The BAPTISM HOLY SPIRIT by jcjmhkitraxxz



        The BAPTISM
                          in the
            HOLY SPIRIT
                          +    + +
        A    Personal              Testimony
            William Booth-Clibborn
Author of "The New Wine Life", "Too Much", "Your Pente-
  costal Blessing", "Walking Backwards", "Ready For Rap-
    ture", "How to Keep On Fire", "Jesus Stooped Twice",
       "God's Spittle and Clay", "Mule Religion", "Raven-
         Rule or Dove-Dominion", "The Confessions Of
           A Corpse", "The Covenant of Health",
              "That Curse Called Sleep", "Wings Of
                Praise", "The Case Of Judas",
                  "Ne Plus Ultra", "God's Thun-
                     derstorm", "The Story Of
                          My Conversion",
                   "The Suicide of Civilization"
                 "God's Unconditional Covenant"
               "Why All Good People Go To Hell",
                              etc., etc.

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                 THE DOOTHJ^LIBBORN
                     D O O K \wONCERN
                                        1031 S.W. FIFTH AVE.
                                        PORTLAND, OREGON
  UNIQUE READINGS FROM THE EVANGELIST'S PEN.                                               MULE RELIGION.
                                                                    Deadly Mixture how God Hates i t ! A Fearless exposure of
These books just printed, and to be, are the very messages you      the blight that is cursing Christianity. Many chapters packed
have been looking for. Arresting, original and vigorous pamph-           1
                                                                    I'u 1 of damning evidence. A withering indictment of com-
       lets covering a wide scope of much needed truth.             promise and duplicity. Hailed everywhere as without equal.
                                                                               RAVEN RULE OR DOVE DOMINION.
OR ORDER       D OOTH-^^LIBBORN               K>31 N. W. 5TH AVE.   The (wo first mentioned birds of the Bible; and their typical
                                                                    meaning. The kingdom of the cursed crow in contrast to the
FROM      THE^OOK         V^ONCERN            PORTLAND, OREGON                            domain of the gentle dove,
                            +   + +                                               THE CONFESSIONS OF A CORPSE.
                    THE NEW WINE LIFE                                Death Preaches a Sermon! 13 things said by death that act
                                                                    II beitl whereby to judge the fallen church. An X-ray treat-
The Water and Wine Life compared, a unique interpretation of                 ment revealing a hundred symptoms of decadence.
Christ's first miracle. The benefits of Spiritual Intoxication.     The <»H4 book for the times. Arresting! Original! Exposing!
               New light and life on every page.
                                                                                      THE COVENANT OF HEALTH.
                         "TOO MUCH"                                 The Greatest Miracle of them all. Divine healing handled dif-
Six chapters brimful and running over with truth that makes the     (. runtly. A wonderful exposition of the promise of Exodus 15
gusher experience possible. The overflowing life is the only one                             applied to sickness.
                  that survives and succeeds.                                         THAT GREAT CURSE SLEEP!
            YOUR PENTECOSTAL BLESSING.                              Iplrltual Sleeping Sickness. Facts and Stories. Notions ex-
How to obtain your Baptism.. .Ten chapter guide posts for the               ploded. The tragedy of a somnambulant Church.
earnest seeker. Invaluable advice and help. Companion vol-                 Three heart-stirring addresses you'll never forget!
               ume to 'A Personal Testimony'.                                              THE CASE OF JUDAS.
                   WALKING BACKWARDS.                               PHOTOTYPE OF ALL APOSTATES. Was Judas ever saved?
The Saints' most sinister Sin. The curse of inconsistent Christ-           he an incurable backslider? Fourteen neglected Facts.
ianity is the opposite of what is generally suspected. Startling,            A Complete Answer to many puzzling questions.
                   terrible, devastating truth!                                              NE PLUS ULTRA.
                                                                    Unnoticed Signs of the Second Coming. This work is in a
                 READY FOR RAPTURE.                                 Held of ils own, untouched by other writers. The fulness in
Twentieth Century Enochs and Faith for Translation. How we                    everything markes the ripeness of the age.
   may be certain to attain to Rapture. A new angle!
                  Inspiring and Conclusive!                                              GOD'S THUNDERSTORM.
                                                                    w Ken Nature has a Revival! Remarkable lessons which na-
                    HOW TO KEEP ON FIRE.                                        ture teaches to all who are willing to learn.
A message that has blessed tens of thousands. Seven simple                         It will start a revival in your church.
rules that if followed will guarantee a perpetual revival in the
                  heart. World's Best Sermons.                                     THE STORY OF MY CONVERSION.
                                                                     \ TESTIMONY TO BOYS AND GIRLS. How Evangelist W.
                   JESUS STOOPED TWICE.                             Booth Clibborn was converted when a lad of twelve years of
Christ and the Adulterous Woman. Sin in a new setting, a                               age at school and the outcome!
          revolutionary application and interpretation.
          The World's Best Sermon Series Number One.                                    SUICIDE OF CIVILIZATION.
                                                                    The N \( World War and after! A Tremendous array of Facts.
                  GOD'S SPITTLE AND CLAY                            The !«• Imiony of the secular world to the coming collapse of
Seven Secrets Revealed. The Man Born Blind and his Cure.                              the present order in catastrophe.
An unusual presentation of one of the most difficult miracles                   GOD'S UNCONDITIONAL COVENANT.
        of Christ. World's Best Sermons Number Two.                 Pill « !n 1 I i:in':; salvation secure. Fourteen Chapter! in two
                                                                             \ Largo Comprehensive work dealing with both aipecte
                                                                                      of the Security Quesl Ion.
                                                                     Chapter I—GOD'S OPPORTUNITY.
                                                                               My El Bethel, the Importance of Background, The
                                                                               First of the Booth Family, Father's Good Judgment.
                                                                    Chapter II—THE NEW REVIVAL.
                   My Saintly Father
                                                                               The Happiest of Homes, All Absorbing Schoolwork,
           ARTHUR S. BOOTH-CLIBBORN                                            Prayer in the Train, Singing That is Different,
                                                                               The Mystery of Burden Bearing.
                                                                Chapter III—A CONTRITE HEART.
                             saw to it                                      Freedom From Formality, The Message was Just
                       that I should                                        For Me, The Only Things That Abide, The Secret
                                                                            of Christian Repentance, He is A Propitiation
                  receive the Overflow-                                     For Our Sins.
                ing Christian Experience,                        Chapter IV—THE PROMISE OF THE FATHER.
            and pioneered with me in England,                               The Old Craving Returns, My Friend Ginger, Many
                                                                            Precious Promises, My Soul Followeth Hard After
       Holland and Germany 1909-1912 in spread-                             Thee, God Dwells in the Praises.
   ing the blessed Pentecostal Fires, in memory of those            Chapter V—BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY GHOST.
happy, hallowed days this book is lovingly        dedicated.   -w             Reason or Revelation, Praying in the Holy Cxhost,
                                                                              The Enduement With Power, The Crisis From
                       jje    >J:   jji   >fc
                                                                              Which Many Turn Back, They Shall Speak With
                   All Rights Reserved                                        New 'JTongues, Adoration and Holy, Laughter, The
            to this copy in part or in whole                                  Celestial Cboir.
                       * * * *                                   Chapter VI—THE NEW WINE.
                     Copyright, 1936                                        Th                      s The Rest and The Refresh-
                                                                            ing, Filled Full to Fulfill, The Intoxication of The
                                                                            New Wine, The Beginning of Service.

                       *      s}j   *      $
                                                               Chapter VII—GOD "viSITS OUR HOME.
                                                                           The Guidance of The Spirit, The Fellowship of
                                                                           His Sufferings, The Swiss Governess is Converted,
                                                                           Adele Receives Her Baptism, The Heavenly Singing.
                                                               Chapter VIII—DAYS OF HEAVEN ON EARTH.
           Made and Published in the U. S. A.                               Prophecy and Interpretation, The Future and The
                        by the                                              World War, Opposition and Slander, Mother Comes
               RYDER PRINTING CO.                                           Home," "Your Sons and Daughters Shall Pro-
       1031 S. W. Fifth Avenue, Portland, Oregon                            phecy." In Conclusion.
            PREFACE TO FIRST EDITION                         point of a Christian boy, adding where necessary the
     In publishing this personal testimony to my Bap-        more mature conclusions of a man and a minister.
tism in the Holy Spirit, I am complying with the                  The first woman to receive the Baptism of the
request of a multitude who wish to possess this ac-          Holy Ghost in London, England, in this present world-
count in printed form.                                       wide visitation, was Mrs. Catherine S. Price. In many
     But more purpose is back of this booklet!               respects she was my spiritual mother during a trying
     First: To convince the prejudiced and opposers          period of school life. I have asked her to write the
of both the possibility and reality of such an experience    foreword to this story.
in this day—and                                                                        William Booth-Clibborn
     Secondly; To show to such as believe and endorse                                     S. S. Berengaria
it what the power, depth and effect of such an ex-                                            Mid-Atlantic 1929.
perience may be, when it is received under ideal con-                   PREFACE TO SECOND EDITION
ditions, that is, provided there is no inner resistance,          This testimony has been re-written for the Amer-
no distracting pre-occupations and no outside inter-         ican public and many additions made to the text to
ference to hinder.                                           amplify and clarify. Such as inquire into the subject
                                                             should also obtain three other works, "Too Much"; and
     In these days we meet many people who in confi-          "Your Pentecostal Blessing, How to Obtain It"; and
dence confess that their Baptism was not the epochal          "The New Wine Life"; messages which have been a
blessing it might have been. They complain that the          blessing and help to the multitudes who have attended
experience was not fully satisfying nor lasting. Now          our revival campaigns. See the last pages for a full
we earnestly ask that such carefully examine this            list of the publications.
testimony and notice in what respects they must have               Many things were omitted from the first edition
failed to "make room" for God. (II Cor. 3:17) The            because they would meet with incredulity and be mis-
Divine Dove is extremely sensitive and does not com-          understood. In this account however everything has
pel anyone's attention nor does He intrude where He is       been told except two negative occurrences, these are
not entirely welcome. If the greatest benefit and the        dealt with in the book, "Your Pentecostal Blessing,
most permanent results are desired, then one must be          How to Obtain It" in the chapter "The Power of
prepared to sacrifice all other conflicting interests.       Darkness".
The heart must be fixed, not divided, and every oppor-             The overwhelming nature, the miraculous charac-
tunity given that the outpouring of the Spirit upon the      ter and the prolonged period of blessing have since
individual may progress in increasing intensity and          convinced me that those called to a special work often
continue day after day. The things of God will then          receive a special anointing. I ask the reader's indul-
be revealed to him and he will be initiated into an in-       gence in the constant necessary use of the personal pro-
timate, unbroken walk with God. He will learn to be           noun in giving such an intimate testimony.
led and governed by the Spirit.                                    As we publish this new edition, we remind our
     If this writing may cause some who oppose to            readers that the showers of Latter Rain are "to every
revise their opinion, others to get rid of their prejudice   one grass in the field." Zech. 10:1.
and still more to be made desirous to receive their                                 William Booth-Clibborn
Baptism, then I shall not have written in vain.                                        Hood River Revival Campaign,
     I shall write the actual testimony from the view-        Address me:                Oregon.
