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					                                    US Army Corps of Engineers
                                          Attn: D. Hadley
                                      12565 West Center Road
                                    Omaha, Nebraska, 68144-3869

                             COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT SCHEDULE
   1. Cooperative Agreement Title “Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program”
   2. Cooperative Agreement number: _________________ (Reference NALEMP-08-____)
   3. Awardee Name and Address:                  Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Indian Reservation
                                                 PO Box 1027
                                                 Klamath, CA 95548
   4. Awardee’s Tax Identification Number: n/a
   5. Program Director: Ken Fetcho, Yurok Tribe Environmental Interim Program Director; Project
       Manager, Yurok Tribe
   6. Scope of Work: the work to be accomplished is included herein as the Scope of Work found
       attached hereto.
           a. Title: Same as Project Title in 1, above.
           b. Date of Proposal and Revisions Thereto: 25 February 2008
   7. Grants Officer: Douglas E. Hadley, Grants Officer, USACE, Omaha District.
   8. Grant Officer’s Technical Representative: Jerry Vincent/Eileen McBride, USACE, Sacramento
   9. Performance Period: 1 July 2008 through 31 December 2009
   10. Award & Funding Information:
           a. Award Amount: $350,000.00
           b. Optional Line Items: $150,000.00
           c. Funded Amount: $350,000.00
           d. Funded Period: 1 July 2008 through 31 December 2009
   11. Appropriation Data: Section 8035, P.L. 109-289
   12. Administered By: USACE, Sacramento District, CESPK-PM, 1325 J Street, Sacramento, CA
   13. Terms and Conditions: This cooperative agreement is subject to the General Terms and
       Conditions set forth in this document.
   14. Options for additional periods of performance: None.
   15. Payments will be made pursuant to the “payments” article in the current valid MOA
   16. Miscellaneous Provisions:
           a. The attachments to this document, which include additional terms and conditions, the
                Scope of Work, and all other documents included in this application package are made a
                part hereof.
           b. Nonwithstanding the Awardee’s technical and cost proposals, the Federal Government’s
                obligation is restricted to the funding stated in item 10, above.

Recipient: Yurok Tribe

Maria Tripp                  Date                         Douglas E. Hadley                     Date
Tribal Chairperson                                        Grants Officer
Yurok Tribe                                               United States of America

                Prepared for the

    United States Department of Defense
           Environmental Security
           3400 Defense Pentagon
        Washington, DC 20301-3400

                    And the

   United States Army Corps of Engineers
             Sacramento District
                 1325 J Street
         Sacramento, CA 95814-2922

                Prepared by the

               Yurok Tribe
              P.O. Box 1027
            Klamath, CA 95548

             25 February 2008
Table of Contents

I.           Executive Summary                                                    Page 1

II.          Standard Form 424                                                    Page 2

III          Standard Form 424 A                                                  Page 3-4

IV           Standard Form 424 B                                                  Page 5-6

V            Certifications Regarding Lobbying, Debarment, Drug-Free work place   Page 7-8

VI           Certification from Attorney                                          Page 9

VII          Cooperative Agreement                                                Page 10

VIII         Scope of Work                                                        Page 11-13

IX           Schedule of Activities                                               Page 14

X            Budget                                                               Page 15

XI           Budget Narrative                                                     Page 16

XII          Smoke Free Certification                                             Page 17

XII          Indirect Cost Agreement                                              Page 18-20

XIV          Organizational Chart                                                 Page 21
                                          EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


Requa Air Force Station was established and activated on 1 June 1949 and assigned to the Tenth Air Force. The
Air Force constructed 64 buildings and 27 family housing units on the Requa sites, totaling 141,000 square feet.
The mission of the station was an Aircraft Control and Warning Site in the developing air defense system
during the 1970's. The Requa property was determined to be excess to the Air Force and transferred to the
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of the Joint Surveillance System (JSS) and the National Park
Service(NPS). The Requa property was reported to the General Services Administration (GSA) for disposal in
May 1981. Approximately 2 acres were transferred to the FAA and the remaining 41 acres were transferred to
the NPS on 10 March 1983.

