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									 SACRED HEART CHURCH                       ST. MARY’S CHURCH                    ST. ROBERT’S CHURCH
        CANEY, KS                                MOLINE, KS                            SEDAN, KS.
    PHONE: 620-879-2360                     PHONE: 620-647-3577                        NO PHONE
                                          FATHER SIXTUS YE MYINT
                                       RECTORY: P.O. BOX 276, 320 N. Main, MOLINE, KS. 67353
                                 Web Site:
       Mission Statement: To become Eucharistic Parishes by showing Reverence and Devotion to the Most Blessed
                     Sacrament through Adoration, Prayer, Worship and Ministry to one another.
              Three in One                               June 19, 2011                          Sacred Heart of Jesus

                                           Solemnity of Most Holy Trinity
                                                 June-Month of Sacred Heart
6/18     Saturday       5:00 pm      Moline    St. Gregory Barbarigo                  +Damian Walker/Orien Tanner
6/19     Sunday         7:00 am      Moline    Solemnity of Most Holy Trinity         For Parishioners
                        9:00 am      Sedan     St. Romuald                            +Ray Bromley/Maria/Paul Leddy
                        11:00 am     Caney                                            Steve Buster/Janette Buster
6/20     Monday         No Mass      Moline    St. Vincent Kaun                       +Damian Walker/Orien Tanner
6/21     Tuesday        7:00 pm      Caney     St. Aloysius Gonzaga                   Connie Buster/Steve/Janette Buster
6/22     Wednesday      7:00 pm      Moline    St. Thomas More                        +Maynard Tanner/Orien Tanner
6/23     Thursday       8:00 am      Moline    St. Joseph Cafasso                     +Pat Simmons/Tom and Sharon
6/24     Friday         8:00 am      Moline    Nativity of St. John The Baptist       +Damian Walker/Orien Tanner
6/25     Saturday       5:00 pm      Moline    St. Vercelli                           +Maynard Tanner/Orien Tanner
6/26     Sunday         7:00 am      Moline    Solemnity of Corpus Christi            For Parishioners
                        9:00 am      Sedan     St. Anthelm                            +Ray Bromley/Maria/Paul Leddy
                        11:00 am     Caney                                            Living/Dead Members/S. H. Altar Soc
                                        Respectful Silence in Church is Requested
Confessions: By appointment                                     Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick: If there is a serious illness
Baptism: By appointment                                         or accident call 620-647-3577 at Moline and at Caney call 620-
Weddings: Schedule with priest six months before wedding.       879-2360 or 620-879-2728. In case of an emergency at Caney,
Adoration in Moline: First Sunday of each month 7:30 to 1:30    call Holy Name @ 620-251-0475 or St. Andrew’s at 620-331-
Adoration in Caney-First Sunday of each month 12-6 pm           1789
FROM PASTOR: The Trinity is a mystery that surpasses intellectual understanding. Fortunately, God has
revealed himself as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and made it possible to enter into relationship with him.
Through Baptism we were given a share in the divine life of the Trinity, and are called to live in greater love with
God and one another each day.
Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament will be held Gospel Reflection: There is one God and in this one God there
next Sunday, 26, on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of are three Divine Persons; the Father is God, the Son is God, the
Christ (Corpus Christi) instead of the first Sunday in July.  Holy Spirit is God. Yet there are not three Gods, but one God.
Most Holy Trinity: We begin every Sunday’s Mass with The Father is the first Divine Person; the Son is the second
                                                              Divine Person, and the Holy Spirit is the third Divine Person.
the Sign of the Cross. All our prayers begin and end with
                                                              Jesus gave himself completely out of love for his Father and for
this Sign of the Cross. This gesture is one of the most basic us sinners. Perfect love holds nothing back but gives all. God
and profound signs of our faith. The gesture of crossing gives us the freedom to choose whom and what we will love.
ourselves not only praises the Trinity but makes a powerful We can love the darkness of sin and unbelief or we can love the
statement about who we are. It reminds us that we live the light of God’s truth, beauty and goodness. What we love shows
very life of the Holy Trinity.                                what we prefer.
Eucharistic Adoration for the intention of Pope Benedict. Reflection: “Does God take first place in your life, in your
In honor of Pope Benedict’s 60th anniversary, on June 29th, thoughts and actions?”                                    th
The Congregation for the Clergy is asking each parish to Feast Days: Nativity of St. John the Baptist on the 24 . The
offer holy hours for the Pope. The holy hour is to be offered Church only has six celebrations which includes a special
                                                              Liturgy for the evening before. They are Christmas, Easter,
for the intention of our Holy Father, sanctification of the
                                                              Pentecost, Nativity of John the Baptist, Feast of St. Peter and
clergy and for more vocations to the priesthood. Prayer for Paul and the Assumption of Mary.
Holy Father and priests will be in next week’s bulletin.      TOGETHER VISION reaches $20 million in pledges.
A Blessed and Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers. Let us not Construction begins in the fall of 2011 and will be finished in
forget the most important Father of all, Our Heavenly Father. the winter of 2012.
Daily Mass Readings for the week.
