TheVoice of The Roswell Ramblers of Roswell_ Georgia by wuyunqing


                                                                           September-December 2011


TheVoice of The Roswell Ramblers of Roswell, Georgia
        The Roswell Ramblers Present
          The More or Less Players, in...
             “Devine Stella Devine”
   In this Comedy, Stella is the aging star of the popular
  Ritz Theatre. She and her fellow company of actors are
  preparing for the epic play "Civil War Darlin's," When
   a visit to a rehearsal changes everything! Between the
   director, playwright, cast, visiting reporters, & a set of
             twins, things get interesting quickly!
                    By: Eddie Mcpherson
 “Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service,
                   Inc., Englewood, Colorado”
       September 23rd 2pm, 24th 7pm,
         25th 2pm, October 1st 7pm.
     Held at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center
     830 Grimes Bridge Rd. Roswell, GA 30075
                  October 2nd 5pm.
        Held at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center                                     Ramblers Board:
                                                                                     Serving July 2011-June 2012
        950 Forrest Street. Roswell GA. 30075                                           President
                                                                                        Joyce Boddie
                     Tickets $5.00                                                    Vice-President
       Tickets Available at the Door or in advance at                                     Judy Bart
           Adult Recreation Center Front Desk.                                          Treasurer
                                                                                       Diane Ellingson
       This is an all ages show but seating is limited.                                 Secretary
                                                                                       Raedeane Nelson

                                                    Follow the Roswell Recreation,
                                                    Parks, Historic & Cultural
                                           Affairs Department on Facebook at
   Autumn Fun For Active Adults
Dear Ramblers:

In a concerned effort to revise and revitalize our entire Roswell Rambler
                                                                                 Upcoming LUncheons
                                                                                      & events
Membership, we are planning to come up with some activities to reach our              Must be a Roswell Rambler Member
entire 50+ membership. It is our goal to provide an enriching and enjoyable                      $15 Annual
experience for all members both working and retired.
                                                                                    Down on the Bayou
Some of these activities will include evening business meeting dinners so all   Wednesday, September 14th, 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
will be informed of what is happening within the Ramblers. We would, also,        Choice of seafood Gumbo or Jambalaya.
like to provide weekend trips and early evening activities to include many             Entertainment Vote for Rhonda
                                                                                              (musical comedy)
people who cannot make our day trips. Along with these new ideas, we would       A musical comedy with a twist of mystery.
like to have a Dinner Dance on a weekend for all to attend.                             $7 per person - RSVP by 9/9

At the present time, we are formulating a survey to be sent out to the             Halloween Pot Luck
population to get an idea of what kinds of activities you would like and               Luncheon
would attend. We look forward to seeing you 2011-2012.                          Wednesday, October 12th, 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                Bring a main dish, enough for 8 to 10 to share.
See you at the ARC,                                                                     Vegetable or dessert to share.
                                                                                        RSVP by 10/7, $3 per person
The Roswell Rambler Executive Committee
“Recreation Enhances the Quality of Life”                                            Anniversary
                                                                                Thanksgiving Luncheon
                                                                                Wednesday, November 16th, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
                      Tellabration                                               Celebrate the end of our 11th year together at
   A worldwide storytelling event hosted in                                     the Adult Recreation Center. A salad, vegetable
                                                                                 or dessert (enough to serve 8-10 people), will
   communities around the world during a                                        be assigned at reservation time for each person
          specific week in November.                                            attending. Turkey, dressing, and beverages will
             November 18th 7:30pm                                                 be furnished. If you have any dietary needs,
                                                                                       please call 770-641-3950. FREE!
                                                                                     Special entertainment. RSVP by 11/9
                                        Judy & Allan Bart
                                                                                   Pot Luck Luncheon on
                                                                                   Thanksgiving Day Feast
                                                                                Thursday, November 24th, 2 - 4 p.m. RSVP by 11/22
                                                                                  Help us celebrate with friends and family on
                                                                                 turkey day. We provide the turkey - you bring
                                                                                 a salad, vegetable or dessert to share (enough
    Joan Ayers        Yolanda Rossi                                             for 8-10 people). You do not have to belong to
ROSWELL RAMBLERS APPAREL                                                         the Roswell Rambler’s Club to participate.
Order your Roswell Ramblers Apparel for the                                                   Fee: $10 per person
Fall:Update your wardrobe with the Ramblers!
                                                                                     Holiday Luncheon
Tshirts: $10
Long Sleeve T-shirt: $14- Purple-$15                                            Wednesday, December 14th, 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Polo Shirt: $34                                                                  Choice of steak or chicken, mashed potatoes,
Lined Jacket: $45                                                                 salad, steamed vegetables, and rolls will be
Hat: $12                                                                        provided by Outback Steakhouse. Please bring
Fleece Jacket: $38                                                              a dessert to share. Special entertainment by the
Visor: $12                                                                               Roswell New Horizons Band.
Sweat Shirt: $22                                                                          RSVP by 12/3, $8 per person
Totes: Small-$14 Medium-$15 Large-$16

   Free Fall Seminars
FRee LUnch AnD LeARn                                                                    FRee histoRy tALks
Lunch will be provided so please RSVP at                                        Jack Ferguson was born and raised in Atlanta. Member
770-641-3950 the Monday prior to the week of the seminar.                      of the Sons of the American Revolution and several other
                                                                                            historical and heritage societies.
come AnD join DR. nick FRom totAL heALth                                                    Time: 10am Mondays
soLUtions At the FoLLowing seminARs.
                                                                                                  September 12:
How to prevent and reverse Diabetes naturally                                                  “Pre-Colonial Georgia”
September 21 11:30-12:30am (Wed)                                                         “George Washington: Bio Highlights”
                                                                                                  September 26:
Secrets to Fighting and Beating the Flu
October 19       11:30-12:30pm (Wed)                                                    “Georgia and the American Revolution”
                                                                                                    October 3:
How to stay fit and thin for the Holidays                                                       “The History of Flags”
December 7 11:30-12:30pm (Wed)
                                                                                             “The Importance of History”
                                                                                                   October 10:
LUnch AnD LeARn seminAR with Bev stegmAn                                                        “The Price They Paid”
FRom the FoUnDAtion theRApy centeR                                              “The United States Army Chaplains Corps And the Four
Balance: Steady as We Go!                                                                           October 17:
October 7        11-12pm (Fri)                                                  “Spies and Espionage During the American Revolution”
This lecture will provide education on causes of balance problems and
fall prevention. From head to toe, there are many strategies, which can                             October 24:
help improve balance!                                                                    “Georgia Signers of the Constitution of
                                                                                             The United States of America”
Managing Arthritis in Daily Living
November 4 11-12pm (Fri)
This lecture provides researched evidence and guidance to support that
there are safe exercises for people with arthritis which can alleviate pain.     get Up to DAte heARing inFoRmAtion
Precautions and self-care tips for daily living will be provided to help                    with BARB mAy
prevent, alleviate and set the pathway for how to manage arthritis
                                                                                 Friday, Sept 23 – 11 am – Tired of Repeating? Saying
                                                                                  WHAT? : How Hearing Loss Changes the Family
Osteoporosis: Safety with Exercise & Diet
December 2 11-12pm (Fri)                                                       Friday, Oct 21 – 11 am – Tinnitus or Dizziness- Stop the
According to statistics, more than half of all people over the age of 50 are       Ringing!! Free Wax Screening – Sign up at Desk
at risk for bone density problems including osteoporosis and osteopenia.
This lecture provides current interventions for those at risk and for those       Friday, Nov 18 – 11 am – Tips for Better Hearing
who have osteoporosis.                                                               Restaurants, Parties, Meetings and Family
                                                                                Friday, Dec 16 – 11 am – Everyone With Ears Should
                                                                               Have them Checked-FREE HEARING SCREENING
eLmcRoFt seminARs                                                                                  Sign up at desk

10am, Wed, September 14
“47 Secret Veterans’ Benefits for Seniors – benefits you have earned…                        DAy oF pAmpeRing
but don’t know about!”                                                                       Wed, October 5
                                                                                     10-1pm Call ARC to RSVP. FREE!
10am, Wed, October 12                                                                  Free chair massage with well care.
“Understanding Medicaid Benefits – for seniors and those with special
needs” & “Life Care Planning – having an integrated plan for health,
legal & financial issues as we age”

