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                  THE REBEL REVIEW
                                                        APRIL 2008 - ISSUE 6

           ‘Franklin in Five’: the new guilty pleasure
            By: Katharine Lusky
    For the last few                                                                                   I decided to get a closer look and ask
weeks,       Franklin                                                                                  the man himself, Mr. Patrick Nichols.
High School has                                                                                        He told me that Franklin in Five was an
been given the                                                                                         idea that he and the administration
pleasure of having                                                                                     came up with in order to get students
its very own news                                                                                      to pay attention to school announce-
show where infor -                                                                                     ments. Information would be present-
mation is given in a                                                                                   ed in a way that would be fun for stu-
fresh, clean, and                                                                                      dents, instead of having teachers just
creative way that is                                                                                   read the announcements every morn -
sure to capture the                                                                                    ing. Since FHS finally got the media
attention of any                                                                                       program they had always been hoping
student. Who can                                                                                       for, it was the perfect opportunity.
forget the famous                                                                                      Shows usually take only one class peri -
Jared        Sullivan                                                                                  od to make, but some segments can
"Don't Go to School                                                                                    take up to two or three days.
High" commercial                                                                                          When asked what part of doing
where he flew down                                                                                     Franklin in Five is the most stressful,
an entire hallway, Ashley White (left) and Josh Castle in the studio.                                  Mr. Nichols laughed and said all of it.
or the crack-up     u                                                                                  He added that the hardest things were
music videos, or the untold                                                            dealing with absences, making sure there is always a
story of Stephen Womack -                                                              back up, and of course, always making sure the show
teacher or warlock?, or Jared                                                          is completed. Mr. Nichols believes that the best thing
Sullivan's very own Monster                                                            about Franklin in Five is the experiences the students
cartoon short. These are the                                                           get to have. They learn great communication skills,
things that make Franklin in                                                                                          w
                                                                                       and they get to deal with real-world media experiences
Five so great. It is different, it is                                                  that help students work as a team and get the job
something to keep our minds                                                            done.
off school for five minutes                                                              So, for any students out there who are interested in
(although sometimes only 2                                                             joining the Franklin in Five news staff and think they
minutes and 30 seconds), and                                                           have what it takes to be Franklin's next news anchor,
it is something to keep us                                                             be sure to enroll in "Media Concepts," and then
informed about what is hap - Julia Travis (L) and Chris O’Leary getting ready to film  "Electronic Media Production" the following year. It
pening at school.                                                         looks great on college applications, and it is always a plus to be on
   In order to get a better idea of what it is like behind the scenes, camera!
                                NEWS                                              FEATURES 2
 The Rebel Review
      April 2008
Editor- Jared Sullivan
           Library Update                                                            Junk of the Month
           By: Jared Sullivan                                                        By: Bryan Bruce
   In last month's issue of The Rebel Review we published a story
                                                                          This month the Junk of the Month Crew discovered Senior
about student's opinions towards our library here at Franklin High
                                                                        Matthew Bochan and his discolored 1995 Ford Taurus. His dirt
School. Some of the student's opinions were very critical of our
                                                                        stained paint and bright green hood on the all white car makes
library and brought attention to what some saw as the facility's
                                                                        this vehicle quite a site for anyone, and the number one piece
flaws. Before the March issue went to print there was somewhat
                                                                        of junk in the parking lot this month.
of a controversy about whether the article should be included in
the paper due its harsh and unadulterated criticism of such a cru-
                                                                        TRR: How did you acquire your vehicle?
cial part of our school. In the end though, after much deliberation
                                                                        MB: I got it for my 16th birthday from my parents, and it was
and reediting, the editorial staff decided that the article was too
                                                                        all white at the time.
crucial not to be included.
   Surprisingly, instead of backlash, positive things have stemmed
                                                                        TRR: Does your car have a name?
from the article. As of Monday, March 24 the library began oper-
                                                                        MB: The Ford P.O.S.
ating under the extended hours of 7:00 to 3:30 Monday through
Thursday, and 7:30 to 2:45 on Friday. The Library will also close
                                                                        TRR: Despite your cars imperfections, what do you like best
at 2:45 on the first Monday of each month for faculty meetings.
                                                                        about it?
Obviously the library staff has now taken steps to help improve the
                                                                        MB: Probably my stereo and the subs.
feelings of students toward the library. Regardless of whether or
not the article we printed helped influence this decision, it is safe
                                                                        TRR: Is your car a reliable means of transportation?
to say that this change is very much appreciated by the student
                                                                        MB: Yea, it is actually. It's never broke down.
   Whether there will be continued changes to the library to cater
                                                                        TRR: Would you say your vehicle fits your personality?
more to the students is unknown, but the extended hours are seen
                                                                        MB: Naww, it's ugly.
by most as a major step forward. Although some may still feel that
the library is a far cry from ideal, but it is appreciated that the
                                                                        TRR: If you could trade in your vehicle for any other at FHS
library staff is making changes to their policies for the betterment
                                                                        who's would it be?
of students. More importantly than extended hours is that the
                                                                        MB: I'd have to say Dylan's SER; its fast.
library staff now seems much more open to the suggestions and
feelings of students. They appear very open to dialog with students
                                                                        TRR: Does your ride make it more difficult to pick up the
and faculty alike to continue to improve this essential part of our
                                                                        MB: (laughs) I really don't know. I'm sure it doesn't help any.

