Date - Arizona Private Investigator by suchenfz


									                              BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION


                                                                     Prepared For:

                                                           ILLINOIS FINANCIAL CORP.


                                                                    S.D.S., Inc.


                                                   ATTORNEY WORK PRODUCT --- YES              NO

                                                 RETAINER AGREEMENT ON FILE --- YES             NO

                                               MUTUAL NON-DISCLOSURE ON FILE ---YES                NO

                                                         CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT
The contents of this investigation may be regulated by federal and state laws. FCRA, DPPA, FACT ACT and state laws govern specific inquiries.   If you have
questions about your responsibilities under the law, S.D.S., Inc. recommends you consult with a qualified screening attorney.

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Subject Profile...............................................3

Investigative Report.......................................4-12

Section 1.01      Summary of Rights ......................13-14

Section 1.02      Invoice ...................................15

Section 1.04      Screening Glossary......................16-25

Section 10.5      Credit Glossary ........................25-30

                                          APPLICANT/SUBJECT DATA SHEET

                                                            Position Applied/Considered:   BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                            Public/Private Entity:         PRIVATE

                       xxxxxxxxxxxxx                        Resume Attached?
                                                                                           Yes   No

                                                            Date of Birth:                 XX XX XXXX

                                                            Social Security #:             XXX XX XXXX

                        JOHN SMITH
Name:                                                       Contact Phone Number:          XXX XXX XXXX

                        1234 MAIN STREET                                                   JON.SMITY@WOODFIELD.COM
Current Address:        SCHAUMBURG, IL 60193                Other Phone Contact/E-mail:

Current Employer:       OWNER -- ALLIANCE FINANCIAL CORP.




                                                    Ph 1.866.228.3967 x 101| Fx 480.794.1473
                                                    BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION
SDS has followed all reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy and completeness of the information. SDS Inc. does not
warrant the completeness or correctness of this report or any of the information contained herein. Some records maintained by federal, state,
local and private sources might contain errors or omissions. SDS, Inc. is not liable for any loss, damage or injury caused by the negligence or
other act or failure of SDS Inc. in procuring, collecting or communicating any such information. Reliance on any information contained herein shall
be solely at the user’s risk and shall constitute a waiver of any claim against, and release of SDS Inc. This report is furnished in strict confidence
for your exclusive use for legitimate business purposes and for no other purpose and shall not be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner.

Client: ILLINOIS FINANCIAL CORP.                                   Order Type                Requested by              Control #/Vendor//Empl ID
                                                         BACKGROUND INV.              PRES. J. HOMELS               08NB/ 0005 0811/110
                                                                 SDS client code        Date requested/Method          Status: Complete/Returned
BARRINGTON, IL 60147                                     08 IL 116                     05.16.08/FAX                 05.20.08/ELECTRONIC

Applicant Supplied Information
                                                                                     AKA/Other                   DOB              Social Security
SMITH                         JOHN                           M
                                                                                                          ON FILE             ON FILE

Residence Information (Applicant Provided)
   Present    1234 MAIN STREET 60193                                            SCHAUMBURG,                           IL            60193

Social Security No. Status                  Issue State/ Date        SS Death Claim                    Notes
XXX XX XXXX         VALID                   IL- 1987-1988            NO RECORD

SS Trace                               Reported Addresses/Date Reported/County
                     File Name Variations
XXX XX XXXX                            1234 MAIN STREET, SCHAUMBURG, IL 60193
                JOHNATHON M. SMITH
                                       REPORTED 08.08
                SMITH                  REPORTED 1999-2004
XXX XX XXXX                            7896 MEACHAM RD. ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL 60007
                JON SMITH
                                       REPORTED 1990-1999
XXX XX XXXX                            45445 14 TH ST. TAMPA, FLA 85624
                JON SMITH
                                       REPORTED 1988-1989
XXX XX XXXX                            1457 FOWLER AVE. TAMPA, FLA 85624
                JON SMITH
                                       REPORTED 1987-1988
Metro County Criminal By Name
                                            RESULTS:                        Court Name: CRIMINAL
                    05/15/1998 through                                      Court Type: CRIMINAL
COOK COUNTY, IL                             1 RECORD FOUND
                    05/15/2008                                              Arresting Agency: DUPAGE SHERIFF
                                                           Case No: 98-875487                           Date of Arrest: 11998
DUPAGE COUNTY, 05/15/1998 through                          Jurisdiction: DUPAGE COUNTY                  Date of Offense:12.03.1997
IL             05/15/2008                                  File Docket: 98-9858                         Probation: NO
                          05/15/1998 through               Sentence: 360 DAYS JAIL                      Race: M
WILL COUNTY, IL                                            Charge Class: MISDEMEANOR                    Sex: W
                                                           Offense: FRAUD/EMBEZZLEMENT                  DOB: XX XX XXX
MCHENRY                   05/15/1998 through               Sentence: 360 DAY/150K RESTITUTION           Height: 60
COUNTY, IL                05/15/2008                       Fine: 15,000                                 Weight:200
                                                           Disposition Date: 02.05.98                   Hair: BRO
                          05/15/1998 through               Release: 10.31.98                            Eye: BLK
                          05/15/2008                                                                    RECORD VERIFIED BY: NAME/DOB/PHOTO

Illinois Statewide Repository

ILLINOIS STATE             05/15/1998 through         RESULTS:
POLICE- JOLIET             05/15/2008                 NO RECORD FOUND                           Court Name:
                                                                                                Court Type:
                                                      Case No:                                  Arresting Agency:
                                                      Jurisdiction:                             Date of Arrest:
                                                      File Docket:                              Date of Offense:
                                                      Sentence:                                 Probation:
                                                      Charge Class:                             Race:
                                                      Offense:                                  Sex:
                                                      Sentence:                                 DOB:
                                                      Fine:                                     Height:
                                                      Disposition Date:                         Weight:
                                                      Disposition:                              Hair:
                                                      Release:                                  Eye:
                                                                                                NO ADDITIONAL RECORD FOUND OTHER
                                                                                                THAN PREVIOUS CAPTIONED RECORD

