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MISSIONARY                Eift up your eves, and look on the fields: for they are white already to harvest."
VOLUME X.                                 KENILWORTH, CAPE, SEPTEMBER it, 1911.                                NUMBER 37.

            A Parent's Plea.                    is treated by the government as develop the work there, and now
                                                foreign. In one block in New York Europe is cheerfully responding by
My little boy is eight years old,
                                                City eighteen languages are spoken, .sending missionaries to America to
  He goes to school each day ;
He doesn't mind the tasks they set—             and. in one school district twenty- develop the foreign work in that
  They seem to him but play.
                                                six nationalities are represented. field.
He'leads his class at raffia work,              Howard B. Grose says, "Save                  Two Excellent Meetings.
  And also takes the lead                       America, and you save the world."         The first Sabbath of the council
At making little paper boats—                      Through immigration the United Pastor A. G. Daniells conducted the
  But I wish that he could read.                States is, in a unique sense, the most service. After a stirring discourse
They teach him physiology,                      foreign country, and the greatest an appeal was made for reeonsecra-
   And, ah, it chills our hearts                mission field on the globe. "All tion, and over two hundred responded.
To hear our prattling innocent
                                                people that on the earth do dwell, It was indeed a blessed occasion.
 • Mix up his inward parts !
He also learns astronomy,                       have here met their representatives The afternoon service was conducted
   And names the stars by night.                gathered by a divine ordering 'within by Pastor Conradi, and the congre-
Of course he's very up-to-date—                 easy reach of the gospel. Through gation so seated as to represent a
   But I wish that ho could write.              them the world may be reached in living map of the progress of the
They teach him things botanical;                turn. Every foreigner converted in work by different nations, each being
  They teach him how to draw ;                  America becomes directly or in- grouped by themselves, and respond-
He babbles of mythology,
                                                directly a missionary agent abroad ing either by rising, or by a song in
  And gravitation's law ;
The discoveries of science                      in spreading a knowledge of the truth their native tongue. It was a most
  With him are quite a fad;                     among his kindred and tribe. The inspiring service, as it showed the
They tell me he's a clever boy—                 greatness of the opportunity is the development of the work among the
  But I wish that he could add.                 measure of obligation."                nations in fulfillment of its mission.
                                                   Three foreign department semina-       The last Sabbath Pastor W. A.
                                                ries have recently been started as Spicer spoke with much freedom. At
                                                training schools for the development the close of the discourse an appeal was
        Friedensau Council.                     of missionaries for these departments. made for consecration of all for the
The American Foreign -Department.               The German has an enrolment of one finishing of the work. There was a
                                                hundred twenty students, the Danish- general response to this call, more than
   THIS department gave a most en-              Norwegian has eighty-five, and the four hundred coming forward for
couraging report through its super-             Swedish twenty-six students enrolled. prayers.
intendent, Pastor 0. A. Olsen.                     In further organisation of the         In the afternoon twelve young
   Among other things he said that              foreign department work, Pastor H. men were ordained to the gospel
he was very reluctant to take up                J. Shilling, superintendent of the ministry, and the meeting closed
foreign mission work in America,                West German Union Conference, with a strong spirit of faith and
but upon investigation he had found             was transferred to America to assist courage on the part of all in
America & most promising foreign                in leading out in the development of attendance. Between seventy-five
mission field.                                  the German work. Pastor J. Vuilleu- and one hundred were baptised
   According to government statistics           mier, editor of the French paper in during the meeting. We trust all
from 1905 to 1910, five years,                  Switzerland, was also transferred to have had access to the Eeview,-and
6,009,731 immigrants landed in the              America to assist in the French so have been privileged to read in
United States. That is more than a              work.                                  full the reports of this meeting as
million a year. Fully one third of                 Not many years ago America was given by Elder W. A. Spicer, our
th,e population of the United States          , sending missionaries to Europe to mission secretary. E. C. PoBTEB.
                                            SOUTH AFRICAN MISSIONARY
              China's Call.                   shivering during four or five months       crowded, insanitary quarters! Think
                                              of. the year.                             of holding, meetings in a shed which
NEAEEE fields the reapers toiling,
                                                  "To one'side of the chapel is the     we would not think fit to shelter our
  Gather-in the golden grain,
Stilt the: distant eastern borders           Chinese, guest room, and on the other      animals! Think of that little congre-
  To .the worker's skill remain.             side is a room used as a school-room       gation shivering with cold, trying to
Long the shadows there have tarried.         for the children of the believers.         protect themselves from drifting
  Late the precious seeds were sown ;        Both of these are very dark. We            snow for several months of the year!
