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									                                                                                               Wake Final Exam 1



                                            6th grade Final Exam Study Guide

1.Who came up with the system of taxonomy?
2.The instrument used to measure relative humidity is known as a(n)
3.What is mass?
4.What is the name of the small flap of tissue that seals off the trachea during swallowing?
5.What is friction?
6.Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called
7.The forces acting on a falling leaf are
8.What is the path air takes from the nose to the rest of the body?
9.What was Wegener’s hypothesis of continental drift?
10.A hurricane is measured by the _____________________ scale.
11. What is centripetal force?
12.Imaginary horizontal lines that circle the globe
13.What is the correct order of Earth’s layers? (Starting from the surface)
14.Messages are carried back and forth between the brain and other parts of the body by
15.What is an anemometer?
16.Which organelles store food and other materials needed by the cell?
17. What is the function of the skeleton?
18.This type of plate tectonic process creates mountains and volcanoes
19.What is balanced force?
20.Which layer of the atmosphere is the layer where weather happens?
21.What are the layers of the atmosphere in order? (Starting from the one closest to Earth
22.What is a hurricane?
23.What is force?
24.Which type of muscle is found only in the heart?
25.Where does the strongest part of the hurricane occur?
26.The atmosphere is comprised of how many layers?
                                                                                                              Wake Final Exam 2

27.What is the Greenhouse Effect?
28.Drops of water or crystals of ice that fall in the form of rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow or hail is called
29.What is Pangaea?
30.What is the order of Linnaean classification from largest to smallest?

31.What is the formula for speed?
32.Why is eating and drinking dairy products good for your bones?
33.What is acceleration?
34.What is the SI unit of measurement?
35.The spaces in bones are filled with a soft connective tissue called
36.Which of these heart structures prevents blood from flowing backward?
37.Where is the Ozone Layer found?
38.A passenger in the rear seat of a car moving at a steady speed is at rest relative to
39.Which process takes place in the large intestine?
40.Which component of blood carries oxygen to the body cells?
41.What structure(s) enable(s) the small intestine to absorb large amounts of nutrients?
42.Draw an animal cell and label all the organelles.
43.What does the mitochondria do?
44.What describes the current condition of our atmosphere.
45.What are the different types of bones in the skeletal system?
46.What do the white blood cells do?
47.Who was the German meteorologist who proposed the idea of Continental Drift?
48.Which organelle is the control center of a cell?
49.The process by which an organism’s internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes in the external environment
           is called
50.When the ventricles contract, blood is pumped
51.Which gland produces estrogen?
52.What is a tornado?
53.The area where an oceanic plate sinks beneath another plate is known as
54.Which hormone is only found in males?
55.The rate at which velocity changes is called
56.When the nervous system makes you feel hungry or thirsty, what body process is it helping to carry out?
                                                                                                     Wake Final Exam 3

57.What causes low-pressure centers to rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere?
60.What slows down a hurricane?

61.How do hurricanes form?
62.Winds are caused by differences in
63.The eye of a hurricane

64.As a baseball flies through the air after being hit, which type of energy does it have?

65.What is a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact?

66.What is the ability to do work?

67.Which of the following are two factors that determine speed?
68.The atmosphere is
69.A rock containing iron becomes soft and crumbly and reddish-brown in color. It probably has been chemically
           weathered by

70.What is the difference between speed and velocity?

71.What is an object that appears to stay in place that helps you detect motion in another object?

72.Define reference point.
73.What kind of drug is alcohol?
74.Why do we feel pain?

75.What do you call stored energy?
76.As you rise upwards in the atmosphere, air pressure
77.Any form of water that falls from clouds is called
78.Which organ system makes blood cells?
79.The layer of our atmosphere in which weather occurs is the
80.The growth of plant roots and animal activity may result in
81.What is an anticyclone?
82.What kind of motion is possible with a hinge joint?

83.Dividing the total distance traveled by the total time is how to calculate
84.Which of the following structures is formed when fertilization occurs?
85.Generally, a rock is made up of
                                                                                                        Wake Final Exam 4

86.The role of the respiratory system is to bring what substance into the body?
87.What is another term for the circulatory system?
.88A marble statue is left exposed to the weather. Within a few years, the details on the statue have begun to weather
            away. This weathering probably is caused by
89.The two most abundant gases in the atmosphere are
90.The dome-shaped muscle that plays an important role in breathing is the
91.What kind of weathering causes the mineral composition of rocks to change?
92.From Earth to space, the main layers in our atmosphere are:
93.The lowest and shallowest layer of the atmosphere is the

94.Which of the following choices best represents force?
95.Drugs that slow down the activity of the central nervous system are called
96.Wind speed is measured by a(n)
97.Igneous rock that formed from lava that erupted onto Earth’s surface is called
98.The layer of the atmosphere between the stratosphere and the thermosphere is called the
99.A mature egg is released from the ovary during a process called
100.Small lines at the end of the shaft that represents wind direction on a weather map indicate
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