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UJA Federation Gala Honors Bernice and
 Bud Ullmann and Rollo and Myra Ross
By Norman Greenstein
   The Jewish Federation of Greater Danbury, CT
and Putnam County, NY will honor Myra and Rollo
Ross and Bernice and Bud Ullmann at the Annual
UJA Federation Gala on Sunday, May 1. The event
will be held at the Amber Room in Danbury and will
begin at 6 pm. Entertainment at this year’s event
will be performed by Duo Dmitri, a Russian-born
couple who have made appearances with Israeli
orchestras as flute and piano soloists.
   Due to the scheduling, the 2011 Jewish Federa-
tion Gala will take place on Yom Hashoah. Said an
event organizer, “The event honoring distinguished
members of the Jewish community thus becomes
more meaningful, in that it demonstrates to the
world not only that the Jewish people rose from
the ashes of one of the biggest tragedies in world
history, but it also proves that members of the Jew-                  Rollo and Myra Ross                                   Bernice and Bud Ullmann
ish community continue doing all that they can to
tell those who wish to destroy us, ‘Never again!’”     way to be dedicated to the improvement of the lives          When Myra Ross was 6-years-old, her family
   Both couples chosen this year have been active      of children with the assistance of animals.”              moved to Danbury from the Bronx because her
with their synagogues, the Jewish Federation and          In the case of the Ullmanns, Bernice, with Bud’s       father was in the hat business and Danbury was
within the non-Jewish community. “Both couples are     assistance, has spearheaded the effort to collect         considered the hat capital of the world. She at-
highly committed to community and Israel,” said a      stuffed animals, clean and restore them and send          tended Danbury schools and has multiple degrees
Federation representative. “They have found a unique   them to children in Israel, South America and locally.    from Danbury State College, now Western Con-
                                                       Newspaper articles have appeared both locally and         necticut State University. She taught in Norwalk
                                                       in Israel praising her efforts. Green Chimneys, a         and then in Danbury. She was also a member of
                                                       recipient of Bernice’s stuffed animals, was founded       the choir and taught Sunday School at the United
                                                       by the Ross family in 1947 as a private school where      Jewish Center. She and Rollo have been longtime
                                                       children interacted with farm animals. Today, Green       active members of Temple Beth Elohim. The couple
                                                       Chimneys is recognized as the worldwide leader            have been honored many times for their work at
                                                       in animal-assisted therapy and activities.                Green Chimneys.
                                                          Bernice Ullmann, who is a former Jewish Federa-           Rollo Ross lived in Manhattan, where his fa-
                                                       tion president, stated that she felt that “the Jewish     ther served as the house physician in a hotel. He
                                                       Federation is necessary for playing a major role          went to boarding school at an early age, includ-
                                                       in keeping the Jewish people in our community             ing one year in Switzerland. He graduated from
                                                       motivated, involved and cohesive.” Bernice and            military school and then attended the University
                                                       Bud both originate from New York, Bud from New            of Virginia and graduated in 1948. His father had
                                                       Rochelle and Bernice from Brooklyn. They met at           purchased Green Chimneys Farm on October 27,
                                                       Syracuse University, and after they were married          1947, and Rollo rushed to Brewster immediately
                                                       they lived in Yonkers. They moved to Danbury in           after finishing his course work, skipping gradua-
                                                       1995. Bud, who is now retired, was a manufacturers        tion to begin his lifetime work. He then went on
                                                       consultant in the plastics industry while Bernice                                        See “Gala” on page 13
The gala entertainment will be provided by Dmitri
                                                       was a fifth grade teacher. Bud had been a volunteer
Kasyuk and Luba Agranovsky of Duo Dmitri.
                                                       fireman in Westchester and a police facilitator of
                                                       juvenile law for fifth-eighth-graders in Westchester.

   The 92nd St. Y                                      When the couple moved to Danbury, they became
                                                       active at their synagogue, the United Jewish Center,

                                                       and the Jewish Federation. In addition to her term
                                                       as president, Bernice was active in the Federation’s
                                                       Women’s Division and Hadassah. Bernice and Bud
    For information on the 92nd St. Y broadcast of     are currently active with the Federation’s Learning
 “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Report from the      Exchange Board. Bernice is also the leader of the
 Field with Ethan Bronner,” see page 8.                Federation’s book group. The couple have four
                                                       children and 10 grandchildren.

      Jewish Federation to Screen
        “Four Seasons Lodge”
By Dan Wolinsky                                        a Federation representative.
   The award-winning film “Four Seasons Lodge”            “Four Seasons Lodge” documents a group of
will be shown by the Jewish Federation, on Sunday,     Holocaust survivors who meet each summer in
May 22, at 2 pm, at the Danbury Library. Admission     the Catskill Mountains. “There they savored tightly
will be free and open to the public. “This is a must   bonded friendships and built new ones,” program
see tale of the persistence of the human will,” said   organizers explained.
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                                                         • LEADERSHIP •
From the Executive Director                                                                                        From the Rabbi
By Norman Greenstein                                     tion to develop advanced technology. I remember           By Rabbi Shaul Praver
   The people of Egypt have                              attending a conference in Israel sometime in the             Shalom and blessings of
taken to the streets to protest                          1990s and listening to Shimon Peres speak about           peace.
their lack of freedom. The                               developing something I had never heard of, called            I am grateful for this oppor-
government of Egypt is deter-                            nano-technology. This January, the computer chip          tunity to share my passionate
mined to hold onto power as                              maker Intel announced that it will invest another         views on two timely subjects: the
long as possible. Egypt under                            $2.7 billion in Israel’s Kiryat Gat Intel plant to make   Egyptian revolution and educa-
the Sadat/Mubarak regimes                                the 22-nanometer technology to make computers             tion in the United States.
has kept the peace with Israel.                          faster, smaller and lighter.                              Revolution is in the air
It has given Israel the last 30                             Following the Six-Day War, the French had cut              One Arabic/Islamic regime
years without a hostile border                           off the supply parts for the Mirage planes used by        after the next is melting be-
from the most powerful Arab army in the region.          the Israeli air force. It triggered Israel’s emphasis                                            Rabbi Shaul
                                                                                                                   fore the will of its citizens. The
As I write this article, the stalemate between the       from fundamental research to applied research.                                                       Praver
                                                                                                                   revolution appears to be about
Egyptian people and their ruler continues on the         The country had to produce its own electronics            democracy and freedom, not terrorism and repres-
streets. In the desert, sudden winds come along          and smart systems and become independent.                 sion. I have always been optimistic simply because
and whip around the sands and change the land-           This marked the birth of Israel’s high-technology         of the Internet. I believe the production of terrorists
scape. Discontentment in one undemocratic Arab           industries. This first technology was geared toward       is like the production of yogurt: All the ingredients
country after another is being witnessed. They say       military and defense applications.                        and conditions must be just right. A little too much
that revolution is in the air.                              The need for products developed originally             exposure to the air ruins the batch. The Internet is
   Yet, there is another revolution taking place right   for the military has led to unparalleled innovative       such “exposure” to nuanced perspectives that ruin
now in the Middle East. It is a peaceful revolution      product development for civilian uses. Israel’s           the chances for fundamentalist movements. I believe
that has changed everyday life worldwide. It all had     commitment to funding research and development            Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the rest of
to do with Israeli leadership deciding decades ago       has paid off with world-class inventions. Many            them will go the way of Egypt. Clearly, the Internet
that, though they lacked in natural resources, they      of our frequently used electronic products and            is mightier than the tank and suicide bomber.
should put their energies into educating the popula-                                 See “Director” on page 13         But are these revolutions good for the Jews
                                                                                                                   and Israel? Not only do I believe they are good

