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Disclaimer: This information is provided only as an overview. All programs, processes,
            and/or fees subject to change. Please verify information with appropriate
            agency or governing body.
    “The mission of the Welcome Back Center is to
            build a bridge between the need for
      linguistically and culturally competent health
       services in underserved communities, and the
      pool of internationally trained health workers
                    living in California.”

The Welcome Back Center is sponsored by Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District
and has been funded by The California Endowment (TCE), the Health Resources & Services
Administration (HRSA), The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF), and major local
Executive Summary. International Health Worker Assistance Center

Demographic changes in the San Diego, Imperial and Orange County area are having a profound
impact on the local health care delivery system. As increasing numbers of immigrants and ethnic
minorities have sought health care, it has become evident that the health care delivery system
must adapt in order to meet their needs. The need for a culturally diverse and competent health
care workforce has never been greater.

The Regional Health Occupations Resource Center (RHORC) San Diego, Imperial and Orange
County has established an Internationally-Trained Health Care Worker Assistance Center in San
Diego (Welcome Back) to provide career counseling and training to internationally trained health
professionals residing in this region. The working site for Welcome Back has been housed in
Kaiser Permanente Clinic, 3955 Bonita Rd., Bldg. A, First Floor, Bonita, CA 91902. The
establishment of Welcome Back has been divided in a two-phase process. The first phase was the
planning phase; the second phase has been program implementation.

Our proposal addresses the California Endowment‟s initiative on racial and ethnic disparities in
the health care workforce and the need for innovative and creative approaches for addressing
multicultural health. In addition, this proposal supports The Endowment‟s Strategic Program
goals for Health Workforce Development to enhance the health of all Californians by using the
talents, cultures and assets of our multicultural society to improve our health care delivery
system, and to provide new and expanded career educational opportunities for under-
represented populations in the health care and public fields.

The need for a culturally competent health care workforce has been well documented. This need
has given rise to interpreter programs, diversity training and a plethora of cultural awareness and
sensitivity training programs for health professionals. Welcome Back has approached this issue
of cultural competence from a unique perspective of creating a “pipeline” for internationally
prepared health care workers living in the San Diego, Imperial and Orange County regions that
are currently employed in fields other than health care, or are under-employed in the health care
arena. They are blocked from working in the health care system because of lack of appropriate
U.S. licenses, certifications and/or credentialing.

Internationally Trained Health Care Workers (ITHCWs) will have multiple opportunities to enter
into a nursing career pathway. The program allows for increased recruitment and assistance of
ITHCWS into programs included in the Nursing Career Ladder, such as Certified Nursing
Assistants (CNA), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), and Registered Nurses (RNs). This
program creates an upward mobility in academic and clinical practice in an accelerated manner
for those who are interested in immersing into a much needed nursing workforce.

Internationally Trained Health Care Workers also have the opportunity to be recognized by two
California boards of nursing, the Board of Registered Nursing and Board of Vocational Nursing
and Psychiatric Technicians. Eligible ITHCWs receive instruction on core nursing subjects in
NCLEX Review courses to assist in passing the NCLEX-RN or PN examination. Finally,
support courses such as Vocational English Second Language are offered to support the
ITHCWS in their upward mobility on the nursing career ladder.

Newly licensed nurses will not only have a rich medical background, body of knowledge and a
nursing mindset, but they will also integrate their linguistic and cultural attributes in the delivery
of patient care.
                                          San Diego Welcome Back Center
                                   International Health Worker Assistance Center

                                            Program Facts
1. What is the Welcome Back Center?

The San Diego Welcome Back Center‟s mission is “To build a bridge between the pool of internationally trained health
workers living in California and the need for linguistically and culturally competent health services in underserved
communities.” The goal of this exciting program is to assist health professionals from all over the world, who have
come to the United States and have not been able to exercise their professions.

To accomplish this goal, the Welcome Back Center is funded through a grant from The California Endowment as a
partnership between the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, San Diego/ Imperial Valley and Grossmont

2. What services are offered at the Welcome Back Center?

The San Diego Welcome Back Center provides orientation, counseling, and support to internationally trained health
workers. The Welcome Back Center assists each participant in developing a career path plan that builds on each
participant‟s skills, experience, and education. In addition to orientation and support in obtaining the appropriate
professional credentials and licenses for their profession, participants are presented with other options or alternatives to
consider diversifying their careers. These options may include choosing a different health occupation offered through
Community Colleges, public/private Universities, affiliated groups or focusing their skills and experience in the areas
of health care management, research, advocacy, or policy.