                          —4—                                      Portland, Oregon.         January, 1936.
                     FOREWORD                               under-valued by many of God's dear children, because
                                                            they have never known its significance in this true
     It is both a pleasure and a privilege to write a       spirit of worship and adoration. "What a revolutioniz-
Foreword to this little booklet. There is a gladsome        ing was mine," writes our brother, "what an awaken-
spirit behind the words, breathing through one whose        ing to the mysteries of the Kingdom of God." Truly
life has been touched into divine simplicity and whole-     there is a fellowship with the Heart of God and an
hearted surrender to Jesus Christ. The joy of reality       understanding of the divine mysteries that illuminates
communicates itself to those who come into contact          and builds up the child of God (I Cor. 14:4).
with our brother—to see him with eyes illumined seems            Oh, that there may be awakened in the hearts of
to let the world of God's love slip in.                     those who have never known this blessed union with
     We knew him intimately twenty years ago—a              our beloved Lord, a deep desire to surrender wholly to
true boy in every sense of the word, full of fun and        Him, and allow Him to have the joy of possessing them
mischief, yet with a passionate desire to live well-        entirely for Himself; and may those who have criticised
pleasing to his Lord. The battle at school was hard         such experiences see that there is a deep reality in
to fight. He was persecuted for holding prayer-meet-        them. "I was so completely pre-occupied with Christ,
ings in his bedroom and for trying to win his school-       that I had no time for introspection. The Holy Spirit
mates for Jesus Christ; yet by £he grace of God he held     had made Him so real, so ravishing, that I was wholly
on his way.                                                 captivated to His worship and adoration." May the
     It was a great joy to meet him in London recently,     Eternal Spirit guard the language, and keep it from
after an absence of sixteen years, and to find he had       becoming common. Although wonderfully expressive,
matured into a true ambassador of the Lord, with a          it but faintly describes the most sacred things of God.
mighty stirring message that opened prison doors, set       May He richly bless the testimony and graciously use
captives free, gave joy for mourning, and the garment       it to deepen the secret fellowship of love between the
of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Having received      Lord and His redeemed.
the same anointing that rests upon our Blessed Head,                                   CATHERINE S. PRICE.
he has a message of life and power according to Isaiah                                    "Cartref," Beeches Walk,
61:1-3. "That He may be glorified." This is the                                                 Carshalton Beeches,
whole purpose of a life baptized in Holy Ghost. There                                                       Surrey.
are hall-marks upon such an experience that show                                          August 26th, 1929.
clearly it is from God — Holiness of life, simplicity,
loving consideration for others, and a divine urge to
bring all to an experimental knowledge of Jesus Christ.
     He speaks of an active faith which takes hold of
God as "the natural outcome of a broken and contrite
spirit/' "So conscious of the presence of the Lord
Jesus" was he, "that there was no thought of tongues."
The joy of His presence within is the overplus of life,
and, like the fat in the offerings, is not to be consumed
on ourselves, but offered up at once as a sweet savour
to Him who gave it. The speaking in tongues as the
Spirit gave utterance is much misunderstood and
                         —6—                                                        —7—
                       CHAPTER I.                                                     My El Bethel
                  GOD'S OPPORTUNITY                                How many times I go back in spirit, like Jacob
      Almost thirty years ago—and to me it is still as        of old, to that little home at 33 Tormount Road, Plum-
new and fresh in my memory as if it had happened              stead, London—which proved the very House of God
last night—                                                   and Gate of Heaven to me—my "El Bethel". It was
      On the twenty-eighth of November, 1908,                 there that all of Heaven a mortal being could possibly
      In Plumstead, a district of London, England,            stand at one time, descended upon me. My Baptism
                                                              was a mighty immersion into the Spirit and Power of
      At the close of a preaching service held in a private   God, a sinking into the deeps of the unfathomed sea
home,                                                         of Divine Love. Even as I think of it I feel that same
      I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost!               holy hush that gripped my heart in adoration and
      That wonderful downpour of the Holy Spirit of           wonder as, enveloped in indescribable glory, I was ush-
God upon and into my spirit, soul and body, stands out,       ered into the fearful presence of God.
even now, as the most important, miraculous and                    The salutary, sanctifying and sobering effects of
revolutionary blessing of my entire Christian exper-          this overwhelming outpouring incapacitated me for
ience. Human language is totally inadequate to de-            days. My prayers and rejoicings were unceasing. I
 scribe such a hallowed "charisma," such an avalanche         was dazed with the brilliance of the Light that had
 of successive and increasing anointings as descended         illumined my whole being. So heavy was the anoint-
upon me the glorious night the Lord placed His seal           ing that rested upon me that I wanted to do nothing
upon me. In speaking of this, our words may seem              but worship; I had no other wish but to wait upon the
extravagant to some, but the choicest speech cannot           Lord. "The weight of glory" remained upon me night
but be a clumsy medium in relating an experience at           and day. So wholly captivated were my senses and
once so very sacred and yet so completely transporting        interests to the one single purpose of magnifying and
and exultant.                                                 praising God that not only the happiest benefits result-
      We do not speak of our most intimate human ex-          ed from this experience but it's outcome was thorough
periences without some reluctance. A proper defer-            and lasting.
ence screens the epochal events of life, such as birth,            I have travelled the world in extensive labors in
marriage, and death, in a becoming shroud of privacy.         the ministry of the Gospel since that happiest evening.
A double deference demands caution when describing            Volumes could be written of what Christ hath wrought
the deepest spiritual things. The unbelieving and the         through the preaching of His Word in the countless
vulgar stand around as carrion crows, too eager to pick       revivals that I have conducted. Yet nothing that I
on that which is alive when tiring of that which is dead.     could relate has ever been, or indeed ever could be, so
It is also deplorably true that Christians can be very        personally real, so completely satisfying, or so indis-
skeptical and can falsely judge that which is beyond          putably miraculous to my mind as the blessed event
them, and that which they cannot understand because           when God gave me the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Every-
of inherent prejudice or limited vision. In telling you       thing that I have since seen has only brightened the
my story, I sense the need of reticence, yet I am com-        vision and confirmed the glories that there broke upon
pelled to witness that which I have heard and that            my ravished soul. And—I have never doubted, no, not
which I have seen, knowing that multitudes will profit        for one moment, that it was all and only from and
thereby and be blessed and encouraged.                        of God!
                          —8—                                                          —9—
             The Importance of Background                    would in the last days of this age, send a great revival
      To every picture there is a frame; to every spirit-    that would restore the gifts of the Spirit in greater use
ual experience there is a background; for every special      in the Church, and whose main characteristic would be
privilege enjoyed there is a price that must be paid.        the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as received on the day
More than often we owe a great deal to others. In my         of Pentecost. (Acts 2:4) He often spoke of his expecta-
case I owe much more than I can say to my parents.           tion and watched all activities and developments in the
                                                             Christian world for its appearance, praying earnestly
      Because both my Father and Mother desired to go        that it might soon come.
on with God in the full light of His revealed truth,
they left the Salvation Army in 1902. They had per-                        The First of the Booth Family
sonally established and directed its thriving work both            It was, therefore, not of my doing that God should
in France and Switzerland. It is not the province of         have chosen me to be the first of the Booth Family to
this message to explain the reasons that brought             receive this marvelous Latter Rain experience. Al-
them to a decision that cost them a great deal and           though our relations with 'the Army* were severed,
caused them much pain. Their Salvation Army com-             yet we kept well in the vanguard in aggressive Christ-
mands, especially in France and Switzerland, to which        ian work and teaching. 'Family prayers' and devo-
they had devoted sixteen of the best years of their lives,   tions were not neglected. Many who passed in and out
were inexpressibly dear to them. They numbered their          of our home also contributed to its spiritual tone and
converts in those two countries by the thousands, and        would prove a blessing to the ten of us growing
their subordinate soldiers in the Army War by the            children. Full of initiative and more outspoken than
hundreds. The tearing separation came while they             my brothers and sisters, God must have foreseen that
were in charge of the work in Holland. It was a              I was appointed once baptized, to undertake to get them
staggering blow to my grandfather, General William           all to seek God afresh. The revival visited the family
Booth, who considered my mother, his eldest daughter,        at the right time, for not long after we were destined to
the best preacher among his children. But it is my           be scattered and separated. Being the fifth child, my
firm conviction, and succeeding events have confirmed        age placed me in the center of the ten, able to influence
it, that unless my beloved parents had stepped out on         the older as well as the younger. The most difficult,
questions of conscience and the advocacy of advanced          and in the past the most unruly boy, the sudden trans-
truths such as Divine Healing, the Second Coming of           formation that overtook me was so thorough and
Christ, and the anti-Christian character of all carnal        noticeable as to immediately convince and convict my
warfare, we would never have been ready as a family           brothers and sisters of the Divine reality of what had
to experience Pentecost in our home.                          happened to me and of their own need.
      When the time came for the world-wide outpour-               In faith my parents named me William after my
ing of God's Spirit, the Booth-Clibborn branch of the         grandfather, the General. And I believe his mantle fell
Booth Family was prepared. We were independent,               upon me as according also to many assurances my
free from all sectarian bias and influence, not affiliated    Mother has kept secret in her heart, and prophecies
with any particular part of organized Christianity.           that were spoken at the time of the visitation. I shall
Mother was evangelizing in many churches, her revival         speak of this again later. Here I wish to make plain
work proving eminently successful. Father was devot-          that four circumstances guaranteed that the expe-
ing his time at home to Biblical research and writing.        rience I received should be startling, impressive and
In his studies he had come to the conclusion that God         enduring in its results.
                          —10—                                                         —11—
     First, my youth; I was only fifteen years of age.      my cry had been heard. Sometimes the Lord seemed
The best years in which to discover the things of           to crush me and the oppression became unbearable,
God are the 'teen years'.                                   but I fought through and became practiced in "pray-
     Secondly, there was no prolonged 'seeking' in my       ing in the Holy Ghost." Discernment came, so that
case. I obtained the first night that I asked. So what      at the slightest show of the flesh I grieved in silent
in other cases may be a succession of gradually in-         prayer. Much more followed, but these are the inner
creasing blessing, came to me in one rush of power          developments that accompanied the outward manifes-
and glory.                                                  tations of gestures, prophecies, messages and the sing-
     Thirdly, I was not 'forced' through. No one an-        ing of the Heavenly choir.
noyed me by 'manhandling' (which later became the                 Oh, what a refreshing this great spiritual visita-
vogue and hindered many). I sought God wholeheart-          tion proved to us all! It was literally the words of
edly, and happily was spared from the over zealous,         Isaiah 28:10 fulfilled: "For precept must be upon
well-intentioned urging and coaxing that others have        precept . . . line upon line . . . here a little and there a
had to suffer. Such was my ardor that I never re-           little; for with stammering lips and another tongue
laxed my plea till satisfied!                               will He speak to this people, to whom He said, This
                                                            is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest;
              My Father's Good Judgment                     and this is the refreshing;" In the flood tides of
                                                            God's refreshing blessings we learned to rest. We
     The last thing that contributed greatly to the         were made to rest—we were made to cease from our
depth and reality of the blessing, was that of being tak-    own labors! And this is when we do cease, only when
en out of school. In this my Father used good judgment.     the Holy Spirit labors, prays, groans, weeps and tra-
It afforded me every opportunity to continue in un-         vails through us. What a servile drudgery the Christ-
ceasing supplication. I could devote my time to read-       ian life may become, when it is not relieved, inspired,
ing the Scriptures, which shone into my heart with a         and stimulated by the active workings of the Spirit of
new brightness and significance. Every evening, for a        God in and through us!
long time, we would meet together for prayer. Thus
I received repeated downpours of God's purifying pow-
er and love. The Holy Spirit was able to reveal to me
the things of Christ and unfold to my understanding
those mysteries that He only reveals to such as are
fully yielded to Him. The initial work has deepened.