                                                                        TRR: How does
                                                                        it feel to be rec-
                                                                        ognized by The
                                                                        Rebel Review
                                                                        for your vehicle
                                                                        MB: Not very

                                                                                             Matt Bochan with the junk of the month
        The lovely library                                                                                                      Photo by: B. Bruce
 The Rebel Review
       April 2008                              NEWS                 AND             F EATURES                                         3
           Making or paying for memories?                                                                     Our Junior Issue!
                                                                                                              By: Jared Sullivan
           By: Jared Sullivan
                                                                                                                 As some of you may or may
   It's that time of year again. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but no matter how hard you           not know, the paper that you
try you can't escape the prom season. We, as students, hear so much from adults about how prom                hold is almost completely edit -
is supposed to be such a special time in a teenager's life. The question is how does the student              ed by the junior staff members
body really feel about prom? Is it a time to be forever                                                       of The Rebel Review . It has
remembered or just another stereotypical high school                                                          been a unique year due to the
event we all have to go through? I interviewed a wide                                                         fact that there were only three
variety seniors to see what they think.                                                                       juniors on the staff. Despite our
   First I sat down with seniors Caroline Morris, Kelly Fox,                                                  small numbers, we are still
and Travis Hampton. All three are planning on attending                                                       excited to take the reigns from
prom and seemed reasonably excited. Kelly Fox said, "I                                                        the seniors and hit the ground
have never been before. I'm excited to finally go." In a                                                      running next year. I will be the
very joking manner, she continued, "Arriving at prom will                                                            i C
                                                                                                              Editor-in-Chief and News and
be like Christmas morning; there are so many expecta-                                                         Features editor. Katharine
tions and excitement, and you never know what it's real-                                                      Lusky will be in charge of Arts
ly going to be like until you get there." Caroline Morris                                                     and Entertainment, and will
agreed with Kelly, and added, "Prom is a magical place,               Every prom needs a good ol’ hand jive   team up with Lindsey Pittman
better than Disney World….I like the punch and chocolate                                                      for the Opinion section.
fountain a lot." So after a very enthusiastic response from the girls I asked Travis Hampton for his          Newbies Jordan Lindsey and
input. He said, very confidently, "I like going and dancing it up with all my favorite teachers. No one                     M
                                                                                                              Daniel Miller-McLemore will be
knows how to party like they do."                                                                             co-editing the sports section.
   Next I turned to a different group of seniors for their feelings on prom. Instead of being excited         We appreciate the support and
like the last group, Nick Vallarino, Melodi Vahdani and Ben Sugg were not too fond of the idea. Ben           enthusiasm for the paper we
Sugg said, "You're just paying for memories. It's actually not that fun. You just go for the sake of          have been shown and we look
going." Nick Vallarino echoed Ben by saying, "I just don't feel like going. It seems really lame."            forward to another year of serv -
Melodi elaborated more by saying, "the movies make it seem really fun and magical, but in truth,              ing the student body.
it's just a bunch of sweaty kids in a room. It’s way over-hyped for what it actually is."
   Whether or not you decide to embrace the idea of prom or try to ignore it, it will always be a part                               Sincerely,
of high school. Whatever you decide to do, try to make April 26th a memorable and safe night.                                            Jared

          TRR Junior Issue Staff
Hugh Inman                  Teacher/Advisor
Ryan Porth                         i C
Jared Sullivan                            i C
                            Acting Editor-in-Chief /
                            News and Features Editor
Katharine Lusky             Acting Arts & Entertainement Editor
Lindsey Pittman             Acting Opinion Editor
Jordan Lindsey                         S
                            Acting Co-Sports Editor
Daniel Miller-McLemore
              M                        S
                            Acting Co-Sports Editor
Bryan Bruce                                   N
                            Staff Writer / Co-News & Features Editor
Matt Moye                   Staff Writer / Opinion Editor
Tyler O’Donnell                               N
                            Staff Writer / Co-News & Features Editor
Emily Townsend              Staff Writer / Arts & Entertainment Editor
Maggie Passanante           Staff Writer
                                                             SPORTS                                                                 4
 The Rebel Review
       April 2008
Editors- Jordan Lindsey
        Daniel Miller-McLemore

            Lacrosse goes under the radar
            By: Jordan Lindsey
   With basketball, baseball, and football being the three big sports       As for being under the radar and not being recognized as a
at Franklin High School, other teams go under the radar. One such        TSSAA sport, Vaughn feels as if TSSAA should sanction them. If
team is the FHS men's lacrosse team. They have gone unnoticed            this were to occur, the team would receive benefits such as being
by most of the student body and it's time they got their turn in the     funded by the school, and being able to use the school facilities for
spotlight.                                                               practice and workouts.
   The lacrosse team was started back in 2005 and has since then             Another point to mention is the team is full of youngsters.
produced very successful seasons. The team finished third in             Besides the five seniors, the lacrosse team has 11 juniors, 16
                                                            t b
Division II their first year, and then went on to win back-to-back D-    sophomores, and 17 freshman, which four of whom start: Alan
II titles. Apparently, D-II teams aren't up to caliber of competition    Porter, Alex Henke, Ben Charpentier, and Daniel Livingsten.
the lacrosse team is, so this year, the team is playing in Division I.      Vaughn commented on the youth aspect of the team. "They
  When asked how moving up to D-I has affected the team, senior          absolutely have the potential to be great."
attack captain Jordan Vaughn said, "It was a struggle at the begin-        The men's lacrosse team may not be in the spotlight as much as
ning, but I feel as if we have adjusted well." And adjusted they         they should be, but that's not going to stop them going for their
have, going 6-3 as of press time.                                        third state championship in three years.