3. Am I eligible for these services?

All international trained health workers currently living in California are eligible for the program. If a potential
participant lives closer to another Welcome Back Center, he/she is encouraged to contact that center directly (See
question 14 for list of Welcome Back Centers). The program does not have the capacity to serve persons living outside
of California. Persons living outside the United States are not eligible for the program.

4. How can I participate in the Welcome Back Center?

Call (619) 409-6417 for more information.

5. Does the Welcome Back Center assist all international health professionals?

Yes. The Center provides services to all eligible health professionals. This includes nurses, pharmacists, doctors,
dentists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, laboratory and other technicians, psychologists, social workers,
health educators, and others.

6. Do I need a work permit to be a participant of the Welcome Back Center?

Everyone is welcome to participate in the San Diego Welcome Back Center. The Center shares any knowledge and
information we have about work permits or employer-based “sponsorships”; however, we do not have any influence or
means to procure these plans for participants. The Center has a list of agencies, which offer advice/services on
immigration status matters.

7. Does the Center offer educational scholarships?

No. The Center did not receive funding to provide educational scholarships; however, the Welcome Back Educational
Case Manager helps to link participants to college, universities, related sources and their financial aid offices.
8. Does the Welcome Back Center offer professional licenses?

No. Each participant will have to follow existing licensing procedures for their associated professions. The Center
provides orientation about existing licensing procedures. (In some instances, the Center will purchase license exam
preparation materials to share with the participants.)

9. Does the Welcome Back Center offer job placement?

No. The Center does not directly find jobs for participants; however, a job announcement board will be available to
share information with participants about job opportunities upon notification by potential employers and other

10. If my English-speaking skills are a challenge for me, is an interpreter available to assist me at the Welcome
Back Center?

Welcome Back Center staff members communicate in several languages. We will do our best to provide interpreter
assistance and/or resources on an individual case-by-case basis.

11. As an eligible participant, what is the first step in the process?

There is an initial telephone screening completed by a Welcome Back Center representative. After the initial telephone
contact, an appointment is set up for you to meet with the Educational Case Manager. The Educational Case Manager
will meet with you to discuss your educational and professional experience. The Education Case Manager will offer
information and provide guidance about licensing requirements, credential validation agencies, schools, and associated
courses (including English language skills courses). With the assistance of the case manager, you will develop a career
path plan with the goal of practicing your profession or finding an alternative career in the health field.

12. When I meet with the Educational Case Manager, what will I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring copies of your degree(s) and transcripts (Classes and grades from your University) as well as
copies of other certifications and/or licenses and professional identifications. If you have a professional résumé
showing your work experience in your health profession, please bring it to your scheduled appointment.

13. Will the Welcome Back Center place me in contact with other health professionals going through the same

Yes. The Welcome Back Center has developed group workshops, activities, and general information meetings to serve
as peer support groups by profession.

14. Are there other Welcome Back Centers in California?

There are currently three Welcome Back Centers in the State of California. In addition to San Diego, other centers are
located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston, Massachusetts.

                                              For more information log on to
                                           San Diego Welcome Back Center
                                    International Health Worker Assistance Center

                                         Datos del Programa
1.                   Quiénes somos: Centro ‘Bienvenidos’?
     La misión del Centro „Bienvenidos‟ en San Diego es “Construir un puente entre trabajadores
     internacionales de la salud que viven en California y la necesidad de proveer servicios de salud con
     afinidad de lenguaje y cultural en comunidades de bajo acceso.” La meta de este emocionante programa
     es de ayudar a profesionales de la salud de todas partes del mundo, que han venido a los Estados Unidos
     y no han podido ejercer sus profesiones.
     Para lograr esta meta, el Centro „Bienvenidos‟ ha sido patrocinado con fondos de The California
     Endowment, en asociación con el Centro Regional De Ocupaciones y Recursos de la Salud, San
     Diego/Valle Imperial y el Colegio Grossmont.
2.                    Qué servicios ofrece el Centro ‘Bienvenidos’?
     El Centro „Bienvenidos‟ en San Diego proporciona orientación, consejería, y apoyo a trabajadores de la salud
     graduados en el extranjero. El Centro „Bienvenidos‟ asiste a cada participante a construir un plan de carrera
     profesional, que se desarrolla de acuerdo a las habilidades, experiencias y educación de cada participante.
     Además de orientación y apoyo para obtener las credenciales profesionales apropiadas y las licencias para su
     profesión, los participantes son expuestos a otras opciones o alternativas que consideran la diversificación de sus
     carreras en el campo de la salud. Estas opciones pueden incluir seleccionar una ocupación diferente de la salud,
     ofrecida por Colegios de la Comunidad, Universidades públicas/privadas, grupos afiliados, o enfocar sus
     habilidades y experiencias en áreas de administración del cuidado de la salud, investigación, cabildeo, o póliza.

