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					Seventh Grade Information Night
• Please use this information from Incoming
  Seventh Grade Information Night to
  supplement the C.I.S.D. Program of Studies
  and the McCullough Junior High Course
  Guide Supplement.
• Both of these documents are available for
  download from the front page of our website.
• Pictures from the presentation have been
  removed for quick and easy downloading.
              This Presentation
• From the perspective that
  you have never had a child in
  secondary school
• Will answer almost any
  question you could have and
  I believe you will feel better
  when you depart
• All information is in the
  C.I.S.D. Program of Studies
  and the McCullough
  supplement online at our
• Looking forward to
  a new year
• New challenges for
  students in
  secondary education
• New responsibilities
• New opportunities
     Snapshot Of Our School
• Composed of young
  people from around
  the country, and the
• Wonderful students
• Supportive parents
• Tremendous staff
• All have high
        Snapshot of our school
• TEA Gold
  Performance in
  –   Writing
  –   Science
  –   Reading
  –   Social Studies
  –   Math
          Personal Vision
• To be the best secondary school in Texas
     Special Recognition for
      McCullough Students
• Texas Monthly Magazine
• Outstanding Secondary School
    Snapshot of our school
• T.E.A. Exemplary Campus
             At McCullough
• We do things for a reason
  (We have kids here too!)
• Kid-friendly and prepare
  for the future
• Grading
• Projects
• Discipline
• Testing
• Procedurally
                Goal 1
• Academic
• Paradigm
            Goal 1A: Safety
• Visitors sign-in and sign-out
• Visible administrators and police
• All classroom doors locked
• Building opens at 8:00 a.m.
• All outside doors are locked at 8:50 a.m.
  when school starts
• Video surveillance system
• Safety letters home
   Goal 2: Preparing Students
        for High School
• 352 working days over
  two years to prepare
  students for high school
• Students are in high
  school day they walk in
  the door if they take
  algebra Pre-AP in
  seventh grade
• Procedures are age-
  appropriate and have a
7th Grade Student Orientation
• Tentatively scheduled for August 11
  – Will publicize through Tartan Tribune
  – Dependent on the C.I.S.D. School Calendar
    once adopted for 2011-2012
  – Need volunteers to make it happen
  – Social event of the summer
  – Attendance is not required but is beneficial
         First Day of School
• Report to Alpha Homerooms until 10:00 a.m.
• Obtain final schedules
• Car line longer first two days
• Buses a little later due to fact we are the third
  run and kindergarten parents are still working
  out the bus situation
• We will get everyone where they need to go
             A Typical Day
•   Students can enter building at 8:00 a.m.
•   Students wait in Commons until 8:35 a.m.
•   Students report to classes at 8:35 a.m.
•   Backpacks placed in lockers
•   School begins – 8:50 a.m.
              A Typical Day
• Lunch/3rd Period
   – 11:45 a.m.
      • Students encouraged to eat breakfast
      • Which lunch you eat, depends on the subject of
        the class you are in during third block
      • Lunch time can be different on red or green
• Advisory – 1:55 p.m. – 2:19 p.m.
• School Ends – 3:50 p.m.
   – Pick-up
   – Car
   – Buses depart at 4:03 p.m.
             Transition to
           Secondary School
• Kids transition
  – Tardies
     • 3 free each quarter
     • 7 minutes between
     • Resets each nine
     • First two weeks
• Follow student handbook
• Use good common sense
• Our administrators are proactive and visible
  in building
• All discipline incidents, including tardies, are
  online at Parent Access Center
• Expectation meeting with students through
  LA classes first week of school
• High classroom expectations-SSI
• Bullying- Let the child’s AP know
   – Make A Difference Week
   – Ongoing Interventions
• Full information available for you at Student
  Access Center
         Preventative Discipline
           Helpful Thoughts
• Bullying Prevention- contact your child’s
  assistant principal listed on our website if your
  child is recipient of bullying on campus
• Facebook and social networking dangers
• Remember web browsers are present on
  phones, Playstation 3s, Nintendo DS devices,
  Wii consoles, PSPs, and more!
• Please consider whether your child’s phone
  has internet access and can send/receive
   – Do they really need this ability on their phone?
•   Meets each day (1:55 p.m. – 2:19 p.m.)
•   Distribute information
•   Work on homework
•   Tutoring
•   Announcements
Information to
 A Guide to Success
     Free Academic Assistance
• Daily Tutoring- Most days of the week with your
  academic teachers- no substitute for this, especially in
• PAWS Homework Help
   – Tuesdays and Thursdays
   – Room D109
   – McCullough teacher
   – TWHS Interact students
   – Free late bus at 5:00 p.m.
   – Advisory
   – Elite eighth grade students
   – Ms. Donna Meyer
• E-Mail – Easiest,
  quickest, preferred
• Please give us a day or so
  as we are with students
  as opposed to in front of
  a computer
• Teacher e-mail addresses
  are listed on parent
  services page of our