Now the world's great Light is shining        are sure no parent in the homeland        Think of the home consisting of
  On a harvest fully grown.                  would desire to have his children          three small, damp, musty, dark
Lord of, harvest, send forth reapers,        sent to such a place to study. Above       rooms enclosed with thin boards
 .Here us, Lord, to Thee we cry,             these rooms are three others occupied      with wide cracks between, the only
Send them China's sheaves to gather                                                     light entering through part glass,
                                             by Brother and Sister Cush Sparks,
  Ere the harvest time draw nigh.
                                              who came from Nebraska a year ago.        part paper, windows!
                                              Ten feet back of this stands a little        Brother and Sister Cottrell .are
                                              three-roomed house that we call           young, educated, refined people. They
                                              home.                                     were graduated from our colleges,
      What if It Were You?
                                                  "A part of the windows are glass,     and call as .teachers to one of our
                                              and part of them are paper. The           academies. They were comfortably
    LOOK at this picture of conditions                                                  situated in a pleasant home when
existing at our mission station at            houses are enclosed by one thickness
                                             of cheap Chinese boards, which were        they heard the call .from China.
Chang-Sha, China, as presented in a                                                     They actually "forsook all" to go.
letter from Pastor E. F. Cottrell, one       nailed on in an upright .position
                                              when the timber was green. .At            They laid their lives on the altar of
 of the missionaries there:                                                             China's needs.      What obligation
    ''Chang-Sha is not a little, insigni-    present there are. wide cracks between
                                             the boards. As the houses in our           rested upon them that does not rest
ficant village in some out-of-the-way                                                   upon us? Why should they do with-
corner. It is the proud capital of the       compound. are huddled so near to-
                                             gether, the sun has little chance to       out the comforts and necessities that
province of Human; has paved                                                            even the very poor may enjoy in this
streets, magnificent temples, large           shine in and dry things, hence we
                                             find the quarters to be very damp          favoured land?
government schools with tens of                                                            While our missionaries live thus,
thousands of students; has-nearly as         and mouldy. A physician says we
                                             run great risks in. living here.           we go on buying property, laying up
many inhabitants as Buffalo, New                                                        money in banks or investments, and
York; and here are to be found                   "Is it a wonder, then, that we are
                                                                                        provide ourselves with comforts, and
thirteen missionary societies carrying       interested in the mission funds ? We
                                                                                        even with luxuries, of which we
forward their work, the most of              had hoped to receive ere this sufficient
                                                                                        might deprive ourselves without
whom have from one to ten thousand           to purchase land and begin building-
                                                                                        suffering. In so doing we withhold
pounds invested in land, buildings,          operations. .But the word that
                                                                                        our money from the Lord, hoard our
and equipment.                               conies to us is in no way assuring,
                                                                                        treasure on earth. We buy things we
      And what have Seventh-day Ad-          and the money seems to be coming,
                                                                                        could well do without, and leave our
ventists in this city? They have a           in very slowly. .In order to purchase
                                                                                        missionaries to wonder if their breth-
rented compound about thirty by              land, build suitably for school and
                                                                                        ren and sisters who sent them over
seventy-feet in size. A compound is           chapel purposes, and erect, dwellings
                                                                                        the seas have forgotten and forsaken
an enclosure for dwelling purposes,          for two families, we should have
surrounded by high walls. Inside             from £700 to .£800. This is our               " Where your treasure is, there
our compound are several small               situation, though in common with           will your heart be also."          Our
Chinese houses, very cheaply built.          photographs sent from China, the           affections may be centred in the
 In the front about twenty Chinese           dirt and odor are. omitted."               work of God on earth, or they may
make their homes. These include                  Can we wonder that our mission-        be entwined about farms, buildings,
our evangelist and-family, canvassers,       aries in China and other countries         money, dress, pleasure, and things of
and, helpers. Next comes our little          are interested in the mission funds?       this life.
chapel, .which, because of its peculiar       What would,we expect them to do if           "Inasmuch as ye have -done it
construction, is impossible to enclose       they lived in the houses we occupy,        unto one of the least of these My
on one "side. It is- what would              and we in.China? Think         brethren, ye have done it unto
naturally be called a shed. As we            of several houses, a chapel, a school-     Me." What is our record in
have winter weather here, with               room, and twenty-four people on            heaven with reference to supplying
snow-storms, you can imagine our             ground the size of a very small city       the needs of our Master in the person
little: congregation does considerable       lot! Think of the narrow, rented,          of His suffering servants on. earth ?
                                      SOUTH AFRICAN -MISSIONARY

  Please read Pastor Cottrell's state-                           IReport of Book ano paper Sales.
ment once more. Picture yourself
in his place, then say what you
would like to have him do if in the                                  tlbe 3Boofc
homeland and you in China.                      Natal=Transvaal Conference, for week ending August 25, 1911.