I learned what it was to walk in the Spirit and what
it meant to keep and cultivate a clear conscience. A
new sensitiveness to sin and its presence was given
me, an alertness to flee its every occasion, and grace
to immediately confess any transgression or disobed-
ience. As the meetings continued, the Spirit of God
led me into burden-bearing for others. Each one in
our home in turn became my concern in prayer. I
travailed in spirit for everyone with tears and with
groanings that cannot be uttered until I knew that
                          —12—                                                         —13—
                    CHAPTER II.                            on the beach or mushroom gathering had at least one
                                                           advantage; they kept us so contented that we did not
                                                           wish to seek pleasures outside our own circle.
                 THE NEW REVIVAL                                Then we boys had everyone his hobby. I was all
     Westcliff-on-Sea is a beautiful, modern, seaside      for stamp collecting and debating, Augustin strong for
residential town on the estuary of the Thames. It          painting and art. We had our bicycles with which we
was growing rapidly, new houses springing up every-        roamed the country and explored the shore for miles.
where. Situated next to the larger city of Southend-       Boating, fishing, football and all sorts of sports—and
on-Sea and only two miles from London, it had suddenly     with it all and in it all, very little of true piety and a
come into favor as an ideal place from which many          declining godliness. And how could it be otherwise!
business men could easily and daily commute to the         In all the hubbub and pre-occupation of our round of
capital. Here as a family we had finally settled after     recreation and self-indulgence, and considering the
our many sojourns on the European Continent. We            demands that a hundred new interests are sure to make
lived in two houses at 25 and 27 Elderton Road.            upon the attention and time of rapidly growing young
                                                           people—were we not slipping ? Was not God crowded
                The Happiest of Homes                      out ? We had advanced, would we now turn back ? Could
                                                           it be that God's best can be missed in the happiest of
     What memories crowd together of the rolicking,        Christian homes ?
exciting and happy days we spent there! We were all
together, from the eldest to the youngest, full of life,                  All-Absorbing School Work
fun and enterprise — Evangeline, Victoria, Herbert,             We had entered a most difficult period. I was
Augustin, William (myself), Eric, Frieda, Eveline,         just fifteen, the most precarious age. This was the
Theodore and Josephine. The ten of us were undivided       appointed time chosen of Heaven to visit us, and to
by death, not one was married and not one was absent.      definitely turn the tide of spirituality from an indiffer-
A secretary or two, the kitchen maid, the German or        ent flow to a rapid rise, into a full, glorious, high king
Swiss governess who taught us languages and music,         tide!
faithful Adele, our second mother, who has always been
as one of the family, then Father and Mother, made              Busy with my school studies one Saturday after-
seventeen people. It was very often more with those        noon, I looked up to see Father standing before me
who visited us.                                            visibly excited. "William" he said, "I want to take
                                                           you to London with me tonight to attend a meeting of
     It was of God that I should have been at home,        a wonderful people who have recently arisen. Will
attending day-school instead of away in a boarding         you go?"
school at this time. And I liked it better, for our
house was the liveliest place, with never a dull moment.        "But I cannot leave, Father" I answered. "You
Besides being the center of evangelistic activities and    know how that Mother made me promise before she
the rendezvous of the most interesting Christian work-     went on this last trip that I would do my best to pass
ers, we children staged a continual celebration. We        this difficult examination. I have failed before. This
never were slow devising means to entertain ourselves.     is the Cambridge University test, and it is hard. I can
Outings, indoor games, recitations, spontaneous con-       only succeed by 'cramming* and giving every minute
certs, our many instruments made quite an orchestra,       I can spare to my lessons."
charades and Bible plays, trips to London, excursions           Father pressed his request again at the supper
                         —14—                                                        —15—
table. "We will be gone just one week end, returning      new birth had proved! From being the worst boy in
Monday morning. It will not interfere with your           the school I had been changed instantly into a child of
studies. I want you to come. It will be a blessing to     God. I surrendered my heart to Christ one night when
you." But I objected again, though I thought to           all alone, in my pajamas, at three o'clock in the morning,
myself that anything would be welcome to get away         after a prolonged struggle. * What a life of joy and
from that hard-study grind. I spoke of the subjects       blessing ensued! I was supported and comforted in
in which I was behind, and told Father I feared to go     the midst of the most trying persecutions from my
because mother would not forgive me if I failed.          school mates. I walked with God overcoming every
      "All right, if that is the case" answered Father,   obstacle and hindrance. The unbroken communion of
"let me take the blame! I am the head of the house,       prayer, the inspiration of an unspeakable happiness
my shoulders are broad; should Mother ever say any-       introduced me to a life I had thought impossible. My
thing, I will bear all the responsibility." I jumped at   Bible was then my constant companion and the con-
this.                                                     tinued victory I experienced gave me boldness to wit-
                                                          ness to my fellow scholars and to my teachers.
      "Well, that makes a difference" I said. "If you
promise to stand by your word, I will go!"                      But now all this was changed! For more than a
      I have blamed Father ever since and praised God     year the joy of salvation had flown from my hearf; the
with all my heart that I went. He had been the means      fire of Divine love and devotion had declined and spirit-
of my conversion and had helped me take the first         ual desire had failed. We all know the symptoms and
hesitating steps of the Christian life. Now, under        conditions of backsliding; we have all experienced them
God, he was destined to be the one that should lead me    more or less. These memories accused and condemned
one step further.                                         me. Father put his hand upon mine and began to
                                                          pray earnestly that God would bless the trip and re-
                                                          store me. The presence of God became very real in
                The Prayer in the Train                   that train. Would Father's prayer be answered ?
     There was just time to catch the six-thirty train.
Father had not been too strong of late, so with Adele's                   Singing That is Different
help I wheeled him to the station in his bath chair.
We were soon aboard the express that covers the forty-         Mrs. CantelFs mission hall was in a residential
five miles to London in as many minutes. We were          district of London. The place hardly would hold more
alone in our compartment all the way, and Father          than 250, but it was full when we entered. I noticed
opened his heart to me and began to touch on my life      that there was nothing pretentious about it. A small
and point out my backslidden condition. Everything        platform was occupied by many earnest looking men
he said cut me with conviction. Finally he said,          and women. Everyone was standing and singing,
"William, don't you think you ought to yield your heart   the most part had their hands uplifted and their eyes
to God afresh?"                                           closed. It is not hard to sense the degree of reality
                                                          in a revival. I knew the Spirit of God was there the
     I admitted all! I had failed my Lord! It was         moment I entered the place. Yet these people were
only three years before that I had been wonderfully       different!
converted while attending a boarding school at Folke-          The singing continued, abandoned, fervent, rap-
stone, while as yet my parents still made their home in
                                                              * See the book "The Story of My Conversion", a testimony
Paris. What a miracle, what a transformation my
                                                          for boys and girls.
                        —16—                                                         —17—
turous singing, which reminded one of the Welsh               she was speaking. With Father knowing eight lan-
revival. A chorus sung repeatedly in an increasing            guages and I five, I thought that between us we should
crescendo, each time more voluminous and more em-             be able to tell what she was saying. So I nudged
phatic can be sure a modus operandi to loosen and             Father again, but he bid me be still. She now sank to
stimulate an audience to freedom in worship. Nothing          her knees seemingly overwhelmed with grief, groaning
liberates and unites all present like singing. The at-        and praying in that strange language.
mosphere created by such singing is sometimes more                  I recognized this agony and travail of soul. I had
effective to convict and convert than the preaching           often had such a wrestling in intercession with God
itself. Indeed, preaching quickly succeeds when the          for my schoolmates shortly after my conversion. My
proper note has been struck in praise. And that note          concern for their salvation reached such a pitch as to
still rings in my ears!                                       awaken me at nights and cause me to cry to God to
                                                             help me win them. It occurred to me that this woman
          "Blessed be the Name of Jesus,                     might possibly be praying for me. God had placed my
               I'm so glad He took me in;                     condition upon her heart and she was bearing my
          He's forgiven my transgressions,                   burden in the Spirit.
               He has cleansed my heart from sin."                  But I could not understand why she gave way to
      I realized that everyone's eyes were fixed on Jesus.   her feelings in that extraordinary tongue.           Father
The people were so wrapped in worship that they were         whispered, "She is speaking by the Spirit and Power of
lost to their surroundings. This was not the case with       God in a language unfamiliar to her. This is the
me. I was not one with them. I knew the song and             unknown tongue you read about in Scripture. Is it not
its melody yet I was out of tune, out of harmony with        wonderful that God should be again baptizing with
its sentiment.                                               the Holy Ghost like He did in the early days of the
       "I will praise Him, I will praise Him,                Christian Church?"
            Praise the Lamb for sinners slain,                      Then a man behind us who had been rejoicing and
       Give Him glory all ye people,                         laughing in the Spirit, suddenly began to talk loudly
            For His Blood can wash away each stain."         in an unknown tongue. He continued a little space,
                                                             after which there was silence. Another person arose
           The Mystery of Burden Bearing                     and interpreted the message into English, every word
                                                             of which searched my heart and left me filled with
     Of course, I was all eyes and ears. While the           dismay and shame. I was face to face with God and
singing continued, I noticed a lady in front of me who       the past stood up before me. For months I had lived
sat down weeping. A moment later she was speaking            a victorious life over sin, guided in a momentary walk
in a strange language. I nudged Father and pointed to        by the Spirit of God and conscious all the while of the
her, but he paid no attention. When the congregation         Everlasting Arms underneath me, and now no such
sat down, spontaneous praise arose from all over the         comfort or assurance was mine.
assembly. Everybody seemed so happy and many gave                  Do you know that once a soul has tasted of that
bright testimonies of what God was doing. This was           life, it has been spoiled for everything else ? And, if that
not new to me except that they spoke of having been          soul backslides and enters into a meeting such as this—
baptized with the Holy Ghost. Then there was more            well, you can imagine what memories are awakened,
singing, but I was closely watching the lady before me.      how they rush up before you until you are unable
I was endeavoring to understand the tongue in which          to contain yourself!          —19—
                    CHAPTER I I                               tions and meetings of the Welsh revival? Every ex-
                                                              tensive visitation of God has had that touch of dead
                A CONTRITE HEART                              earnestness, exultant praise and reckless courage and
                                                              enterprise which makes short work of solemn ceremon-
     Although no one was standing on the platform             ialism.
visibly leading the service, there was perfect under-
standing and perfect order.     Some were kneeling                  There is something about the unexpected, the
whilst most were sitting; many tears were flowing, yet        impromptu and the outright miraculous that captivates
many exclamations of joy and shouts of victory punc-          and arrests the attention of the masses. The mani-
tuated the individual testimonies. All was in keeping         festations of the Spirit of God do not retard but ad-
with the surge of revival blessing, the very present          vertise a revival! A Christianity that degenerates
'cloud of glory' of which we were conscious. Yet every-       to a mere mental grasp of truth or an intellectual
thing happened spontaneously and all sounds were              appreciation of Gospel facts devoid of deep divine
mingled together. The one thing that was most strik-          emotion and spiritual passion is practically dead! Life
ing was the prevalence of tears—tears of gratefulness,        is not to be standardized. When the Spirit of God is
of repentance and of joy. The sight I have coveted            truly Lord in a service, the worship is always inspired;
the most in my evangelistic campaigns is to witness           it is replete with the charm of novelty and the fascin-
the breaking up, the melting, in humility and contri-         ation of the spontaneous. With God nothing ever gets
tion of a multitude before God. The greatest revivals         stale and dry! The Heavenly Manna was always fresh!
have had this characteristic.                                 Ah! the death and monotony of copy written religious
                                                              form and practice. How many churches are literally
                                                              cursed with it!