Federal District Court
SOUTHERN                 05/15/1985 through           RESULTS:                                  Court Name: CRIMINAL
                                                                                                Court Type: CRIMINAL
DISTRICT, IL             05/15/2008                   RECORD FOUND                              Arresting Agency: FBI
                                                      Case No: 86-875487                        Date of Arrest: 1985
                                                      Jurisdiction: Champaign, IL               Date of Offense:12.03.1985
                                                      File Docket: 86-9858                      Probation: NO
                                                      Sentence: 9 MO                            Race: M
                                                      Charge Class: FELONY                      Sex: W
                                                      Offense: FRAUD/EMBEZZLEMENT               DOB: XX XX XXX
                                                      Sentence: 9 MO FEDERAL PRISON             Height: 60
                                                      Fine: 5,000                               Weight:200
                                                      Disposition Date: 02.05.86                Hair: BRO
                                                      Release: 11.0286                          Eye: BLK

                                                                                                RECORD VERIFIED BY: NAME/DOB/PHOTO

Federal District Civil Court
                                                      RESULTS:                                  Arresting Agency: N/A
SOUTHERN                 05/15/1985 through
                                                                                                Date of Arrest: N/A
DISTRICT, IL             05/15/2008                   RECORD FOUND                              Date of Offense: N/A
                                                      Case No: 92-89858                         Probation: N/A
                                                      Court Name: BANKRUPTCY                    Race: N/A
                                                      Court Type: BANKRUPTCY CH. 14             Sex: N/A
                                                      Discharged: 08.08.92                      DOB: N/A
                                                      Judge: Smoklis, T.                        Height: N/A
                                                      Jurisdiction: SOUTHERN DIST. IL           Weight: N/A
                                                      Sentence: N/A                             Hair: N/A
                                                      Charge Class: N/A                         Eye: N/A
                                                      Offense: N/A
                                                      Sentence: N/A
                                                      Fine: Disposition Date: N/A               Note: THE BANKRUPTCY FILE CONTAINS
                                                      Release: N/A                              OVER 100 DOCUMENTS. UPON REQUEST,
                                                                                                THE COMPLETE FILE WILL BE PROVIDED VIA
                                                                                                US MAIL.

                         Institution                                                                 Type
                       Address                                                                      Phone
ONE UNIVERSITY PLAZA SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 62703                    217-206-6600

           Applicant Supplied Major/Minor/Degree                                    Institution Verified Major/Minor/Degree
BUSINESS ADMIN./MBA/                                                BUSINESS ADMIN./MBA/

            Applicant listed Dates of Attendance/Degree                         Institution Verified Dates of Attendance/Degree

1980-1986                                                           1980-1986
         Date verified                      Verified with                                          Position
01.07.08                             REGISTRAR

                              Automated System        Institution has non-disclosure policy    Known diploma mill


Previous Employment
                      Employer                                                                        Line of business
                                Address                                                       Phone Provided/Phone Developed

            Position Applicant Supplied/Institution Verified

     Dates of employment Applicant Supplied/Institution Verified                        Applicant Salary Supplied/Institution Verified

           Date verified                        Verified with                                             Position

                                                                Reason for separation

                           Comments/Questions Automated System           Company has non-disclosure reference policy
Call History:
Date                          Time                         Action                         Status                      Comments

What is your relationship to the applicant:
Rehire Status:
Sexual Harassment:
Work well with others:
Notice given:
Unemployment filed:
Drug/Alcohol use on job:
Disciplinary Action:
Are there any areas in which you think the applicant could improve job performance?


Previous Employment
                      Employer                                                                        Line of business
                                Address                                                       Phone Provided/Phone Developed

            Position Applicant Supplied/Institution Verified

     Dates of employment Applicant Supplied/Institution Verified                        Applicant Salary Supplied/Institution Verified

           Date verified                        Verified with                                             Position
                                                            Reason for separation

                        Comments/Questions Automated System           Company has non-disclosure reference policy
Call History:
Date                        Time                        Action                        Status                   Comments

What is your relationship to the applicant:
Rehire Status:
Sexual Harassment:
Work well with others:
Notice given:
Unemployment filed:
Drug/Alcohol use on job:
Disciplinary Action:
Are there any areas in which you think the applicant could improve job performance?


Business Credit

                                                                     Credit Summary
Previously Known As: Medical Services LLC                            The objective of the Credit Ranking Score is to predict payment
125 Ardmore Ave                                                      behavior. High Risk means that there is a significant probability
ITASCA, IL 60195                                                     of delinquent payment. Low Risk means that there is a good
Phone: 847 XXX XXXS                                                  probability of on-time payment.
                                                                                          Credit Ranking Score: 30
Business Type: Incorporated                                             High                                                    Low
                                                                        Risk                                                    Risk

                                                                        Businesses Scoring Worse:                                30%
Experian BIN/File Number:                     PXXXXC943
Experian File Established:            Before January 1977               Bankruptcies:                                                    0
Experian Years on File:                More than 29 Years               Liens (see detail):                                              1
                                                                        Judgments Filed (see detail):                                    2
                                                                        Collections (see detail, summary):          3

                                                                     Key Score Factors:
                                                                     • Presence of slow-paying trade line(s).
                                                                     • Presence of derogatory legal balance.
                                                                     • Late-payment behavior indicated by higher than avg cur dbt.
                                                                     • Large-size business indicated by balance on recent trd lines.
Key Facts                                                            Executive Summary
Sales:                                          $7,750,000           Current Days Beyond Terms (DBT):                           11
Number of Employees:                                    12
Filing Data Provided by:                                IL           Predicted DBT for 08/11/2006:                              18
Date of Incorporation:                          06/16/1913
Years in Business:                                 9 Years           Payment Trend Indicator:            Payments are increasingly late.

