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 September 2011
                           The Messenger
                           “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in
                           unity!” (Psalm 133:1).
                          Consider some of the most enjoyable moments from your past: a Christmas holiday, a
                          childhood birthday, a reunion with an old friend, a vacation. Whatever you’ve enjoyed
                          most, chances are that a good share of the pleasure came from the friends or family
                          who were there with you. The high points of our lives are defined in part by the people
                          whose company we keep.
                          Sadly, loved ones aren’t always there when we need them. Loneliness strikes everyone
                          anyway, but it seems like our fast-paced society promotes it. More and more families
                          are drifting apart. More and more marriages are suffering. We’re enlisting more and
                          more therapists and counselors to help us deal with the problem. Lonely people sit
    Fellowship            alone at their computers, hoping to find a chat room connection with someone just like
                          them. We all want to be loved.
                          There may be a little bit of joy in any connection we make with others, but Christians
                          know there is no matchmaker quite so effective as the Holy Spirit. He builds his bridges
                          out of the finest material available: the Word of God. Through the message of Holy
                          Scripture and the sacraments of Baptism and Communion, he gives us Jesus, the Savior,
Inside this issue:        and in so doing, he brings us sinners close to God and to one another. Together we
                          stand, sinners once condemned, but now forgiven in the blood of Jesus. We are bonded
                          by this faith, and founded on God’s holy Word.
WELS Commission on    2   It’s a gift called “fellowship,” and he wants us to enjoy it! “Be of one mind, live in
Worship                   peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” (2 Corinthians 13:11-12). So,
                          together, we take communion. Together, we pray. Together, we carry out God’s mis-
Prime Timers          3
                          sion to proclaim the gospel. Together, we worship. It’s all happy work, made more
Ladies Aid
Fox Fest                  blessed because we can do it with the togetherness that comes from God.
                          It would be the height of selfishness for us to keep this divine togetherness for our-
Camp Phillip
                          selves. Still, we may be tempted to think: “Others just won’t understand.” “It’s not my
                          place to correct what other people believe.” “Why should we go to them? Let them
Stewardship Thought   5   come to us!”
                          The Divine Matchmaker doesn’t stand by idly. By his Word he calls us to task for our sin
Biblical Turkey       6   and wakes us up to our selfishness. Through the same message of God’s love in Jesus,
                          he continues to move us. He gives us real love for others, love that isn’t afraid to warn
                          them gently when they’re caught in a sin. He gives us the courage needed humbly to
FVL Schools           7   point out any false teachings that don’t measure up to God’s Word. He creates in us an
Community Parents         impulse joyfully to share the wonderful, heart- and life-changing news of our crucified
                          and risen Savior.
Public School         8   As the psalmist said, it is indeed good, it is pleasant to live in unity. What a gracious
                          God we have, who moves us to repent of the selfish vanity and pride that comes natu-
                          rally to us, so that through us, his forgiven children, he can extend his fellowship to
                                                                                                      Pastor Jon Zabell
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                      WELS Commission On Worship

At the July synod convention Pastor Zabell was elected by the delegates to serve a four-
year term as Chairman of the WELS Commission on Worship. Read on for details….

The commission, currently consisting of ten appointed pastors, teachers, and laymen,           Four New Items
assists congregations by encouraging worship that glorifies God and proclaims Christ’s         Have Boxtops for
love. It provides the following resources and training: a national worship conference,            Education
preaching resources, various publications like the Christian Worship hymnal, and wor-        Glad Food Storage Bags
ship enrichment workshops.
                                                                                             Emerald Nuts
COMMISSION ON WORSHIP, CHAIRMAN                                                              Dannon Kids Yogurt
Those standing for election as chairman of the Commission on Worship (CW) should be
                                                                                             Select magazines at
knowledgeable in the style, the forms, and the setting of worship; in preaching; in litur-
                                                                                             Retail stores including
gical orders and rites; in church music for the congregation, choir, soloists, and instru-
                                                                                             “People” magazine
ments; in architecture and ecclesiastical arts. The chairman of the CW is elected by
synod in convention. He serves a four year term and may succeed himself twice. He is         A New Contest. 1000
accountable to the Conference of Presidents.                                                 bonus Boxtops given
                                                                                             away each day. Go to
His election also makes him a member of the Congregation and Ministry Support      
Council with the expectation of attending one or more meetings each year. The chair-
man of the Commission on Worship presides over the meetings of CW. He works with             Bring your Box Tops to
members of the CW to help establish vision and direction for the Commission for the          the main hallway of the
Commission’s work.                                                                           school. Keep saving
                                                                                             the entire school year.
We pray that God will bless Pastor Zabell in this elected office.                            Thank you.