• McCullough Webpage
  – Links to teacher webpages
  – Important spring
    registration documents
  – Athletic schedules
  – Parent View-It
  – “Tartan Tribune” online
• Conferences
   – Most at 8:05 a.m.
   – We attempt to do a good job of
     communicating and prevent the
     need so that you do not have to
     come in and our staff can
     continue their primary function
     at 8:00 a.m. which is tutoring
   – Important to have your child
   – Most center around a young
     person not turning in
• Parent Newsletter “The
  Tartan Tribune”
  – Sent home through students
  – Online 24 hours a day at our
    Parent Services Page
  – Available in multiple
    languages with Google
     • No promises on accuracy of
• System that calls or emails your home
• Phone calls are limited to really important
• Email weekly or when breaking news
• Please have the correct phone number and
  email address in our database system
• Volunteer
• Appreciate the help!
  –   Front Desk
  –   Student Orientation
  –   Socials
  –   Library
  –   Copy Room
• Provided by the P.T.A.
• Idea originated from
  site-based meetings by
  parents for parents
• Parents view each night
• Teaches critical
  organizational skills
• Quizzes
• Ads
Daily Announcements Online
 Common Assessments (Tests)
• Tests are high quality and developed
  over time to choose the most
  accurate/fair questions
• Are now “Common Assessments” in the
• 60 percent of grade for marking period
 Common Assessments (Tests)
• Exams, and exam questions, are utilized
  as common assessment exams among
  teachers in the school within
• These specific exams are used not only
  among different teachers in same
  discipline but also other CISD junior
 Common Assessments (Tests)
• View at school with instructor
• Stumble Sheets in class to learn from
 Common Assessments (Tests)
• Exams are utilized extensively among all CISD
  campuses to supplement benchmark testing
  throughout the district and inserted into
  Eduphoria program to optimize individual
  academic support
• As the exams are utilized on our campus and
  the district throughout the years, they do not
  go home
           Semester Exams
• Last four days of each semester
• Week prior to exams students will complete
  review packet and prepare in the classroom
• Modified schedule in exams
• 10% to 20% of the semester grade
• Synthesize learning and practice taking major
• Schedules will be posted online early this
   Student Success Initiative
• Students must pass Reading and Math
  TAKS in eighth grade to advance to
  high school
• The system sends an email notification to
  your Parent Access Center Account
• Normally email arrives the same day to
  your email address in our database
• Being in class for the first five to ten
  minutes of instruction/review/plan for
  the day is critical to academic success
        Parent Access Center
        Student Access Center
• Free opportunity to view grades, attendance,
  discipline, TAKS, etc.
   – Supplements planner
• Places you on a school e-mail list to receive
  breaking news and routine e-mail
• Exists to supplement, not replace, student
  accountability for grades and assignments
                Dress Code
• Critical
• Worth the battle if you are a parent
• Strictly enforced
• The way a student dresses affects the way
  he/she feels about education and success
• One of the first steps to caring in any area of
  life is to dress like you care
• Always feel free to drop in with food at lunch
  to see what they are actually wearing four
  hours later
         How Parents
      Make the Difference!
• Talk to your student
• Know where they are in the evenings
  and on weekends, and why
• When you have a question, go to the
  source and e-mail the teacher
         How Parents
      Make the Difference!
• Check the P.T.A. Planner nightly and
  make sure all homework is complete
• Hold students responsible for their
  actions (behaviorally and academically)
• Give your child a chance to work out
  some problems on their own
Easy Things to do to Help your Child
   be Successful at McCullough
• Encourage students to eat breakfast
• Monitor the amount of sleep they really get
   – Is the TV, gaming system, and/or computer in their
   – Is their cell phone in their room at night?
• Hold students accountable for a planner
   – Positives and Negatives
• Encourage students to be involved in school
• Attend his/her activities at McCullough
       Top 2 Indicators for
        Student Success
• Attendance at school
• Involvement in a school activity
           School Supplies
• Basic school supply list
  posted in The Tartan
  Tribune this summer
• P.T.A. will sell basic
  minimal set again online
  this year (optional)
• Look for information
  coming soon in the Tartan
        Elective Information Night

•   February 8th
•   McCullough Commons
•   6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.
•   Athletic Presentation
    –   Boys 6:35 p.m.
    –   Girls 7:05 p.m.
    –   In Bock Auditorium
    –   A lot of people here
    –   Very optional
   Elective Information Night
• Very casual come and go
• Students are welcome
• Seventh grade elective teachers will be present
  to answer your questions
• Eighth grade elective teachers representing
  high school electives will be present
• Some activities which are not elective classes
  such as Cheerleading, Winter Guard, and
  Highland Girls may have a booth with
     The Registration Process
• Final deadline to make any
  change, elective request or
  core level change, is April
  29th at 4:00 p.m.
• Teachers are hired with
  specific teaching
  certifications (NCLB Act)
  based on requests of
  parents on this date
• No changes will be made
  after this time
   State Economic Situation
• Unsure of funding to districts
• Will be resolved in coming weeks or
• No wiggle room to change schedules
  once parents/guardians and kids have
  selected what they want
• The deadline is April 29th
     The Registration Process
• Master schedule is constructed
  based on parent/guardian course
  requests on April 29th
• Early decisions earlier help us
  hire better staff for your child
• We will contact you repeatedly via
  SchoolMessenger with
• Students receive tentative
  schedules at Student Orientation
  in August or on the first day of
  school if they cannot attend
    Factors Which Affect Individual
     Student’s Schedule Formation
• Staffing (based on       • Specialty Classes
  enrollment)                 – Athletics
• Availability of Course      – Fine Arts
• Student’s Core Course       – Algebra
  Selection                • Number of electives
• Elective course requests    – 11 unique choices in
                                seventh grade
  by students
                              – 23 unique choices in eighth
• Seniority                     grade
                              – Will take 4 in 7th grade
                                – Will take 5 in 8th grade
High School Information

  “Mr. McCord, why are
   we talking about high
Looking ahead to high school…
  What is the Advanced
    Placement (AP)
       What is the Advanced
       Placement Program?
• College level courses
  taught in high school
• 29 nationwide courses in
  19 subject areas (TWHS
  offers 26)
• Examinations scores can
  lead to college credit
  and which validate
  program success
• An opportunity for
  students to think, read,
  and write critically and
            What AP Courses
            Does TWHS Offer?
•   English Language          •   Environmental Science
•   English Literature        •   German Language
•   Computer Science A        •   French Language
•   Spanish Language          •   Music Theory
•   Calculus AB, BC           •   Statistics
•   US History                •   Art History
•   Chemistry                 •   European History
•   Government and Politics   •   Studio Art
•   Macroeconomics            •   Physics C, E, M
•   Human Geography           •   World History
•   Chinese                   •   Psychology
•   Japanese                  •   Art Drawing
•   Biology                   •   Art 2D
                              •   Art 3D
                Why AP?
• Challenges students
• Consistent teaching
• Prepares them for
                 Why AP?
• Provides
  opportunities for our
  young people to
  compete post high
• Opportunities to
  earn college credit in
  high school (up to 45
• Saves parents $$$$
            So How Well Do TWHS
          Students Perform on the AP

Fact:: In 2008, TWHS administered
1806 tests to 915 students
Fact: The mean score was 3.41
       The mean state score was 2.52
       The mean national score was 2.85
              So How Well Do TWHS
            Students Perform on the AP
Fact: 78% of the students passed with a 3 or higher

