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Time Management
A One-Day Training Course

ILM Endorsed Training Course
This exclusive training course has been developed by Activia and endorsed by the ILM -- Europe's foremost
provider of leadership and management qualifications.The training can be delivered as a stand-alone
course, or can count towards a Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) as part of our ILM-endorsed
programme of management training.

Why Time Management Training ?
Do you:
Procrastinate ?
Often run late ?
Overschedule yourself ?
Feel that you are forced to rush jobs ?
Lack real control of your workload ?

Time management has been in existence for a long time, but the term creates a false impression because
time cannot be managed : we can only manage ourselves and our use of time.
So time management is actually self management, and all time management skills can be learned.
We teach you how to build time management techniques into your daily routine so you can recognize and
solve personal time management problems, staying in control of your working day.
The result ? Your working day will be less stressful, more productive and much more enjoyable.

Course Aims
This one-day workshop is designed to provide delegates with the skills required to analyse their use of time
and to give practical tools to improve their own self-management.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who needs to manage their time ! This includes senior managers, line managers and supervisors,
administrators, project managers and many more ...

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                   Activia    Regus House       268 Bath Road       Slough     SL1 4DX
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Course Outline
Introduction and Course Overview
Left Brain/Right Brain
• The Two Types: Left or Right Brain? • Left Brain/Right Brain Quiz
• Left and Right Brain Styles of Working • Using Left and Right Brain Styles Together
Case Study: Another Day at the Office
Time Robbers
• Self Inflicted Time Robbers • Time Robbers Imposed by Others
Prioritisation Grid
• The Prioritisation Grid • Urgent versus Important • Maintaining Responsibility
• Planning Tools • Using a Planner • Exercise: Planning a Get-Together
Assertiveness and How to Say No
• Assertiveness, Aggressiveness and Passivity • Assertiveness – The 3 Steps • Assertiveness Practice
• The need for Delegation
Setting Goals
• The Importance of Setting Goals • Knowing What You Want to Accomplish • SMART Goals
Getting Organised
• Strategy, Choice and Making a Difference • Organising your Workspace • Effective E-mail Operation
• The Batching Technique
The Four D's
• Do, Dump, Delay, and Delegate • Guidelines for Keeping a Piece of Paper
Managing your Workload
• Case Study: Dealing with Overload • Workload Analysis
A Personal Action Plan

                  Activia   Regus House       268 Bath Road       Slough     SL1 4DX

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