                Freedom from Formality
     I want to digress from my story with a word to                        The Message was Just for Me
the critical. There is a form of seeming disorder that             But back to the story! Here was something new
is pleasing to God, for it is not disorder; it only appears   and as yet just beginning. Only the humblest of God's
so to the carnal mind. We forget that nothing is so           people would be willing to inquire into and accept it.
externally decent and in order as a graveyard! The            Mrs. Cantell was Father's personal friend. She had
different ways in which the Spirit of God moved upon          long taken her stand on Divine Healing and her home
His people in the great revivals of the past centuries,       had become the rendezvous for many who proved
have been a stumbling block to stereotyped ritualism          Christ the Great Physician. God had confirmed His
and Paris-plastered formality. Indeed, every Christian        Word with many notable deliverances. It is often costly
forward movement has been marked with such ebul-              for Christians to keep walking in the light. To do so
lient emotion and jubilant enthusiasm and such start-         is to be misunderstood and ostracized, but it is only
ling departures and innovations as to call down upon          such that are found to be ready and willing to go on
it the most violent criticism and opprobrium. Too             further with God.
often its refreshing peculiarity is held in severest con-
tempt and hatred by the sedate, proper, Veil-behaved'              This revival had no particular name. At that
religionists of its day. The Methodists, the Baptists,        time it was not labelled nor organized. It had spon-
the Salvation Army were all 'queer' in their early days.      taneously sprung up in different parts of the United
And what was more of a novelty than the manifesta-            States and had also come to England. Here and there
                           —20—                               individuals had already experienced what they called
•the Pentecostal blessing'. The first woman to receive        are those which God has directly brought about. The
it in London, if not all England, was Mrs. Catherine          events that live forever, that never fade nor lose
Price. * My father, as he came over sick from Paris,         their fragrance are those in which the Spirit of God
France, had first been entertained in her home, and so       had a hand. How could I help but recall all that Jesus
came in touch with the movement. Their number had            had been and all He had done for me. He had been
rapidly increased. God was pouring out His Spirit in         true! He had never left nor forsaken me, but how
the land and everyone was full of expectancy and joy.        shamefully disobedient I had been to the Still Small
    I listened to the speaker, Mr. Niblock, a Baptist min-   Voice. I had been faithless but He had remained
ister. His face was lit with the glory of God. In a simple   faithful! The happy recollections of 'our days togeth-
way he told how God convinced him that this was the          er' now flooded my mind. I thought of how 'my
Spirit of God. He spoke of how he had received this          Beloved' had walked and talked with me in the midst
experience a few days before and then exhorted every-         of the abuse and loneliness of school life. * He had
one to faith and to repentance of all known sin. Every       comforted me when the boys had ridiculed, cursed and
word pierced my heart and conviction tormented me.           beaten me for preaching to them in the dormitory. He
I could only think of how greatly I had grieved my           had filled me with indescribable joy when my study
precious Saviour. No sorrow is so keen as that of a          books had been taken from my desk so as to prevent
 troubled conscience. 0 the utter misery of that mo-         me from preparing my lessons and so as to terrify me.
ment! I had committed high treason against the               I had known Heaven on earth in spite of trials and
cause of Christ. Everything that happened in that            persecutions. Now each recalled blessing accused me!
meeting reproached me. The two-edged sword of God's          Every deliverance convicted me! I sobbed with that
Word revealed to me the secret thoughts and intents          grief that moves the very roots of one's being. He
of my rebellious heart. How true the conviction of           was my Friend of Friends, the One that had supported
David "Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward             me as a mother her child, that I had denied! I saw my
 parts: and in the hidden part Thou shalt make me            hateful selfishness and abhorred myself!
to know wisdom." (Psalm 51:6).                                     I must have wept by that chair from 10 o'clock
                                                             to one in the morning. Father came, sat down beside
              The Only Things That Abide                     me and endeavored to appraise my cries for forgiveness.
     I could no longer endure the searching light that       For I had completely forgotten my whereabouts and
was fixed upon me. There was no escape except to             outloud complained of my condition and lamented my
accept the invitation. I must like the prodigal return       backslidings. I would not be comforted. I put my
to my father. Only for a moment did a sudden                 arms around him and wept in his bosom. I said "Let
inclination seize me to resist, but I shrunk from it and     me weep!" for I knew my testimony was dead, and
recognized it as Satan's last bid. This only helped me       my spirit was heavy with the sense of guilt. I knew
to sooner decide. So I rose and pushed my way to the         that only Christ could speak peace into my troubled
aisle. Of my own accord I found a chair near the             despairing heart.
platform and knelt there oblivious of my surroundings
and wept and wept.                                                   The Secret of Christian Repentance
     The brightest, the most memorable things in life            Let me tell you just how it was that I broke
                                                                 * See 'The Story of My Conversion', a testimony for
    *   See Preface and Foreword.
                                                             Boys and Girls.
                           —22—                                                      —23—
through to victory! It seemed my sky was filled with        individually, both sins of commission and the greater
dark black clouds. Each cloud was a sin. As I men-          and the many more sins of omission.
tioned and confessed them they would vanish and be
replaced by yet another and another. I called them                    "He is the Propitiation for our Sins"
all by name, my disobedience, my worldliness, my cove-            There can be nothing so terrible as the indifference
tousness, my evil thoughts and imaginations, my sel-        of a Christian to His Saviour. How soon may an
fishness, my laziness, my meanness and quarrelling,         irresponsible, lukewarm and prayerless condition steal
my deceitfulness, my lying, my pride, etc.,—every sin       over us! In the rush and stress of modern life, how
I had committed I declared before God unafraid and          imperceptibly may our spiritual life be stifled and
unashamed. But the clouds still darkened the heavens.       repressed! In place of heartfelt religion, there is a
What of my lack of love, of desire, of prayer? I saw        studied effort to continue a mere external profession;
that my sins of omission were more numerous and more        our Godly instincts are deadened and we lose the tender
serious. And because I had failed to be a true, devoted     conscience and the joy of Salvation. When to this
Christian who could tell what a stumbling block, what
an influence for evil I had been. The thought of this       is added compromise and mixing with the world in its
broke me up completely. The Hand of God was heavy           follies and pleasures, how can our religious devotion be
upon me.                                                    anything else but a most vacillating, half-hearted,
                                                            contemptible thing? There is no getting right with
     It is only under this divine pressure that we can      God until all this is acknowledged and confessed.
properly sense the full measure of our wickedness and             Father had his hand over my shoulder, and was
see the enormity of our sins. There is a spiritual          praying with me. Finally he definitely asked God
'Godly sorrow' which shakes every vestige of resistance     to give me the comfort of Divine forgiveness. He
out of us. This thorough repentance reduces us to an        quoted this text from the Scriptures:
utter lowliness, and in that condition God can imme-              "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just
diately heal and restore the soul. Then also, God re-       to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all
quires the Christian to confess all of known sin. He        unrighteousness." (I John 1:9).
cannot seek God as a sinner or unregenerate person                I was in dead earnest and realized that God was
since that the latter has been always in darkness,          hearing me. But now there sweetly stole over my
whereas the backslidden child of God has repeatedly         penitant soul the consciousness, like the very breath
sinned against light. Walking in the day, he is held        of God, THAT HE DID FORGIVE ME. The thought
responsible for his deliberate transgressions which have    that He could, and that He would take me back after
been committed in the presence and in spite of light.       all that I had done to grieve and slight Him, gave me
     This is the reason that so much of Christian repen-    many fresh tears.
tance is shallow and superficial, and many who seek to            It must have been passed one o'clock in the
be re-instated into fellowship with God are disappoint-     morning before I finally arose from my knees. In the
ed, because they have not poured out all their heart        hollow of that chair I can still see the big pool of my
before the Lord. This is why many who seek God              tears. My heart was again possessed by the "peace
in order to be baptized in the Holy Ghost do not receive:   that passeth all understanding." Such was that sacred
they have not truly struck rock bottom in repentance;       joy that I wished to speak to no one, though many
they have failed to break up their fallow ground. The       spoke to me encouragingly. We hastened from the
secret of Christian repentance is to confess every sin      hall and went out in the still night with a few others
                         —24—                                                         —25—
to engage rooms in the Cannon Street Hotel. But I
could hardly sleep; the one thought that filled my heart                   CHAPTER IV.
and mind was: "Jesus has taken me back." I was all
aglow with such a rapturous joy as Christ can only                  THE PROMISE OF THE FATHER
give to those who make a complete surrender to Him.             Have you ever awakened in the morning and found
The old wells of joy had been opened up again and          your mind and thought centered on Christ? Well,
flooded my being with an indescribable rest and con-       Jesus and Jesus only filled my heart that following
tentment.                                                  morning, even before Father had time to enter my
                                                           room, full of loving fondness, and remind me that I
                                                           must hurry for we had to catch a train. "We are
       "Saviour hear me, while before Thy feet
                                                           going to Plumstead this Sunday morning to attend
                                                           meetings in the home of a Mr. Bristow, William; we
       I the record of my sins repeat,                     must get off early. It is past six, be quick!" We
       Stain'd with guilt, myself abhorring;
                                                           embraced, and I fairly danced. I felt as if I could fly,
                                                           I was so glad and so light! My spirit was aglow with
       Fill'd with grief, my soul outpouring;              the glory of God! At the hotel breakfast I hardly
       Canst Thou still in mercy think of me,
                                                           partook, yet I was feasting!
       Stoop to set my shackled spirit free?                              The Old Craving Returns
       Raise my sinking heart and let me see                    There must have been five in our party, and once
       Thy Grace once more!
                                                           settled in the train we all broke into song unmindful
                                                           of the other passengers. I pulled my Bible from my
                                                           hip pocket and opened at the Psalms and eagerly read.