A Message from the President                                                                                       for the Jews and Israel, I believe they are good for
                                                                                                                   the world. I am optimistic and don’t believe things
                                                                                                                   will unfold like they did in Iran in the 1970s. In fact,
President’s Report, February 2011                                                                                  I predict that the Iranian regime will be severely
                                                                                                                   weakened by the time Passover arrives this year,
By Laurie Kilchevsky                                     and were distributing printed materials about the         if not completely dismantled before the resolute
   Noam Shalit’s eyes were watch-                        family’s futile attempts to get any sign of life from     will of its citizens. The same goes for Yemen, Al-
ing the big makeshift sign on the                        their son. T-shirts, stickers and Israeli flags with      geria, Libya and the rest of them. Even the Israeli
other side of the street. It was                         Gilad’s photograph were offered for sale, with the        administration is making pre-emptive reforms to
a cloth sign, hanging high on a                          proceeds aimed at keeping the campaign going.             keep the people from following Egypt’s example.
fence, with big letters and num-                         Mr. Shalit and his wife, Aviva, left their home and       I believe this is the big revolution many of us have
bers. It read: “Gilad is in enemy’s                      for the last year have been living in a one bedroom       been hoping and praying for. I believe these secular
prison 1,645 days.” The numbers                          apartment donated by a supporter. Ohad, a young           revolutions will ultimately extinguish the fires of
were handwritten and were being                          volunteer who left his work and came to help the          Islamic fundamentalism and usher in peace.
changed daily, to remind passers                         family, called Mr. Shalit and he spoke with us for
by that Gilad, his son, was held                         more than an hour. His tone was monotonous and
                                                                                                                   Education and our children’s happiness
captive by the terrorists of Hamas                       his face was sad. “We tried everything” he said.              Recently I saw the movie “Race to Nowhere”
and was not seen by anyone but                           “We met with Israeli and foreign politicians, with        and it’s changing my life. It’s about our kids being
his captors for almost five years – five long, gruel-    the French president, the German secretary for            robbed of their childhood because of overzealous
ing, hard-to-imagine years.                              foreign affairs, U.N. representatives and journal-        homework regiments prescribed by schools trying to
   Noam was sitting with Eitan and me in the             ists, to no avail. We cannot even get a Red Cross         leave no child behind. While the initiative emanates
temporary tent built across the street from Prime        representative to meet with Gilad. What can you,          from worthy and noble intentions, “No Child Left
Minister Netanyahu’s home in the neighborhood            American Jews, do for us? I do not know any more.         Behind” has not helped any child forge ahead. In
of Rechavia, Jerusalem. It was a near-perfect            I am not even sure that your administration cares.        my opinion, the best teachers work their students in
Jerusalem morning. Volunteers manned the tent            U.S. military personnel held captive by your enemies      class, not at home. The best teachers not only impart
                                                         do not get the same public attention that Gilad’s         information, they motivate their students to dream
                                                         case receives in Israel, so how can I convince U.S.       great dreams and create extraordinary works.
   The deadline for the May/June                         politicians to help us?”                                      What always made America great was and con-
          Issue is April 1                                  The debate in the Israeli public is painful – should   tinues to be her bold innovative spirit. It’s the two
                                                         Israel release hundreds of terrorists, some with          percent of our population who pursued their dreams
                                                         blood on their hands, for the return of one soldier?      that brought about the creation of the automobile, air-
      Published by The Reporter Group,                                                                             plane, phonograph, movie, telephone and Facebook,
                                                         Do we give up to blackmail by terrorists? If yes, will
   500 Clubhouse Rd., Vestal, NY, 13850 for                                                                        to mention but a few. However, it isn’t an education
                                                         they continue trying to kidnap more Israelis? Or
  The Jewish Federation of Greater Danbury,                                                                        system obsessed with shallow rote memorization
                                                         does Israel send a military unit to try release Gilad
         CT and Putnam County, NY                                                                                  that advanced such a spirit of innovation. On the
                                                         at the potential cost of life of other soldiers?
     69 Kenosia Ave., Danbury, CT 06810                                                                            contrary, innovation requires creativity, imagination
                                                            The meeting with Noam Shalit was one of the
  Phone: 203-792-6353 • Fax: 203-748-5099                                                                          and reflection. Sadly, “No Child Left Behind” does
                                                         highlights of my recent visit to Israel. A day af-
        On the Web at                                                                                not hold these things in high regard.
                                                         ter arriving at my family’s home, we attended a
     E-mail:                                                                                Moreover, there is worthy creativity in every
                                                         performance by one of Israel’s leading singers,
                 EDITORS:                                Yardena Arazi. At our table were, in addition to my       field, not just math and sciences. Itzhak Perlman
   Norman Greenstein and Cathy Goldenberg                brother-in-law and his wife, the IDF chief of staff,      never invented anything but he sure can play the
                                                         Gaby Ashkenazi. The performance was exceptional.          fiddle. Excelling in math and science should not
             Jewish Family Services                                                                                be the only definition of success. There are also
           E-mail:                  Meeting Gaby (as he is called by his friends) was an
                                                         even more exciting experience. A friendly, down-to-       social sciences, arts, religion and sports. Our world
              The Reporter Group                                                    See “President” on page 12     needs those that excel in many branches of knowl-
     Executive Editor: Rabbi Rachel Esserman                                                                       edge to bring forth manifold blessings. Moses, our
           Layout Editor: Diana Sochor                                                                             teacher, never invented anything, but he sure in-
        Assistant Editor: Michael Nassberg                                                                         spired his people and changed the world. Certainly
      Production Coordinator: Jenn DePersis                                                                        it’s nice that modern day Israel is so advanced in
          Graphic Artist: Theresa Truong                                                                           technological innovation, yet Israel’s spirituality in
    Advertising Representative: Bonnie Rozen                                                                       particular is of great value and a source of blessing
         Business Manager: Dan Springer                                                                            for humanity. We must not push our children into
              Circulation: Maria Kutz                                                                                                              See “Rabbi” on page 6
    How to reach the advertising representative:

         Phone: 1-800-779-7896, ext. 244
 FOCUS is distributed to more than 2,200 Jewish                                                                       The Jewish Federation would like to gratefully
   families throughout the counties of Northern                                                                     acknowledge the following donations:
        Fairfield and Southern Litchfield in                                                                          In honor of:
  Connecticut, and Putnam County in New York.                                                                         The birth of a grandchild for Bernard and
 Rates for commercial and classified advertising                                                                    Diane Gissinger and their good health, refuah
      are available from The Reporter Group.             Laurie and Eitan Kilchevsky met with Noam Shalit,
                                                                                                                    shleymah, by Deborah and Irving Eiferman
                                                         Gilad Shalit’s father.
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                                       • JFS & FUNDS AT WORK •
                    Update for Your Social Consciousness
By Dan Wolinsky                             do have a JFS to which they can turn      for assistance.                               tion, grief counseling and Jewish ge-
   Fiction: Your local Jewish Family        for aid and comfort. But they have           Fact: The JFS social worker provides       netic diseases. Others are introduced
Service has just been shut down.            to know it’s available to them at no      free short-term counseling services           as the situation warrants.
   Fact: If it were shut down, where        charge as part of Federation’s service    to clients. Referrals are made to other          Fiction: Does anybody care?
would Jews in need turn for help?           to the community.                         resources as required. In addition,              Fact: We know you do care and
We’re supposed to look out for and             Fiction: Our JFS is sufficiently       through the generosity of a few bene-         therefore we want to make you aware
help each other. As a community we          funded and staffed.                       factors, JFS is able to offer very limited    of the situation. Additional dollars
accomplish this in part through your           Fact: While some of your Fed-          emergency financial assistance.               sent to Federation and designated for
Jewish Family Service.                      eration dollars are allocated for JFS,       A typical month’s activities for your      JFS use will enable JFS to help more
   Fiction: Jews in our community are       these only provide for a single part-     JFS might include elder care, family prob-    people and do so more fully. But other
capable of taking care of themselves.       time (tightly scheduled) social worker    lems, employment issues, Jewish holiday       things will help as well. Volunteer your
   Fact: There are more of our core-        and nothing more.                         matters, checking on health items and         time to serve on the JFS Committee.
ligionists who need our help than              Fiction: These present resources       more. Your JFS does a lot with a little. It   Step up when a call goes out for JFS
many of us realize. Fortunately, we         are enough to satisfy the local needs     could do more with more resources.            volunteers for special projects. If you
                                                                                         Fiction: JFS doesn’t do anything           know someone who might use help,

    Kopfstein and JFS                                                                 for the community-at-large.
                                                                                         Fact: JFS, working with volunteers,
                                                                                                                                    tell them about JFS. We know there
                                                                                                                                    are Jews in need. With your assistance

  Directors to Visit Israel
                                                                                      operates a Reading Partners program           we can reach them and help them.
                                                                                      for grade schools and The Learning               Let’s work together to help save
                                                                                      Exchange for adults. Special commu-           our world!
   Rosalind Kopfstein and seven other       and collaborate. The Israeli executives   nity programs have been conducted                Dan Wolinsky is chairman of the
Jewish Family Services directors from       will then visit the Danbury area in the   on issues such as aging parents, adop-        JFS Committee.
Connecticut and Massachusetts will          future. Kopfstein will report back what
travel to Afula, Israel, in June.
   They will visit with their social ser-
                                            she learned on her trip.
                                               “What an exciting opportunity for          Second Annual NCJW
                                                                                             Women’s Seder
vice counterparts to share, exchange        all of us,” said a JFS representative.

Bone Marrow Registration                                                              By Natalie Gilman
                                                                                         The Greater Danbury
                                                                                                                                                 favorite Passover reci-
                                                                                                                                                 pes in the haggadah.”

  to be Held March 27
                                                                                      Community Women’s                                             The Greater Danbury
                                                                                      Seder will be held this                                    Section will organize the
                                                                                      year on Sunday, March                                      event in collaboration
   A bone marrow donor registration         is in need of a bone marrow transfu-      27, from 2-5 pm, in the                                    with several area organi-
event will be held on Sunday, March         sion. The testing is simple, requiring    Brookfield Library Community Room.            zations, including the Sisterhoods of
27, from 9 am-noon, at Temple Beth          just a swab of cells from the inside      “The event will be an occasion to             Temple Shearith Israel and the United
Elohim on Mt. Nebo Road in Brews-           the cheek.                                experience Passover from a woman’s            Jewish Center, the Rosh Chodesh
ter, NY.                                        For more information, visit www.      viewpoint,” explained program orga-           group of the United Jewish Center
   A local woman who is an Ashkenazi or call 1-800-9MAR-        nizers. “We are planning a warm and           and members of Temple Beth Elohim.
Jew has a rare form of leukemia and         ROW.                                      inspirational program through which           Cantor Penny Kessler, of the United
                                                                                      we hope participants will have an op-         Jewish Center and a member of the
                                                                                      portunity to learn, share, experience         NCJW Greater Danbury Section, has
                                                                                      and reflect on the Passover story             been an active member of the plan-

     Fun, Friends, Songs, and Snacks!                                                 as women. This year we hope to
                                                                                      include a selection of participants’
                                                                                                                                    ning committee and has provided
                                                                                                                                                    See “NCJW” on page 7

         Temple Shearith Israel invites you to be our
            guest for our Pre-School Programs
                                                                                        Passover Second Night
  •Tot Shabbat (Starting 5:30pm every first Friday of the month)
                                                                                            Family Seder
     Join our Rabbi and Cantor for Jewish learning and singing with an                By Bonnie Wunsch                              or A
                                                                                         The Greater Danbury Section of             refundable deposit of $25 per adult
     Oneg to follow. All are welcome.                                                 National Council of Jewish Women,             and $18 for children ages 4-12, pay-
           • March 4th: Shabbat Across America                                        the United Jewish Center and Temple           able to NCJW, must be received no
                                                                                      Shearith Israel will once again co-           later than Tuesday, April 5. Checks
           • April 1st: Special Passover Tots Program                                 sponsor a Passover second night fam-          should be mailed to Bonnie Wunsch,
                                                                                      ily seder on Tuesday, April 19, at 6 pm,      42 Tucker St., Danbury, CT 06810.
  •Sunday Temple Tots (9:15am-10:15am)                                                at the United Jewish Center, 141 Deer         The deposit will be returned at the
    Singing, dancing, crafts, culture, and challah for children and parents!          Hill Ave., Danbury. The seder, which          seder, but deposits will be forfeited
                                                                                      will be open to the entire community,         for no-shows and cancellations after
         • March 6th, 13th, April 3rd, 10th, May 1st, 15th                            will include a catered kosher-for-            April 5. No reservations will be ac-
  	      • Special March 20th Purim Program: Children, please come                    Passover dinner and a service written         cepted without a check. April 5 is the
                                                                                      for the entire family. Each family will       deadline for receipt of reservations.
           in costume!                                                                bring their own wine and/or grape             Attendees are asked to reserve early
                 - 10am Magillah Reading                                              juice for the evening.                        to ensure that they will have a place.
                                                                                         “Whether you are new to the Dan-           Due to the fact that the event will be
                 - 11am Purim Carnival ($12 per person)                               bury area or a resident of many years,        catered, organizers cannot guarantee
                                                                                      are young or not so young, come with a        any reservations will be accepted af-
                                                                                      family or come to be a part of our family,    ter the deadline. Finally, tables at the
  • Be our guest for your first visit at any of our Temple Tots programs              NCJW, UJC and TSI invite you to partici-      event will not be physically reserved,
    (registration required).                                                          pate,” said organizers of the seder.          so those attending with a large group
                                                                                         For more information, contact              should be advised to arrive early to
                                                                                      Bonnie Wunsch at 203-313-0578                 save seats together.
  Temple membership is not necessary for the TSI Pre-School programs. We
  are located close to Main Street in Ridgefield and are convenient to
  adjacent New York and Connecticut Communities. For more information
                                                                                      Passover with a Purpose
                                                                                      By Judy Coco                                     During March, NCJW will reach
  or to register contact us at (203) 438-6589 or Program
                                                                                         The National Council of Jewish             out to area organizations to collect
  schedule is also available at in the calendar section.            Women, Greater Danbury Section,               kosher-for-Passover food baskets.
                                                                                      in conjunction with Jewish Family             NCJW will then gather the donated
                                                                                      Services, will again hold the annual          Passover foods and add seder staples
                                                                                      “Passover with a Purpose” initiative,         (ritual wine, haggadot, etc.) that will
                                                                                      taking up the challenge of ensuring           enable recipients to have the foods
                                                                                      everyone in the Greater Danbury               they need to observe Jewish tradi-
                                                                                      Jewish community can celebrate this           tions, including those needed during
                                                                                      year’s Passover holiday “nutritiously,        the family seder, a meal that includes
                                                                                      ritually and with pride of heritage.”                        See “Purpose” on page 7
                                                                                                                         Adar I/Adar II/Nisan 5771                   FOCUS     Page 5

