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									                                                                                                                 OCTOBER 2011

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                                                                 Why We Ride

Tim Williams and Karl Goerner take a break from their preview of the club’s upcoming
Thanksgiving in the Davis Mountains Ride. Details of this event are on page 13.
Lone Star Cyclists is an organization of cycling enthusiasts, mainly from Arlington, Grand Prairie and other areas south of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We are dedicated
to the interests of recreational bicycling, bicycling safety, and camaraderie. We like to ride our bikes, get home in one piece, and we seriously enjoy having fun. Lone Star
Cyclists was established in 1973 as the Grand Prairie Bicycling Association. We organized the Tour d’ Italia bicycle rally in 1985, which is held annually on the third Saturday
of June in Italy, Texas. Our annual membership dues are $20 for individuals or families. Members receive the monthly newsletter, discounts at participating bicycle stores,
have the opportunity to ride on regularly scheduled club rides, and participate in special club functions and events with some really great people year round. To join, simply
complete and return the membership form on the last page of the newsletter along with your dues.
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                                     LSC CLUB RIDES
Club rides are open to all cyclists. Listed times are start times, not meet times. Meet times are 30 minutes prior to listed
start times. Helmets are required. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Please obey all traffic laws,
have fun, and be safe! If weather conditions are marginal, such as extreme heat, rain or cold (40F or below) call the ride
leader for a status report.

If you would like to lead a ride, contact: Richard Wilks - Ride Coordinator 817.371.2230 (E-mail info on Page 2)

Tuesday and Thursday evening rides: meet at the Oasis / Lynn Creek Marina, 5700 Lake Ridge Parkway, Grand Prairie (see page 4
for map inset). Start time is 6:15 PM and rides last 2 - 2½ hours. Groups form according to the pace desired. Route determined by
those present. You MUST have lights on the front and rear of your bike so we can extend our ride time to dark or a little beyond.

Saturday          Texas Is Not Flat       8:00 AM Sharp                      to Midlothian for a long route of 59 miles. Want options?
Pace: Touring Location: Vandagriff Elementary School,                        There’s also a 24 and a 43 mile route. There’s sure to be
408 S FM 1187, Aledo. Patricia knows great roads around                      some friends to join you, whichever route and pace you
Aledo! We’ll be in a scenic area with lots of variety and not                ride.
much traffic. We will be pedaling along rolling hills in the                 Ride leader: Donna Steinke 817.291.3485
         countryside with routes of 40 and 53 miles. We’ll
         start at the elementary school (note: not the same                  Saturday         Pedal with the New Prez          8:00 AM
         place we started on Patricia’s first ride) with the                 Pace: Touring, Easy Location: SJ Stovall Park 2800 W
option of lunch at a Mexican food place in Aledo afterward.                  Sublett Rd, Arlington. Join our new LSC president Paul Tate
From I-20 take FM-1187 south through town and the                                    as he leads us on those great roads south of
school will be on your right. There will be a convenience                            Arlington that he knows so well. Mileage options
store across the street for that last-minute pit stop before                         will be around 35 and 55 miles. The terrain can
the ride starts.                                                             vary from flat to rolling hills. We’ll have great scenery as
Ride leader: Patricia Jones 214.505.5474                                     we pedal down country roads and go through some of
                                                                             those small towns that only cyclists know exist.
Friday - Saturday - Sunday Fall Retreat                                      Ride leader: Paul Tate 817.988.1635
Pace: Touring Location: Whispering Pines RV Resort. We
     are returning to Whispering Pines RV Resort. We'll                      Saturday         Cycle South                     8:30 AM
     have tons of fun riding on beautiful shady country                      Pace: Touring, Easy, Fast Option Location: Lynn Creek
    roads and plenty of laughter with friends! Make your                     Marina, 5700 Lake Ridge Pkwy, Grand Prairie. Join Tim
    reservations now. There are cabins available (but                                 Williams for a ride beginning in the southern part
    book up quickly) as well as trailers for rent, RV                                 of the Metroplex. No tricks – this ride will be a
    hookups and tent sites. Here's the info: Whispering                               treat because Tim puts together great routes!
    Pines RV Resort, 5583 FM-16 East (800-559-3817).                         We’ll start in town at the Marina / Oasis restaurant but
        www.WhisperingPinesRVResort.com                                      there will be plenty of country lanes with little traffic.
                                                                             Mileage options around 45 and 60 miles.
Saturday         Leaderless Ride                  8:30 AM                    Ride leader: Tim Williams 817.602.5240
Location: River Legacy Park 701 NW Green Oaks Blvd,
Arlington. Can’t make the Fall Retreat in Tyler but still want                                            NOVEMBER
         to get together and ride with friends? Meet up at
         River Legacy Park in north Arlington and bring                      Saturday          Maypearl Expedition           9:00 AM
         your maps and ideas for routes. Mileage and pace                    Pace: Touring, Easy Location: Maypearl High School. We
determined by those present. Meet in the parking lot near                    will head out of Maypearl "exploring" again but this time
the restroom pavilion.                                                       turn south instead of southwest looking for a few live
                                                                                      towns (Italy for one) and a few ghost towns and
Saturday        M—L—M                            9:00 AM                              railroads. Riding along the escarpment will bring a
Pace: Touring, Easy, Fast Option Location: Lynn Creek                                 little climbing and a little downhill and lots of
Marina, 5700 Lake Ridge Pkwy, Grand Prairie. This is a                       views. The route will be around 60 miles with a bailout
        route with few turns and lots of straight ahead,                     along the way giving 36 miles. We will gather at the
        drop the hammer kind of miles – if that’s what you                   Maypearl High School at the southern terminus of FM-157.
        enjoy. And it’s great for pedaling along at a                        Take FM-157 south, past Venus. The school is on your
conversational pace with good friends on some roads that                     right, well before FM-157 “T”s into FM-66.
we don’t use often. We’ll ride from the Marina to Lancaster                  Ride leader: Mark Robinson 817.929.7297