In 2002, CAPE Environmental Management cleaned and removed the seven USTs (i.e., Tanks 1-7) and three
above-ground storage tanks (ASTs 1-3). Contaminated soils were found during the removals of UST 1, 2, 3, 5,
and 6. Further investigations were recommended to assess the potential for the spread of groundwater
contamination and to determine if further remedial actions were required. Given the apparent underlying
aquitard, the spread of groundwater contamination would be limited to the shallow groundwater zone.

There have been three previously executed Cooperative Agreements between the Yurok Tribe and the
Department of Defense to utilize Native American Lands Environment Mitigation Program (NALEMP) funding
to identify and characterize contamination at the former Requa AFS from past Department of Defense (DoD)
activities. These Cooperative Agreements (CA03, CA04, and CA07) have enabled the Tribe and the USACE to
identify and describe the extent of contamination at the site, install and evaluate pilot treatment methods at the
site, and have revealed other areas at the site which require further investigation.

                                         FY 08 Programmed Activities

Building off of the work completed in the Tribe’s CA03 (SPIP development, site characterization study and
report), CA04 (mitigation strategies investigation and report), and CA07 (mitigation implementation and
investigation of additional contamination), the tribe will complete the Workplan Addendum relative to
treatment technologies at the 10 originally studied sites, monitor implemented treatment at at least one byt as
many as five additional areas of contamination, providing a report on operation of those treatments and an
evaluation of their result, continue to evaluate the effectiveness of remediation technologies installed under
CA07, and identify and treat asbestos and lead contamination at one site (the site of the decommissioned
radome facility). If additional funding is made available, the Tribe will add to these activities remedial
investigation of areas of contamination investigated under the CA07.

                                              YUROK TRIBE
                                190 Klamath Boulevard  Post Office Box 1027  Klamath, CA 95548

                                Phone: (707) 482-1350  Fax: (707) 482-1377


I, John Corbett, do hereby certify the following:

   1. I am the principal legal officer of the Yurok Tribal Council, which is the governing body of Yurok
      Indian Reservation.
   2. The Yurok tribe is duly authorized to manage federal and state programs within Yurok Indian
      Reservation on behalf of its tribal members.
   3. The Yurok Tribal Council is duly authorized to enter into cooperative agreements, to perform programs,
      functions, services and activities specified in the Memorandum of Agreement and Cooperative
      Agreement between the Department of Defense and the Yurok Tribe.

Furthermore, I hereby certify that Maria Tripp, as the Tribal Chairman of the Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Indian
Reservation, executed this Cooperative Agreement and is authorized to bind the Yurok Tribe to all the terms
and conditions of said agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have made and executed this certification on this ____Day of _______, 2008

John Corbett
Senior Attorney
Yurok Tribe

                                     COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT
                     Between the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and the YUROK TRIBE
                                   PROGRAM MANAGEMENT PLAN

To satisfy Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for Cooperative Agreements, the Yurok Tribe presents
and agrees to the following provisions:
1. The Yurok Tribe has designated the following as the lead technical representative for the Yurok Tribe for all
environmental studies and environmental mitigation program management activities at the formerly used
defense site at the Requa Air Force Station.
                        Name:         Ken Fetcho - Tribal Project Manager
                        Program:      Yurok Environmental Department
                        Address:      PO Box 1027- 190 Klamath Boulevard - Klamath, CA 95548
                        Phone/Fax: (707) 482-1350x355, (707) 482-1356

2. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Sacramento District, has designated the following Project
   Manager for this Cooperative Agreement:
                     Name:        Jerry Vincent/Eileen McBride
                     Address:     1325 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814-2922
                     Phone/Fax: (916) 557-7452/7865, (916) 557-7407/7465