                                                                     Lowest 6 Month Balance:                                $1,720,000
Key Personnel:                     Treasurer: James Reno             Highest 6 Month Balance:                               $2,196,200
                                      CEO: Barry Carlson             Current Total Account Balance:                         $2,113,800
                                                                     Highest Credit Amount Extended:                        $1,223,200

                                                              Median Credit Amount Extended:                          $4,500
                                                              Payment Trade lines (                                       88
                                                              Business                                                     3

                                                              Banking/Insurance/Leasing                                        5
                                                              UCC Filings                                                      6
                                                              Cautionary UCC Filings:                                          2

       *Percentage of on-time payments by month.                        *Percentage of on-time payments by quarter.

      Monthly Payment Trends - Recent Activity                          Quarterly Payment Trends - Recent Activity
                             Up to 31-60 61-90 >90                                             Up to 31-60 61-90 >90
Date Balance       Current                                        Date Balance       Current
                             30 DBT DBT DBT DBT                                                30 DBT DBT DBT DBT
12/05 $1,749,300    80%       11%      1%      3%      5%         03/05 $1,850,900    63%       23%    8%      3%     3%
01/06 $1,860,300    68%       16%      6%      4%      6%         06/05 $1,879,200    60%       31%    2%      3%     4%
02/06 $1,952,700    56%       27%      5%      5%      7%         09/05 $2,060,300    72%       22%    2%      1%     3%
03/06 $1,720,000    68%       17%      4%      3%      8%         12/05 $1,809,700    71%       16%    4%      3%     6%
04/06 $2,192,000    63%       27%      1%      2%      7%         03/06 $1,935,900    63%       24%    3%      3%     7%
05/06 $2,034,000    68%       21%      1%      1%      9%

  *Continuous distribution with DBT.        *Newly Reported distribution with DBT.     *Combined distribution with DBT.
      Number of Accounts: 52                       Number of Accounts: 1                   Number of Accounts: 53
    Present Balance: $2,109,600                   Present Balance: $4,200                Present Balance: $2,113,800
    Highest Balance: $3,475,500                   Highest Balance: $6,400                Highest Balance: $3,481,900

Trade Payment Experiences

                                        Recent                        Up to 31- 61-
Supplier      Reported Activity Payment                                             >90
                                        High          Balance Current 30    60 90             Comments
Category      Date     Date     Terms                                               DBT
                                        Credit                        DBT DBT DBT
 Air Trans     04/06    04/06   Net 30       $1,200        $0
 Air Trans     04/06            Net 30         $300      $100   92%    8%                        Cia
 Ceramics      05/06            Net 30                     $0                                 Cust 24 Yr
Chemicals      05/06            Net 30       $1,100      $500          48% 24% 24%      4%
Computers      02/06            Net 30                     $0
Computers      05/06    02/06               $15,500        $0
 Dp Equip      04/06            Net 30      $12,300        $0
Dp Supply      04/06            Varied         $100      $100          100%
  Drugs        06/06    05/06   Net 30      $73,500   $52,000   71%    29%
Elec Equip     06/06            Net 30         $300      $100   100%
Elec Equip     04/06    04/06   Contrct     $15,700      $500   100%
 Elec Mfg      03/06*   12/05   Net 30       $6,400    $4,200   100%
Elec Suplr     06/06            Varied                     $0
 Electronic    06/06             Net30                     $0                                 Cust 8 Yr
  Factor       06/06            Net 30                     $0
  Factor       06/06            Net 30       $1,100        $0                                 Cust 2 Yr
Fincl Svcs     06/06            Varied         $200      $100   100%                          Cust 2 Yr
Fincl Svcs     06/06    06/05                  $700        $0
Fincl Svcs     05/06            Contrct                    $0                                 Cust 3 Yr
  Florist      04/06    04/06    Cod           $700        $0                                 Cust 11 Yr
Food Distr     03/06    03/06   Net 30    >$100,000   $29,100   85%    1%     9%   2%   3%    Cust 11 Yr
Genl Merch     05/06    03/05   Revolve      $4,600        $0                                 Acctclosed
 Giftware      05/06            Net 30                     $0                                 Cust 4 Yr
 Giftware      04/06            Varied                     $0                                 Cust 4 Yr
 Grocery       05/06            Discnt                     $0                                  Satsftry
Housewares     04/06            Varied      $20,200        $0
Indus Supl     05/06    02/03   Net 30        <$100        $0                                 Cust 6 Yr
Machinery      06/06    04/06   Net 30     $186,300        $0
Manufctrng     05/06            Net 30                     $0                                 Cust 9 Yr
Med Chem       05/06            2/20N30    $191,100   $86,100          100%                   Cust 8 Yr
Med Equip      06/06    05/06   Net 30       $1,500    $1,500   57%    43%
Med Equip      04/06    04/06   Net 30    $1,179,300 $849,800   87%    13%
Med Equip      05/06            Varied      $16,100    $5,300   79%    18%              3%    Cust 18 Yr
Med Equip      06/06            Net 30     $111,700 $111,700    100%
Med Equip      04/06    04/06   Net 30     $179,200    $6,100   84%    16%                    Cust 1 Yr
Med Equip      06/06            Net 30      $24,600    $9,300   96%    4%                     Cust 4 Yr
Med Equip      03/06    01/06   Net 30       $3,600    $3,400          100%                   Cust 11 Yr
               04/06            Net 30    $1,132,400 $876,700   50%    28%         2%   20%
Med Supply     03/06            Net 30       $8,600      $500   100%
Med Supply     04/06            Net 30      $31,700    $3,700   100%
Med Supply     02/06    02/06   Net 30         $400      $100   20%    80%