            NCAA Tournament put the madness in March
            B y : D a n i e l M i l l e r -M c L e m o r e
   Davidson guard Stephen Curry stared at the ground, hands on           good enough for fifth in the nation, but entering the tournament
his knees, as the buzzer sounded on Kansas's 59-57 win over              he was still relatively unheralded. Not anymore. In four tourna-
                       Curry and his underdog Wildcats. Despite a        ment games, Curry averaged 32 points per game and became a
                       valiant effort, and 25 points from the soph -     fan favorite. His second half heroics (he averaged 22 points in the
                       omore sensation, Davidson's Final Four            second half alone) carried Davidson to previously unthinkable ter-
                       dreams were shattered when Jason                  ritory.
                       Richard's three point attempt caromed off           Although Davidson's fairy tale came to an unsatisfactory ending,
                       the backboard. However, the Wildcats              their run in this year's tournament is the newest installment of the
                       have nothing to hang their heads about.           underdogs of college basketball gaining ground on the Dukes,
                       Seeded tenth in the Midwest regional, the         UCLAs, and North Carolinas of the world. Ironically, Davidson's
                       Wildcats overachieved simply in beating                                                            m
                                                                         first round victim, Gonzaga, was the first mid-major to experience
                       their first round opponent, Gonzaga. But          sustained success in the NCAA tournament, reaching the Elite
                       with a comeback victory over powerhouse           Eight in 1999 and the Sweet 16 in 2000 and 2001, all as double-
Stephen Curry
                       Georgetown in the second round, and a             digit seeds. Two years ago, eleventh seeded George Mason
blowout of Wisconsin in the Sweet 16, Davidson proved countless          became the lowest seed ever to reach the Final Four, defeating
skeptics wrong and gave hope to mid-majors across the nation.            North Carolina and Connecticut along the way.
  The Wildcats were led by Curry, a 6'3", 185-pound combo guard             The first round of this year's tournament also saw its share of
who is an underdog story in his own right. Not recruited by major        upsets. Four double digit seeds won their first round game in the
ACC schools coming out of high school, Curry signed with                 Midwest region alone, and little known fifteen seed Belmont near-
Davidson and promptly went on to average 21.5 points per game                                                             t
                                                                         ly pulled off one of the biggest miracles of all-time, falling to Duke
as a freshmen. In spite of this, Curry went overlooked coming into                  w
                                                                         on game-winning shot in the final 15 seconds.
this season. He increased his scoring to 25.1 points per game,                                                            Continued on page 7...
  The Rebel Review
         April 2008                                                         S        P O R T S                                                         5
               Titans Offseason Report
               By: Matt Moye