3. The Yurok Tribal Council has designated the following as the Yurok Tribe General Counsel for matters
arising from the study of environmental impacts and for environmental mitigation program management
activities at the formerly used defense site known as Requa Air Force Station, J09CA0003.
                         Name:         John Corbett, Senior Attorney
                         Address:      P.O. Box 1027 Klamath, CA 95548
                         Phone/Fax: 707-482-1350 ext 311, 707-482-1377

4. On the signing of the Cooperative Agreement between the Yurok Tribal Chairperson and the U.S.
Department of Defense, the Yurok Tribe agrees to provide quarterly reports to the DoD including: (a) itemized
expenditures; (b) a summary of progress; and (c) explanation of variances. These reports are to be submitted
following the end of each quarter, preferably within fifteen calendar days but no later than 30 calendar days of
the quarter’s end.

5. This application covers coordination, planning, and implementation activities related to environmental study
of site contamination, installation of treatment methods, and abatement of contaminated materials at the former
Requa Air Force Station, J09CA0003 Site located at Klamath, California. Because the Requa Air Force Station
Site lies directly within the watershed of key tribal subsistence resources, the Yurok Tribe intends to utilize
findings from this agreement to further investigate heretofore unknown areas of suspected (or potential)
contamination as well as to continue to operate monitoring wells and further implement site treatment methods.

Upon completing each element in this program of work, the Yurok Tribe intends to update any relevant
information in the Strategic Project Implementation Plan established under CA03 and revised under CA04 and
CA07. A new final draft of that Plan will be provided at the close of CA08. This plan is intended to provide for
a meaningful evaluation of human health risks to Tribal Members.

                                               SCOPE OF WORK

The following sections detail the activities that the Yurok Tribe proposes to complete in support of
environmental restoration at the Requa Air Force Station site.

This plan is designed to outline the scope of work for this Cooperative Agreement. This should result in future
Yurok Tribe staff participation in the study, planning, and restoration process activities at the Requa Air Force
Station during environmental investigations. The period of performance for the outlined tasks shall be from 1
July 2007 through 30 December 2008. This plan has five primary objectives:

   1. To continue with routine monitoring at twelve established monitoring wells, including monitoring of
      groundwater depths as well as quarterly sampling for contamination;

   2. To continue, monitor, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment methods for petroleum contamination
      in soil and groundwater as identified in the CA03, 04, and 07 at remaining needed sites of study installed
      under CA 07.

   3. To identify the best course of action to abate lead and asbestos scatter associated with the demolition of
      the radome facility, and to implement that course of action.

   4. To provide a mentoring environment through focused training and technical support between the Yurok
      Tribal Staff, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and technical support contractors. This
      environment will lead to Tribal Members and staff with marketable skills and meaningful Tribal
      involvement in the restoration process;

   5. To continue to update, and incorporate the above objectives into a Strategic Program Implementation
      Plan (SPIP) which will help to direct environmental restoration activities in the future in a way that is
      sensitive to Tribal issues and input.

If additional funding becomes available, the Tribe will add the following task:

   6. To perform RI/FS evaluation of the lateral extent and depth of the potential groundwater contamination
      caused by heretofore unknown suspected contamination sources, including septic tanks near the wash
      rack and other buildings and the above ground fuel transfer line at the Requa Air Force Station.

The Inventory Project Report for the Requa AFS indicates that the Air Force constructed 64 buildings and 27
family housing units on the Requa site, totaling 141,000 square feet. The mission of the station was an Aircraft
Control and Warning Site in the developing air defense system during the 1970's. The Requa facilities are
currently used as storage areas for NPS equipment, as maintenance shops, administrative offices, or as
originally intended (e.g.,, the mess hall facility). A review of historical records and maps indicates that at least
seven USTs and 3 ASTs were installed by the government and used during the active military life of the base.
The USTs ranged in size from 50 gallons to 10,150 gallons and contained lube oil, diesel, and gasoline; the
ASTs ranged in size from 1,000 to 63,000 gallons and contained diesel and gasoline. None of the USTs or ASTs
removed were beneficially used since active military activities ceased at the site and were therefore, eligible to
be removed under the Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) program. In 2002, CAPE Environmental
Management cleaned and removed the seven USTs and three above-ground storage tanks (ASTs 1 to 3).
Contaminated soils were found during the removals of UST 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9. Low levels of soil

contamination mainly from TPH-d and TPH-g were found in borings to the groundwater table in the area of the
ASTs as well as UST 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9. Groundwater contamination was found in the area of the ASTs; UST
Tanks 2, 3, 6, and 9.