Med Supply     05/06            Net 30       $5,200     $1,100       100%
Med Supply     06/06   05/06    Net 30       $4,500       $500       75%    8%     1% 16%          Cust 8 Yr
Misc Manuf     05/06            Varied       $8,700       $400       100%
Offc Suppl     05/06   05/06     Net      >$100,000    $54,900       97%    3%                     Cust 12 Yr
Persnlsvcs     05/06   12/04     Roi        $28,300     $3,500                              100%
Petroleum      05/06            Varied         $300       $200       100%                           Prompt
Prntg&Publ     03/06   06/03     N30         <$100        $100              100%
  Rentals      03/06            Net 30         $400       $400              53% 47%
Restr Supl     05/06   05/06    Net 30       $5,900     $3,800       65%    21% 10% 4%             Cust 3 Yr
Safty Prod     06/06            Net 30                      $0                                     Cust 1 Yr
   Soap        05/06           2/10N30       $8,000     $8,000       47%    53%
 Sport Gds     04/06   11/03    Net 30                      $0
                                   Additional Payment Experiences
                                       Recent                                Up to 31- 61-
Supplier     Reported Activity Payment                                                     >90
                                       High           Balance        Current 30    60 90           Comments
Category     Date     Date     Terms                                                       DBT
                                       Credit                                DBT DBT DBT
 Air Trans    10/04            Varied         $200              $0
 Air Trans    01/04    01/03   Net 30                           $0                                   Satsftry
 Air Trans    06/05             Net 7                           $0
Cellul/Pag    01/05            Net 90      $15,900      $15,900       52%    48%                    Cust 5 Yr
Cellul/Pag    01/06    12/05   Net 30                           $0                                  Write-Off
Chemicals     06/04            Net 30       $1,400         $400      100%
Chemicals     01/04    08/03   Net 30        <$100              $0
Chemicals     08/05            Net 30         $200         $200              51% 49%
Computers     09/03    08/03   Net 30                           $0
  Drugs       04/04                         $2,200         $900      100%
  Drugs       12/04    06/03                                    $0
  Drugs       04/05              Net     $1,223,200 $1,223,200       100%
Elec Equip    04/04    04/04    N30         $1,600         $300       47%    53%
Elec Equip    01/05    03/99   Net 30       $5,900              $0                                  Cust 14 Yr
  Food        07/04            Varied                           $0
Food Distr    08/03    04/00   Net 21       $3,600              $0
 Freight      06/04             Net 7        <$100         $100                             100%
 General      12/05    01/96   Net 30         $800              $0                                  Cust 7 Yr
 Leasing      04/06            Contrct      $1,600         $800      100%
 Leasing      12/04    07/04   Contrct       <$100              $0
Manufctrng    01/05    09/04   1/10N30        $500              $0
Med Equip     10/05            N10Eom                           $0                                  Cust 17 Yr
Med Equip     10/05            Net 30      $34,000         $200      100%
Med Equip     12/05            Net 30                           $0
Med Supply    01/05    01/05   Net 30      $12,400       $1,000       1%     1%    1% 97%
Med Supply    11/04            Net 30                           $0
Med Supply    03/04            2/10Eom      $5,900       $5,900      100%
Med Supply    12/05            Net 30     $438,300      $64,200       54%    46%
Offc Equip    04/05    08/04   Net 30       $2,700              $0                                  Cust 11 Yr

Optic Supl      07/05                  Contrct            $500             $300              100%
Safty Prod      06/05      05/05       Net 30             $200             $100   100%                                 Cust 2 Yr
 Telecom        02/04      01/04       Net 30             $800             $800   100%                                 Cust 1 Yr
Transportn      03/04      03/03       Varied             $200             $100                                 100%
Transportn      09/04                  Varied                                $0
Trns Equip      04/04                  Varied                                $0                                        Cust 16 Yr
                                                      Summary of Inquiries
Supplier Category              06/06       05/06        04/06     03/06       02/06      01/06      12/05   11/05      10/05
           Drugs                   1             0         0           0          1           0        0         0        0
         Med Equip                 0             0         0           0          0           0        0         0        1
           Totals                  1             0         0           0          1           0        0         0        1

                     Collection Filings

                                                                 Closed           Amt               Amt
Date Agency                            Status                                                                        Comments
                                                                 Date             Disputed          Collected
                                          Closed, Paid in
01/05        Acme Collections                                       11/05                    $720           $720
             Vinnie's Collection
06/05                                     Open Account                                       $109               $0
             Vinnie's Collection
09/05                                     Open Account                                       $108               $0

Status                  Number of Items              Amt Disputed      Amt Collected
    Open Account                   2                            $217                    $0
 Closed, Paid in Full              1                            $720                  $720

                     Commercial Banking, Insurance, Leasing

                                       Commercial Banking and Insurance
Type:                      Commercial Banking
Institution Name:          Undisclosed
Relationship:              Merchant Bank Card
Account Rating:            No comment
Balance:                   Mid seven figures
Open Date:                 01/91

Type:                      Insurance
Institution Name:          Undisclosed
Address:                   1212 Back Lane Monmouth Junction CT 912221
Phone:                     732-398-4000
Relationship:              General Liability Insurance

Institution Name:       Non-Disclosed
Product Type:           Equipment
Commencement Date:      06/05
Close Date:             06/06
Term:                   13 Months
Original Balance:       $3,338
Remaining Balance:      $0
Current Payout:         0
Scheduled Amount Due:   $256
Payments per Year:      0
Payments Overdue:       0

Institution Name:       Ted meds
Address:                Burlington, NJ
ZIP Code:               08016
Phone:                  800-555-1212
Product Type:           Equipment
Commencement Date:      10/04
Term:                   60 Months
Original Balance:       $17,640
Remaining Balance:      $11,760
Scheduled Amount Due:   $0
Payments per Year:      11
Payments Current:       13
Payments Late:          7
Payments Overdue:       0

Institution Name:       Leasing Services
Address:                Cedar Rapids,
ZIP Code:               81221
Phone:                  800-555-1212
Product Type:           Office Equp
Commencement Date:      08/00
Term:                   60 Months
Original Balance:       $13,688
Remaining Balance:      $4,106
Current Payout:         0
Scheduled Amount Due:   $228
Payments per Year:      12
Payments Overdue:       0