3.                   Soy elegible para estos servicios?
     Todos los trabajadores de salud internacionales que actualmente viven en California son elegibles para
     el programa. Si un aplacante vive cerca de otro Centro „Bienvenidos‟, a él/ella es se le pide contactar
     directamente su Centro Regional (ver pregunta #14 para lista de Centros „Bienvenidos‟). El programa no
     tiene la capacidad de servir a personas que viven fuera de California. Las personas que viven fuera de
     los Estados Unidos tampoco son elegibles para el programa.
4.                   Como puedo participar en el Centro ‘Bienvenidos”?
     Llame al (619) 409-6417 para más información.

5.                   El Centro ‘Bienvenidos’ asiste a todos los profesionales internacionales de la salud?
     Sí. El centro proporciona servicios a todos los profesionales de la salud que sean elegibles. Estos
     incluyen enfermeros, farmacólogos, médicos, dentistas, terapeutas profesionales, técnicos de laboratorio,
     psicólogos, trabajadores sociales, educadores de la salud, y otros más.
6.                    Necesito un permiso de trabajo para ser participante del Centro ‘Bienvenidos’?
     Todos son bienvenidos a participar en el Centro “Bienvenidos‟ de San Diego. El centro comparte cualquier
     conocimiento e información que tenga acerca de permisos de trabajo o “patrocinio” por parte del empleador; sin
     embargo, no se tiene ninguna influencia o medios para conseguir estos planes para participantes. El Centro tiene
     una lista de agencias, que ofrecen servicios/consejería en cuestiones migratorias.

7.                    Necesito un permiso de trabajo para ser participante del Centro ‘Bienvenidos’?
     Todos son bienvenidos a participar en el Centro “Bienvenidos‟ de San Diego. El centro comparte cualquier
     conocimiento e información que tenga acerca de permisos de trabajo o “patrocinio” por parte del empleador; sin
     embargo, no se tiene ninguna influencia o medios para conseguir estos planes para participantes. El Centro tiene
     una lista de agencias, que ofrecen servicios/consejería en cuestiones migratorias.
8.                    El Centro ofrece becas educacionales?
      No. El Centro no recibió fondos para proporcionar becas educativas; sin embargo, la consejera/Educacional Case
      Manager ayuda a generar enlaces entre los participantes y Colegios, Universidades, fuentes relacionadas y sus
      oficinas de ayuda financiera.
9.                    El Centro ‘Bienvenidos’ ofrece credenciales profesionales o licencias?
      No. Cada participante tendrá que seguir los procedimientos que permiten accesar licencias para cada profesión. El
      Centro proporciona orientación sobre dichos procedimientos. (En algunos casos, el centro comprará materiales de
      preparación para exámenes de licencia, que podrán ser compartidos entre sus participantes.)

10.                    El Centro ‘Bienvenidos’ ofrece ayuda con empleos?
      No. El centro no encuentra directamente empleos para participantes; sin embargo, una vez que se reciba
      notificación por parte de empleadores, existe una red de anuncios de empleos disponibles para participantes.
11.                   Si el idioma del Inglés es un desafío para mí, habrá algún intérprete disponible para ayudarme
      en el Centro ‘Bienvenidos’?
      El personal del Centro „Bienvenidos‟ habla diferentes idiomas. Haremos todo lo posible para proporcionar ayuda
      y/o recursos dependiedo de cada caso.
12.                    Como participante elegible, cuál es el primer paso a seguir?
      El primer paso es una breve entrevista por teléfono hecha por el personal del Centro „Bienvenidos‟. Después de
      esta entrevista por teléfono, se establece una cita para que usted se reúna con la consejera/Educacional Case
      Manager. La consejera/Educacional Case Manager se reunirá con usted para discutir su formación académica y
      profesional. La consejera/Educacional Case Manager le ofrecerá información y proporcionará guiones sobre los
      requisitos de licenciatura, agencias de revalidación de credenciales, escuelas, y cursos adecuados (incluyendo
      cursos de Inglés). Con la ayuda de la consejera/Educacional Case Manager, usted desarrollará un plan de carrera
      profesional con la meta de ejercer su profesión o encontrar una carrera alterna en el campo de la salud.