Investigation under current and past Cooperative Agreements has aided in a determination of the extent of soil
and groundwater contamination near the tank sites and has led to the need for remedial actions at those sites.
Investigation started at a minimum of three additional sites (two septic tanks and one fuel transmission line) will
continue into the remedial investigation/feasibility study phase. Additionally, an analysis of options and
implementation of abatement activities for one site with lead and asbestos surface scatter is required to protect
the health of workers and Tribal members at the site.


a. Routine Monitoring and Treatment Installation - $100,000

The Yurok Tribe will continue quarterly sampling and monthly depth-to-groundwater study at the twelve wells
established under CA03 and CA04. Deliverables: Monitoring Data (30 January 2009, 30 April 2009, 30 July
2009, 30 October 2009); Summary Report (31 December 2009).

b. Treatment Method Monitoring and Evaluation - $175,000

The Tribe will monitor treatments at at least one but as many as five additional locations of study beginning
December 2008 and will monitor the effectiveness of those treatments throughout the remainder of the funding
period. Deliverables: Monitoring Data (30 January 2009, 30 April 2009, 30 July 2009, 30 October 2009, 30
January 2010) Summary report on effectiveness (31 December 2009).

c. Lead and Asbestos Treatment - $55,000

The Tribe will evaluate options and implement abatement of lead and asbestos surface scatter and provide a
final report back to USACE no later than 30 April 2009. Deliverable: Report on Abatement (30 April 2009).

d. Tribal Training / Mentoring - $10,000

The Yurok Tribe will utilize funding provided under this Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation
Program (NALEMP) Cooperative Agreement to advance the empowerment of Tribal Members. These Tribal
Members will serve as environmental staff, through technical training pertinent to environmental investigations
and through our relationships with agencies and our contractors.

The Yurok Tribe will provide that all designated members of its environmental staff receive OSHA 40 hour
Hazardous Waste Site Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training or 8-hour refresher
training as needed. All training shall be accomplished by 30 January 2009. Copies of training certificates shall
be provided to USACE with the following quarterly report. The Yurok Tribal Council also anticipates the
necessity for travel to designated training schools/classes and at a minimum, one annual meeting with the DoD
to provide status updates of this project at the Requa AFS site. Deliverable: Training Certifications (30 January

The Yurok Tribal Council has appointed a Tribal Project Manager, and staff members who will participate in
the environmental study process. The Yurok Tribal Council plans for them to participate throughout the

evaluation of the Requa AFS sampling and investigative effort. The Yurok staff will oversee the support
contractor throughout the study process, will oversee the development of technical reports, and will prepare
quarterly progress reports to the USACE. Deliverable: Quarterly Reports (30 January 2009, 30 April 2009, 30
July 2009, 30 October 2009, Final Report: 31 December 2009).

Yurok Tribal Council staff and USACE shall meet as frequently as possible, but no less than once a month via
telephone and once per quarter in person to review project status and to discuss any required technical areas of
the project. Yurok Tribal Council staff shall provide to USACE summary meeting minutes no later than 15 days
after each meeting. Deliverable: Meeting Minutes (15 December 2008, 15 March 2009, 30 June 2009, 15
September 2009, 15 December 2009).

e. Strategic Program Implementation Plan - $10,000

The SPIP is the key document for managing activities regarding impacts on or near Tribal lands. It outlines a
total multi-year, integrated coordinated approach to achieving the Tribe’s environmental restoration goals. The
SPIP is used to identify and monitor requirements, schedules, and project funding requirements. It is the basis
for input into program planning, budget development and execution of decisions. The SPIP is a living
document and will be kept current by Yurok and USACE NALEMP managers. At a minimum, the SPIP will be
reviewed and updated annually.