Judgment Filings

Date:                   11/08/2004

Plaintiff:              Robert Wilkinson
Filing Location:        Philly CNTY Mun CT
Legal Type:             Judgment
Legal Action:           Filed
Document Number:        12345678
Liability Amount:       $2,675

Date:                   04/05/1999

Plaintiff:              LaSalle Medical Supply
Filing Location:        Montgomery County Co
Legal Type:             Judgment
Legal Action:           Filed
Document Number:        99005932
Liability Amount:       $4,452

Tax Lien Filings

Date:               03/28/2005

Filing Location:    Montgomery County Co
Legal Type:         State Tax
Legal Action:       Lien
Document Number:    87654321
Liability Amount:   $253,985
Description:        Other Tax

UCC Filings

Date:               05/04/2004

Filing Number:      12345678
Jurisdiction:       Sec Of State Pennsyl
Activity:           Filed

Date:               04/26/2004

Filing Number:      12345678
Jurisdiction:       Sec Of State Pennsyl
Collateral:         Accounts
Activity:           Filed

Date:               03/07/2004

Filing Number:      87654321
Jurisdiction:       Sec Of State Pennsyl
Activity:           Filed

Date:               09/17/2003

Filing Number:      12345678
Jurisdiction:       Sec Of State Pennsyl
Activity:           Filed

Date:               04/23/2003

Filing Number:      87654321
Jurisdiction:       Sec Of State Pennsyl
Collateral:         Hereafter Acquired Property
Activity:           Filed

Date:               04/04/2003

Filing Number:      12345678
Jurisdiction:       Sec Of State Pennsyl
Collateral:         Equipment
Activity:           Filed

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State Criminal: N/A

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                                                          END INVESTIGATIVE REPORT

Invoice                                                                         SDS Case No:
                                                                                Client Case No: s/a/a
PO Box 4763
Scottsdale, AZ 85261                                                                   Date               Invoice #
ph 1.866.228.3967 x101
fx 480.794.1473

Bill To:
  Quantity                              Description                                Rate            Amount

                30   60    90   120                                                Total

A finance charge of 1.5 % per month will be charged for accounts 30 days past due.

Amex, Master Card, Visa, Discover No.      ON FILE      Exp _________

Billing Address _________________________________________________________________________

Signature __________________________________________________                                  Date__________


                                                      Screening Glossary

The legal certification of the innocence of a person who has been charged with a crime.

A substance that is not expected to be present in human urine that is identified in the specimen. A substance that is expected
to be present in human urine is identified at a concentration so high that it is not consistent with human urine. The physical
characteristics of the specimen are outside the normal expected range for human urine. Examples: Nitrates, Chromates,
Hydrochloric Acid, Bleach, Agents that affect pH.

Adversary Proceeding
A lawsuit within a bankruptcy case.

A written statement of facts signed and sworn to in front of a notary or other qualified person.

Alcohol Use
The drinking or swallowing of any beverage, liquid mixture, or preparation, including any medication, containing alcohol.
A request by either the defense or the prosecution that a case be removed from a lower court to a higher court in order for a
completed trial to be reviewed by the higher court.

The process of resolving a dispute or a grievance outside of the court system by presenting it to an impartial third party or
panel for a decision that may or may not be binding.

The formal appearance of an accused person to hear the charges against them in the presence of a judge, and then to enter a

To detain someone in legal custody.

Money or personal recognizance placed as security with the court in order to guarantee that the person who has been arrested
will appear in court at the proper time.

Bankruptcy is a legal procedure designed to protect a person who is unable to pay his/her bills. Once a person files a
bankruptcy petition, creditors are stopped from continuing to collect on debts until the Court has sorted them out.

Breath Alcohol Technician
A person who instructs and assists employees in the alcohol testing process and operates an evidential breath-testing device.

Change of Venue
The movement of a case from the jurisdiction of one court to that of another court which has the same subject matter
jurisdictional authority but is in a different geographical location.

Chapter 13
This is a "reorganization" or "debt adjustment." bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy allows a person to pay debts, or parts of
debts, from current income over a period of up to five years.

Chapter 7
A "straight" or "liquidation" bankruptcy. It allows a person to discharge his/her debts through a liquidation of his/her assets.
Some types of debts cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. These include alimony, child support, and certain taxes.

Charge Off
Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit grantor.

Any notice, ticket, or other official document issued by a police officer for a minor offense containing an order to appear in court
at a particular time and place to answer to the charges stated.

Collection Account
Account has been assigned to a collection agency

A person who instructs and assists employees at a collection site, receives and makes an initial inspection of the specimen
provided by those employees and initiates and completes the custody and control form (CCF).

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
A motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles used in commerce to transport passengers or property if the motor vehicle
a) Has a gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 pounds or more inclusive of a towed unit, with a gross vehicle
weight or more than 10,000 pounds; or
b) Has a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more; or
c) Is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver; or
d) Is of any size and is used in the transportation of materials found to be hazardous for the purposes of the Hazardous
Materials Transportation Act and is required to be placarded under the Hazardous Materials regulations (49 CFR part 172,
subpart F).

Community Service
A sentencing alternative in which offenders work without monetary compensation at public or private nonprofit agencies in the

Community Supervision
Classification with unrestricted day and night movement and full access to jobs and programs.

A formal written accusation made by a person, usually a prosecutor, and filed in a court alleging that a specific person has
committed a specific offense.

Compromise with Creditors
An arrangement between consumer and credit grantor to accept a lesser amount of the original balance as payment. Trade
line remains on credit report for 7 years from the date of the initial missed payment that led to the delinquency.

Concurrent Sentence
A sentence that is one of two or more sentences imposed at the same time. After conviction, all or part of each term is served
simultaneously. Contrast with consecutive sentence.

Conditional Release
Release in which a correctional system or other criminal justice entity maintains some supervision over the releasee for a
specified period of time. Typically, it includes parole, supervised mandatory release, and supervised work furloughs.

Consecutive Sentence
A sentence that is one of two or more sentences imposed at the same time, after conviction. The sentences are served in
sequence. Contrast with concurrent sentence.

