of students to the Baseball
                                   are required to take all of their business foundation courses within                                                                            Winter Meetings for three days of intense learning sessions. This past
                                   the School of Business. ■                                                                                                                       winter, 16 Lynn sports management students spent the first week
                                                                                                                                                                                   of December rubbing shoulders with baseball executives, coaches,
                                   Loyola University Chicago • Chicago, Ill.                                                                                                       agents, journalists and sporting goods company owners assembled in
                                                                                                              Mark Lubus, center, won the 2008 Key Award for having the            Nashville, Tenn., for the Meetings. Lynn students created their own
                                      To Keith Lambrecht, director, Sport Management Programs, at             highest overall GPA in Loyola Chicago’s sport management             educational conference, garnering dozens of exclusive meetings with
                                   Loyola University, Chicago, (luc.edu/sba) the most important thing         program.                                                             decision makers from around Minor League Baseball and Major
                                   for sport management students on both graduate and undergraduate                                                                                League Baseball, including those with the Florida Marlins – the
                                   levels is to be ready to “hit the ground running” upon graduation.          “Having our sport management program residing in the School         franchise that resides just a half-hour south of Lynn’s campus.
                                      So naturally, that’s exactly what students graduating from            of Business Administration means our students will get all they
                                   Loyola University Chicago’s sport management degree programs             need to succeed in the business of sports,” says Lambrecht.
                                   are prepared to do when graduation day arrives.                             “We’ve only been in existence since 2005 and already we have an
                                      “Networking is very important, but if you are not prepared, it        outstanding record of placing our graduates in the sport industry.”
                                   won’t mean anything in the long run,” says Lambrecht.                       The school also invites some of the most respected sports busi-
                                      Loyola’s Water Tower Campus is located just off North                 ness leaders to speak. This year, Glen Warner Roseboom, director
                                   Michigan Avenue (aka the “Magnificent Mile”) in downtown                 of the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs,
                                   Chicago, which puts it in the heart of the Windy City’s sports and       met with students and counseled them on best strategies for break-
                                   entertainment center. Opportunities for current students and recent      ing into the industry.
                                   graduates include the Chicago Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs                “With the plethora of sports and major companies in Chicago,
                                   and White Sox, dozens of companies, such as Advance Media and            the internship possibilities are endless,” he says. “It’s more about
                                   CSMG Sports and amateur organizations and leagues.                       business than it is about sports. We approach sports strictly as a
                                      The Loyola sport management program focuses on the essentials in      business, as part of the world of entertainment.” ■                     With “The Final Four® Experience,” a signature course,
                                   sport finance, law and marketing, as well as on the economics of the                                                                             Lynn University students travel to the Men’s Final Four®
                                   dynamic sports industry. Coursework also covers sport facility man-      Lynn University • Boca Raton, Fla.                                      (this photo is from San Antonio) and work with the NCAA
                                   agement. At the same time, the program emphasizes the importance                                                                                 and its partners to run college sport’s biggest event.
                                   of developing strong written and oral communication skills. Students        At Lynn University (lynn.edu), students live the business of
                                   also study business ethics to enhance future decision making.            sports management – from working at the Final Four® to expe-              Next up for Lynn University students? “The Super Bowl
                                      “We give our students a tremendous curriculum,” Lambrecht             riencing the Baseball Winter Meetings to helping manage a PGA          Experience,” a semester-long course on major professional sports
                                   says. “But, just as critical is being located in Chicago, a sports and   Tour event – through an innovative and individualized, hands-on        management, which will culminate with the students working at
                                   entertainment hotbed.”                                                   learning approach.                                                     sports’ biggest game.
                                      Lambrecht adds that being part of the business school is anoth-          “We deliver a real-world concept of learning to students,” says        “We get them out into the field, so they can experience the reality
                                   er differentiator for the Loyola programs, which are offered by          Ted Curtis, professor of sports management at Lynn University’s        of sports business,” Curtis says, adding that the rich South Florida
                                   the School of Business Administration as BBA and MBA in Sport            College of Hospitality Management, which offers bachelor’s             sports landscape also gives the small school a massive menu of
                                   Management.                                                              degrees in sports management. “We understand that many schools         internship opportunities.

                              36                                                        STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                 ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                          JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                     SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Programs in Sports Business
   “It’s a huge part of our philosophy,” Curtis explains. “Everyone             internships include numerous opportunities from the NY Knicks,         interesting topics and speakers to campus, such as Rick Wolf of
in the industry understands what we are doing. Bottom line is that a            Madison Square Garden (MSG), Versus Network, NY Mets, NJ               the Sports Edge, and many senior executives from the NFL, MLB,
great sport management program is not just about what happens in                Nets, NY Yankees, Steiner Sports, The Sports Museum of America,        ESPN, WFAN, NY Yankees, NY Mets, NY Islanders, CBS Sports,
the classroom – it’s about bringing the real world of the sports busi-          Altheus, InSiteMarketing, The Puck Agency, International Fight         ANC Sports, Velocity Sports Marketing, Octagon, OMD, MSG and
ness to the students.”                                                          League, Comcast and the Philadelphia 76ers.                            numerous others
   “Final Four” is a registered trademark of the National Collegiate Athletic                                                                             Most of all, networking is a major part of what Manhattanville
Association and is used with permission of the NCAA. ■                                                                                                 has to offer.
                                                                                                                                                          “From the professionals we attract as adjunct professors to our
Manhattanville College • Purchase, N.Y.                                                                                                                advisory board, students in the program receive tremendous exposure
                                                                                                                                                       and unique networking opportunities in the field,” Torromeo says. ■
   It’s only been in existence for two years, but the M.S. in Sports
Business Management (SBM) program at Manhattanville College
(manhattanville.edu) is thriving.                                                                                                                      University of Massachusetts
   “We had our first group of 15 graduates finish in May, and they                                                                                     Amherst, Mass.
went through the program pretty rapidly,” says Dave Torromeo,
director of the M.S. in Sports Business Management (SBM) pro-                                                                                             At 38 years of age, the University of Massachusetts Department
gram at Manhattanville, located in leafy Westchester County.                                                                                           of Sport Management ranks as the second-oldest sport manage-
   As a result, there are some good success stories, including full-                                                                                   ment department in the country.
time positions with the New York Yankees, United State Tennis                                                                                             There’s no doubt that in the sport management academic world,
Association, Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association, World                                                                                              with longevity comes success.
Wrestling Entertainment [WWE] and others.                                                                                                                 Lisa Masteralexis, department head for Sport Management
                                                                                 Manhattanville College had its first group of M.S. in Sports
   Torromeo, formerly vice president of Operations for the                       Business Management graduates this past May.                          (isenberg.umass.edu/sportmgt), offers several solid reasons for the
National Football Foundation and the College Hall of Fame, says                                                                                        program’s longevity and stellar reputation ... reasons like a dedi-
Manhattanville is very focused on networking and external events,                                                                                      cated faculty, selective admissions (and small classes) and a very
ways in which graduates can get a leg up when it comes to finding                  “This is working exactly the way we envisioned it,” Torromeo        committed alumni network of more than 2,500.
the right job upon graduation.                                                  says.                                                                     Masteralexis singles out the department’s Center for Spectator
   “We really stress networking as a piece of the puzzle along with                The Manhattanville SBM department also created The Center           Sport Research, which gives students “hands on” experience in an
hard work and study. Often, it’s about who you know,” he says.                  of Ethics in Sport at Manhattanville (CESAM), which serves as a        agency setting for sports industry projects under Director Tracy
   As part of the program’s networking effort, guest speakers have              networking component that enhances the experience for students,        Schoenadel. The Center and students through coursework have
included the top Labor Relations people for both the NFL (Peter                 professors and sports industry executives. An abundance of sport       completed 20 industry projects.
Ruocco, SVP) and MLB (Rob Manfred, EVP) as well as senior                       business industry executives live and/or work in Fairfield and            In fact, the projects vary from community relations with the
officials from WFAN radio (sports talk in NYC), the Yankees, Mets               Westchester counties and these additional programs will offer vari-    Boston Celtics and the City of Springfield, Mass., to sales strategy
and other area teams and organizations. In fall 2008, the program               ous professional services, Torromeo notes.                             with the Boston Bruins and UMass Athletics, to sport marketing
will offer another new elective, Sport Journalism, taught by Barry                 CESAM’s mission, he adds, is to examine the perennial issues        with Red Bull and the NY/NJ Red Bulls, Octagon, MLS, UMass
Wilner, a veteran Associated Press sports journalist.                           and questions confronting the sports industry that impact conduct,     Athletics and the Dew Action Sports Tour. Other organizations
   “This year, our sports marketing class was taught by a vice                  character and community, and to challenge individuals to maintain      include Reebok, Turnkey Sports, Twins Enterprises, Sports Identity,
president at Velocity Sports and Entertainment,” he says. “We                   the ideal social and spiritual conditions in furthering the cause of   Dinn Brothers Sports Trophies, Amherst Youth Soccer Association,
don’t hone in on one specific area of the industry. We try to give              athletics.                                                             Clif Bar and Puma.
our students experience in all areas. For example, the sport jour-                 “We will promote and develop the qualities of leadership,              “The students are doing industry work, solving problems and
nalism class will have students getting assignments and covering                sportsmanship, competitive zeal and the drive for academic and         innovating,” Masteralexis says. “Plus, real-life research projects
a sporting event, so they can get an honest feel for what it is all             professional excellence in an ethical manner,” Torromeo explains.      allow graduates to enter the workforce with actual experience, way
about.” In the sports media class, students learn how “carriage”                “We also emphasize our internships, networking and working out-        beyond the classroom.”
deals are made and about “new” media.                                           side the classroom.”                                                      The UMass program offers bachelors, masters and PhD degrees
   To help students get a real feel for the business, Manhattanville               CESAM events and SBM Speaker Series have brought some               in Sport Management, and delivers a computerized alumni data-

JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008                                           STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                 ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                    37
Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION
                                                                                                                          for all decisions made on the program’s direction.                                                hope to see continued growth in the program.
                                                                                                                              Jubenville believes that having students who are “moldable” not                                  “Our goal is to reach out to the fan base in Middle Tennessee and
                                                                                                                          only provide credibility to both the academic discipline and profes-                              articulate the value that we have in terms of a sport property and in
                                                                                                                          sion, those students also can adapt to meet the critical demands of                               terms of quality of life,” Jubenville says. The program is in its second
                                                                                                                          the industry for long-term professional success. The MTSU program,                                year, and is expected to continue to be a critical piece for both the
                                                                                                                          which has had more than 80 graduates during the past eight years,                                 sport management program and school athletics.
                                                                                                                          continues to build its regional footprint by recruiting nationally and                               “The foundation of our program is established,” Jubenville says.
                                                                                                                          providing the region’s marquee sport properties with its graduates.                               “The industry knows who we are, knows what we value, and always
                                                                                                                              The MTSU program also is home to the Journal of Sport                                         gives strong consideration to our graduates. ESPN, the Atlanta

                                                                                                           Ben Barnhart
                                                                                                                          Administration and Supervision (jsaonline.org), a great opportunity                               Braves and Nashville Predators, are just a few of the entities who
                                                                                                                          for students to be exposed to the academic research process and how                               have hired our graduates.” ■
                                                                                                                          it can be applied.
                                                                                                                              Partnerships also continue to be a priority at MTSU (mtsu.edu).
                                    At the University of Massachusetts, students are doing                                Currently, several proposals are under review that would create                                   New York University • New York, N.Y.
                                    industry work, solving problems and innovating through
                                    real-life research projects.                                                                                                                                                                When your marketing slogan is “The City is our Laboratory…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Industry is our Faculty … Our Students are the Future of the
                                   base, a director of internships and a career development seminar.                                                                                                                        Profession,” it pretty much says it all.
                                      Masteralexis says UMass is one of the few programs with a                                                                                                                                 That happens to be the slogan at New York University’s
                                   stand-alone department in a business school (the Isenberg School                                                                                                                         Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports
                                   of Management). It has the nation’s highest full-time faculty num-                                                                                                                       Management (scps.nyu.edu), located in the heart of Manhattan.
                                   ber, at 13 – all focused on teaching the program.                                                                                                                                        Now in its 13th year, the NYU Tisch Center offers innovative and
                                      “That gives the students a breadth of education and learning                                                                                                                          entrepreneurial graduate (M.S. Sports Business and a Graduate
                                   opportunities,” she says.                                                                                                                                                                Certificate in Sports Business) and undergraduate (B.S. Sports

                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Daily News Journal
                                      The UMass Sport Management Department also is fortunate to                                                                                                                            Management and Leisure Studies) programs focused squarely on
                                   have strong university support, so that it does not have to rely on                                                                                                                      the business of sports — finance, marketing, media, promotions
                                   faculty from other departments to teach. It also is not heavily reli-                                                                                                                    and merchandizing. Undergraduate students choose among three
                                   ant on part-time faculty to come in to teach after work.                                                                                                                                 concentrations (Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Sports
                                      With its prime location in the Northeast Corridor, UMass                                                                                                                              Facility Management or Sports Business Development), while
                                   has proximity to not one, but three major markets: Boston (90                                                                                                                            graduate students have two choices of focus (Marketing and Media
                                   miles), New York (160 miles) and Philadelphia (300 miles). “We                           Colby Jubenville, who leads the MTSU sport management                                           or Finance and Development).
                                   emphasize internship placements and alumni relations,” she says.                         program, helped create the Blue Raider Sales & Marketing                                            “New York University and New York City offer students an
                                   “And we conduct annual alumni events and take students to those                          program.                                                                                        unparalleled professional venue to study the business of sports,”
                                   markets and industry meetings (NBA Career Fair, MLB Winter                                                                                                                               says Steven Lambert, director, administration and industry rela-
                                   Meetings and NACDA).” ■                                                                Sport Management Fellowship opportunities in all aspects of the                                   tions, at the NYU Tisch Center. “In addition to stellar academics
                                                                                                                          sport industry. The Nashville Predators, Nashville Superspeedway                                  and applied research, NYU offers advantages such as relationships
                                   Middle Tennessee State University                                                      and the Nashville Sounds all continue to provide great support for                                with major sports organizations for our interns and graduates and
                                   Murfreesboro, Tenn.                                                                    the program and continue to be great resources for both internship                                initiatives such as our Teaching Sports Centers.”
                                                                                                                          and employment opportunities.                                                                         Lambert is referring to the program’s Teaching Sports Centers
                                      The graduate Sport Management Program at Middle Tennessee                              Jubenville has also partnered internally with the athletic depart-                             at Chelsea Piers and NBA Entertainment, where students learn
                                   State University (mtsu.edu) is centered on three core values:                          ment to create the Blue Raider Sales and Marketing Program,                                       from management teams of both organizations — part of the con-
                                   MTSU students must learn to be moldable, credible and adaptable.                       where students are recruited who have a background in sales to                                    cept of utilizing New York City as a living laboratory.
                                      According to Dr. Colby Jubenville, who has led the MTSU pro-                        become the “face and the voice” for Blue Raider athletics. Jubenville,                                “We teach classes right on court in the NBA Store,” Lambert
                                   gram since 2001, those three core values provide the foundation                        along with Brad Smith, director of marketing for MTSU atheltics,                                  says. “It is very unique.”