Upon completion of data gathering efforts outlined above Yurok staff will incorporate all environmental and
subsistence data gathered into its draft Strategic Project Implementation Plan (SPIP). Yurok staff will utilize the
information obtained to set Tribal schedules and objectives for future subsistence resource evaluations, to plan
environmental restoration activities, to determine Yurok environmental staff training needs, and to outline
Yurok staff participation in clean-up activities. Deliverable: Updated SPIP (31 December 2009).

If additional funds become available, the Tribe will perform the following task:

f. RI/FS Evaluation of Additional Hazards - $152,906

The Yurok Tribal Council will oversee the further investigation of the hazards presented by additional areas not
studied under CA03 and CA04 through its contractors and environmental staff including review of all project
related documents, oversight of investigative activities, preparation of technical reports, agency coordination,
and community involvement. Deliverable: RI/FS Evaluation (31 December 2009).

The USACE PM concurs with the scope, schedule, and budget outlined in this Cooperative Agreement. The
Tribal and USACE NALEMP Project Managers are responsible for the proper execution of this CA and may
subcontract, including financial oversight and provisions to ensure timely execution of required actions to
ensure adherence to delivery schedules.

                               Schedule of Activities – 1 July 2007 through 31 December 2008

October 2008         November 2008 December 2008 January 2009     February 2009        March 2009     April 2009       May 2009
                     HAZWOPR Refresher            Quarterly Monit                                      Quarterly Monit

Install Treatments                                  Treatment Monit                                   Treatment Monit

Lead & Asbestos Treatment Plan                      Lead & Asbestos Treatment

                                                    Quarterly Rpts                                    Quarterly Rpts

    Meeting                             Meeting                                            Meeting                                Meet

June 2009            July 2009        August 2009     September 2009 October 2009     November 2009 December 2009
                      Quarterly Monit                                 Quarterly Monit Monitoring Report

                     Treatment Monit                                      Treatment Monit Report on Treatment

                     Quarterly Rpts                                       Quarterly Rpts                   Quarterly Rpts

     Meeting                                               Meeting                                              Meeting


Project Manager             1.1% for 1.5 years   $   60,000   $    1,000
Assistant Project Manager   1.5% for 1.5 years   $   45,000   $    1,000
Specialist                  16% for 1.5 years    $   37,000   $    9,299
Technician                  20% for 1.5 years    $   27,000   $    8,000
Fringe                                                        $    5,790
                                                              $   25,089

Travel - Attend NALEMP Conference                             $    4,000

Training - 8-hour HAZWOPR Refresher for 4 employees           $    2,000

Contracts - Engineering                                       $ 195,000
Contracts - Laboratory                                        $ 97,000
                                                              $ 292,000

Supplies - Food for Meetings                                  $      500
Supplies - Miscellaneous                                      $    2,924
Supplies - Sampling                                           $    4,000
Supplies - Vehicle Lease                                      $    5,617
                                                              $   13,041

Total                                                         $ 336,130

Indirect - 31.43%           Base: $44,130                     $   13,870

Grand Total                                                   $ 350,000

                    Yurok Tribe FY07 NALEMP Cooperative Agreement – BUDGET NARRATIVE

Personnel:                                                                                                 $19,299
The following personnel will perform under this FY07 Cooperative Agreement:

Project Manager: Acts as a liaison between the Tribe and USACE. Has oversight of all employees for activities under
this CA. Responsible for the development and overall coordination of the NALEMP Cooperative Agreement. Submits
Quarterly Reports and other reports as required to USACE. Submits monthly reports to Tribal Council. Prepares budgets,
cost estimates, and project financial oversight. Provides oversight for contractor. Position reports to the Deputy
Executive Director of the Yurok Tribe.