13.                    Qué necesito traer a la cita con la consejera/ Educacional Case Manager?
      Usted necesitará traer copias de su título(s), kárdex (clases y calificaciones de la Universidad) así como también
      copias de otras certificaciones y/o licencias e identificaciones profesionales (cédula profesional). Si usted tiene un
      curriculum vitae que muestre su experiencia de trabajo en su profesión en el campo de la salud, sírvase traerlo a
      su cita.
14.                    El Centro ‘Bienvenidos’ me pondrá en contacto con otros profesionales de la salud que están
      pasando por el mismo proceso?
      Sí. El centro „Bienvenidos‟ ha desarrollado talleres, actividades y reuniones generales de información dirigidos a
      las diferentes profesiones para servir como grupos de apoyo .
15.                   Existen otros Centros ‘Bienvenidos’ en California?
      Actualmente hay tres Centros „Bienvenidos‟ en el estado de California. Además de San Diego, otros
      Centros se encuentran en Los Angeles, San Francisco, y Boston Massachusetts.
Internationally Trained Healthcare Worker

           Internationally Trained
          Healthcare Worker (ITHW)

  Professional         Exploration of         Employment
   Licensing            Alternative           Opportunities
  Process and            Careers

        Revalidation of Credentials can benefit any
                     pathway chosen.
 Translation of Credentials
 Various institutions require translators to be accredited and/or certified. The American Translators Association (ATA)
 accredits/certifies individual translators by examination. Although accreditation is available only to individuals, ATA
 membership includes not only individuals but also companies that employ accredited translators.

 Revalidation agencies such as IERF “reserve the right to request translations prepared by licensed translation services.“

 For a more extensive list of translators for various languages you may go to ATA website and use a searchable
 database to find a translator or interpreter. This online directory features the profiles of 5224 translators and interpreters.
 Go to: www.americantranslators.org/tsd_listings

 Manuel Duran                                                 Teresa Yolanda Lopez
 PO Box 4731                                                  1135 Harding Avenue
 West Covina, CA 91791                                        National City, CA 91950
 Phone: 800.464.3926 Fax: 626.608.2428                        Phone: 619.948.2447
 Pgr: 714.385.0894                                            Email: tylc25@hotmail.com
 Spanish to English (vice-versa)                              Spanish to English (vice-versa)

 Lucia M. Bonis                                               SBD Interpreting Services, Inc.
 PO Box 15033                                                 Susana B. Deicas, President
 San Diego, CA 92175                                          P.O. Box 9033
 Phone/Fax: 619.287.2876                                      La Jolla CA 92038
 Email: lmbonis@cox.net                                       Phone: (858) 459-3134 Fax: (858) 459-0768
 Spanish to English (vice-versa)                              Email: info@sbdinterpreting.com
                                                              Website: www.sbdinterpreting.com
 Maritza F. Cardoso-Vicente                                   All Languages to English (vice-versa)
 5525 East Joaquin Court
 Commerce, CA 90040
 Phone: 323.363.5663 Fax: 253.390.1074
 Email: mitziecat1@sbcglobal.net
 Spanish to English (vice-versa)
                                                                !   For a list of MORE translators go to:

Revalidation of Credentials
Please note that institutions require revalidated transcripts from specific agencies. Below are a sample of various
revalidation agencies, it is STRONGLY recommended you contact the Welcome Back Center (619.409.6417) to
determine which Revalidation Agency meets your needs.