                              38                                                       STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                                 ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                     JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008
                                                                                                                                                            SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Programs in Sports Business
  Tisch Center undergraduate advantages include:                          Internships play a key role in both the undergraduate and           that contribute to continuous improvement of business education
                                                                       graduate programs. Undergraduates complete two internships and         and accredits qualified business programs.
  • Two required industry internships – one of 300 hours during        graduate students are required to complete an internship of 300           “Our company has a genuine partnership with NCU,” Lashbrook
    junior year and another of 400 hours in senior year – which        hours. International travel and study, through the 14 worldwide        explains. “NCU already offers many degrees and opportunities, but
    are enhanced with concurrent courses in workplace challeng-        campuses of NYU Study Abroad, are also increasingly popular            what we do is take my unique background as professor, coach and
    es, managerial decision-making and leadership development          – and vital – among students.                                          academic advisor, and offer a cutting edge curriculum.”
  • Professional development includes seminar courses on pro-             “Today’s sports industry is increasingly sophisticated,” Lambert       Lashbrook notes that advanced degrees are not a requirement to
    fessional dress, etiquette, resumes, cover letters, interviewing   says. “Nine years ago, we morphed former health, recreation and        work for most professional sports teams. “Anyone who wants to be
    strategies and networking                                          parks degree programs into one comprehensive undergraduate             an AD or work on a college campus, though, should pursue a gradu-
                                                                       degree with a classic liberal arts foundation to prepare students      ate degree.”
                                                                       for the profession of sports business as well as personal success as      Online courses within the NCU Sport Management curriculum
                                                                       global citizens. And our graduate program, at five years old, con-
                                                                       tinues to thrive.” ■
                                                                                                                                              Muhammad Ra’oof,
                                                                                                                                              a sergeant with the
                                                                       Northcentral University                                                Multnomah County
                                                                       Prescott Valley, Ariz.                                                 Sheriff’s Office in
                                                                                                                                              Portland, Ore., recently
                                                                          When Northcentral University (www.ncu.edu) launches a new           completed an MBA
                                                                       graduate program, it begins with a worldwide search for faculty. So    with Northcentral
                                                                       when it was decided in 2004 to offer a program in sports manage-       University and serves as
                                                                       ment and leadership, Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook was the logical choice.     an NCU Ambassador,
                                                                          Lashbrook, a professional with a lifelong passion for growing       willing to share his
                                                                       dynamic sports programs, has been working and teaching in sports       experience with others
                                                                       management for more than 35 years. As president and founder of         considering enrollment
                                                                                                                                              at the online school.
                                                                       Sports Management Worldwide (www.smww.com), the first ever
 NYU graduate students (from left) Jess Mizerak, Michael               online sports management company with a primary mission to edu-
 Marino, Nicole DeMuro and Angelo Solomita met Toby                    cate future sports business executives, Lashbrook brought a repu-      include The Pre-Game Warm-up to Sports Management, Leadership
 Clark (center), of Street & Smith’s Conference Group, at the          tation for high-energy, thorough training in all aspects of athletic   in Collegiate Athletics, Leadership and the Professional World of
 Sports Sponsorship Symposium .                                        leadership to the 100 percent online university.                       Sports, Sports Leadership and Ethics, Advising the Student Athlete,
                                                                          Northcentral University’s own reputation as an innovator in         and Level the Playing Field: Diversity in Sports.
  • Teaching faculty include seasoned industry professionals who       online education — NCU has more business PhD students than any            “The NCU and Sports Management Worldwide partnership is
    know and teach current trends. The size of major classes is        other institution in America — made it a perfect fit for SMWW,         preferable to anyone else in the world when it comes to sports man-
    approximately 25-30 students. University-wide, the student         which already trained thousands of students every year for sports      agement education,” Lashbrook says. ■
    to faculty ratio is 13:1 and the average class size is less than   business careers. Now in his fourth year with NCU, Lashbrook
    30 students.                                                       continues to assist NCU in developing world class Master’s and
                                                                                                                                              Northeastern University • Boston, Mass.
  • Academic advisors maintain weekly office hours and provide         Doctoral programs in sports management. NCU offers a specializa-
    personal attention                                                 tion in sports management leadership in its master’s (MBA and             If you are looking to discuss academic programs where col-
                                                                       MEd) and doctoral programs (PhD, DBA, and EdD) in business and         laboration is critical, you need look no farther than Northeastern
   In addition, the NYU Tisch Center works with Madison Square         education.                                                             University.
Garden, Major League Baseball, the National Football League,              NCU is not only accredited by the Higher Learning Commission,          At Northeastern, the Master of Sports Leadership degree pro-
Major League Soccer and many other sports enterprises to set up        but its School of Business & Technology Management is accredited       gram (spcs.neu.edu) was developed in a collaborative effort between
internships, guest speakers, career positions and community service    by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs         the School of Professional and Continuing Studies and the presti-
opportunities.                                                         (ACBSP). ACBSP develops, promotes, and recognizes best practices       gious Center for the Study of Sport in Society.

JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008                                   STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                   39
Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION
                                                                                                                                                                                         Professional and Continuing Studies.
                                    UNC Charlotte • Charlotte, N.C.                                                                                                                         Northeastern’s program also leverages the strengths and experi-
                                                                                                                                                                                         ence of the school’s Athletic Department, which participates in 19
                                                                                                                                                                                         NCAA Division I sports.
                                        When it comes to location, the University of North Carolina at         develops a depth of knowledge in the sports industry to complement           The curriculum is designed to provide professional preparation
                                    Charlotte is sitting pretty.                                               the breadth of knowledge in business.                                     for leadership positions with professional sports teams; colleges and
                                        After all, Charlotte, the second-largest banking center in the             Finally, a six-month professional internship ensures that students    universities with intercollegiate athletic programs; intramural and
                                    country and among the nation’s fastest-growing metro areas,                develop their career networks and gain hands-on experience.               recreation programs; amateur athletic organizations; private and
                                    also is home to a multitude of professional sporting enterprises:,             “We’re excited about placing our first class into their internships   public health fitness clubs; corporate fitness and wellness programs;
                                    Lowe’s Motor Speedway, the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, the NBA’s              next year,” Swayne said. “Both students and employers will have the       sports stadiums and arenas; and sports marketing, communications,
                                    Charlotte Bobcats, the Charlotte Knights and the Charlotte Checkers        opportunity to interview each other to ensure that there is a good        and management firms.
                                    (minor-league baseball and hockey, respectively), the Wachovia PGA         fit. We want the internship to be a career stepping-stone for the stu-       It is offered in an executive hybrid format, combining online
                                    Championship and more.                                                     dent, but we also want to ensure that the employer benefits by hav-       courses with intensive one-week summer institutes in Boston, allow-
                                        The NASCAR Hall of Fame, currently under construction in the           ing a bright, motivated student who can take on a variety of special
                                                                                                                                                                                         ing students to participate from outside the immediate Boston area.
                                    center city, cemented Charlotte’s reputation as the ultimate destina-      projects and contribute to the organization.”
                                                                                                                                                                                         There are three basic applicant types: Degree applicants, certificate
                                    tion for race fans. It’s estimated that more than three-quarters of            The MBAS program’s impressive advisory board has served a
                                    all NASCAR teams and motorsports-related ad agencies, consul-              key role in both developing the curriculum and guiding the internship
                                    tants and marketing organizations have a presence in the Charlotte         process. The board includes top executives from variety of sports-         Northeastern’s
                                    region. Then there are all the amateur and lifestyle sports thriving       related operations in Charlotte, including Mark Richardson from the        Master of Sports
                                    in the Charlotte area, including the new U.S. National Whitewater          Carolina Panthers, Mac Everett from the Wachovia Championship              Leadership
                                    Center, only one of two in the world.                                                                                                                 program
                                        So when UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business began                                                                                            leverages the
                                    offering an MBA in Sports Marketing and Management (MBAS)                                                                                             strengths and
                                    last August, it capitalized on the region’s vast sports network by                                                                                    experience of the
                                    offering academic concentrations in three key sport sectors: motor-                                                                                   school’s Athletic
                                    sports, team sports or individual sports/event management.
                                        According to Dr. Linda Swayne, chair of the Department of
                                                                                                                                                                                          participates in 19
                                    Marketing in the Belk College and MBAS program director, the
                                                                                                                                                                                          NCAA Division I
                                    UNC Charlotte MBAS (sportsmba.uncc.edu) is an intensive, selec-                                                                                       sports.
                                    tive two-year program for highly motivated students. The program
                                                                                                              UNC Charlotte’s MBA in Sports Marketing and Management
                                    admits only 15 students per year, who will go through the program
                                                                                                              program will graduate its first class in 2009.
                                    as a cohort.                                                                                                                                         applicants (graduate certificate program in a specialized area), and
                                        Students in the program have a wide variety of academic back-                                                                                    general admission applicant (taking individual courses).
                                    grounds and professional interests, but their motivation for enrolling     and Jill Gregory from NASCAR. Ray Bednar, senior vice president              “In my mind, what sets our program apart from others is the
                                    at UNC Charlotte is the same: to gain an advantage in the sports-          at Bank of America, serves as board chair.                                emphasis on leadership as opposed to management,” says Peter
                                    business job market.                                                           “The Sports Advisory Board is one of our major assets,”               P. Roby, director of Athletics & Recreation, at Northeastern. “The
                                        “It’s no secret that competition is fierce in the sports industry      Swayne says. “Most of all, they’re actively participating by attend-      other is the connection to the Center for the Study of Sport in
                                    for a very limited number of positions,” Swayne says. “We want             ing networking events with the students, providing guidance to            Society and our values.
                                    to ensure that our students are making the right connections,              ensure that our curriculum is relevant and providing internship              “If you combine these advantages with being located at
                                    and building their skill sets so they will be extremely attractive to      opportunities.”                                                           Northeastern and in the city of Boston, with access to some of
                                    employers. Walking in the door, they should make a contribution.”             Also, all advisory board members have agreed to take one intern        the most successful professional sports franchises in the world, it
                                        MBAS student spend their first year in the program taking              per cohort group. They are also providing special networking and          becomes clear why our program has been so popular in only three
                                    traditional MBA classes (such as finance, organizational behavior          short-term learning experiences, such as allowing a group of students     years,” he adds. ■
                                    and accounting) to develop their business and management skills.           to shadow Sprint marketing staff during the All-Star race in May.
                                    Several of these core courses tailor the curriculum to focus on               The UNC Charlotte MBAS is one of only a handful of MBA                 Ohio University • Athens, Ohio
                                    the industry, including Sports Law and Sports Economics. Noted             programs focused on sports marketing and management offered by
                                    Charlotte sports attorney William Bray serves as an adjunct instruc-       an AACSB-accredited institution. The program has been added to               When it comes to bringing sports business under the academic
                                    tor for the Sports Law course, for example bringing his extensive          the Academic Common Market, a cooperative agreement between               microscope, Ohio University (sportsad.ohio.edu) started it all.
                                    practical experience to the classroom. Other MBAS instructors draw         North Carolina and 15 southern states. The ACM may enables resi-             Back in 1966, the university became the first institution of higher
                                    from their research and consulting backgrounds in sports.                  dents of some participating states to pay their in-state tuition rate     learning to integrate the study of sports as a business into its cur-
                                        Two summer classes – Marketing of Sports and Marketing                 to study in degree programs not available in their home states.           riculum. Helped along by the vision of Walter O’Malley, legendary
                                    through Sports – provide the foundation for the second year of the         “We’re all about the business side of sports. That’s totally our          owner of the then-Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodgers and the
                                    program, where students take elective courses tailored to their pre-       focus,” Swayne says. “We try to give students a long-term strategic       leadership of Dr. James Mason, Ohio University developed the first
                                    ferred concentration. Topics range from negotiations to personal sell-     orientation and business mindset. After all, sports today is definitely   sports administration program. The rest, as they say, is history.
                                     ing to promotions and entrepreneurship, ensuring that the student         a business.” ■                                                               “One of the things we’re known for is our alumni base of over
                                                                                                                                                                                         1,100 graduates who are working in all aspects of the sports
                                      As a result, not only are academics a critical piece of the strategy,    career athletic professionals prepare for exciting careers in the         business industry. Being first in any category provides a distinct
                                   with a “practice-oriented” approach, the program’s focus also is on         growing college and professional sports industry,” says Mark Gould,       and competitive advantage that provides our students with a built
                                   the important concept of using “sport to create                             senior assistant dean, academic and faculty affairs, and director,        in network,” says Jim Kahler, executive director of the Center of
                                      “Our Masters in Sports Leadership is designed to help mid-               Management, Leadership, and Technology Division, at the School of         Sports Administration at Ohio University.