   Many changes have taken place around Crumpler was cut after having issues with                                    Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy in free
Baptist Sports Park since the Tennessee the Falcons and plans to make a big                                          agency, the defensive end spot was an
Titans lost in the playoffs to San Diego. impact on Vince Young's passing game.                                      important position to plug. Mike Reinfeldt
Some new faces have arrived and old faces Young will also be happy to know the Titans                                brought back Jevon Kearse, a former first
have parted ways with the team.                         h av e s i g ne d l as t y e ars l e adi ng re c e i v e r   round pick of the Titans. 'The Freak' domi-
   Just a few days after losing in the play- Justin Gage. Gage emerged as the number                                 nated on the field when he played here,
offs, the Titans decid-                                                          one receiver last sea-              and despite some injuries, still preformed
ed to fire Norm Chow                                                             son, and has some                   well in Philadelphia.
because he was                                                                   promise for the future.                Special teams specialist Donnie Nickey
never able to adapt                                                                   GM Mike Reinfeldt              was resigned to bring back some good
to the pros from col-                                                            was able to steal offen-            experience. Linebacker Josh Stamer was
lege, and his play-                                                              sive lineman Jake Scott             signed as well to help out on special teams.
calling was criticized                                                           from the Colts. They                Defensive back Chris Carr has also signed
by almost every Titan                                                                     s
                                                                                 also re-signed offensive                            T
                                                                                                                     with the Two-Tone Blue. Carr, who had
fan.       To replace                                                            lineman Daniel Loper                spent his first few years in Oakland, is the
Chow, they brought                                                               and tight end Bo Scaife.                         t
                                                                                                                     Raiders' all-time leader in kick returns and
back former offen -                                                              But, with starting line -           kick return yards. Carr should be an imme -
sive coordinator Mike                                                            men Benji Olson retir-              diate upgrade to a team that had no kick or
Heimerdinger. The                                                                ing, and Jacob Bell sign-           punt returns for a touchdown this past sea-
return of 'Dinger' has                        Submitted Photo                    ing with the St. Louis              son.
given many fans high                                                             Ram s , t h e T it ans w ill          It's always been comical to hear Pacman
hopes.                                                  need to take an offensive lineman in their                   Jones' name on the news, but recently it
     Running backs coach Sherman Smith first few picks of this year's NFL Draft.                                     hasn't been for bad behavior. Jones has
took a job offer as the offensive coordina-                 While Young threw more interceptions                     gone out of his way to make it very clear he
tor with the Washington Redskins after than touchdowns last year, his completion                                     wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys. The
being with the Titans since the mid 90's. percentage did go up significantly com -                                   teams have talked for a while, but as of
Former Pro Bowl running back Earnest pared to his rookie season. The addition to                                     press time, the trade looks to be dead as
B y n e r h a s c o m e f r o m W a s h i n g t o n t o Crumpler will help him, but the Titans                       both teams can't agree on what his worth
become the new running backs coach.                     haven't picked a wide receiver in the first                  is. The Cowboys have placed numerous
Offense                                                 round since 1998, and should do so this                            r
                                                                                                                     late-round draft picks and an unnamed
   Some former Titans players have signed year. A big-time wide out such as Limas                                    player (rumored to be linebacker Bobby
with the team because of their familiarity Sweed, Early Doucet, or even DeSean                                       Carpenter) on the table, but the Titans just
from working with Heimerdinger when he Jackson could help V.Y. become a better                                       weren't able to pull the trigger. The Titans
was in Nashville. Wide receiver Justin pocket passer.                                                                have reportedly asked for a fourth round
McCareins has returned after his four-year Defense y                                                                 pick in this year's and next year's draft, but
stint with the New York Jets. Tight end                    The cornerstone of the Titans defensive                   the Cowboys don't feel he is that valuable
Dwayne Blakley has also returned after unit, Albert Haynesworth, received the fran-                                  because of his troubled past. Yet, this
being released from the Atlanta Falcons. chise tag. This can only be applied to one                                  seems to be bad news for the Cowboys, not
Blakley was cut by the Titans a few years player per team in which the player gets                                   necessarily the Titans, because the longer
ago. Those are the only former Titans who paid the average amount of money of the                                    they hold out the trade the higher his value
have returned on offense.                               top five players of his position for one sea-                will be.
  Vince Young will be happy to hear that the son. The Titans have done this to gather
Titans have picked up four-time Pro Bowl more time to negotiate a long-term deal                  t
tight end Alge Crumpler from Atlanta. with Haynesworth. When the Titans lost                                                                Continued on page 7...
  The Rebel Review
        April 2008                                                    S      P O R T S                                                   6
Titans report (cont.)
Continued from page 6...
     With the annually important NFL Draft             out and on kick and punt returns through -       5th: Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
coming up on April 26, many analysts have              out his collegiate career. His speed (4.2)       Let's face it; Young's style of play opens
g iv e n t h e ir o pinio n o f w h at e ac h t e am   and versatility would be a steal at this pick.   him up to injuries more so than a true pock -
needs and whom they should select. If the              Avery totaled 4,213 all purpose yards in his     et passer. A back up quarterback is very
draft was tomorrow, and I could choose                 career with 20 career touchdowns. His abil-      v aluable in t he le ag ue t he s e days and
who the Titans draft, this is my personal              ity to be a big time receiver is under appre -   Brennan who holds many NCAA records
mock draft for them. The Titans have seven             ciated and if Rachal were not available I        could learn a lot from current back up Kerry
picks this year, including two fourth-round   r        would him select with the second pick with -     Collins. Brennan's stock dropped signifi-
picks, and no sixth rounder.                           out hesitation.                                  cantly after a terrible game against Georgia
1st: Limas Sweed, WR, Univ. of Texas                   4th: Jonathon Goff, LB, Vanderbilt               in the Sugar Bowl and could be a gem this
Sweed is tall, talented, and a good deep               Goff was a proven leader for the                 late.
threat for Young. His experience could bring           Commodores and stood out as one of the           7th: Kendall Langford, DE, Hampton
immediate production with his former quar-             better middle linebackers in the SEC, and        Langford is a three year starter at
terback. Sweed's combo of size and soft                he could make the transition easily. He                                             M
                                                                                                        Hampton, and earned two All-MEAC first
hands would go along tremendously in the               could start on special teams the day train-      team. He's a gem in the seventh round, and
red zone with Crumpler.                                ing camp starts.                                 reminds me a lot of Cortland Finnegan in
2nd: Chilo Rachal, OG, USC                             4th: Brandon Coutu, K, Georgia                   the nature that he's completely under the
Rachal is a big physical lineman who                   I know, I know… Bironas is amazing, but as       radar and could eventually be a starter at
played at Coach Fisher's alma mater. He                of right now, he isn't under contract with       the pro level. When the opposition ran the
has received All-American honors and we                the team. If he isn't back next year, we're      ball toward him in his career at Hampton,
might have to trade up to get him. Rachal              going to have to get a kicker and Coutu          the opposing teams averaged .27 yards per
could instantly step in to replace Benji               comes into the draft as the best available       run and only got ten first downs. Langford
Olson.                                                 kicker. Coutu never missed an extra point        has 25 career sacks and 56 career tackles
3rd: Donnie Avery, WR, Houston                         in his four years as a Bulldog, and has an       for loss.
Avery produced good numbers as a wide                  extremely strong leg.