    PACE KEY — Easy/Beginner: 11.9 mph or less; Touring: varied pace with frequent stops averaging 12-15 mph; Fast: 15+ mph average
October 2011                                Shifting Times                                       Page 4

Tuesday and Thursday evening rides: meet at the Oasis Restaurant / Lynn Creek Marina, 5700 Lake
Ridge Parkway, Grand Prairie (south of IH-20). Start time is 6:15 PM and rides last 2 - 2½ hours. Groups
form according to the pace desired and the route determined by those present. You MUST have lights on
the front and rear of your bike so we can extend our ride time to dark or a little beyond.
October 2011                   Shifting Times                          Page 5
                                       I want to hear for any and all club
                                       members with your thoughts and
                                       ideas. I hope that as members of a
                                       club you, too, will become more
                                       involved; after all, it is your club.

                                       I want you to know a little about
                                       me. I retired from the Arlington Fire
                                       Department in June of 2009 after
                                       31 years of service. I am married to
                                       Jennie; I have 2 adult children and
                                       4 grandchildren. I am also an avid
                                       cyclist. I held the office of ride
                                       coordinator for 2 years for Lone Star
                                       Cyclists. I ride 3 or 4 weeklong
                                       tours each year, and I believe very
                                       much in bicycling advocacy. I
                                       believe we should support them in
                                       their efforts to make our roads safe
     The President’s Wheel             and open for cycling, like stopping
                    By                 at the stop signs so we don’t offend
                 Paul Tate             motorists.
               LSC President
                                       I look forward to meeting all of you
Many of you know that we had our
                                       and seeing each of you on club
elections for club officers and I am
                                       rides and events. As we move
now the club president. I see my
                                       forward I plan on being open and
job more as a facilitator. This club
                                       candid about what is going on in
was not formed by one person but
                                       the club. Once again, feel free to
by the ideas of many. Eddie Stinson
                                       e-mail or call me. But you should
did a great job the last three years
                                       know that I DON'T respond on
and I hope to keep us moving in a
                                       Facebook, even though I have an
positive direction. I also feel we
have a great board to get this done
with some who have served before
and some new faces like myself.        Cycling the world 1 mile at a time!
October 2011                               Shifting Times                                     Page 6

                      Lone Star Post-Ride Roundup
                  Saturday, September 3rd, Century of the Month or Less

Based on the attendance of our club members in July, this month’s was probably heavily attended
as well. Thanks to Bicycles, Inc. for supporting the riding community with this monthly event!

                       Saturday, September 10th, It’s Cooler Up North

Thirteen lucky riders (yes, Dan and Nancy Ford did make it after all) enjoyed the rolling hills and
beautiful scenery of Hurst, Euless, North Richland Hills, Keller, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Westlake,
Southlake, Grapevine, and Colleyville. The slightly cooler weather and the lack of chip seal made
this a great ride with half of the riders pedaling the 35-mile route aptly led by Lois Olmstead and
the other half riding the 50 mile. Coffee and sunshine marked the midpoint of the ride at the Book
Carriage and Coffee Shop in charming downtown Roanoke.