                                                           How the words shone, how fitting the sentiments, the
       Grace there is my every debt to pay                 promises one after the other appeared as if written for
       Blood to wash my every sin away,                    that moment. Suddenly the thought startled me:
                                                           'See how that the old instinct has returned—the crav-
       Pow'r to keep me sinless day by day,                ing for the Word of God.' The same feeling, the same
       For me, for me."
                                                           insatiable appetite as I had after my conversion had
                                                           come to me again. I could not restrain the tears of
                                         —HERBERT BOOTH.   joy that rained down my cheeks and fell on that open
                                                           Bible the rest of the journey. To me this was certain
                                                           proof that my heart had been renewed and had recov-
                                                            ered its reverent attitude. The praises welled up
                                                           within; I could not restrain myself from rejoicing
                                                            outloud. I devoured the redeemed soul's only food—
                                                           the Sacred Page.
                                                                 When we are subject to the Holy Spirit's guidance,
                                                           much of our Christian life is directed by a divine in-
                                                           stinct. We do not have to compel ourselves to do
                            —26—                                                     —27—     -
certain things—they come to us naturally. There is               up as he assured me he had. "Oh! it's wonderful!"
no force, no artificial strain.                                  he kept on exclaiming. Then he would laugh and
     The morning service was attended by about fifty             say: "Oh! but I am so happy!" His lips would quiver,
people; it was simple, yet warm and zealous. The                 his eyes would close and he seemed momentarily lost
speaker was ojie gf our party, Mr. Charles Leonard,              in praise and adoration. I loved him and plied him
from the United States, on his way to Egypt as a                 with questions, but he just said "Oh! wait until you
missionary. He told us about what God was doing                  receive!"
in America, how that he believed one of the greatest                  He had brought his Bible and proceeded to point
revivals of the last times was upon us, and how that
the Lord was pouring out His Spirit again as He did              to many Scriptures he had marked and read them out-
at Pentecost and in the days of the early church. Much           loud with many a Praise the Lord! and Hallelujah!
of this was new to me, but my heart was wide open for            He discussed them each, applying them to my need.
more of God and a great hunger and thirst possessed              What a blessed time we had on that bench in the park.
me to be filled to over-flowing with the Spirit and to           The sight of his well-marked Bible blurred as the
receive the enduement of power to which Mr. Leonard              mist of remorse gathered in my eyes. Some portions
was testifying. * We then had the Lord's Supper                  stood out in blue, some in yellow gold, and yet many
and I remember that it was fermented wine that was               more in green, red and purple. He turned the pages so
passed in the chalice, as I asked Father if I was to             gracefully as if it were a great treasure he had there
partake of it just the same.                                     on his lap. Something hurt deep within me. I re-
                                                                 membered how carefully, how laboriously I had marked
                                                                 my Bible in times past, when I had devised a marginal
                   My Friend Ginger                              system of my own, whereby I could locate a text on
     Now I noticed a boy with red hair in that crowd.             any desired subject.
He was about my age, and boys, you know, just natur-
ally drift together. So after the meeting I went up                               Many Precious Promises
to him and said, "Hello, Ginger!" In England school-                   "Where it is marked blue," said he, "it speaks
boys commonly nickname a 'red-head' Ginger. We                   of the Holy Spirit. You see here in the prophecy of
became good friends on the spot, for he laughed and              Joel:"—
introduced himself. I have long forgotten his name, but
if there is one I wish to visit in Heaven, it is G i n g e r -            'And it shall come to pass afterward, that
God used him to show me the way more perfectly. To                   I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your
this day I have marvelled at the wisdom and inspira-                 sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your
tion there was in Ginger's advice and simple faith.                  old men shall dream dreams, your young men
     There was a small park just outside Mr. Bristow's               shall see visions: And also upon the seryants
house; after dinner he proposed that we go out there                 and upon the handmaids in those days will I
together. It was warm for late November, and we sat                  pour out My Spirit.' (Joel 2:28-29).
down upon one of the benches. I asked him if he had                    "Here it is in the Acts again, where the Apostle
received this experience. How his face brightened                Peter said it was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost, and
     * He later became related to our family. My brother,        in his sermon he told them that this Gift was for us
Eric, who died as a missionary in the French African Sudan,      too. See here!"
married his daughter, Lucille.                                             'For the promise is unto you and to your
                             —28—                                                         —29—
    children, and to all that are afar off, even as               "You are a child of God!" he asked me. "Yes!" I
                                                             answered. "Then this is God's promise to His child-
    many as the Lord our God shall call. (Acts               ren, the Promise of your Father to you." My heart
    2:39).                                                   was full of faith and I did believe. Many other pas-
     "That last sentence means us" said Ginger. "Now         sages we read in the Gospels and in the epistles.
look at this here", pointing to a great blue splotch
running down the side of the fourteenth of John.                      "My Soul Followeth Hard After Thee"
         'And I will pray the Father, and He shall
    give you another Comforter, that He may abide                  Ginger told me then a little of his experience,
    with you forever. Even the Spirit of truth;              explaining how God would witness to the fullness, and
    Whom the world cannot receive; because it seeth          I would speak by the power of God in a tongue quite
    Him not, neither knoweth Him; but ye know                new and strange to me. He then prayed and my
    Him; for He dwelleth with you, and shall be in           heart burned within me to be as devoted and sincere as
                                                             he. We went in for tea and we were inseparable until
    you. I will not leave you comfortless; I will            meeting time. Everywhere people were praying and
    come to you.'                                            all so happy, full of expectation and sensible that God
     "And over here in the twenty-sixth verse, Jesus         was walking and moving amongst us.
         'But the Comforter, which is the Holy                     At the night service Mr. Leonard preached again,
    Ghost, who the Father will send in My name,              but I heard very little of that sermon. I felt like a
    He shall teach you all things, and bring all things      captive set free, whose chains had suddenly fallen off
    to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said              and left him, incredulous, hesitating, wondering! Oh!
                                                             it is a wonderful thing to be right with God and know
    unto you.'                                               for certain that there is 'nothing between'. The Sun-
     "Yes! I have read these before," I told him.            shine of God's Love poured upon me unhindered.
"There are more that you must see," he said. Ginger
in his charming simplicity, knew enough to let the                 I wanted to tell the Lord so much. You know how
                                                             it is, when you have been away from an intimate friend
Word speak for Himself!                                      for a long time—one you dearly love. You want to be
         'But when the Comforter is come, whom               alone with all kinds of time, so as to converse with him
    I will send unto you from the Father, even the           heart to heart. I could not, no I did not restrain my
    Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the               tears; they were glad tears, blessed tears. And the
   Father, He shall testify of Me       it is expedient      rivers of tears were kin to the rivers of joy springing
   for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the         up within me. I could hardly wait for Missionary
    Comforter will not come unto you, but if I de-           Leonard to finish his preaching. The moment prayer
   part, I will send Him unto you/ (John 15:29               was called, I dropped to my knees, and, I must confess,
    and 16:7).                                               I forgot myself and my whereabouts.
     "Now when Jesus was raised from the dead, He                  My spirit had been gradually shutting itself in
reminded His disciples of these promises He had made;        with Christ, drawing consciously nearer and nearer to
read it yourself," said Ginger, as he pointed to Acts 1:4.   Him and less oblivious of what others did about me.
         'And being assembled together with them,            I multiplied Hallelujahs and just lavished all my being's
    commanded them that they should not depart               adoration at the feet of my Redeemer. Such exuberant
   from Jerusalem, but wait for the Promise of the           abandonment in praises comes naturally to "a broken
    Father, which, saith He, ye have heard of Me/                                      —31—
and contrite Spirit" running over with thankfulness as                         CHAPTER V.
mine was that night. My heart was fixed; the Lord
had opened my lips and my mouth was shewing forth                   BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY GHOST
His praise. The more I shouted and rejoiced, the more
I wanted to; such was the fever of my exaltation that            Before I speak of the actual Baptism, let me say
I could not stop. I was so absorbed in offering my          that there are certain intimacies between the soul and
sacrifices, repeated vows and prayers to my Saviour         Christ that seem almost too sacred to speak about. It
that I did not realize that I was getting noisy; mine was   is just because they so profoundly affect and stir us
literally "a joyful noise."                                 that they are so difficult to adequately describe. As
                                                            we endeavor to witness these things we are constantly
                God Dwells in the Praises                   in danger of being misunderstood, because, as I have
                                                            said before, so few are qualified to understand. Our
      So many do not advance with God because their         Lord Himself was aware of His disciple's inability to
faith is not active! The promises are there but they        receive certain revelations. He said to them at one
 do not bestir themselves to lay hold of them. To be        time: "I have yet many things to say unto you, but
passive and fail to appropriate God's best for us, in       ye cannot bear them now". (John 16:12.)
view of the world's crying need for aggressive and
victorious Christianity, is nothing short of criminal!                    Not Reason but Revelation
So many are afraid in praising God of being too for-             Sailors, who have survived the throes of a pro-
ward or extravagant. Just to glance about us will           longed combat with furious seas, on landing would
convince anyone how niggardly and begrudgingly              rather be silent than recount and live over again the
Christians praise the Lord.         It is not the "High     terrible ordeal of their mortal struggle. They wish
praises" but low, oh so low, mechanical and half-           to forget for the moment the anguish of their plight
hearted. The disciple band were not sad and dejected        and the excruciating pain of the herculean efforts to
as they awaited the Promise of the Father in the            save the ship from the blows of the maddenedvelements.
temple, but we read in Luke 24:52, 53.                      Seamen also know how useless it is to make land-lub-
          "And they worshipped Him, and returned            bers appreciate the unutterable terrors of a great
     to Jerusalem, with great joy, and were contin-         storm. For the same reason a soldier is not apt to tell
     ually in the temple, praising and blessing God."       of his harrowing experiences under fire; he too wishes
      The Scripture says "who so offereth praise glori-     to forget—well! how can a civilian understand?
fieth me." (Psa. 50:23). It also commands us to "make
His praise glorious." (Psa. 68:2. David says, "I will             Even so the christian after the "weight of glory"
yet praise Thee more and more." (Psa. 71:14). And           lifts, does not desire to immediately speak of what
we are told in Psalm 32:3 that God inhabits the praises     he has felt and known. When he does speak, wisdom
of Israel. If we were but to repeat the titles,of Christ    makes him reticent and careful for the same reasons
which are above six hundred and eighty, it would keep       as the surviving sailor and soldier. He has not pas-
us busy a long while. The praises of God in our mouth       sed through the deeps of human despair and destruc-
is the way to victory! It proved so in my case, it will     tion as they, but he has experienced the very opposite.
in yours!                                                   He has been lifted up to the heights of spiritual ex-
                                                            altation. He has been immersed in floods of Divine
                                                            Glory and made to taste the mighty throbbing powers
                          —32—                                                       —33—
of an age yet to come. How can he freely relate his       could see standing there in resplendent glory and ma-
rapturous transports or tell of the ecstacies of the      jesty. The Light of His Countenance had fallen upon
close communion he has enjoyed with his Lord? It          me, and as He tenderly smiled He opened His arms
is almost desecration to tell of these things to those    as if to receive me. My eyes had seen the King in
whom he senses have always lived on a lower level.        His beauty and everything in me cried out for Him,
      This is exactly what Paul must have felt when,      everything within me blessed His Holy Name! My
after he was caught up to the third heaven, he asserts    heart became so filled and thrilled with the sense of
that he had "heard unspeakable words which is not         His nearness and love that I felt the very foundations
lawful for a man to utter." (II Cor. 12:4) But in         of my nature moved.
this case we are not speaking of a trance, nor of a
visit to Heaven but of that which is the privilege of          Then and there came a new power in my praying.
every believer this day to receive. What is about to      It was easier, richer and happier! My lips were elo-
be said is not addressed to anybody nor everybody, but    quent, there was no lack of words. The substance
only to such as can value and accept it. In this, and     of what was said was inspired by such expressive
as regarding other mysteries of God, Jesus' prayer        language that I realized my mouth had been touched
is still a criterion.                                     with "a live coal from off the altar," (Is. 6:6) my mind
                                                          was enlivened and illumined. I have spoken to many
      "I thank Thee, 0 Father, Lord of heaven and         since who have experienced the same immediate im-
earth, because Thou hast hid these things from the        provement when supplication is quickened by the Spirit.
wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes."     * The slow, limited, hesitant, reluctant human mind
                                     (Matthew 11:25.)     finds prayer a drudgery. What a difference when we
                                                          "pray in the Holy Ghost" (Jude 20). Such praying
              Praying in the Holy Ghost                   is not only heard it is felt!