Consent Decree
A court judgment in which both parties agree to work out the terms of the settlement subject to court approval.

Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA)
A service agent that provides or coordinates the provision of a variety of drug and alcohol testing services to employers.
C/TPAs typically perform administrative tasks concerning the operation of the employers’ drug and alcohol testing programs.
This term includes, but is not limited to, groups of employers who join together to administer, as a single entity, the DOT drug
and alcohol testing program of its members. C/TPAs are not “employers” for purposes of this part.

The cessation, interruption, or adjournment of a proceeding until a future date.

Controlled Substances
For the purpose of these guidelines, the terms “drugs” and “controlled substances” are interchangeable and have the same
meaning. The DOT is testing for the following five controlled substances: marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine
(PCP) and amphetamines (including methamphetamines).

The formal decision of a criminal matter which finds the accused guilty. It is the finding of a judge or jury, on behalf of the state,
that a person has, beyond a reasonable doubt, committed the crime that they were accused of.

Credit Bureau
Credit bureaus are private companies that gather and sell consumers credit histories, including bankruptcy and tax lien data,
to credit-grantors such as banks or credit-card companies. The 3 major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

Any entity that has a monetary claim against the debtor.
Current / was 30
Current account, was 30 days late.

Current / was 30 2x
Current account, was 30 days late twice.

Current / was Coll Acct
Current account, was a collection account.

The person who seeks relief through bankruptcy.

The person or entity charged with having committed an offense.

Deferred Adjudication
To withhold formal judgment pending the outcome of the probation period. If an individual is given deferred adjudication and he
or she successfully completes the probation and conditions assigned by the court, the charges are dismissed.

Delinquent / was 90
Account past due, was 90 days past due.

Delinquent 60
Account is past due by 60 days.

Barbiturates "goof balls", tranquilizers, methaqualone "ludes"and alcohol

Designated Employer Representative (DER)
An employee authorized by the employer to take immediate action(s) to remove employees from safety-sensitive duties or
cause employees to be removed from these covered duties and to make required decisions in the testing and evaluation
processes. The DER also received test results and other communication for the employer, consistent with the requirements of
CFR 49 Part 40. Service agents cannot act as DERs.

Dilute specimen
A specimen with creatinine and specific gravity values that are lower than expected for human urine. The specific gravity is
less than 1.003 and the creatinine is less than 20.

The release of a debtor from an obligation to pay, pursuant to a bankruptcy proceeding. A "discharge" indicates the successful
completion of a bankruptcy case. Or, in criminal matters, to release a person from confinement or supervision.

The rejection or failure of a petition for bankruptcy. When a bankruptcy case is "dismissed", it is closed without any debts being
discharged. Or, in criminal matters, termination of a criminal action or proceeding by a court.

Dismissal With Prejudice
Termination of a criminal action or proceeding by a court, by which the same cause of action cannot be brought against the
defendant again at a later date.

Dismissed with prejudice
The action is over and the plaintiff can not bring the same issue back to the court.

Dismissed without prejudice
The action is over but the plaintiff retains the right to bring the issue back to the court.

1. The final outcome or resolution of a court case or criminal matter. 2. The formal resolution of a case by a court.
A listing of all court actions in a case from its inception to its conclusion.

Any person who operates a CMV and is required to hold a CDL. This includes, but is not limited to,
--Full-time, regularly employed drivers
--Leased drivers
--Independent owner-operator contractors (employed directly or leased)
--Casual, intermittent, or occasional drivers

Drug Screen Panels Defined
5 Panel: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, PCP
9 Panel: Add the following: Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Propoxyphene

Driving Under the Influence

Driving While Intoxicated or Impaired

Any person who is designated in a DOT agency regulation as subject to drug testing and/or alcohol testing. The term includes
individuals currently performing safety sensitive functions designated in DOT agency regulations and applicants for
employment subject to pre employment testing. For purposes of drug testing under this part, the term employee has the same
meaning as the term “donor” as found on the custody and control form (CCF).

Any person engaged in a business affecting interstate commerce who owns or leases a commercial motor vehicle in
connection with that business, or assigns employees to operate it, but such terms does not include the United States, any
state, any political subdivision of a State, or an agency established under a compact between States approved by the
Congress of the United States.

To seal or purge records of arrest, criminal, or juvenile record information.

The surrender by one jurisdiction to another of a person accused or convicted of an offense committed within the jurisdiction
demanding the individual's return.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law enforced by the Federal Trade Commission that is designed to promote
accuracy and ensure the privacy of the information used in consumer reports produced by consumer reporting agencies. The
FCRA contains specific requirements on the use of consumer reports for purposes of employment.

A criminal offense that is punishable by death or by incarceration in a state or federal prison, generally for one year or more.
The determination of which crimes are considered felonies varies from state to state.

The commencement of criminal proceedings by entering a charging document into the official record of a court.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Credit grantor sold collateral to settle defaulted mortgage
An element of certain offenses, consisting of deceit or intentional misrepresentation with the aim of illegally depriving a person
of his or her property or legal rights.

A legal proceeding in which a debtor's money, in the possession of another (called the garnishee), is applied to the debts of
the debtor, such as when an employer garnishes a debtor's wages.

Government Claim
Claim filed with government on defaulted student loan

Gross Combination Weight Rating
The total value specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle as the loaded weight of two or more vehicles. In the absence of a
value specified by the manufacturer, it will be determined by adding the gross vehicle weight rating of the power unit to the
total weight of the towed unit and any load thereon.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
The value specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle as the loaded weight of a single vehicle.

The status of being responsible for or chargeable with violation of criminal law or having been adjudged by due process of
violation of the law.

Lysergic acid diethylamide "LSD, acid" and phencyclidine "PCP, angel dust"

In Foreclosure
Foreclosure proceeding started.

In Network
The collection sites that Vertical Screen has made part of its own network for its clients, therefore no surcharges will be
assessed above the standard pricing.