Our Scholarship Fund Committee has met and will be distributing monies from the fund
for those studying at MLC, Fox Valley Lutheran High School, or Luther Prep. If you have
just decided to attend one of these school, please let our office know. MacCartney           See the library display
Mendolla and Amelia Flunker have enrolled at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN,           on the bulletin shelf in
to study to become WELS teachers. Eric Zabell is in his second year at Luther Prepara-       the church narthex, or
tory School in Watertown, WI, and we have 16 teens attending our Fox Valley Lutheran         check out the library
High School in Appleton at this writing.                                                     itself in our first floor
                                                                                             meeting room.

                                                                                             Instructions for check-
                                                                                             ing out books are
                                                                                             posted on the library
                                                                                             shelves in the first floor
                                                                                             meeting room.
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            Prime Timers                                              A Heart in Focus

                                               LAST NOTICE!...A heart in Focus Financial Fitness class, pro-
                                               duced by the WELS, the on-line version, is being offered for six
                                               weeks (Sept. 12—Oct 17). Cost is $30. You can register by
                                               contacting Bob Fischer at This is more
                                               than the usual Church stewardship program. It covers a God-
                                               pleasing planning and use of financial resources in various ar-
                                               eas of life.
group has decided to open itself up to         Our Board of Stewardship recommends that anyone who is
anyone who is over 21 years of age             able to take this class for growth in being a faithful steward of
                                               God’s blessings!
married or single—if your spouse does-
n’t belong to St. Paul, bring them along
as a guest!
Next meeting: Friday, September 9th
in the Outreach Center downstairs.
Enjoy a favorite board game or other
entertainment at the Prime-Timers!
If you need a ride or have questions or
suggestions for this new group, contact                  Fox Fest, Fox Valley Lutheran High School
Rod Haskins at 606-8880.
                                                           8th Annual Dinner Auction will be held
                                                                       October 15, 2011
              Ladies Aid
                                                                        5:00—9:00 p.m.
               Our next meeting will be                       Cost: $40 each / $75 per couple
               on Wednesday, Septem-
               ber 7th at 1 p.m. in the                  Location: Fox Valley Lutheran High School
               Outreach Center. The                             5300 N. Meade Street
               presentation will be                              Appleton, WI 54913
               about the LWMS
               National Convention held                         Auction Preview & Tickets at :
               in Milwaukee that several
               of our St. Paul women
               attended in June.                            
“The Great Commission on a Great Lake”                                 920-884-0239
All women are always welcome to come to                   
Ladies Aid for spiritual growth, fellowship,
and service opportunities.                                      Proceeds to benefit the
                                                          Christian education mission at FVL
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                                     Camp Phillip
         Need Some Family Time?                   The Camp Phillip Songbook is available
                                                  for purchase. It features 90 camp songs.