          FIRST Recommended agency                                      Alternate Recommended agency
             by Grossmont College                                            by Grossmont College

        International Education Research                              Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI)
        Foundation (IERF), Inc.                                       P.O. Box 6908
        PO Box 3665                                                   Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA
        Culver City, CA 90231-3665                                     www.acei1.com
        www.ierf.org                                                  (phone) 310.275.3530
        (phone) 310.258.9451                                          (fax) 310.275.3528

Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE)                      World Education Services
PO Box 514070                                                PO Box 745
Milwaukee, WI 53203                                          Old Chelsea Station
www.ece.org                                                  New York, NY 10113-0745
(phone) 414.289.3400                                         www.wes.org
(fax) 414.289.3411                                           (phone) 212.966.6311

!   Important: Contact the Welcome Back Center (619.409.6417) to determine which agency is
        best for you and/or to find other agencies. Not all agencies may meet your needs.
                                             MEDICAL DOCTORS


                                          For General Inquires and Correspondence:

                             Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
                                                   3624 Market Street
                                         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-2685
                                                  Tel: (215) 386-5900
                                                  Fax: (215) 387-9196

                                                Medical Board of California
                                                 1426 Howe Avenue, #54
                                                  Sacramento, CA 95825
                                                   Tel: (916) 263-2382

                                       New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
                          of New York Institute of Technology Émigré Physician Program (EPP)

A 4 year program for international medical graduates, which encompasses a biomedical science component in years 1 and 2, and a
                                         clinical clerkship component in years 3 and 4.

                                                    Northern Boulevard
                                               Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000
                                                       (516) 686-3747

                              -RN & NP-
                    Board of Registered Nurses (BRN)
                            P.O. Box 944210
                      Sacramento, CA 94244-2100
                          TEL: (916) 322-3350

Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technician‟s Examiners (BVNPT)
                     2535 Capital Oaks Drive Suite 205
                          Sacramento, CA 95833
                           TEL: (916) 322-3350

     Department of Health Services License and Certification Programs
                Aid and Technician Certification Section
                            1800 3rd St. #210
                            P.O. Box 942732
                         Sacramento, CA 94234
                          TEL: (916) 327-2445

    Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)
                   3600 Market Street, Suite 400
                   Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651
                        TEL: (215) 349-8767

                      Dental Board of California
                      1432 Howe Avenue, Suite 85
                        Sacramento, CA 95825
                          Tel: (916) 263-2300

American Dental Association National Board Dental Hygiene Examination
                        211 E. Chicago Avenue
                     Chicago, Illinois 60611-2678
                          Tel: (312) 440-2500

      Registered Dental Assistant Committee on Dental Auxiliaries
                       Board of Dental Examiners
                      1428 Howe Avenue, Suite 58
                        Sacramento, CA 95825
                          Tel: (916) 263-2595

          California Dental Board Most Recently Approved
          Dental School & New Advanced Standing Program

                       Universidad De La Salle
                      Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
                          Tel: (477) 710-8570
                   Email: opi@bajio.delasalle.edu.mx
              University of Southern California
                     School of Dentistry
Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists (ASPID)
                     925 West 34th Street
                 Los Angeles, CA 90089-0641
                        (213) 740-2800

              University of California, Los Angeles
                        School of Dentistry
    Professional Program for International Dentists (PPID)
               A0-111 Center for the Health Sciences
                      Los Angeles, CA 90095
                           (310) 825-6218

                    Loma Linda University
                       School of Dentistry
              International Dentist Program (IDP)
                     Loma Linda University
                     Loma Linda, CA 92350
                (909) 558-4621 or (800) 422-4558

                      University of the Pacific
                         School of Dentistry
               International Dentist Studies (IDS)
                         2155 Webster Street
                     San Francisco, CA 94115
                           (415) 929-6400

              University of California San Francisco
                         School of Dentistry
               International Dentist Program (IDP)
          707 Parnassus Avenue, Suite D-4010, Box 0636
                      San Francisco, CA 94143
                            (415) 476-1101
                   Board of Behavioral Sciences
                 Marriage and Family Therapist
              „Intern Registration Application Packet‟
                      400 R Street, Suite 3150
                    Sacramento, CA 95814-6240
                        Tel: (916) 445-4933

                  California Board of Psychology
                     1422 Howe Ave., Suite 22
                   Sacramento, CA 95825-3200
                        Tel: (916) 263-2699

              Additional training for Psychologists:
     National Association of Social Workers (California Chapter)