                                                                   THE RAMBLE | SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2011 | 3
   Move’n and Groove’n at the A.R.C.
DAnce cLAsses                                                 Tai Chi / Qi Gong for Beginners
                                                              The practice of Tai Chi is a very low impact exercise
Ball Room Dance                                               class that is an excellent discipline for men and women
Learn the fundamental dance steps of popular dances           of all ages. A portion of proceeds from this class will be
such as foxtrot, waltz and tango                              donated to support the National MS Society.
•	 Sat: 9/3-11/5 (11-12pm)                                    •	 Mon. & Wed. 9/7 - 10/31 3 - 3:45 p.m.
•	 Fees: Res $32, Non Res $48                                 •	 Mon. & Wed. 12/12 - 2/6 3 - 3:45 p.m.
Latin Ball Room Dance                                         •	 Fee: $24 per person, payable to “Roswell Ramblers”
Learn fundamental dance steps of popular dances such as       Arthritis Foundation Exercise Class Beginner
swing, rumba and salsa                                        Class aims to restore joint range of motion, increase
•	 Sat: 9/3-11/5 (12-1pm)                                     flexibility.	Chair	based	class
•	 Fees: Res $32, Non Res $48                                 •	 Tues/Thurs 8/30-10/18 (1-2pm)
Line Dancing                                                  •	 Fees: Res $16, Non Res $24
Enjoy	the	fun	of	learning	the	basic	steps	and		dance	floor	   Tai-Chi Comfortable in your Own Body
etiquette                                                     Using your mind and body together with basic tai-chi
•	 Tues: 9/6-10/25 (7:15-8:15pm)                              techniques
•	 Fees: Res $50, Non Res $75                                 •	 Mon:8/29-11/7 (10:45-11:45am),
Tap Dancing                                                   •	 Fees: Res $40, Non Res $60
Learn a rhythmical form of dance that teaches timing,         Loosen Up- Sandy Bramlett
balance and rhythm                                            Use small 10” balls to relieve tension in the back, neck
•	 Mon: 8/29-11/7 (7:15-8:15pm), Tue 8/30-11/1 (10:30-        and shoulders
    11:30am) at Physical Activity Center and Wed 8/31-        •	 Tues:8/30-11/1 (10-11am)
    11/2 (10:30-11:30am) at Physical Activity Center          •	 Fees: Res $46, Non Res $69
•	 Fees: Res $42, Non Res $63                                 Zumba 101
                                                              Upbeat aerobic class that uses Latin music in a fun and
cLAsses FoR BeginneRs                                         easy dance movements such as cha-cha
(Never taken a class before or it’s been awhile)              •	 Mon:8/29-11/7 (5:15-6:15pm), Sat: 9/3-11/5 (11:45-
Yogalites                                                     •	 Fees: Res $54, Non Res $81
A fusion class that combines beginner yoga poses with         Ageless Grace 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong
beginner Pilates techniques to strength the core.             comfort and Ease
•	 Mon: 8/29-11/7 (9-10am), Wed: 8/31-11/2 (10:45-11:45am)    Consists of exercises that can be done by almost anyone
•	 Fees: Res $32, Non Res $48                                 of age or ability in a chair
Chair aerobics                                                •	 Thurs 9/2-11/4 (10-11am)
Chair based class that builds strength, balance/ and          •	 Fees: $40 residents $60 non-residents
•	 Tues: 8/30-11/1 (11:30-12:30pm), Thurs: 9/1-11/3           cLAsses FoR inteRmeDiAte stUDents
    (11:30-12:30pm), Fri: 9/2-11/4 (9:15-10:15am)             (Those that are looking for something challenging)
•	 Fees: Res $32, Non Res $48
Gentle Yoga                                                   Ab Blast
Introduced to basic principles of alignment, breathing,       Use weights, stability balls and bars to strengthen and
relaxation and yogic philosophy                               tone the stomach and back muscles.
•	 Tues: 8/30-11/1 (2:30-4:00),Wed: 8/31-11/2 (1:30-          •	 Tues:8/30-11/1 (5:30-6pm),Thurs: 9/1-11/3(6:30-7pm)
    3pm), Wed:8/31-11/2 (7-8:30pm)                            •	 Fees: Res $24, Non Res $36
•	 Fees: Res $46, Non Res $69                                 Body Sculpting
Intro to Yoga Fundamentals                                    Use weights, body bars, stability balls to sculpt, tone, and
Great class for new yoga students or those that need a        strength major muscles groups
review                                                        •	 Mon:8/29-11/7 (1-2pm), Tues:8/30-11/1
•	 Mon:8/29-11/7 (9:15-10:30am), Wed: 8/31-11/2                   (6-7pm),Wed:8/31-11/2 (9:30-10:30am)
    (9:15-10:30am)                                            •	 Thurs:9/1-11/3 (5:30-6:30pm), Sat :9/3-11/5 (8:30-9:30am)
•	 Fees: Res $46, Non Res $69                                 •	 Fees: Res $36, Non Res $54
Qi-Gong/Zen Yoga                                              Body Toning/Yoga Meditation
Great balance class that uses the practice of Qi-gong and     Combines strength training and principles of yoga to
basic yoga methods                                            build	strength	and	flexibility
•	 Mon: 8/29-11/7 (6:15-7:15pm), Sat: 9/3-11/5 (10-11am)      •	 Fri:9/2-11/4 (1:30-3pm)
•	 Fees: Res $38, Non Res $57                                 •	 Fees: Res $50, Non Res $75

    Move’n and Groove’n at the A.R.C.
Cardio Fusion                                                            cLAsses FoR ADvAnceD stUDents
A low impact cardiovascular workout designed to work all                 (Those that are looking to Step it Up!)
your major muscle groups along with light toning work.
•	 Tues:8/30-11/1 (10:15-11:15am),Thurs: 9/1-11/3(9-10am)                Cardio Hi-Lo
•	 Fees: Res $32, Non Res $48                                            Hi/Lo aerobic workout with step combinations for all
Advanced Yoga                                                            over body toning
Must have taken 1 session of yoga, practice popular yoga                 •	 Wed:8/31-11/2 (6:15-7:15pm)
principles such as sun salutation, downward dog and                      •	 Fees: Res $40, Non Res $60
warrior	to	work	on	flexibility	and	strength                              Cardio Boot camp with Abs
•	 Mon:8/29-11/7 (4:30-6:00pm)                                           A combination class that includes core strengthening and
•	 Wed:8/31-11/2 (4:30-6pm)                                              toning work along with cardio
•	 Fees: Res $46, Non Res $69                                            •	 Sat 9/3-11/5 (9:30-10:30am)
Mat Based Pilates                                                        •	 Fees: Res $40, Non Res $60
Class designed to use Pilates techniques to work the core                Circuit Training
muscles	using	isometric	exercise	on	the	floor                            Work in a small group setting with a personal trainer who
•	 Tues:8/30-11/1 (9-10am),Thurs: 9/1-11/3(10:15-11:15am)                will	work	you	at	different	fitness	stations	switching	from	
•	 Fees: Res $42, Non Res $63                                            hi/lo cardio to weight training
Zumba Toning                                                             •	 Mon: 8/29-10/24 (1-2pm),Wed:8/31-10/26 (12-1pm)
Latin aerobic moves combined with toning sticks to                       •	 Fees: Res $50, Non Res $75
build strength and endurance                                             Arthritis Exercise Class Advanced
•	 Mon:8/29-11/7 (6:30-7:30pm)                                           Must have taken beginner course. Uses light weight to
•	 Fees: Res $54, Non Res $81                                            work on strength and balance. Chair is used for support
Zumba Callanetics                                                        •	 Tues/Thurs:8/30-10/18 (2:15-3:15pm)
Combines fun and exciting rhythms of Zumba along with                    •	 Fees: Res $16, Non Res $24
core strengthening exercises of callentics
•	 Tues:8/30-11/1 (11-12:15pm) ,Thur:9/1-11/3 (11-12:15pm)
•	 Fees: Res $54, Non Res $81

                                        ACTive ADuLT ATHLeTiCS
45 + LeAgUes                                                             LeAgUe pLAy
Coed Softball                                                            Wii Bowling League
This league consists of a ten game season, will end with a single        Tuesdays 6:30-9pm
elimination tournament and is only offered at a recreational level of    Sign up and bowl as teams of four, two or as individuals. At the
play. Registration will begin in late July. Call 770-594-6134 for more   end of the league prizes will be awarded. $10 Per person or $40 per
information.Team Fee $350 Ages 45 & up.                                  team. Call for information.
Volleyball                                                               Family Bocce League
This league will consist of a ten game season and will end with a        Enjoy a family outing (children must be 8 yrs old to participate with
single elimination tournament. Ages 45 & up.                             an adult) and play bocce at the rRoswell Adult Recreation
For more information call 770-641-3705.Team fee $300                     Center on Tuesdays 9/13-10/18 at 6:00pm $10 per person. At the end
                                                                         of the league we will have a playoff tournament.
Half Court Hoops
This league will consist of a ten game season and will end with a
single elimination tournament. All games will be half court 3 on 3,
side to side play on Tuesday evening at East Roswell Park. Teams
may have a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 8 players on
a roster. Registration has started for the Spring Season, games start
on September 10 and will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays.The
league will have a limitednumber of teams so sign up soon.
If you are interested call (770) 594-6134Ages 45 & up.
 Team fee $300                                                                                           TICKETS AVALIBLE!!
BADminton cLUB
Badminton has a history that can be traced back 2,000 years to                   AtLAntA FALcOnS vS cAROLinA
                                                                                       Sunday, October 16
ancient Greece. In 1870, the game was named by the “Duke of                 Depart 11 AM Cost $85 Seating Lower Corner
Beaufort” after badminton house in Gloucestershire, according to                      Section 110 Great Seats!
the	official	badminton	website.	Enjoy	an	afternoon	of	fun	at	East	
Roswell Recreation Center and learn how to play badminton Must                 AtLAntA FALcOnS vS nEW ORLEAnS
be a member of the Roswell Ramblers club. Call 770-641-3950 for                         Sunday, november 13
more information. Mondays Ladies open league starting 8/22-10/24            Depart 11 AM Cost $85 Seating Mezzanine Corner
3:30-5:30. Thursday Men’s open League 9/1-10/13 6:30-9.                                 Section 213Great Seats!
(Nominal Fees Apply)
                                                                         THE RAMBLE | SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2011 | 5
                                          Rambler Trips
  MORE OR LESS PLAyERS              MyStERy tRiP                    PAR 3 gOLF Outing                 AnnuAL BOAt RiDE &
  PRESEntS “StELLA                  Saturday, Sept 10 $15           thursday, September 15            Picnic LAkE LAniER
  DEvinE” cOMEDy                    Depart: 9:30am                  $8 Journey to a local golf        W/MORgAn
  Friday, Sept. 23, 2 PM            Get on the Bus and Journey      Course and Play.                  Wednesday, September 21
  Saturday, Sept, 24. 7 PM          to a fun destination.                                             Depart 9:30 AM Cost $20
  Sunday, Sept 25, 2 PM                                             SELinA’S SunDAy                   We will picnic at the park
  Saturday, October 1, 7 PM         AtLAntA BRAvES vS               SuRPRiSE
  Sunday, October 2, 5 PM           MARLinS                         9/18 $10 Depart: 9:30am           WickED” FOx thEAtER
  Tickets: $5                       Monday, September 12            Journey with Selina to a          Sunday, September 25
  She is an aging Star but          Depart 4:30 PM                  unique destination w/Rambler      Cost: $60 Depart 4:45 RSVP
  a rehearsal changes               Cost $16 Terrace Seats          Friends.                          now The story of the Good
  everything.                       RSVP NOW!                                                         Witch and the Bad Witch, and
                                                                    MOnDAyS At SunSEt cOvE            how they got that way before
  FiShing FOR Fun                   gRAnt PARk WALking tOuR         Monday, Sept 19                   Dorothy arrived
  WEDnESDAy                         tuesday, September 13           We will go to Sunset Cove
  September 7, 2011                 The park became a favorite      Beach Café located in Lake        AtLAntA BRAvES vS
  Cost $8 RSVP by 9/1               spot because of its lake,       Lanier Resort. Instructors will   PhiLLiES
  Depart 10 AM                      springs and amusement area.     walk you through                  Monday, September 26
  Wet a line in the                 Lemuel P. Grant gave the        step-by-step in painting          Depart 4:30 PM Cost $16
  Chattahoochee and catch a         neighborhood to the city in     your own 16 by 20 inch,           Terrace Seats RSVP NOW!
  fish or two. We are counting      1883 We will walk through the   Masterpiece canvas. No
  on you for lunch. This relaxing   antebellum Atlanta’s History.   experience necessary. Cost        hikE With cAROLE
  fun day will be at River          Depart 9:30 AM Cost $14         $33- Eat on your own while        Wednesday, September 28
  Landing & lunch (included).                                       you paint. Depart 5PM             A six mile hike from Unicoi to
                                    DOWn On thE BAyOu                                                 Helen. Eat at Ma Gooch
  AgELESS 80’S                      Wednesday, September 14         MEnS cLuB Putt Putt               Depart 9:30 AM
  Friday, September 9,              11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.          gOLF chALLEngE
  2011, 11:00 a.m. at ARc           Choice of seafood               tuesday, September 20
  “The Knight Of Mark               Gumbo or Jambalaya.             At Aurora Cineplex and the
  Twain, An Octogenarian            Entertainment Vote for          Fringe Miniature Golf at 5100
  Tells All”                        Rhonda                          Commerce Parkway, Meet
  Y’all will get a dose of          (musical comedy)                There 1 PM $7
  Mountain Spirits, of              A musical comedy with a
  cooking in the mountains          twist of mystery.
  and the Lowcountry and            $7 per person - RSVP by
  how to have a ‘lotta fun          9/9
  after you turn 80.

