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Sample Review Page _1 for Affiliates


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									Sample Review Page #1 for Affiliates

Note: If you have your own website and you've promoted any products as an
affiliate in the past then you know the value of having a product review page. It's
one of the best ways to consistently make money from ebooks and other
electronic programs.

I can't make any guarantees about earnings or sales, but I can tell you that
building review pages is an important step on the path to building a valuable,
profitable business asset.

If you are a serious affiliate then creating an authority site and building your own
list of subscribers is one of the keys to financial success and a goal toward which
you should be working. Having a number of product review pages on your site
will help your traffic, seo ranking, and search visibility. Which ultimately will lead
to more revenue in your pocket.

The best kind of review you can provide is one you write yourself, particularly if
you use the product. I encourage you to purchase your own copy of my products,
try them, and then describe your experience as part of your review. Keep in mind
that honesty and objectivity resonate a lot more with your readers than "over-the-
top" or "fluffy" reviews.

Reveal the pros and cons, and keep in mind that golfers who are interested in
"quick fixes" or "tips" are not necessarily the best prospects for all my products. A
review that is honest and reveals up front that some work will be required on the
part of the prospect will improve the quality of your prospects as well as set you
up as an authority whose opinion can be trusted. And earning the trust of your
prospects is worth more than gold.

I've created several templates for you to use. In the first template simply answer
the questions in your own words to create a review uniquely your own. There is
also a fully-written review which you can copy and paste as-is into your review
page, or edit and modify to suit your own site theme and your particular "voice" or

It's also a great idea to use book cover graphics on your review page. Make sure
the book cover image and all other images are click-able with your hyperlink
containing your affiliate code.

By the way, review pages make great landing pages for your ppc campaigns!

Writing your own review

Some important ideas to keep in mind when writing your own reviews to make
them as effective as possible. Keep the review to somewhere between 500 to
1,000 words. Use images to illustrate your key points. Here is the structure for a
basic review:

   1.   Identify in the first paragraph exactly what it is you are reviewing.
   2.   Identify who it is for, and who it is not for.
   3.   Explain why you are reviewing the product.
   4.   Tell your readers what they will find inside.
   5.   Tell them the pros. Use an example
   6.   Tell them the cons. Use an example
   7.   Tell them some more pros. Use an example.
   8.   If you have used the product, relate your experience
   9.   Give them a recommendation and a specific call to action

Here is a brief list of suggestions for creating compelling headlines.
   1. Use a targeted keyword or phrase in the headline, and use <H1> settings
       for better SEO results
   2. Answer the question "What will the product help your customer do?" In
       other words, what is the general benefit?
           a. Positives like: get more distance, hit it farther, crush it, maximize
               power and accuracy, make golf fun, confidence on the tee, etc.
           b. Negatives like: stop being the shortest driver, end frustration over
               short drives, avoid embarrassment off the tee, quit guessing where
               the golf ball will go, etc.
   3. Tell them how quickly they can accomplish their goal (in 21 days …, In
       less than an hour on the range …, etc.)
   4. Give them expected results of reaching their goal. The more specific the
       better: Become the top driver in your foursome, pick up 20 yards, crush it
       50 yards, stripe it down the middle, knock it 20 yards past your buddies,
   5. Give them the number of steps, as well as the type (steps, ways, secrets,
       program, module, etc.). For example: 5 proven swing keys, 1 secret power
       move, 5-part program, 3 easy steps, etc.

You can mix and match your phrases to create an endless list of headlines. So
as an example, just taking the first phrases from the example instructions, I could
create a headline like:
       "Golfers, Get More Distance in Just 21 Days and Become the Top Driver
in Your Foursome with these Simple 5 Proven Swing Keys."
Headline Types
Lastly, there are different types of headlines. Use these stem sentences to get
yourself started, and custom make the headline for your audience. Different
people respond in different ways, so if you know how somebody is finding your
review page you can structure your headline so that it feels like a continuation of
the dialog in their mind, and the reason they are searching the web.

