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					                                  Tucson Unified School District
                                         School Choice Application
                                         for 2010-2011 School Year

     To be eligible for selection, you must apply between November 16, 2009, and February 5, 2010.
1. Parents are responsible for transportation of Open Enrollment students.
Transportation provided for Magnet Schools/Programs within Board Policy EEA guidelines. (Elementary more
than 1.5 miles from school; Middle and high school more than 2.5 miles from school)
2. Submit a separate application for each student.
3. Mail completed application to: P.O. Box 40400, Tucson AZ 85717
Or deliver to: School Community Services, 1010 E. Tenth St., Building B. (southwest corner of 10th St. and
                            PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THIS FORM TO THE SCHOOL.
STUDENT NAME:                                                                                      Male        Female
(Use legal name only)       LAST NAME           FIRST                  MIDDLE

Birthdate:                                     Matric #:
                                                        K               1             4                 7          10
Check the grade student is applying for 2010-2011:                      2             5                 8          11
                                                                        3             6                 9          12
Parent or legal guardian name:
Home Address:
City:                                     State:                                          Zip:
Mailing Address (if different):                                                                         Zip:
Phone: (Home)                             (Cell)                                          (Work)
Has student been enrolled in a Special Education program?               Yes                 No
If yes, check the service received: Resource                          All Day             Other                  GATE
Placement due to childcare (Elementary only):     Yes                   No
Name and address of childcare provider:
School child should be attending based on home address:
School student presenty attending or last attended:
            Public                               Private                                               Charter
Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian:
Apply for up to three specific schools or Magnet programs (see back)
1 Choice:   DRACHMAN!!!                       High school program:
2        Choice:                                              High school program:
3 Choice:                                                     High school program:

                    List any siblings who are attending and will continue to attend your 1 choice.
                                                2010-2011 school year
               Sibling Name                Date of Birth                 School                Grade 2010-2011

                                                  New Siblings Applying
             Use this box only if all siblings of above student are new and applying for the same school.
            Siblings listed will only be assigned seats if there is room for ALL siblings in the same school.
                            Do not list siblings whom you wish to be considered individually.
                       NOTE: A separate application must stil be submitted for each sibling.
              Sibling Name                    Date of Birth                 School                 Grade 2010-2011