Included in Bankruptcy
Debit included in or discharged through bankruptcy proceedings.

A formal written accusation made by a grand jury and filed in a court, alleging that a specified person or persons committed a
specific offense or offenses.

A violation of a rule or law that is not punishable by incarceration.

A writ requiring a person to refrain from doing a particular thing.

Judgment Lien
A lien binding the real estate of a judgment debtor in favor of the holder of the judgment. The lien attaches the debtor's real

The territory, subject matter, or person over which lawful authority may be exercised by a court or other justice agency, as
determined by statute or constitution.

Any U.S. laboratory certified by HHS under the National Laboratory Certification Program as meeting the minimum standards
of Subpart C of the HHS Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing programs; or, in the case of foreign
laboratories, a laboratory approved for participation by DOT under this part.
Unlawful taking or attempted taking of property other than a motor vehicle from the possession of another, by stealth, without
force, and without deceit, with the intent of permanently depriving the owner of the property.

Legitimate Use
Under medical supervision or for an accepted medical reason

Common terms it is known by include herb, pot, weed, hash, cannibinoids

Medical Review Officer (MRO)
A person who is a licensed physician and who is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results generated by an
employer’s drug testing program and evaluating medical explanations for certain drug test results.

A criminal offense, generally minor or petty, that is punishable by small fines or penalties or incarceration in a local jail for a
year or less.

Heroin, morphine, opium codeine, meperidine and methadone

Negative Dilute
A specimen that lab has determined to be negative, no illegal substance is found, it is human urine, but the levels fall below
normal levels. Drinking lots of fluids prior to voiding can cause this situation.

No Contest
A plea in a court in answer to a charge stated that the defendant will not contest the charge, but neither admits guilt nor claims
innocence. It is tantamount to a guilty plea. Same as Nolo Contendere.

Nolle Prosequi
Voluntary dismissal of criminal charges by the state, or a formal decision by the prosecutor not to prosecute any further.

Nolo Contendere
A plea in a court in answer to a charge stated that the defendant will not contest the charge, but neither admits guilt nor claims
innocence. It is tantamount to a guilty plea. Same as No Contest.

Now Paying
Subject now paying, was a charge off

On Site Collector
An individual that conducts OHS services by going to the site designated by the client.

Operating (a motor vehicle) While Intoxicated or Impaired.

Paid / was 30
Paid account, was 30 days late.

Paid / was 30 2x
Paid account, was 30 days late twice.

Paid / was Charge Off
Paid account , was a charge off.

Paid / was Coll Acct
Paid account, was a collection account.
Paid / was Foreclosure
Paid account, a foreclosure was started.

Paid / was Repo
Paid account, was a repossession.

Paid for less than full balance
An arrangement between consumer and credit grantor to accept a lesser amount of the original balance as payment. Trade
line remains on credit report for 7 years from the date of the initial missed payment that led to the delinquency.

The process of releasing inmates from incarceration before the end of their sentence, on conditions of supervision by a parole
office and their maintenance of good behavior. If conditions are violated, the inmate my be reincarcerated.

A person or company who initiates a civil court action.

A defendant's formal answer in court to charges logged against him or her in an accusatory instrument. The occasion upon
which a defendant enters such a plea to an accusatory instrument.

Plea Bargain
An agreement entered into by a prosecutor and a defendant whereby concessions generally are made (such as reduced
charges or sentences)in return for a guilty plea.

Presentence Hearing
A proceeding during which the court considers relevant information, such as extenuating circumstances, held for the purpose
of determining a sentence for a person convicted of an offense.

Pretrial Intervention
The Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) provides defendants, generally first-time offenders, with opportunities for alternatives to
the traditional criminal justice process of ordinary prosecution. If PTI is successfully completed, there is no record of conviction
and the defendant avoids the stigma of a criminal record. Any defendant who is charged with an indictable offense may apply.

Punitive Damages
Those damages awarded over and above any compensation for actual damages. The intent is to punish the wrongdoer.

A discharge of a debt or obligation.

Merchandise taken back by credit grantor.

1. A requirement by the court as a condition of a revocable sentence, or earlier in the criminal justice process, that the offender
replaces the loss imposed by his or her offenses. 2. Money received from a probationer for payment of damages.

Restraining Order
An order from a court directing one person not to do something, such as make contact with another person. Restraining orders
are typically issued in an attempt to ensure the victim's safety.

The discharge of an obligation by paying a party what is due to him.

The Secretary of Transportation or the Secretary's designee.

The penalty imposed by a court upon a convicted person; the imposition and entry of sentence upon a conviction.
Sentence Withheld
A court decision postponing the execution of a sentence and discharging the defendant conditional upon good behavior.

Service Agent
Any person or entity, other than an employee of the employer, that provided services specified under the regulations to
employers and/or employees in connection with DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements.

The practice of temporarily removing an employee from the performance of safety-sensitive functions based only on a report
from a laboratory to the medical review officer (MRO) of a confirmed positive test, an adulterated test, or a substituted test,
before the MRO has completed verification of the test results.

Status Date
This is the date the account or tradeline reached the status indicated in the Notes column.

Amphetamines "speed," cocaine, nicotine and caffeine

Substance Abuse Professional
A person who evaluates employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation and makes recommendations
concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing and aftercare.

Summary Conviction
A finding of guilt by a magistrate or judge, without a jury, of a person accused of a misdemeanor or violation.

Summary Judgment
The decision of a court concerning merits of a lawsuit, where upon review of the facts, it is determined that the party who made
the motion for summary judgment is entitled to judgment.

A written order issued by a judicial officer requiring a person accused of a criminal offense to appear n a designated court at a
specified time to answer the charge or charges.

Suspended Sentence
A court decision postponing the execution of a sentence and discharging the defendant conditional upon good behavior.

Tax Lien
A lien on real estate in favor of federal, state or local government which may be foreclosed for nonpayment of taxes.