           On line registration                    Check out for         As we approach
           forms available at                     more information, schedules, camping       another holiday
                     opportunities at our WELS camp near        weekend, please
                                                  Wautoma. Or call: 920-787-3202. St.        remember those in
                                                  Paul is a member of the Camp Phillip As-   the service of our
Our family camps are a great option ….            sociation and our members are entitled     country! ...We have
                                                  to all discounts, etc. available.          some St. Paul
                                                                                             members serving in
Family camp (Sep 2-5) has loads of options                                                   the armed forces at
in a more laid-back schedule or camp any                                                     this time.
other time in our full-service campground!
                                                                  F.A.C.E                    We are listing the
                                                                                             home address of
There are still campsites or cabins available        Friends And Christian Education         those who are still
at each of the camps, so book today! And if                     Is hosting a                 away from Green Bay
               you're in the mood for a differ-          Back to School Luncheon             if you would like to
               ent style of lodging, you can                                                 send a note to be
               come out to camp during the            Following the 10:30 a.m. service       forwarded to them:
               day and stay at a nearby hotel           on Sunday, September 11th
               at night. Visit our area lodg-                                                Matthew Fager
                                                                                             836 Neufeld St.
               ing page for a list of recom-
                                                        All supporters of Christian          Green Bay , WI 54304
               mended hotels.
                                                          Education are invited.             (U.S. Navy—recently
                                                         (Parents, Grandparents,             re-enlisted)
The Women’s Unfinished                                       Students, Friends)              Mrs. Amy (Klein)
Unfinished Projects retreat will be                                                          Kielisch
held September 30—October 2                          Come and join in the fellowship         4009 N. River Road
                                                                                             Oconto, WI 54153
                                                    and learn about our plans for the
The Women’s retreat is scheduled                                                             (U.S. Air Force –
                                                         2011-2012 School Year               recently re-enlisted)
for October 7-9.
                                                                                             Ken Wipperfurth
Confirmation retreat (Oct 21-23)                                                             2084 Spring Creek
During this weekend retreat our goal is to                                                   Circle
build Christian unity among members of a                                                     Green Bay, WI 54311
confirmation class while helping them to                                                     (U.S. Army)
experience fellowship and encouragement                                                      Please pray for them as
with youth from other WELS congrega-                                                         they serve our country.
tions. This is a great opportunity for young                                                 If we have missed
people to look at the important                                                              someone who has
promise they make at their                                                                   recently enlisted, or a
confirmation.                                                                                person’s status has
                                                                                             changed, please let the
                                                                                             church office know.
                                                                                             Thank you.
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                           Stewardship Thought                                                      Public
Mixed emotions...might well describe our feelings about giving over the past summer               Catechism
months. On the one hand, we praise God for some very good offerings that have been                  Class
given as fruits of faith over the summer.

On the other hand, we learned at the last council meeting that over $19,000 had to be          Public School Catechism
borrowed from special funds since our fiscal year began on July 1st to pay our bills on        For young people grades
schedule.                                                                                      6 through grade 8 or 9
                                                                                               begins on Wednesday,
We hope the school registrations collected in August will offset this and help to keep us      September 7 at 6 p.m. in
on the right track.                                                                            the first floor meeting
                                                                                               room. If any parents of
Remember, we need on-going, faithful stewardship of our gifts from God in all months           public school children
of the year! And since He continues to bless us by His grace in every month of the year,       did not get an informa-
that should be a very reasonable goal! After all we have the never-ending promise:             tion letter, please con-
                                                                                               tact the church office.
    “My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”
                                                                          Philippians 4:19

                                                    Synod News
      The WELS convention met from July 25-29 at Luther Prep in Watertown. It
      was attended by 374 voting delegates plus advisors and visitors. The Rev.
      Mark Schroeder was re-elected synod president for the next two years.
      The Rev. Joel Voss, who attended our St. Paul school was elected 2nd Vice