                         Adult recreation center at 830 grimes bridge road. Phone 770-641-3950
    Cost includes van or bus and may be subject to change. Check to rambler, must be a member, age 50 and above.
     All persons are invited to participate in all programs and use all facilities of the Recreation, Parks, Historic &
                  Cultural Affairs Department regardless of race, color, national origins or disability.

                                             Computer Classes
                            Roswell Adult Learning Center •
  MOnDAy                           WEDnESDAy                               FRiDAy
  intRODuctiOn tO ExcEL 2007       intRODuctiOn tO intERnEt & E-           OPEn LAB SESSiOnS
  10:00 - 12:00, 9/12-10/31 $45    MAiL 10:00 - 12:00, 9/14-11/2           1:00 - 4:00 , 9/16-11/4
  intRODuctiOn tO WinDOWS 7        $45                                     Free
  1:30 - 3:30, 9/12-10/31   $45    intRODuctiOn tO PicASA
  cOMPutER FunDAMEntALS            1:30 - 3:30, 9/21-10/12         $35     OPEn LAB SESSiOnS:
  6:30 - 8:30, 9/12-10/31   $45                                            Provides students the opportunity to
                                   thuRSDAy                                practice. Assistance will be available.
  tuESDAy                          cOMPutER FunDAMEntALS                   Fridays, 1-4pm, free!
  hOW tO WRitE A MEMOiR            10:00 - 12:00, 9/15-11/3        $45
  10:00 - 12:00, 9/13-10/1  $35    gEnEALOgy AnD FAMiLy hiStORy
  intRODuctiOn tO POWERPOint 1:30 - 3:30, 9/15-11/3                $45
  1:30 - 3:30, 9/13-11/1    $45    intRODuctiOn tO WORD
                                   6:30 - 8:30, 9/15-11/3          $45

                    Trip & Event Reservations for September 2011
                                           Deposit/   Start or
  Day        Date      Trip / Event                                               Comments                    Cost         #Attending:     Total Paid
                                          Money Due Depart Time
  Friday      9/2          Dance              9/2          8-11 PM               Back to School               $10.00
Wednesday     9/7      Fishing for Fun        9/1         10:00 AM                River Landing               $8.00
Thursday      9/8        Kiran Trip           9/1         11:00 AM                  Lunch out                 $5.00
  Friday      9/9      Ageless 80”s           9/2         11:00 AM          “The Knight of Mark Twain”     Bring Lunch
 Saturday    9/10       Mystery Trip          9/2          9:30 AM                 Mystery Trip                $15

 Monday      9/12       History Talk           -          10:00 AM     “Pre-Colonial Georgia” “George          Free
                                                                         Washington: Bio Highlights”

 Monday      9/12      Atlanta Braves         now          4:30 PM                  vs Marlins                $16.00
 Tuesday     9/13        Grant Park           9/8          9:30 AM                Walking Tour                $14.00
Wednesday    9/14 Down on the Bayou           9/9       11:30/2:30 PM Seafood Gumbo or Jambalaya              $7.00
                                                                       47 Secret Veterans’ Benefits for
Wednesday    9/14     Elmcroft Seminar         -          10:00 AM                                             Free
Thursday     9/15        Par 3 Golf           9/8          9:30 AM                   Outing                   $8.00
Thursday     9/15    Jewelry Workshop         now           10 AM              with Sherry Culvert             Free
 Sunday      9/18        Selina Trip          9/1          9:30 AM                   Surprise                 $10.00
                      Sunset Cove with
 Monday      9/19                            9/12          5:00 PM       Art Sessions No Experience           $33.00
                     Dinner on your own
 Tuesday     9/20 Men’s Club Mini Golf       9/13          1:00 PM                Meet at Fringe              $7.00
 Tuesday     9/20        Red Hats            9/13         11:30 AM             Douceur de France            Meet there
                                                           11:30-       How to prevent and reverse
Wednesday    9/21     Lunch and Learn        9/12                                                              Free
                                                          12:30pm      Diabetes naturally with Dr. Nick

Wednesday    9/21        Boat Ride           9/14          9:30 AM               Lanier w Morgan              $20.00

             9/23 HearingBarb May
                          Information                                  How Hearing Loss Changes the
  Friday                                       -          11:00 AM                                             Free
                    With                                                         Family
  Friday     9/23      More or Less           now          2:00 PM                Stella Devine               $5.00
 Saturday    9/24      More or Less           now          7:00 PM                Stella Devine               $5.00
 Sunday      9/25      More or Less           now          2:00 PM                Stella Devine               $5.00
 Sunday      9/25        “Wicked”            8/10          4:45 PM              (Good Seats) Fox              $70.00

 Monday      9/26       History Talk           -          10:00 AM          “Georgia and the American          Free
 Monday      9/26      Atlanta Braves         now          4:30 PM                  Vs Phillies               $16.00
 Tuesday     9/27      Tuesday/Town          9/20          4:45 PM                 4th & Swift                $8.00
Wednesday    9/28       Hike-Carole           now          9:30 AM               Unicoi to Helen              $10.00
Wednesday    9/28       B-Day Bingo          now`        12-2:30 PM                Bring Lunch                 Free
Thursday     9/29       Supper Club          9/22          5:00 PM                 Roast Beef                 $6.00
                                                                                                          Guest Fee: $2 luncheon, $5 day
  Name                                                                                                    trip $10overnight

  Phone                                                                                                                   Subtotal
                                                                                                                  Less Any Credit
  Guest                                   Guest Phone                                                             Check Amount
                                        Make Check Payable to Roswell Ramblers
                        Transportation Subject to change–list any special accommodations needed
                           Mail Sent to the Adult Recreation center Must Be Addressed to:                                 Check #
                      Roswell Recreation & Parks Department • Attention: Adult Recreation Center
                                      38 Hill Street, Suite 100 • Roswell GA 30075

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                    Trip & Event Reservations for October 2011
                                              Deposit/   Start or
  Day       Date       trip / Event                                                         comments                                 cost          #Attending: total Paid
                                             Money Due Depart time
 Saturday    10/1       The Strand                now         11:15 AM               Thoroughly Modern Millie                       $42.00
 Saturday    10/1   More or Less Player           now         07:00 PM                      Stella Devine                            $5.00
 Sunday      10/2   More or Less Player           now         05:00 PM                      Stella Devine                            $5.00
 Monday      10/3        Lunch Out                now         11:30 AM                    Tour Chair Store                           $3.00
 Monday      10/3        History Talk              -            10 AM       “The History of Flags” “The Importance of History”        Free
 Tuesday     10/4        Red Hats                9/27         11:30 AM          Drive self, Chambrel Swap meet                        Free
                      Sing Along &
Wednesday    10/5                                9/28            6 PM                fun filled night of singing                     $5.00
                     Spaghetti Dinner
Thursday     10/6        Apple Trip              9/30          9:00 AM                     Other goodies                             $8.00
  Friday     10/7                                10/1          9:30 AM                 Gardens/ Kennesaw                            $15.00
                       Private Tour
  Friday     10/7          Dance                 10/7          8-11 PM                       Monster Ball                           $10.00
                                                                               Balance: Steady as We Go! with Bev
  Friday     10/7     Lunch and Learn             9/31         11-12 PM                                                               Free
                      Old Governor’s
 Sunday      10/9                                9/21         10:00 AM           “Labor behind the Vail” Lunch                      $28.00
                      Mansion Tour
 Monday     10/10        History Talk              -           10:00 AM                 “The Price They Paid”                         Free
 Monday     10/10      GA. Mountain              10/1          9:00 AM                       Fall Festival                          $20.00
 Tuesday    10/11       Golf Outing              10/2          9:30 AM                           Par 3                               $8.00
Wednesday   10/12     Elmcroft Seminar             -            10 AM            Understanding Medicaid Benefits                      Free
Wednesday   10/12 Halloween Pot Luck Lunch       10/5       11:30-2:30pm        Bring Main dish, veg, or Desert.                     $3.00
Thursday    10/13    Blue Ridge Train            10/6          8:00 AM              Shop & eat in McCaysville                       $39.00
  Friday    10/14      Ageless 80”s              10/7         11:00 AM                Golden Home Services                        Bring Lunch
 Saturday   10/15      Walhalla, SC              10/8            8 AM                       Many events                             $15.00
 Sunday     10/16     Atlanta Falcons             now         11:00 AM                       vs Carolina                            $85.00
                                                                               “Spies and Espionage During the
 Monday     10/17       History Talk               -          10:00 AM                                                               FREE
                                                                                    American Revolution”
 Tuesday    10/18        Mens Club               10/11        11:00 AM                      Poker Tourn.                             $5.00
 Tuesday    10/18         Red Hat                10/11        10:30 AM              Country Club of the South                       $34.00