L to R: Karen Kelly, Clayton Carroll?, Van Vanaman, Lois Olmstead, Paul Mitchell, Erol
Baysal, John Baima, Mark Lanier, ?, and Nova Coates.

         Saturday, September 17th, To Granny’s House We Go… Again(?), by Dan Ford

This, the third “Granny’s House” ride, was graced with “typical” Texas weather in which a record-
breaking heat wave and drought stepped aside just long enough to grace us with a flash flood and
inundate our first river crossing, forcing a last-minute ride reroute. But neither flood nor drought,
nor route-reroute (read that again folks, it is so poetic!) could stop the Lone Star Cyclists because
we were on a MISSION!
October 2011                               Shifting Times                                     Page 7

                      Lone Star Post-Ride Roundup
          Saturday, September 17th, To Granny’s House We Go… Again(?), continued

What kind of MISSION? REVENGE of course! We were out to avenge last year’s unfortunate
hostage event suffered at the hands of the Trinity Trail Troll Tribesmen of TCU (TTTT of TCU) in
which a couple of TTTT-TCU tribesmen forced us to worship frogs and hostaged two of our
members with their ancient May-Ree-Ahj ritual (Note: Many of the LSC riders taken hostage last
year were so traumatized that rather than reride last year’s “Froggier than Hell”, they fled to
Montana where they froze.)

L to R: Bonnie Adams, Jim Crowley, John Baima, Van Vanaman, Richard Wilks (just back
from LSC Montana/Wyoming trip that morning and not riding), Denise Smith, Karl
Goerner, Erol Baysal, Darrel Branaghen, Lois Olmstead, Dan Ford, Nancy Ford, and Nova
Coates. Photos by Sandy Goerner

Fortunately, ride leaders Dan and Nancy Ford had conjured up a clever “Drive-By-Frogging”
revenge plan to reassert our club’s right to pass through the TTTT’s tribal territory unimpeded. The
plan, AKA “The Plan” was to sprinkle dead plastic frogs on the TTTT’s driveway and then place an
intimidating Baylor Bear stuffed animal beside them in a menacing victory pose. Surely, this clever
display of cycle-ogical warfare would convince the TTTTs to Let My People Go... to Granny’s house.

Unfortunately, one of the two TTTT’s (the smart one) spotted us from the top of her sacred
mountain overlooking the trail and before you could say “croak” the two froggy tribesmen had
taken the whole club hostage. It was de-ja-frog all over again! They forced us to croak up our little
plastic frogs and our stuffed Baylor Bear and place them on their driveway in a humiliating “GO
FROGS dead-bear-soup” pattern (see photo), obviously meant to instill terror that would spread
through the entire LSC tribe (Although the weaker and more fearful of the LSC tribe had already
fled to Montana, the TTTT’s fierce show of power was meant to cower the rest of us into following
their cowardly example and also flee to Montana.)
October 2011                          Shifting Times                               Page 8

                   Lone Star Post-Ride Roundup
         Saturday, September 17th, To Granny’s House We Go… Again(?), continued

Photo Below: Froggers Nova, Van, Denise, Sandy, Karl, Dan, Nancy, Darrel, Lois, John,
Bonnie, and Jim. Frogees (in the purple TCU garb): Mark Carter and Alice Carter (aka “The
Trinity Trail Troll Tribesmen”)
October 2011                               Shifting Times                                 Page 9

                      Lone Star Post-Ride Roundup
          Saturday, September 17th, To Granny’s House We Go… Again(?), continued

At this point, Dan, our stalwart ride leader, wisely assessing the
situation, fled in terror on his GangGreen Bianchi all the way to his
Mommy’s house where a surprise birthday party in his honor had
been prepared. Who you may ask would care enough about Dan’s
birthday to plan a birthday party for him? Well, Dan would. And the
surprise was that Dan sang happy birthday to himself as the club
reverently listened to his revised lyrics: “Happy Birthday to Me, Happy
Birthday to Me, I’m as normal as can beeeee, Happy Birthday to
Me.” (Granny’s eyes rolled just a little.)