                                           • IN OUR COMMUNITY •
            Area Organizations Thanked for Help with
                   Stuffed Animal Donations
By Bernice Ullmann                         should be thanked. Organizers are          Cameroons and Kosovo at no expense                to Hadassah specifically for shipping
   Organizers of a drive to donate         interested to learn of their identity so   to the organization. Additionally,                toys to Israel.
stuffed animals to the Share-A-Bear        that they can show their appreciation      boxes of lightweight stuffed animals                 Finally, program organizers ex-
project have thanked its contributors      to those responsible.                      and dolls were sent to institutions and           pressed their thanks for all the 2011
from the Greater Danbury area. Several        In 2010, the project gave away more     soup kitchens in Israel.                          calendars left at the Federation of-
bags of stuffed animals were donated       than 5,500 stuffed animals to children,      The cost of shipping to Israel has              fice. They have all been distributed to
and left at the Federation office.         seniors and the handicapped through        “skyrocketed,” according to program               agencies and ESL programs. “We are
   Among the donations were 35 bags        institutions, agencies and camps.          organizers, who thanked Dan and                   appreciative of all the time and effort
from Boy Scouts who left no troop          Most were distributed in Connecticut,      Ruth Wolinsky, Howard Lasher and                  you made to deliver the items,” said
number or name to indicate who             but many were sent to Nicaragua, the       Emmy Meisels for making donations                 a program representative.
                                                                                                                                           For any questions or suggestions,

          New Adult Education Program                                                                                                   call Bernice Ullmann at 203-270-

          Offered at Temple B’nai Chaim                                                                                                   Book Club
By Ria Miller                              was “highly regarded,” according to        cultures among whom they lived, how                    The afternoon book club meets
   Temple B’nai Chaim will offer a         temple representatives, when it was        they lived their daily lives and how                on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm at the Jew-
three-part series, “The Jewish En-         presented at the Jewish Federation         they adapted to changing situations                 ish Federation office. The March
counter with Western Civilization”         in Danbury.                                while retaining their own identity.                 15 selection will be “To the End of
by Sara Kruzansky, with sessions              The three sessions will each deal          Everyone from the community is                   the Land” by David Grossman, and
taking place on three consecutive          with a particular period or periods        welcome to attend. The sessions will                the April 12 selection will be “Little
Sunday mornings, February 27 and           in the ancient history of the Jewish       include a break for coffee. For any                 Bee” by Chris Cleave. Newcomers
March 6 and 13, from 10:30 am-12:30        people. The focus will be on how the       questions, call Temple B’nai Chaim                  are always welcome.
pm. This is the same program that          Jews interacted with the nations and       at 203-544-8695.

Excerpts From Jewish History                                                          Robots from Israel Make
Who was in Charge? A Brief History of
the Rulers of Israel/Palestine – Part III,
                                                                                      Appearance in Danbury
                                                                                      By Norman Greenstein                              to the organizations’ representatives.
from 1929-48                                                                             The Jewish Federation and Hadas-                  Dr. Amir Shapiro demonstrated
By Lew Siegel                              The Jews of Hebron suffered the most,      sah “were proud” to have sponsored                how the robots developed by his stu-
The ending of the British Mandate,         where a massacre resulted in 65-67         the programs that American Associates             dents in the engineering department
and the creation of the state of           brutally murdered.                         of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev             of the university worked. Shapiro
Israel                                        The British, in their attempt to        brought to the community, according                                     See “Robots” on page 14
    Since the Jewish immigration into      pacify the Arabs as they had in the
Palestine in the 1880s, Arab-Jewish        early 1920s, began investigations into
relations had fluctuated from unpleas-     the causes of these Arab attacks on
ant to impossible. The 1920s after 1922    the Jews. Considerable fact-finding
generally fell into the former category.   began with the Hope-Simpson report,
In 1928, things took a major turn for      followed by the Shaw Commission re-
the worse, initiated by events at the      port, which led to the British issuance
Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem.       of the Passfield White Paper of 1930.
During the last 300 hundred years,         This document, clearly antisemitic
under Ottoman rule, it had been the        in nature, was intended to severely
policy to allow Jews to pray at the        limit further Jewish immigration into
Western Wall, which included allow-        Palestine. After a strong protest from
ing a mechitzah (barrier separating        the International Zionist organization
men and women) when appropriate.           led by Chaim Weizmann, the British,
On Yom Kippur in September 1928,           in effect (although not in so many
the Arabs suddenly bitterly objected       words), rescinded the White Paper.
to the mechitzah, complaining that            Meanwhile, by 1930, the Palestinian     Dr. Amir Shapiro demonstrated his robots.
it infringed on their holy places.         Jews began taking matters into their
Consequently, the British removed          own hands to protect themselves
it. For the next 10 months, an angry       against further Arab attacks. A Jewish           Your Source for Senior Services
struggle arose between Jews and            defense force, the Haganah, had been
Arabs concerning Jewish prayer at          in operation since the early 1920s, in                                      THE ROY AND ALINE FRIEDMAN HOME CARE AGENCY
the Wall. In response to Arab protests,    the form of splinter groups. After the                                      Medical Home Care, Licensed Nurses & Therapists
Betar, a Jewish youth division of Ze’ev    1929 disaster, the Haganah became a                                         Medicare Accepted
                                           centralized military force with vastly                                      203.396.1136
Jabotinsky’s Revisionist Party, carried
out a demonstration at the Wall. Haj       increased numbers.                                                          COMPASSIONATE CARE COMPANIONS
Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of          They focused solely on defense. In                                       Non-Medical Home Care, Hourly & Live-In Available
Jerusalem, used the opportunity to         1931, some of the Haganah members,                                          Companionship & Help at Home
claim that the Jews were attempting        not being satisfied with the philoso-
to take over holy Arab sites, including    phy, split away to form a more pro-                                         OUTPATIENT REHAB THERAPY
the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He instigated          active paramilitary force called the                                        Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
                                                                                                                       Wellness & Exercise Programs
Arab attacks on Jewish neighbor-           Irgun Zevai Leumi, simply known as
hoods. This quickly spread to other        the Irgun or Etzel. Both the Haganah
cities, such as Safed, Tzfat and Haifa.                   See “History” on page 11                                     THE INSTITUTE ON AGING
                                                                                                                       Geriatric Assessments & Case Management
                                                                                                                       The Center for Elder Abuse Prevention
                                                               Daniel P. Jowdy
                                                               Funeral Director                                        GRASMERE BY THE SEA ADULT DAY SERVICES
                                                                                                                       Comprehensive Nursing, Social & Recreational Program
                                                                                                                       Transportation Available
                                   JOWDY-KANE FUNERAL HOME
                                                                                                                       SKILLED NURSING CARE
                                                                                                                       Long-Term Care & Dementia Care
                              9-11 Granville Avenue                                                                    Goldstein Rehabilitation Center
                              Danbury, CT 06810
                              (203) 748-6262
                              (203) 748-6490 fax                                                   175 Jefferson Street, Fairfield, CT 06825 | 203.365.6400   |

Page      FOCUS          March/April 2011

                                             • IN OUR COMMUNITY •
“What’s Your Jewish                                                                       UJC events scheduled for spring
IQ?” to be Held by UJC
                                                                                          By Rabbi Clifford Librach                  Rabbi Clifford Librach will speak on
                                                                                             The United Jewish Center has            “The Nature of Animals and the Nature
                                                                                          scheduled a variety of programs            of Us” on Wednesday, April 27, from
   Returning by popular demand, the           A lunch, compliments of the UJC             for spring.                                7:30-9 pm.
United Jewish Center will bring back        Religious School, will follow the                The UJC will celebrate Purim with          Holocaust survivor William Kaiser
the quiz show “What’s Your Jewish           program. The event will be open               “The Megillah According to Motown”         will speak in commemoration of Yom
IQ?” on Sunday, March 6, at 11:30 am,       to the entire Jewish community.               on Saturday, March 19, at 7:30 pm. The     Hashoah on Saturday, April 30, at
in the UJC Heyman Auditorium.               Reservations are required as soon             megillah reading and Purim Carnival will   7:30 pm.
   “If you like ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Fam-        as possible and can be made by                follow the next morning at 10:30 am.          The congregational UJC trip to
ily Feud,’ you are in for a treat,” said    contacting 203-743-1180 or eddir@                The UJC Passover Workshop, an           the Bronx Zoo, which will be held on
organizers of the event.                                 event to help community members            Sunday, May 22, will give attendees an
                                                                                          prepare to lead the Passover seder,        opportunity to see animals through