Fact: 50% of the students passed with a 4 or higher

Fact: TWHS consistently ranks in the top schools in the
  world in the number of tests given
     Who Should Take PreAP
        or AP Courses?
• The most successful AP
  students are willing to
  work hard. More than
  ability, the student’s (not
  just the parent) willingness
  to invest the time and
  energy to be successful is
  most important.
• The earlier the
  preparation, the easier the
 Grades in Secondary Schools
• Everyone wants A’s
• Grades in Pre-AP
  courses of a B or
  high C may very
  well indicate
  tremendous learning
  and hard work by
  the student
 Grades in Secondary Schools
• In secondary school it takes effort to
  make an A
• It also takes effort to fail
• Rigor
Adventure into Academics
   Core Subject Information
    State Required Courses – 7th grade

• Language Arts
• Mathematics
• Science
• Texas History
• Physical Education
   – Can Substitute
      • Athletics
      • Cheer
      • Highland Girls
      • Private P.E.
• Electives – 4 choices

• Science
• Pre-AP Science
   – Strongly encourage any
     student be enrolled in
       • Math Skills
   – Science Fair Project
      • Time
      • Independent
      • Requires significant work
        outside of class
  Pre-AP Science Fair Project
     Helpful Information
• Runs September through February
• One of the best things we do
  –   Idea Development- 3 hours
  –   Background research- 4 hours
  –   Research plan-2 hours
  –   Experimenting- 10 hours
  –   Final Paper- 10 hours
  –   Board- 6 hours
  –   Hours are just averages- can be more or less
  –   Have checkpoints along the way
  –   Fair takes place during a weekend in late February
      at Lone Star College Montgomery
  Pre-AP Science Fair Project
     Helpful Information
• Ms. Fowler will have some example science
  fair boards available in the foyer when you
• Please note the boards are not the project, just
  the visible manifestations of the project
           Pre-AP Science
• Need to make sure you understand the
  real rigor and expectations of the science
  fair prior to making the year-long
  commitment to Pre-AP Science
              Texas History
• History
• Texas History
• Pre-AP Texas
  – Strong reading
    and writing skills
    are a plus
             Language Arts
• Language Arts
• Pre-AP Language Arts
  – Need to be self-
    motivated reader and
  – Grade differential
  – Everything starts with
Class Placement of Your Child in LA,
Social Studies, and Science in C.I.S.D.
• Incoming seventh graders will
  automatically roll, by default, to the next
  appropriate grade level sequence
  – 6th grade regular history to 7th regular
    Texas history
  – 6th GT language arts to 7th Pre-AP language
  – Etc.
Class Placement of Your Child in LA,
Social Studies, and Science in C.I.S.D.
• Sixth grade students identified as GT
  will automatically roll initially to Pre-AP
  in the area of their GT identification for
  language arts, social studies, or science
  – Initial placement in these areas will be
    indicated on the form your child brings home
  – You can move your child from Pre-AP to level
    classes by indicating your choice on the
    document sent home
Class Placement of Your Child in LA,
Social Studies, and Science in C.I.S.D.
• Ultimately, you can place your child in
  any level of class you want in language
  arts, social studies, or science
  – Encourage you to closely read Course
    Description Guide and understand rigor
    and expectations of Pre-AP courses
  – Recommend considering taking no more
    than two Pre-AP courses
  – Please understand that an A in secondary
    Texas education is not the same as an A in
    elementary education
Class Placement of Your Child in LA,
Social Studies, and Science in C.I.S.D.
• Please ask yourself how much
  homework time outside of school will it
  take for my child to achieve the grade I
  would like for him/her to achieve in the
  advanced course.
Core Placement
Sheet Sent Home

              On this sheet you
              choose your
              child’s level you
              want for LA, SS,
              and Science.
 Where Will I Finish in Math?
• To make good choices
  for placement in seventh
  grade, it is critical to
  know where you as a
  parent, as well as your
  child, want to finish
  his/her senior year
• Applies most directly to
  math due to its linear
Where Will I Finish in Math?

• Unlike the other disciplines,
  hard work alone in math may
  not always ensure success
• Involves math knowledge and
  mental math maturity
     State Math Courses for
         Seventh Grade

• Seventh grade math
• Pre-algebra Pre-AP (one year ahead)
• High school algebra Pre-AP (high school
  course, two years ahead)
         District Math Progression
            Majority of Students
•   6th Grade level math
•   7th Grade - 7th math
•   8th Grade - pre-algebra
•   9th Grade - algebra
•   10th Grade - geometry
•   11th Grade - algebra II/pre-calculus
•   12th Grade – calculus
•   This is also diagrammed in our
    Course Description Guide
         District Math Sequence
     (Advanced 1 year) Some Students
•   6th Grade GT math (7th grade math)
•   7th Grade – pre-algebra Pre-AP
•   8th Grade – algebra Pre-AP (High School)
•   9th Grade - geometry
•   10th Grade - algebra II
•   11th Grade - pre-calculus
•   12th Grade – calculus
          District Math Sequence
            (Advanced 2 years)
            Very Few Students
• 7th Grade – algebra Pre-AP (high School)
• 8th Grade – geometry Pre-AP (high School)
• 9th Grade - algebra II
• 10th Grade – Pre-AP pre-calculus/AP
  statistics I
• 11th Grade – Pre-AP pre-calculus/AP
  statistics II
• 12th Grade – calculus
  District Math Assignments for
   Incoming Seventh Graders
• Students will be initially rolled to the
  next appropriate level of class in the
  progression of their math development
• See Course Description Guide for exact
  District Math Assignments for
   Incoming Seventh Graders
• Students currently in GT/Advanced
  sixth grade math are completing the
  seventh grade junior high math course
  and the State of Texas Essential
  Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for this
  level of instruction at this current time in
  sixth grade
      Upcoming District Math
        Placement Exams
• Credit by Exam for entrance into pre-algebra
  – Taken February 1-11 at home intermediate