NCAA Tournament (cont.)
Continued from page 5...
Three double-digit seeds reached the                   national championship.                                     extra period was all Kansas, who
Sweet 16, the most since 2002, as                        From the tip, the cham -                                 jumped out to a quick lead they
Davidson was joined by twelve seeds                    pionship game was back                                     would never relinquish, eventual-
Western Kentucky and Villanova.                        and forth. With 2:12                                                      6
                                                                                                                  ly winning 75-68.
   The Final Four was a clash of the titans,           remaining in the game,                                                                c
                                                                                                                     The Jayhawks’ roller-coaster
however, as all four one seeds survived for            Memphis led by nine and                                    overtime victory capped off yet
the first time ever. Led by freshmen point             looked to be in a perfect                                  another wild month of March
guard Derrick Rose and junior wing Chris               position to win their first                                Madness for college basketball.
Douglas-Roberts, Memphis defeated UCLA                 national championship. It                                  Be it Davidson's improbable
in convincing fashion in the first of the two          was not to be, however,                                    Cinderella run, or one of the most
games. The second match-up, Kansas vs.                 as a combination of                                        entertaining title games in recent
North Carolina, featured two of the most               missed free throws down                                    memory, the NCAA tournament
storied programs in college basketball.                the stretch and a clutch                                   will remain, for now, unpre -
Kansas leapt out to a 28 point first half                     p
                                                       three-pointer           by      Submitted Photo            dictable.
lead and held off North Carolina late to set           Jayhawks guard Mario
up a showdown with Memphis for the                     Chalmers sent the game into overtime. The
                                         OPINION                                                                                    7
 The Rebel Review
       April 2008