Preschool Registration for                                                                will be held on Sunday, April 3, from
                                                                                          9-11:30 am.
                                                                                                                                     the lens of biblical tradition. For more
                                                                                                                                     information, call the synagogue at
                                                                                             Professor Howard Russock and
Fall 2011 Class Open at UJC

By Daryl Bain                               to the Jewish festivals, the synagogue        Debbie Friedman and
                                                                                          Martin Luther King Jr.
   Registration is now open for the         and the Torah. The children use all
United Jewish Center’s pre-kindergar-       five senses to explore the entire syna-
ten class for the 2011-12 school year for   gogue, celebrate each of the festivals
3-4-year-olds. Membership in the syna-      and begin their Torah studies.                By Cantor Deborah Katchko-Gray             as they crossed to freedom.
gogue is not required for the class.           For additional information on the             We recently marked observance of            L’dor v’dor, from generation to
   Under the direction of Anat Sch-         preschool, contact Daryl Bain at              Shabbat Shira, the Sabbath of Song,        generation, is a prayer that can be
neider, the “Let’s Experience Judaism” or               named because of the magnificent           a mantra for our hopes, prayers and
program uses an experiential approach       203-743-1180.                                 poem, “Shirat Ha-yam,” “The Song           songs to continue our traditions,
                                                                                          of the Sea,” which is contained in the     and our new traditions as created

Banner for Gilad Shalit                                                                   Torah portion, Beshalach.
                                                                                             “Shirat Hayam” has been described
                                                                                          as “ the first song we ever sang.”
                                                                                                                                     by pioneers and artists like Debbie
                                                                                                                                         Can it be both tragic and bash-
                                                                                          This triumphant poem, 18 verses in         ert that Friedman passed away on
                                                                                          length, was recited by Moses and the       the week of Shabbat Shira, the only
                                                                                          Israelites at the far shore of the Sea     week devoted to song in the entire
                                                                                          of Reeds, following their harrowing        year of Torah reading? Are there
                                                                                          escape from Egyptian slavery and           coincidences that can have divine
                                                                                          their miraculous crossing of those         meaning? I have often felt that these
                                                                                          waters. Miriam, Moses’ sister, sang,       bashert moments are divine, inspiring
                                                                                          danced and played instruments with         and moments to truly reflect on the
                                                                                          a depth of feeling and faith. The shira    meaning of our lives.
                                                                                          is so important it found it’s way into         Debbie Friedman created a revo-
                                                                                          our daily liturgy: “Mi chamocha ba-        lution in Jewish prayer – a cultural
                                                                                          Eilim Adonai, mi kamocha neh-dar ba-       revolution that continues. She was
                                                                                          kodesh, nora t’hilot osei feleh” – “Who    a guide and leader – she nurtured
                                                                                          is like unto You, oh God, majestic in      composers, cantors and song lead-
                                                                                          holiness, awesome in splendor, work-       ers, guiding us all as Miriam did with
                                                                                          ing wonders!”                              joyous singing. Friedman breathed
                                                                                             We are reminded on a daily basis        new life into Jewish music, Jewish
Executive Director Norman Greenstein stood with Federation President Laurie               of the freedom we must be grate-           prayer and communal singing. Her
Kilchevsky under the banner for Gilad Shalit that Kilchevsky brought back from            ful for, the freedom that Dr. Martin       Mi Sheberach is sung worldwide, as
Israel. Kilchevsky met with Shalit’s father, Noam, who asked that they do whatever        Luther King Jr. dreamed of and             her healing services became symbolic
they can so that the world does not forget his son. Gilad has been held in total          devoted his life to. We remember           for her own quest for healing, and
isolation from the outside world by Hamas for almost five years.                          the quest for freedom, as recited          for her belief in prayer and song as
                                                                                          in our Torah portion, and in the life      healing channels. Her soul was deep

Rabbi                                                         Continued from page 2
                                                                                          of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Our
                                                                                          tradition teaches us that Nachshon
                                                                                                                                     and sweet – her many songs are a
                                                                                                                                     gift to us all.
a race to nowhere. Happiness is more        life. It is time we as parents actively led   ben Aminadav was the first to walk             We have enjoyed her music here at
important than success.                     our children toward the fulfillment of        into the waters, until the water came      Temple Shearith Israel and have sung
   Spirituality is more important than      their unique destiny. Our children only       up to his neck. Only then did the          her Mi Sheberach, T’filat Haderech,
prosperity. How we treat others and         have one chance to be children. Let’s         waters part. Being willing to take a       L’chi Lach, Mi Chamocha and more
how we allow ourselves to be treated is     organize ourselves and do something           stand, to be brave and lead a com-         on a regular basis. Her beautiful
more important than the speed of our        about it before it’s too late. It’s time to   munity is what makes a true leader.        song, Reb Nachman’s Prayer, teach-
Internet or the features of our smart       look forward, not behind.                     Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and our        es, “And I’ll sing my soul, I’ll sing my
phones. It’s about values and it’s about        My wife, Beth, and children Noah,         beloved Debbie Friedman both took          soul to you and give you all that’s
people following their unique destiny.      Shane and Charlotte, join me in wish-         unpopular stands at first and walked       in my heart.”
I hope you go out and see “Race to          ing you all blessings of health, happi-       through the waters that needed to              May Debbie Friedman’s melodies
Nowhere” – it may just change your          ness and prosperity!                          parted and changed.                        fill our hearts for generations to come.
                                                                                             We know the significance of the         May her soul and song be at one with
                                                                                          number 18, chai, representing life         Miriam, Deborah, Hannah Senesh,
                                                                                          and, of course, the Exodus, which          Molly Picon, Ofra Haza, Naomi Shemer
                                                                                          represented the birth of our people        and every woman who ever sang to a
                                                                                          as a nation. The Torah text is set         child, a student, a love and to God.
                                                                                          out as a poem, and is written in a             As we hear the “Song of the Sea,”
                                                                                          unique style that looks like a wall,       let us remember the path our Deb-
                                                                                          described by the Talmud as “ariah          bie walked, a path of courage, song
                                                                                          al gabei l’veinu” – “a half brick over     and soul. Let us remember the path
                                                                                          a whole brick.”                            Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. walked as
                                                                                             There are several explanations          well, a path of courage and sacrifice
                                                                                          as to why the text is written in           for our freedoms.
                                                                                          this pattern. The first says that it           As we are gathered here as one
                                                                                          represents the solid walls of water        community to sing our souls, let us
                                                                                          through which the Israelites passed        pray that their names and songs and
                                                                                          as they crossed the sea. The second        words always be a blessing.
                                                                                          opinion says it is a visual reminder           Amen.
                                                                                          of the mortar and bricks with which            Sources: Cantor Stephen Freedman,
                                                                                          the Israelites built the structures        “Shirat Hayam – The Song of the Sea
                                                                                          for Pharaoh and the third imagines         2007,” and Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin,
                                                                                          that the pattern represents stepping       “Debbie Friedman’s Song Ended Too
                                                                                          stones that our ancestors walked on        Soon,” RSS News.
                                                                                                                             Adar I/Adar II/Nisan 5771         FOCUS       Page 7

                                                  • IN OUR COMMUNITY •
UJC to hold “We Can Do Passover” Day on April 3
By Daryl Bain                                     which will be:                             “Weird Pesach Traditions” and mak-           Making a matzah cover for the
   The congregation of the United                  “We Can Do Passover” workshop           ing matzah kugel with the teachers            seder for younger children, taught
Jewish Center will gather together for            with Cantor Penny Kessler                 and older children                            by UJC teachers
a “We Can Do Passover” workshop on                 “Passover: The Three Main Ideas”          At 10 am, there will be refresh-             “Who is Elijah and Why Does He
Sunday, April 3. There will be different          with Rabbi Clifford Librach               ments and a chance to socialize               Come to our Seder?” for older chil-
classes for all participants.                      Pesach stories and making matzah        with one another. Then, at 10:30 am,          dren, taught by UJC teachers
   From 9-10 am, those in attendance              brei with the teachers and younger        there are four programs from which              At 11:30 am, participants will get
will choose one of four programs,                 children                                  to choose:                                    together for singing and socializing.
                                                                                             “We Can Do Passover” workshop                 For reservations, contact Daryl

   Events at Temple Beth                                                                    with Cantor Penny Kessler
                                                                                             “The Seder: Why Do We Lean to the
                                                                                                                                          Bain, director of education, at 203-
                                                                                                                                          743-1180 or EdDir@UnitedJewish-

                                                                                            Left?” with Rabbi Clifford Librach  

By Margaret Liu
   The Men’s Club of Temple Beth
                                                                                            Temple Shearith Israel
Shalom of Mahopac held its an-
nual Millennium Breakfast on Janu-                                                          to Present “Purim
                                                                                            Shpiel” Musical
ary 23. Men’s Club President Joel
Greenberg served as moderator.
Putnam County Executive Paul
Eldrige, Judge Jim Reitz, Mahopac                                                              Temple Shearith Israel of Ridge-           hors d’oeuvres, a glass of wine or
High School Principal Adam Pease                                                            field will present a Purim cabaret on         beer and the professional musicians’
and TBS Rabbi Eytan Hammerman                                                               Sunday, March 20, at 6 pm, at Sarah’s         performance. Reservations are nec-
took part in a discussion regarding                                                         Wine Bar, located upstairs of the             essary, as seating will be limited.
the current state of the economy,                                                           restaurant Bernard’s at 20 West Lane          To reserve a seat, send a check by
politics and education, as well as                                                          (Route 35), Ridgefield.                       Monday, March 7, to Temple Shearith
their vision for the future. More than            Jennifer Michaels and Jessica                Titled “Purim Shpiel,” the event will be   Israel, 46 Peaceable St., Ridgefield, CT
100 members of the synagogue and                  Bellenchia attended the Cooking and       a musical program including food, wine        06877, with “Purim Cabaret” written
community attended the breakfast                  Conversation class.                       and entertainment. TSI Cantor Debo-           on the envelope and check memo.
and panel discussion.                                                                       rah Katchko-Gray and mezzo-soprano            Independent dinner reservations
   TBS and the Rosenthal JCC                                                                Caroline Chanin will join Broadway’s          will be available at Sarah’s Wine Bar
began their second “Baby/Tod-                                                               Daniel C. Levine for the event.               beginning at 9 pm.
dler and Me” sessions, which are                                                               Tickets for the evening will cost             For more information, call TSI at
held at TBS on Tuesday mornings.                                                            $36 per person. The cost will include         203-438-6589.
The program continues to accept
new registrations for infants 0-
12 months and toddlers up to 24
months of age.
                                                                                            NCJW                                                          Continued from page 4
   Ad d i t i o n a l l y, H a m m e r m a n ’s                                             advice and guidance along the way.            of the following committee members:
Wednesday evening Cooking and                                                                  Organizers ask that those inter-           Judy Coco at 203-791-1259; Natalie
Conversation program, for post bar/                                                         ested in attending make reservations          Gilman at 203-740-2833; Colombe
bat mitzvah teens, continues to grow                                                        promptly. The cost will be $10 per per-       Gralla at 203-775-2599; or Leslie
as well.                                          Anthony Branca and Shea Belsky            son and each participant should bring         Siegel at 203-746-3963; or e-mail
   For more information on either                 practiced cooking skills at the Cooking   a kosher-for-Passover-style vegetar-
program, call the TBS office at 845-              and Conversation class at Temple          ian appetizer or dessert to share.               Those interested should also e-mail
628-6133.                                         Beth Shalom.                                 The program will be open to the            the recipes they would like included in
                                                                                            public and attendees are encouraged           the haggadah to GrDanburyNCJW@
                                                                                            to invite their mothers, sisters, girl- Reservations, with a check
                                                                                            friends, relatives and so on. Organiza-       payable to NCJW, should be mailed
                                                                                            tion affiliation will not be required.        to Leslie Siegel, 6 Glen Rd., New Fair-
                                                                                               For more information, contact one          field, CT 06812.

