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									                                                                                            INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
                                                                                             (EVENING PROGRAMME)
DATE OF COMMENCEMENT : February 14, 2011                                                                                                                                                            February 17, 2011
DAYS   C.Code    FIRST PERIOD 6:00 PM - 7:40 PM                         ROOM Class#             INSTRUCTORS         C.Code     SECOND PERIOD              7:50 PM - 9:20 PM        ROOM Class#           INSTRUCTORS
       ACC505    Accounting for Decision Making                            1        1093   Mr. A. Rahim Suriya      MKT566     Media Management                                     1      1105   Mr. Foud Husain
       MKT656    Services Marketing                                        2        1085   Mr. Humayun S. Ansari    ACC589     Project Evaluation & Financing                       2      1101   Mr. Aman U. Saiyed
 Mon. FIN570     Islamic Banking and Finance                               3        1186   Mr. Ahmad Ali            FIN454     Corporate Finance                                    3      1102   Mr. Muhammad Ejaz
       ECO537    Econometrics-I (6:00-8:50 pm Mon. only)                   4        1076   Dr. Muhammad Nishat      MKT561     Brand Management                                     7      1104   Dr. Kamran Siddiqui
       FIN554    Investment Bkg. & Fin.Svcs. (6-9:20 pm Thurs. only)       4        1304   Mr. Javed Hassan         MKT501     Marketing Management                                 8      1100   Mr. Najeeb Agrawala
   &   MGT516    Leadership in Organization                                7        1184 Dr. Nasir Afghan           MGT512     Strategic Human Resource Management                 B-6     1098   Mr. Shuja Shams
       MKT505    Adv. & Applied Business Research                          8        1097 Dr. Kamran Siddiqui        ACC506     Financial Accounting & Information Systems          B-7     1099   Mr. A. Rahim Suriya
       ECO501    Managerial Economics (6-9:20 pm Mon. only)               B-2       1094 Dr. Naved Ahmed            MGT510     Technology & Operations Management                  B-9     1253   Dr. Rameez Khalid
Thur. ECO532     Macroeconomic Theory I (6-8:50 pm Thurs. only)           B-2       1115 Dr. Naeem-uz-Zafar         MIS503     Enterprise Integration (7:50 onwards Monday only)   B-11    1287   Mr. Nadeem Akhtar
       CSE657    Essen. of Theoretical Comp.Sc.(6-8:50 pm Mon only)       B-3       1337 Dr. Nasir Touheed
       ECO566    Monetary Economics (6:00-8:50 pm Thurs. only)            B-3       1252 Mr. Farooq Pasha
       ECO533    Mathematics for Economists(6:00-8:50 pm Mon. only)      B-5        1108 Mr. Ather Elahi
       CSE563    Mobile Robotics (6:00-8:50 pm Thurs. only)              B-8        1303 Dr. Ali R. Jafri
       MKT451    Advertising-II (6:30-8:40 p.m. Thurs. only)             B-10       1426 Ms. Saadia Qutubuddin
       MKT653    Sales Management                                         1         1179 Mr. Javed Mahmood          MKT654     Industrial Marketing                                  1     1087   Mr. Danish Ansari
       MKT651    Personal Selling                                         2         1180 Mr. Zafar Siddiqui         FIN574     Financial Modeling                                    2     1106   Mr. Shabih Haider
Tues. FIN565     Treasury & Funds Mgmt.(Tue only 6-9:20 pm)               3         1112 Mr. Muslim Reza            MGT507     Entrepreneurial Management                            8     1182   Dr. Shahid Qureshi
        FIN458   Fund. of Treasury & Funds Mgmt(Fri only 6-9:20 pm)       3         1113 Mr. Muslim Reza            ECO531     Microecoeconomic Theory-I                            B-2    1091   Mr. Sadiqul Huda
       HRM530    Recruitment & Selection Techniques                       4         1342 Ms. Nyla Ansari            ECO534     Microeconomic Theory II                              B-3    1116   Dr. Heman D. Lohano
   &   ACC507    Accounting Info. System with SAP                       B2/Lab 16   1178 Mr. Muhammad Asif          ACC561     Analysis of Financial Statements                     B-5    1095   Mr. Asad Ilyas
       MTS506    Quanti. Methods for Decision Making                      B-3       1111 Mr. S. Inayatullah         MIS102     Management Information System                        B-6    1290   Ms. Maheen Ghauri
       LAW501    Legal/Reg. Environ. Of Business                          B-5       1110 Mr. Rahat Aziz             MIS552     Advanced Data Warehousing                            B-8    1285   Mr. Shams N. Zia
       MGT557    Org. Behaviour & Leadership (6-9:20 pm Fri. only)        B-6       1092 Mr. Shakeel Mapara         CSE690     Research Survey                                      B-9    1306   Dr. Zaheeruddin Asif
Friday MIS564    Social Computing Applications                            B-8       1338 Dr. Zaheeruddin Asif