Editors- Lindsey Pittman
        Katharine Lusky

                           PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE
                                       -Obama vs. McCain-
           Barack Obama                                                                 John McCain
           By: Guest Writer Dylan Field                                                 By: Tyler O’Donnell
  4, 012 U.S. Soldiers dead, 29, 628 seriously injured, 12 Billion dol-        John McCain is a better candidate for president to serve us in
lars in 2008 alone, 127 dead journalists, more than 2 million Iraqi         times of war. McCain has the leadership, experience, and
citizens dead or displaced by war. These are just a few of the har-         knowledge that will lead us to victory in Iraq. Guiding our coun-
rowing statistics resulting from this futile war in Iraq. Since the         try to victory means staying in Iraq to fight until the job is fin-
inception of this hollow idea back in 2002, Senator Barack Obama            ished. However, Barack Obama, like many others, wants to pull
of Illinois has had the same forcible stance. Often, when he first          our troops out as quickly as possible. His plan is to get every
began his run for office, he would jeopardize his campaign just by          combat brigade out of Iraq in about 16 months. Sending our
visibly opposing this Iraqi occupation. He is the only candidate in         troops home equals danger for our country. We will be wel-
this election that has had unwavering dissent. As a teacher's               coming another terrorist attack.
bumper sticker states here at Franklin, Dissent is not un-American.
                                                           A                   There is no question that the Iraq War should be the biggest
  Barack has taken this issue to heart. He often states that our lead-      concern America faces. Some might argue that illegal immi-
ers have been vastly negligent concerning the real threats imposed          gration has to be the number one issue. However, these illegal
on us. Regions like Latin America and countries such as China seem          immigrants are no threat to blow up our country. They are not
to be more and more of a threat to us as days pass. We spend                strapped with bombs running like crazy in the streets. The Iraq
approximately 2.7 Billion dollars a week in Iraq, which is equivalent       War is the main problem. There has been much debate on
to the lump sum that we have contributed to Latin America. We               whether to pull out our troops. If we did pull out, that means
seem to have lost our initial focus of this Corrupt Afghani threat,         surrendering to the enemy. Surrendering equals weakness.
and in doing so have lost billions of dollars, thousands of lives, and                                              a
                                                                            Weakness means a possible counter-attack against America.
any sense of respect that the U.S. has garnered in respect to our mil-      The troop surge has been working, and more than 80% of Iraq
itary affluence and strategic prowess.                                      is controlled by its own government. So why should we pull out
  George W. Bush is less of a leader and more of a puppet controlled        now? Yes, soldiers are dying, but they signed up knowing there
by his thirst for oil and utter disregard for the wishes of the             was a possibility of war. They have a job to do and that is to sta-
American people and, in many cases, even of the soldiers being              bilizing Iraq. That ultimately means bringing democracy to the
deployed. Barack would like to see the beginning of an immediate            Iraqi people. They are entitled to democracy, aren't they? We
withdrawal from Iraq. His method would still have a sufficient              went into Iraq thinking they had nuclear weapons. They did not.
amount of United States presence in Iraq until the end to prevent           It was therefore a mistake waging war against them. However,
large uprisings or threats to our embassy in Iraq. John McCain, has         mistakes happen and we must deal with them. Another mis -
the opposite mindset about all of this. He would like to stay there         take would be pulling out of Iraq too soon. That mistake can be
"as long as necessary." Imagine if we stayed in Iraq for even eight         avoided. Why pull out without finishing the job?
more years if he were elected and refused to obey the will of the             People have been complaining that our troops are going to be
congress and of the American people. With an impending recession            in Iraq for another eight or nine years. They don't have to be if
on our hands we are in need of financial stability more than ever,          we increase American forces in the region. It is McCain's belief,
and although he might say that it is beneficial to our security, this is    along with many Army Generals that we should increase troop
just a false sense of security.                                             support to speed up the process. Increasing support will help
                                                   Continued on Page 8...   tremendously and can only be positive.         Continued on Page 8...
 The Rebel Review
        April 2008                                        O      P I N I O N                                                      8
                           Coffee Review: Hot Spot vs. Starbucks
                           By: Jared Sullivan and Guest Writer Chelsea Griffith
   There is nothing I love more than a good ol’ cup of joe; coffee       entered Hot Spot we instantly noticed a very big contrast between
that is. So for this months restraint review I decided to have a bat -   it and Starbucks. Naturally Hot Spot feels much homier than
tle royale betweens Franklin’s two most popular cafés: Hot Spot          Starbucks because, no matter how hard they try, Starbucks isn’t
Coffee and the Starbucks on Main Street. For the great task of           the local independent café like Hot Spot is. When we approached
comparing these two beloved establishments I enlisted the help           the counter we were greeted by owners John and Shannon
of junior and fellow coffee lover Chelsea Griffith. We set out on our    Kromm who were very talkative and friendly which made our visit
epic adventure to see which café is                                                            there that much more enjoyable. We both
more supreme.                                                                                  ordered the same drink at Hot Spot as we
  We decided to visit Starbucks first.                                                         did at Starbucks so we could compare the
Upon entering Starbucks it becomes                                                             two. After receiving our drinks we again sat
apart very fast that they defiantly have                                                       down and began to analyze our beverage.
their act together. The whole store is                                                         We soon realized that though the drinks we
designed to appear cozy and welcom -                                                           got at Starbucks were good, they were noth -
ing; their big lounge chairs and cutesy                                                        ing compared to the pinnacle of all bever-
art help pull this off nicely. We stood in                                                     ages which we held in our hands at Hot Spot.
line for a good couple of minutes and                 Submitted Photo                            In conclusion, just because Starbucks may
when we did finally make it up to the                                                          be the hip place to go it doesn’t necessarily
front, after looking through their overpriced CD rack a few dozen        Hot Spot Coffee       mean they have better coffee. Both cafés
times, I decided to get a caramel latte and Chelsea went with a          Photo by: J. Sullivan are priced about the same but at one, being
peppermint white mocha. As we sat and critiqued our drinks, and                                Starbucks, you’re paying for the little green
laughed about the stupid inspirational messages on the cups, we          mermaid on the side of the cup and being able to tell your friends
came to the conclusion that our drinks weren’t half bad. While we        you were at Starbucks and the other, obviously being Hot Spot,
sat there though, we couldn’t help to notice the herds of Franklin       you’re actually paying for a really good cup of coffee. We highly
High School kids that kept flooding in through the doors. We came        recommend Hot Spot Coffee over (gasp!) Starbucks. Not only do
to the obvious realization that Starbucks has become much more           they have better coffee, are friendlier, and have a drive thru, they
than café; it is a place to see and be seen.                             also have a wide variety of smoothies and a full lunch menu. Be
    Next we continued on to our second destination; Hot Spot             adventurous and step out of the norm and make your way over to
Coffee. Even though Hot Spot is not located right on Main Street         Hot Spot Coffee soon (they also give discounts to Franklin High
we didn’t mind driving 2 minutes from downtown on highway 96.            students with the presentation of a school ID) .
Upon pulling in we noticed Hot Spot has a drive thru which would
be convenient for those before school coffee runs. When we

Obama (cont.)                                                                             McCain (cont.)
Continued from Page 7...                                                                  Continued from Page 7...
Who's to say that another 9/11 will not     we need to end the mindset that got us        Having more troops gets the job done faster.
happen? Our presence in Iraq must only      into this war". This never ending war is        There is no better candidate right now to handle
anger the al-Qaeda because we sure
               Q                            less like a well planned military strate -    this issue better than John McCain. He knows the
haven't put much of a damper on their       gy formulated by a commander in chief         enemy and has experience in fighting a war. He
operations. Our sight needs to move to      and more like a not-so-well coordinated
                                                                 s w                      knows what it takes to get the job done. He is
a much broader spectrum if we are           idea generated in front of the coffee pot     simply more qualified than Obama. If Obama is
actually going to eliminate this threat.    at work. It needs to end, and Barack          elected president and succeeds with his plan to
In his rallies, Obama frequently says,      Obama will end it.                            pull out of Iraq, there is a far greater chance that
"Not only do we need to end this war,                                                     this country will be under attack again.
 The Rebel Review
      April 2008                                        O     P I N I O N                                                        9
           Genocide in Africa
            By: Maggie Passanante
  Many of us today don't realize what is going on in other parts of    ored for more government action, such as the U.S. working with
the world. Over one million lives have been lost due to the geno-      the U.N., that we could save hundreds of thousands of lives.
cide in Africa and millions of more people have been displaced           Although the U.S. isn't the world police, we have a moral obliga-
from their friends, families, and homes.                               tion to help others in need. Today, thousands of U.S. troops are in
  The United States, being the most powerful country in the world,     Iraq helping their people and their government saving lives.
has yet to respond to this crisis with the urgency that is required.   Although Africa can't give us the oil that Iraq can, they can give us
The U.S. is the government that has recognized that this genocide               s
                                                                       the self-satisfaction and fulfill our moral obligation of saving lives.
is taking place, which brings with it an obligation to act.
Thousands of lives can still be saved if action is taken immediate -
ly. Government officials, who remained silent during the Rwanda
genocide just over a decade ago, often claim that if America clam -