• Algebra Readiness Exam
  – Taken February 14th through February 25th at
    home intermediate campus if a student in
    advanced sixth grade math scores an 80 percent or
    higher on the Credit by Exam for entrance into
    pre-algebra Pre-AP
     District Math Placement
          Testing Details
• Spring district math placement exams
  will occur in February at the home
  intermediate campus.
       District Math Placement
            Testing Details
• Sixth grade students currently in regular
  math will take the C.I.S.D. Credit by
  Exam for entrance in pre-algebra Pre-AP
  during the February 1-11 window if they
  have an 80 average or better for the
  current year in sixth grade level math.
• This is to see if they qualify to be place in
  pre-algebra Pre-AP in seventh grade
• 80 percent is the passing score
      District Math Placement
           Testing Details
• All students who are currently enrolled in
  the GT/Advanced sixth grade math class
  will take the C.I.S.D. Pre-Algebra Credit
  by Exam.
• Advanced sixth grade math students take
  this exam only to see if they have the skills
  to qualify to take the Algebra Readiness
• All of these advanced students will be in
  pre-algebra Pre-AP in seventh grade
      District Math Placement
           Testing Details
• Students in the GT/Advanced sixth grade
  math class who successfully pass the
  C.IS.D. Pre-Algebra Credit by Exam will
  then later take the C.I.S.D. Algebra
  Readiness Exam to see if they qualify for
  high school algebra Pre-AP. This window
  is February 14th through February 25th.
       District Math Placement
            Testing Details
• Both placement tests are designed to be
  administered in February based on TEKS
  covered during that time
• Intermediate campuses will attempt to makeup
  test any student who misses on the day of
  testing at his/her campus in February
• There is no later testing or additional retake of
  the tests
• Important for students to do his/her best
  District Math Assignments for
   Incoming Seventh Graders
• CISD students in regular sixth grade math
  will be initially enrolled in regular on level
  seventh grade math
• Majority of our students
• Students will receive the appropriate next level
  of math instruction in proper sequence
  necessary, as we all received, for the student
  to be successful in all following math courses
  at McCullough, the high school, and beyond
           2011-2012 District Math
      Placement Standards for Incoming
              Seventh Graders
For a student to accelerate from level sixth grade math to
  pre-algebra Pre-AP, students must meet all of the
  following criteria:
       * 80 average in 6th grade math
       * Commended on 6th grade math TAKS
       * Minimum score of 80% on the C.I.S.D.
              Pre-Algebra Credit by Exam or
              90% on the Texas Tech Credit by Exam
 Note: Student moving from level sixth grade math to
 Pre-Algebra Pre-AP will be bypassing seventh grade
 math instruction and the TEKS included in this course
         2011-2012 District Math
    Placement Standards for Incoming
            Seventh Graders
• Most students in GT/Advanced sixth
  grade math are going to Pre-Algebra
  Pre-AP for their math class in seventh
         2011-2012 District Math
    Placement Standards for Incoming
            Seventh Graders
For a student to move from sixth grade
  GT/Advanced math to algebra 1 (HS),
  students must meet all of the following
      * 80 average in sixth grade Gifted and
            Talented/Advanced Math
      * Commended on sixth grade math
            TAKS test
      * Minimum of 80% on the C.I.S.D. Pre-
            Algebra Credit by Exam
      * Minimum score of 80% on the C.I.S.D.
            Algebra Readiness Exam
  What if My Child Qualifies for
  High School Algebra Pre-AP?
• If your child qualifies for high-school algebra
  Pre-AP, we will contact you via phone and/or
  email before placing them into this math class
  which is operating two years ahead of grade
• Student would be bypassing TEKS and math
  instruction presented in pre-algebra
• You will need to opt your child “in” to the high
  school algebra class if they qualify
  District Math Assignments for
   Incoming Seventh Graders
• A C.I.S.D. sixth grade GT/Advanced
  math student who successfully passes the
  C.I.S.D. Pre-Algebra Credit by Exam
  but does not pass the Algebra Readiness
  Test will be placed in pre-algebra Pre-
• Working one year ahead
           Course Request Sheet

• The elective and core course request
  sheet does not have a blank or option for
  math selection.
What if I want my child to go from sixth
grade regular math to pre-algebra Pre-
AP in seventh grade in CISD and he/she
did not successfully pass the placement
                     Option I

– Enroll and successfully complete with a grade of 85
  or higher the C.I.S.D. summer school offering of
  seventh grade math for first time takers
– Details will be available when the summer school
  information packet is published in April or May at
  the district website
– Meet summer school attendance requirements
– Far and away the best option if you did not qualify
  and this is the path you would like for your child to
                 Option II

• Enroll and complete both parts of the
  seventh grade math course through the
  Texas Tech Credit by Exam program
  (information available on our website).
  Obtain a score of 90 or better on parts A
  and B
• Deadline for sign-up- see district website
 Advantages and Disadvantages of taking
  Pre-Algebra Pre-AP or High School
   Algebra Pre-AP in Seventh Grade
• More flexibility in
  choice of level of
  science class in high
• Much more rigorous
 Advantages and Disadvantages of taking
Pre-AP Pre-Algebra or Pre-AP Algebra in
              Seventh Grade
• First few weeks of Pre-Algebra Pre-AP
  are review of seventh grade math
• Around November the course takes off
  with rigorous state expectations
 Advantages and Disadvantages of taking
Pre-Algebra Pre-AP or Algebra Pre-AP in
             Seventh Grade
• Students are generally not successful in
  subsequent math courses if they skip a major
  core building block course of math knowledge
  by missing the seventh grade math class
• This missing information, in the form of the
  missing course, usually manifests itself in eighth
  grade in high school algebra around November
  1st, and beyond
 Advantages and Disadvantages of taking
          Pre-AP Pre-Algebra or
    Pre-AP Algebra in Seventh Grade
• In short, missing the seventh grade math
  course and the State of Texas Essential
  Knowledge and Skills it covers is like
  credit card debt
• U.I.L. Eligibility is subject to all courses,
  including advanced math classes
      High School Math Notes
• Students are now required to
  take four years of math and
  science in high school
• For math, four high school
  courses can include high
  school math courses taken in
  junior high school
• Three math courses must be
  taken on the high school
          Considerations for
          High School G.P.A.
• If accelerating by taking high school courses
  in junior high, your grade point average in
  high school will be based on more difficult
  classes at TWHS
• The flip side is taking accelerated math
  courses in junior high will also allow you to
  have more opportunities to take rigorous
  classes in high school which are weighted
  higher for G.P.A.
      Pre-AP Class Considerations
• No guarantee it will be easy
• No guarantee your child will
  make an A or B
• Not a guarantee he/she will
• U.I.L. Eligibility
• Class the parent/guardian
  has chosen on the April 29th
  deadline will be the course
  the student is in for the year
   Student Success in Pre-AP
• Need to be a doer, and a thinker
• Just as in real-life
   Homework Considerations
• Time varies widely among students
• Effective study habits developed
• Consider projects included in each class
   Homework Considerations
• How much time is it going to take for your
  child to complete work outside of school for
  him/her to achieve the grade you want them to
  achieve in the course
• Consider activities outside of school
  –   Dance
  –   Gymnastics
  –   Baseball
  –   Equestrian
  –   Swimming
  –   Etc.
• Relevant
• Can finish much at end
  of class and in Advisory
  if they choose to do so
• There is homework in
  our regular classes,
  albeit considerably less
  than Pre-AP classes
• Will increase greatly in
  high school and college
        Organizational Skills