                  SOCIAL WORKERS
                  Board of Behavioral Sciences
„Associate Clinical Social Worker Registration Application Packet‟
                     400 R Street, Suite 3150
                   Sacramento, CA 95814-6240
                       Tel: (916) 445-4933
                       Fax: (916) 323-0707

          Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
                   1725 Duke St., Suite 500
                  Alexandria, VA 22314-3457
                      Tel: (703) 683-8080
                      Fax: (703) 683-8099

                   Additional training for Social Workers:
         National Association of Social Workers (California Chapter)
  National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
                 8410 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 670
                         Chicago, Il 60631
                        Tel: (773) 714-8880

               National Professional Association
                American Society for Clinical Pathology
                        2100 W. Harrison St.
                         Chicago, IL 60612
                         Tel: (312) 738-1336

     Department of Health Services Radiology Department
                  Radiologic Health Branch, MS 7610
                           P.O. Box 997414
                     Sacramento, CA 95899-7414
                         Tel: (916) 327.5106

              California State Board of Pharmacy
                         Pharmacy Technician
                         400 R St., Suite 4070
                        Sacramento, CA 95814
                          Tel: (916) 445-5014
                         Fax: (916) 327-6308

          National Association of Board of Pharmacy
 Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee (FPGEC)
                       1600 Feehanville Drive
                      Mount Prospect, IL 60056
                        Tel: (847) 391-4406
           Physical Therapy Board of California
                 1418 Howe Ave., Suite 16
                Sacramento, CA 95825-3204
                    Tel: (916) 561-8200

      Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

                  Prometric Test Center

             National Physical Therapy Exam

       California Speech-Language-Hearing Association

  California Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board
      REQUEST FOR: Professional Experience Packet (RPE)
                   1422 Howe Ave., Suite #3
                     Sacramento, CA 95825
                      Tel: (916) 263-2666

        The Praxis Series – Educational Testing Service
                        Rosedale Road
                     Princeton, NJ 08541
                      Tel: (609) 921-9000
              Board of Optometry
              400 R St., Suite 4090
             Sacramento, CA 95814
              Tel: (916) 323-8720
              Fax: (916) 445-8711

  National Board of Examiners in Optometry
          200 S. College Street, #1920
             Charlotte, NC 28202
              Tel: (704) 332-9565
             Fax: (704) 332-9568

             -Dietetic Technician-
  Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
     120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000
         Chicago, Illinois 60606-6995
        Phone: 312-899-0040 Ext. 5500
              Fax: 312-899-4772
           E-mail: cdr@eatright.org

Commission on Accreditation for dietetics education

          Accredited Dietetics Programs

              California Basic Education Skills Test

                   National Evaluation Systems, Inc
                          P.O. Box 340880
                    Sacramento, CA 95834-0880
                           (916) 928-4001

                Other Helpful Websites on Teaching:

            California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

            Education Job Opportunities information network

                  CSET information and practice tests

Updates on teacher education programs at California Community Colleges.

                * Cardiac Ultrasound
                * Echocardiography
              * Cardiology Technician
               * Vascular Ultrasound
                 * Electrocardiography

             Coordinator: Rick Kirby
               Tel: (619) 644-7303
           E-mail: Rick.Kirby@gcccd.edu


             Coordinator: Rick Kirby
               Tel: (619) 644-7303
           E-mail: Rick.Kirby@gcccd.edu


         Coordinator: Lorenda Seibold-Phalan
                 Tel: (619) 644-7448
      E-mail: Lorenda.Seibold-Phalan@gcccd.edu


            Coordinator: Christi Viciano
                 Tel: (619) 644-7448
          E-mail: Christi.viciano@gcccd.edu


      Faculty Contact: Donna Swanson-Perrelet
                Tel: (619) 644-7430
     E-mail: Donna.Swanson-Perrelet@gcccd.edu
              California Physician Assistant Schools

      Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science
                 College of Science & Health
                    1731 East 120th Street
                   Los Angeles, CA 90059
                       (323) 563-5849
                Email: mavalero@cdrewu.edu

   University of Southern California/Keck School of Medicine
           Primary Care Physician Assistant Program
                      1000 S Fremont Ave
                      Unit 7 Bldg A6 4th Fl
                      Alhambra, CA 91803
                        (626) 457-4240
                     e-mail: uscpa@usc.edu

