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					                                                              VOL 94 NO 11 March 25. 1989

                      The Baptism
   sat there, a stranger.                                in the
I They obviously lovedThere must have been it150 peopleattitudecongregation.
                          Jesus—they showed in their
But I didn't know any of them.
                                                                and worship.

   My son was there, somewhere among the people. This Sunday evening was
to be his special night. He was giving his life to the Lord. He was to be baptised
in this strange church, among people who were unfamiliar to me, who didn't
believe in all that is sacred to me.
   Why was I sitting in this strange church to witness my son's baptism among
strangers? It should have been different. I felt comforted that he loved his Lord,
that he wanted to give his heart to Him. However, for me, this joyous occasion
was full of regret and sadness as well.
   Why wasn't he being baptised in our own church with his grandfather
officiating and our church family around us?
   The order of service was unfamiliar. Although many of the gospel songs were
familiar, the clapping and swinging to rhythm were strange.
   He stood in the font. Tall, handsome, surrounded by young people who
loved him and who were plainly overjoyed to see him take his stand for the
   It was a simple service and he stamped it with his own touch of humour and
enthusiasm. I cried with a blend of happiness and disappointment. How could
I begrudge him happiness and Christian friends when his peers had never
shown acceptance before?
    How can I condemn their lack of belief in the fourth commandment, as I be-
lieve it, when they obviously love my son in a way he has never experienced be-
    Has the Adventist Church lost a boy full of enthusiasm and unbounded en-
 ergy because they were unable to accept or understand him in a way every
 human heart longs to be accepted?
    Do we place too much store on conforming to stereotypes and, in so doing,
 overlook the glorious individuality God has given us each one?
    Will the church of his birth ever accept him and prove attractive to him?

RECORD                                                                           EDITORIAL
Official Paper
Seventh-day Adventist Church
South Pacific Division
Editor James Coffin
                                                              Consistency, Please
Associate Editors Gary Krause
                      Bmce Manners
Assistant Editor Joy Totenhofer
                                                              who oppose ordaining women
                                                     M anypastoral ministry (or that the
                                                     elders) point out, correctly,
                                                                                   even as
                                                                                                       Granted, we don't know much about
                                                                                                     Phebe or about how women may have
                                                                                                    been selected and inaugurated as dea-
Editorial Secretary Glenda Fairall
Copy Editor Graeme Brown                             Bible contains no directive or precedent       cons, but we do have Biblical precedent
Graphic Designer David Blyde                         for it. Many also argue that Paul's state-     for women to serve in this capacity.
Illustrator Wayne Louk
Senior Consulting Editor A. H. Tolhursi              ments in 1 Corinthians 14:34, 35 and 1         Further as a church we have recognised
Correspondents R. H. Baird, J. T. Banks,             Timothy 2:11-15 aren't based on cul-           the need for women to play such a role.
R. L. Coombe, M. Darius, A. Kabu, N. K. Peatey,
L. Solomon, P. B. Weekes                             ture, but describe a God-sanctioned            Thus we have established the office of
Regional Reporters D. D. Blanch, R. K. Brown,        order.                                         "deaconess." So why have we tradition-
R. G. Douglas, G. W. W. Drinkall, L. J. Laredo,         However, before we unduly empha-            ally not ordained women filling this role?
M. R. Potts, L. R. Rice, G. M. Smith,
E. M. Greenwell, R. W. Townend, A. R. Walshe         sise these two arguments, we need to              Has our withholding of ordination im-
Local Reporters Church Communication                 look at their implications. After all, con-    plied that we view the female deacon's
Secretaries                                          sistency and credibility go hand in hand.      (the term "deaconess" doesn't come
Subscriptions South Pacific Division, SA25.00
SNZ28.75. All other regions, SA48.25 SNZ55.50.
                                                        1. Understandably, the Bible provides       from the Bible) role as different from, in-
Air mail postage rates on application. Order from    no directive or precedent for many prac-       ferior to, or of lesser spiritual significance
Signs Publishing Company, Warburton, Victoria        tices common in the church today—              than that of the male deacon? But on
3799, Australia.
Manuscripts All copy for the paper should be         including the ordination of men to pas-        what basis? Or does it reflect something
sent to The Editor, RECORD, Signs Publishing         toral ministry.                                about our culture's attitudes toward
Company, Warburton, Victoria 3799. Phone                The Bible says the 12 apostles were or-     women and the role we will allow them
(059) 66 9111. Telefax (059) 66 9019
Printed weekly by Signs Publishing Company.          dained (Mark 3:14; Acts 1:22). It says         to play in things spiritual?
                                                     elders were ordained (Acts 14:23; Titus           On the other hand, since we seem to
Directory of the South Pacific Division of the        1:5). It says the apostles laid hands on      have been quite comfortable accepting
Seventh-day Adventist Church,                        the seven deacons (Acts 6:6). And hands        female deacons (as long as we call them
148 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga, NSW 2076,
Phone (02)4897122
                                                     were laid on Paul and Barnabas before          "deaconesses" and don't ordain them—
President Walter Scragg                              their missionary journey (Acts 13:3).          even though they really perform the
Secretary Athal Tolhurst                                Paul declares that he was "ordained"        same function as deacons), would we
Treasurer Tom Andrews
Associate Secretary V. B. Parmenter
                                                     (the word ordained can merely mean ap­        also accept female pastors and female
Associate Treasurers     O. S. Mason, L. G.          pointed, see various modern trans-             elders (as long as we called them
  Wilson                                             lations) "a preacher, and an apostle." He      "pastoresses" and "elderesses" and
Field Secretary A. J. Ferch
Archivist and Statistician R. E. Clifford
                                                     goes on to define his role more                didn't ordain them—even though they
Auditor G. J. Bland, Associates E. N. Hokin,         specifically as a "teacher of the Gentiles"   would perform the same function as the
  M. E. Mitchell, E. J. Moffitt, N. F. Sawert,       (1 Timothy 2:7, emphasis mine).               male pastor or male elder)?
  K. E. Watts
                                                        There simply is no New Testament               3. If the crystal-clear statements of 1
Adventist Health    D. E. Bain (Director), H. J.
                                                     reference to the ordination of pastors.       Corinthians 14:34, 35 and 1 Timothy
Stanton                                              And equating elders and pastors doesn't        2:11-15 aren't based on culture, but de-
Church Ministries A. E. Birch (Director),            provide a solution. It merely creates a       scribe a God-sanctioned order, then why
A. B. Gane (Youth), B. K. Craig (Family Life),
P. R. Jack (Personal Ministries), L. R. Chester      new problem, of at least equal magni-         have we allowed women to speak in our
(Sabbath School)                                     tude, in a different arena.                   churches—particularly in our Sabbath
Communication, Public Affairs and Religious             So, on the basis of Biblical precedent     schools—throughout the history of our
Liberty R. L. Coombe
Education G. F. Clifford (Director),                 and directive, there's no more reason for     denomination?
L. D. Devine, B. A. Hill, J. I. Howie, R. A. Spoor   pastors to be ordained than for teachers,         How can we justify trotting out Paul's
Health Food    E. W. Grosser (Director), R. L.
Rogers, R. G. Windus
                                                     Bible workers or several other groups.        statements only when women's ordi­
Ministerial Association A. D. C. Currie                 2. The fact that the Seventh-day           nation is mentioned? The statements
Publishing J. T. Knopper                             Adventist Church has traditionally not        either are or aren't influenced by culture.
Trust Services J. L. Lansdown                        ordained its "deaconesses" (although it's     If they aren't, then women should im-
                                                     happening occasionally now) raises in-        mediately be banned from speaking in
ADRA G. A. Laxton (Director), N. Hughes,
W. P. Truscott, A. H. Forbes
                                                     teresting questions—because here is a         churches. We can't have it both ways.
Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing         case where we do have Biblical                    There may be valid theological or so-
Impaired E. C. Lemkc                                 precedent.                                    ciological arguments against ordaining
Risk Management Service        R. E. Smith
                                                        There was at least one female deacon       women. But if we deny them ordination
                                                     in New Testament times (Romans 16:1,          on the basis of the two arguments I've
                                                     RSV; Seventh-day Adventist Bible Com­         just analysed, then we'd better prepare
                                                     mentary, Vol 6, page 649)—despite the         for major changes in church practice.
                                                     fact that the criteria for being a deacon,       Or we'd better prepare to live with
                                                     as for being an elder, include being the      some credibility-destroying incon-
                                                     husband of one wife ( 1 Timothy 3:12)!        sistencies.                     James Coffin.

