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									    Midland Valley
     High School
Class Registration Meeting
   Requirements to be a
• Total of 17 Credits must include:
  – 3 Math credits
  – 3 English credits
  – 2 Science credits

  *Summer school is an option if you need
   to get caught up! Applications will be
          available in guidance in May.
 What classes should you
    take next year?
• Students should choose classes based on
  career and educational goals.
  – Are you planning to go to a 2-year or 4-
    year college?
  – Are you taking the right classes to complete
    a major in high school? (IGP)
  – Are you planning to join the military or work
    force after graduation?
 What do I need to take in
   order to graduate?
English                                   4
Math                                      4
Science    (Must pass Physical Science)   3
US History                                1
Economics/US Government                   ½ / ½
Social Studies (Global Studies)           1
Computer Science                          1
Foreign Language OR Career Ed             1
PE or NJROTC                              1
Electives                                 7
What does the Class of 2010 need to
 take to get into a 4 year college?

• Colleges have additional course
  – At least 2 years of the same foreign
    language (Clemson and C of C require 3 years)
  – An additional lab science course
     • Examples:Anatomy, Physics or AP Chemistry
  – Four Academic Electives
     • Examples: Art, Band, Chorus, Global Studies 2,
       Spanish 3, French 3, Psychology, Teacher Cadet,
       Advanced Composition, AP Calculus, AP English,
 Sample Senior Schedule
Four Year College Track
  -AP English/Advanced Composition/English 4
  -AP Calculus/Pre-Calculus/Prob & Stats
  -Lab Science: AP Chemistry/Anatomy/Physics
  -Foreign Language
  -1 or 2 Electives
  -Early Dismissal with Parent Approval
 Sample Senior Schedule
Two Year College Track: (Aiken Tech)
 -English 4
 -Math Tech 4
 -Environmental Science
 -1 or 2 Electives
 -Early Dismissal with Parent Approval
       ACT and SAT
      Test Information
• Four year college bound juniors should
  take the ACT and/or SAT this Spring.
• Don’t wait until your senior year to take
  these tests for the first time.
• Registration packets are available in the
  guidance office.
• Aiken Tech does NOT require these tests.
  They use the COMPASS test instead.
Scholarships=Free Money
       for College
• Lottery Tuition Assistance
  – Technical Colleges Only
  – Apply by filling out the FAFSA form

• HOPE=$2,800
  – 1 year scholarship for 4 year colleges
  – Need a 3.0 GPA
   LIFE Scholarship for
    Four Year Colleges
LIFE Scholarship=$5,000-$7,500
Four Year Colleges Require 2 of 3 items:

1. 3.0 GPA
2. SAT=1100 or ACT=24 (Math and Reading)
3. Top 30% of Graduating Class
 LIFE Scholarship for Two
  Year/Technical Colleges
LIFE Scholarship pays up to the Cost
  of Tuition plus $300 for books

Requirement: 3.0 GPA

You CAN afford to go to college!
      Palmetto Fellows
$6,700-$10,000 a year to attend a four year
   college in South Carolina

1. Have at least a 3.5 GPA
2. 1200 SAT or 27 ACT (Math/Reading Scores)
3. Rank in top 6% of your class during your
   10th, 11th OR 12th grade year
    NCAA Information
• Athletes should register with the
  NCAA Clearinghouse at www.ncaa.org
  -See your Coach or Ms. Crow for more

• Must take an English and Math class
  each year of high school to be
  eligible to play college sports
           New Courses
          for Next Year!!
• AP English Language and Composition

  – For students taking Honors or GT English 3 or 4
  - We will continue to offer AP English Literature

• AP Chemistry

  – For students taking Honors Chemistry I this year

  Administrative Support Technology

     • Learn how to manage and supervise a business, solve
       business-related problems, and manage general
       office tasks
    More New Courses…
• Technical Communication (1/2 credit)
  – Improve writing and communication skills
  – Build your language arts skills for use in
    business and industry
  – Great course for everyone, no matter what
    your plans are after high school
• Life After High School (1/2 credit)
 -Learn important life skills such as how to apply
     and interview for jobs, how to manage your
     money, and how to live on your own.
   More New Courses…
• Small Business Management

  – Work in the School Store
  – Must have taken Marketing already or be
    enrolled in Marketing next year

• Chorus 2

     • Must have taken Chorus I
Even More New Courses!

PE 3: Weight-Training for Female Sports:½ credit
  PE 2 will continue to be for Male Sports
  Weight Training is only for MV athletes or students majoring
  in the Exercise and Sports Program.

  New class in the Agriculture Department
  Must have taken Agricultural and Environmental Science
   How do I sign up for
1.Get Teacher Recommendations on your
  Course Request Sheet

2.Ask your parents to contact the
  Guidance Office to sign up for an IGP
  Appointment: #593-7104

3.Turn your Course Request sheet in to
     your 1st period teacher THIS Friday!
    How do I sign up for
5.Attend your IGP Conference with a Parent or

Dates/Times for Current 11th Grade Conferences

     February 10th-13th from 7:00am-4:00pm

     February 17th & 18th from 9:00am-5:00pm
  Important Deadline

The last day to change classes is
June 16, 2009!

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