Wednesday   10/19     Lunch and Learn            10/10      11:30-12:30 PM Secrets to Fighting and Beating the Flu with               Free
                                                                                             Dr. Nick
Wednesday   10/19       Bridge Tourn             8/12          10-3 PM                           Prizes                             $12.00
Thursday    10/20       Canopy Tour              9/22          9:00 AM                        Box Lunch                             $78.00
                     Hearing Information                                   Tinnitus or Dizziness- Stop the Ringing!! Free
  Friday    10/21                                  -           11:00 AM                                                               Free
                       With Barb May                                              Wax Screening – Sign up at Desk
 Saturday   10/22     Cowboy Festival            10/15         9:00 AM                       Cartersville                           $16.00
 Sunday     10/23   New Dawn Theatre             10/17        12:30 PM                “Death of a Salesman”                          $20.00
 Monday     10/24       History Talk               -          10:00 AM      “Georgia Signers of the Constitution of                  FREE
 Tuesday    10/25      Tuesday/Town              10/17         4:45 PM                     “Tanta” Asian                             $8.00
Wednesday   10/26       B-Day Bingo              10/26       12-2:30 PM                      Bring Lunch                              Free
Thursday    10/27       Supper Club              10/20         5:00 PM             Hobo Bingo, $250 in prizes.                       $6.00
Thursday    10/27       Chattanooga              9/12          8:00 AM                     Southern Belle                           $34.00
 Sunday     10/30      Jekyll & Hyde             10/23         1:00 PM                       Silent Movie                           $15.00
                                                                                                                                 Guest Fee: $2 luncheon, $5
  Name                                                                                                                           day trip $10overnight
                                                                                                                                 Less Any Credit
  Guest                                      Guest Phone                                                                         Check Amount Subtotal
                                                          Make Check Payable to Roswell Ramblers
                                          Transportation Subject to change–list any special accommodations needed
                                             Mail Sent to the Adult Recreation center Must Be Addressed to:                                        Check #
                                        Roswell Recreation & Parks Department • Attention: Adult Recreation Center
                                                        38 Hill Street, Suite 100 • Roswell GA 30075

        Office Use Only: Logged in Book By:                       Date:                                    Deposit Date:
                                        Rambler Trips
thE StRAnD thEAtER             OuR OLD gOvERnOR’S             WALhALLA, SOuth cAROLinA       DEAth OF A SALESMAn
“thOROughLy MODERn MiLLiE”     MAnSiOn iS FEAtuRing           Saturday, October 15, 2011     Sunday, October 23, 2011
Saturday, October 1, 2011      A tOuR.                        Cost $15 Depart 8 AM           See one of the More
Depart 11:15 AM Cost $42       Sunday, October 9, 2011        Oconee Heritage Center,        or Less Players in this
A high spirited musical        “LABOR BEHIND THE              World Energy Center            show! Dinner after the
romp in New York City in       VEIL” The story is about       showing how energy is          show. Depart 12:30 PM
1922. Enjoy the intrigue       the working lives of men       created. Stumphouse            Salesman Willy Loman
and Jazz with Millie..         and women who lived and        Tunnel. We will stop for       turns to his friend, his
                               worked on the mansion          lunch at the Walhalla          employer and his brother in
MORE OR LESS PLAyERS           grounds. By the end of         Steakhouse with the best       an attempt to find his way
PRESEntS “StELLA               the tour, visitors should      fried chicken ever..           in a world he no longer
DEvinE” cOMEDy                 understand issues of race                                     understands. The events of
Saturday, October 1, 7 PM      and sex in the antebellum      AtLAntA FALcOnS                his life, his memories and
at the ARC                     South and the old Governor’s   vS cAROLinA                    his dreams collide in this
Sunday, October 2, 5 PM        views. Cost $28 includes       Sunday, October 16             presentation at New Dawn
at the Roswell Cultural Arts   lunch. Leave 10 AM for         Depart 11 AM Cost $85          Theater. $20
Center (950 Forrest Street.    Milledgeville. RSVP 9/26       Seating Lower Corner
Roswell GA. 30075)                                            Section 110 Great Seats!       tuESDAy On thE tOWn
Tickets: $5                    gEORgiA MOuntAin FEStivAL                                     At tAntRA
                               Monday, October 10, 2011       RAMBLin ROSES                  Tuesday October 25,
RED hAt                        Cost $20 Depart 9:00 AM        tuesday, October 18            Depart 4:45pm. Dinner
BuSinESS MEEting               Crafts & Exhibits, Country     Country club of the south      prices range from
Tuesday, October 4             Music Shop and Redhead         tour $34 Includes Lunch.       $25-35 per person Located
Meet at Chambrel 11:30         Express and Gene               Depart 10:30am                 in the South Buckhead
Drive self                     Watson. We will lunch at                                      this new restaurant uses
                               the fair- grounds.             MEnS cLuB tuESDAy              a delectable combination
FLu ShOtS                                                     October 18, 2011               of the finest selection
tuesday October 4th, 2011      gOLF Outing                    Men’s Club Poker               in sensual cuisine, the
Flu Shots Fulton               tuesday, October 11            Tournament Meet at Arc         menu is a journey of
County Department of           Par 3 9:30 AM $8               11 AM $5 Lunch                 flavor inspired by the silk
Health. 10-12:30om             Enjoy a day of golf. with                                     road- a historical route
                               some walking and lifting
Please RSVP                    (clubs)                        cAnOPy tOuRS thuRSDAy          extending through Asia, the
                                                              October 20, 2011               Mediterranean, Southern
APPLE tRiP tO                  BLuE RiDgE ScEnic RAiLWAy      Cost $78 Depart 9:00 AM        Europe and Spain.
hiLLSiDE ORchARDS              thursday, October 13, 2011     This adventure in Lula,        Transportation fee $8 per
thursday, October 6, 2011      Blue Ridge to McCaysville      Georgia is one of Georgia’s    person
Depart 9:00 AM Cost $8         in a closed car. Lunch and     hidden treasures. You
Eat at Sorghum Mill Café.      shop in McCaysvillle. Ride     will climb on a 60 foot        SOuthERn BELLE
Shop in our Country Store      along the Toccoa River         observation tower and you      RivERBOAt
& Gift shop. Family Owned      and learn the history of       will get checks, practice      thursday, October 27, 2011
with Barnyard, Little          the river. Souvenirs are       and rechecks. Soaring          Cost $34 Depart 8:00 AM
Micham’s Gem Mine in           available. Beautiful Fall      over the tree tops is great    Roast Beef & Rotisserie
Lakemont, GA.                  scenery $39. Depart: 8 AM      fun. Box lunch included.       Chicken is on the menu for
                                                              RSVP 9/22                      our lunch. We will be on
“SMith-giLBERt gARDEnS”        AgELESS 80’S                                                  a Riverboat cruising the
Friday, October 7, 2011        Friday, October 14, 2011       9th SOuthEAStERn               Tennessee River. There
We will have a private tour    1l:00 a.m. at ARc (Bring       cOWBOy FEStivAL AnD            will be an in- formative
of 16 acres of botanical       Lunch) Golden Home             SyMPOSiuM                      commentary about the
gardens in Kenne- saw.         Services: Golden Choices,      Saturday, October 22, 2011     history of the river and
It includes 3000 plants,       Senior Placement &             Join us for a celebration of   beautiful Fall Scenery.
bonsai collection, 97 Rose     Services.                      the West with artists and      RSVP 9/12
Varieties and 86 Conifer                                      entertainers,
species, and many more.                                       and re-enactments              DR. JEkyLL AnD MR. hyDE
Lots of contemporary                                          of historic Western            SiLEnt MOviE
sculptures and a habitat for                                  Gunfights and Native           At thE StRAnD
birds. Also a tea Garden                                      American dancing & good        Sunday, October 30, 2011
and Koi pond. Lunch Track                                     fun. Lunch on your own.        Cost $15 Depart 1:00PM
Side Grill. Depart 9:30 AM                                    Depart 9 AM                    Silent Movie before your
$15                                                           (in Cartersville) Cost $16     time. Not to worry. We
                                                                                             will see this thriller with
                                                                                             an organ playing for a
                                                                                             Sing-a-Long before &
                                                                                             accompanying this movie.
                                                                                             Dinner Stop Afterward.
                                                                                             Open seating

