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					                       Dr Sam S. Sagar, CPsychol
                    Recent Academic Publications
Sagar, S.S., Boardley, I.D., Kavussanu, M. (in press). Fear of failure and students’
    Interpersonal antisocial Behaviour in Education and Sport. British Journal of
    Educational Psychology, Sept 2011 issue (online pre-publication DOI:10.1348/2044-
Sagar, S.S., & Lavallee, D. (in press). The Developmental Origins of Fear of
    Failure in Adolescent Athletes: Examining Parental Practices. Psychology of Sport
    and Exercise (Online pre-publication DOI:10.1016/j.psychsport.2010.01.004)
Antonini-Philippe, R., Sagar, S.S., Huguet-Parquet, S., & Jowett, S. (2011). From
    Teacher to Friend: The Evolving Nature of the Coach-Athlete Relationship.
    International Journal of Sport Psychology, 42, 1-23.
Sagar, S.S., Bush, B.K. & Jowett, S., (2010). Success and failure, Fear of failure,
    and Coping Responses of Adolescent Academy Football Players. Journal of
    Applied Sport Psychology, 22, 213-230.
Sagar, S.S., & Jowett, S. (2010). Validation of a Multidimensional Measure of Fear
    of Failure in a British Sample: The Performance Failure Appraisal Inventory
    (PFAI). International Journal of Coaching Science, 4, 49-63.
Sagar, S.S., & Stoeber, J. (2009). Perfectionism, fear of failure, and affective
    responses to success and failure: The central role of fear of experiencing shame
    and embarrassment. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 31, 602-627.
Sagar, S.S. (2009). Fear of Failure in Youth Sport: Building on the Momentum of
    the New Research. Sport and Exercise Psychology Review, 5, 5-15.
Sagar, S.S., Lavallee, D., & Spray, C.M. (2009). Coping with the effects of fear of
    failure: An investigation of young elite athletes. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology,
    3, 73-98.
Sagar, S.S., Lavallee, D., & Spray, C.M. (2007). Why young elite athletes fear
    failure: Consequences of failure. Journal of Sports Sciences, 25, 1171-1184.
Sagar, S.S., Lavallee, D., & Spray, C.M. (2005). Coping with fear of failure: An
    examination of young elite athletes. Proceedings of the British Psychological Society,
    13, 161. Leicester: British Psychological Society. ISSN: 1350-472X
Sagar, S.S., Spray, C.M., & Biddle, S.J.H. (2004). Fear of failure among young elite
    athletes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 22 (3), 312.

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