• Leading cause of
  parent conferences
• If students do not
  turn in their work, it
  is difficult to help
• Reward system
         Organizational Skills
• Parents/guardians
  assisting your
  son/daughter in
  organizational skills
  would be one of the best
  gifts you could ever give
   – Better gift than an X Box
     360 or Wii
• Planners
   – Free
   – Check nightly
   – Designed to help
     Organizational Skills
If you come to
school each day,
pay attention in
class, and turn
your homework
in school, and
the world, will
be your
 High School Course Considerations
        for Seventh Graders
• High school algebra
• Semester and final
  exams count 20 percent
• Provided by the P.T.A.
• Idea originated from
  site-based meetings by
  parents for parents
• Parents view each night
• Teaches critical
  organizational skills
• Quizzes
• Ads
            High School Course
• Once you enter into
  these classes students
  are on an established
• As a high school class,
  they are much more
• It is not necessary to get
  your student on the fast
  track to get all the
  courses in the four years
  at TWHS
      High School Course
  Considerations in Junior High
• Grades achieved do
  not figure in high
  school class rank or
        Junior High Course
• All general ed
  classes, level and
  Pre-AP, are college
• Most students taking
  Pre-AP courses just
  take two at the most
• House purchase
• I would not advise
  letting grades from
  intermediate school be
  a large determining
  factor in my decision
• Please make your decisions
  based on what is right for
  your child, not your friend’s
  child from Bunco
• The ultimate choice on
  which core course you wish
  your child to be in lies with
  you, as long as it is made
  before the final deadline on
  April 29th
Parent Guardian Help Session
•   April 19th
•   Small gymnasium
•   8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.
•   Casual come and go
•   Administrators, counselors, and
    department heads will be available to
    answer your questions
Physical Education Requirements
• The State of Texas requires all
  students take P.E. for one year
  (2 semesters) in seventh grade
• Not considered one of a
  seventh grade student’s four
  elective choices as this course
  is required
Physical Education Requirements
• Athletics may substitute
  for P.E.
   – Athletics substitutions
       • Girls or Boys
       • Girls Volleyball
       • Girls or Boys Cross
       • Football
       • Cheerleading
       • Highland Girls drill
A Taste of Adventure
   Very Important Documents
         Coming Home
• Course Request Sheets for Elective
   – Coming home through
     students at intermediate
   – Extras are at intermediate
   – Please read the asterisks,
     bullets, etc.
      Elective Request Sheet
• Please try to make the
  sheet as accurate as
Elective Course Request Sheet
• Need to request four electives in seventh
  – Two electives in the fall
  – Two potentially different electives in the
  – All available seventh grade options as
    electives are listed on the Elective Course
    Request Sheet
Elective Course Request Sheet
• Two semester (all year) courses occupy
  two blanks
• Fine Arts classes (band, choir, or
  orchestra) should be listed first if taken
  and should not be listed as an alternate
  selection as they are a serious commitment
  which last all year
      Elective Request Sheet
• Deadline April 29th
• Making your request sheet
  as accurate as possible at
  the initial turn in time
  would help us out
  – Recruiting teachers
  – Job fairs
  – Etc
Elective Course Request Sheet
• Need to choose a P.E class (two semesters
  required in seventh grade)
  – Choose initially on Elective Course Request Sheet
    either P.E., football, or cross country
  – Other athletic endeavors which have tryouts would
    replace the initial P.E. selection should the student
    make the squad
     • Classes will change from initial August schedule for most
       students if they are moved into an Athletics class
Elective Course Request Sheet
         Private P.E.
– Private P.E. will be an option around mid-
  April when the district publishes the 2011-
  2012 list of approved Private P.E facilities
– Private P.E Application forms for students
  will then, in mid-April, be online at our
  district website
– One does not sign up for Private P.E. on the
  Elective Course Request Sheet
– Potential Private P.E. students should
  initially sign up for regular P.E.
         The Elective Course
         Registration Process
• Our administration and
  counselors will sit down
  individually at the
  intermediate campuses
  with each incoming
  seventh grade student to
  discuss his/her elective
         The Elective Course
         Registration Process
• We will review the
  Elective Request
  Sheet with the
  child for accuracy
• Additionally, we
  will answer any
  questions the
  student may have
          The Elective Course
          Registration Process
• The request will
  be entered into
  our MIS system
  with the student at
  each intermediate
    McCullough Informational
     Meetings with Students

–   Mitchell                  January 24
–   Coulson Tough             February 2
–   Deretchin                 February 1
–   Wilkerson                 January 31

–   All dates are tentative
   Information Coming Home
       Later in the spring
• Please check the request
  sheet very closely to
  confirm these are the
  elective courses you wanted
  your child to request for
  next year
• This sheet will also indicate
  core courses which your
  child has been initially
  placed in based on testing
The Elective Course Registration
  Entry Process with Students
 –   Deretchin             February 18
 –   Wilkerson             February 17
 –   Coulson Tough         February 22
 –   Mitchell              February 24
 –   All dates tentative