                                      School Community Services
                           1010 E. Tenth St., Building B | Tucson, Arizona 85719 | (520) 225-6400
School Choice Application: Revised 10/26/09                                                                         TUSD #90
Elementary schools (K-5 unless otherwise noted)                                                                  Magnet Elementary Schools
Banks                 Erickson              Johnson (K-2)             Myers/Ganoung               Schumaker      Bonillas - Back to Basics
Blenman               Ford                  Kellond                   Ochoa                       Sewell         Booth/Fickett (K-8) - mathematics and
Bloom                 Fort Lowell           Lawrence (3-5)            Oyama                       Soleng Tom     science
Borman                Fruchthendler         Lineweaver                Pueblo Gardens (K-8)        Steele         Borton (K-2) - inquiry-based, systems
Brichta               Gale                  Lynn/Urquides             Reynolds                    Tolson         thinking
Cavett                Grijalva              Lyons                     Richey                      Van Buskirk    Carrillo - literacy, archaeology,
Collier               Henry                 Maldonado                 Roberts                     Van Horne      anthropology
Corbett               Holladay              Manzo                     Robins                      Vesey          Davis - bilingual program, arts, music
Cragin                Hollinger             Marshall                  Robison                     Warren         Drachman - music, science, Montessori
Davidson              Howell                Menlo Park                Rogers                      Wheeler        Holladay (3-5) - visual and performing
Dietz                 Hudlow                Miles ELC (K-8)           Rose                        White          arts
Duffy                 Hughes                Miller                    Roskruge                    Whitmore       Tully - Academic Literacy Integrated
Dunham                Jefferson Park        Mission View              Safford                     Wright         Visual Enrichment (ALIVE)
Middle Schools (6-8)                                          Magnet Middle Schools
Carson     Hohokam      Maxwell    Secrist       Valencia     Dodge - Back to Basics/Traditional Studies     Safford - Engineering and Technology
Doolen     Magee        Naylor     Townsend      Wakefield    Booth/Fickett (K-8) - Mathematics & Science    Utterback - Visual and Performing Arts
Gridley    Mansfeld     Pistor     Vail                       Roskruge - Bilingual program
                                                                     High Schools
Rincon                                 Sabino                                         Sahuaro                         Santa Rita
AP: American History, Calculus,        AP: American Government, Biology,              AP: American Government,        AP: American Government,
Chemistry, Government, Language,       Chemistry, Calculus, Civilization, English,    American History, Biology,      American History, Biology, Calculus,
Literature, Music Theory               French, GATE, Physics, Psychology,             Calculus, Chemistry, English    Literature, Music Theory, Studio Art,
Arts: Band, Choir, Drama,              Spanish, World History                         Language, English Literature,   Writing
Orchestra, Dance                       Arts: Band, Choir, Drama, Orchestra            Environmental Science,          Arts: Band, Choir, Dance, Drama,
CTE/JTED: A+ Computer                  CTE/JTED: Ag.l Science, Business Pub.,         Music Theory, Psychology        Studio Arts
Programming, Automotive, Business      Business Tech, Construction Tech, Coop         Arts: Band, Choir, Dance,       CTE/JTED: Applied Biology,
Pub., Computer Networking, Digital     Business Exp, Drafting/Design, Electronic      Jazz Band, Orchestra,           Automotive Tech, Agribus, Building
Media, Engineering, Environmental      Journalism, Engineering, InfoTech,             Theater                         and Construction, Business and
Biotech, Fashion Design, Marketing,    Marketing, Sports Medicine                     CTE/JTED: Automotive,           Marketing, Culinary Arts, Drafting,
Newspaper, Sports Medicine, Tech       Honors: English, Geometry, Pre-                Business Tech, Computer         Tech Applications, Web Design,
Applications, Yearbook                 calculus/Trigonometry                          Networking, Culinary Arts,      Welding
Special Programs: University High      Special Programs: Dual and articulated         Newspaper, PC Mgt,              Special Programs: Dual credit
School dual enrollment (up to two      credit through Pima Community College          Photography, Sports Med,        through Pima Community College
classes per semester)                  World Languages: French, Russian,              Web Page Design, Yearbook       World Languages: French,
World Languages: Chinese,              Spanish                                        World Languages: Chinese,       Russian, Spanish
French, German, Spanish                                                               Spanish
                                                                 Magnet High Schools
Catalina Magnet High School                   Cholla High Magnet School                                                      Howenstine High Magnet
Magnet Programs: aerospace & aviation,        Magnet Programs: international/intercultural, law related                      Magnet Programs: service
health care, traditional education            AP: wide selection, AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination)            learning
AP: American Government, American             CTE/JTED: Automotive, Banking, Business Marketing, Construction, Coop          CTE/JTED: Business Mgt
History, Biology, Calculus, English           Ed, Drafting, Early Childhood, Finance, Graphic Arts, Hospitality, Law and     and Admin Service,
Language, English Literature, Psychology      Public Safety, Operations and Mgt, Sports Med, Stage Mgt, Tech                 Construction Tech (Habitat
CTE/JTED: Construction Tech, Business         Applications, Web Design, Welding                                              for Humanity)
Mgt and Tech, Culinary Arts, Journalism       Special Programs: Ethnic Studies (African American, Hispanic, Middle           Special programs: One-to-
Special Programs: Air Force JROTC,            Eastern, Native American), GATE,                                               one laptops, Service
Academies in Culinary Arts and                Honors, International Baccalaureate, Law (Court Reporter, Mock Trial, Social   Learning
Construction Tech, Sports Med                 Justice, Transcription)                                                        Visual Arts: Drawing,
Visual/Performing Arts: Band                  Visual/Performing Arts: Band, Choir, Dance, Drama, Folklorico, Mariachi,       Painting, Sculpting
World Languages: French, Spanish              Orchestra                                                                      World Languages:
                                               World Languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish                             American Sign Language,
Palo Verde High Magnet School                       Pueblo Magnet High School                 Tucson High Magnet School
Magnet Programs: engineering & technology           Magnet Programs: college                  Magnet Programs: visual and performing arts,
AP: Calculus, Chemistry, English, Physics,          preparatory, communication arts &         mathematics, science
Psychology, Statistics, U.S. Government, U.S.       technology                                AP: American Government, American History, Art History,
History                                             AP: Humanities, Math & Science,           Calculus, Chemistry, English Language and Composition,
CTE/JTED: Automotive Tech, Biotech,                 Electives                                 English Literature, Environmental Science, Music Theory,
BioGenSci, Business Pub, Business Tech              CTE/JTED: Accounting, A/V Tech,           Physics, Spanish, Studio Art Drawing, World History
Applications, CISCO Computer Networking,            Automotive Tech, Bank & Financial         CTE/JTED: Accounting*, Automotive
Construction Tech, Coop Business Experience,        Services, Bioscience,                     Tech*, Banking & Finance, Color Studio, Bio Innovations*,
Coop Merchandising, Drafting, Early Childhood       Computer Maint. and Repair,               CISCO Network Tech*, Electronic Journalism, Exploring
Education, Engineering, Info Tech Internship,       Construction Tech, Early Childhood        Engineering*, Graphic Design*, Marketing*, Metals
Marketing, Mgt and Entrepreneurship, Metals         Education, Education Professions,         Manufacturing, PC Computer Maint. (A+)*, Photo Imaging,
and Manufacturing, PC Mgt & Maint., Sports          Electronics Tech, Fire Science, Graphic   Publications, Tech Applications*, Welding
Med/Athletic Trainer, Sports Med Lab, Web           Arts, Marketing, Photo Imaging,           *Dual credit through PCC for these courses
Development, Yearbook                               Radio/Audio Tech, Sports Med,             World Languages: American Sign Language, Chinese,
Special Programs: Dual-credit in math and           Stagecraft, Tech Applications, Web        French, German**, Latin, Russian**, Spanish
writing with PCC                                    Page Development                          **independent study through Rosetta Stone lab
Visual/Performing Arts: Band, Choir, Orchestra      World Languages: French, Mandarin         Visual/Performing Arts: Animation, Ballet, Clay/Ceramics,
World Languages: French, Mandarin Chinese,          Chinese, Spanish                          Dance, Drama, Drawing/Painting, Film Acting, Folklorico,
Spanish                                             Visual/Performing Arts: Band and          Guitar, Jazz Dance, Jewelry, Modern Dance, Orchestra,
                                                    Orchestra, Choir, Studio Arts, Mariachi   Sculpture, Stage Management, Steel
                                                                                              Drums, Textiles/Weaving

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