An injury or wrong committed on the person or property of another. A tort is an infringement on the rights of an individual, but
not founded on a contract. The most common tort action is a suit for damages sustained in an automobile accident.

Traffic Offenses
A group of offenses usually consisting of those infractions and very minor misdemeanors relating to the operation of self-
propelled surface motor vehicles. Violators of these laws may incur fines, loss of license, or imprisonment.

Unconditional Discharge
A sentence where the court is authorized to release the defendant without fine, imprisonment, or probation supervision if the
court if of the opinion that no proper purpose would be served by imposing any condition on the defendant's release.

To annul; to set aside; to cancel or rescind; to render an act void, as to vacate an entry of record or a judgment.

A document issued by a court or releasing authority directing the arrest or taking into custody of a person to bring him or her
before the court or releasing authority. There are two main types of warrants: arrest warrant and search warrant.

The following is a glossary of terms and abbreviations used in Experian Business Credit Profiles.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Included as part of reports on companies with at least five active current trade lines. This section
identifies key elements from the body of the report and includes:

DAYS BEYOND TERMS (DBT) - Estimates number of days late a firm takes to pay its bills at date of inquiry and predicts
DBT for the next 60 days.

HIGHEST CREDIT AMOUNT EXTENDED - Largest individual amount of credit extended to the firm in the past 12 months
and the median amount.

COMPARISON of this company's performance to others in the same industry.

PAYMENT TREND INDICATION - Analysis of the firm's payment behavior during the past six months.

SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC RECORD DATA - Summary of significant public record data.

TRADE PAYMENT INFORMATION Trade payment information may be divided into two categories where sufficient trade
data is available:

TRADE PAYMENT EXPERIENCE (reported within last 90 days) and

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT EXPERIENCES (including non-trade account and trade account older than 90 days.)

TRADE LINES - Line items are trade credit experiences that summarize and age all open invoices debits and credits within
an account receivable system.

BUSINESS CATEGORY - Industry group classification of contributors of information.

DATE REPORTED - Month and year data was extracted from contributor's accounts receivable system.

DATE LAST SALE/ACTIVITY - Month and year of most recent sale to or other activity with report subject.

TERMS - Actual payment terms are displayed if reported. Broad terms are also reported, as follows

DISC -- If contributor offers discount terms for each invoice on the same account

NET -- If contributor offers net terms for each invoice on the same account

VARIED -- If contributor offers both discount and net terms on the same account (blank) -- If contributor is unable to report
payment terms.

RECENT HIGH CREDIT - Highest account balance within previous twelve-month or lesser period rounded to nearest $100.

ACCOUNT STATUS - Reflects account balance and aging of that balance as of the date reported.

ACCOUNT BALANCE - Dollar sum of all current and past due amounts rounded to nearest $100.

CURRENT - Percentage of Account Balance not past due on date reported.

DAYS BEYOND TERMS - Percentage of Account Balance beyond terms in categories: 1-30 days; 31-60 days; 61-90 days;
91 + days. AMOUNTS - All dollar amounts shown are rounded to nearest one-hundred except; -- Amounts greater than
$100,000, $200,000, $300,000, $400,000, or $500,000 will be retained in the file but may be shown, if elected by the
contributor, as + 100000, + 200000, + 300000, + 400000, or + 500000, respectively. -- Amounts preceded by < indicates
less than that amount. -- Amounts preceded by > indicates more than that amount. -- Paid accounts are shown with zero
balance when that information is available.

PERCENTAGES - All percentages are rounded to nearest whole percentage as derived from actual dollar amounts owing.
When the sum of the Days Beyond Terms percentages is less than 5% on a line item, the account will be reported 100%
current. However, percentages in Current Reported Totals and Prior Reported Months show exactly as calculated.
COMMENTS are displayed, if reported. Some comments are self-explanatory. Others include:

ADS = average number of days paid slow or the average number of days invoices are paid beyond terms

ADV TREND = adverse trend

BOND SATIS = credit extended has been satisfactorily bonded CIA = cash in advance

CIA-OUR REQ = cash in advance -- our request

DDWA = dollar days weighted average or the average number of days beyond terms invoices are paid weighted by the
dollar amount of the invoices involved (historical or current)

ERN DISC = earned discount taken

UNR DISC = unearned discount taken

EXC DISC - excessive discount taken

DISPUTE - disputed invoice

FLOOR PLAN = floor plan method of inventory financing

HLDG-ORD = holding orders
JOB COMPLET = payment upon job completion

LEGAL = legal involvement

NOTE = pays by note

NSG = not sufficient funds

PROD COMPL = product complaint

RFC = refused to grant further credit

REF FIN CHG = refused to pay finance charge

RETENTION = funds contractually withheld for a stipulated period of time as security for performance

SPEC TERMS = special terms

TRD-ACPT = trade acceptance, instrument acknowledging the debt

UNFL-ORD = unfilled orders

X-DEDUCT = unauthorized deductions taken

PAYMENT TREND Percentage of prior account balance totals that were current and beyond terms for each 30 day interval
(30, 60 180 days, respectively) from the date of the report. This section combined with the status shown in the current
trade line total will reflect any payment performance trend.

EXPERIAN QUARTERLY CREDIT PATTERN A summary of all the trade experiences reported to Experian on report
subject within each of the five calendar quarters shown. Especially useful for identifying seasonality.

EXPERIAN CURRENT PAYMENT GUIDE A brief summary of three key elements contained in the Experian Business
Profile Report that services as a

DECISION GUIDE. It reflects the sum of all account balances, the overall payment performance and the payment trend.
BANK INFORMATION Indicates name and address of bank and, where available, banking relationship with report subject.

SUMMARY BUSINESS DATA The following information is reported on many business establishments: "Product/service
lines, sales, market share, number of employees, parent affiliation and ownership." This information is obtained from a
source believed to be reliable, but has not been verified with the subject of this report.

INQUIRIES All inquiries made on report subject within last 90 days. Business category of inquirer may appear, or ASSOC
when NACM association makes an inquiry for its members.

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