          Riverside County Regional Medical Center/
                Riverside Community College
                     16130 Lasselle Street
                  Moreno Valley, CA 92551
                       (909) 485-6135

                    Samuel Merritt College
                 Physician Assistant Program
                         450 30th Street
                      Oakland, CA 94609
                        (510) 869-6623
              Email: admission@samuelmerrit.edu

            Stanford University School of Medicine
               Primary Care Associate Program
                      School of Medicine
                 1215 Welch Road, Modular G
                   Palo Alto, CA 94304-5408
                         (650) 725-6959
           Email: pcap-information@lists.stanford.edu

              Western University of Health Sciences
            Primary Care Physician Assistant Program
                         College Plaza
                      309 E. Second Street
                    Pomona, CA 91766-1854
                        (909) 623-6116
                Email: admissions@westernu.edu
                                             University of California – Davis
                             Physician Assistant Program/Family Nurse Practitioner Program
                                    Department of Family and Community Medicine
                                             2516 Stockton Blvd. Suite 254
                                                  Sacramento, CA 95817
                                                      (916) 734-3551
                                        Email: patty.frank@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu

                                        Touro University at Mare Island College
                                       Masters in Physician Assistant Studies/ MPH
                                                   Office of Admissions
                                             1310 Johnson Ln., Mare Island
                                                    Vallejo, CA 94592
                                                     (707) 638-5200

                                                San Joaquin Valley College
                                        Primary Care Physician Assistant Program
                                              8400 W. Mineral King Avenue
                                                    Visalia, CA 93291
                                                      (866) 544-7898

                                                  Loma Linda University
                                               Physician Assistant Program
                                           School of Allied Health Professions
                                                  Loma Linda, CA 92350
                                                     (909) 558-7295
                                            Email: admissions@sahp.llu.edu

                                             Central Application Service for
                                             Physician Assistants (CASPA)

*NOTE: Each school has specific requirements. Please check with the school for detailed information on admissions process.
                                MASTER’S PROGRAMS

                             DEGREE – Public Health

                             Marriage and Family Therapy
                                   School Counseling
                                   School Psychology
Community-Based Block Program (1 Year Master‟s in Education with an emphasis in Counseling)

                            SDSU College of Extended Studies

                          Cultural & Community Trauma Studies
                                   Healthcare Education
                             Translation & Court Interpreting
                                 Instructional Technology
                    Applied Linguistics & English as a Second Language
                         UCSD - EXTENSION

                                Master’s Level Academic
                                 & Certificate Programs


         Healthcare & Behavioral Science
                                                            English Language Institute
UCSD Graduate Degrees for Professionals:
Master’s Degree in Clinical Research              Medical English
Master’s Degree in the Leadership of Healthcare   Medical English Online
 Organizations                                    Pronunciation and Fluency

Certificate Programs:
Healthcare Executive Leadership Program                             Education
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Nuclear Medicine Technology                       Specialized Certificates:
Clinical Trials                                   College Counseling
Lactation Consultant                              Community College Instruction
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling                 Adult Education Credential
Fitness Instruction/Exercise Science
                                                  Professional Certificates:
Specialty Courses:                                Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Medical Practice Immersion Program                Languages (TESOL)
Nursing: Forensic, Re-Entry, Case Management
Lactation Educator/Counselor
Clinical Trials


Certificate Programs:
Biotechnology Manufacturing
Regulatory Affairs for the Biomedical Industry

Many IHTW’s lack the skills to search, apply and interview for employment.
In many countries, jobs are assigned after completing an educational program or
internship. Understanding cultural differences and a good grasp of the English language
are crucial for successful employment.

Community college career centers and county One-Stop Career Centers offer free
assistance with job searching, application process, interviewing skills, salary negotiation,
computer basics, and much more.

Most positions require experience or some type of certification or license. Even so, after
completion of professional credential’s revalidation some of our participants have applied
for positions such as, Health Program Educator, Case Manager, Teacher, Research
Associate, Health Program Coordinator, or Outreach Worker/Promotora. Your case
manager will help you determine whether you may be qualified to apply for some of these

Volunteer opportunities can also help the ITHW become exposed to the healthcare setting
and understand cultural norms around patient provider communication. Talk to your case
manager about volunteer opportunities.
                  One- Stop Career Center Orientation Schedules

           Career Center                 Times of Orientation                   Comments
East County Career Center
924 E. Main Street                         Monday – Friday            Orientation lasts about one
                                                                      hour and tour of the Career
El Cajon, CA 92021                            1:30 pm                 Center is provided. Please
619-590-3900                                                          arrive 10 minutes early.