                                                                                                                               RECORD March 25. 1989
    Questionable Interpretation                  Pastor Taylor, in deference to the rolewas Timothy (1 Timothy 4:6). A deacon
   The articles by Pastors Taylor and          of Ellen G. White in our church, is      was able to baptise (Acts 8:38).
Rudge on the ordination of women               happy to allow women to preach. How-        Romans 16:1 tells of a woman hold-
(February 18) employ a number of ques-         ever, 1 Corinthians 14:34, 35, to which  ing this ordained position. Further, most
tionable points of interpretation:             he later refers, forbids them even to speak
                                                                                        Bible translations indicate (at least in
    1. The Old Testament priest is not a       within the church.                       their footnotes) that 1 Timothy 3:11
parallel to the New Testament minister            It is evident that the Pauline writings,
                                                                                        isn't talking about the wives of deacons;
(literally "servant").                         as with all Scripture, are the product ofit's talking about women deacons (or
    2. The incarnation is a model of div-      conceptual rather than verbal inspi-     ministers). So these two passages clearly
ine servitude (Mark 10:45), not of minis-      ration and therefore are influenced by   show that women were ordained in the
try as a masculine monopoly.                   the culture of their day. One has only toNew Testament church.
   3. Addressing God as Father is a            compare 1 Corinthians 11:14 (where it is     Pastor Taylor also wrongly states that
metaphor emphasising God's com-                declared disgraceful for a man to have   Ellen White never suggested women
passion (Psalm 103:13), and does not           long hair) with Numbers 6:5 (where long  should be ordained. Perhaps he has over-
denote the ministry as a male pre-             hair is considered part of the Nazarite  looked these statements:
serve.                                         vow) to note two diverse cultural situ-      "There are women who should labor
    4. 1 Corinthians 14:33-36 and 1            ations within Scripture.                 in the gospel ministry."—Evangelism,
Timothy 2:11-15 do not address the                The Scriptures, to my reading, make   page 472. "Women . .. should be set
problem of women's ordination, but of          no concrete statement on the ordination  apart to do this work by prayer and the
noisy women in specific congregations.         of women. And they certainly make no     laying on of hands."—Review and Her­
It is no more valid to universalise these      statement condemning it. It is time that ald, July 9, 1895. "The Holy Spirit ...
injunctions against feminine speech            we as a church looked toward the merit   prepares workers, both men and women,
than it would be to restrict for all time      of the individual rather than being con- to become pastors to the flock of
the number of speakers to two or three (1      cerned with their gender, age or race.   God."— Testimonies, Vol 6, page 332.
Corinthians 14:29). But note that the                                    Colin Fair, NSW.   Pastor Taylor quotes Dr Samuele
permitted speakers included women (1                                                    Bacciocchi's book Women in the Church.
Corinthians 11:5).                                            Sad Day                   I have underlined every un-Biblical and
    5. It is important to realise how in-         Pastor Taylor says the New Testament theologically incorrect statement I
formal New Testament worship was.              church had only a male ministry (Febru- found in the book—and only a dozen
Although appointment of leaders be-            ary 18). That isn't so.                   double pages don't contain under-
came more formalised by the time Paul             The two levels of ministry in the New lining!
wrote to Timothy, women were not ex-           Testament were elder and deacon. The         The only reason for opposing ordi-
cluded (Romans 16:1).                          Greek word for the latter is sometimes nation of women is tradition. And it's a
    In the end, all sides have to face the     translated "deacon," but is more often sad day when the Adventist Church
 fact that the New Testament gives no          translated "minister." Paul was a deacon bases its theology on tradition rather
 clear statement for or against the ordi-      (Ephesians 3:7; Colossians 1:23, 25), as than on inspired writings.
nation of women. Therefore, the ques-                                                                            Phil Ward, Qld.
 tion can only be decided on the prin-
                                                •7 4- A *<
 ciples of the gospel.
    Ordination is not a sacrament. It is the
 recognition by the congregation that
                                               rC/vs/a lomcmce-
 God is working with and through an in-
 dividual for the building up of the con-
 gregation. It would be a very hollow
 spiritual equality (Galatians 2:28) if the
 spiritual community refused to recognise
 formally the ministry that certain
 women already perform.
                       Norman H. Young,
         Senior Lecturer, New Testament,
                        Avondale College.
              Opinions Only
  Pastors Taylor and Rudge have
offered the usual arguments against the
ordination of women. While their
opinions are to be respected, they are
only that: opinions. None of the Scrip-
ture quotations noted are direct com-
ments on ordination.
RECORD March 25, 1989
            Why an Issue?                     is no Biblical directive saying women           date they have piled up—since a major
   Why is the ordination of women an          cannot be ordained. And in the absence          function of a prophet is to explain Scrip-
issue? There is no Biblical precedent,        of such a directive, let's put away the ar-     ture. So why didn't Ellen White explain
and the Bible is quite clear about the        chaic, gospel-defeating arguments about         these passage to herself?
God-ordained male priesthood in both          women's ordination and welcome them                But she did. Her not preaching with
the immediate family and the larger           into the organised work of spreading the        James on the platform is a clear and con-
church family.                                gospel just as quickly as we can.               sistent exegesis. She is God's mightiest
   Let's not confuse the issue of gender                      Neville A. Salmond, SA.         mouthpiece in 19 long centuries.
equality and the recognition and exer-                                                           I can understand traditionalists with
cise of spiritual gifts. Both men and                        10 Answers                       vested interests having problems seeing
women can receive, make full use of, and         I propose the following answers to           the Sabbath truth because of some of us
receive full recognition for the same         Pastor Knopper's 10 questions about the         not seeing the provision in Scripture for
spiritual gifts—without being ordained.       ordination of women (February 18):              the ordination of women. Surely our loy-
No one should desire to be ordained. Or-         1. The only requirement for ordi-            alty to the Inspired Word would be more
dination is God's sole prerogative            nation in the days of Deborah, Huldah           convincing if we showed some attempt
through His ordained priesthood. We           and the other female prophets was to be         to get back to it. Lynden Kent, NSW.
should seriously question the motives of      a male descendant of Aaron. Most of the
those desiring the ordination of              male prophets would not have qualified                               Spot-On
women.                                        either.                                           Thank you for the two articles on the
   In these troubled and uncertain times         2. No. Neither should many male              ordination of women (February 18). I
God needs men and women who are               preachers.                                      agree explicitly with both authors.
dogmatically sure of the foundation of           3. No. Ordaining women will not                             (Mrs) Jean Simpson, Vie.
their faith and not afraid to speak out for   necessarily give a higher profile.
Him.             Claude Wiltshire, NSW.          4. If ordination is seen as recognition                    A Reading Must
                                              of a spiritual gift, Yes. If ordination is         God only knows how happy I am after
          A Few Questions                     merely a status symbol, then no one             reading the articles in the RECORD
   Regarding the ordination of women          should be ordained.                             about the ordination of women (Febru-
(February 18):                                   5. Administrations have a great              ary 18).
   Which is greater, ordination by God        ability to ignore actions they find un-            My wife and I, former Roman Cath-
or ordination by humans? Everyone is          pleasant. Perhaps the 1881 motion went          olics, became Seventh-day Adventists
called (1 Corinthians 7:17). Every            the way of so many others—under the             because of our conviction that this is the
Christian is an ordained priest (Revel-       carpet.                                         church of God, the church that believes
ation 1:6). We are a holy priesthood (1          o. No. But what do all the men or-           that the Bible is all we need to follow.
Peter 2:5). We are a royal priesthood (1      dained as elders do?                               Then, after our conversion, a woman
Peter 2:9). Are not all equal in God's           7. If other Christians feel that it is       and a young unmarried man were or-
eyes? Or were the Bible writers out of        right to ordain women, their opinion            dained as elders in our congregation. In
touch?                                        must not be ignored. After all, their           spite of our love for our sister and
   The majority of religious organis-         Bible is the same as ours.                      brother, this doesn't seem right in light
ations have an excuse for their ignorance        8. Yes. And it says the same about           of the Bible's teaching.
in these matters, but we profess to be a      deacons. But I am unmarried and a dea-             As we prayed and studied we came
people of the Bible.                          con. Is my ordination unscriptural?             across the book Women in the Church,
   Incidentally, who created the division        9. The basis for our faith must be           by Dr Samuele Bacciocchi. We believe
between ordained male clergy and laity?       Scripture. However, our basis for prac-         that everyone in the church who wants
I rest my case.     S. F. Higgins, NSW.       tice must not ignore our culture.               to follow the Bible should read this book
                                                 10. The Bible is clear on the subject,       before making a decision on the matter
             Alarm Bells                      but it seems that many of us are "ever          of women's ordination.
  What an alarming situation when             hearing, but never understanding."                 This book will not leave you with any
Adventist lay people have to read such                                lan Butler, NSW.        shadow of doubt. The problem is not
poorly structured arguments as those                                                          one of worth but of function. There is no
presented against the ordination of                         Fool's Gold                       problem of who is greater, but of what
women in the RECORD of February 18.              Any Adventist who applies 1                  kind of ministry is right for me—male or
The arguments were incomplete, biased,        Corinthians 14:34, 35 and 1 Timothy             female—according to God's order. We
unbalanced opinions.                          2:9-15 to "men" and "women" instead             are all of equal value, but have different
   It is incorrect to argue on the basis of   of to "husbands" and "wives" has unwit-         functions.           Alfred Minks, NSW.
(1) the lack of directives and (2)            tingly tossed Ellen White out with the
precedents from a man-only situation.         tailings, to keep a pile of pyrites. (See "It
Those precedents were established in a        Wasn't Sackcloth," December 17.)                   Views expressed in Letters to the Editor do not necess-
totally different culture from what we see       Further, they sit on this mound of           arily represent those of the editors or the denomination.
                                                                                              Letters should not exceed 250 words and should be mailed
around us today. The writers seem to          fool's gold from which cavillers have           to RECORD Editor, Signs Publishing Company,
have totally ignored the relevance of         been hurling hunks of pyrites at Ellen          Warburton Victoria 3799. Writers must include their
women's role in society at that time and      White for over a century. How sad. For          name, address and telephone number. Letters received
                                                                                              more than three weeks after the date of the issue carrying
the dramatic changes since that time.         she exercised authority and taught men          the article to which they respond will normally not be
   We need to get one thing clear: There      in a manner far beyond the false man-           printed.

                                                                                                                                 RECORD March 25, 1989

 Driving the Spikes In
     Pulling Them Out?
                                                              by Colin Winch

                  I see the two old men, probably with long white hair and beards,
                          struggling up the slope. They're carrying a ladder.