Twice traumatized by all the frogging and croaking, and stuffed with
birthday cake, the LSC tribesmen called it a day and pedaled home.
They had survived heat, drought, and flood, a plague of plastic frogs,
and the grizzly demise of a stuffed animal. And they had survived
Dan’s singing. Would they ever ride again? Find out on the next club

               Saturday, September 24th, Go With The Goerners, by Karl Goerner

We had 24 riders show up and ride with the Goerners. Sandy led the 30 mile ride that started with
Paul Mitchell, Michael Franks, and Christine Joll, but it ended with just Sandy and Christine
as I stole Paul and Michael by leading a slow-paced 48 mile group. So, the 48 mile group grew by
3 in 2 groups, a touring/fast pace led by Dan (Rubber Chicken Man) Ford included: Larry
Malavear, James George, Gail Peterson, Nancy Ford, Bonnie Adams, Pat McGennis, John
Baima, Connie Wilson, Paul Tate, Jennie Tate, Carl Decker, Eddie Stinson, Donna
Steinke, and Ken Grigsby. I (Karl) led the slow, yet awesome, group of: Debra Newton, Elsa
Ebans, Mary McLachlan, Tim Williams, Nova Coates and Michael Franks. We picked up
some stragglers (James and Gail) and at our last rest stop enjoyed some freshly baked donuts,
yum! The temperatures were great, began cool and warmed slowly, and we had a nice tailwind that
pushed us all home. Afterward we relaxed and enjoyed a fabulous meal on the patio at Cotton
Patch Cafe. Thanks to everyone for coming - it was a great day.

L to R: Karl, Paul Mitchell, Pat, Jennie, Paul Tate, Carl, Eddie, Connie, Nova, John, Mary,
Bonnie, Tim, Christine, Donna, Nancy, Michael, Dan, Larry, a future Lone Star Cyclist,
James, and Gail. Photos by Sandy Goerner
October 2011                              Shifting Times                             Page 10
                      Lone Star Post-Ride Roundup (continued)
                   Saturday, September 24th, Go With The Goerners, continued

               Debra, Michael, and Elsa follow Tim, Mary, Paul Mitchell, and Karl.

                 Debra and Elsa follow the group and enjoy a pretty country road.
October 2011                          Shifting Times                               Page 11

                   2011 Tyler Retreat
                     October 7-9
The club has once again decided to hold its annual Fall Club Bicycle Retreat at
Whispering Pines RV Resort (www.whisperingpinesrvresort.com). The resort’s
address is 5583 FM 16 East. This location is 4.5 miles northeast of Tyler State Park,
which is north of Tyler. It will be beautiful riding in what should be ideal fall weather.
A note about Whispering Pines RV Resort: their online reservation system is not
currently working, so you should call their toll-free number to reserve your campsite,
cabin, or RV spot. They can be reached at 800-559-3817. Naturally they would like
you to reserve as soon as possible.
Camping and RV spots are also available at Tyler State Park if Whispering Pines is out
of space when you reserve (but not likely if you reserve within the next month). Tyler
State Park’s website is http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/tyler/.
We hope to see you there! On last year’s retreat we had a great couple of days riding
in the tall pines of east Texas. The roads were nice, drivers courteous, the scent of
pine trees was in the air, and we had beautiful weather. Hopefully we’ll be blessed
with more of the same this year.

Right: Eddie Stinson and
Steve Bales discuss route
planning on last year’s Fall
Retreat. That’s a beautifully
shaded road they’re on.
October 2011                 Shifting Times                   Page 12

     2011 North Texas Bicycle Rally
The North Texas Bicycle Rally is an annual fund raising event
for North Texas Children's Charities. This charitable organization
supports local and national organizations that provide care and
support for desperately ill children. This year's beneficiary of the
Bicycle Rally is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The
Bicycle Rally will be held on October 8th at 4800 Henrietta Creek
Blvd in Roanoke, Texas.

This Bicycle Rally covers the rolling hills and off-the-beaten path
roads of North Texas. We will be providing COMMEMORATIVE T-
SHIRTS and Water Bottles.

                    After the Rally we will have

  LIVE MUSIC and FREE FOOD for all NT Bicycle Rally Participants


On-Line registration is currently OPEN at www.ntbicyclerally.org

Routes - This year we will include four routes of 5, 15, 30, and 50
miles respectively.

We hope to see you there!

