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									Stat City          Event      Participant Number Spokesp Spokesp         Phone      EXT.
e                  Address    type        of kids to ersons  ersons      number
                                          be served first    last name   before
                                                     name                event
LA   Franklin                 Community 566          Tamaria Hawkins     337-578-
                              Group                                      5519
LA   Baton Rouge   LSU        Dental/Dent 300        Leslie  Capo        504-452-
                   South      al Hygiene                                 9166
                   Campus     School

LA   Baton Rouge   Multiple   Health       500     Dionne    Richardso 225-342-
                   sites      Center/Safet                   n         9047
                              y Net/Public

LA   Baton Rouge   10522 S. Multi-Dentist 50       Sara      Kinberger 225-769-
                   Glenstone Practice/Clin                             5377
                   Place     ic

LA   Metairie      To be     Dental       200      Jason     Parker      504-669-
                   determine Society                                     8679
LA   Shreveport                 Dental       75     Brian     Basinger   318-869-
                                Society                                  3020

LA   Independence 281 4th St Community       3000   NaQuellar Martin- 985-215-
                             Group                            Thompso 0750

LA   Bunkie                     Community    450    Emily     Mixon      225-803-
                                Group                                    6611

LA   Napoleonville 167          Community    500    Lynne     Arboneau 985-369-     02
                   Highway      Group                         x        3813

LA   Baton Rouge   9804     Individual   100        Johnnie   Hunt       225-216-
                   Bluebonn Dentist/Stud                                 1171
                   et Blvd  ent
                   Suite A

LA   Baton Rouge   9000         Multi-Dentist 150   Jill      Miller     225-924-
                   Airline      Practice/Clin                            6622
                   Hwy Suite    ic
LA   New Orleans   4201 N.      Individual   100    Willard   Dumas      504-941-
                   Rampart      Dentist/Stud                             6079
                   St.., #201   ent
LA   Baton Rouge   multiple   Community   1500   Amy   Karam   225-939-
                   sites      Group                            6767
Phone      EXT.   Comments
337-578-          Growing Up Fit Together oral education
5519              lesson.
504-453-          LSUHSC School of Dentistry has a clinic 80
9166              miles NW of New Orleans in Baton Rouge.
                  For this event, as both Director of South
                  Campus Clinic and as Program Director of
                  the LSUSD GPR residency, I've arranged to
                  have all 10 residents, 12 4th year students
                  and 12 dental hygiene students, with faculty
                  support. We are seeing a Middle School in
                  the a.m. and elementary school in the
                  afternoon. We are hoping for 20% of our
                  screenings to result in those patients
                  returning for treatment at our clinic or any
                  dental clinic in the city.

504-975-          Each LDA member adopts 1st and 2nd
4155              grade classes to provide dental sealants
                  and patiente education at their respective
                  offices. Each host dental office solicits
                  volunteers from other practices to work at
                  their sites. School children are bused to
                  participating offices. Each child receives a
                  dental screening and dental sealants as
                  prescribed. Fluoride varnish treatments may
                  be delivered for children who children who
                  are not receiving dental sealants.

225-769-          We will have an education area setup with a
5377              t.v. and visual aids. We will review proper
                  brushing and how important a healthy diet is
                  to your teeth and gums. We will then move
                  the group into our large hygiene area where
                  children will receive preventative sealants.

504-669-          For the first time, we have teamed with
8679              celebrity involvement. The New Orleans
                  Hornets very own Morris Peterson and his
                  Foundation for inner city kids in NOLA
                  partners with NODA to provide
                  comprehensive care for these children at
                  GKAS Day and thru out the month.
318-820-   We will be seeing the entire 3rd grade from
8404       a lower socio-economic school. Dentists,
           assistants and hygienists will be there to
           screen, educate, and place sealants for
           those children who need them. Children
           needing treatment will be seen by volunteer
           dentists in their private offices at a later
           date at no charge.
985-215-   This event will be conducted in every school
0750       in Tangipahoa Parish and Washington
           Parish and will be an individual event.

225-803-   Our program focuses on health and
6611       nutrition education throughout the delta
           parish in Louisiana. My region covers 7
           parishes. One school from each parish is
           selected according to the number of
           children involved in the free/reduced lunch
           program. We focus mainly on those
           schools that need the most resources. Most
           of these children are in need of the most
           dental care.
985-519-   I am a coordinator for the Growing Up Fit
3362       program. I work in seven schools, teaching
           the second graders the importance of being
           healthy. Our curriculum has a lesson on
           oral healthcare also. We will show these
           students who live in rural communities, the
           correct way to take care of their teeth.

225-216-   Our program is a "sealant based program".
1171       Through the LA DHH 2nd and 3rd grade
           children are brought to our office and
           screened. If selants are needed they are
           performed that day. Any restorative needs
           are noted, letters are sent home to parents
           informing them of needs. Oral hygiene
           instructions are given to all children while
           they wait for their sealants.

225-933-   We will have the children in our office for
7484       free cleanings and oral evaluations.

504-941-   We will again perform prophylaxis,floride
6079       treatmant and retorative dentistry.
225-939-   In conjunction with the Louisiana Office of
6767       Public Health Seal-a-Smile has organized
           volunteer dentists and support staff to visit
           every 1st, 2nd, and 6th grader in five rural,
           dental underserved parishes of Louisiana.
           These in-school clinics will provide oral
           health education, toothbrush/ toothpaste
           giveaways, fluoride varnish and sealants at
           no charge to the child.

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