                                                              THE RAMBLE | SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2011 | 9
                                         Rambler Trips
MOuntAin MuSic &                AgELESS 80’S                    cAROLE’S MyStERy Lunch            POt Luck LunchEOn On
MEDicinE ShOW hOLLy             Friday, november 11, 2011       thursday, november 17,            thAnkSgiving DAy FEASt
thEAtRE in DAhLOnEgA            $5-- “getting to know           2011 Cost $8   Depart 10:30       thursday, november 24th,
Saturday, november 5, 2011      cumming”                        AM                                2 - 4 p.m. RSVP by 11/22
This is presented as a live     Lunch at The Station –                                            Help us celebrate with
old-time Radio Broadcast.       Bring Lunch Money               tELLABRAtiOn                      friends and family on
                                                                                                  turkey day. We provide
Setting is from the Gold        Bus Departs at 10:15 a.m.       Friday, november 18, 2011         the turkey - you bring
Rush Days. Doc’s traveling      • Tour Cumming Historic         A world wide storytelling event   a salad, vegetable or
miracle medicine show is of a   Cemetery, Veteran’s War         hosted in communities around      dessert to share (enough
fast paced style and rapport    Memorial, Heritage Village,     the world. Auditions were         for 8-10 people). You do
with the crowd keeps toes a     & more. Step on Tour Guide      held and the tellers who will     not have to belong to the
tapping and things moving       (Connie Pendly).                perform were Frank Causey,        Roswell Rambler’s Club to
along. Cost $24 Eat on your                                     Ron Kemp, Gail McConaghy          participate. Fee: $10 per
own around the square.          AtLAntA FALcOnS vS nEW          and Jane Sullivan. Cost is $5     person
                                ORLEAnS                         Time 7:30 PM
incLinE & LOOkOut               Sunday, november 13                                               gOLF Outing
MOuntAin, chAttAnOOgA           Depart 11 AM Cost $85           SunDAy BRunch                     tuesday, november 29
                                                                                                  Par 3 9:30 AM $8
Monday, november 7, 2011        Seating Mezzanine Corner        Sunday, november 20
Tour Patriots Point while at    Section 213 Great Seats!        10:00 AM
Lookout Mtn. Lots of walking                                    CAFE 458 $8.00                    AtLAntA ARchitEctuRAL
on uneven Ground.                                                                                 tOuR
 Leave 9:00 AM                  hiStORic DOWntOWn               tuESDAy On thE tOWn At            Monday, november 28
                                guiDED WALking tOuR             PORtO FinO                        Cost $25 Depart 10:00 AM
hOnEy cREEk WOODLAnDS           Monday, november 14, 2011       tuesday november 22,              Take a tour of the City of
cEMEtERy & MOnAStERy            Cost $14 Depart 9:00 am         Depart at 4:45pm Dinner           Atlanta with Jim Howe. We
OF hOLy SPiRit                  Tours last approximately 90     Prices range from $30             lunch at Six Feet Under. A
tuesday, november 8, 2011       minutes and involves 1-1.5      and under The cuisine is          brief narration of how the city
Depart 9 AM $15                 miles of fairly easy walking.   American-Italian offering a       started here as railroad town in
Box Lunch $10 Choose Ham,                                       selection of simple pastas,       the 1830’s, etc.
Turkey or veggie. After lunch   MEn’S cLuB 8- BALL              innovative bistro-style
we will have a tour of the      tOuRnAMEnt                      appetizers and entrees.           AARP DRiving cOuRSE
Monastery. Shop for Fudge.      tuesday, november 15, 2011                                        Wednesday, november 30
                                Free Meet at ARC 11 AM                                            9:30 to 4:30 PM $12 members
                                                                                                  of AARP $14 non-members of
                                                                                                  AARP Check to AARP
               Trip & Event Reservations for November 2011
                                           Deposit/   Start or
   Day      Date       trip / Event                                             comments                    cost       #Attending:       total Paid
                                          Money Due Depart time
  Friday    11/4          Dance              now          8-11 PM             Black-n-White                $10.00
                                                                         Managing Arthritis in Daily
  Friday    11/4     Lunch and Learn         10/24        11-12 PM                                          Free
                                                                        Medicine Show Dinner on
 Saturday   11/5      Holly Theatre          10/30        4:00 PM                                          $24.00
                                                                               your own
                    Incline & Lookout
 Monday     11/7                             11/1         9:00 AM              Chattanooga                 $25.00
                      Honey Creek
 Tuesday    11/8                             11/1         9:00 AM         Monastery and Lunch               $15
                                                                             Getting to know
  Friday    11/11     Ageless 80”s           11/2        10:15 AM                                          $5.00
                                                                             Cumming Tour
 Sunday     11/13        Falcons             now         11:00 AM            vs New Orleans                $85.00
 Monday     11/14 Historic Atlanta           11/1         9:00 AM              Walking Tour                $14.00
 Tuesday    11/15        Red Hat             11/8        10:45 AM           Chequers Seafood                 $8
 Tuesday    11/15      Mens Club             11/8        11:00 AM        8- Ball Pool Tournament            free
                       Anniversary                       12:30-2:30
Wednesday 11/16                              11/11                  Bring salad, Veg or dessert             free
                        Luncheon                            PM
 Thursday 11/17       Carole Lunch           11/10       10:30 AM                   Mystery                $8.00
                    Hearing Information
  Friday    11/18                              -          11:00 AM         Tips for Better Hearing          Free
                      With Barb May
  Friday    11/18      Tellabration          11/14        7:30 PM              Story Telling               $5.00
                     Roswell Parks
 Saturday   11/19                            11/14        9:30 AM          Tour Roswell Parks                $12
                       Fun Tour
 Sunday     11//20 Sunday Brunch             11/13       10:00 AM                Café 458                  $8.00
            11/21 Congaree Park                                           Columbia Nat's Sites,           $164.00
 Monday                                      11/15          TBA
            & 22   Canoe Tours                                                 canoeing                   DOUBLE
 Tuesday    11/22    Tuesday/Town            11/15        4:45 PM               Porto Fino                 $8.00
Wednesday 11/23       B-Day Bingo            now        12-2:30 PM              Bring Lunch                 Free
                                                                           Salad/Dessert /veg.
                        Pot Luck
 Thursday 11/24                              11/22         2-4 PM             8-10 People                  $10.00
                                                                              Bring Friends
 Monday     11/28     Architectural          11/21       10:00 AM                Jim Howe                  $25.00
 Tuesday    11/29       Par 3 Golf           11/17        9:30 AM                   Outing                 $8.00
                                                                                                       $12 Member
Wednesday 11/30           AARP               now        9:30 to 4:30          Driving Course            /$14 non-
                                                                                                       Guest Fee: $2
                                                                                                       luncheon, $5
  Name                                                                                                    day trip
                                                                                                         Less Any
                                                                                                                          Subtotal   =
  Guest                                                                                                                              =
                                          Guest Phone                                                     Amount
                                                                  Make Check Payable to Roswell Ramblers                  Check #    =
                                 Transportation Subject to change–list any special accommodations needed
                                           Mail Sent to the Adult Recreation center Must Be Addressed to:
                                       Roswell Recreation & Parks Department • Attention: Adult Recreation Center
                                                       38 Hill Street, Suite 100 • Roswell GA 30075

                                                                    Office Use Only:
                                             Logged in Book By:             Date:                             Deposit Date:
                    Trip & Event Reservations for December 2011
                                           Deposit/   Start or                                                                                      total
  Day       Date       trip / Event                                                    comments                         cost          #Attending:
                                          Money Due Depart time                                                                                     Paid
Thursday    12/1        WSB Tour              9/25          9:30 AM                   Lots of Walking                   $18.00
                    Christmas Tour of
  Friday    12/2                              11/24         9:00 AM                       Madison                       $34.00
                                                                         Osteoporosis: Safety with Exercise &
  Friday    12/2     Lunch and Learn          11/21        11:00 AM                                                      Free
 Saturday   12/3     Grinch Christmas         now           9:30 AM                          Fox                        $55.00
                                                                            How to stay fit and thin for the
Wednesday   12/7     Lunch and Learn          11/28     11:30-12:30 PM                                                   Free
                                                                                                                     Bring Lunch
  Friday    12/9       Ageless 80”s           12/2         11:00 AM                God’s Holy Land
 Saturday   12/10       Micro Cars            12/3          9:00 AM                       Museum                        $14.00
 Sunday     12/11    Sound of Music           12/4         11:15 AM                Strand -        Lunch                $42.00
 Tuesday    12/13     Magical Lights          12/6          4:30 PM                        Lanier                       $10.00
                                                                                   Steak or Chicken
Wednesday 12/14       Holiday Lunch           12/9       11:30-2:30pm                                                   $8.00
                                                                              bring Desert from OutBack
                       BMW Plant &
Thursday    12/15                             12/8          8:00 AM         Date may change Lunch before                $20.00
                    Hearing Information                                   Free Hearing Screening Sign Up At
  Friday    12/16                               -          11:00 AM                                                      Free
                      With Barb May                                                     Desk
  Friday    12/16          ASO                12/9          5:00 PM            Very Merry Holiday Pops                  $32.00
                                                                             6:30 Dinner      8:00 Dance                $25-1p
 Saturday   12/17      Holiday Gala           12/10         6:30 PM
                                                                         Benefits Building Expansion Program            $45-2p
                                                                                Cumming Playhouse
 Sunday     12/18 It’s a Wonderful Life       11/18         5:00 PM                                                     $28.00
                                                                             Dinner on your own at Tam’s
                       Chick Fil- A
 Monday     12/19                             12/22         9:30 AM             Tour and Time to Shop                   $8.00
                     Free lunch there
 Tuesday    12/20       Red Hats              12/3         11:30 AM              Pico Christmas Party                   $19.50
 Tuesday    12/20       Mens Club             12/18        11:00 AM                       Longhorn                    Pay There
Wednesday 12/21                               12/19         7:00 PM                      Bulloch Hall                   $15.00
Thursday    12/22      Mystery Trip           12/15        10:00 AM                       Mystery                         $5
 Tuesday/   12/27     Tuesday/Town            12/20         4:45 PM                      Escorpian                      $8.00
Wednesday 12/28        B-Day Bingo            now         12:30-2:30                       Prizes                        Free
  Friday    12/30    New Year Lunch           12/23        12:30 PM          Potluck, Bring a dish to share.            $4.00
                                                                                                                Guest Fee: $2
                                                                                                                luncheon, $5 day
  Name                                                                                                          trip $10overnight

                                                                                                                    Less Any Credit
  Guest                                   Guest Phone                                                               Check Amount      Subtotal
                                                                                      Make Check Payable to Roswell Ramblers Check #
                                                      Transportation Subject to change–list any special accommodations needed
                                           Mail Sent to the Adult Recreation center Must Be Addressed to:
                                       Roswell Recreation & Parks Department • Attention: Adult Recreation Center
                                                       38 Hill Street, Suite 100 • Roswell GA 30075