                              40                                                         STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                     ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                            JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Programs in Sports Business
   Naturally, the loyalty of alumni and the reputation of the pro-          In December of 2005, Ohio University “reinvested” in its sports           “Our students don’t leave the real world when they enter the
gram translate into a wide variety of excellent internships, employ-    education brand, by creating an academic center of excellence and         program,” says Paul Swangard, the Center’s managing direc-
ment opportunities and research projects.                               the OU Center for Sports Administration. For starters, they hired         tor and a 1999 graduate of the Oregon M.B.A. program. “They
   Of all the metrics that make Kahler proud, one currently gets        an executive in residence with Kahler, a self-described “prac-a-          remain active participants in the business of sports.”
                                                                        demic,” who brought 21-plus years in the business to the program.             It’s proven to be a successful approach for a program credited
                                                                        With a lighter teaching load than many of his peers he is able to         for being the first of its kind housed in a college of business.
                                                                        focus on external relations to strengthen the centers core mission            “In a sense, we created this category of education, the study
                                                                        of securing research and consulting projects that help students           of sport from inside a college of business,” he says. “To see other
                                                                        secure full time employment in the industry.                              outstanding sports management programs link with their business
                                                                            The Center for Sports Administration carries forward Ohio             is really a validation of our efforts.”
                                                                        University’s pioneering tradition in sports education through its             The next frontier for the U of O appears to be Asia. The Warsaw
                                                                        role as a resource center for the industry. The center links faculty,     Center has a solid base of alumni working and living in China, so it
                                                                        students and alumni to sports-related organizations and businesses,       was a natural fit, along with the school’s Pacific Rim location. For
                                                                        emphasizing research and harnessing knowledge to benefit the              example, the head of sponsorship for VISA in China is a Warsaw
                                                                        industry.                                                                 alum.
                                                                            “ With the support of our corporate partners – companies like             “We’re taking all of our MBAs to China every year, so they
                                                                        Ellerbe Becket, Turnkey Sports, Distributive Networks, CSTV and           can learn the business, the culture, etc.,” Swangard says, noting
 Top: David Johnston,                                                   Game Plan – and alumni base I have no doubt we have the most              that since 1999, Oregon has enjoyed a partnership with Fudan
 Director of Sales &                                                    comprehensive academic center in sports,” Kahler says. “Our rein-         University in China, collaborating with the school to create a
 Marketing at CBS                                                       vestment was necessary and will help us stay ahead of our compe-          sports marketing research center there.
 Collegiate Sports                                                      tition as more and more schools continue to get into the game.” ■             The FUON Sports Marketing Center in China, launched in
 Properties, delivers a                                                                                                                           2000, was the first sports-business program of its kind in China.
 presentation at Ohio                                                   University of Oregon • Eugene, Ore.                                       The Warsaw Center began hosting faculty from Fudan, who would
 University. Right: Andy                                                                                                                          spend a term in Eugene taking sports business courses and co-
 Dolich, COO of the                                                        The University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business has
 San Francisco 49ers,                                                   served as home to one of the nation’s top sports marketing pro-
 delivers the Grover                                                    grams for 15 years.
 Guest Lecture at OU.                                                      That success is driven in large part by the James H. Warsaw
                                                                        Sports Marketing Center (www.warsawcenter.com). Unlike other
special attention: With just three weeks until graduation, 18 of the    academic settings, the Warsaw Center, which opened in 1993, pro-
30 graduates in Ohio University’s 2008 Sports Administration &          vides a very strong focus for the school’s sports business program
Facility Management (SAFM) program already had jobs.                    offerings. Above all, the Warsaw Center is all about fostering an envi-
   “That one statistic says a lot about the quality of our students,”   ronment where both academic “book smarts” and industry “street
continued Kahler, (a 1981 graduate with a Master’s in Sports            smarts” meld to educate each generation of sports marketers.
Administration). “We expect that 30 days after graduation, every-          “Sports marketing is not sports management,” says Jim
one will be employed.” Ohio’s program isn’t just the oldest; it’s       Warsaw, the Center’s founder. “Both are important. However, the
also among the best, as the Wall Street Journal in 2006 ranked it       real business of sports revolves around understanding consumer
among the nation’s Top Five academic sport programs.                    behavior and motivating target markets to purchase goods and                 As part of its ongoing international effort, students and
   Kahler says an accelerated one year Master’s in Business             services. Without consumers, there would be no sports industry.”             faculty of the U of O’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center
Administration degree and the MBA/MSA dual-degree program                  The model at the Oregon is built around the concept of “expe-             visited the headquarters for the Beijing Organizing
provide Ohio University with a competitive advantage that allows        riential education,” encouraging students to apply what they learn
                                                                                                                                                     Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG).
him to recruit younger students right out of the top undergraduate      in the classroom to real-world situations. The model also provides
schools in the country (traditional two year MBA programs expect        students ongoing interaction with an industry that’s in a rapid           developing curriculum with the assistance of Lundquist College
2-4 years’ work experience).                                            state of change.                                                          of Business Faculty. The FUON Sports Marketing Center now has

JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008                                   STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                   ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                     41
Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION
                                   both a full-time and executive sports business MBA program.               • Employ leadership and interpersonal skills to effectively        obtained through volunteer work, internships or part-time jobs.
                                      Members of the Lundquist College of Business Faculty and                 manage.                                                             Each term, students are involved in doing internships with sport
                                   administration from the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center rou-                                                                                  organizations for credit, with an opportunity to apply knowledge
                                   tinely travel to China to lecture at Fudan University, teach in           Apart from non-sports coursework, the concentration in sport       gained in the classroom, demonstrate skills and make contacts.
                                   the FUON Center executive education program and speak at the           management involves 24 credits and includes courses in sport             RMU students have served as interns with a number of well-
                                   FUON Sports Marketing Center’s Annual Conference. The col-             management, sport marketing, coaching, sport media, facility man-     known companies and organizations, including the Baltimore
                                   laboration helps Warsaw Center faculty gain new expertise on an        agement, event management, sport law and the economics of sport.      Ravens, Clear Channel Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, ESPN
                                   emerging market and share that knowledge with current students.           “Competition is fierce in the sport and recreation industry, so    Radio, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh
                                      “We believe China and the Pacific Rim are becoming very rel-        our students must have a strong business based educational back-      Steelers, SMG-Mellon Arena, Spectacor Management Group;
                                   evant to sports marketers,” he adds. “And the University of Oregon     ground and solid work experience to obtain entry-level positions,”    University of Pittsburgh; U.S. Olympic Training Center at Colorado
                                   has one of the top Asian studies programs in the country. It’s a       Synowka says. “To have the best chance of entering the sport          Springs; U.S. Open and Wake Forest University.
                                   natural fit for us.”                                                                                                                            Finally, sport management students at RMU have studied
                                      In the end, students at the Warsaw Center get a degree from the                                                                           abroad in Australia, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Monaco, giv-
                                   Lundquist School of Business but the words “sport” or “sports” is                                                                            ing the program a global aspect.
                                   conspicuously absent.                                                                                                                           In terms of employment, RMU graduates have found jobs with
                                      “That’s by design,” says Swangard. “Our degrees don’t typecast                                                                            the Baltimore Ravens; Carolina Hurricanes; Cleveland Cavaliers;
                                   students. They leave here with undergraduate or graduate degree in                                                                           Cleveland Indians; Dick's Sporting Goods; ESPN Radio; Florida
                                   business recognizing they are well-trained business people, not just                                                                         Gulf Coast Sports Commission; Indianapolis Colts; KDKATV;
                                   graduates who have studied sports.” ■                                                                                                        Marshall University; Mellon Arena; Memphis River Kings;
                                                                                                                                                                                Nationwide Arena; Nemacolin Woodlands Resort; New Jersey
                                   Robert Morris University • Pittsburgh, PA                                                                                                    Devils; New Orleans Hornets; NBA; NFL Japan; NHL; Ohio
                                                                                                                                                                                State University; Oklahoma State University; Orlando Magic;
                                      In the world of undergraduate sport management programs,                                                                                  Philadelphia Flyers; Philadelphia Phillies; Pittsburgh Penguins;
                                   Robert Morris University (RMU) offers one of the oldest and most                                                                             Pittsburgh Pirates; Pittsburgh Steelers; San Diego Padres; Special
                                   respected in the country.                                               Hank Steinbrecher, secretary general emeritus of the                 Olympics; Ticketmaster; University of Alabama; Washington
                                      According to Dave Synowka, director and professor of sport           United States Soccer Federation and the president of                 Capitals; Wilson Sporting Goods; and the YMCA.
                                   management, for the past three-plus decades the RMU sport man-          Touchline Consulting, spoke at the Robert Morris Sport
                                                                                                                                                                                   “We are proud of our placement record,” says Synowka. “After
                                   agement program has prepared graduates for successful careers
                                                                                                           Management Conference.
                                                                                                                                                                                all, that’s why students come here.” ■
                                   throughout the sport and recreation industry.
                                      The program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Business            industry, students also should be prepared to relocate.”              San Diego State University
                                   Administration (B.S.B.A.) degree with a concentration in sport            Faculty-wise, RMU's sport management faculty members bring         San Diego, Calif.
                                   management.                                                            practical backgrounds to the classroom, as full-time faculty mem-
                                      According to Synowka, the RMU (rmu.edu) program enables             bers have held positions in professional baseball, intercollegiate       If you size up the Sport Business Management MBA program
                                   students to:                                                           athletics, tennis club management and special events. Faculty         (sdsu.edu/sportsmba) at San Diego State University (SDSU), it’s a
                                                                                                          members have been involved with research projects, such as the        sports-focused graduate business education that offers advantages
                                      • Understand the depth, breadth and unique character of the         economic impact of an LPGA Golf Tournament, the examination           few in sport management can match.
                                        sport and recreation industry                                     of fans attending major league baseball games and the marketing          “We offer very specific differentiators that make our program
                                      • Comprehend the priority of networking abilities for employ-       of new stadiums in Pittsburgh (students often are asked to partici-   special,” says Scott Minto, director of SDSU’s Sports Business
                                        ment and career advancement in the industry                       pate in such projects).                                               Management MBA, “including our accelerated curriculum and our
                                      • Recognize the importance of characteristics such as initia-          Synowka adds that employers in the sport and recreation            location in San Diego, one of the worldwide hubs for many facets
                                        tive, industriousness and persistence                             industry are particularly interested in entry-level employees who     of the sports industry.”
                                      • Integrate skills in the industry to design, implement and         are enthusiastic, willing to work hard, have good oral communica-        Says Minto, “SDSU’s Sports MBA offers students opportunities
                                        evaluate business strategies                                      tion skills and are problem-solvers. And the best way for students    to get industry experience and expand their professional network
                                      • Communicate effectively and professionally                        to demonstrate such skills is through practical work experience,      while in school, not just during a summer internship. This year, our