To view highlights of the WELS
61st Biennial Synod Conven-                                       Eagle Resale Shop
tion go to:
                                                                      643 S. Monroe Avenue
                                                   for additional hours.
                                                        Open: Wednesdays, 9:00 am—3:00 P.M.
                                                              Saturdays to be announced.
   Friends And Christian Education             If you are in need of any back to school clothes, please stop in!
             Is hosting a                    Contact Lisa Mitchell (676-3266) or the school office (435-8468) if
       Back to School Luncheon               you would like to volunteer at the Eagle Resale Shop.
   Following the 10:30 a.m. service          Donations of MEN’S JEANS and KIDS TOYS are needed.
     On Sunday, September 11th
                                             For the 2011-2012 school year each child will be awarded $60
                                             toward the cost of tuition at St. Paul Lutheran School. Thank you
           All supporters of
                                             from the families of students attending St. Paul.
    Christian Education are invited
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 Bible Reading Plan for 2011                   September                       October
                                               1. James 1:19-27                1. Psalm 119:1-24
We are following a “Read the Bible in Three    2. Jas. 2:1-13                  2. Ps. 119:25-48
                                               3. Jas. 2:14-26                 3. Ps. 49-80
Years” plan in our newsletters. Here are       4. Jas. 3                       4. Ps. 119:81-104
the September and October reading              5. Jas. 4                       5. Ps. 119:105-128
Schedules.                                     6. Jas. 5                       6. Ps. 119:129-152
                                               7. 1 Chronicles 1-9             7. Ps. 119:153-176
                                               8. 1 Chron. 10, 11              8. Ps. 120, 121
                                               9. 1 Chron. 12                  9. Ps. 122, 123
                                               10. 1 Chron. 13, 14             10. Ps. 124-126
                                               11. 1 Chron. 15:1-16:6          11. Ps. 127-129
                                               12. 1 Chron. 16:7-43            12. Ps. 130, 131
                                               13. 1 Chron. 17                 13. Ps. 132
IHop can be ordered in $25 cards.              14. 1 Chron. 18-20              14. Ps. 133, 134
                                               15. 1 Chron. 21:1-22:1          15. Ps. 135
Tony Romas $25 cards with 12% return.          16. 1 Chron. 22:2-19            16. Ps. 136
                                               17. 1 Chron. 23, 24             17. Ps. 137, 138
                                               18. 1 Chron. 25-27              18. 2 Chronicles 1, 2
                                               19. 1 Chron. 28                 19. 2 Chron. 3:1-5:1
                                               20. 1 Chron. 29                 20. 2 Chron. 5:2-6:11
                                               21. Psalm 107:1-32              21. 2 Chron. 6:12-42
                                               22. Ps. 107:33-43               22. 2 Chron. 7, 8
                                               23. Ps. 108                     23. 2 Chron. 9, 10
                                               24. Ps. 109                     24. 2 Chron. 11, 12
                                               25. Ps. 110                     25. 2 Chron. 13, 14
                                               26. Ps. 111, 112                26. 2 Chron. 15, 16
Campbell’s Labels will be sent in by the end
                                               27. Ps. 113, 114                27. 2 Chron. 17, 18
of September. Please bring them to the         28. Ps. 115                     28. 2 Chron. 19, 20
                                               29. Ps. 116                     29. 2 Chron. 21:1:22:9
receptical in the main hallway.                                                30. 2 Chron. 22:10-23:21
                                               30. Ps. 117, 118
                                                                               31. 2 Chron. 24

                         Biblical Turkey: In the Footsteps of St. Paul

I’ve received about one hundred e-mails or phone calls from people who said, “I read about your tour in
the church newsletter or bulletin. Could you send me a brochure?

So far twenty five people have enrolled in the tour. Most of them learned about the tour through their
church bulletin or newsletter. There are people on the tour from Minnesota, Washington, Michigan,
Montana, California, Oregon and Kansas. People from many other states have inquired. I have seven
more places available, with the possibility of a few more, depending on airline space.

Pastor James Humann invites you to join him and fellow WELS/ELS members on a twelve day tour to
Biblical Turkey. The tour dates are April 4-15, 2012. Already twenty-five people have enrolled in the
tour. Space is limited. For a colorful brochure with the daily itinerary, price and tour conditions, e-mail
Pastor Humann at or call 253-839-839-9055. I’d be glad to send you a brochure
either electronically or by mail.

Retired Pastor James Humann
Host of the tour: Biblical Turkey: In the Footsteps of St. Paul
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School News… from Mr. Kasten
September, 2011

Welcome to September and your update from St. Paul Lutheran School!

As you read this article, the students of St. Paul Lutheran School will be into the second week of the school year.
The Lord has blessed our school with an enrollment of 107 students of which 12 of those students are part of the
4K Program.