     In simple trust I was a babe in whose mouth God           There arose from the core of my inner being a
had begun to perfect His praise. My rising faith con-     growing rushing torrent of prayer-praise like that of
vinced me that this was the hour of my visitation—        a mountain stream swollen with the waters of melted
when He must reveal Himself to me! I was on my            snow. Melted! Yes! Glory to God!               Everything
knees and though my eyes had been closed for about        hard, cold and indifferent at last had melted away under
an hour I WAS NOT UNCONSCIOUS but aware of                the warm rays of my rising Sun of Righteousness.
others about me. Their happy victorious prayers rose in
unceasing petition. I remember how I looked to see                      The Enduement with Power
one lady prostrate on her face before God. Now she
was weeping and groaning, I could feel her struggling          Fresh, new, bitter-sweet tears of regret at my
intercession was for me—she was bearing my burden.        long resistance and stubborness now copiously flowed.
     Then in one unrestrained abandonment my whole        How long had the praise that was due His name been
spirit enthusiastically gave itself to a new revel of     denied! My Lord had been shamefully treated, insult-
rejoicing. Willing and eager, hungry for more, I en-      ed and slighted! Now He shall have His way with me!
treated God. I prayed in French, my native tongue,        My will shall be subject to His will! It shall be an
then in English. I clapped my hands and lifted my open    absolute surrender!
arms as if to receive my Lord. My whole being was              * See the book "Your Pentecostal Blessing; How to Obtain
prone before its Sovereign Creator, whom, in spirit, I    It'9 by the same author.
                         —34—                                                        —35—
       Then the tears gave way to a flood of joy and I     me intermittently, now, Praise God, the transporting
began to laugh and laugh until I cried for very joy.       pressure never lifted and surged stronger and quicker
The weeping and laughing alternated, and the vehe-         until there was a veritable inundation. The trembling
mence of praise rose with the heat of my ardor. I          increased but even that violent vibration was invigorat-
cried repeatedly, "Come Lord Jesus! Fill me with all       ing. Nothing was able to detract my attention from
Thy Power and Glory" and much more besides. All            "Mon Sauveuf! Le Bijou de Mon Ame! Mon Adore!"
now was response and invitation! All barriers had been     * I fairly shouted His praises! He was the Fairest
swept away! Self consciousness was no more, the tide       of Ten Thousand! The Rose of Sharon! The Lily of
had carried me out of myself into an utter God-con-        the Valley! The Darling of Mankind! It seemed as
sciousness. Every restraint and hindrance was re-          if all that could be said was not sufficient! What else
moved—then, something happened!                            could I say to heap at His Feet who was enveloping me
       Enrapt in the ravishing force and delightful fury   in the folds of glorious favour. His fire was kindled upon
of the paramount blessing that was sweeping over me        me, the flames of His burning purifying love were
wave upon wave, my eyes steadily fixed on the Lover        wrapping me closer, ever closer to Himself.
of my Soul—God touched my body with His Power for                It was then that I first realized that my jaws were
the first time. I felt the current course through me       aching. The enchanted singing, the rapidity of inspir-
from my head down leaving a warm glow in its wake.         ed praise, the effusion of words, at first, I thought had
Of course my praises only increased.         In another    overworked my mouth. I stopped, but the aching only
moment He touched me again. If I had been walking          increased and when I would endeavor to speak again
before, now I was running! The blessed Baptizer in         articulation became more difficult. Yet I could not
the Holy Ghost laid His Hand over and over again upon      keep still! What creature beneath the skies could keep
me. Each time the Power of God streamed through            quiet under such a chrism ? The pain became acute.
my body it left me gasping for breath for a second or            The noise I had been making had predominated
two, only to let me burst out in greater jubilation and    in the meeting, when it subsided I could hear the others
triumph again. My whole frame began to lightly             rejoicing. I had grown accustomed to the "speaking
tremble in response. The incoming energy was so            in unknown tongues/' but all this time I had never given
strong, the Breath so refreshing as to chase the natural   it one thought! Who would dream of thinking of such
breath from me. And yet I panted and cried for more.       things when the Lord Jesus was standing there!
The stimulating, strengthening effect was instant, all           There was no doubt, however, that the Spirit was
weariness left me. You can well understand that now        seeking to gain control of my tongue. Of course the
 there were no bounds to my glorifying God. My heart       very suggestion that another can take possession of our
danced with bliss, my voice rose to new heights in song.   mouths is an absurdity to the carnal mind. But here
 Indeed, I was putting all my praise to melody. And        was the fact—my natural ability and God's supernatur-
 still broke those wondrous overwhelming waves of Life-    al power could not both manipulate the muscles of
giving Power and Glory upon me fuller and more             speech at the same time. Between the two is it any
 frequently until, finally, there seemed to be no sur-     wonder that my jaws were throbbing! But this lasted
 cease, nor let up!                                        only a brief time.
                                                                 Yet the exigency became well nigh unbearable,
       The Crisis from which many Turn Back                    * French, with which at the time I was more familiar than
     Whereas the touch of His Hand had rested upon         Knglish?
                         —36—                                                         —37—
for the paralysis had vexed me much more than it had         Heavenly tongue. Every ejaculation, each recitation
hurt.    All these accumulating glories, that were           was gratifying, satisfying and sufficient! Direct from
near translating me, were finding no outlet but through      the altar of my heart, rising in surging burning billows,
a mumble of ill-pronounced English words.                    the most pleasing incense was reaching the Throne!
     Many saints of God, many preachers who have                  Here let me pause and say something to those who
been greatly used of Him in times past, tell of receiving    depreciate and misunderstand the speaking in tongues.
such unusual anointings. But when reaching this crisis       Now my mind could rest, it was delivered of the neces-
they invariably asked God to lift His Hand, unable to        sity of forming into speech the desires and aspirations
endure such a pressure of supernatural power. They           of my spirit. It need no longer be busy choosing words
were ignorant of the fact that the glossalalia* was          and shaping sentences and then directing and dictating
the next thing to come. This divine provision would          their utterance. Though all of this occurs automati-
have given them release through the expression which         cally yet it is a considerable task. My mind could now
the Holy Spirit supplies as when the hundred and             be wholly passive, centered and stayed on God. Where-
twenty spoke on the day of Pentecost "as the Spirit          as the heart was at liberty to pour its burden straight
gave them utterance" (Acts 2:4).                             tnrough the mouth. What a relief this proved to be!
                                                                  Through this exquisite medium my spirit could
         "They Shall Speak with New Tongues"                 pray directly whilst my understanding was at rest.
     Our missionary leader was soon by my side: "You          (I Cor. 14:14). Yet I knew the subject matter of these
are about to speak in a new language, but do not think       ecstatic phrases byJpoking into my heart. This tongue
of that, it will come about as you further yield to the      permitted such freedom and scope that my mouth liter-
Spirit. Just keep your eyes on Jesus and continue to         ally found the words for both the most delicate shades
praise Him", said Mr. Leonard (as far as I can recall).      of meaning and the greatest paeans of adoration. They
He then gently laid his hands on my head and upon            were ready made, produced of the Spirit by whose power
my throat and prayed. After that, he left me alone.          they were formed and delivered. As the Spirit exer-
     As I lifted my voice in singing the praises with        cised these extraordinary utterances I became more
which my heart seemed bursting, it was not long before       adapt at yielding, the particular and more extravagent
something let go and I was instantly liberated. There        articulations became clearer. The inflections in tone,
was no stuttering, no transition period, it was an im-       soft and loud, the deliberate enunciations, the explosive
                                                             cadences wound in and out of the talk in an astonishing
mediate gliding from a known to an unknown speech;           variety. All of this prophetic speech soon reached
it happened so quickly, it was imperceptible. I found        an amazing flexibility. Oh! This was a tongue that
myself singing in a beautiful language entirely foreign      one could taste!
to me. Its charm and surprising sounds saturated me
with an indescribable ecstasy. Every sweet sentence
fully and adequately expressed the pent-up feelings of                   Adoration and the Holy Laughter
my inflamed heart. In that high exhilaration, in that             Launching out with this new vessel into unchart-
sublime divine exaltation nothing could have so suited       ered seas of song and celebration, I was swept on and
my desperate requirement, nothing have proven so in-         on and out as if by gusts of Elysian wind, "out where
finitely resourceful than the liquid syllables of this       the full tides flow," far out where the mortal things of
     * Glossalalia, from greek L e. tongue; used in modern   time have vanished and the shining shores of Glory
reference to the "tongues" of Acts 2:4.
appear. Truly now all the Windows of Heaven were                              The Celestial Choir
opened, and the promised Blessing was not only poured
but was overflowing, for there was not room enough to            And such singing as what you may imagine would
receive it. The more I would sing the more the cloud        be in keeping with the torrents of power falling down
of glory would thicken until my ravished soul and body     from above. Higher and higher it soared, stronger
were saturated with the "Shekinah", just like the           and clearer. At times it sounded like the lines of a
Temple of old when the priests could not stand to min-     poem matched and rhymed, then it would appear to be
ister because of the cloud, "for the glory of the Lord      lamentations chanted in the minor key, and finally
had filled the House of the Lord." (I King 8:11).          ending in the major with loud peals of triumph. If the
                                                            tongue was unknown so was the tune. The music came
     My shouts and praises mingled with the most            spontaneously, developing from the simplest airs into
intoxicating laughter and my tongue raced like "the        elaborate harmonies.
pen of a ready writer." (Ps. 45:1). The speaking
had often the inflections common to conversation. Se-            It was then that I first could hear a distant ac-
crets were being interchanged, mysteries that can only     companiment that grew gradually more pronounced.
be esteemed by such as enter into the inner cloister of    How can words possibly tell the mystic transport that
intimate communion with Christ. This exchange of           now filled me. Nothing that I can say can properly
endearments became inexpressibly delightful.               convey the idea of the heighth of happiness that was
                                                           mine, a joy unknown, literally "unspeakable", thrilled
     A new day had broken upon me, the shadows were        me, certainly a joy that only this tongue could speak!
driven away, the dimness and its doubts had departed,      The purity of my voice was preternatural and perform-
the winter was past and the rain clouds gone! The          ed feats that only the most practised vocalist could have
time of flowers and singing had come and He had set        accomplished. Still the volume of the Angel choirs
His Heart on me, His undefiled; He had wiped away          grew until I was following them and repeating their
my tears and put upon me the garment of praise; He          immortal melodies.       The pitch reached incrediblte
had given His chosen beauty for ashes and the oil of       heights, and the long sustained notes and cadences
gladness for mourning. My beloved was mine and t           never faltered!
was His! Would I not arise and come away?