                              42                                                       STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                        JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Programs in Sports Business
students are working with, consulting for, and being exposed to             international sports business issue, and features Top 25 global        an elective taught by Jeff Marks of Premier Partnerships worked
some of the top brands in all areas of sport, who are based here            MBA programs from across the U.S., Mexico, China and the U.K.          on “side projects” that benefited Premier’s clients and gave the
in San Diego, from properties like MLB, NFL, TaylorMade-adidas,                The SDSU program is an 18-month MBA curriculum, including           students real-world experience. In a marketing class, students
SDSU Athletics, Upper Deck, the US Olympic Training Center and              an intensive, 12-month classroom period in San Diego followed by a     developed marketing plans for local sports organizations and pre-
the Rock N Roll Marathon.”                                                  6-month consulting experience with a sports organization anywhere      sented their findings. One group developed “Seen Our Game” and
                                                                            in the world. It’s no surprise, however, that many students elect to   associated plans for the upcoming Senior Games.
                                                                            use their local network to land their dream job in San Diego. ■

                                                                            University of San Francisco
                                                                            San Francisco, Calif.
                                                                               The University of San Francisco created its Masters degree in
                                                                            Sport Management – a 36-credit, two-year program – to appeal to
                                                                            both recent college grads and working professionals alike. Classes
                                                                            (four hours) meet one night per week, and internships are also part
                                                                            of the program.
                                                                               Judging by the geographical range among current students, the
                                                                            USF program (usfca.edu/sm), is gaining recognition on both the
                                                                            nation and global levels.                                               University of San Francisco Sport Management students
 San Diego State University Sports MBA students work                           For example, current schools from the past two cohorts
                                                                                                                                                    Ronni Bossin, Arman Medina and Erica Pacheco interned
 with some of the top brands in sport, including MLB, NFL,                                                                                          as the market research team for the Amgen Tour of
                                                                            include the East (Villanova, Syracuse, Yale), Midwest (Loyola),
 TaylorMade-Adidas, Upper Deck, the US Olympic Training                                                                                             California, a professional cycling stage race.
                                                                            South/Southwest (Clemson, Texas Tech) and West (Stanford).
 Center and the Rock N Roll Marathon.
                                                                            Internationally, the USF program has recently had students from
                                                                            Haifa University in Israel and McGill University in Montreal.             “Our electives are really unique,” says Rascher, explaining that
   In addition, SDSU students benefit from networking in San                   “About 12 percent of USF students are international, and            four years ago, students all took the same courses. Since then,
Diego and Southern California, home to several of the most rapidly          return to their home countries upon graduation,” says Dan              second-year students can take three electives, which are created
growing major sports industries: action sports, MMA and endur-              Rascher, director of academic programs and an associate professor.     especially for the program.
ance sports, in addition to major sports organizations, like the               Launched in 1991, today there are cohort groups both on the            The USF program continues to deliver on the job front as well,
program’s founding partners, the San Diego Padres. The Padres               main campus (near Golden Gate Park) and at the Los Angeles             as recent new jobs including positions with SportsMark, Larkspur,
host the program’s graduation and other events, provides intern-            Area campus (at the St. Joseph Center in Orange County). In all,       Calif, IMG in Los Angeles and the Dentsu Inc. Sports Business
ship, consulting and part-time job opportunities in its front office        approximately 190 Master’s students are enrolled during the aca-       Division in Japan. ■
and offers numerous guest lecturers.                                        demic year.
   SDSU’s Sports MBA boasts a student body that’s nearly 20 per-               Recent guest speakers include Peter Johnson, former CEO of          University of Southern Mississippi
cent international and a globally focused curriculum. In just their first   IMG Sports and Entertainment, and Shawn Lawson-Cummings,               Hattiesburg, Miss.
six months, students in this year’s class have been involved with inter-    vice president Major League Baseball, in New York City.
national sporting events in San Diego, including the USGA US Open              “Our adjunct teachers are all working in sports, as does our           It’s no exaggeration to say that the Center for Spectator Sports
at Torrey Pines, USA Sevens Rugby, Moto X World Championships,              full-time faculty,” Rascher says. “Plus, the curriculum is always      Security Management at the University of Southern Mississippi is
Red Bull Air Race and a Mexico-Argentina soccer friendly.                   changing.” For example, this year students could choose from elec-     unique. An outgrowth of a comprehensive grant initiative funded
   “With the sports industry’s increasing emphasis on globaliza-            tives such as Web 2.0 technologies, entrepreneurship and sports        by the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security and Mississippi
tion, our primary goal is to develop leaders who will help organiza-        psychology.                                                            Emergency Management Agency, the program’s main mission is
tions succeed in the international marketplace,” says Minto, who               One of the recent courses, held in Southern California,             to develop a research-based model for security management for a
launched the SDSU International Sports MBA Case Competition,                had a group of USF students travel to the Motocross World              wide variety of sporting event venues.
co-hosted each year the Padres at PETCO Park. The annual com-               Championships to run the event’s media tent.                              According to Stacey Hall, associate director at the Center for
petition challenges top graduate business students with a complex              “It was very hands-on experience,” Rascher says, adding that        Spectator Sports Management (sporteventsecurity.com), part of

JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008                                       STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                 ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                   43
Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION
                                   that mission is a Masters degree in Sports Management, with an               In its ninth year, offerinig a business-based program, SUNY           “It will be a multi-faceted relationship, and we’ll be a real interac-
                                   emphasis in sports security. In addition, beginning August 1, 2008,       Cortland’s enrollment continues to expand, as close to 1,300 people      tive partner.”
                                   the Center will offer an online certificate program in sports secu-       applied to its undergraduate and graduate programs (which com-              In conjunction with the SUNY Cortland Alumni Affairs Office,
                                   rity management for the working professional.                             bined had about 500 students) in 2008.                                   the program also is in the process of locating sport management
                                       “The online certificate program is designed for professional, col-       “We have about four hundred students in the undergrad pro-            alumni back to 1985, when Sport Management became a con-
                                   legiate and high school athletic facility managers as well as law         gram right now,” says Dr. Ted Fay, chair, SUNY Cortland’s Sport          centration at SUNY Cortland. When the process is complete, Fay
                                   enforcement,” Hall explains. “Today, there are gaps in security educa-                                                                             expects to have an even more competitive base of sport manage-
                                   tion and training of key personnel working at athletic venues. After we                                                                            ment alumni, rivaling many nationally recognized programs across
                                   identified that need and recognized demand, it triggered the develop-                                                                              the country
                                   ment of this program.” Hall adds that the online certificate program                                                                                  Finally, SUNY Cortland offers a new endowed speaker series that
                                   is for working professionals who don’t want or need an advanced                                                                                    focuses on social justice in sports, with many speakers taking on
                                   degree but they do want the security training the program offers.                                                                                  critical and controversial issues.
                                       The three-module Certificate program is designed to equip cur-                                                                                    “It’s a very exciting time at SUNY Cortland,” Fay says. ‘Our
                                   rent and future sports and entertainment managers and operation                                                                                    department has experienced tremendous growth during the last nine
                                   directors with the specialization capabilities and knowledge needed                                                                                years. We’ve gone from a concentration of fifty students in 1999 to
                                   to meet the management challenges of homeland defense and secu-                                                                                    our current levels.” ■
                                   rity in a sports environment, Hall explains. Students are required
                                   to complete all three modules for certification. Typical applicants                                                                                U.S. Sports Academy • Daphne, Ala.
                                   currently occupy a position responsible for developing and/or              SUNY Cortland student Debbie Sindone worked at Watkins
                                   implementing homeland security or public safety policies and prac-
                                                                                                              Glen Raceway during her media center internship.                           The United States Sports Academy, America’s Sports
                                   tices in a sports and/or special event venue.                                                                                                      University, is an independent, non-profit, accredited university
                                       Hall says the Center’s vision is that someday every athletic          Management Department. “Our programs have low attrition, are             focused exclusively on sports. It is the world’s largest freestanding
                                   department will have a professional on staff totally devoted to           very affordable and offer very good job placement.” Fay says that        university of sports, and its programs of instruction, research and
                                   sport facility security management.                                       SUNY Cortland’s job placement rate is in the “plus-60 percent”           service have global reach.
                                       “Right now, for example, at colleges and universities, the job        range.
                                   typically falls into the lap of the campus police chief,” she says.          Specifically, SUNY Cortland focuses on four primary sport                                                                 U.S. Sports
                                   “We believe there should be a staff person who has knowledge and          industry strategies:                                                                                                         Academy
                                   skills directly related to facility security.”                                                                                                                                                         faculty
                                       Hall notes that even at professional venues, many general man-           • An international approach                                                                                               members
                                                                                                                • A commitment to technology                                                                                              put WVU
                                                                                                                • A commitment to training students for careers in sport sales
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Patrick White
                                                                                                                  and marketing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          through a
                                                                                                                • Building a strong alumni network working in sport                                                                       series of fitness
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tests at the
                                                                                                                Within the next 2-4 years, the program expects to continue                                                                Academy’s
                                                                                                             to expand its graduate student enrollment (now at around 85,                                                                 state-of-the-
                                                                                                             with its residential, online and international programs). To that                                                            art Fitness
                                                                                                             end, it launched a new Master of Science degree online in Sport                                                              Performance
                                                                                                             Management last fall. It also will launch a residential program in                                                           Center.
                                                                                                             International Sport Management in 2008.
                                                                                                                “We will offer a dual-degree in international sport manage-              With a history of providing quality sports-specific education,
                                                                                                             ment with London Metropolitan University and an MS/MBA with              the Academy (ussa.edu) knows what goes into preparing men and
                                     The Center for Spectator Sports Security Management at                  Binghamton University,” Fay explains.                                    women to launch careers in sports or to advance in the profession.
                                     the University of Southern Mississippi’s National Advisory                 These additions are part of SUNY Cortland’s commitment is to             The Academy offers the bachelor of sports science, master of
                                     Board has representatives from the NCAA, NACDA, NFL,                    offer a program that is considered a “Top 10” program in the country.    sports science and doctor of education in sports management.
                                     NBA, MLB, MLS, NASCAR, and Department of Homeland                          Apart from the international/online strategy, technology is           Nationwide, only the Academy and two other institutions have
                                     Security.                                                               another SUNY Cortland differentiator. Dr. James Reese, graduate          had their programs at all three degree levels formally approved
                                                                                                             program coordinator and associate professor, explains that SUNY          by the NASPE/NASSM Sports Management Program Review
                                   agers have a mixed bag of experience when it comes to security, as        Cortland offers a “technology corridor,” controlled exclusively by       Committee, which is the top supervisory body in the discipline.
                                   most have sport management, which historically offer no real focus        the sport management department. That involves approximately $8             At the Academy, all courses are available online, meeting the
                                   on security operations. On the flip side, you could have a 20-year        million of hardware and proprietary software from Dartfish and           needs of students far from the campus and those of working
                                   law enforcement professional with little or no in sport manage-           XOS. In all, there are four rooms with 112 computer terminals, and       coaches and administrators with no time for a scheduled resi-
                                   ment. Both are candidates for the Center’s online program. ■              a video production studio. SUNY Cortland, which also in the final        dency program. “Most of our students are working full-time as
                                                                                                             stages of establishing a major partnership with a “major technology      they complete their degrees,” says Mark Stevens, who directs
                                   SUNY Cortland • Cortland, N.Y.                                            provider,” has 12 courses dedicated to sport information technology,     the Academy’s communications office. “They can work on their
                                                                                                             sport videography, and sport media at the undergraduate and gradu-       Academy courses at any time throughout the day. They don’t have
                                      If applicant numbers are a barometer of success, then the State        ate levels.                                                              to be online at the same time as the professor or other students.”
                                   University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland’s Sport Management                 “This new agreement will position us as one of only five or six          People from around the world study at the Academy, prepar-
                                   program (cortland.edu/spmg) is doing very well, thank you.                of that provider’s top educational institution in the U.S.,” Fay says.   ing for a career in the sports industry. “Last year, the Academy’s