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         Join us for a Vera Bradley
             event in your honor.
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    All students (and Moms) welcome.
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 The Rebel Review
        April 2008
Editor- Katharine Lusky
                                    ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT 10
             Record Review                                                              Monthly Horoscopes
             By: Jared Sullivan
                                                                                        By: Bryan Bruce, Lindsey Pittman, and Emily Townsend
    Vampire Weekend sounds as if they attended ritzy
boarding schools and brought back into their band the                                        2
                                                                            Aquarius: (1/20-2/18): Don't let your bad luck get you
orchestral and tribal music they were forced to listen to.                  down; things will take a change for the good.
With that said, Vampire Weekend still write really great
songs that don't sound pretentious or stiff. Unlike other                      3
                                                                 Pisces: (2/19-3/30): Try to get up on time this month; you will have the
indie-ish bands that
      i                                                          tendency to be late.
receive a lot of hype
from mainstream                                                               4
                                                                 Aries: (3/21-4/19): Talk to the person who sits beside you in third peri-
music people (The                                                od; you are destined to be great friends.
Arctic     Monkeys,
The Raconteurs)                                                                5
                                                                 Taurus: (4/20-5/20): The new love attraction in your life is certainly a
Vampire Weekend                                                  keeper.
have actually creat -
ed a really great                                                               6
                                                                 Gemini: (5/21-6/21): You will be rewarded for your kindness and gen-
pop record that                                                  erousity this month
deserves the atten-
tion it's getting.                                                             7
                                                                 Cancer: (6/22-7/22): Your going to be torn between an issue and
Don't buy this                                                   forced to make a vital decision; follow your heart.
record      thinking
you're going to                            Submitted Photo
                                                                 Leo: (7/23-8/22): You will see an improvement in your grades as exam
have your mind                                                   time rolls around.
blown by how revolutionary it is because it's not that;
Vampire Weekend just write good pop songs .                                   9
                                                                 Virgo: (8/23-9/22): Make a move on your crush, the stars are aligned.

For more music reviews and news, visit                1
                                                                 Libra: (9/23-10/22): Eat healthy, your body is a temple.

                                                                 Scorpio: (10/23-11/21): Try thinking about things instead of just act -
                                                                 ing on them, karma will bite you in the butt.

         Do you have                                                                  1
                                                                 Sagittarious: (11/22-12/21): It's your body, do what you want.

      any story ideas??
                                                                 Capricorn: (12/22-1/19): If you can't beat them, join them.

      Visit room 718 or
   talk to a staff member
The Rebel Review
   April 2008                       ARTS                   AND               E NTERTAINMENT                                                            11
                    The Rebel Review Playlist
                                     Jared Sullivan                                                                                 Mr. Inman
           1. "Spring Hall Convert" by Deerhunter                                                              1. “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison
           A friend urged me to buy Deerhunter's record and they're now one of                                 Nothing says summer to me like racing down the road
           my favorite bands. This song is a highlight and a masterpiece.                                      with all the windows down singing this classic Van
           2. "The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth" by Clap Your Hands Say                                     Morrison song at the top of my lungs.
           Yeah                                                                                                2. “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan
           This song is simply crafted but still wonderful. The distorted synth                                “The music, the lyrics, this is the best Bob Dylan ever,
           and endearing lyrics is what got me hooked.                                                         and that's saying a lot!”

                   Matt Moye                                                    Ryan Porth                                                  Emily Townsend
           1. “Pathetic" by Blink 182                                   1. "Walk of Life" by Shooter                                   1. “Blues Raid Dance” by Steel
           “It's just been one of my favorite                           Jennings                                                       Pulse
           songs for a long time and they're                            “The reason why it's my number                                 “Fun reggae song on a great
           one of my favorite bands.”                                   one is because it's the best                                   album, "True Democracy". I rec-
           2. “Guerilla Radio” by Rage                                  song by my favorite singer, and                                ommend getting the song or
           Against the Machine                                          it's definitely the one song I can                             other songs by Steel Pulse.”
           “I love this band; it's a great                              listen to over and over again.”                                2. “Babe, I’m gonna leave you”
           song to listen to during the sum-                            2. "Beautiful Day" by U2                                       by Led Zepplin
           mer and I've liked it ever since it                          “In my opinion, this is one of the                             “One of my favorite songs by Led
           was on Tony Hawk 2!!!”                                       best songs ever; it can get me                                 Zeppelin. Epic song that sends
                                                                        out of a bad mood.”                                            chills down my arms when it's on
                                                                                                                                       really loud in the car.”