                                                                      Office Use Only:
                                              Logged in Book By:              Date:                             Deposit Date:
                                               Rambler Trips
WSB tOuR                            SOunD OF MuSic                       hOLiDAy gALA                     1853 WEDDing REEnActMEnt
thursday, December 1, 2011          StRAnD thEAtER                       Saturday, December 17            Wednesday, December 21, 2011
See the TV and Radio News           Sunday December 11, 2011             6:30 Dinner                      Be a guest at this lovely
Rooms as reporters prepare          Depart 12:10 PM Lunch                8:30 Dance                       1853 wedding reenactment
to go on-air. Lots of Walking.      before the show. Great Seats         $25 PER PERSON                   of Roswell’s most famous
Depart: 9:30am $18                  Cost $42 A postulant proves          $45 COUPLES                      couple. Each room presents
                                    too high-spirit for the religious    dress is semi formal             a snippet of the going on
chRiStMAS tOuR OF                   life. Great Music.                   Proceeds to benefit the          in the mid 1800’s Ladies
hOMES MADiSOn, gEORgiA                                                   Roswell Ramblers Facility        discuss the fashion of the
Friday, Dec. 2                      MAgicAL LightS At                    Expansion Program                day while the gentlemen talk
Tour homes decorated for            LAkE LAniER                                                           about the events of the times.
Christmas. Will be some             tuesday, December 13, 2011           it’S A WOnDERFuL LiFE            Mittie Bulloch and Theodore
walking. 9:00 AM Cost: $34.00       Depart 4:30 PM                       SunDAy, DEcEMBER 18              Roosevelt (Sr.) were married
                                    Cost $10                             Cumming Playhouse                in Bulloch hall on December
hOW thE gRinch StOLE                                                     5:00 PM $28                      22, 1853. Please join us for an
chRiStMAS                           BMW PLAnt &                          An inverted take on a            engaging evening.
Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011              MuSEuM tOuR                          Christmas Carol. A good man      Depart 7 PM Cost $15.
cost $55 Depart 9:30 AM             thursday, Dec 15, 2011               who’s spent a life-time giving
This is an inter generation trip.   Depart 8:00 AM Cost $20              up on his dreams in order        MyStERy tRiP
So bring your children or           After Lunch we will Tour the         to keep life in his small town   thursday, December 22, 2011
grandchildren.                      BMW Manufacturing plant              humming in shown by his          Depart 10 AM    Cost $15.
Wonderful seats                     and the Zentrum Museum.              guardian angel what his life
                                    No open toes, no heels and           would have been like without     tuESDAy On thE tOWn
AgELESS 80’S                        no cameras. It a lot of walking      him.                             At EScORPiAn
Friday, December 9,                 and you will have headsets.                                           tuesday December 27,
2011, 11:00 a.m. at ARc             Date subject to change.              chic FiL A                       Depart at 4:45pm Dinner
GOD’S HOLY LAND-A                                                        Monday, December 19,2011         prices range from $15-20
Photographic Journey that           RED hAt chRiStMAS PARty              $8 includes lunch tour chick     A rustic and handsome
Renews our faith.                   Come join your fellow red Hat        Fil A Head quarters. Depart:     new tequila bar/cantina
Sign up – Bring Lunch,              at Pico at 11:30 for a holiday       9:30                             from the chef behind Fritti
Optional                            Christmas party. Meet there at                                        and Sotto. This Authentic
                                    11:30 Cost: $19.50                   RED hAt chRiStMAS PARty          Mexican Restaurant is
MicROcAR MuSEuM                                                          tuesday, December 20             known for their unique
Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011             AtLAntA SyMPhOny                     Come join your fellow red Hat    tacos, fresh cervices,
Discover the history of the         ORchEStRA A vERy                     at Pico at 11:30 for a holiday   homemade tamales and
small Bubblecars from all over      MERRy hOLiDAy POPS                   Christmas party. Meet there at   amazing Tequila drinks.
the world, all under one roof       Friday, December 16, 2011            11:30 Cost: $19.50               Transportation fee $8 per
at the Bruce Weiner Microcar        Depart 5 PM       $32 This                                            person
Museum in Madison, GA. It           Holiday Show with the ASO is         MEn’S cLuB
hopes to bring this colorful        like no other. Many talented         tuesday, December 20, 2011
flowering of talent to a new        performers and even an               Holiday Lunch at Longhorn
generation. Over thousands          irrepressible Santa.                 Steak- house. Steak &
of models, toys Memorabilia.                                             Potatoes. Meet there 11 AM
Depart 9:00 AM Cost: $14.00

                                     Weekly Free Activities
               MOnDAy                                      WEDnESDAy
               9:30 Bocce                                  9:30 Bocce                                FRiDAy
               11-3 Social Bridge                          12-1 Morgan Reading                       9:30 Bocce
               12-1 Morgan Reading                         12:30-3:30 Mah Jongg                      12-3 Social Bridge
               1-4 Scrabble                                1:30 Wii Games (1st & 3rd Wed.)           1:30 Movie Matinee
               2-4 Table Tennis                            6-9 Social Bridge
               1:30 Craft Club (1st, 2nd, & 4th)           6:30 Chess Club                           SAtuRDAy
               6-7:30 Badminton at ERRC                                                              10-1 Angels Knitting Group
                                                           thuRSDAy                                  (1st & 3rd Sat.)
               tuESDAy                                     9-5:30 Roswell New Horizons Band
               9:30 Grimes Bridge Tennis                   Rehearsal
               10-2:30 Social Bridge (2nd & 4th            9:30 Grimes Bridge Tennis
               Tuesday)                                    1:15-2:30 Almost Singers Chorus
               12:45 Line Dance                            5-7 Table Tennis
               1-3 Canasta & Pinochle

                                                                        THE RAMBLE | SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2011 | 13
Overnight Trips
OctOBER 9- 18, 2011 ShADES OF iRELAnD                                        nOv. 27- DEc. 3, BRAnSOn ShOW ExtRAvAgAnzA
•	 $2899 Dbl Occupancy.                                                      •	 $659 Motorcoach transportation.
Highlights- Dublin, Irish evening, Kilkenny, Waterford Crystal, Blarney      •	 Jim Stafford show, Osmond brothers, the Red Hot & BlueShow,
Castle, Jaunting car ride, ring of Kerry, Killarney, farm visit, limerick,      The Brett family show, The twelve Irish Tenors, The Baldknobbers
cliffs of Moher, Castle stay and more.                                          jamboree show, Showboat Branson Belle

OctOBER 17-20, 2011 SEniOR OASiS BEAch REtREAt tO                            DEc. 6-9, 2011, A gREEnBRiAR chRiStMAS
JEkyLL iSLAnD                                                                •	 $735 DBL occupancy.
•	 3 nights lodging at Days Inn and Suites (Ocean Front) on Jekyll           •	 Motorcoach Transportation. Old Salem tour, Tanglewood festival of
    Island. Late return home to Roswell                                         lights, Greenbriar hotel, tour secret underground bunker and more.
•	 Includes admission to the attractions to Tour of St. Simons, “Dixie
    Swim Club” production, Dolphin Cruise, Tour of GA Sea Turtle             DEc. 8- 14, 2011 cAnADA’S WintER WOnDERLAnD
    Center, Jekyll Island, some free time to explore.                        •	 $2589 via rail Canada’s snow train express, Jasper, Lake Lousie,
•	 Tour of St. Simons– 2 hour trip of the largest of the Golden Isles,          Banff and more.
    see the remarkable beauty and fascinating history from the 16th
                                                                             MARch 10-17. 2012 hAWAii With nORWEgiAn cRuiSE
    century. Drive through Fort Frederica, established by general
                                                                             LinES On thE PRiDE OF AMERicA
    Oglethorpe. See beautiful Christ Church built in 1736 and stop at
                                                                             •	 $3056insidecabin.
    St. Simons Lighthouse.
                                                                             •	 Maui, Hilo, Kona, Kauai, Honolulu and more.
•	 Dolphin Cruise– This seventy five minute narrated tour of the
    coastal marsh lands and inland waters of GA highlighted with large       MAy 5-13, 2012 PAciFic WinE cRuiSE With cELEBRity
    schools of dolphin.                                                      cRuiSES On cELEBRity cEntuRy.
•	 New! Ga. Sea Turtle Center—On this one and half tour you’ll               •	 $1938 inside cabin.
    hear how 20 years have been spent helping sustain the sea turtle         •	 San Diego, Catalina Island, San Francisco, Astoria Oregon, Victoria
    population. Jekyll has the third highest nesting rate on the Georgia        and Vancouver and more.
    Coast.                                                                   •	 See flier for more details and more.
•	 “Dixie Swim Club” Production at the Brunswick Actors Theatre is
    a comedy about five southern women whose friendships began on
    their college swim team.
•	 Jekyll Island– we will drive around Jekyll and see the historic
    cottages. Perhaps stop at the Jekyll Club hotel for lunch.
•	 3 Breakfasts , One lunch and One Dinner included
•	 Taxes, Gratuities & baggage handling (excluding tips for step on
    guides)                                                                  Pick up a flier at ARC for more details. Itineraries and
•	 Make Checks payable to Roswell Ramblers                                   transportation are subject to change.
•	 Meet other people from Recreation and Parks agencies, Loads of
    fall fun in the sun!
•	 Double $399, Single: $540 This does include transportation by
    Rambler Bus: (Transportation subject to change.)
Deposit of -—$100 per person now; Final Payment by Sept 19, 2011.

thE cOngAREE nAtiOnAL PARk
•	 Ranger guided canoe trip
•	 Walk on the 2.5 mile boardwalk.
•	 We will stay at a local hotel and then tour the State House.
•	 We will enjoy some of Columbia unique charm and visit the S.C.
   State Museum consisting of art, history and more.
•	 Cost: Includes transportation on Roswell Bus but subject to change.
   Continental breakfast.
•	 $164 Dbl Occupancy
•	 $214 Single Occupancy

nOv. 26th-12/5 thE hOLy LAnDS
•	 $2442 Dbl occupancy.
•	 Highlights- rome, alanya turkey, cyprus,israel, egypt and more.