                              44                                                         STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                  ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                           JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Programs in Sports Business
graduating class represented 44 states and 10 foreign countries,”            In the past year, the WVU class created and presented a cus-         as part of their hands-on learning experience; Texas A&M’s sport
says Stevens. “Thousands have graduated from the Academy, and             tom-designed report for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies’ specific             management program has nearly 500 undergrads, but a much
many have moved into the higher echelons of sport.                        Demographic Market Area (DMA). The report contained analyses            smaller graduate student population; Georgetown created its new
   “We’re really proud of our alumni. They span the globe and             of fan demographics in the Memphis DMA, franchise sponsorships,         sport management program with the input of top sports executives;
include professionals at every possible level of sports,” he adds.        NBA market “comparables,” and a five-year trend analysis of fan         In December 2007, Lynn sport management students rubbed shoul-
“Our alumni association is one of the best networks anywhere,             interest. Another “real world” project, which is ongoing, is with the   ders with executives, coaches, agents and sporting goods company
which is beneficial to current students for job-searching and men-        Washington Capitals. A WVU class went to a Caps’ game and the           owners assembled in Nashville, Tenn., for professional baseball’s
toring opportunities.”                                                    next day presented a marketing project to six of Caps’ executives.      Winter Meetings; Tracy Robinson, a recent Loyola Chicago graduate
   Judging by the school’s Web site, Academy alumni are employed          Other projects included working with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the        and hoop player; U of O’s Warsaw Sport Marketing Center students
in an array of sports enterprises of all types and sizes — try            Charlotte Bobcats, the Atlanta Thrashers and the Atlanta Hawks          and faculty at the Great Wall of China during the MBA program’s
the San Antonio Spurs, for instance, or the Oakland A’s, ESPN,            (the latter two were for in-house purposes).                            annual study tour; Mark Moran, of Ingersoll Rand Technologies,
the Nashville Predators, Disney Sports and universities such as                                                                                   chairs the National Advisory Board at the University of Southern
Kentucky, Duke, Texas Tech and Illinois to name just a few.                                                                                       Mississippi’s Center for Spectator Sports Security Management;
   “Alumni are our top source of new-student referrals,” said                                                                                     San Diego State University co-hosts (with the San Diego Padres)
Stevens. “I can’t think of a better compliment to the quality of                                                                                  an annual International Sports MBA Case Competition; ASU
education and service students experience at the Academy.” ■                                                                                      sports business students take a time out from checking in golf-
                                                                                                                                                  ers at the 13th Annual Mike Haynes Golf Classic last October.
West Virginia University                                                                                                                          The student-led tournament is held each year to raise money for
Morgantown, W.Va.                                                                                                                                 minority scholarships; Duquesne University developed the first-ever
                                                                                                                                                  online Master of Science in Sports Leadership (MSSL) degree;
   The West Virginia University Graduate Sport Management                                                                                         University of Massachusetts professor Todd Crosset leads a discus-
Program, which began preparing qualified graduate and under-                                                                                      sion while teaching a class in the Sociology of Sport (Ben Barnhart
graduate students in 1981, enjoys several factors that sets it apart,                                                                             photo);Tournament Director Jan Esselman (left), of the Olympic
according to Dallas Branch, associate professor and coordinator of                                                                                Baseball Qualifying Tournament (held in Taichung, Taiwan) had
                                                                           Ongoing “real world” projects are a mainstay at West
the WVU program.                                                           Virginia University. Here, a WVU graduate Sport                        help from University of San Francisco graduate student intern Wei-
   For one, Branch explains, WVU graduates have made significant           Management group presents ESPN Sports Poll research                    ping Chang, who served as assistant tournament director; Sport in
contributions in a variety of sport settings, including intercollegiate    data to executives of the Washington Capitals.                         Society at Northeastern University hosted its 18th annual Human
athletics, professional sports, facilities and arenas, event marketing                                                                            Rights Leadership Forum, which featured a keynote address from
and promotions as well as other sport businesses.                                                                                                 three-time Olympic speed skater Nathanial Mills; For the past three-
                                                                              Branch is also proud of the WVU’s major emphasis on job
   A possible reason for that could be because WVU (wvu.edu)                                                                                      plus decades, the Robert Morris Sport management program has
                                                                          placement for its graduating class, which is limited to 20 per aca-
distributes The Starting Lineup, which Branch describes as “a                                                                                     prepared graduates for successful careers throughout the sport and
                                                                          demic year.
unique, promotional publication” intended to showcase WVU grad-                                                                                   recreation industry.
                                                                              “A sport management program is only as good as the success of
uate students in the highly competitive sport marketplace. Each                                                                                   Page 29, clockwise left to right: Drexel University Sport
                                                                          its graduates,” he says. “We believe great graduates begets future
year (for the past 15), the entire Masters class is profiled (via                                                                                 Management students visit Wimbledon during a gobal sport
                                                                          great graduates. In fact, we’re often asked to send employers like
photo, resume) in The Starting Lineup, which is circulated nation-                                                                                initiative trip to London, England; West Virginia’s graduate sport
                                                                          Disney’s Wide World of Sports graduates with specific qualities
ally to a variety of sport industry employers.                                                                                                    management students visited the press room the FedEx Forum in
                                                                          and personalities like former graduates they have employed from
   Another success factor at the WVU Sport Management                                                                                             Dallas; Arthur Agee Jr. of “Hoop Dreams” fame, visited with UCF
                                                                          our program.” ■
Graduate Program is its real-world project courses. For example,                                                                                  faculty and students as part of UCF’s annual field trip; SUNY
the WVU cutting-edge curriculum has the ESPN Sports Poll class,           Cover page and page 1 photo information:                                Cortland student Katie Keenan got some valuable work experience
which is offered exclusively to WVU Sport Management graduate             Cover photo information: Amber Bryant, a University of Memphis          at the 2008 NHL All-Star game; Thousands have earned degrees
students. This course develops the students’ ability to understand        senior, works with Kerry Sewell of the Memphis Redbirds on sales        and certificates from the U.S. Sports Academy, the world’s largest
the value of sport marketing research, sport fan data analysis,           call techniques; Unveiled in 1903, the statue of Alma Mater has         freestanding university focused entirely on sports; MTSU’s Sports
ESPN Sports Poll’s methodology, and utilizing the data to prepare         been the most photographed women on Columbia’s campus; Ithaca           Management Program Director Colby Jubenville visits the school’s
“custom reports” for sport organizations.                                 sport management students have worked with the Baltimore Orioles        Murphy Center with graduate student Brad Hutson. ■

JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008                                     STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                  ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                    45
Programs in Sports Business    SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

                              46                         STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL   ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM   JUNE 9 - JUNE 15, 2008

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