T         he Bible's willingness to under-
          state amazes me. Often we get
          only the bare bones of a story—
told in a just such a way that we want to
know more. Such is the case with Luke
                                                                                                     Nicodemus, "Get another ladder. You'll
                                                                                                     have to come up and help me."
                                                                                                        So the old man trots down the hill,
                                                                                                     hurrying to the nearest village. Having
                                                                                                     procured another ladder, he labours up
23:50-53.                                                                                            the hill with it. Then he puts it at the side
   We know little about Joseph, except                                                               of the cross.
that he was from Arimathea. Obviously,                                                                  Together, these two old men, secret
he was a secret disciple of Jesus. Then,                                                             disciples no longer, gradually take out
right at the end of Jesus' ministry, he                                                              the other nails. They gently drape
takes courage and approaches the                                                                     Christ's limp arms over their shoulders.
governor for permission to take Jesus'                                                               I'm sure if Jesus were alive He'd have
body from the cross.                                                                                 said, "Thank you for coming just when I
   As I read this account, I ask myself,                                                             needed you!"
"But how could he do that all by himself?                                                               But He's dead. And so they take the
He must have had help."                                                                              body down.
   I see the three crosses on that rocky                                                                Where is the favourite disciple—
crag. They're tall, made from large                                                                  Peter? Cringing in a back room, scared
pieces of timber. The reason for putting              deed was the long-looked-for Redeemer,         stiif of what might happen to him.
people on crosses was to make an ex-                  the Saviour!                                   Peter—that man of iron! Where is he—
ample of them. They certainly aren't                     Could it be that this conviction            the man who said he would do anything
close to the ground. So Joseph must have              brought them out of hiding? Their tim-         for Jesus?
had someone to help him.                              idity vanished. They suddenly became              Oh, Peter had meant what he'd said.
   John 19:38 tells us that Nicodemus                 courageous men. Here they are, showing         When they tried to take his Master, he
 was that helper. Both were timid men.                affection for the One who is accursed,         pulled out his sword, with every inten-
 Nicodemus had come to Jesus by night,                the One who has been crucified, the One        tion of splitting that servant's head right
 and Joseph was a secret disciple for fear            who has died the death of a criminal.          down the centre. But he missed, and
 of the Jews.                                            When you consider it, they chose a          lopped off his ear instead. He didn't in-
    I like to picture the scene. Jesus in the         most inopportune time—requesting per-          tend that, you can rest assured. Not
 centre, the thieves' crosses on each side. I         mission to bury a criminal—granted that         Peter.
 see the two old men, probably with long              they'd been frightened to be associated           But where is he now? It takes two old,
 white hair and beards, struggling up the             with Him while He was still alive.              once-frightened men to come and gently
 slope. They're carrying a ladder.                       I picture Joseph, the one who has            put the Master to rest.
    And as they go, they're disappointed              some up-and-dust about him, taking the            I think back on my activities of yester-
 and somewhat confused. But they want                 initiative. I see him with a claw, wrestling    day, and the past week, or even just this
 to pay their last respects.                          with a spike, trying to withdraw it from        morning. Have my actions driven the
    Why didn't they come out into the                 the hand of the Master.                         spikes in? Or pulled them out? I'm as-
 open before? Could it be that it wasn't                 As the spike comes out, the body of          sured in Hebrews 6:6 that it's possible for
 until they saw the Master crucified on               Jesus slumps forward. Joseph frantically        me to crucify afresh the Son of man and
 the cross that the penny dropped, that               tries to hold it. Nicodemus, watching           put Him to open shame.
 the prophecies fell into place? Here in-             from the foot of the ladder, tenses.              Do my actions, do yours, like Peter's,
                                                      "Careful, Joseph. Careful with the Mas-         bring pain and shame to the Master? Do
 Colin Winch is president o) the Central facipc
 Union Mission, with headquarters in Suva, Fiji. This
                                                      ter," he says.                                  they drive the spikes in again? Or, with
 article is adapted from a sermon he recently            Joseph, clinging to Christ's body, re-       Joseph and Nicodemus, do my actions
 preached at the Lilydale church, Victoria.           alises he can't do it alone. He tells           and yours help to pull them out?           Q3

 RECORD March 25, 1989

                     History of the New
                     Testament Text— 1
                                                               by Arthur J. Ferch

             Given the thousands of handwritten documents, the New Testament is
                           the best-attested body of ancient writings.

T        he history of modern-language
         translations of the New Testa-
         ment is fascinating, yet some-
times poorly understood. Questions that
are frequently raised include:
                                                          Autographs and Copies. The story
                                                       of the New Testament begins with the
                                                       writing—under the supervision of the
                                                       Holy Spirit—of the documents that now
                                                       make up our New Testament. The
                                                                                                   of a copy of John's Gospel in a provin-
                                                                                                   cial town of Egypt—about 1,000 kilo-
                                                                                                   metres from its traditional site of
                                                                                                   composition—within about a gener-
                                                                                                   ation of the gospel having been writ-
   What happened to the original New                   Christian church came to believe that       ten.
Testament writings? What types of New                  these books and letters originated, like       Copies of New Testament writings
Testament manuscripts are in existence                 their Old Testament counterparts, when      were obviously produced for neighbour-
today? How did the variations in the                   men impelled by the Holy Spirit spoke       ing churches and must have spread from
sacred text come about? To what degree                 the words of God (2 Peter 1:20, 21).        district to district (compare Colossians
do these variations affect the New                        Certainly Paul believed that he wrote    4:16). As congregations began to incor-
Testament's teachings? How well-                       under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit    porate the reading and exposition of the
attested is the New Testament when com-                (1 Corinthians 7:40; 1 Timothy 4:1).        Christian writings into their worship ser-
pared with other ancient manuscripts?                  And Peter claimed that Paul's writings      vices, the need for copies of the New Tes-
   What changes occurred when printed                  were on a level with the other inspired     tament documents became apparent.
text replaced handwritten copies? What                 Scriptures (2 Peter 3:16).                     Newly established churches probably
is the Textus Receptus? Why did the so-                   Unfortunately, the autographs (orig-     received copies of the New Testament
called "Standard Text," which is the                   inal documents) did not survive long.       from their founders or by transcribing
basis of modern-language New Testa-                    Wear and tear, frequent use and imperial    the founders' manuscript or borrowed
ment translations, replace the Textus                  edicts demanding the destruction of the     copies. It would appear that in the
Receptus? How did Ellen G. White and                   Christian sacred books account for their    earliest period there were no professional
Adventists in the past relate to various               early disappearance. However, when the      copying centres (called scriptoria), hence
Bible versions?                                        documents first appeared the early be-      manuscripts would have been copied
   Lack of clarity concerning these and                lievers did not wait long before they       privately by hand. The practice of copy-
other issues has at times led to conten-               made handwritten copies and distrib-        ing by hand opened the possibility for
tion and bewilderment—especially                       uted them among the communities of          divergences (or variants) in reading to
when agreement with a particular assess-               faith (compare Colossians 4:16).            creep into the text.
ment of Bible versions has been made a                    Some of these manuscripts (a word de-
criterion of orthodoxy.                                rived from Latin, meaning "written by          Versions. Christianity entered a
   The purpose of this six-article series,             hand") travelled hundreds of kilometres     world in which Greek was the world
which will be run in the RECORD at                     shortly after they were written. This is    language. Greek was spoken and under-
fortnightly intervals, is not to evaluate              well-illustrated by one papyrus             stood in both the west and the east of the
modern translations of the New Testa-                  fragment—the oldest copy of any             Roman Empire. The New Testament
ment (this has already been done).                     portion of the New Testament known to       writers employed the Greek of daily con-
Rather, I wish to trace the history of the             exist today. This fragment (known as Pa-    versation (ie, the Koine or "common"
books comprising the New Testament                     pyrus 52) was found in Egypt. It con-       Greek). However, its quality varied from
from the time of their composition to the              tains only a few verses of the Gospel of    the rather polished language of the Book
present day. My aim is to help readers                 John, in Greek. On the basis of the style   of Hebrews to the "Jewish Greek" of the
gain an overall perspective so they can                of script, the fragment has been dated      last book of the Bible.
assess modern translations in the light of             AD 125.                                        Two documents illustrate the com-
the New Testament text prevalent at the                   John's Gospel is generally assumed to    mon use of Greek in the first-century
birth of Christianity.                                 have been written in the last decade of     church. The first, known as "1 Clem-
                                                       the first century AD in the city of         ent," is an epistle composed in Greek
Arthur J. Ferch, ThD, isfield secretaryfor the South   Ephesus in Asia Minor. Thus, this scrap     and sent by the church of Rome to the
Pacific Division.                                      of papyrus proves the existence and use     church at Corinth in about AD 95. Fifty