 We will be on these campuses on the dates listed
  above to meet with students. If a student is absent,
  we will enter his/her requests based on sheets
  turned in to his/her intermediate teacher.
    Elective Choices (7th Grade)
•   Art I                       • Orchestra (counts as 2 choices)
                                • Teen leadership
•   Band (counts as 2 choices)
                                • Theater arts
•   Exploring career connections
•   Career portals: computer
•   Career Portals: Human
•   Career portals: technology
•   Choir (counts as 2 choices)
•   Exploring languages
   High School Elective Choices
 Available in Eighth Grade for CISD
• High school health
• High school communications
• High school Spanish I (taught over two
  semesters in eighth grade)
• High school Spanish II for Native
  Speakers (must qualify)
• Plus all the electives listed on the
  previous slide
             Private P.E.
• Must be an approved facility for 2011-2012
• Individual Olympic event preparations
• Fully completed application and required
  form available online at district website
  around mid-April
            Private P.E.
• Completed form will be due by formal
  deadline on April 29th
• Students with approved applications will
  not be in a P.E class at McCullough
               Private P.E.
• Can change facility only at semester
• Must be able to pickup child promptly at
  dismissal time- exactly 2:50 p.m. each day
• Students will be in a fourth period class on
  campus from 2:26 p.m. until 2:50 p.m.
• State allows us to dismiss one hour early each
             Private P.E.
• Parents must be flexible on the schedule
  as it will change due to pep rallies,
  TAKS, semester exams, etc.
• Every three weeks the facility submits a
  grade and attendance report directly to
  the Counseling Center
            Private P.E.

• 15 hours or more per week at approved
  facility are required
• Students planning to do Private P.E.
  need to check regular P.E. on Elective
  Course request sheet initially
             Private P.E.
• Students are assigned to a fourth period
  Private P.E. class from 2:26 p.m. until
  2:50 p.m. each day
• Commitment for the entire year
Number of Elective Requests
   for Seventh Graders

• All seventh grade
  students will take four
 Number of Elective Requests
    for Seventh Graders
• Band, choir, or orchestra, each take up
  two elective slots (class lasts entire year)
• Two blanks on elective course request
• Fine Arts
 Number of Elective Requests
    for Seventh Graders
• Example A: Student takes choir (2
  choices), careers, and exploring
  technology = 4 classes
 Number of Elective Requests
    for Seventh Graders
• Example B: A
  student takes
  choir (2 choices)
  and band (2
  choices) = 4
• Students can take
  two fine arts
 Number of Elective Requests
    for Seventh Graders
• Example C: Student takes athletics
  (does not count since it replaces
  P.E.), exploring technology, careers,
  exploring computer applications,
  and exploring languages = 4 classes
 Number of Elective Requests
    for Seventh Graders
• Example D:
  Student takes
  athletics (replaces
  P.E.), band (2
  classes), teen
  leadership, and
 Number of Elective Requests
    for Seventh Graders
• Example E: Student takes athletics ,
  band (2 choices), and orchestra (2
           Elective Requests
• Please note that during the spring, you will
  receive information on elective choices for
  your child
• Please note that these sheets will indicate your
  child’s request, not an assignment to that class
• Eighth-grade student requests will be filled
            Elective Requests
• Students will include regular and alternate requests
• It is possible a student may receive an elective in
  seventh grade he/she did not request in order to
  complete his/her schedule
• By the time a student completes eighth grade at
  McCullough, it is highly likely your student will have
  been enrolled in any particular elective class he/she
  would like to take
            The Schedule
      (No fine arts or athletics)
         Red Day          Green Day
         Math             Science
         Language Arts Math/Writing
         PE               Elective
         Advisory         Advisory
         Elective         History
P.E. is included in schedule, not counting as
an elective choice since a full year is
required in seventh grade.
             The Schedule
           (Athletic Schedule)
           Red Day         Green Day
           Athletics       Science
           Math            History
           Language Arts   Math/Writing
           Advisory        Advisory
           Elective        Elective

Athletics simply replaces required P.E.
             The Schedule
      (Band, Choir, or Orchestra)
           Red Day            Green Day
           Math               Elective
           PE                 History
           Language Arts      Writing/Math
           Advisory           Advisory
           Choir              Science
 Please note Fine Arts electives last all year, and
 thus count as two selections each.
          The Schedule
(Student taking Choir and Orch)
           Red Day          Green Day
           Math             Orchestra
           PE               History
           Language Arts    Writing/Math
           Advisory         Advisory
           Choir            Science
Many students take more than one fine arts course
and they are encouraged to do so.
         The Schedule
(Student in Athletics and Band)
           Red Day                            Green Day
           Athletics                          Science
           Math                               History
           Language Arts                      Math/Writing
           Advisory                           Advisory
           Elective                           Band
Many students have this schedule. There are very few conflicts, and we work
hard to resolve them when they do occur. If a student is unsure about which
activity to participate in during high school, I encourage doing both.
      Fine Arts and Athletics
• Can be involved in both
• Many are involved in a
  fine art and athletics
• Many are involved in two
  fine arts
• Encourage you to do
  more than one
• Very few, if any conflicts
      Fine Arts and Athletics
• Fall under the C.I.S.D. secondary code of
• Expectations are greater as students represent
  the organization
• Teachers will visit with fine arts/athletic
  sponsors regarding encouragement, academic
  concerns, discipline issues, and ways to help
  your child
     Fine Arts and Athletics
• Learn invaluable
  life lessons which
  are difficult to
  teach anywhere else
• Not about the sport
  – About the:
     •   Teamwork
     •   Fellowship
     •   Friends
     •   Stories you
         embellish twenty
         years later
• All fine arts
  students, athletes,
  and any other
  student involved in a
  school organization
  is responsible for
  homework, and
  tests the day after an
 State Eligibility for Participation
• No classes are exempt
  in junior high from
  U.I.L. Eligibility
• Pre-AP and high
  school courses all
  count for eligibility to
   – Consider this when
     choosing your child’s
  Signing up for Band, Choir, or
• Unlike other electives, if a student signs up for
  a fine art elective they are automatically in
• Tryouts are held for placement which then
  determines your exact class period
   – Schedule would be built around this time block
   – Placements announced on schedule in August
   – Occupies two slots on request sheet as it runs all
  Signing up for Band, Choir, or
• Encouraged to do multiple fine arts if you are
• Step up in commitment from intermediate
• Prepares students for participation in these
  activities at TWHS
•   Beginner
•   Concert III
•   Concert II
•   Concert I
•   Symphonic
•   Wind Ensemble
•   Commitment for the year
• Practices both before and
  after school
• Big step up from the
  opportunity and
  responsibility aspects of
  elementary band
• Sectionals
• Competitions
• Honor Band