              —E. W. Farnsworth.             NAME         | PLACE     BOOK | HRS | OSDS | VALUE ! HELPS     ] TOTALS | DEL'D
                                          A. W. Dixie, Jo'burg,        G.C.   25 22 22 7 0                     22 7 0 1 14     6
                                          H. Schmidt, Durban,         P. P. 30      4   3 16 6      7 6       4   40
                                          E.v.d.Molen, Ladysmith ,     P.P. 25      2   1 14 6 2 5 0          3 19 6    3 19   6
  Natal-Transvaal Conference.             E. Enochson, Salisbury,      P.P.   22    5   4 17 6                4 17 6
                                              Totals,     Agents, 4         102    33 £32 15 6 £2 12       6 £35 18 .0 £5 14 0
   ENCOURAGING reports are to hand
from the Bellair Hydro, showing                                                   paper
that the first month has opened up          Natal-Transvaal Conference, for three weeks ending August 25, 1-911.
well. A number of patients have
                                               NAME             TERRITORY           PAPER         I No. SOLD | VALUE OF PAPERS
been received, and success has
                                          Winifred Tiokton, Durban,               Miscellaneous      284                3 15 3
attended the work done. Doctor            Mrs. A. W. Tickton, „                                      110                1 13 9
Bell still calls very urgently for more
                                                Totals,     Agents 2                                 394               £590
workers to take the nurse's course of
    Brother and Sister Howard have        The stupendous events connected                  At the camp-meeting our people
suffered a little set-back in their       with the second coming of Christ by           gave liberally to the cause of God,
work, owing to an epidemic that           song and recititation were solemnly           and He has fulfilled His promise by
                                          set before us, and we noticed the             pouring out a blessing that has
visited the city of Durban, but their
                                          Spirit of the Lord making hearts              enabled us to return such a large
children are now fully recovered, and
                                          tender.   Such services should be             tithe into the treasury,
they will be able to resume duty at
once. Brother Howard tells of an          frequent. The offerings were devoted             "Praise God from Whom all
attempt to prevent his having Bible       to young people's work.                       blessings flow."     W. S. HTATT.
studies with a family, but it proved                      HBBBEKT J. EDMED.
    The magazine selling at the                                                            Scattering Precious Seed by
                                                   Thanks be to God.
Johannesburg City Mission was very
                                                                                                   the Wayside.
successful last month. Sister Dixie          IT is becoming that we render
and Strachan gave up their Bible          thanksgiving and praise to the Lord
work for two weeks to help us             for every token of His love and                  Willie Bell is having some in-
dispose of the large stock on hand,       goodness to us, and I feel that the           teresting experiences in Fordsburg.
and Sister B. Willmore and A. Staples     Cape Conference has renewed reasons           He recently secured an order from
made strenuous efforts to make a          for expressing gratitude to God as I          a very intelligent- and high official
record, and the result was that           examine the report of tithes for the          Mahornmedan. He canvassed a Jew-
nearly two thousand magazines were        quarter ending June 30, 1911.                 ish Rabbi who became intensely
sold in two weeks.                           The conference treasurer reported          interested in his book—"Story of
    We are thankful for such results,     that for the quarter ending December          Daniel"—and for fear that he would
yet we very much deplore the neces-       31, 1910, he received £304 13s. Id,           not get the delivery of the order
sity of taking our Bible workers from     and the first quarter this year £421          given, insisted on taking and paying
the field. Truly the fields are white,    10s. lid, and the second quarter              for the copy that was shown him.
but the labourers are so few! Are         £582 6s. 5d. By comparing these               The chapter on " The History of the
there not six or eight consecrated        figures we see that the Lord has              Jews," and the "Eastern Question,"
young people who will unite with          done great things for us whereof we           interested him most.
 us in this city mission work?            are glad. I feel sure that this large            Brother Crouch has been much
    On Sabbath, the 26th of August,       amount of tithe received during the           benefited by his stay at the Maritz-
the young people of Johannesburg          last quarter is, in part at least, the        burg Institute for a time, but is now
took charge of the morning meetings.      fruit of our good camp-meeting at             back in the field, and hard at work.
 The program me was taken largely         Bloemfontein. God has promised to             He has nearly finished Pretoria with
from some of the thrilling chapters       pour us out a blessing when we                "Daniel andtheEevelation." Brothel-
 of "Great Controversy," and the papers   return to Him our tithes and                  Dixie's delivery for last month was
 were well written and ably rendered.     offerings.                                    £41 6s. 6d.           G. H. CBAEK.