        Holiday Gala
      saturday Dec 17, 2011
     6:30 Dinner 8:00 Dance
               $25pp or two for $45
        Dress is semi formal Menu: Choice of
Glazed Boneless Pork Loin or spinach cheese pie and
Rice, Sweet Potato casserole, Broccoli floret/cheese, &
              Pumpkin Bars and drinks

                Held at Roswell Adult
                  Recreation Center
               830 Grimes Bridge Road

                   RSVP by 12-9
                  Proceeds Benefit:
Roswell Ramblers Facility Expansion Program

 UBS Financial Services Inc.                        Fred Weingart
                                                    Vice President-Investments
                               Rosenberg Wealth Management Group
                                                    P. 678.441.1011 F. 678.441.1056
 600 Northoark Town Ctr., 1200 Abernathy Rd
                  Ste 1850                          800.241.7258 Ext. 1011
             Atlanta, GA 30328            

                                                 THE RAMBLE | SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2011 | 15
                                              September 2011
                                            Mon                                 tue                                Wed                                  thu                                  Fri                                  Sat

                                  Table Tennis on Mondays            BOCCE League starts                Morgan Reading M & W                  1                                 2                                     3
                                  from 2-4                           9/13 . Sign up Now!                12-1pm                                Men’s Badminton at                Back to school Dance
                                                                                                                                              ERRC 6:30-9 starts                8-11 $10
                                                                                                                                                                                Crochet by the numbers
                                             “Show your Rambler-Pride Wear                                                                                                      11am-12pm
                                              Your Ramblers Apparel on Trips!                                                                                                   Friday matinée:
                                                                                                                                                                                Unknown 1:30pm

4                                 5                                  6                                  7                                     8                                 9                                     10
                                  Building closed                    Rambler Board                      Fishing for Fun $8 At                 Lunch out with Kiran               Friday matinée: The                  Mystery Trip $15 Depart
                                                                     work session 2:15                  Roswell River Landing                 Depart 11:00 $5                    Adjustment Bureau                    9:30am
                                                                     organizational Chart               10:00am                                                                  1:30pm                               ---------------------------------
                                                                                                                                                                                 -------------------------------      GRPA Line Dancing
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ageless 80s 11:00 a.m.               Competition
                                                                                                                                                                                 Bring Lunch
                                                                                                                                                                                 “The Knight of Mark Twain”
11                                12                                 13                                 14                                    15                                16                                    17
                                   Braves vs. Marlins $16                                               Luncheon: 11:30                                                          Friday matinée: Love’s                Arts Festival Zumba
                                                                      Grant park                                                               Free Jewelry
                                   depart 4:30pm                                                        Down on th Bayou - $7                                                    Kitchen 1:30pm                        Jam with a live Latin
                                                                      Walking tour Depart                                                      Workshop 10am
                                   -------------------------------                                      ------------------------------                                                                                 ------------------------------
                                                                      9:30 $14                                                                 ------------------------------
                                   Craft Club 1:30                                                      10am Veteran’s                                                                                                 Percussionist
                                                                      ------------------------------                                           Par 3 Golf outing
                                   -------------------------------                                      Benefits Presentation.                                                                                         1-2:30pm Free!!!
                                                                      1:30 Board Meeting                                                       Depart at 9:30am $8
                                   Free History Talks 10 AM

18                                19                                 20 Red Hats French                 21                                    22                                23 More or less players               24
Selina Sunday Surprise             Bunco 1:30                             Res. Douceur de               Annual Boat Ride                                                          Presents, Divine Stella
                                                                                                                                                                                  Devine, $5                           More or Less Players
                                   -------------------------------   France - meet there                Morgan’s Boat Picnic at
Depart 9:30 $10                                                                                         the Park Depart 9:30 $20                                                  2 PM                                 Presents, Divine Stella
                                   Masterpiece Mondays               11:30                                                                                                        __________________
                                                                     --------------------------------   -----------------------------------                                                                            Devine, $5
                                   at Sunset Cove Depart                                                Free Lunch and Learn with                                                 Friday matinée: Arthur
                                                                     Men’s club Putt Putt                                                                                         1:30pm                               7 PM
                                   5:00pm $33 dinner                                                    Dr. Nick! 11:30am
                                                                     Challenge, 1pm. Fringe             How to prevent and re-                                                    __________________
                                   while you paint                                                      verse Diabetes Naturally                                                  How Hearing Loss
                                                                     Miniature Golf. Meet                                                                                         Changes the Family
                                                                     there. $7                          RSVP
                                                                                                                                                                                  w/ Barb 11-12pm
25                                26                                 27                                 28                                    29                                30
More or less players                                                 Tuesday on Town                    Hike with Carole Lunch at             Supper Club 5:00pm                 Friday matinée:                       Pacific Northwest
                                  Braves vs. Phillies
Presents, Divine Stella                                              depart 4:45pm $8 4th               Ma gooch 6 mile Helen hike            Roast Beef $6pp                    Dumbstruck 1:30pm                     Norwegian Cruise
                                  depart 4:30pm $16                                                     depart 9:30 $10
Devine, $5                                                           and Swift . American               ___________________                                                                                            Lines 9/24-10/1 $2899
2 PM                              Craft Club 1:30                    Cuisine                            TR Fall Meeting 7-8:30pm
-------------------------------   -------------------------------                                       Volunteers needed.
Wicked at Fox $70                 Free History Talks 10 AM
                                                                                                        B-day bingo 12-2:30 Free!
Depart 4:45                                                                                             Bring Lunch
         Sun                            Mon
                                                  October 2011                tue                                   Wed                                   thu                                      Fri                                   Sat
                                                                                                                                             Mediterranean and                                                            1 Thoroughly Modern Millie$42
                                                                                                                                             Greek Isle Norwegian                                                           show depart at 11:15am
                      “Show your Rambler-Pride Wear                                                                                                                                                                           ---------------------------------
                                                                                                                                             Jade Cruise 10/1-10/8                                                            YOUTH DAY
                       Your Ramblers Apparel on Trips!                                                                                       $2775                                                                            ---------------------------------
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              More or less players
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Presents, Divine Stella
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Devine, $5 7 PM

2                             3 Lunch out depart                 4 Flu Shots Fulton                     5                                     6                                         Dance Monster Ball 8-11
                                                                                                             Day of Pampering                                                        7 ------------------------------ $10 8
More or less players          11:30 tour comfortable             County Department of                   Chair Massage with                    Apple Trip depart                      Lunch and Learn                      Shades of Ireland Trip
Presents, Divine Stella       chair sponsor $3                   Health. 10-12:30om                                                           9:00am $8 Lunch at                     Balance Steady as We Go!             10/9—10/18 $1556
                                                                 Please RSVP                            WellCare. FREE
                                                                                                        Call ARC to RSVP                      Sorgum Mill Cafe                       Free! 11am
Devine, $5                    --------------------------------   --------------------------------                                                                                    Foundation Therapy Center
                                                                 Red Hat- Chambrel                      10-1pm                                ------------------------------         ---------------------------------    Free Concert at
5:00pm at the cultural arts   Craft Club 1:30                                                                                                 Beach Tennis at Don
                                                                 drive self, Business                   ------------------------------                                               Friday matinée: Limitless 1:30pm     Riverside
center                        -------------------------------    meeting, Swap 11:30AM                  Sing along and Spaghetti              White park and cook                    ---------------------------------
                              Free History Talks 10 AM                                                                                        out. 6pm. RSVP                         Smith-Gilbert Tour, Botanical
                                                                                                        dinner $5 at 6pm                                                             Garden - 9:30 AM $15 Lunch

9                             10 GA Fall Mountain                11                                     12                                    13                                     14                                   15
Labor Behind the Veil         Festival Depart 9:00am              Golf Outing Par 3                      Medicaid                             Blue Ridge Train Depart                 Ageless Eighties                     Walhalla S.C. Depart
                              $20 walking                                                                 issues and life care                8:00 AM $39                             Golden Home Services                 8:00am $15
GA old Governors Man-                                             Depart 9:30 $8                         planning. 10am
sion in Milledgeville         --------------------------------    --------------------------------       ---------------------------------                                            11:00am Bring Lunch
                              Craft Club 1:30                                                            Halloween Pot Luck
Depart 10:00                                                      1:30 Board Meeting                     Luncheon 11:30 Bring
$28 lunch included            -------------------------------                                            a main dish, dessert or
                                                                                                         vegetable to share $3
                              Free History Talks 10 AM
                                                                       Red Hats -Home &
16                            17                                 18 Garden Tour at Country              19                                    20                                     21Friday matinée: Big
                                                                                                                                                                                     Tyler Perry’s Medea’s
 Falcons vs. North            Bunco 1:30                         Club of South $34                       Bridge Tourn $12 10-3                North GA Canopy Zip                                                         Southeastern Cowboy
                                                                 includes lunch                          ---------------------------------                                           Family 1:30pm
 Carolina 11:00am $85         -------------------------------    Call ARC to RSVP 10-1pm                                                      Line Tours Depart 9:00am               ---------------------------------    Festival Depart 9:00am
                              Free History Talks 10 AM           ------------------------------------    Free Lunch and Learn with
 Great Seats                                                     Men’s Club Poker Tour.                  Dr. Nick! 11:30am
                                                                                                                                              $78 Bring Lunch                        Tinnitus or Dizziness- Stop          $16 in Cartersville
                                                                                                         Secrets to fighting and                                                     the Ringing!! Free Wax
                                                                                                         beating the Flu. RSVP                                                       Screening
                  GRPA Senior Oasis Jekyll Island Trip                                                                                                                               w/ Barb 11-12pm

23                      24 Craft Club 1:30                       25                                     26                                    27 Fall Leaf Cruise $34                28                                   29
New Dawn Theatre- Death --------------------------------         Tuesday on the Town                    B-Day Bingo 12- 2:30                 depart 8:00am includes lunch            TR Halloween 7-9
of a Salesman 12:30 PM New Member Orientation                    depart 4:45pm $8 Tanta                 Free                                 Hobo Bingo 6:00pm Bring a               volunteers needed
$20.00                  10-11:30am                               (Buckhead)                                                                  can of soup $250 worth of               ----------------------------------
                        -------------------------------          Asian Fusion                                                                prizes                                  Friday matinée: Soul
                        Free History Talks 10 AM                                                                                                                                     Surfer 1:30pm

30                            31
Jekyll and Hyde at the   Happy Halloween
Strand silent movie and  -------------------------------
sing along$15 depart     Craft Club 1:30
1:00pm Dinner Afterwards
                                          November 2011
         Sun                             Mon                                 tue                                  Wed                              thu                            Fri                               Sat
                                                                  1                                    2                                   3                          4                                 5
                                                                                                                                                                     Dance Black-White Formal           Mtn Music Medicine Show
                                                                                                                                                                     $10 from 8-11pm                    Depart 4:00pm $24 at the
                                                                                                                                                                     Lunch and Learn 11am               Holly Theatre eat on the
                          “Show your Rambler-Pride Wear Your                                                                                                         Managing Arthritis in Daily        square in Dahlonega
                                                                                                                                                                     Living Foundation Therapy          ---------------------------------
                               Ramblers Apparel on Trips!                                                                                                            --------------------------------
                                                                                                                                                                     Friday matinée: Jane Eyre          GRPA Talent Showcase