• Football games
    – McCullough
    – High School
    – Playoffs
•   Concerts
•   Pep Rallies
•   Spring contests
•   Over 400 students
           Percussion Class
• Meets during the fall first
  semester (one semester)
• Students must have
  participated in percussion
  class at their intermediate
     For more information on
          band contact
• Susan Meyer
     For more information on
          band contact
• Penny Liebst
     For more information on
          band contact
• Andrea Maher
• Over 300 students          400 students
  are in band and a          total in band
  combination of:
  – Boys and girls’
  – Choir
  – Theatre
  – Cheer
  – Drill Team
  – Other
• All students can participate in
• Five orchestras including Beginner,
  Philharmonic, Symphony, Concert,
  and Chamber
• Concert and
  Chamber orchestras
  have before and/or
  after school
• Need to purchase
  tuxedo shirts
• Commitment for the
      For more information on
         Orchestra contact
• Michelle Reinhardt
• All students can participate in choir
• Performs 4-5 concerts a year
• Good to double with another fine art or
  athletics as choir has far less outside of the
  regular school day requirements
• Most practices are during the school day
• Some specialized activities such as region choir
  and preparation for solo contests occur before
  or after school

• Girls have treble,
  concert, advanced girls,
  acappella, and chamber
• Boys have the boys
• Mixed choir
   – Composed of Boys and
     Chamber Choirs
• Students can audition
  for solo and ensemble
  contests, region choir,
  UIL contests, Spring
  Choral Festival, and the
  spring pop concert
• Purchase of a uniform is
• Commitment for the
      For more information
        on choir contact
• Keith Brumfield
      For more information
        on choir contact
• Connie Horton
•   Meets during the school day
•   Replaces P.E. credit
•   Practice does also occur outside of school
•   Not an elective class (do not sign up on sheet)
• This programs entails a large commitment of
  time outside of school during the spring of this
  year, summer, and the regular school year
• Video at the information meeting will give you
  an idea of what athletic skills are involved in
• Purchase of clothing
• Tryout process
• Need to be
  committed to the
  McCullough team if
  you plan to tryout
        Cheerleader Spring
        Tryout Information
• February 1- Tryout Info Meeting @ 6:00
  p.m. in the Bock Auditorium (packets
  will be available for pick up at the
  meeting only)
• February 15 - Packets due to
  McCullough office by 3:50 p.m.
• March 8 - Tryout Clinic begins 4:30
  p.m.-6:30 p.m.
         Cheerleader Spring
         Tryout Information
• March 11- Tryouts approximately @
  4:30 p.m.
• March 12 - Results posted
• March 28 - New member info meeting @
  6:00 p.m. in the Commons LGI
• All dates and times are subject to change.
 Cheerleader Responsibilities
• Summer Camp
• Spring Practice after
• After school practices
  during the year
• Student Orientation
• Competitions
 Cheerleader Responsibilities
• Commitment to the team and your
• Cheer
   – Games
   – Pep Rallies
   – Parades
   – Open House
   – Others as needed
     For more information on
       cheerleading contact
• Wendi Spears
      For more information on
        cheerleading contact
• Lindsay Nichols
          Winter Guard

• Preparation for TWHS Color Guard
  and Winter Guard
• Most practices are inside
• Occasionally practices are outside
• Tryouts- try to keep
  everyone competitive
           Winter Guard
• Megan Kelley
           Winter Guard