                                                                                            Purpose                                                       Continued from page 4
                                                                                            a series of actions performed in a ritu-      leading up to the holiday, only at this
                                                                                            ally-prescribed order while retelling         time of year and are only considered
                                                                                            the story of the Israelites’ exodus from      kosher for that particular year.
                                                                                            Egypt. Passover begins at sundown on             For more information, to make
                                                                                            the evening of Tuesday, April 19.             donations or to help with the project,
                                                                                               “For some, Passover can be a huge          contact NCJW at 203-791-1259 or
                                                                                            financial burden, and this is especially Any-
                                                                                            true in these challenging economic            one who knows of a Jewish family in
                                                                                            times,” said an NCJW representa-              need of assistance during the Pass-
                                                                                            tive. Kosher-for-Passover foods are           over holiday in the Greater Danbury
                                                                                            traditionally eaten for the entire du-        area community can contact Jewish
Judge Jim Reitz, Rabbi Eytan Hammerman, Putnam County Executive Paul                        ration of the holiday. The foods are          Family Services at 203-794-1818 or
Eldrige, Mahopac High School Principal Adam Pease and TBS Men’s Club                        only available during the few weeks 
President Joel Greenberg discussed various issues at the Men’s Club’s annual
Millenium Breakfast.

Shea Belsky, Jesse Lichtman, David Plaut, Sophie Feuer and Emily Sanders-
Demott socialized at Temple Beth Shalom.

Page    FOCUS   March/April 2011

                 A Satellite Re - Broadcast

   Israeli- Palestinian Conflict:
   A Report From The Field... With Ethan Bronner

         Sunday, April 10, 11am
   Co- sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Danbury
              and The Jewish Community
                   Center in Sherman

    Ethan Bronner, The head of the Jerusalem Bureau of The New York Times
    combines on-the-ground reporting, anecdotes, policy analysis and a
    discussion of journalistic challenges in an up-to-the-minute update on the
    intractable crisis between Israelis and Palestinians. Examine the role and work
    of the Obama administration along with the key Israeli and Palestinian players
    from the frontline view of one of the most well-known Middle East
    correspondents in the world.
         Open to the public, and are FREE to the members of the JCCS &
                   the JEWISH FEDERATION OF DANBURY...
                  A$10 suggested donation for non-members
                      Call 860 355-8050 for reservations
                              Light Refreshments

                   The JCC is located at 9 route 39 south,
                 1/4 mile south of the Sherman Post Office
                                                                                             Adar I/Adar II/Nisan 5771     FOCUS      Page 

 The Learning Exchange
Sp ring            A Unique Educational Opportunity In Danbury
 2011                 at the Danbury Library & Elmwood Hall
The Learning Exchange Presentations                     Established in 2004 • Daytime Sessions • No Age Restrictions
                                                      Nonsectarian • No limit on Courses Taken • Offered Spring and Fall
Course: L301 – A Titanic Clash
World War II on the eastern front, from
Germany’s invasion of the U.S.S.R. to its                Courses Held in the Danbury Library Program Room (L)
subsequent defeat there.                                           and Elmwood Hall Conference Room (E)
1 Sess: Mon. 4/25: 11AM to noon (Library)
Presenter: Mark Albertson                  see living examples of its development       Course: L311 – “Silly Symphonies”
                                           process.                                     From 1929-39 Walt Disney produced
Course: L302 – The New Adventures of
                                           1 Sess: Mon. 5/2: 1 to 2PM (Library)         the “Silly Symphonies” that helped
“Indiana Jones”
                                                                                        define animated cartoons. Watch
Travel to the other side of the globe and Presenter: Norman Geisinger
                                           Course E307 – Don’t Touch That Dial!         several, including those that earned
visit Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet.
1 Sess: Mon. 4/25: 1 to 2:30PM             Rekindle old time radio. Listen to and dis- Oscars.
(NOTE LONGER TIME) (Library)               cuss favorites Amos & Andy, The Shadow, 1 Sess: Mon. 5/16 11AM to noon
                                           and many more from your yesteryears.         (Library) • Presenter: Mark Hasskarl
Presenter: Jerry Brooker
                                           1 Sess: Th. 5/5: 1 to 2PM (Elmwood)          Course L312 – They Came From Shangri La
Course: E303 – Danbury Revealed
                                           Presenter: Dianne Wilson                     Doolittle’s April 1942 raid over Tokyo,
The eight significant items you should
know about Danbury’s history.              Course: L308 – Dvorak & “Spillville, U.S.A.” how it was organized, carried out and
                                                                                        its consequences.
1 Sess: Th. 4/28: 11AM to noon (Elmwood) Anton Dvorak spent the summer of 1893
Presenter: Brigid Guertin                  in the town of Spillville, Iowa. Experience 1 Sess: Mon. 5/16: 1 to 2PM (Library)
Course: E304 – Meet Frankie Lane           the impact he made on this town and the Presenter: Robert Mosley
                                                                                        Course: L313 – Shakespeare as a
The 75 year career of Frankie Lane, sing- town on him
                                           1 Sess: Mon. 5/9: 11AM to noon (Library)     Sonneteer – Part 2
er, song writer and actor. Listen to and
                                           Presenter: John Doubek                       A review and analysis of Shakespeare’s
enjoy his music.
                                           Course: L309 – My Private War                Father Time Sonnets numbers 5,6,12,15 &19.
1 Sess: Th. 4/28: 1 to 2PM (Elmwood)
Presenter: Charles Berger                  A World War II POW’s personal story of his 1 Sess: Mon. 5/23: 11AM to noon (Library)
                                           searing and continuing battle with post      Presenter: Judith Sullivan
Course: L305 – Our “Distant” Neighbors:
                                           traumatic stress disorder.                   Course: L314 – Our Ebullient President
The Mexicans
                                           1 Sess: Mon. 5/9: 1 to 2PM (Library)         A revealing study of our 26th Presi-
A look at 11 centuries of Mexican history,
                                           Presenter: Norman Bissell                    dent, Theodore (don’t call me Teddy)
especially its independence movements
                                           Course: E310 – I’ve Got a Secret!            Roosevelt.
and relations with the U.S.
                                                                                        1 Sess. Mon. 5/23: 1 to 2:30 PM
1 Sess: Mon. 5/2: 11AM to noon (Library) Italy, Spain and Portugal claim him. Was
Presenter: Carlos Ramirez                  he an explorer or an exploiter? Who really (NOTE LONGER TIME) (Library)
                                           was the man known as Christopher             Presenter: Tim Tuttle
Course L306 – The Only Living Art Form
Bonsai, the millenniums old Japanese
                                           Columbus?                                         Phone: 203-743-2960
                                           1 Sess: Th. 5/12: 11AM to noon (Elmwood)
art form of dwarfing trees and shaping
                                           Presenter: Dan Wolinsky
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                                               • IN OUR COMMUNITY •
                          Mazel Tov                                                       TSI Youth Groups
  Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer, of Temple
Shearith Israel, and his wife, Mar-
cela Betzer, welcomed their twins,
                                               Naomi and Jonah, into their lives
                                               on August 5.                            Volunteer at Food Bank

                                                                                      The Temple Shearith Israel “Keshet” youth group for sixth-, seventh- and
                                                                                      eighth-graders worked at the Food Bank for Westchester in Millwood, NY, on
                                                                                      January 30, packing food for soup kitchens and food pantries countywide.
                                                                                      “The volunteers packed dozens of boxes on behalf of the needy and were
                                                                                      glad to have had a chance to make a little bit of a difference,” according
                                                                                      to a temple representative. Front row (l-r): Evan Brenner, Lucy Landzberg
Marcela Betzer with her daughter,              Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer with his        and Alexa Brenner. Back row: Justin Landzberg, Karen Brenner, Charlotte
Naomi, at the baby naming service              son, Jonah, at the baby naming         Landzberg, Cara Weinstein, Robert DeSantis, Ethan Portman, Halle Portman
at Te m p l e S h e a r i t h I s ra e l o n   service at Temple Shearith Israel on   and Steve Landzberg.
December 5.                                    December 5.

   Musical Program to be                                                              At right: Ethan

        Held in May
                                                                                      Portman and
                                                                                      Robert DeSantis
                                                                                      packed boxes
   Seven young musicians, ages 13-16,            The program has been offered         fo r t h e fo o d
who play classical and Israeli music,          to the Danbury Jewish Federation       pantry while
along with their music director, Stas          through the Southern New England       an unidentified
Gavrilo, from the Kibbutz Yizrael Music        Consortium of the Jewish Federations   volunteer looked
Center of Afula, will visit the Danbury        as part of the Partnership 2000 Pro-   on.
area from Friday-Sunday, May 13-15.            gram of the Jewish Agency.

                                                                                      L-r: Lucy Landzberg, Charlotte Landzberg, Cara Weinstein, Rex Schwartz, Alexa
                                                                                      Brenner, an unidentified woman and Steve Landzberg helped at the food pantry.