                                                                                                                            RECORD March 25, 1989
years later a treatise entitled "Shepherd     ided into a system of lessons.                 form meaning "inch-sized" (literally, "a
of Hermas" (in which the author shared           These arrangements were called              12th part") letters. Early copies of the
with his fellow Christians in Rome his        lectionaries. Though scholars are still        New Testament were written in this
understanding of the delay in the second      uncertain as to the lectionaries' date of      more formal book-hand style, character-
coming) was also written in Greek.            origin, it is generally conceded that they     ised by Greek capitals with each letter
    By the end of the second century AD,      preserve a text that is often much older       separated from the other.
however, radical changes were taking          than the actual date of the manuscript            However, the book-hand style began
place in the Roman Empire. The Greek          might lead one to believe.                     to diminish, and by the beginning of the
language was being confined primarily                                                        ninth century a script of small letters in a
to the east. However, historian Adolf            Patristic Citations. In addition to         running hand was introduced for the
Harnack, a respected historian of the         handwritten copies of the original Greek       production of books. This cursive style,
early-church period, says that from the       New Testament compositions or their            called minuscule (meaning "rather
mid-second to the mid-fourth century          translations into regional languages, we       small"), coexisted with the uncial type of
the greatest concentration of Christians      have a considerable body of comment            script for about two centuries, after
was in the east. And it was among these       on the Christian Scriptures by the spiri-      which the cursive replaced the uncial let-
Greek-speaking groups of the east that        tual leaders (generally known as the           tering.
copies of the Greek New Testament con-        Church Fathers) of the various early-              Thus, the various scripts assist us in
tinued to be transcribed.                     Christian communities.                         dating the New Testament manuscripts.
    As the Greek language became less            These "patristic citations," beginning      Copies from up to the eighth century are
widely used, regional languages began to      with the second century AD, witness to         written exclusively in uncials. Those
assert themselves. Since Christianity         the particular types of New Testament          from the ninth to the 11th centuries are
spread principally among common               texts that were popular in the geographi-      partly uncials and partly minuscules.
people who no longer understood               cal regions in which the leaders lived or      And from the llth century on Greek
Greek, it became increasingly important       to which they travelled.                       New Testament manuscripts are written
to express the gospel in the languages of                                                     in minuscules. In fact, the number of late
the various geographic regions.                  Writing Materials. The earliest              minuscules outnumbers the older uncial
    By the mid-third century the Christian    known New Testament Scriptures were             manuscripts by more than 10 to one.
 church in Italy, Africa, Gaul and some       all written on papyrus. We presently
 other provinces had become a Latin-          know of 41 papyri from the period up to           Conclusion. So far we have noted
 speaking church. The churches of Rome        the third/fourth century AD, all of            that no autographs of the New Testa-
 and Carthage (North Africa) were corre-      which were preserved in the hot, dry           ment writings are extant. The earliest
 sponding in Latin by about AD 250. In        sands of Egypt.                                witnesses to the New Testament consist
 some areas, especially in the region            Papyrus was the cheapest and most           of generally fragmentary Greek manu-
 around Edessa (now known as Urfa),           commonly used writing material of the          scripts, versions, lectionaries and patris-
 Christians came to use the Syriac            time. In later centuries parchment, a          tic citations in various languages. All of
 language. Similarly, Christian monastic      much more expensive writing material           these were written by hand either on the
 orders in Egypt used various Coptic dia-     made from the hides of young goats,            papyri or parchments. The earliest
 lects from the beginning of the third cen-   sheep, calves or antelope, gradually re-       manuscripts were written in the formal
 tury.                                        placed papyrus.                                uncial script, whereas the later
    At the end of the second century and         The earliest parchment manuscript of        minuscules are characterised by a cursive
 the beginning of the third, New Testa-       the New Testament dates from the               form of handwriting.
 ment translations (also known as ver-        second/third century. But the best-               Given the thousands of handwritten
 sions) began to appear in Latin, Syriac      preserved and most famous parchments           documents, the New Testament is the
 and Coptic. In the following centuries        of the Christian Scriptures are the fourth-   best-attested body of ancient writings.
 translations were produced in                 century Codex Vaticanus and Codex             Yet in spite of the multitude of wit-
 Armenian, Georgian, Gothic, Slavonic,         Sinaiticus.                                    nesses, there are no two manuscripts
  Ethiopic and other languages.                   Parchment remained in use as a             which are word for word the same. How
     Since these translations of the Greek     writing material for New Testament             can this be explained? It is to this issue
  New Testament originated in distinct         documents until the 16th century. It          we will turn our attention in an article
  geographical areas, they help students of    then gave way to paper, which the Chi-         that will appear on April 8.            Q]
  the New Testament text identify              nese had introduced to the occidental
  idiosyncracies of the manuscript tra-        world centuries before.
  dition in the regions where the trans-
  lations were made.

    Lectionaries. Following the Jewish
                                                 Style of Writing. Scholars classify
                                               the handwritten copies of the New Testa-
                                               ment according to material on which it is
                                                                                                    Help Africa
 custom of reading Old Testament pass-
 ages during the synagogue services, the
                                               written and style of writing used. During
                                               the early-church period scribes used one
                                                                                                   Build Churches
 Christian church instituted readings          type of script for non-literary and
 from the New Testament for Saturday
 and Sunday services as well as for other
                                               common-place Greek documents and
                                               another for literary works.
                                                                                                  Offering TODAY
 occasions. For this purpose, the Biblical       Literary compositions utilised a script
 text of the Gospels and Epistles was div-     called "uncial," which is an abbreviated

 RECORD March 25, 1989
                                                               Central Chiapas, with            CORD for $A35 and
                                                               28,971 members, and head-        SNZ48, should have been
                                                               quarters in Tuxtla               SNZ40 for single purchases
                                                               Gutierrez; and North             and SNZ35 for bulk pur-
                                                               Chiapas, with 33,005 mem-        chases of six or more. The
                                                               bers, and headquarters in        video is designed as an "en-
                                                               Pichucalco.                      tering wedge" and is avail-
                                                                                                able at all Adventist Book
                                                               Navutoka's Struggle              Centres.
                                                                  The 35 members of the
                                                               Navutoka company in the          Music and Worship
Provonsha Speaks at Wahroonga                                  Tonga and Niue Mission              Pastor Louis Torres has
                                                               have commenced erecting a        been conducting meetings
  Jack Provonsha (third from right) gave the graduation        new church—but the               relating to music and wor-
address on February 12 at Wahroonga church when 35             $T 10,500 needed is a real       ship in the North New
students from the "Green" nursing class graduated from         struggle for the small group.    South Wales Conference
the Avondale College Wahroonga Campus. Dr Provonsha,           Company leader Soeli Nau         during March. A founding
now retired, established the Centre for Christian Bioethics    and builder Namu Tuifua          member of Bill Halley's
at Loma Linda University, California. Others who partici-      would appreciate any help,       Comets, Pastor Torres has
pated in the ceremony included (from left): Alwyn Gal-         says local mission president     been a leading musician
way, head of the School of Nursing; Sydney Adventist           David Hay.                       with some of America's top
Hospital General Superintendent, Dr H. E. Clifford, SAH                                         rock groups. He is now sec-
Director of Nursing Rose-marie Radley, Dr Tim Gorle,                                            retary of the Greater New
acting principal, Avondale College and Dr Geoffrey                                              York Conference.
Madigan, registrar, Avondale College. Prizes for excellence
were awarded to Yvette Tooby, Wendy Lee, Kathryn                                                New Complex
Todd and Denise Murray.                                                                           The Ballina Shire Council
                                                                                                has approved a development
Handicapped Home?               no work in this                                                 application for the establish-
   The North New South          predominantly Muslim                                            ment of Stage 1 of a retire-
Wales Conference has ap-        country, says Saleem A.                                         ment village complex at
proved the establishment of     Farag, HAD Health and          Chefs Win Medals                 Alstonville, near Lismore,
an investigative and steering   Temperance director.              Chefs from Auckland           NSW.
committee to consider the                                      Adventist Hospital recently
possibility of establishing a   New Church                     won medals with four of          Advance in WA
home for handicapped and           A new church building       their five entries in culinary      During 1988 some 208
retarded children in the        for Hastings, NZ, is due to    competitions held at the         people were baptised in
conference.                     be completed in late May,      Chase Stadium. The medals        Western Australia through
                                according to publicity         were for margarine carvings,     the combined efforts of
Food Conference                 officer Cushla Cruickshank.    and included one of the          ministry and laity—a 50 per
   The Health Food Depart-      Members celebrated the         four-headed leopard of           cent increase over the pre-
ment of the General Con-        centenary of Adventism in      Daniel 7. The hospital staff     vious year. "This is an aver-
ference will conduct an In-     Hastings last year, just be-   also took medals in the veg-     age of nine baptisms for
ternational Health Foods        fore the Nelson Street         etarian section and the fruit    each minister," says confer-
Conference at Coffs Har-        church was sold. The con-      flan junior section. AAH         ence president Peter
bour, NSW, from April 2 to      gregation will continue        head chef Michael                Colquhoun. "If we could
9. Eric Felhberg, General       meeting in rented quarters     Johnson's entry of two old       maintain that ratio through-
Conference World Health         until the new complex in       gold diggers (pictured)          out the Trans-Australian
Food director will attend       Ada Street, close to           received a silver medal—no       Union Conference we
the conference.                 Windsor Park, is available.    gold was awarded. Made           would almost equal results
                                Members are fundraising in     from cubes of pastry mar-        in Papua New Guinea!"
Somalia Clinic                  order to open the building     garine more than a metre
   Eastern Africa Division      debt-free.                     square, the carvings were        Macedonian Call
officials have begun nego-                                     displayed for some weeks in         Pastor Nikola Trajkov,
tiating with the Somalia        Mexico Divides                 the foyer of the Adventist       from the South Yugoslavian
Government regarding              At constituency meetings     Hospital.                        Conference, has been in-
establishing a dental clinic    held late January, members                                      vited to conduct an evangel-
in the capital city of          of the South Mexican Con-      Contact Video in NZ              istic campaign for
Mogadishu. Seventh-day          ference voted to divide the      The Final Act video, ad-       Macedonian people in Mel-
Adventists currently have       conference into two—           vertised recently in RE-         bourne, Victoria.