Mon. Gen 12:1-9; Ps 33: 12-13,18-20,22; Mt 7: 1-5                    Parrish Prayer Lists
Tues Gen 13: 2,5-18; Ps 15: 2-5; Mt 7:6,12-14               For our Pope, Bishops, Bishop Eugene Gerber, Priest,
Wed Gen 15: 1-12,17-18; Ps 105: 1-4,6-9; Mt 7: 15-20        Religious, Fr. Sixtus, for an increase in vocations, the leaders
Thur Gen 16: 1-12,15-16; Ps 106: 1-5; M6t 7: 21-29          of our country, for world peace, all those in the Military and
Fri Is 49: 1-6; Ps 139: 1-3,13-15; Acts 13: 22-26;          their families, for an end to abortion, for neglected children,
   Lk 1: 57-66,80                                           for all those who are grieving, for our deceased members, and
Sat Gen 18: 1-15; Lk 1: 46-50,53-55; Mt 8: 5-17             for the unemployed.
Sun Dt 8: 2-3, 14-16; Ps 147: 12-15, 19-20;
     1Cor 10: 16-17; Jn 6:51-58                             Caney: Joan Dancer, Max and Bernice Roe, Nancy Roe,
                                                            Barney Culver, Sylvia and Ferd Estes, Don Hartig, Rob
Stewardship: Recognizing and Receiving God’s Gifts          Stockover, George Paine, John Rodriguez, Tom Shaw, Larry
                                                            Muller and all others of our parish who are sick or who are in
                                                            need of our prayers.
“As we contemplate the Most Holy Trinity we are faced
                                                            Military: Jacob Astbury, son of Tom and Lisa Roe, grandson
with the profound depth of God’s love. Moses                of Max and Bernice, has been deployed to the Middle East
recognized it and beseeched the stuff necked-Israelites.
John’s Gospel reminds us that God’s love for us caused      Sedan: John Wilson, Frances Crum, Frank Miller and
Him to send His Son to die for us. Even from the Cross      Mrs. Dorothy Meledeo, (Sandi Adcock’s mother)
Jesus asked the Father to forgive the men who crucified
Him. May we open our hearts to feel the love God has                               Diocesan News:
for us and accept forgiveness for our sins.” Fr. John       Beatification and Canonization of Father Emil Kapaun
Lanzrath                                                    will be held on July 1 at 5 pm at the Cathedral in Wichita. A
                      Word of Life                          reception will follow at Kapaun Mount Carmel Catholic High
“Sarah—11 and half years old, betrayed not a trace of       School at 8506 E. Central. Please RSVP to 316-440-1717
nervousness as she told a roomful of counselors and         Midwest (12th) Family Conference will be at the Century II
                                                            Convention Center in Wichita on August 5-7. You may attend
obstetricians about herself. I am so lucky I get to do so
                                                            for one day or the entire weekend. Brochures are in each
many things, read, play a clarinet in her school band and   parish with a list of the speakers and the fees.
have won three medals in the Special Olympics. I just       Call 316-618-9787 or email to register.
want you to know, even though I have Down syndrome,                              Exam for Father’s Day
it is O.K” Amy Harmon.                                      Keep Holy the Lord’s Day and all those other days. Do your
                      Parish News                           children know that Mass is the center of your life?
                                                            Teach your Children the Faith. Do they not only hear you talk
                                                            about the faith, but also see you as a model for prayerful and
                                                            confident trust in God?
                                                            Forgive-Forgiveness is at the heart of Christianity; do you
Knights of Columbus will be serving breakfast at Moline     practice it and be a model for your kids by going to
from 7 to 10 am on Sunday, June 19th. Free will donation    Confession?
accepted.                                                   Charity: Do you teach them the importance of generosity and
Moline                                                      Prayer: Do your kids see you pray, do you initiate family
Sedan:                                                      prayer?
Caney:                                                      Talent: Do you help your kids find their talents and encourage
                   New Parishioners                         them to develop them?
                                                            Tradition: Do you pass on to your children important rituals
                                                            and language of their faith?
Welcome to our parish! Please contact Father for a
                                                                                Contact for Parishes
registration form to fill out. Thanks                       Moline:
                 Anointing for the Sick                     Parish Council President: Paul Duranleau-647-3307
If you know of someone who is seriously sick or             Altar Society President-Inez Rogers-374-2851
scheduled for major surgery, please inform Father so        Knights of Columbus: Jim Taylor-647-3063
that the Sacrament of Anointing may be given to that        Secretary: Ruth Walker-647-3406
person. Notify Father of any shut-ins or homebound          Sedan:
people so arrangements can be made for them to receive      Parish Council President: Rick Craft-725-3722
Holy Communion.                                             Altar Society President-Sandi Adcock-725-5398
                                                            Parish Council President: Henry Honas-918-532-4492
            Collections Receipts for June 19                Altar Society President-Mariam Staton-879-2674
                                                            Knights of Columbus: Steve Buster 879-2883
Caney: Collection $1017.00. Weekly expenses $628.00         Bulletin/Secretary: Beverly Lynn-879-2728

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