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     School Year 2003-2004
Planning Calendar Development

       Pace High School NJROTC
    Cadet Company Chain of Command
•   SNSI: Retired Commander Samuel Vickers
•   NSI: Retired Master Chief Petty Officer Kenneth Royston
•   Cadet Company Commander: C/LCDR Annalee Chiswell
•   Cadet Company Executive Officer: C/LT Bobby Martin
•   Cadet Company Operations Officer: C/LTJG Mark Gonzalez
•   Cadet Company Senior Drill Team Commander: C/ENS
    Richard Al-Bayaty

•   Purpose
•   JROTC Higher Mission
•   Pace High NJROTC Mission
•   Pace NJROTC Clubs
•   Pace NJROTC Events
•   Tasks by Event
•   Calendar Development

To provide a detailed planning calendar for our
high school NJROTC program for School Year

  Junior ROTC is designed to teach high school students the
   value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community,
personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while
 instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork, and self-discipline.
  Its focus is reflected in its mission statement, “To motivate
 young people to be better citizens.” It prepares high school
 students for responsible leadership roles while making them
     aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as
 American citizens. The program is a stimulus for promoting
 graduation from high school, and it provides instruction and
      rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student,
                      community, and nation.

Pace High School NJROTC Mission

  Practice to win.
 Compete to Have
    Pace High NJROTC Clubs or Teams
•    Armed Exhibition Silent Drill Team
•    Armed Basic Drill Team
•    Unarmed Basic Drill Team
•    Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team
•    Color Guard Team
•    Orienteering Team
•    Precision Rifle Team
•    Athletic Team
•    Academic Team
•    Dance Team
  Pace NJROTC Events for SY 03/04
• Leadership Academy and Basic Leadership Training for cadets
  during the 2003 summer.
• Six Habitat for Humanity projects
• Special Olympics support (manning booths)
• Operation Christmas
• Sacred Heart Hospital every Monday afternoon
• Ronald McDonald house clean up every two times a month.
• Blackwater Heritage Trail maintenance
• Paint Your Heart out projects
• DAV Poppy/Forget-Me-Not donation sale
• Manna Food drive
• Color Guard for each football game.
• Patriot Challenge Rifle Match (held at Pace High)
• Battle of New Orleans Field Meet                      Next
               03/04 SY Continued…
•   NAS Pensacola Drill/Athletics/Academics Field Meet
•   Area Eight Manager’s Annual Inspection
•   Gulf Coast Arts Festival
•   Elk’s Lodge
•   Pace, Milton, and Downtown Pensacola Parades
•   M.L. King Day – Field trip to Battleship Park Memorial Park
•   Pace Meet – Rifle, Academics, Athletics
•   NJROTC Annual Military Ball
•   UWF Orienteering Educational Field Meet
•   Auburn Field Meet
•   Mardi Gras Ball set up at Cordova Mall
•   Bar-B-Que Car Wash
•   Southern Miss Field Meet (May cancel out Auburn field trip
    depending on whether or not this ends up being the Nationals
    Qualifier)                                                 Next
        03/04 SY Continued again…

•   Navy Dive School in Panama City
•   Pensacola NRA Match
•   NJROTC Nationals
•   Ropes Weekend
•   Elks Lodge Party
•   Awards Banquet
•   Pace Scottish Highland Games
                Goal: Navy Nationals

• All teams practices three days a week per team, every day two
  weeks before each competition.
• Tulane Field Meet – Puts us on the map and shows us our
• NAS Pensacola Field Meet – A stepping stone on the way to
  Nationals. It’s more like a mile marker.
• Auburn Field Meet - Must place second or higher to receive a front
  door invitation to Nationals.
• NJROTC Navy Nationals – For the past three years, we’ve placed
  8th, 8th, and 7th, respectively. Each year we go to Nationals, hoping
  to do better than our previous year.
Planning Calendar Development

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