                                                                                                              RECORD March 25, 1989
                               this will help them to con-      commenced studies in the
Burma Fires                    tinue learning how to be         Faculty of Medicine at the   Smokeless Flop
  Major fires broke out in     effective Christians," says      University of Newcastle this   The F. J. Reynolds
southern Burma on Febru-       Pastor Walshe.                   year. Each year, the faculty Tobacco Company is to dis-
ary 16, destroying 20,000                                       reserves five spaces to in-  continue test marketing the
homes and leaving 22,000       $1m Bursary Fund                 duct aboriginal students.    smokeless cigarette, ending
people homeless.                 The Avondale College           Only four were awarded this a planned billion dollar
                               Foundation has recognised        year. Kelly's father, Frank  product launch. "While
Full House                     the need for financial assist-   Saunders, is a recent gradu- smokers are interested in
   The Waitara church, on      ance for theology and busi-      ate from Avondale College, the concept, the current
Sydney's outer North Shore,    ness students. At its half-      and is pastoring in Sydney.  product has not achieved
is commencing a second         yearly executive meeting on      He is also ministering five  adequate consumer accept-
service each Sabbath to ac-    February 26, it unanimously      days a week at Dubbo, in     ance," the company said.—
commodate the crowds at-       voted to extend the              southern New South Wales. The Herald, 1/3/89.
tending. The first service     foundation's current bursary
will commence at 9 am, fol-    scheme by launching a pro-
lowed by Sabbath school at
 10 am and a second wor-
                               gram to raise a capital base                                STORY
                               of $ 1 million. The annual
ship service at 11.30 am.      income from this fund
"This situation results from
a mission conducted by Pas-
                               would be allocated solely
                               for student bursaries.
                                                                 Rotten Egg Shampoo
tor George Bumside over
the past six months, plus a    NZ Youth Rally                                             by Julie Millett
successful Creative Activi-       Greater Sydney Confer-
ties outreach run by the
church," says local pastor
Bruce Price.
                               ence Youth director Eric
                               White will be guest speaker
                               at a youth rally in Wiremu
                                                                J Victoria. Rossthey collectedsheep stationorphaned lambs,
                                                                    ulie and      lived on a                 in northern
                                                                              Each morning they fed the
                                                                and after school                eggs for their
                               Street church hall, Auck-        mother.
Youths in Cells                land, NZ, commencing at             Some of the hens laid their eggs in the hayshed. And
  Following the recent         10 am on April 8.                one night, tired of doing their tasks, the children decided to
Canberra Youth Congress,                                        have some fun.
Tasmanian Youth director       Studying Medicine                   "I bet I can throw an egg over that big beam and catch
Allan Walshe has organised        Two Adventist aboriginal      it without breaking it," boasted Ross. Taking careful aim,
the conference youth into      students, Kelly Saunders         he threw an egg and caught it.
cell groups. "We feel sure     and Craig Russell, have             Then it was Julie's turn. And she managed to do as well
                                                                as her brother. They took turns in what they thought was a
                                                                great bit of fun—until Julie's egg hit the beam. Guess
                                                                where it fell? Right on top of Julie's head! It splattered all
                                                                through her hair and ran down her face. But that wasn't
                                                                the worst part.
                                                                   The egg had been in the hay for many days, and it was
                                                                rotten. Have you ever smelled a rotten egg? It smells like
                                                                mouldy oranges mixed with cow farmer's socks and boot
                                                                   "Ugh! You stink," exclaimed Ross as he ran away. Julie
                                                                didn't know what to do. She dared not yell for help
                                                                because she would have to open her mouth and some of
                                                                the egg would drip into it. And she didn't fancy to taste
                                                                the egg—the smell was bad enough.
                                                                   Julie tried to get away from the smell, but it went with
                                                                her wherever she went. So she ran to her mother. Mum put
                                                                down the cake she was mixing and steered Julie towards
                                                                the bathroom. She carefully washed her hair with
                                                                sweet-smelling shampoo, and wiped the evil-smelling liquid
 "Faith for Today" Founder Dies                                 from her face. Then she rinsed it all again, before drying it
   William A. Fagal (pictured with his wife), who pion-         with a towel. And she found another dress for her. Soon
 eered the "Faith for Today" television ministry, died on       Julie smelled clean all over again.
 February 16 in Camarillo, California, following a stroke          You know, God wants to clean up our lives. If we are
 suffered early last year. Born in Albany, New York, in         sorry for the things we do wrong, God will wash them all away_.
 1919, Pastor Fagal started his ministry in the New York
 Conference in 1939. He began Faith for Today in 1950
 and led the television ministry until 1980, when Dan           Julie Millett, a primary school teacher, attends Wantirna church in
 Matthews became speaker and director.                          Melbourne, Victoria.

RECORD March 25, 1989
Descendants Re-enact Guadalcanal's Past                                                           tact during celebrations to recount the
                                                                                                  blessings of God since that time. High-
                                                                                                  light of the weekend was the unveiling of
                                                                                                  a memorial plaque commemorating the
                                                                                                  role played by Pastor Norman Ferris and
                                                                                                  Ibi, whose son, now an ordained minis-
                                                                                                  ter, took his father's place.
                                                                                                     Special guest for the weekend was Mrs
                                                                                                  Ruby Ferris, and her two daughters,
                                                                                                  Norma Crabtree and Marilyn Davey. It
                                                                                                  was the first time Mrs Ferris had returned
                                                                                                  to the Solomons since she was evacuated
                                                                                                  50 years earlier because of the second
                                                                                                  world war. Other pioneer families pre-
                                                                                                  sent included Mou, who made the orig-
                                                                                                  inal request, Nathan Rore, Kata Ragoso
                                                                                                  Jnr, Laejama, Oko and Pastor Julius.
                                                                                                     The celebrations included a baptism
                                                                                                  at the place where the first contact was
                                                                                                  made. Pastor Newton Galo had 87
                                                                                                  people respond to an appeal to follow
Pioneers and descendants attended the Jubilee Celebrations in Guadalcanal. Back row, from left:   their Lord in baptism. And Pastor Errol
George Muke, Nathan Rore, Marilyn Davey, Ruby Ferris, Kata Ragoso, Ervin Ferris, Norma            Wright welcomed 17 young men who
Crabtree, Jioni Poa. Front: Drelli (Ibi's son), Shadrack, Ropiti, Mou, Laejama, Oko, Julius.
                                                                                                  answered his call to those wishing to

M     ou stopped to listen. Never had the
      young chief from Guadalcanal
heard anything so beautiful. The har-
                                                   Then Pastor Ferns's cookboy, Ibi,
                                                stepped forward. "Please, master," he
                                                begged, "let me stay."
                                                                                                  reach out in service.
                                                                                                      Some 17 churches and 2,000 church
                                                                                                  members now stand as living monu-
monic notes came from the mission ship             Some 56 years later, the baby born to          ments to the work commenced in 1932.
Melanesia, anchored in the port of              the Ferrises at that time, now Pastor             ByZena Wright, who serves as secretary to the presi­
Tulagi, while the crew conducted even-          Ervin Ferris, took his father's role at a         dent of the Western Pacific Union Mission with
                                                                                                  headquarters in Honiara. Her husband is president
ing worship.                                    reenactment of the landing and first con-         of the Eastern Solomon Islands Mission.
   The next day Mou came to listen
again. Then he returned to his heathen
village. But he couldn't forget the mel-
odies he had heard drifting across the
                                                 Services Mark Vanuatu Church Opening
water. As he engaged in devil worship
and other heathen practices, the sound
of the singing intruded into his mind. He
tried to remember the tunes, but they
eluded him. Finally, in desperation he
sent a request to the Seventh-day
Adventist Mission to send someone to
teach his people.
   Newly appointed director of
Adventist work in Guadalcanal,
Norman Ferris, had been praying for
such an opening. He and his wife, Ruby,
were in Tulagi, then capital of the
Solomon Islands, awaiting the birth of
their third child. It was October 20,
 1932.                                           The newly dedicated church at Baiap, on Ambrym, Vanuatu, culminates 30 years' work.
   On receiving the request, Pastor Ferris
told his wife he felt he had to answer the
call. Leaving his overdue wife, he made
                                                 F  our days of celebrations marked the
                                                    opening of a new church at Baiap, on
                                                the island of Ambrym, Vanuatu, just be-
                                                                                                  the official opening ceremonies, which
                                                                                                  lasted four and a half hours. The new
                                                                                                  church is estimated to be worth 4 million
his way to Koilotumuria where Mou met           fore Christmas last year. The event               vatu ($A50,000).
him and took him to his village. The            climaxed 30 years of sacrifice and                   Pastor A. D. Pietz, who had been dis-
people enthusiastically received Pastor         prayer.                                           trict director more than 40 years ago, led
Ferris and pleaded with him to stay, or at         More than 1,000 people gathered                out in the meetings.
least leave a teacher with them.                from as far away as Noumea and all                   "It was such a thrill to see the growth
Unfortunately, no one was available.            islands of the Republic of Vanuatu for            that has occurred over the years," says

10                                                                                                                               RECORD March 25, 1989
Pastor Pietz. "But it was even more won-                                                         convict days) and local historical
derful to catch some of the devotion, en-                                                        societies also featured displays.
thusiasm and dedication of these people                                                            The Mayor of Parramatta, Alderman
for whom the coming of Jesus means so                                                            Alan Hyam, and his wife, Alderman
much."                                                                                           Judith Hyam, participated in the
     The first meeting commenced at 7.30                                                         Sabbath service. Pastor George Metcalfe
am on December 21, when members                                                                  preached on the subject Has Christianity
gathered at the site of the first Seventh-                                                       Failed?, and the Wahroonga Ladies
day Adventist church ever built on the                                                           Choir, directed by Gwen Behrens, sang.
     "We gathered in a coconut grove
around a small slab of concrete—                                                                 Singing-Pastor Story
thought to be the rostrum of the original
building," says Pastor Pietz. "Later in the |                                                    Sparks Baptismal
day the local people re-enacted the |
events associated with the pioneers, in §
                                                                                                 Interest in Tauranga
particular missionary Donald |
     The following day saw the official |
                                             |                                                   A     picture story in the local newspaper
                                                                                                       regarding the work of the Adventist
                                                                                                 pastor in Tauranga has led to the bap-
opening and dedication of the new p                                                              tism of a woman who had been strug-
church. Pastor Pietz cut the ribbon and g                                                        gling with demon possession.
preached the sermon. Five retired minis-         George Metcalfe showed models of Daniel's           John Horvath is known in the district
 ters and three ordained men employed            beasts at a display in the Parramatta church.   as the "outback, singing pastor." And
by the mission assisted.
     "After the service everyone enjoyed a       Parramatta Mounts                               Marie Ridgen's knowledge of Mr
                                                                                                 Horvath's activities gave her confidence
 delicious meal," says Pastor Pietz. "Then
 everyone gathered in the church to hear
                                                 Bicentenary Show                                to attend a 5-Day Stop Smoking Plan
                                                                                                 that proved to be the start of her walk
 the many items that had been prepared
 for the opening service—but that could
 not be included. The resulting concert
                                                 T    o celebrate the bicentenary of the
                                                      founding of the city of Parramatta
                                                 (on Sydney's western outskirts), the Par-
                                                                                                 into the church.
                                                                                                     "From then on she has been like a hart
                                                                                                 thirsting for the living water," says Mr
 continued till 11.30 pm!"                       ramatta Adventist church held a special         Horvath. "Home Bible studies and at-
     Pastor Pietz also led out at the ordi-      worship service on November 19 in their         tendance at a Revelation Seminar con-
 nation of Reggie Toto Masengnalo, son           new complex and set up a historical dis-         tributed to her Christian growth. She has
 of an early worker from the village of          play that attracted some 500 visitors           become very supportive of the activities
 Baiap. "Reggie and his wife, Lily May,          over 11 days.                                    and outreach programs of the church,
 have a long association with the work of            "Both static and audiovisual displays        and her enthusiasm and perseverance
 the church," recalls Pastor Pietz. "Lily        traced the congregation's history                contributed to our excellent Appeal
 May, a trained nurse, worked for years at       through the three churches," says church         total this year."
 Aore Adventist Hospital, at times taking        pastor George Metcalfe. "The first—in
  full charge.                                   which Ellen White preached—was built
      "Reggie attended Parker Missionary         in Charles Street in 1892. The 1937
  College at Aore and then Fulton in Fiji.       brick church was built on the same site.
  Recently he has been a successful district     And our modern 31-room complex
  director on Malekula. I was delighted          opened last year in Hammers Road, Old
 that assisting me with the service were         Toongabbie."
  two men at whose ordination I had par-             Another booth featured the history of
 ticipated many years previously."               four other early Sydney churches—
      The new Pastor Masengnalo conduc-          Kellyville, Stanmore, Ashfield and Pros-
  ted opening-Sabbath worship on Friday          pect (now Corrimal).
  evening. The following day, Sabbath                Included in the historical display were
  school and the worship service included        life-sized models of the beasts of Daniel,
  many special items. Pastor Pietz               prophetic charts illustrating Bible doc-
  preached the first sermon in the newly          trines, and displays by the Adventist              Baptised with Marie (left) were (from
  dedicated church.                               Media Centre, Adventist Book Centre,            left) Dorothy Griffin, Janice Gibson and
      "In the afternoon we gathered to wit-       Avondale College and Avondale Foun-             John Ashmore. John Horvath is in front.
   ness the baptism of nine people," con-         dation, Sydney Adventist Hospital, the             "Four other new members joined
   cludes Pastor Pietz. "The ministers told       Sanitarium Health Food Company,                 Tauranga church this year," says Mr
   me that a baptismal service is held some       Christian Services for the Blind and            Horvath. "We have strong outreach
   place in Vanuatu every Sabbath.                Deaf, and the Parramatta church's               plans for this year and would welcome
      "We found it a moving climax to four        Pathfinders, video ministry and health          names of friends, relatives or ex-
   never-to-be-forgotten days. My wife and        outreach.                                       Seventh-day Adventists in this area.
   I appreciated the dedication and hospi-            Cumberland Hospital (originally the         Send them to me at 25 Judea Road,
   tality of these people. God bless them."       "Female Factory"—a work house of the            Tauranga, NZ. Phone (075) 89 313."