     MGT506      Corporate Strategy                                       2         1166   Prof.Dr.Mahnaz Fatima      MKT551   Advertising-I                                         2     1172 Mr. Akhtar Mahmood
     MKT558      Customer Ascendancy (6:00-9:20 pm Wed. only)             3         1170   Shah M. Saad Husain        MGT505   Leadership, Teamwork & Corp. Responsibility          B-3    1185 Mr. Ashraf Jaliawala
Wed. FIN567      Risk Management (6:00-9:20 pm Sat. only)                 4         1177   Mr. Assim Jang             FIN507   Business Finance-II                                  B-7    1418 Mr. Nauman J. Amin
     ECO562      Financial Economics (6:00-8:50 pm Wed. only)            B-2        1119   Dr. Muhammad Nishat        MIS513   Info. Industry Structure & Comp. Strategy            B-10   1175 Mr. Nadeem Akhtar
     ECO535      Macroeconomic Theory II (6:00-8:50 pm Sat. only)        B-2        1109   Dr.Ali Chaudhry/Mr. Farooq MIS592   Multidisciplinary Project-I &II                      B-11 1379/1181 Mr. Ameer Rizvi
      FIN506     Business Finance-I                                      B-3        1167   Mr. Ziaul Haq              ECO502   Macroeconomics                                       B-12   1344 Ms. Marium Farhan Khan
 &    FIN522     Int'l. Financial Management (6:00-9:20 pm Sat. only)    B-5        1168   Mr. Kamran Kazim           CSE660   Computer Vision                                     Lab 16 1286 Mr. Ali Zaidi
     MGT555      Project Management (6:00-9:20 pm Sat. only)             B-6        1257   Dr. Wasim A. Khan          FIN558   Regulation of Financial Markets                      AR-II  1176 Dr. Nadeem Aftab
     FIN456      Financial Risk Management                               B-7        1173   Mr. Noman Noor             MKT586   Retailing                                           AR-III  1086 Mr. Noaman Ashraf
     ICT555      Distributed Systems                                     B-8        1282   Mr. Ali Zaidi              CSE341   Database Systems+Lab                                 UGL 1288/89 Mr. Shams N. Zia
Sat. ECO301      Development Economics (6:00-8:50 pm Wed.only)           B-9        1417   Dr. Naeem Uz Zafar
     CSE566      Software Quality Assurance                              B-10       1283   Mr. Rizwan Akram
     MKT559      Supply Chain Management Sec.II                          B-12       1419   Mr. Muqtadar Qureshi

Sunday MKT559 Supply Chain Management Sec.I                                3        1171   Mr. Hanif Ajari          Note 1:AR-II & AR-III are in APWA Hqs. Building (3rd floor).
                 (10:00 AM-1:00 PM)                                                                                 Note 2: There will be a ten (10) minutes break for Maghrib Prayer.
Spring semester begins                   February 14, 2011              CLASS TIMINIGS FOR MBA/MS PROGRAMS
Ist Term Examination:                    March 24-30, 2011              MBA (90 Minutes): Ist Period 6:00-7:40 p.m.
2nd Term Examination:                    May 5-11, 2011                                    2nd period 7:50-9:20 p.m.
Preparatory Holiday                      June 9, 2011                   MS (75 Minutes): Ist Period 6:00-7:25 p.m.
Final Examination                        June 10-21, 2011                                  2nd period 7:50-9:05 p.m.                                                               DIRECTOR

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