                              Bryan Bruce                                                                               Katharine Lusky
           1. "King Without a Crown" by Matisyahu                                               1. "Paris 2004" by Peter Bjorn and John
           “It's got a really cool and unique sound, and the lyrics                             “It is one of the happiest songs I've heard in a while. It's perfect for
           are fresh.”                                                                          the new spring weather.”
           2. "Go On" by Jack Johnson                                                           2. "Boy with a Coin" by Iron and Wine
           “It's off of his new CD and it's simply a great chillin                              “It's simply beautiful. No matter what mood you're in or what kind of
           song. I love his acoustic sound.”                                                    day you're having, it seems to always fit perfectly.”

             Maggie Passanante                                               Tyler O’Donnell                                                Lindsey Pittman
           1. “Get Freaky” by Pitbull                                   1. “Trying to Stop Leaving You”                                1. “Pop Bottles” by Birdman and
           “I like this song because it                                 by Dierks Bentley                                              Lil’ Wayne
           brings back memories of Spring                               “This song has been out there                                  “This is a fun, upbeat song that
           Break busting out in sponta-                                 for quite some time and is just                                reminds me of good times. Plus,
           neous raps.”                                                 now getting noticed. It will get                               I love Birdman and Lil Wayne.”
           2. “I Will Survive” by Gloria                                to number one on the country                                   2. “Converting Vegetarians” by
           Gaynor                                                       charts.”                                                       Infected Mushroom
           “I love singing this song as loud                            2. “As Good As I Once Was” by                                  “This is an old song, but still
           as I can without holding back.                               Toby Keith                                                     very amazing. I like it because
           It's a classic that will always                              “The lyrics are great and the                                  of its unique Psychedelic sound
           survive!”                                                    music video is even better.”                                   and cool lyrics.”

                                     Jordan Lindsey                                                                                    M
                                                                                                                         Daniel Miller-McLemore
           1. “Sweet Child O Mine” by Guns N’ Roses                                                            1. “Ants Marching” by Dave Matthews Band
           “Guns n' Roses is one of my all time favorite bands. Sweet Child O                                  “Out of many great Dave songs, this is my favorite. It
           Mine has a mellow tone that you can listen to at anytime.”                                          never gets old no matter how much I listen to it.”
           2. “Country Grammar” by Nelly                                                                       2. “Snow (Hey Oh)” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
           “This song has a beat that never gets old. From the first time I heard                              “It's a great song to chill to and the guitar part is
           this song I knew I had to buy the CD. Once you hear the song, you'll                                sweet.”
           never forget the lyrics.”
  The Rebel Review
       April 2008                      ARTS              AND              E NTERTAINMENT                                         12
             Useless Information
             By: Lindsey Pittman
  Many people take for granted some of the most interesting infor-        - In New York State, it is still illegal to shoot a rabbit from a mov -
mation known to man. I've decided to explore the area of knowl-           ing trolley car.
edge that I haven't learned throughout my years of schooling. So          - The human brain stops growing at the age of 18.
to keep you informed on various things you'd never learn from             - The attachment of the human skin to muscles is what causes
teachers; here are some completely useless, but very fascinating          dimples.
tidbit's of information you'll find interesting…                          - Over 15 billion prizes have been given away in Cracker Jacks
- A snail can sleep for 3 years                                           - You lose enough dead skin cells in your lifetime to fill eight five-
- More people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in           pound flour bags.
plane crashes.                                                            - The Bible is the number one shoplifted book in America.
- Half of all people who have ever smoked have now quit.                  - The average McDonald's Big Mac bun has 198 sesame seeds on
- Table salt is the only commodity that hasn't risen dramatically in      it.
price in the last 150 years.                                              - 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
- A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up           - Both Hitler and Napoleon were missing one testicle.
and down continually from the bottom of the glass to the top.             - The king of hearts is the only king without a mustache.
- All of the clocks in Pulp Fiction are stuck on 4:20.                    - The number 57 on a Heinz ketchup bottle represents the number
- Your thumb is the same length as your nose.                             of varieties of pickles the company once had.
- All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on      - Milk delivered to the store today was in the cow two days ago.
the back of the $5 bill.                                                  - Your fingernail has the same ingredients as fly poop.
- During a kiss, as many as 278 bacteria colonies are exchanged.          - In Scotland, a new game was invented. It was entitled -
- A woman's heart beats faster than a man's.                              Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.... and thus the word ‘GOLF’
- In Idaho, a citizen is forbidden by law to give another citizen a box   entered into the English language.
of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds.
- The average person over fifty will have spent 5 years waiting in

            Shows Around Town
            By: Emily Townsend
Who?                                        When?                                       Where?
Elvis Costello                              April 23                                    Ryman Auditorium
Bon Jovi                                    April 24                                    Sommet Center
Sonic Youth                                 April 25                                    City Hall
Lou Reed                                    May 2                                       Ryman Auditorium
George Clinton &
Parliament Funkadelic                       May 3                                       Wildhorse Saloon
M.I.A.                                      May 5                                       City Hall
Jon Stewart                                 May 9 (2 shows)                             Ryman Auditorium

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