  RECORD March 25, 1989                                                                                                                  11
                                                                                            The woman at the shop was most help-
                OJA Seeks to Expand Circulation                                             ful, and did the job without payment.
                                                                                               In appreciation, Pastor and Mrs
          he anti-smoking, anti-alcohol, anti-drug magazine One Jump Ahead now
     T    circulates across the whole South Pacific Division. The 20-page magazine is
     designed to help children make a positive decision about harmful drugs before
                                                                                            Vickery gave her a Bible as a thank-you
                                                                                            gift. When the woman discovered they
                                                                                            were Seventh-day Adventists, she felt
     they reach high school and the teenage years.                                          impressed to attend their church. Her
        Last year 162 Adventist churches placed bulk orders for a total of 2,500            daughter had recently been in contact
     copies of the magazine, taking advantage of a special price made possible              with Adventists elsewhere, and had
     through financial assistance from the South Pacific Division Adventist Health          shared her experiences with her mother.
     Department. Pastor Don Bain and Dr Harley Stanton, the department's direc-             Since that time, this woman has attended
     tors, say they hope that every Adventist church will order the magazine for its        church, along with a young friend.
     primary-age children.                                                                     In their 29 years in evangelism, Pastor
        One Jump Ahead gives children information about harmful drugs in a way              Vickery and his wife, June, have minis-
     that is appropriate to their age. It gets them involved in puzzles, stories and reg-   tered in 26 different cities and towns all
     ular competitions to help them be ready in advance for the peer pressure and           over the South Pacific Division. When
     the unfair advertising directed against teenagers in today's society. The maga-        he was seriously burned, he thought he
     zine helps families start communicating early on these subjects so that it will be     had preached his last sermon. But in-
     easier to keep it going when children get older.                                       stead, he found he was carrying on as
        Some churches have planned major outreach projects around the magazine.             church pastor, with the loyal support of
     Hillview church, south of Newcastle, NSW, has an order for more than 100               the local congregation.
     copies per month, using it for children in local primary schools where the                The Vickerys are so happy in the far-
     church conducts Bible classes. Many other churches are taking copies each              western New South Wales mining city
     month to their local schools and libraries.                                            that they have purchased a house and
        One Jump Ahead is a lay project operated by Nainie Magnusson, editor, and           plan to spend their retirement there fol-
     her husband Eric, of Canberra. This year they hope that every church in Aus-           lowing a period of service in Newcastle.
     tralia and New Zealand will help their pre-teens keep a jump ahead of the men-         This year Pastor Neville Tosen has re-
     ace of smoking, alcohol and harmful drugs.                                             placed Pastor Vickery in Broken Hill.
                                                                                            By Marilyn Harris, communication secretary of the
                                                                                            Broken Hill church.
                                                            If you ask me,
                                                        most of them are in a
         Do the people
       in that church
                                                      state of ignorant bliss.
                                                   | They think they've got
                                                                                            Video Ministry Wins
       know that their
         kids are in
                                                      automatic protection!                 New Members in
          danger frorn^
                                                                                            Greater Sydney
                                                     / Now, wait a minute!
                                                                          -s.               The WindsorSydney, isonusingbywestern
                                                                                                outskirts of
                                                                                                             church,    the
                                                                                            library to promote evangelism
                                                                                                                            a video
                                                    I That's just not true.                 bers. Sabbath school assistant Kevin
                                                    I That church gets OJA!                 Brown organises the outreach.
                                                                                               Church deacon Ken Smith tells of
                                                                                            riding a new bike, just purchased by his
                                                                                            son, past a friend's home. "My friend
                                                                                            was on the footpath talking to a neigh-
                                                                                            bour," he says. "When he called out a
                OWE JUMP AHEAD.....for kids with perceptive parents
                                                                                            greeting, I felt compelled to join them,
                                                                                            and almost fell off the bike as I made a
                                                                                            quick backtrack!
Silver City Pastor                             when sparks ignited nearby lawnmower
                                               fuel. He was flown to Royal Adelaide
                                                                                               "In the conversation, my friend told
                                                                                            about a recent visit to Egypt. This news
Puts Down Roots                                Hospital for treatment at the burns unit.
                                               Many prayers ascended on his behalf
                                                                                            reminded me of the video I had collected
                                                                                            at the church the day before, intending
L   ittle did Ivan Vickery know that
    when he reluctantly accepted a call
to pastor the Broken Hill church, New
                                               during the eight weeks he remained
                                                  But his suffering has led to a new face
                                                                                            to show it to my brother. So I asked
                                                                                            whether they had a VHS. When he re-
                                                                                            plied in the affirmative, I suggested that
South Wales, three years ago, it would         in the local congregation. When Pastor       his family might like to view a video I
lead to dramatic changes in his life and       Vickery returned home, he was wearing        had, featuring that area of the world.
future.                                        an elasticised jacket to protect the new        "He agreed. So the following Thurs-
   In October, 1987, while welding evan-       skin. Needing a zip fastener inserted in     day we showed them the video," con-
gelistic equipment, Pastor Vickery             one of these jackets, he was advised to      tinues Mr Smith. "They enjoyed seeing
received burns to 24 per cent of his body      seek assistance from a local fabric shop.    the places he had visited, and asked some

12                                                                                                                       RECORD March 25, 1989
questions regarding the spiritual issues       1926, and began teaching the following               "We also challenged them to take part in
dealt with in the video. I was surprised to    year. She teaches piano, violin, organ,              the pentathlon event that included
discover how easy it is to introduce Bible     recorder and singing.                                Marathon walk (learning memory
truths through this means.                         Her students are now scattered                   verse), High jump (talk to someone
   "A few nights later my wife and I took      throughout the world, and some of them               about Jesus), and Pole vault (take the
the video to my brother. We sat with our       are judges, doctors, dentists, teachers              mission story). Dene Hardy (Greece)
children and watched the whole tape.           and journalists.                                     won the pentathlon. Samantha
They were impressed. He asked if he                During the Great Depression, Mrs                 Gildersleeve (Papua New Guinea) and
could keep the video for a week, to show       Higgins could not find enough music                  Ayesha Jones (Australia) won gold
his relatives. Of course, we agreed. And       students in Toowoomba. "I would travel               medals, Troy Gildersleeve (Great Brit-
this has been the pattern since then.          to Cambooya for half a day and to                    ain) silver, and Michael Brand (USSR)
   "One night, when my brother was             Boodua for a full day's teaching," she               bronze."
showing his relatives the third video of       says.
the series, one of the young men in the            Mrs Higgins's main love is piano.
family had just returned from Brisbane.        However, during the Depression many
While in Queensland he had viewed the          farmhouses couldn't afford to have a
first section of the same video, and had       piano. But almost all had a violin. So to
wanted to see the rest of it. Imagine his      get work, she taught children the vi-
amazement to find the identical video          olin.
was being shown to his family!                     It is from the music of the great mas-
    "The story is not over yet," concludes      ters that Mrs Higgins's students learn
Mr Smith. "But I consider this a wonder-        their art. "Music is a great thing," she
 ful means of outreach and witness. Any-        says. "It's one of God's greatest gifts."
one can do it. It's as easy as falling off a       Her life revolves not only around a
bike!"                                          piano and her music. She helps with her
                                                church's community service. She also                Tikipunga Birth
                                                cooks for people when they are sick, and              After a difficult confinement and pro-
                                                is the publicity officer for the Women's            longed labour, the Tikipunga
                                                Fellowship of the Bible Society.                    (Whangarei, New Zealand) company
                                                Adapted from an article by Yolanda Torrisi in the   (pictured) finally arrived on December
                                                 Toowoomba Chronicle, November 26, 1988.            10. Its birth caused much joy. "This
                                                                                                    newly dedicated little body has no less
                                                CHURCH NEWS                                         than 39 members," says company leader
                                                                                                    bob Clark. "With many young people
                                                                                                    and friends to care for it, we are
                                                                                                    confident the child will continue to grow
                                               "Melody Park" Opens                                  in strength and grace. A nursery has
                                                  Mrs Kathy Sullivan recently received              been provided by the Tikipunga Uniting
                                               the keys to her home from Pastor Ross                Church at 150 Kiripaka Road. Visiting
                                               Baines and became the first resident at              hours commence at 11 am and visiting is
                                               the privately run Melody Park retire-                unrestricted. The new company wishes
                                               ment village, Nerang, Queensland.                    to thank consulting specialists Pastors
                                               "'The Park' as it's affectionately called, is        Lionel Smith and David Blanch, and
                                               being established for the benefit of                 Doctors Ken Bird and L. Webber."
 Age No Barrier to                             Adventists who want to enjoy the
                                               Queensland climate in their retirement,"             Invercargill Reprieve
 Teaching Music                                says Southport church communication
                                               secretary lan Taylor. "The name is de-
                                                                                                       Invercargill church school has won a
                                                                                                    reprieve from closure—through the