Samuel Sellers
North Texas Bicycle Rally Director
North Texas Children's Charities
October 2011                               Shifting Times                                   Page 13

                   Thanksgiving in the Davis Mountains
                        November 24 - 27, 2011
Tim Williams has long wanted to ride the Scenic Loop of the Davis Mountains and the Goerner’s
have joined him to make this an opportunity for the Lone Star Cyclists Bicycle Club. The Davis
Mountains offer challenging climbs, wonderful scenery with all the variety west Texas has to offer,
and lots of points of interest to explore. Reservations have been secured at the Indian Lodge in
the Davis Mountains State Park (camping is also available for you “great outdoors” types). The
lodge offers a lovely community room where we will gather each night to talk about our day, play
games, and discuss our next day.
    Proposed Routes
♦   Scenic Loop – 75 miles of steep climbs, screaming descents, and the Davis Mountains vistas
♦   Fort Davis/Alpine/Marfa Loop – 75 miles of moderate grades, rolling hills and moderate
    There will be SAG support so that the riders may take advantage of options for doing shorter
    Other Activities
♦   Star Party – McDonald Observatory ($12 each)
♦   Tour Historic Fort Davis
♦   Games and socializing in the Indian Lodge community room
♦   Hiking
♦   LSC Club Thanksgiving Dinner at the Lodge - All you can eat buffet - $18 each

If you are even a little bit interested in joining in this special time together and would like more
information to help you make your decision, please join us for tacos at the Goerner’s, Friday,
September 30th at 7:00 pm to make our plans. Bring a dessert, drink, or side dish. RSVP to
Sandy for this meeting, karl.sandygoerner at gmail.com by September 28th.

You can also reach Tim Williams via e-mail at twllms4162 at tx.rr.com
October 2011                         Shifting Times                            Page 14

  Thanksgiving in the Davis Mountains, by Sandy Goerner
               Pre-Ride August 5 - 7, 2011
Day two of our pre-ride of the Davis Mountains Scenic Loop began near the turn into
McDonald Observatory. The guys both agreed to only ride till 10:30 am to allow time
to drive the Alpine, Marfa, and Fort Davis loop. As we approached time to put the
bikes on the car and head in, we ran across another SAG vehicle providing a rest stop
for the Fort Worth Bicycle Association (FWBA). They were taking the loop in the
opposite direction and pointed out that Karl and Tim were nearing a sweet descent
that would go on for miles. Well, of course the guys couldn’t resist and insisted on
continuing on and on and on. Karl would wait for Tim who would pass him by, then
Karl would start pedaling again. Then Tim would stop to wait for Karl so they could
load up and head in, but no... Karl would pass him by. This went on until I pulled
rank and put a stop to the war of testosterone and made them both get in the car.
But my, oh my, those guys did not want to stop and this was in the heat! You can
only imagine the fun they will have this Thanksgiving when they get to go all the
way! That night we met up with the FWBA folks at a little Mexican spot in Fort Davis.
A while after we left them, they had met up with a hail shower and had to pull
everyone off the route and get them up to the cover of the Observatory. What an
eventful time they had and they were all having a great time talking about their
adventures of the day. Well, LSC, it is our turn come Thanksgiving.

That night we enjoyed a visit to McDonald Observatory and the star party. And we
were sold. This is a must-do trip! Don’t miss out! Braggin’ rights are included in the

Photos by Sandy Goerner

Tim on the left and Karl on the right — both enjoying their ride in the mountains!
October 2011                        Shifting Times                            Page 15

                                       2012 Land of
                                 Enchantment Ride
We will be having a meeting for the Land of Enchantment Ride on October 14,
2011 at the Spring Creek B-B-Q on Hwy 287 and Debbie Lane at 6:30 pm.
We will require a $200 deposit at that time, with the final payment of $600 due
February 1, 2012. We currently have 30 people signed up to go and have a waiting
list. We will discuss the route, SAG, hotels, rooming list, and answer any questions.

You can call me at 817.988.1635 or e-mail me: tatepj at yahoo.com.

Note: I do not respond to Facebook messages.


Paul Tate

     WANTED: Old Style Polar Insulated Bottles
                  and/or Caps

The new style of Polar bottles won’t fit my bike due to the petite
size of the frame. The old style is not as long and has a deeper
crease than the current model.

      I will give them a good home and give you my gratitude!

        Donna Steinke               donna.steinke at gmail.com
October 2011           Shifting Times             Page 16

                 The family of
               Andrew Branhagen
           acknowledges with grateful
             appreciation your kind
             expression of sympathy

  Thank you so much for all of the support that the
  club and individuals have given us during this
  difficult time. The white roses were beautiful. The
  card with so many personal messages was
  touching. It was even more comforting to receive
  hugs at the visitation and memorial service. We
  appreciate and thank all of you.