While it is September, the month of August was far from quiet. The faculty has been making home visits as well
as working in their classrooms throughout the month. On August 7th, the school had an Open House for the par-
ents so that the parents and students had a chance to meet the teachers as well as pick up their registration fold-
ers. On August 11th, final registration took place for the new school year. During the evening registration hours,
the school held an “Open House” for those in the community. As a result of the Open House one of the families
enrolled their child in the school. What a blessing! Six members of the faculty attended an FVL Schools Joint In-
Service on August 17th. Two keynote presentations were given. The first one was “Making Our Schools Emotion-
ally Safe and Free from Bullying”. The second presentation was “Energizing Your Educational Environment”.
Many useful ideas were taken away from the workshop. Even before school started, the girls volleyball teams
have been practicing. We thank the coaches for their extra efforts in scheduling early practices. Soccer and cross
country practices began during the first week of school also.

Did you know that once again the students and their families are benefitting from our “Eagle Resale Shop”? This
year each student who attends St. Paul receives a credit of $60.00 towards their registration/tuition fees. This
comes as a result of the sale of merchandise from the resale shop. We thank you for your donations of items and
especially want to thank those who give of their time as volunteers at the shop. Looking for inexpensive clothing
or household items to purchase? The Eagle Resale Shop is a great place to shop. They are open Wednesdays in
the rooms of the former First Lutheran School. For more information please contact Lisa Mitchell at 469-0660.

We live in a world of instant communication!! We don’t have to wait weeks, days, or minutes for a message to
be sent or received. Our communication is instantaneous. This can be a blessing as well as a danger. This year’s
FVL Schools Community Parents Night is scheduled for September 22nd from 7:00-8:30 P.M. with the topic “The
Dark Side of Digital Techno logy: The Internet, Cell Phones, & Social Media?” The presenter is Wisconsin Depart-
ment of Justice Special Agent Eric Szatkowski who makes presentations around the country on this topic. Since
he spoke to the FVL Schools Community about five years ago internet crime and the dangers of social media have
greatly increased. This makes it a good time for everyone to get a “refresher” on what to watch for. Because of
the sensitive content, this will be an ADULTS ONLY presentation as Agent Szatkowski will go live on the net to
show parents the dangers lurking for their children/teens. Tickets will be available from the St. Paul office as well
as the FVL School office this month. I would encourage you to obtain your tickets right away as I am sure there is
great interest in this topic.

Every month there is a school calendar that accompanies the “Messenger”. It not only highlights athletic events,
but it also keeps you informed of the many other activities taking place at the school. We would like to remind
you of the FACE “Welcome Back To School” meal that takes place after the 10:30 A.M. Service on September 11 th.
This is for all parents and students of the school. Looking ahead, we would like to invite you to our annual
“Grandparent’s Day”, scheduled for Friday, October 14th. We begin the day with a joint chapel followed by visits
to the classrooms. We hope that you can join us on that day!!
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                            Pastor Zabell Receives a Divine Call
                                     Pastor Zabell is considering a divine
                                       call to Peace Lutheran Church,
                                                 Hartford, WI                         Thank you to the Summer Kid’s
                                     Peace is calling Pastor Zabell to serve with                 Bible Hour Staff
                                    two other pastors, Aaron Steinbrenner                    Julie Zabell for planning,
                                    and Jeremy Husby. Specific areas of the                    organizing, and
                                    ministry they want Pastor Zabell to fill                    providing materials;
                                    would be Adult Discipleship and Youth and
                                                                                          Devotion Leaders:
                                                                                     John Schultz and Roland Schultz;
                                    Peace has a membership of about 1870            Teachers: Donna Gamble, Lisa
                                    and 190 in school. Peace’s website is
                                                                                    Koenig, Corky Tills, Lisa and Madi-
                                                                                    son Van Straten, Traci Mittag,
                                    Please speak with Pastor Zabell about this      Becky Conard, Jodi and Kailee
                                    call and pray for him and his family.
                                                                                    Helf, and Sarah Ericson.