6                             7                                   8                                    9                                   10                        11                                 12
Daylight Savings             Incline & Look Out Mtn.              Honey Creek Cemetery                                                                               Ageless 80’s 9-6
                             Chattanooga                          Woodlands Trip & Monastery                                                                         Cumming Tour $5
                             Depart 9am $25                       Depart 9 $15 Box Lunch
                             ------------------------------                                                                                                          Building open 9-6
                             Craft Club 1:30                                                                      Duplicate Bridge Tournament Volunteers needed . Proceeds benefit the Ramblers

13                            14                                  15                                   16                                  17                         18Tellabration 7:30pm $5 19
Falcons Vs. New Orleans Historic Down Town                        Men’s club 11am. 8 Ball              Free ! Anniversary                  Mystery Lunch with        -------------------------------- Roswell Parks Fun Tour
Depart 11:00 $85        Walking tour                              Tournament FREE!                     Thanksgiving Luncheon               Carole Depart 10:30 $8    Friday matinée: Jumping Depart 9:30am
                                                                  ---------------------------------    12:30-2:30pm RSVP bring a                                     the Broom 1:30pm
Great Seats             Depart 9:00am $14                         -Red Hats 10:45am                                                                                  ---------------------------------
                                                                                                       salad, veg. or dessert
                        lunch after                               Chequers Seafood                     ---------------------------------                             Tips for Better Hearing
                        -------------------------------                                                                                                              Restaurants, Parties,
                                                                  ----------------------------------   TR Thanksgiving Party                                         Meetings and Familyw/
 Tournament                                                       1:30 Board Meeting                   7-9pm Volunteers needed.
                        Craft Club 1:30                                                                                                                              Barb 11-12pm
                                                                                                                                      Happy Turkey Day
20                            21                                  22                                   23                         24
                                                                                                                                                                      25                                26
Sunday Brunch at Café         Bunco 1:30                    Tuesday on the Town                        Birthday Bingo 12:30-2:30 Pot Luck Thanksgiving               Building open 9-6                Holy Land Cruise
458 10am $8                                                 depart 4:45pm $8 Porto
                              ---------------------------------                                        Bring Lunch                   We provide the turkey           -------------------------------- Norwegian Cruise Lines
                                                            Fino (Buckhead)                                                      RSVP 11/21 Bring your               Friday matinée: Water for $2442
                                                            Southern Italian                                                     family and friends! $10             Elephants 1:30pm
                                  Congagree National Park Overnight Columbia SC                                                  Bring salad, veg or des-
                                  Canoe, tour capitol and local sites in area.                                                   sert for 8-10 people

27                            28                                  29                                   30
    Branson Show             Architectural Tour Depart            Golf outing depart 9:30 $8           AARP Driving Course
                             10:00 $25                            ---------------------------------    9:30-4:30                                                     Hawaii Cruise Norwegian Pacific Wine Cruise May
                             ---------------------------------    Santa’s Secret Giftshop              ---------------------------------
                                                                                                                                               Cruises:              March 10-17, 2012 $3056 5-12, 2012
    11/27- 12/3 $659
                                                                                                                                                                                             Celebrity Century Cruise
                             Craft Club 1:30                      Setup 10-3                           Santa’s Secret Giftshop
                                                                                                       Setup 10-3
                                         December 2011
        Sun                           Mon                                  tue                                 Wed                                     thu                                    Fri                                    Sat
Volunteer at one of                                                                                                                         1                                    2 Lunch and Learn                       3 How the Grinch Stole
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Christmas at the Fox
                                                                                                                                            WSB Tour Depart 9:30am               Osteoporosis: Safety with
our historic homes or                                                                                                                                                            Exercise& Diet! 11am                      9:30 AM $55
                                                                                                                                            $18                                  Foundation Therapy Center                 ---------------------------------
Roswell’s teaching
                                 “Show your Rambler-Pride Wear                                                                              ---------------------------------    -------------------------------------     Lighting of town
Museum                                                                                                                                                                           Christmas Tour of Homes in
                                                                                                                                            Santa’s Secret Giftshop                                                        Square 5:00pm
                                  Your Ramblers Apparel on Trips!                                                                                                                Madison Depart 9 $34                      ---------------------------------
                                                                                                                                            Setup 10-3                           -------------------------------------
                                                                                                                                                                                 Friday matinée: Pirates of the            Santa’s Secret Giftshop
                                                                                                                                                                                 Caribbean 1:30pm                          6-9pm

4                           5                                   6                                   7                                       8                                    9                                       10
Santa’s Secret Giftshop     Clean up gift shop                  12/6-12/9 Greenbriar                Lunch and Learn                         Canadas Winter                       Ageless 80’s                            Micro Cars Museum $14
1-4pm Volunteers needed     Volunteers needed                   Christmas $785 Double               How to stay fit and trim                Wonderland Trip                      God’s Holy Land 11 AM                   9 AM
                            ---------------------------------   (see flier for more                 for the Hoildays                        12-8—12/14 $2589                     Bring Lunch
                            Craft Club 1:30                     details festival of lights          11:30 RSVP                                                                   ---------------------------------
                                                                and more)                                                                                                        Friday matinée: Midnight
                                                                                                                                                                                 in Paris 1:30pm

11                          12                                  13                                  14                                      15                                   16 Very Merry Holiday                   17
Sound of Music at the                                           Magical Nights of Lights            Holiday Luncheon                        Tour BMW Plant Depart                Pops Depart 5:00pm $32                  Holiday Gala Dinner at 6:30
                            Craft Club 1:30
Strand $42                                                      at Lanier $10pp We will             Choice of steak or                      8:00am $20                           -------------------------------         Dance 8:00p Tickets $25 or
                                                                                                    Chicken by Outback Steak                                                     Friday matinée: The
Depart at 11:15 lunch                                           journey to dinner!                  House $8 11:30                                                                                                       two for $45
after the show at a local                                       4: 30 PM                            -----------------------------------                                          Beaver 1:30pm                           Proceeds benefit Ramblers
restaurant Great Seats                                          ---------------------------------   TR Holiday Dance 7-9pm                                                       ------------------------------          building expansion
                                                                                                    Volunteers needed.                                                           11:00 Free Hearing
                                                                1:30 Board Meeting                                                                                                                                       program.

18                          19                                  20                                  21                                      22                                   23                                      24
Cumming Theatre                                                 Men’s club 11am “Steak              Reenactment of Wedding at               Mystery Trip Depart
                            Bunco 1:30                                                              Bulloch $15 7:00pm                                                           Friday matinée: Love,
It’s a Wonderful Life       ---------------------------------   and Potatoes” Holiday               -------------------------------------   10:00am $5pp                         Wedding, Marriage
Depart 5:00pm $28           Chick Fil A                         lunch at Longhorn.                  Free Lunch and Learn with                                                    1:30pm
dinner on own at Tams                                           Meet there.                         Dr. Nick! 11:30am
                            9:30 AM $8                                                              Secrets to fighting and
                            Lunch Included                      ---------------------------------   beating the Flu. RSVP
                                                                Red Hats 11:30 am Lunch
                                                                at Pico $19.50
25                          26                                  27                                  28                                      29                                   30                                      31
                            Building Closed                     Building open 9-6                  Building open 9-6                        Building open 9-6                 Building Open 9-6
                            ---------------------------------   ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------        --------------------------------- ------------------------------------
                                                                                                                                                                                 New Years Lunch $4
                            Craft Club 1:30                     Tuesday on Town                    B-day bingo 12:30-2:30
                                                                                                                                                                                 RSVP 12:30-2:00pm
                                                                Escorpian $8                                                                                                     -------------------------------
                                                                Departs 4:45pm                                                                                                   Friday matinée: Kung Fu
                                                                Authentic Mexican                                                                                                Panda 2 1:30pm
Roswell Ramblers Club
38 Hill Street, Suite 100                                                                                 PRESORTED
Roswell, GA 30075                                                                                          STANDARD
                                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                          PERMIT #243
                                                                                                          ROSWELL, GA

                                    Lighting of Roswell Town
                                         Saturday, December 3rd, 2011
                      Roswell Historic Town Square Activities begin at 5:00 p.m., FREE!
   Join	us	for	this	fun-filled	Roswell	tradition	designed	to	excite	both	young	and	old.	The	evening	includes	
    carolers from Esther Jackson and River Eves Elementary schools, a reading of “Twas the Night Before
           Christmas” by Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, and a visit from the North Pole—Santa Claus!
           Together, we will light Roswell’s Historic Town Square and kick off the holiday season!
                 Enjoy some tasty treats and coffee provided by Starbucks and then hop on the
                           Holiday Bus for a free ride over to Santa’s Secret Gift Shop!

                                   Santa’s Secret Gift Shop
                                                    Volunteers Needed
                                Saturday, December 3rd, 6-9 p.m. and
                                   Sunday, December 4th, 1-4 p.m.
  As many of you are already aware, one of the biggest holiday traditions in Roswell is the Lighting of the
   Town Square, and with that Santa’s Secret Gift Shop! Staffed by Rambler elves, the Santa’s Secret Gift
    Shop allows children twelve years and under to purchase holiday presents for their friends and family
   members. Not only is this event a lot of fun, it is also a great fundraiser for the Ramblers Club as well.
  We	are	looking	for	volunteers	to	help	decorate	the	shop	the	first	week	of	December,	and	also	elves	to	help	
    take the children through the shop on December 3rd and 4th. Chairs are available, and there are many
                                     things that we will need help with!

                                All	proceeds	benefit	the	Roswell	Ramblers	Senior	Citizens	Club.
   For information, please contact the Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs Department at (770) 641-3950

Come Play With Us!
The Roswell Ramblers call the Roswell Adult Recreation Center home, so give us a call or stop by and meet some
new friends! Located in Grimes Bridge Park.
Address: 830 Grimes Bridge Road      Phone: (770) 641-3950                Website:
Roswell, GA 30075                    Fax: (770) 641-3951                  Email:

    “Life should be FUN....Let us Help!”
                                                  - Morgan Rodgers

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