                                                                 It was vain to follow them! Their scale was be-
     These and many more sacred sentiments were            yond nature's power, beyond all human comprehension.
spoken with the understanding. But because now the         Oh! how I wished I could sing with them! The roar
veil was riven, mine the sheltered retreat—the secret      of that glorious diapason penetrated and overpowered
place of the most high, the very Holiest—my spirit         me. I leaned on my Beloved's Breast and listened
preferred the love-language I had learned. The tongue      enthralled by those rhapsodies whilst new rivers of
was so new, so peculiar and lively that I could not help   burning tears flooded down my cheeks. But who could
but laugh heartily. This holy laughter increased until     be quiet long? When every fibre of my being leaped
it prevailed and I could not cease. It rolled through      to join in the Chorus of Paradise, how could I be still?
me in billows shaking me with irrepressible outbursts.     Again and again I burst in renewed vigor to take up the
I was repeatedly seized by these delicious convulsions,    angelic theme. My body tossed back and forth, sym-
there was simply no desisting and soon the whole room      pathetically swinging to the peals of melodious thunder
joined with me. The Lord had turned my captivity.          that coursed in rending, tearing crashes through me.
I was like one that dreamed, my mouth was filled with      Will you believe me when I say my flesh, my skin, my
laughter and my tongue with singing. (Ps. 126:1-2).        very bones vibrated to that awe-full Heavenly har-
                          —40—                                                       _4l—
mony? I sung till it seemed my physical he^rt would                                 CHAPTER VI.
stop. My uplifted arms kept beating time to the maj-
estic tempo of that celestial song. As each phrase of                               THE NEW WINE
the. melody receded I prostrated myself as the hosts
above.                                                               So much can happen in a brief time when God
                                                                is given a free hand! In about four and a half hours
     Then the paean subsided, the magic notes fading.           I was made to live, feel, hear, understand and experience
My spirit wished to fly away to be forever with them.           what otherwise might have taken me a decade to learn.
No tongue could tell, no pen write the sweet-sorrow that        It seemed as if a little of eternity had entered into time.
pierced me as I realized the immensity of my weakness.          God is so quick, we are so slow! So many spiritual
So near yet so far to that Blessed Beulah Land had I            things we feel after, seek after and study without en-
been permitted to come! Oh! I cried that I might go             lightenment which may so soon be received, compre-
and never return. Those solemn seraphic strains left            hended and partaken-of in a really vital, dynamic,
me as a dead man. If this was a foretaste of Heaven             face-to-face experience with God. That revelation of
what must it be to be THERE! FOREVER WITH MY                    Christ has never left me. The relish and ecstasy of
LORD AND SAVIOUR!                                               that Blessing still remains with me to this day, and
                                                                never, never have I doubted the Divine character of
                                                                that visitation!
       "Though a pilgrim I have wandered,
                                                                     My Lord had become my Lover! I had rested under
       In the valley here;
                                                                His shadow with greatest delight. He had brought me
       Now unto the Blessed Homeland, I am drawing near;        to His bountiful banqueting house and His beautiful
       Soon amid the scenes of sorrow, I will cease to roam,    banner over me was love. What a luscious wealthy
       Angels get my Mansion ready, I am coming Home.           feast my God had prepared for me there. He had been
                                                                more anxious to give than I had been to receive that
       When my work below is ended,                             memorable night—the 28th of November 1908.
       And my race is run,
       I will hear my Saviour calling, at the set of sun;
                                                                                 The Sweetest Torment
       Then I'll send a message upward past yon vaulted dome,
       Angels get my Mansion ready, I am coming Home.                It was nearing two in the morning when someone
                                                                approached and told me that before retiring, refresh-
       I'm coming home to heaven,                               ments would be served in the next room. When your
       With the angels there to dwell;                          eyes have been riveted so long on the Lord it is an
       I'm coming home to glory,                                exquisite pain to have to open them again upon this
       Where I'll never say farewell;                           world of sin. Oh! how I wished I could have gone to be
       I'm coming to that City,                                 with my Beloved then and there! Must I walk this vale
       Never more to roam;                                      of tears and sorrow longer? Could I not join the glori-
       Angels get my Mansion ready, I am coming Home."          fied creatures that surround His exalted throne. From
                                                                the Nebo heighth my Saviour had vouchsafed me a
                                                                view of my Eternal Home, but it was His will that for
                                                                His sake I must be longer exiled.
                                                                     The awakening of the senses to the natural things
about me after my mind, heart and being had been                            "The Rest and the Refresiling"
imprisoned, held captive by the Power of God was the                Finally every one rose and Father explained that
sweetest torment. I wanted to be with Jesus. Suf-             since they were short of room I would be expected to
fering, martyrdom, the most cruel death could indeed          share my bed with missionary Charles Leonard who
be a precious experience if only one could be ushered         had so faithfully declared to us that day the news of
into His presence and stay continually under His sun-         the Latter Rain. So, drunk with the Spirit * I rose
rise smile, forever raptured to the halcyon fields of         and tried to ascend the steps of the stairs but could
Eden, never to see this accursed earth anymore.               not proceed until I was assisted up and into the room
     The dear friends solicitously helped me, still speak-    assigned to us. Even this was a trial, I wished to
ing in the tongue, to my feet. But I had drunk long and       rejoice unceasingly.
late from the inebriating cup of the wondrous new wine              I was completely pre-occupied with Christ my Lord,
of Pentecost! Drenched, wet from head to foot from            I had no time for introspection. The anointing made
perspiration and endless weeping, dishevelled and reel-       Jesus so real, so ravishing that I was lost in His love,
ing like one intoxicated I staggered to my seat at the        in worship and adoration. Even the constant throb
table but again closed my eyes. My whole body was             and trembling within me did not detract my attention.
pulsating with surging swells of Divine Power which           The Blesser was all and in all, and if I as much as div-
swept through me as fortifying life-giving fire, whose        erted my gaze a trifle from His countenance the glory
flames gently subdued every propensity into an infinite       would subside. I could shout with the Psalmist "In
calm.                                                         Thy Presence is fullness of joy, at Thy Right Hand
      Is it any wonder when after receiving such a won-       there are pleasures forevermore." (Psa. 16:11).
derful Baptism in the Holy Ghost that I found myself                Pity Brother Leonard, he had very little sleep that
without desire for food although our hostess, Mrs.            night. I was too blessed to sleep. Mine was the most
Bristow had many tempting morsels on the table. I              exquisite rest, the "rest and refreshing" He promised
could not share of her christian hospitality. I could          the weary. (Isa. 28:12) I just lay there laughing
only add praise to praise and glory to glory. Not for          irrepressibly, praising God with abandon.           Poor
a moment could my gaze be removed from the Alto-               missionary Leonard nudged me in the side twice or
gether Lovely One, the Light of my Life! My Ador-             three times:"Hush!"—but it was useless, there flowed
able Redeemer stood there still, portrayed resplendently      from my mouth a ceaseless stream of Heavenly lan-
by the Holy Spirit, in all His brilliant, ineffable beauty,    guage. There was a supreme satisfaction that every
in an indescribable excellence of majesty. He was my           sacred sentiment reached the ear of the King of my
Baptizer! Oh! the certainty of that intense and holy           Heart.
conviction that now I was truly His for time and                    Now in many English homes they burn what is
eternity.                                                      known as a candle night-light. If for any reason one
     Someone asked me if I desired sugar in my tea.            might need to rise in the middle of the night so as to
I remember that as etiquette demanded, I made an               close a window in case of an approaching storm there
effort to answer, but when in that sanctuary to speak          is no need to stumble or grope for matches. At that
of ought so commonplace seemed a sacrilege; yet I              time electric light was not so common. Well, on the
opened my mouth but only those burning unknown                 mantelpiece there burned dimly one of those wax
words of adoration and praise burst forth. I was               lights, by its glimer I noticed a canary bird awake in
happy to be able to weep and talk in tongues and laugh            *   See "The New Wine Life" by the same author.
undisturbed.               —44—                                                          —45—
the corner of the room. Someone must have forgotten         impossible for us to promptly and happily fulfill the
to place the customary cover on its cage. I had been        Will of God except we continue filled full with the Holy
singing in unknown tongues and now that canary bird         Ghost. Only when stimulated with this New Wine are
joined in, singing for all he was worth whilst strutting    we able to discern and are we eager to obey the mani-
up and down on his perch. No wonder dear Mr. Leo-           fest leading of the Spirit.
nard could get no rest! I magnified God singing my
joy, that dear canary and I we just had a grand praise           After breakfast the family-altar devotions re-
service all to ourselves. It seemed as though that little   sounded with Hallelujahs, our mouths were filled with
creature understood what had occurred to me and was         Psalms of Victory. My precious Father was so happy
rejoicing with me! We were in perfect unison! I have        and proclaimed to one and all that this revival was des-
often thought of that Hallelujah canary!                    tined to sweep the world. We prayed earnestly for
                                                            our home and that all Christians might be prepared
                  Filled Full to Fulfill                    to receive this great visitation of God.