                                                                                      At r i g h t : Yo u t h
                                                                                      group members
                                                                                      helped organize

                                                                                      A group of volunteers from Temple Shearith Israel prepared a hot meal of
                                                                                      lasagna, salad and garlic bread to be delivered to the Dorothy Day Hospitality
                                                                                      House in Danbury on February 6. Dorothy Day’s soup kitchen feeds more than
                                                                                      100 people each day. L-r: Jordan Teich, Zack Heffler, Hannah Rose Nossan, Kory
                                                                                      Nossan, Emily Nossan, Jane Weinstein, Charlotte Landzberg, Cara Weinstein,
                                                                                      Wendy Meyer, Josh Meyer, Debbie Landzberg and Max Meyer.
                                                                                                                        Adar I/Adar II/Nisan 5771         FOCUS      Page 11

                                             • IN OUR COMMUNITY •
Temple B’nai Chaim to Celebrate a Disney Purim
By Sara Sobel                                               contest, a social action project and carnival booths      tion of the deliverance of the Jewish people from
   Temple B’nai Chaim in Georgetown will celebrate          featuring temporary tattoos, cocktails, “mocktails”       the plot of Haman,” said Rabbi Leah Cohen.
Disney Purim on Sunday, March 20, at 10 am. Re-             and photos with Disney characters.                           Temple B’nai Chaim is a Reform congregation and
ligious School students, adult congregants and                 “Disney Purim promises to be filled with magic and     a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. For
community members have been invited to a Purim              merriment, and we are especially thrilled to involve      more information about TBC’s Purim celebration
program featuring the story of Purim set to Disney          all of the segments of our congregation and the           or other upcoming events, call the temple office
songs, a costume parade, a judged hamantashen               community in this multi-generational commemora-           at 203-544-8695.

By Cantor Deborah Katchko-Gray
                                      Music Shabbat Services at TSI
                                                            principal viola, and her husband, Gunnar Sahlin,          Brahms, Op. 91 No.1.
   The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra will support           assistant principal cello, will play several pieces         Temple Shearith Israel has also invited the com-
the music Shabbat program at Temple Shearith                accompanied by Gina Wilson, executive director            munity to enjoy two musical worship services
Israel by providing two instrumentalists for a              of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra. Carolyn             featuring musical performances from teenagers.
classical music Shabbat worship service on Fri-             Chanin, mezzo-soprano, member of TSI and noted            Services on Fridays, March 25 and May 13, at 7:30
day, March 11, at 7:30 pm. Suzanne Corey Sahilin,           soloist, will sing “ Longing at Rest” by Johannes                                          See “TSI” on page 14

History                                                                                                                                              Continued from page 5
and the Irgun existed until the state of Israel was         serious financial difficulty, and at the same time        Arab nation voted against it. The Jewish leader-
created in 1948. They occasionally coordinated              had an urgent need for Arab oil. Consequently, they       ship in Palestine accepted the resolution, while
their military efforts, but often were strongly at          looked with great favor on Arab demands to curtail        the Arabs rejected it. According to the partition
odds with each other.                                       Jewish immigration into Palestine. President Harry        plan, the Arab section would have 800,000 Arabs
   The middle 1930s was the greatest period of              Truman urged British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin       and 10,000 Jews. The Jewish section would have
Jewish immigration into Palestine thus far. The             to allow 100,000 Jewish refugees into Palestine,          550,000 Jews and close to 400,000 Arabs. The
Arabs, fearful of losing their majority population          but he was turned down. The Jewish military or-           Arabs objected, as they did in 1937, to the idea of
began a large-scale rebellion in 1936 that lasted           ganizations in Palestine began to close ranks, and        a Jewish state in the midst of an Arab world. They
three years. This rebellion, of course, was led by          organized a military campaign against the British.        also rejected the idea of a large Arab population
Haj Amin Al-Husseini, and consisted of frequent             These paramilitary groups included the Haganah,           living under Jewish rule.
large-scale attacks on Jewish villages and also on          the Irgun and the Lechi. The latter was formed in            On November 30,1947, the day after the resolu-
British facilities. In 1937, the British, realizing that    1939 as an even more militant organization than the       tion passed, the Arabs began launching attacks on
Arabs and Jews could not live together in peace,            Irgun. The Lechi, formed by Avraham Stern, was            Jewish villages. By March 1948, the Jewish military
created a commission chaired by Lord Robert Peel            also known as the Stern Gang and they engaged             position was precarious. The Haganah, despite
to plan a partition of Palestine into Arab and Jew-         in many terrorist-like acts over the years, including     limited personnel and weapons, were forced to
ish states. The plan would have given the Arabs             several assassinations. Their goal was to remove the      go on the offensive. Yet the Haganah managed
about 80 percent of Palestine. Strangely, the Arabs         British from Palestine. When Israel was created in        to capture key positions, and by April 30 were in
completely rejected the plan. Despite the small             1948, all three military groups were dismantled and       a position to defend a state soon to be created.
land offer, the Jewish leadership was mixed on the          a unified Israel Defense Force was formed.                The British gradually withdrew their forces, and on
proposal. Chaim Weizmann was very enthusiastic.                Since the British had halted Jewish immigration        May 14, 1948, were gone from Palestine.
David Ben Gurion, president of the Jewish Agency            into Palestine, most immigration was accomplished            On that afternoon of May 14, 1948 (the fifth of
(the provisional Jewish government before Israel            by smuggling operations. The Haganah, Irgun and           Iyar in the Hebrew calendar), David Ben Gurion,
was formed), was mildly supportive. Both had vi-            Lechi helped promote this process by hundreds             head of the Jewish Agency, stood before the Jew-
sions of the Jewish territory expanding consider-           of attacks against the British military forces (in        ish Peoples Assembly in the Tel Aviv museum, and
ably as Jewish immigration increased substantially.         particular the naval launches that were intercept-        spoke the following words: “....We, members of
Ze’ev Jabotinsky, head of the right-wing Revisionist        ing immigrant ships). This gradually took its toll on     the Peoples Council, representatives of the Jew-
Party was totally opposed to the plan. Complicating         the British, who attempted a partition proposal to        ish Community of Eretz Yisrael, and of the Zionist
things further, the International Zionist Organiza-         create separate Arab and Jewish states. This plan         movement, are here assembled on the day of the
tion met in 1937 and conditionally approved the             would have given the Jewish state only 17 percent of      termination of British Mandate over Eretz Yisrael,
idea, but they were not satisfied with the details          Palestine and was rejected by the Jews. The Arabs         and by virtue of our natural and historic right, and
of the plan, and wanted further negotiations. In            also rejected the proposal. In frustration, the British   on the strength of the resolution of the United
any event, the British dropped the idea, realizing          decided to relinquish their mandate over Palestine        Nations General Assembly, hereby declare the
that the objections out-weighed the approval, and           and turn the problem over to the United Nations.          establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael,
that would have made it unworkable.                            Near the end of 1947, after much fact-finding and      to be known as the state of Israel.”
   In 1939, the British made their strongest effort to      debate, the U.N. General Assembly passed Reso-               Although in 1948 Israel’s boundaries were dif-
pacify the Arabs in a manner that was devastating to        lution 181, recommending a partition of Palestine         ferent than those of historic Israel, and its territory
the Jews. Malcolm McDonald, the British colonial sec-       into Jewish and Arab sections. The Jewish area            considerably smaller, it was the first time in more
retary, issued a White Paper that essentially nullified     would comprise 55 percent of the territory and            than 2000 years that the Jewish people were able
the Balfour Declaration. It said that Jewish immigration    the Arab section 45 percent. These numbers were           to rule their country without outside influence. Now,
would be limited to 75,000 throughout the next five         somewhat misleading because the Jewish section            the challenge facing Israel was to defend its land
years, and all land sales to Jews would be abolished. In    contained the Negev Desert, which was virtually           against enemies on its borders and beyond.
10 years, Palestine would be essentially a state governed   uninhabitable. The vote in the General Assembly              That was 1948, now it is 2010, and that challenge
by the Arabs, who would be the majority. This plan          was 33 to 13 in favor, with 10 abstentions. Every         continues.
passed the British Parliament by a slim margin and,
surprisingly, the Arabs rejected it. This White Paper was
never officially rescinded. It turned out to be a death
sentence for multitudes of European Jews who never
survived the Hitler years. The strongest objection was
by Winston Churchill, who said, “A pledge has been
broken to that vast mass of scattered, persecuted and
wandering Jews, whose unconquerable desire has
been for a national home.”
   During World War II, Churchill met several times
with Chaim Weizmann and assured him that despite
the White Paper of 1939, he was still committed to
supporting the Balfour Declaration. Churchill met
with opposition from his own government, but
an agreement was reached to postpone plans for
Palestine until after the war. A Jewish military force
did fight with the British against the Germans. In
1944, a 3,400-man brigade was recruited to fight
alongside the British Eighth Army in Italy. While this
showed that the Jews were a formidable fighting
force and demonstrated their support and loyalty
for the British during the war, it had no favorable
effect on future British-Jewish relations.
   The period after World War II was bleak for the
Jews of Palestine and Europe. The British were in

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                                               • IN OUR COMMUNITY •
My Impressions of Rabbi Menachem Gopin
By Leora Waltuch                                              does not share this view. Judaism sets out a clear              Women are strong, but anybody with eyes knows that
   Last summer at Congregation B’nai Israel, the              role for women and men. These roles are not the                 they are not the same as men. They are not less, but
synagogue I proudly attend, I met Rabbi Men-                  same, but each is equally important. The Rav was,               they are not the same, and all roles must be played
achem Gopin. He recently published a book titled              himself, considered very ahead of his time in regard            out. Judaism provides guidelines for this.
“Davening with the Rav: My Rabbi and My Rebbe.”               to Jewish education for girls. He established the                  It was my impression of Gopin that he is a very
It chronicles the unique relationship between The             first talmudic study schools for girls in Boston. A             pious Jew, a dedicated teacher, and a fairly humor-
Rav, the famous orthodox rabbi Joseph Ber So-                 few members of our synagogue brought up this in                 ous man. He speaks eloquently and respectfully.
loveitchik, and Gopin.                                        the question-and-answer portion of his talk. It was             He is traditional, and not empty of fault. I recall
   Gopin has also been traveling the globe, talking           apparently a topic of great interest, and obviously,            asking him a question, which he misunderstood
about the Rav and his book. As he spoke, a few things         great controversy.                                              and answered as though I had asked something
stood out to me during his talk. First, when he took             “Halachah had its own orbit and sees each in-                else. He is human, and subject to human flaw. Still,
a drink of water after talking for so long, I noticed         dividual with a defined role, and that role has to              in the end, he is a student and a teacher, trying to
he said a blessing on it. This is not a common occur-         be played out in harmony with all the other roles               pass on the messages and memory of his mentor
rence in a conservative synagogue, but it earned my           in order for the world and the Jewish world to                  to the next generation
respect and my interest. Gopin himself is orthodox,           progress. There is nothing wrong with a woman                      “I see myself as a student of the Rav, therefore I
but he respects and gets along with the members               trying to fulfill herself in Judaism, but trying to             have an obligation to teach and pass on his ...very
of the conservative movement. In fact, he is a very           make everyone ‘equal’ is not possible, for we are               unique wisdom, to others.”
close friend of a couple that attends our synagogue,          all different, in our personalities, in our looks, and             One can only imagine what Gopin will bring to
and has been for many years.                                  in our roles in life.”                                          us next, but like his mentor, his influence is guar-
   Many people find Judaism to be sexist, but Gopin              I learned this from his talk, and I think it is very wise.   anteed to be great.