Assistant Project Manager: Assistant Project Manager for the Cross-Media Division provides technical and administrative
support to the Project Manager on all aspects of the project, including reviewing contractor documents, scheduling
meetings, preparing draft reports, scheduling training for staff, and updating the SPIP. The Assistant Project Manager
reports to the Project Manager.

Specialist: The Coordinator provides support to Assistant Project Managers in field sampling activities and other
implementation work as required. The Specialist reports to the Assistant Project Manager.

Technician: The Technician provides field support to the Specialist in sampling and other work as required. The
Technician reports to the Specialist and Assistant Project Manager.

Fringe Benefits:                                                                                          $5,790
Fringe Benefits include Social Security, local and Federal taxes, unemployment taxes, as well as retirement and medical
insurance costs. Fringe Benefits for the Yurok Tribe are calculated at 30% of wages.

Travel:                                                                                                    $4,000
This line item will be used to pay for Tribal staff to attend appropriate trainings, as well as the NALEMP Annual Meeting.
All travel is approved by the Project Manager.

Contracted Technical Support:                                                                              $292,000
The Yurok Tribe has contracted with ATC & Associates for performance under CA03, 04, and07. The Tribe expects to
continue utilizing this established contractor for performance under this CA. The contractor will be responsible for
preparation of technical documents, design, and implementation of aspects of the Scope of Work. The Yurok Tribe
contracts with Specialty Analytical for laboratory analysis. These contract agreements require that the contractor adhere
to the Yurok Tribe’s regulations and laws, as well as employment preference when making temporary local hires.

Other Direct Costs:                                                                                        $32,834
The following costs shall be associated with this Cooperative Agreement:
Training – costs of training courses for 4 staff                                                           $2,000
        HAZMAT Refresher – 4 personnel

Supplies and equipment
        Miscellaneous field and office supplies                                                            $6,924
        Food for Quarterly Project Meetings                                                                $500
        Vehicle Lease – GSA Vehicle                                                                        $5,617

Indirect Costs:                                                                                              $33,479
The Yurok Tribe has negotiated a 31.43% indirect rate with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (copy attached). This approved
rate is applicable to this Cooperative Agreement. Indirect Costs are based upon the total of direct costs less contractual


                           Certification Regarding Environmental Tobacco Smoke

    Public Law 103-227, Part C Environmental Tobacco Smoke, also known as the Pro Children Act of 1994,
requires that smoking not be permitted in any portion of any indoor facility routinely owned or leased or
contracted for by an entity and used routinely or regularly for provision of health, day care, education or library
services to children under the age of 18, if the services are funded by Federal programs either directly or
through State or local Governments, by Federal grant contract, loan, or loan guarantee. The law does not apply
to children’s services provided in private residences, facilities funded solely by Medicare or Medicaid funds,
and portions of facilities used for inpatient drug or alcohol treatment. Failure to comply with the provisions of
the law may result in the imposition of a civil monetary penalty of up to $ 1000 per day and/or the imposition of
an administrative compliance order on the responsible entity.

   By signing and submitting this application the applicant/grantee certifies that it will comply with the
requirements of the Act. The applicant/grantee further agrees that it will require the language of this
certification be included in any sub-awards which contain provisions for the children’s services and that all sub-
grantees shall certify accordingly.


  Maria Tripp, Chairperson, Yurok Tribe

                      ORGANIZATIONAL CHART

               Yurok Tribal

               Yurok Tribal
               Maria Tripp

           Yurok Tribal
         Executive Director
           Ralph Simon

                                                   Jerry Vincent
Yurok Legal               Environmental           Eileen McBride
  Counsel                Program Interim
John Corbett                 Director
                           Ken Fetcho
                         Project Manager         Tribal Consultant
                                                    Kelly Kline

         Assistant Director
                                                 Tribal Consultant
                                                Specialty Analytical
           Laura Mayo


           Emery Mattz


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