 A    ge has been no barrier for Too-
      woomba resident Mrs Mabel
 Higgins, who at the age of 81 still teaches
                                               rived from the sounds of the rippling
                                               creek and the birds' songs in the area.
                                               Within two years a leisure centre will
                                                                                                    efforts of the church's education sec-
                                                                                                    retary and the favourable response of
                                                                                                    Sydney teacher Jean Carter, and her hus-
 music to children more than 75 years her      add enjoyment. Later, 30 serviced hostel             band, Peter. Mrs Carter indicated her ac-
 junior.                                       apartments will be added."                           ceptance of a call to the South New Zea-
     Mrs Higgins—or as she is known to                                                              land city just nine days before the school
 her students, Miss Head (her maiden            Bunbury Olympics                                    year was due to open. "We certainly wel-
 name)—believes age isn't a handicap in            The Bunbury Teen Sabbath school                  come the Carters," says church com-
 doing what you enjoy best.                     class recently developed a unique means             munication secretary Sharon McKay.
     "As long as I remain well and men-         of encouraging Bible study, by organis-             "We just couldn't face the prospect of no
 tally alert, I will continue to teach," she    ing a Bible Olympics. "Each young per-              church school, after all the hard work
  says. Her students range in age from six      son chose a country, and participated in            promoting the school last year. In
  to 60.                                        weekly events with points given for gold,           Invercargill we've learned that with the
     Mrs Higgins received her licentiate        silver or bronze, says Bunbury com-                 Lord the impossible takes only a little
  from the Royal College of Music in            munication secretary Robert Garvin.                 longer."

 RECORD March 25. 1989                                                                                                                     13
Life-Sketch                                                    Obituaries
                                                                                                                               WA, after a prolonged illness. When she was three years of
                                                                                                                               age, Jessie moved with her parents to Western Australia.
                                                                                                                               Baptised in 1914 in the old Boulder church, she was a
                                                                                                                               charter member of the Grass Patch church. The opening of
                                                               "We do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall         this church in 1969 was a special day for her. Prior to her
                                                               asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope.    hospitalisation in 1985, Jessie lived for 30 years in
                                                               ... For the Lord himself will come down from heaven,            Scaddon. She is survived by her children: Edith Sharp,
                                                               with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and        Albert, Matilda Erceg, Charlie, Ron, Jessie Logan and
                                                               with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will       Frances Norwood; 30 grandchildren, 44 great-
                                                               rise first. ... Therefore encourage each other with these       grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.
                                                               words." 1 Thessalonians 4:13, 16, 18, NIV. The editorial                                                       lan Royce.
                                                               staffjoin the church family in expressing sincere sympathy
                                                               to those who have lost the loved ones recorded below.           Larymore, Alma Hope ("Lary"), born 1905 at
                                                                                                                               Geraldton, WA; died February 20 in Wahroonga, NSW,
                                                               Brandstater, Norma Florence, died December 14 at                after a prolonged illness. "Lary" had been an Adventist for
                                                               Wardell Private Hospital, Ermington, Sydney, NSW, and           approximately 60 years. For the past nine years she was a
                                                               was buried at the Avondale Cemetery, Cooranbong.                resident at the Elizabeth Lodge Retirement Home. She is
                                                               Forty-four years ago Norma was a student at Avondale            survived by her sons and daughters-in-law, Kimball and
                                                               College. An accomplished singer, she loved music, and           Pamela (Sydney) and Michael and Judy (Brisbane); and
                                                               looked forward to singing with the heavenly choir. She is       grandchildren, Shayne and Elizabeth, Michael-Scott and
                                                               survived by her children, Peter, Pauline and Donna.             Belinda.                                       D. J. Silver
                                                                                                       O. K. Anderson.
                                                                                                                               Putman, Lois Ann (affectionately known as "Lou"),
                                                               Christian, Olivevine Melva (nee Sprengel), born Oc-             born December 24, 1896; died February 7 at
 Pastor Alfred James Gatbercole. One of a family of            tober 29, 1911, in Milford, Qld; died February 9 at             Maryborough, Qld. Starting work at the age of 15, she
 of five children, Alfred James (Jim) Gathercole was born      Caloundra and was buried at the Nambour Garden Cem-             stayed in the employment of the same family all her work-
 in Dunolly, Victoria, on September 6, 1900, and died in       etery. She served with her husband, Pastor Herb Christian,      ing life. In her retirement years she became a member of
 the Belmont Hospital, New South Wales, on February 10,        in Samoa as well as Australia. She is survived by her hus-      the Maryborough SDA church. She is survived by her sis-
  1989.                                                        band; daughter and son-in-law, Val and Ken Lawson (Or-          ter, Violet Brown (Cairns); and brother, Percy Putman
    His father, a butcher, moved the family to Perth, West-    ange, NSW); sons and daughters-in-law, Owen and                 (Maryborough). Ivan Adams, elder of the Maryborough
 ern Australia. Upon completing his education, Jim             Pamela (Woombye, Qld) and Brian and Lenice                      church, assisted the writer in the services. W. R. Cross.
 worked in the lead mines, was a legal clerk for a time, and   (Bundaberg); grandchildren, Lindal, Jayden, Darren,
 then apprenticed to an exacting Englishman in the build-      Lyndon, Vicki, Kelly, Rachael and Jamie; and sister, Fran       Thomson, Georgina Araminta Talbot, born June 19,
 ing and cabinet-making trade. He married Phyllis              Abbot (Morisset). Pastors Keith Miller and Ken Lawson            1894; died February 7 at the Charles Harrison Home,
 Maxwell and the couple had two daughters, Joan and            assisted the writer in the services.       David Lawson.        Cooranbong, NSW. In September 1928 she married Cecil
 Sylvia.                                                                                                                       Thomson, who predeceased her in 1933. Georgina loved
    Joy Stobart—who had recently become a Seventh-day          Clare, Dianne, 37, died January 19 at her home in               to sing and play the piano. She lived in Cooranbong for 42
 Adventist and was engaged to Phyllis's brother, Lionel—       Wauchope, NSW, after a courageous battle against can-           years and was a member of the Avondale Memorial
 invited Phyllis to attend evangelistic meetings being con-    cer, and was buried at the Wauchope Cemetery. She is sur-       church. For some time she served as an assistant treasurer.
 ducted in the Savoy Theatre by Pastor Erwin Roenfelt.         vived by her husband, Gary; and seven children, Joanne,         She is survived by her daughters: Cecily Ward (Kempsey)
Jim was not interested initially. But when Phyllis prepared    Belinda, Tobyn, Carolyn, Ellena, Priscilla and Emmy;            and Orion Hanbury (Mount Colah); brother, Douglas
 to attend the second meeting, Jim said he would come too.     and parents, Ken and Audrey Trafford. Pastor Graham             McDonald; and nieces Eunice Hancock and Ruth
The prophetic topic aroused his curiosity, and his interest    Alien was associated with the writer in the services.           Southon (both of Murwillumbah), whom she raised as her
grew. As a result, the Gathercoles were baptised in 1931.                                              S. R. Goldstone.        own daughters. Pastor Leo Rose assisted the writer at the
    In 1932 Jim was invited to take up literature evangelsm                                                                    services.                                 O. K. Anderson.
in the north of WA. For five years he worked the area in a     Gander, William Joseph, born February 26, 1901, at
 Model-T Ford. In 1937 he responded to an invitation to        Poole, England; died January 8 at Benalla, Vie, and was         Strickland, Daisy Emma, 84, died February 22 at the
lead the colporteurs in Victoria. Three years later he went    buried beside his wife in the Eltham Cemetery on January        Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Vie. Bom in Tasmania,
into full-time ministry at Numurkah. Among those who            12. In 1908 Bill came to Australia, where he later joined      Daisy was the eldest of 13 children. Her parents were the
joined the Adventist Church through his preaching of the       the SDA Church. He attended North Fitzroy church be-            first Seventh-day Adventists on King Island. Although un-
gospel in tents and halls, were the parents of Gordon and      fore transferring to the East Prahran church. In 1945 Bill      able to attend the Auburn church, Vie, for several years,
John Lee, both of whom became ministers and church             married Florence Emma Cause. They were among the                Daisy maintained her loyalty and faithfulness to the
 leaders.                                                      founding members of the Greensborough church, where             church. She is survived by her children, Dawn and Terry;
    While serving as minister in Mildura in 1942, Jim          Bill held several offices, among them elder and treasurer.      and brothers and sisters.                   R. W. Howes.
Gathercole was ordained to the ministry. Following a sec-      He spent a number of years as a literature evangelist before

 ond period of service in Benalla, the Gathercoles trans-      working for the Sanitarium Health Food Company. He is
 ferred to Nunawading. In 1953 they were called to Fiji,       survived by his son, Lionel and family. His wife prede-
where Jim designed and built the Suva Adventist church.        ceased him in 1987.                        K. W. Andrews.
Returning to Melbourne late in 1955, they served in Mel-
bourne until retirement in 1965.                               Gathercole, Alfred James, bom September 6, 1900, in             Clare. Gary and children, Audrey and Ken Trafford, and
    During 24 years spent at Nords Wharf, NSW, Jim was         Dunolly, Vie; died February 10 in the Belmont Public            Chris and Lea wish to thank all who expressed thoughts of
active in community affairs and the Lake Macquarie             Hospital, NSW, and was buried in the Adventist Cem-             comfort and sympathy at the time of Diane's passing.
Council named a park in his honour.—Laurence Gilmore.          etery, Cooranbong. He is survived by his wife Phyllis;