• Limited practices through the end of
  football season
• Ramp up practices beginning in
  December for performance season in
• Performance season is from
  January until April
         Highland Girls
– Requires significant time outside of school
  and on some weekends
– Meets as a class during the school day
– Do not sign up for on elective request sheet
– Receive P.E. credit
           Highland Girls
–   Runs all year
–   Practice times do vary
–   Serious dance troop
–   Preparation for TWHS Highsteppers
–   Discipline
    • Need to be able to take direction and enjoy
      being part of a team
              Highland Girls
•   Highland Girl Spring Tryout Information
•   3/22 - Tryout information meeting
•   3/29 - Tryout clinic begins
•   4/9 - Team tryouts
•   4/9 - Officer tryouts
•   4/10 - Results posted
•   All dates and times are subject to change.
            Highland Girl
         Commitments Include
•   Practice
•   Performances
•   Parades
•   Football Games
•   Playoff Games
•   Basketball Games
•   Pep Rallies
•   Competitions
     For more information on
      Highland Girls contact
• Kelli Williams
      For more information on
       Highland Girls contact
• Claire Talley
          7th Grade Athletics
• Birth Certificate
• Commitment for the
• Boys
  – First period red
• Girls
  – First period green
• Replaces P.E.
   7th Grade Athletics Off-Season
           Boys and Girls
• All students assigned to
  athletics will be in off-
  season conditioning
  when their sport is not
  actively in interschool
• This involves much
  more rigorous training
  than in a regular
  physical education
   7th Grade Athletics Off-Season
           Boys and Girls
• Strength and speed
  training are the primary
• Also work to increase
  specific sports skills for
  each particular sport
• In other words, students
  choosing athletics
  remain in athletics all
  year to take the place of
  required physical
            Great News!
• Good news in that many of you are
  getting much of your life back as your
  children complete much of their athletic
  practice at school during the day
Elective Night Presentations in the
 Bock Auditorium February 8th
• Boys’ Presentation
  6:35 p.m.
• Girls’ Presentation
  7:05 p.m.
• Presentation notes
  will be placed online
  following the
• Competitive
  interschool UIL
  State of Texas
• Play to win
• Has been very
• Season is in the fall
• Student remains in
  throughout the year
• Most meets are on
  Friday evening
• Has to be dated after
  April 15, 2011 or
  later to be good for
  next year
• Please note that
  doctors do not have
  many slots open in
  the summer for
• Athletic Class
• Replaces P.E.
• Sign up for class on
  elective request sheet
• Everyone (who wants to
  be) is on the team provided
  they will complete the work
  in practice
• Popular class with runners
  and soccer players
• Serious running and
  commitment is required
         Coach Collins
Girls Cross Country
Contact at
         Coach Cantu
Boys Cross Country
Contact at
• 15-30 miles a week
• Competitive
• Boys are state
• 259 kids this year
• Fantastic place for
  students who want to
  be involved in
  athletics, but may not
  feel led to be in the
  other sports
• Will remain in
  athletics class and
  practice throughout
  the year after the
  season has concluded
• Commitment for the
• Would not join just
  because your friend
  is in the class
• Tryouts are the first
  week of school
• If a student makes
  the team, his/her
  schedule may change
• Meets as an athletics
  class during the
  school day
• After volleyball is
  over, athletes will
  remain in off-season
  volleyball class or go
  on to another sport
  throughout the year
  to receive P.E. credit
         Girls and Boys Basketball
             Off-Season Class
•   Replaces physical education
•   Students try out for class in
•   Girls and boys tryout for the off-
    season class in August
•   If students make the off-season
    class, they remain in off-season
    throughout the year
•   If they do not make the
    basketball team, students move
    to the regular off-season
    athletics class
•   Many basketball players play a
    combination of basketball,
    volleyball, football, track, and
    other sports
      Girls and Boys Basketball
          Off-Season Class
• Students will tryout
  for the basketball
  team in November
• A student who does
  not make the team
  will be in off-season
  athletics with
  football (boys and
  girls) or regular girls
  off-season if they do
  not make the team
     Boys and Girls Football
• Equipment handed
  out in August
• If a student cannot
  attend on this date,
  he/she will receive
  equipment the first
  week of school
     Boys and Girls Football
• Doors open for
  athletes at 6:30 a.m.
  in the morning
• Athletes must be
  dressed and on the
  field at 7:00 a.m.
• Practice starts the
  second day of school
       Boys and Girls Football
• Hard Work
• Almost a quarter of
  campus plays football
• August
• Boy/Girl needs to want
  to play, not just a parent
• Sign up for class on
  elective request sheet
   – Replaces P.E.
      Boys and Girls Football
• A lot of work, especially
  the first two weeks of
• Becomes much easier
  for everyone once the
  games begin and
  athletes come in early
  only three days a week
• Need to remind your
  child of this once
  practices begin in
• Child and parent needs
  to understand
     Boys and Girls Football
• Once games have begun,
  students normally do
  not come in early on
  Mondays (day of most
  games) and Tuesdays
  (morning after most
• Normally around 250 +
  seventh grade players
       Boys and Girls Track
• No tryouts
• Try to take as many to
  meets as we can
• Student does not need to
  be in athletics class to
  participate in track and
• Practice does not occur
  during an athletics class
       Boys and Girls Track
• Begins in February
• Everyone makes the
• Practice
  – 7th- Morning
  – 8th- Afternoon
              Club Sports
        Golf, Tennis, and Soccer
•   Do not meet as an athletic period
•   Are not a U.I.L. junior high sport in Texas
•   Practice is outside of the school day
•   Minimal amount of practice time required
•   Do not replace physical education credit
•   Fun opportunities to play a game you love
•   Would not advise planning your school year
    around these club activities
    Boys and Girls Club Golf
• Spring sport after track
• Tryouts
• Team does not practice
• Participates in
• For more information
  contact Coach Lilley at
  Boys and Girls Club Tennis
• Spring sport after track
• Tryouts
• Practices before or after
  school on our courts
• Plays home matches at
  McCullough and
  Creekwood Park
• For more information
  contact Coach Saltis
   Boys and Girls Club Soccer
• Spring sport after track
• Most soccer players
  participate in cross
  country and track
• Complete information is
  available at our website
• Coach Texidor- Boys
• Coach Maddock- Girls
             No Baseball
• Baseball is not a junior high sport in
• We have Scotland Yard, the high school
  baseball field, because our building was
  once the high school for The Woodlands
          General Questions
          Regarding Athletics
• Please contact Lance
   – Girls’ and Boys Athletic
• The next few slides include pictures of
  people who are here to answer any
  individual questions you may have.
• Also, remember this presentation will be
  online in the next few days at our
  website if you would like to review the
            Jerry Horan

• Assistant
  Principal 2011-
  2012 Seventh
  Grade A-K
• Located in A100
• Administrative
• Textbooks
              Wes Henson
• Assistant Principal
  2011-2012 Seventh
  Grade L-Z
• Located in A100
• 504
           Steve Skidmore

• Assistant Principal
  2011-2012 Eighth
  Grade A-K
• Located in A101
• Scheduling
               Shannon York
• Assistant Principal 2011-
  2012 Seventh Grade L-Z
• Located in A101
• Technology
         Marti Meerscheidt
• 2011-2012 Seventh Grade
  Grade A-K
             Steve Jessen
• 2011-2012 Seventh Grade L-Z
       Elizabeth Henderson
• 2011-2012 Eighth Grade A-K
             Jana Shriver
• 2011-2012 Eighth
  Grade L-Z
          Katherine Milano
• Math Department Head
• Please see at the conclusion of our
  presentation if you have questions regarding
                  Jeff Murrin
• Language Arts
  Department Head
• Please see at the
  conclusion of our
  presentation if you have
  questions regarding
  language arts
               April Phillips
• Social Studies
  Department Head
• Please see at the
  conclusion of our
  presentation if you have
  questions regarding
  social studies
           Charles Roberts
• Special Education Department Head
• Please see at the conclusion of our
  presentation if you have questions regarding
  special education
             Lynne Archer
• Special Education Department Head
• Please see at the conclusion of our
  presentation if you have questions regarding
  special education
           Janene Fowler
• Science Department Head
• Please see at the conclusion of our presentation
  if you have questions regarding science
• Will have some example science fair boards
• Department Heads
  – Questions about
    Math, LA, Texas
    History, Science
• Counselors
  – Program questions
• Administrators
  – General

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