  Betty and Darrel Branhagen
October 2011                                      Shifting Times                                             Page 17

                             CaringBridge Website for Mark Carter
Please keep Mark and Alice Carter in your prayers, as Mark has been diagnosed with cancer. They have developed a
fighting strategy that includes treatment at M.D. Anderson. Many of us have known the Carters for years. Even if you've
only recently met them, perhaps dressed as Trinity Trolls on the way to The Wedding, you know what great folks they
are. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, let them know they are surrounded and supported by friends.
Alice has provided us with a way to communicate back and forth with them as Mark progresses through treatment. It's
easy to sign up and navigate the CaringBridge website, which was created to share health news and receive support.
Visit in three easy ways:
1. Visit on the web by clicking either link below
        l Full Site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/markjcarter
        l Mobile: http://m.caringbridge.org/visit/markjcarter
2. Enter the site name, markjcarter, at www.caringbridge.org or m.caringbridge.org
3. Enter the site name, markjcarter, on your CaringBridge iPhone or Android app
Show your support
        l Visit and keep up-to-date
        l Leave a message in the guestbook
        l Receive e-mail notifications when the journal is updated
CaringBridge is a free, nonprofit web service that connects people experiencing a significant health challenge to their
family and friends, making each health journey easier. Feel free to contact CaringBridge if you have any questions
about using the site or need assistance.

           For October 2011 Rides and Rallies, Click Here:
October 2011                                   Shifting Times                                             Page 18

                                                                     Bicycle Shop & Store Discounts
                                                                    The following businesses offer discounts to Lone
                                                                    Star Cyclists members, but be sure to mention your
 Several sizes of the Limited Edition Commemorative Tour ‘d         membership and have your current card ready
                                                                    before the sales ticket is written.
 Italia Jersey from the 2010 ride are still available. Price: $35
 (Discounted from last year’s price of $55). Available in
                                                                    B & B BICYCLES
 Men’s M - 4XL and Women’s Med - XL. The men's size XL is           408A N Hwy 67
 sold out. Smaller men's sizes have limited numbers                 Cedar Hill 75104
                                                                    (972) 293-3100
 available. The women's shirt does not have an elasticated          www.bbbicycles.com

 waistband. These jerseys can be ordered by downloading
 and mailing the jersey order form on our club website              BICYCLES, INC.
                                                                    143 E Harwood
 (www.LoneStarCyclists.org).                                        Bedford 76021
                                                                    (817) 268-6572

  Call or e-mail                                                    5139 Granbury Rd
  Denise Smith:                                                     Fort Worth 76133
                                                                    (817) 292-2911

                                                                    5739 SW Green Oaks Blvd
  214.707.6303                                                      Arlington 76017
                                                                    (817) 572-2453
  deniseS92 at att.net
                                                                    101 Town Center Ln
                                                                    Keller 76248
                                                                    (817) 379-2453

                   Bluebonnet Bling
                                                                    BIKE CENTER
                                                                    Mansfield Town Center East
                                                                    121 Debbie Ln Ste 105
                     Elegant, affordable jewelry                    Mansfield 76063
                                                                    (817) 473-8200
                 All jewelry at least 70% off retail)               (817) 473-8294

               Treat yourself to something beautiful.
                                                                    DEBO’S CYCLE SPORTS
                                                                    4400 Matlock Rd
                     Rhonda Warrens                                 Arlington 76018
                                                                    (817) 557-3326
                     jandrwarrens at verizon.net
        817-329-3016                   Cell: 469-371-7119           RICHARDSON BIKE MART
                                                                    1451 W Campbell Rd (at Coit)
                                                                    Richardson 75080
                                                                    (972) 231-3993

                                            Club Meetings           White Rock Lake
                                                                    9040 Garland Rd (at Oldgate)

                  Visit us on             Our next club meeting     Dallas 75218
                                                                    (214) 321-0705
                                          is Monday, October
                  Facebook                17th     at the Bob
                                                                    8820 John Hickman Pkwy
                                                                    Frisco 75034
                                                                    (972) 335-7600
                                          Duncan Center, 2800
        for last-minute                   South Center Street,
                                          Arlington. We hope
  ride updates and events.                you can attend this
                                          meeting! The Club’s
    Search for Lone Star                  Executive Board meets         Cycling Advocacy Group
                                          at 6:30 PM. The Club           WWW.BIKEDFW.ORG
     Cyclists Bike Club
                                          meets at 7:30 PM.            Be A Part Of Making It Happen

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