President                                                                                                                                                   Continued from page 2
earth, pleasant personality, hides the fact that he
is in charge of one of the best armies in the world
and is leading a constant struggle to secure the
survival of his nation. We spoke and laughed, and
at the end of the evening I convinced Eitan to ask
him to have a photograph together; we did. Febru-
ary 14 was Ashkenazi’s last day as the commander
in chief of the IDF. Under his leadership, the IDF
maintained its strength and defended the nation
against its enemies, both along the borders and in
other distant regions of the Middle East.
    As was the case in most of my visits to Israel                                                                            A sign hung in front of the prime minister’s home
(maybe even all of them), Israel is an exciting place         Laurie Kilchevsky met with General Gaby Ashkenazi,              read, “Sara and Bibi – I am alone in prison 1,675
where a crisis is always going on – the intifada, the         the IDF chief of staff.                                         days; where are you?”
war in Lebanon, Operation Cast Lead and now
the crisis in Egypt. Egypt will have a change of
its rulers. The analysis of the events is beyond the
scope of this article. I can only convey the senti-
ments of the Israeli public whose concerns range
from the future of the gas Egypt has been selling
to Israel, to the potential increase in Islamic fun-
damentalism among Palestinians. Another issue
raised by the Israelis pertaining to the events in
Egypt is the influence the U.S. administration had
on the removal from power of one of its allies, the
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Does this mean
that the U.S. will now exert tremendous pressure                                                                              A view from Kibbutz Shamir near the 1967 Syrian
on Israeli leaders to reach an agreement with the             A makeshift memorial was made for the 44 poeple                 Border.
Palestinians, and if they object to American pro-             killed in the recent fire on the Carmel Mountain.
posals the U.S. will stop its support of Israel? As
I mentioned above, this discussion is beyond the
scope of this article.
    Meanwhile Israel continues being a vibrant, tech-
nologically and culturally advanced, amazing country,
with a society that lives its life to the fullest, in spite
of constant stress and adversities. It is a symbol of
freedom, democracy and human rights, surrounded
by dictatorships and religious fundamentalism.
It is a country that still asks of its enemies only a
recognition of its right to exist and help it maintain
secure borders. Considering the fact that Muslims
are expected to constitute a quarter of Israelis in a
generation, this is not too much to ask.
    We visited a small village on the Golan Heights,
Kidmat Tzvi. In this small village there are five win-                                                                        Laurie and Eitan Kilchevsky (right) posed with
eries! We visited one of them and spent a lot of              Laurie and Raquefette Kilchevsky visited the Tel                Eitan’s brother, Doron, and his wife, Honey, in the
time with the owners and their children. They own             Aviv boardwalk.                                                 Negev (southern Israel).
a small animal farm, where they gather animals that
were abused or injured. Their donkey, who lost the               Speaking of olive oil, we visited Eitan’s cousin,            donating blood on the bed next to us owned the
bottom part of his left front leg when a Katyusha             Rami, who lives in Kerem Maharal, a village a couple            pharmacy in Ramat Ha-Sharon where we used to
rocket exploded next to him, is the main attrac-              of miles south of Haifa. Rami grows olive trees                 live. I reminded him that I used to buy pacifiers and
tion. He was found by local villagers and since he            and produces olive oil that recently won two gold               medications at his pharmacy 25 years ago, soon
could not walk to the pond to drink, they brought             medals in an international olive oil festival that took         after he bought the place – I even remembered
him to this family. He now walks and seems happy              place in Israel. For the connoisseurs among us, the             him by name and it was great reminiscing about
there. They named him Katzefet (“whipped cream”               acidity of his olive oil is below 0.4 percent, which            the “good old days.”
in Hebrew) which is a combination of Katyusha                 is as good as one can hope for!                                    I could tell you more about my visit to this won-
and Tzfat (the city in the Galilee close to where                Israel is a small country with a tight-knit soci-            derful country and its unbelievable citizens. Visiting
he was found). The couple called their farm Eyn               ety. Six degrees of separation shrink in Israel to              Israel and meeting its people make it clear that
Natush, after a talmudic-era village that existed in          two. Eitan and I went to donate blood in Tel Aviv               their success is also our success, their triumphs are
the area. They produce cheese from goats’ milk,               (which we do every time we are in Israel). The                  our triumphs and when they face crisis, we should
make wine from locally-grown grapes and teach                 Magen David Adom (Israel’s equivalent of the Red                all feel the need to help. We can be proud of the
visitors about the production of olive oil, wine and          Cross) volunteer who drew our blood recognized                  relationship we maintain with Israel and continue
bread, operating with methods used by our ances-              me from previous visits and recognized our last                 our quest to promote stability and peace while
tors who lived in the region. We tasted their wine,           name – she lived next to Eitan’s brother’s family and           standing strong with our brothers and sisters who
had home-made bread and cheese and enjoyed                    her son went to kindergarten with my brother-in-                live in our ancestors’ homeland, the cradle of our
the company of down-to-earth Israelis.                        law’s triplets (who are now 24 years old). The man              unique history.
                                                                                                                         Adar I/Adar II/Nisan 5771        FOCUS     Page 1

                                           • IN OUR COMMUNITY •
Tom Chapin Performance to Include Students from Newtown
   Grammy Award-winner Tom Chap-           program of Congregation Adath Israel             ing Daria Musk, Sam Weiser,                      ment. ‘The Little House That
in, an acclaimed folk singer and           of Newtown. Several of the perform-              Katie McMorran and other                         Roared’ concert committee
songwriter, will perform in a family       ers are students and graduates of the            rising stars.                                    at Adath Israel is proud to
concert at Newtown High School in          Newtown High School.                                “I’m excited to come back                     provide it!”
Sandy Hook, on Sunday, March 27, at           Chapin has led throughout the                 to Newtown and perform                              In addition to his guitar,
3 pm. The concert will be produced         country his opening act performers,              with these wonderful young                       lyrics and vocal skills, Chapin
by “The Little House that Roared,” a       a group of young musicians includ-               musicians,” said Chapin,                         is known for using his music
                                                                                            who performed at the                             to advance social causes.
  TBC Religious School Learns                                                               Flagpole Radio Café in No-
                                                                                            vember for a sold-out adult
                                                                                                                                             For example, Chapin “testi-
                                                                                                                                             fied” before the New York

       to Make Challah                                                                      audience. Chapin is return-
                                                                                            ing for this program based
                                                                                                                              Tom Chapin
                                                                                                                                             State Senate by singing his
                                                                                                                                             song, “You Can’t Spell Smart
                                                                                            on popular demand.                               without Art,” through which
                                                                                               “We started ‘The Little House That he advocated to reinstate funding for
                                                                                            Roared’ series last year as a showcase the arts in New York.
                                                                                            for highly talented young musicians,”     For tickets, visit http://thelittle-
                                                                                            said Rabbi Shaul Praver of Congre-
                                                                                            gation Adath Israel of Newtown, the tom-chapin-in-concert/ or call 203-
                                                                                            producer of the concert. “I guess we 300-3359.
                                                                                            strummed the right chord because          Tickets purchased in advanced will
                                                                                            now we’re putting these kids on the range from $12-20. Door prices will
                                                                                            same stage with Tom Chapin. We range from $15-25. Newtown High
                                                                                            believe Newtown is in need of more School is located at 15 Berkshire Rd.,
                                                                                            wholesome, live family entertain- Sandy Hook, CT.

                                                                                             Save the Date for the Next
Jr. Chai students, ages                                                                     Generation Purim celebration
3-4, from Temple B’nai                                                                      By Sybil Blau                            March 17, from 7-9 pm, at 274 S.
Chaim’s Religious School                                                                       In celebration of Purim, the Next     Main St., Newtown.
recently learned how to                                                                     Generation, a special interest group        For more information about
knead and braid their       L-r: Luiza Goncalves (madrich), Ava Curto,
                                                                                            within the Greater Newtown/Dan-          the jewelry-making party or Next
own challah. L-r: Ava       Sarah Bennett, Poppy Herve, Rebecca Gold, Kira
                                                                                            bury Hadassah chapter, will gather       Generation, which organizes ac-
Curto and Kira Bonheim      Bonheim, Zoe Gitlin and Sarah Heft (madrich)
                                                                                            at A Bead of Roses, a bead and craft     tivities geared toward women up
kneaded the dough for       carried their braided challah to be baked in the
                                                                                            shop in Newtown, for an evening          to age 60, contact Tami Beck at
their challah.              oven.
                                                                                            of jewelry-making, celebration, ha- or 203-
                                                                                            mantashen and wine on Thursday,          417-4018.
Gala                                                          Continued from page 1
to earn graduate degrees, including        many supporters was the late ac-
a doctorate. He and Myra had three         tor Paul Newman, who contributed
children. At Green Chimneys, as            funds and volunteered his services
the founder of the organization, he        on behalf of Green Chimneys.
did every job as there was a small           Rollo has served on the Jewish
staff in the beginning and no funds        Federation’s Board of Directors and
to hire employees for the required         the couple has been a supporter of
work. Since then, Green Chimneys           the Federation, their synagogue and
has become a nationally-renowned           many other Jewish causes. When
nonprofit organization with a mis-         asked about why they continue to
sion of “restoring possibilities and       support all the Jewish causes that
creating futures” for children with        they do, Rollo responded, “If not us,
emotional, behavioral, social and          who will?”
learning challenges through edu-             Former Federation President Dan
cational, therapeutic and outreach         Wolinsky stated, “We’re fortunate to
services, while providing care for         have the opportunity to celebrate
animals and nature, as well as pro-        these two special couples – four
moting a philosophy of dignity and         people helping to save the world by
worth for all living things. Among         helping children.”