                                      SOUTH AFRICAN MISSIONARY 1

  South Hfrican missionary                 With Christian love to all the           with our profession? Are we "living
                                         workers, I am                              epistles" of the message,'and are we
    PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY THK                   Yours in the blessed hope,            doing what we can to extend it? These
    South African Union Conference                   J. N. LOTJGHBOHOUGH.           are matters of infinitely greater im-
       of Seeentft-Day fldoentists.                                                 portance than any business that per-
                                                                                    tains simply to this life. Are we
Editor:    -   -   Mrs. Kt. C. Porter,
                                                       Starving.                    growing strong spiritually, or are we
           Kenilwbrth, Cape.
                                                                                    starving unconsciously?
                                              WHEN a person does not partake                           I. J. HANKINS.
   Words of Cheer from Pastor             regulary of nourishing food, his body
        J. N. Loughboroug-h.              and mind becomes weak; he does not
                                           feel inclined to work, to exercise, or
   I SEE by reference to my diary even to study. He becomes languid;                                Notes.
that, two years ago to-night I spoke he is starving, and he does not know it.
at the meeting-house in Cape Town             When a Christian neglects to par-        —Doctor Thornason hopes to return
on- the. rules for deciding on a true take of spiritual, food—prayer, the           to South Africa about the first of
manifestation of the gift of prophecy. study of theBible and other good liter-      December to assist with the work at
A few days after I was at "Eusfcica" ature—his spirituality weakens, and            thesanitarium during the busy season,
and Claremont, and for a week before spiritual duties become irksome. He            and arrange far his permanent re-
leaving South Africa I was at your feels disinclined to exercise either mind        moval to America. .
home and was sheltered there the or body in those things which were                     —Another missionary was added to ,
last night I was in Africa.                once his delight. In our "first love,"   the ranks of the South African field
   Just think! Two years! How what pleasure we derived from the                     this week in the form of a baby boy .
rapidly time has flown! And still contemplation of the ."present truth"             to Brother and Sister H. S. Beckner. ,
I am spared to labour in this cause. in all its various phases! What satis-         This is the third boy, the elder being
I have already attended two camp- faction we felt in talking with our               about five years of age, who is already
meetings this season, and am booked friends and neighbours about the mes-           quite a paper seller.
to attend three more—California, sage! How we enjoyed the Sabbath
                                                                                        —The friends of Sister Lourens,
Southern California, and Utah. I services and the mid-week meetings!
                                                                                    formerly of Muiskraal Dist., Eivers-
thank the Lord that now, nearly How carefully we planned our work,
                                                                                    dale, will regret to learn that she is
seventy-nine and one half years, He in order not to encroach upon the
                                                                                    suffering from nervous prostration.
still gives me strength to labour in hours of the Sabbath! How faithfully
                                                                                     She has recently removed to Eivers-
this blessed cause.                        we paid our tithes and offerings!
                                                                                    dale, where she now lies in a critical
    My mind often goes over the How dilligently we distributed liter-
                                                                                    condition. The prayers of God's
plafiesrthat I visited while in .Africa, ature to warn others of the Lord's
                                                                                    people are requested for her restora-
 and I call to mind the faces of the coming, which seemed so very near!
                                                                                    tion. —D. C. Theunisen.
labourers I met while there. My How careful we were .in our deport-
sympathies go out for those deprived ment, our diet, our dress,—anxious                 —The Union Conference Com-
of the presence of .our dear Brother to please the Lord!                             mittee is still in session. It was
 Williams.'- Daily I pray for the             Brethren and sisters, what is our      hoped that our readers might receive
work in Africa, and especially for personal relation to God and to the               a report of its workings this week,
those-,.in responsible places in the message to-day? Are we feasting on              but they prefer to delay it another
various branches of the work.               the word, and enjoying the service       week, as they have not yet finished.
    I' read the ' MISSIONARY with and worship of God? Is our confi-                  All departments are receiving atten-
interest, and rejoice with you all in . dence in the truth growing stronger,         tion,—medical, educational, publish-
 the success you are having in place- and does the Lord's, coming seem               ing, and mission work.
ing so much, reading matter in the still nearer? Does the world become                  —Pastor D. C. Theunisen writes
homes of the people. I trust the less attractive, and are its riches but             by private letter very encouringly of
Dutch paper will be continued, and dross'? Are victories more easily                 his work at Worcester. He says
that- a harvest, of souls may be gained, and defects less frequent? Is               the leaven of truth is working, and
reached-from tharfc source.              " the Sabbath a delight, and are we         almost every evening during the
    I enclosed, a postal order for three - cheerfully honoring God with our          week is spent giving Bible readings.
pounds, to he applied as follows: To tithes and offerings ? Have we laid             A few who have lately embraced the
 aid in Brother Elffers' Dutch paper, ' aside outward adornments,—"the               truth have moved away, _but are
two pounds, and for the South African' wearing of gold," and "costly array"?         faithfully holding up the light of truth
 MISSIONARY, one; pound.                    In short, does our life correspond       where they are.      ,                 . ,

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