                                                               daughters, Joan and Sylvia; brother, Bob; seven grand-
                                                               children and 18 great-grandchildren. Pastors Leo Rose
                                                               and John Oaklands assisted in the services. A life-sketch
                                                               appears in this issue.               Laurence Gilmore.          SAH Vacancies Enrolled Nurses. We currently
Brown—Bowman. Wayne Brown and Janine Bowman                                                                                    have positions for full-time enrolled nurses in medical and
were married on February 5 in the Brightwaters church,         Heazlewood, Edith May, born September 4, 1893, near             surgical wards, as well as operating theatre. A wide range
NSW. Wayne and Janine plan to set up their home in             Digby, Vie; died December 25 at Coronella Retirement            of experience available. For further information, please
Wyee.                                 S. R. Goldstone.         Homes, Nunawading. Edith lived in the Digby area until          write to Mr A. Styles, Nursing Personnel, Sydney
                                                                1913, when she went to Melbourne and became a                  Adventist Hospital, 148 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga
McRae—Parker. David McRae, son of Alf and Anne                 children's nurse. She was later a stenographer. In 1921 she     NSW 2076, or phone him on (02) 487 9111.
McRae (Perth, WA), and Sharilyn Parker, daughter of Ed         married William George Heazlewood. In 1931 a colpor-
Parker (Warburton, Vie) and Marie Williams (Canberra,          teur, Ruby Creelman, sold Edith the book Practical Guide        Erina Church Anniversary. Former members and
ACT), were married on December 11 in Canberra. David           to Health. This led to studies, and Edith was baptised at the   friends are invited to a special 70th birthday program for
is a Federal policeman and Sharilyn is in the Police De-       Mont Albert church. For many years she was a member of          Erina church, NSW, on April 29, commencing with
partment, both working in Canberra.           Ed Parker.       the Bond Street, Ringwood, church. She is survived by her       Sabbath school at 9.15 am. If you are able to join us for
                                                               children, Joan, Clive, Walter and Florence; 11 grand-           lunch, phone Mrs Billins on (043) 67 6609.
Spyve—Olive. Phillip Spyve and Sarah Olive were mar-           children and great-grandchildren.               B. C. Smith.
ried on December 18 at the Park Ridge church, Qld. Phil                                                                        Vacancy La Mancha Health Centre. A dedicated
and Sarah plan to set up their home in the Brisbane area.      Kendall, Jessie ("Grandma"), bom March 26, 1898, in             Christian lady is required with experience in massage and
                                             Brad Strahan.     Auckland, New Zealand; died February 1 in Esperance,            hydrotherapy. An understanding and caring attitude to

14                                                                                                                                                                RECORD March 25. 1989
people essential. For details phone Matthew Steele on        chase house or land with water frontage on Lake Mac-           enjoy an active retirement among lively Christians. "Mel-
(066) 295138.                                                quarie or creeks with access to the lake. Will consider land   ody Park" Adventist Retirement Living, Gilston Road,
                                                             only with good views. Phone Terry or Suzanne Healy on          Nerang Qld 4220.
Health Food Sbop for Sale. Open 5 days a week in             (03)3876170.
Merredin, WA. Good location, growing business. Phone                                                                        Kitchens. Renovating or building a new home. We have
(090) 41 2211 during business hours.                         Typewriter Value. Popular brand electronic with 5 k            quality kitchens at affordable prices. Contact "Easy Clean
                                                             text memory, spell check and a host of automatic func-         Kitchens" on (02) 688 4444 or A/H (049) 59 5531.
Old Photos Wanted. Photographs and memorabilia               tions. Incredible value this month—only $355. Phone
dealing with the history of Erina church are sought for a    (067) 66 5122. Pacific Office-Centre, Tamworth NSW.            You Don't Need to Be Alone. Buying a house or a
display on our 70th anniversary on April 29. Please post                                                                    business can be a confusing experience. If you need indi-
items (including return postage) to Mrs Heath, 83            Facsimile. Warehouse clearance of leading brand auto-          vidual and discreet personal legal service, contact Ken
Chamberlain Road, Wyoming NSW 2250.                          dial fax machines. Save $600 each. Be quick. Phone (067)       Long, solicitor, Long & Company, 16-20 Barrack Street,
                                                             66 5122. Pacific Office-Centre, Tamworth NSW.                  Sydney. Phone (02) 29 4081.
Accommodation—Sydney. Private furnished S/C
flat, accommodate two. Very clean, bright. 5 min walk        Rescue From Beyond Orion. Discover the Biblical                Bookkeeper will prepare Cash Book, Purchases/Sales
Thomleigh station. Close Sydney Adventist Hospital,          truth about the Second Coming. Also outlined are five          records, Profit Reports, Club lists/circulars etc. You don't
Wahroonga. Linen, etc, supplied. Nightly $30. Weekly         principles that can help you understand the Bible.             need a computer to get the benefits. Qualified accountant
$175. Phone (02) 484 4086.                                                                                                  (AASA). John Stirling, 7 Roy Terrace, Christies Beach SA
                                                             Attention. Pathfinder clubs, church schools and individ-       5165. Phone (08) 3847437.
Toowoomba School. Toowoomba offers you the ad-               uals who wish to supplement their income. Selling calen-
vantage of a Christian education for your children. We       dars door to door is a proven income-earner. For further       Ansvar. The insurance company for non-drinkers only,
have well-equipped classrooms, spacious grounds and          information on 1990 calendars, contact Indian Pacific          specialising in motor and household. Contact your local
playing area. For further information, phone (076)           Traders, PO Box 42, Cooranbong NSW 2265. Phone                 agent or the Ansvar office in your state: NSW (02)
35 9090.                                                     (049)77 1221.                                                  6834166; Vie (03) 650 9711; Qld (07) 221 8449; SA
                                                                                                                            ((08) 232 1272; WA (09) 321 6291.
Wanted. Access to, or copy of, The Unbelievable Pre-Trib     Videotapes for Hire or Sale. Evangelism, health,
Origin by Dave MacPherson and/or documentation of            children, and music topics. Reasonable prices. Ask for free    Australiawide Insurance Service. For business,
Margaret Macdonald's Irvingite meeting "rapture" vision.     catalogue. Write to Radiant Life Videos, 13 Merewyn            farm or domestic insurance renewal quotations, contact
Phone Newcastle 43 1515 and reverse charges, or (049)        Street, Burpengary Qld 4505, or phone (07) 888 3225.           Graham Sidney on (008) 99 8046 between 7 am and 11
43 1515, or write Bob M, 16 Blackbutt Street, Kotara                                                                        am (weekdays) or 10 am and 3 pm (Sundays) (NSW
NSW 2289.                                                    Legal Services. One half-hour conference offered, free         times). A/H (09) 299 6855. Fax (09) 299 7466.
                                                             of charge, to Adventists for advice. Instructions accepted
Resident Funded Unit. Aazalea Court, 50 William              in all legal matters from advice to Supreme Court actions      Advertisers Please Note: All advertisements should
Streeet, Hornsby NSW. One resident-funded unit is            and including overseas adoptions. Contact Daphne               be sent to RECORD Editor, Signs Publishing Company,
presently available at Azalea Court. The unit has one bed-   Kennedy, Solicitor, "Avondale Village," Freemans Drive,        Warburton Vie 3799. Advertisements approved by the
room, en-suite bathroom, living room, kitchen and bal-       Cooranbong NSW 2265. Phone (049) 77 2633.                      editor will be inserted at the following rates: first 30 words,
cony. No garage is available. Price $75,525. Azalea Court                                                                   $ 10; each additional word, $ 1. For your advertisement to
is convenient to Homsby shops and rail and churches.         La Mancha Health Centre, Wollongbar NSW 2480.                  appear, payment must be enclosed, with a recommen-
Please direct inquiries to Mr W. Winterton, 47 Dural         For a holiday that will make you feel great, try La Mancha.    dation from your local pastor or Conference officer.
Street, Hornsby. Phone (02) 476 3207. A community ser-       Weekly rates $295 single, $390 double. For brochures
vice project of Association of Business and Professional     phone (066) 29 5138.
Men Limited.                                                                                                                   Finally: By improving yourself
                                                             Melody Park. Now under construction, spacious 2 B/R               the world is made better.
Wanted to Buy. Young Melbourne couple wish to pur-           villas on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast. Plan to

                              LET'S GET INVOLVED
        Would You Like to Learn How
        to Meet People?
        Learn How to Pray With People?
        Help Win a Soul?
        You Can ...
              Through Literature Evangelism
                                                    I would like to receive further details of how I can
                                                    be part of the Literature Ministry.

             Name (Mr Mrs Miss)                                                                         Send this coupon to: Publishing Department
             Address ............................                                                                            South Pacific Division
                                               . Postcode.                                                                   148 Fox Valley Road
             Phone                                                                                                           Wahroonga NSW 2076

 RECORD March 25, 1989                                                                                                                                                                  15
        The 1989
     Book of the Year
   Imagine another galaxy and
 another time. A time when the
entire universe gave
unquestioning service to the
Supreme Lord. It was a
learning time. And one of the
most powerful commanders
taught rebellion. There was
   The war began in the
universal control centre. Then
six thousand years ago it
shifted to a lonely outpost
called Earth. The war
   Author Ken McFarland
takes us into the very mind of
the rebel commander through
"the Lucifer files." His strategy
is revealed in these directives
to subordinates in rebellion. It
is a self-serving strategy, as
you will soon see.
   In a background narrative to
the "files" the author lays bare
the whole great controversy
theme. You will begin to
understand the real nature of       PREPARED FOR YOU
the rebellion. The Supreme          TO WITNESS WITH
Lord emerges as hero, not

villain, and His ultimate
victory as a triumph for
goodness and love.


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