      Looking for a Bible Study? ...Check Out These Opportunities:
Sunday Mornings at 9:10 a.m.:
                                                                Kids Bible Hour
                                                                Kid’s Bible Hour (a.k.a. Sunday School) begins on
ter on Sundays—between services. Topics through
                                                                Sunday, Sept. 11th. KBH is for kids aged 4 through 7th
October will change each Sunday. So don’t worry if
                                                                grade. They meet in the front of church each Sunday
you have to miss a session. Just come the next Sunday
                                                                at 9:15 a.m. If you’re interested, look for the registra-
for a new topic.
                                                                tion display, and sign your kids up.
Topics for September- People of Faith in God’s Prom-            We’re looking for some help funding the Kid’s Bible
ises:                                                           Hour program, especially gifts in the $50 to $100
Sept. 4–        Nehemiah (teens & adults)                       range. If you’d like to support this program financially,
Sept. 11–       Abraham                                         please talk to one of our pastors. Thanks!
Sept. 18–       Moses
Sept. 25–       Samson                                          Women’s Bible Time…We have a NEW MEETING
                                                                TIME: Wednesday at 4:15 p.m. We have been work-
Pastor Zabell is teaching an Adult Bible Information Class      ing through The Book of Exodus, a great book to show
on Sundays between services also. Any who would like            us how God takes care of His people, answering our
to learn or review what we believe from the Bible is wel-       prayers, guiding us with His wisdom, providing for us
come to come to the first floor Meeting Room.                   with His power, and saving us in His grace and mercy.

          All are welcome to either Adult Bible                 Thursday Morning Bible Hour… will resume Sept. 8th
               study on Sunday mornings!                        At 9 a.m. in the first floor meeting room. This Bible
                                                                Study is for anyone who has the morning hours free
The Teens (8th—12th grade)...Are meeting in the Youth           and would like to learn more from the treasures of
Center with Mr. Carlovsky Beginning September 11th.             God’s Word.
Colossians: A Small Book with a BIG Message
                                                                             “Appreciating CHRIST’S LOVE,
GREEN BAY WI 54301                                            Our Congregation’s Mission Statement
                                                              St. Paul Lutheran Church exists to celebrate
                                                             our freedom from sin, death, and hell through
                                   Christ; to nurture our church family with
                                                             God’s Word for lives of service to Him; and to
Church Council Officers                                      joyfully share this good news of our salvation
President                 Jim Gamble             469-2869
Vice-President            Bruce Reineck          336-8264              with the world around us.
Secretary                 Greg Bakeberg          338-9039                                Matthew 28:18-20
Treasurer                 Don Warnke             865-3220
Board of Trustees         Jim Edmondson          468-9303
Board of Elders           Roland Schultz         866-1134
Board of Education        Andew Holly            498-0339
Board of Stewardship      Rick Meves             202-1212
Board of Outreach         Del Tills              434-6568

Faculty & Support Staff

Pastors                        Principal
Roy Rose                       Ken Kasten                             Business Manager
645 Brookridge                 443 S Clay St.                         Steve Liebert—469-8277
Green Bay 54301                Green Bay 54301
435-1791                                                              Planned Giving Counselor
                               School Faculty                         Pastor Dennis Kleist—920-740-5899
Jon Zabell                     Ken Kasten—grades 3 & 4, 7 & 8
1020 Chicago St.               Ben Carlovsky—grades 7 & 8             Current Gift Planning Counselor
Green Bay 54301                Clair Jammer—grades 5 & 6              Pastor David Waege—920-482-0906
884-6090                       Gretchen Plitzuweit—grades 3 & 4
                               Jean Bakeberg—grade 1 & 2              Support Staff
Staff Minister                 Tina Sauer—grade 1                     Squirrel Beyer—Custodian
Ben Carlovsky                  Jean Jammer—kindergarten               Joni Kasten—Secretary
1950 Ziese Ave                 Julie Zabell—4-year-old kindergarten   Julie Dallmann—Hot Lunch
Green Bay 54302                Pastor Tim & Terri Flunker—Spanish                     Coordinator
                               Gail Holdt—Computer

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