   1. Commands: "Get started, look inside, start now, dare to, imagine if, act
      now, etc.
   2. How To: "How to, Here's how, This is how, If you want to know how, to
      learn how, discover how, the secret to how, simple how to steps, how you
      can accomplish, etc.
   3. News: Proven techniques, the quick and easy way, here's your, at last,
      the secret is out, a startling fact, your personal guide, thousands of golfers
      have …, complete guide/program/method/system, a gold mine of
      information, shocking truth about,
   4. Question: Who else would like to …, Are you ready …, Do you need …,
      Are you willing, can you believe, is it possible, why didn't somebody tell
      me this before, why you can/can't,
   5. Reason Why: Why this program will …, why everything you tried until now
      didn't work, Why …, If … Then … (if you do this, then you will get that),
   6. Testimonial: "How I …, I wish I knew …, Let an expert show you …,
      Thousands of golfers have discovered, This is how (I/these golfers/she/he)
      did …, I can show you how, I went to an expert when I wanted,

Pre-Written Review Page

The 5 Keys To Distance is a comprehensive swing instruction program that
teaches golfers how to add distance and consistency to their golf shots,
particularly their driving distance off the tee. The program comes as either a 6 X
9 paperback book with a DVD insert, or as a downloadable pdf ebook with videos

The program identifies the five key aspects of the golf swing that contribute to
distance. It goes on to explain how golfers can integrate the five key distance
aspects into their own swing, and it includes specific drills and exercises to use
for each of the five key swing concepts. That means golfers will learn What to do,
Why it works, and How to do it.

Unlike many golf swing training programs The 5 Keys To Distance focuses on
concepts, not methodology. For instance, you'll learn about how important
balance is in the golf swing, not just for distance but for consistency too. More
specifically, you'll learn what Athletic Balance is, and why 90% of golfers get this
wrong without even realizing it!

Most golfers will see an immediate improvement in not just their distance but
their ball-striking and consistency once they understand the basic idea of athletic
balance. And since athletic balance can be mastered in as little as one to five
trips to the range, that translates to lower scores and more fun on the golf course
right away. This concept alone will make the program's price – which is about
half the cost of a golf lesson - worth it for most golfers. But of course there is a lot
more in the program.

The essence of the 5 key distance swing concepts can be remembered by the
appropriate acronym "B.L.A.S.T." BLAST stand for

B = Balance
L = Leverage
A = Arc
S = Speed
T = Target

The book goes into considerable depth on each of these distance concepts, and
they are the core of the distance program. What's great, though, is that despite
the level of detail on each subject area the book is easy to read and
comprehend. When I finished reading The 5 Keys To Distance I understood my
golf swing in a whole new way, like a light bulb going on. I no longer see my golf
swing as a series of parts, but rather as a whole, and it was clear how all the
parts fit together. That's a big confidence booster.

Golfers should be aware, however, that The 5 Keys To Distance is not written for
the beginning golfer. The program assumes the golfer already has a certain skill
level and wants to improve from where they currently are. Intermediate to
advanced players, however, will find the book a gold mine.

That's because the author, Eric Jones, is an expert when it comes to distance.
Jones is a PGA professional who also holds a Masters degree in Sport
Psychology. He played college golf at Stanford University, and was a coach there
as well. What's amazing, though, is that for an average-sized guy he figured out
how to increase his swing speed to more than 140 mph and won the World Long
Drive Championship. He went on to be the LDA Tour Rookie of the Year, and
has qualified for the World Long Drive Championship Finals 8 consecutive years.
Today he trains long drivers from all over the world, and he's put everything from
his training system into this program.

Another word of warning, however: The 5 Keys to Distance will take some work!
If you are expecting to read about something and instantly have it work for you,
this program is not for you. You'll need to put in some time practicing.
The good news, however, is that Jones used his sport psychology training to
adapt training methods used by our Olympic athletes to learning about golf, and
he's isolated specific drills to speed up the learning process. If you use these
practice methods you can learn up to ten times faster than conventional
approaches to the golf swing.

There's a lot more to the book than can be described here, like the importance of
pre-shot routines and post-shot routines, taking it from the driving range to the
golf course, and suggestions for improving play in all areas. But it is all high-
value and high-quality.

In summary, The 5 Keys To Distance is one of the most comprehensive and
practical guides to getting the most out of your golf game. It's written by one of
the world's best long drivers, yet it's easy to read and comprehend. This is a
practical, step-by-step way for golfers to improve their distance and their
consistency and, ultimately, their scores. Go to this page to learn more about The
5 Keys To Distance by World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones.

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