Director                                                      Continued from page 2
technologies – such as cell phones,        came from Warren Buffett, chairman
camera phones, laptop computers,           of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the
advanced computer chips and soft-          world’s richest men, who recently in-
ware programs for Microsoft – were         vested $4 billion in an Israeli company.
developed in Israel. Firewalls and         He said at the time, “I believe in the
programs for computer security, in-        Israeli market and the Israeli economy
stant messaging and the algorithm          and I think that this is a good time to
for the Google search engine were          invest in it.”
all developed in Israel, as were la-          Israel’s revolution is in its belief in its
sers for surgery for cataracts, CAT        people. Surrounded by hostile forces,
Scans, pills with miniature cameras,       Israel has become a model for the
body braces to allow paraplegics to        rest of the Middle East, where Arab
walk and numerous others. Israeli          citizens also serve in the parliament.
Pharmaceutical Teva is one of the          In Israel there is freedom of the press
leading companies in the world,            and freedom of religion. There is an
producing not only generics but            active judicial system. Women are
also many first-class medicines.           treated as equals and government
Israeli Airport Security is known          officials are required to obey the
for being one of the top systems in        same laws as the rest of the citizens.
the world, providing travelers with        Nurtured and encouraged by their
a secure environment.                      government to make things better
   Outside investors have flocked to       and use knowledge for the betterment
Israel, as well as venture capital firms   of mankind, the Israeli experience has
that are now active and investing in       become what I like to call a “Chai Tech
Israel. The largest outside investment     Revolution.”

Page 1    FOCUS           March/April 2011

                                                       • WORLD NEWS •
     Bandage that Helped Save Lives in Giffords Shooting
                    has Israeli Backstory
By Ron Kampeas                               The county had switched last June to       applicator applies the equivalent of
   (JTA) – Israel changed Gabrielle Gif-     the upgraded gear and the shooting         up to 30 pounds of pressure over the
fords’ life when the budding politician      was its major first field test.            pad by wrapping it in the opposite
first visited the country in 2001 and it        “Without this care it would have        direction of the initial wrap.
drew her close to Judaism. After the         definitely been a different situation,”        Head wounds require multiple
Arizona congresswoman was shot               Dr. Katherine Hiller, who had attended     standard bandages to keep a pad in
in the head a month ago, an Israeli          the wounded at University Medical          place. One Israeli bandage, with its
innovation invented by an American           Center, told The Los Angeles Times.        elasticized cloth, is enough for a head
immigrant to Israel may have helped             It is not clear if the Israeli ban-     wound and the very act of wrapping
save her life.                               dage was applied to Giffords – the         it around the head applies pressure to
   First responders credited the emer-       details of the day were lost in the        the wound. That saves precious time
gency bandage colloquially known             chaos – but the bandage is known           and the applied pressure applicator,
as “the Israeli bandage” with saving         for, among other things, its utility in    because it is built-in, is more stable
lives in the aftermath of the shooting       stanching head wounds, one of the          than the external pressures used with
in Tucson, AZ, that left six dead and        greatest challenges with conventional      conventional bandages.
13 wounded.                                  bandages. One model covers both                Since its 1993 invention, the Israeli
   Pima County officials displayed the       entry and exit wounds, which Gif-          bandage has become standard issue
kit at a January 21 news conference          fords is known to have sustained. The      in militaries throughout the world. The
in Tucscon, along with other military-       bandage, like others, applies a sterile    U.S. military made it standard issue in
grade gear used in ministering to the        pad to the wound to stop the blood.        2003, in time for the Iraq War.
wounded in the January 8 shooting.           What distinguishes it is that a built-in       The inventor of the pad, Bernard
                                                                                        Bar-Natan, is a self-described Brooklyn     A page from the First Care website

TSI                                                          Continued from page 11
                                                                                        boy, a son of Holocaust survivors who
                                                                                        immigrated to Israel in 1979 and was
                                                                                                                                    showing how to apply the "Israeli
                                                                                                                                    bandage," credited with saving
pm, will feature flute, violin, guitar and      For more information, contact           drafted into the military in 1983, serv-    lives after a gunman targeted Rep.
vocals performed by area youth.     or cantordebbie@            ing an abbreviated service as an adult.     Gabrielle Giffords on January 8.
  “Please join us for these evenings of Temple Shearith Israel is       When he was going into the military,        (Photo by FirstCare Products)
song and spirit to nourish the soul and      located at 46 Peaceable St., Ridge-        friends advised him to get a “job” or a
sweeten our Shabbat experience,” said        field, and can be contacted at 203-        specialty to alleviate the boredom of       2000, he took the bandage to Fort
organizers of the music program.             438-6589.                                  grunt-level service. Immigrants drafted     Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX,
                                                                                        as adults serve only a few months rather    where the U.S. military trains med-
Robots                                                       Continued from page 5
                                                                                        than three or more years, so they rarely
                                                                                        serve in the military’s upper reaches.
                                                                                                                                    ics. Soon his company, First Care,
                                                                                                                                    was selling the bandage for use by
visited two locations in the Danbury         fields of solar energy, ecological         One of the few specialties available at     elite units, including the 75th Rangers
community and his demonstration              conversation, water purification           that level is medic.                        and the 101st Airborne. Three years
drew more than 120 people to each            and bio- and nanotechnologies. It              As the years wore on through month-     later the bandage was certified for
of the locations. The events were            has often been referred to as “an          long stints in the Israeli reserves, Bar-   standard use.
held on February 13, starting at the         oasis of innovation in the Negev.”         Natan became annoyed by an anomaly:            The Giffords shooting shined unex-
United Jewish Center in the morning          It is one of Israel’s leading institu-     The bandages available might have           pected – and unwanted – publicity on
and then at the Newtown Library in           tions in the development of Israel’s       manufacture dates as early as 1942 or       his invention. “The real story is about
the afternoon.                               cutting-edge technology and highly         as late as the previous month, yet they     her,” Bar-Natan said.
   “People were eager to see the             skilled personnel.                         remained essentially unchanged. Med-           He had heard about how Giffords
robot exhibition, a physical display            For those interested in support-        ics in the field were required to impro-    on an American Jewish Committee
of Israeli high-tech,” said organiz-         ing the university or receiving more       vise pressure applicators – magazines,      trip to Israel in 2001 – shortly after she
ers of the events. Ben Gurion Uni-           information, contact AABGU, 1430           rocks, canteens, whatever was handy.        was first elected to the Arizona state
versity, a 40-year-old institution,          Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, NY          “The guns we used had improved, the         Legislature – had connected with her
is known for its leadership in the           10018, or call 212-687-7721.               planes flying above us had improved,        father’s faith and decided to become
                                                                                        but the bandages were the same,” Bar-       a practicing Jew.
                                                                                        Natan told JTA.                                Bar-Natan’s success is not going
                                                                                            In the early 1990s, the Israeli gov-    unnoticed. Michael Oren, Israel’s am-
                                                                                        ernment was encouraging start-ups           bassador to Washington, told the con-
                                                                                        through “incubators,” providing them        servative Daily Caller website recently
                                                                                        low-interest loans. That encouraged         that learning of the bandage’s role
                                                                                        Bar-Natan to jump in the waters with        in saving lives in Tucson has been a
                                                                                        his idea for a newfangled bandage. In       highlight of his stint as ambassador.

                                                                                        U.S. Students Leave Egypt to
                                                                                        Study at Hebrew U.
                                                                                           (JTA) – Twelve American university students who were forced to discontinue
                                                                                        their studies in Egypt have enrolled at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The
                                                                                        12 displaced students, who left Egypt amid the weeks of political upheaval, ar-
                                                                                        rived at Hebrew University on February 13. They are from Princeton, Vanderbilt,
                                                                                        University of California Schools, Michigan State and Allegheny. The students,
Dr. Amir Shapiro demonstrated his robots.                                               who will be part of the the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University,
                                                                                        reportedly were studying Arabic and Mideast issues.
                                                                                           “When the universities asked us to assist their students, we did not hesitate,”
                                                                                        said Professor Mimi Ajzenstadt, provost of the Rothberg school. “The various
                                                                                        courses taught by top academics of the Hebrew University will enable the stu-
                                                                                        dents to put their personal experience in Egypt and in Israel within a broader
                                                                                        academic framework.”

                                                                                        Israel Allows Palestinians to
                                                                                        Return from Libya
                                                                                          (JTA) – Israel will allow 300 Palestinians from Libya to come to the West
                                                                                        Bank. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said late on February 23
                                                                                        that “for humanitarian reasons” he had acceded to a request by Palestinian
                                                                                        Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to allow the Palestinians to flee the
                                                                                        unrest in the North African country for the West Bank. More than a dozen
                                                                                        countries sent airplanes to Libya to evacuate their citizens. Hundreds have
                                                                                        been reported dead in protests calling for an end to Libyan leader Muammar
The audience listened to Dr. Amir Shapiro’s lecture.                                    Gadhafi’s 41-year reign.
                                                           Adar I/Adar II/Nisan 5771   FOCUS   Page 15

Film Showing:
Four Seasons Lodge
Sunday, May 22
2:00 - 4:00pm
At the Danbury Library
For Teens/Adults, history buffs

“ From the darkness of Hitler’s Europe to the mountains of the
Catskills, Four Seasons Lodge follows a community of Holocaust
survivors who have come together for the past 26 years to dance,
cook, fight and flirt – and celebrate survival…photographed by a
team of cinematographers led by Albert Maysles ( Gimme Shelter,
Grey Gardens), this unexpectedly funny film confronts sobering topics
like aging, loss and the legacy of the Holocaust, capturing the Lodgers’
intoxicating passion for life as the fate of their colony hangs in the
balance.” The Internet Movie Database (

Optional discussion will follow.

No Registration Required.    Sponsored by the Jewish Federation
For more information         and the Learning Exchange in conjunction
Call 203-792-6353            with the Danbury Library.

                                         The Jewish Federation
                                                   OF GREATER DANBURY, CT& PUTNAM COUNTY, NY

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