Metro Career Center –                      Tuesdays - 9 am            Orientation lasts about one
                                                                      hour; a tour of the Center,
3910 University Avenue                                                training information and
San Diego, CA 92105                  1st & 3rd Wednesdays – 5:30 pm   scheduling of eligibility
619-516-2200                                                          appointments are provided.

North County Coastal Career Center       Tuesdays – 1:30 pm           1 visit will be to complete the
                                                                      application then the orientation
1949 Avenida del Oro, Suite 106          Thursdays – 9:00 am          appointment is made. Due
Oceanside, CA 92056                                                   limited parking please arrive 30
760-631-6150                                                          minutes early the day of your
                                                                      scheduled Orientation.

North County Inland Career Center                                     Orientation lasts about two
                                                                      hours and a tour of the Career
463 N. Midway Drive #100                 Wednesdays – 9 am            Center is provided.
Escondido, CA 92027

South County Career Center                Monday – Thursday           Fill out membership application
                                                                      and Ability to Benefit
1111 Bay Blvd, Suite E                    8:45am, 10:45am,            questionnaire, tour of the center
Chula Vista, CA 91911                          1:45pm                 and meet with an Employment
619-628-0300                                                          Advisor

South Metro Career Center            2nd & 4th Wednesdays – 5:30 pm   Orientations last about one hour.
                                                                      Training      information       and
4389 Imperial Ave                                                     scheduling       of      eligibility
San Diego, CA 92113                        Thursdays – 9am
                                                                      appointments are provided
619-266-4200                         Thursdays – 10:30am - Spanish

            ** Call the Career Center BEFORE attending an Orientation
                  to ensure the time and date has not changed **
           Local Hospital Sites & Clinic Websites
Alvaro Hospital Medical Center                             www.alvaradohospital.com
Children’s Hospital & Health Center                        www.chsd.org
Fallbrook Hospital District                                www.kindredhealthcare.com
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center                           www.kaiserpermanentejobs.org
Naval Medical Center San Diego                             www.nmcsd.ed.nay.mil
Palomar Medical Center                                     www.pphcareers.org
Paradise Valley Hospital                                   www.paradisevalley.org
Pomerado Hospital                                          www.pphcareers.org
San Diego Health Centers                                   www.sdhospice.org
Scripps Green Hospital - La Jolla                          www.scrippshealth.org
Scripps Memorial Hospital - Chula Vista                    www.scrippshealth.org
Scripps Mercy Hospital - Encinitas                         www.scrippshealth.org
Scripps Mercy Hospital - La Jolla                          www.scrippshealth.org
Scripps Mercy Hospital                                     www.scrippshealth.org
Sharp Cabrillo Hospital                                    www.scrippshealth.org
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center                           www.sharp.com
Sharp Coronado Hospital                                    www.sharp.com
Sharp Mary Birch Hospital                                  www.sharp.com
Sharp Mesa Vista                                           www.sharp.com
Tri-City Medical Center                                    www.tri-citymed.com
UCSD Thornton Hospital - Hillcrest                         www.health.ucsd.edu
UCSD Thornton Hospital - La Jolla                          www.healthcusd.edu
UCSD Veterans Affair - La Jolla                            www.health.cusd.edu
San Ysidro Health Centers                                  www.syhc.org

Health Jobs Search Engines
Health Careerweb.com                                       www.healthcareerweb.com
Health Care Job Store                                      www.healthcarejobstore.com
HireHealth.com                                             www.hirehealt.com
Other                                                      www.simplyhired.com

Research jobs
Scripps Clinic     Research Institute                      www.scripps.edu/e_index.html

Biotechnology Jobs
San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium www.sdbiotechcareers.org

Note: You can also visit several of these websites for volunteer opportunities.
             San Diego Welcome Back Center
Visit our website for most updated information or call us at 619.409.6417

                         WBC Courses

        VESL (Vocational English Second Language)

          Pre-NCLEX (Bilingual- Spanish / English)

                      NCLEX Review Course

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