     Next morning, on my knees at once, completely
overwhelmed with the overpowering sense of the pre-                   The Intoxication of the New Wine
sence and reality of Christ, I prayed earnestly for my         The question of my returning home to Westcliff-on-
own. A crushing burden descended on my heart. Oh!           Sea was then raised. We had only started out to
how foolish, how careless I had been, what a bad ex-        spend a week-end in London and here it was Monday
ample to my brothers and sisters. I could not bear to       morning. The coming examinations loomed up big and
look about me at the breakfast table, but needs must        foreboding. Father declared I was too hopelessly
keep my eyes closed and weep. What a revolution-            blessed to be of any use as a student. There is a time
izing was mine. What an awakening to the mysteries          for all things, but this is not the time for school.
of the Kingdom of God. I cannot account for it, ex-         Turning to me: "What do you say, my boy?" I ans-
cept through this text:                                     wered "Father please let us go to some more of these
         "When HE, the Spirit of truth is come, HE          meetings." He laughed and in his discerning way
    SHALL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH, for                     said: "Yes! Once we've tasted of this wine we are
    HE shall not speak of HIMSELF . . . HE SHALL            as incurable as drunkards! We always want more. So,
    GLORIFY ME, for He shall receive of Mine and            when we had taken leave of our friends, also beloved
    shall show it unto you." (John 16:13,14).               Mr. Leonard, arm in arm we left the house and board-
     In years of extensive evangelism we have had the       ing a train soon arrived in the city proper.
privilege of proving the truth of these blessed state-           My Spirit was annoyed by the noise and confusion
ments of Christ, as we have watched the immediate           of the thick London traffic ever sweeping past us. I
effect of the descending of the Spirit upon thousands,      fain would be alone, without being disturbed. The
who all over the world have received the Baptism. It        cloudburst had not diminished, the showers of blessing
is always the case, "He does not speak of Himself",         were not abated. My heart like a talented minstrel
but He reveals, presents and glorifies Christ. The          only wished to laud its Lord. There was no restraining
Holy Spirit seizes the things of God and gives them         the hymns of gratitude that were pouring through my
such form and beauty, makes them so substantial as          month in the unknown tongue.
to create in our hearts the response of an abounding             As we walked along Father begged me to tone
spontaneous adoration. We also soon learn that it is        down. This suggestion at the moment seemed posi-
tively wrong. How could I forbear and quench the                We took a lively part in everything. Father testi-
Spirit? My eyes were beholding the Fairest of All!         fied to each group his firm conviction of the divine
The Hallelujah thunders rolled within louder than all      character of what we were experiencing. I prayed
the clamour of the city. Seeing that it was useless,       without ceasing, testifying and exhorting with unut-
Father sympathetically said: "Well, William, just          terable joy, encouraging everyone. Many messages
shut your eyes like a blind man and let me lead you.       were given and interpreted, the prophesying was with
I will tell you when the pavement drops or when it rises   remarkable force and effect. We laid hands on the
so that you will not stumble/'                             sick, many of whom were healed. Though we were
     Thereupon I shut myself in with God singing and       largely used yet we were too possessed with the Glory
talking in the new tongue to my heart's content. Many      of God to be thinking about ourselves. If the miracu-
stopped and stood staring at us, wondering what on         lous occurred it did not seem as astonishing as the
earth was affecting me or sad to see another victim        constant cloudless glory and the abundant divine dew
of the liquor evil I suppose. When a couple of 'bobbies'   that rested on our souls.
began to move in our direction Father acted quickly.
He hailed a taxi and dumped me in. The driver in-
quired, "where?" Father shouted: "Anywhere! Never
mind, go on!" The man drove off furiously, probably             I long to be like Thee, to manifest Thy glory;
supposing I was a hospital case. But we praised the
Lord all the way to the next meeting.                               On land or on sea, let Thy will be my home;
                                                                My heart is now fixed, I know Thy voice and follow;
                The Beginning of Service
                                                                       I am Thy willing slave, Lord.
     Not many fathers would be willing to lead their
sons through the streets of London inebriated with the          No more shall I roam.
New Wine of Heaven and rejoicing audibly. But my
Father was a seer, a prophet who had foreseen the com-          Behold, Lord, Thy servant, baptized, equipped and ready;
ing of this great outpouring. God had steadily led him              Send me to deliver, to heal, and to save;
into a deeper death and a fuller consecration. Now he
was being used as a channel to bring all of us into the        I'll make men to love Thee, and all hell shall tremble,
Pentecostal Blessing.                                               Thro' Jesus more than conquer'r,
     From meeting to meeting we went twice that day
and three times on Tuesday. How the Power of God               O'er sin and the grave.
fell! What a marvelous revival was on! The fire was                                        —CATHERINE BOOTH-CLIBBORN.
spreading on every side with such humbling and tears
of repentance, such crying out to God. We knew not
time, we cared less for food. Late into the night the
people would tarry. My greatest delight was to kneel
beside the seekers, bear their burdens in prayer until
they would break through in praise to victory and to
the Spirit's utterance.
                         —48—                                                            -49—
                   CHAPTER VII.                                    In no time we drowned out the rumble of the ex-
                                                             press with one chorus after another. Then we heard
              GOD VISITS OUR HOME                            a voice joining in the refrain from beyond the partition
      On Wednesday it was decided we would return            and wondered who it could be. Father got up on the
home and that noon Adele came up to London with my           opposite seat and looked over. Here was a young lady
younger sister Frieda. They arrived late at an after-        alone, her face beaming with joy.
noon drawing room meeting which was crowded to the                 "Have you the ticket for the Great Journey?"
doors so they were seated at the back. The whole                   "Yes !" she answered. "I have just been converted
congregation was swept by the Spirit of supplication;        and for three days have been in London without meet-
it was then quite customary for all to lift their voices     ing any of God's people. I prayed that I might meet
in prayer together (Acts 4:24). Presently Adele re-          some Christians on the train and be encouraged!"
cognized a familiar voice above the rest and she                   We all rejoiced! God had answered her prayer.
laughed for joy, she knew that God must have baptized        The next time the train stopped she got out and entered
me. Frieda was affected differently, breaking down           our compartment. We comforted her and advised her
with tears she cried out to the Lord for His pardon and      of the Great things God was doing for us. So we had
peace and was heard.                                         still more to sing and praise God for.
      The service came to a glorious conclusion, many              The incident was precious for it taught me to
receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit in power and with      always be submissive to the guidance of the Spirit and
remarkable demonstrations. It was hard to pull away          to have every step of my path ordered of the Lord.
from such scenes. With Mr. Goodwin, a friend, we
made a party of five; took the Tilbury Line train for                  The Fellowship of His Sufferings
Westcliff-on-Sea and days of Heaven on earth.
                                                                   We gathered that evening for prayer in Father's
                The Guidance of the Spirit                   office, and immediately the Spirit of lamentation seized
      While we were travelling I felt impressed that we      me accompanied by such a heavy burden of concern and
should sing. Now in British trains people sit facing         desire for my brothers and sisters as to nearly break
 each other, six or seven facing the like number. All        my heart. Immense clouds seemed to accumulate from
common cars are made up of such divisions with two           everywhere completely darkening my heart's happy
 doors on opposite sides. But in this car a partition        sky. The oppression increased until I could do nothing
 rose half-way to the ceiling, permitting anyone who         but groan and weep profusely.
 stood on the bench to see into the neighboring compart-           In the midst of my heart-rending came flitting
 ment. Other passengers might be behind the wall             memories of what my conduct had been but recently
 so I tried to silence the Still Small Voice that was urg-   in the home that was my home. How terribly God
 ing me to glorify God. Finally I could stand it no          made me feel the true consequence of my treasonable
 longer and proposed again that we should sing starting      behaviour in that still hour. How darling were my
 right off by myself:                                        sisters and brothers as I looked upon them with the
      "Oh! 'twas Love, 'twas wondrous Love,                  appreciation of divine love. A consuming passion pos-
           The Love of Christ to me;                         sessed me to have them share my holy joys. Theirs
       It brought my Saviour from above                      was the sad mirth of the world, they had not been
           To die on Calvary."                               fully weaned from its enchantments. Their natural
                          —50*—                                                       —51—
minds would not understand what had occured to me.         of the sudden change in the tone of the home and
0, I must not repel them, I must draw them! And            looked askance at us all. Timidly she came in and
dear Adele and the governess and the kitchen maid          Frieda was also present. After a few songs, Father
and my school chums, one by one an agony of Spirit         briefly explained what Salvation was and we went to
gripped me for them, they all must taste and see that      prayer. I was soon drenched in a delirium of tears,
the Lord is good.                                          the condition of other hearts weighed upon mine, and
     Presently liberty came, and joy deeper than before    until acquainted with this mystery, it would alarm me
sweeping in on surges of glowing fire. Christ had per-     since that the semblance was like as if I had sinned,
mitted me to watch in Gethsemane with Him one hour         grieved or resisted God. This vicarious making up
and share a moment in His sufferings. I found the          that which is behind in the afflictions of Christ for His
burden of His God-heart a sorrow sweeter than joy!         body's sake, the church, is what Paul speaks of in
Now the Song of Song's was mine and it floated up in       Colossians 1:24.
laughter and music on the wings of the Heavenly                 We often sung choruses on our knees, Father play-
Speech. In my room this continued most of the night.       ing his German harp. While thus engaged in prayer,
     The children were asleep and none but our party       I broke into singing and the burden lifted and the very
was present that first meeting. Adele had silently         glory of Heaven enveloped us. Suddenly the governess,
wept, God was drawing near to her. We children             who had been sitting embarassed, could restrain her
thought much of Adele. She was our second-mother           conviction no longer, she jumped up and fell to her
for she had seen most of us come into the world, and had   knees with piercing screams. The terrors of judgment,
been with our family as a French bonne (nurse). She        of her lost condition, and of her false religious preten-
was a devoted former Salvation Army officer who            ces all together pressed upon her anguished soul. Her
stayed with us through thick and thin. She would           desperate cries filled the room and we all bent our
 always manage the home and take care of us children,      spirits to pray, calling on the Lord to save her. Her
when Mother was away evangelizing.                         wails turned to cries for mercy and salvation. In a
                                                           flash she realized Christ had heard, and now her terri-
                                                           fied cries became boundless rejoicings. She clapped
          The Swiss Governess is Converted                 her hands and cried "He is my Jesus too!" The quick-
     All day Thursday waiting upon the Lord in my          work of God was unquestionably revealed in this her
bedroom the same burden remained. At meals things          simple child-like conversion.     Her happiness was a
were strangely quiet for the others' but we could not      marvelous thing to see. She confessed all her inward
supress our praise nor the tears that flowed freely.       resentment and our joys were all multiplied.
We met again that night and again that crushing heavi-
ness was upon me, the Lord was teaching me how to                       Adele Receives Her Baptism
pray through. I layed my hands upon Adele that she
might receive and the power of God came lightly upon            My prayers were much for our dear Adele. Pros-
her.                                                       trate under the power she wept and laughed as the
     Friday evening Father invited Miss Alice Moser        streams of Glory filled her to overflowing. In the mean-
to join us at the prayer service. She was a splendid       time the Lord had a surprise for me, another new ton-
Swiss Governess from St. Gallen, a linguist, well edu-
cated and an excellent piano teacher, she was training
the younger children. She did not know what to think
                          —52—                                                       —53-
gue whose syllables, hard gutterals convulsed me with         Again that evening a heart-searching, burden-bearing
laughter. The two days of continual burden-bearing            spirit of prayer with strong crying and tears possessed
and travailing in spirit were to result in victory. My        me, and Adele also labored under the load. Indeed
cup was running over. We broke up long past mid-              every one was affected but because the younger children
night but I was too happy to sleep.                           and some of the older were present the intercession for
      The next evening, being Saturday, some of the           them both in the spirit and understanding was espec-
younger children were allowed to attend. From eight           ially severe. At nine some of them retired, the load
until two in the morning Spirit of God was outpoured          lightened perceptibly, then the praise, prophecy and
in copious drenching showers. Adele began to articu-          singing in the spirit began. (I Cor. 14:15).
late syllables arduously, just as if some linguist were
training her in the pronunciation of a foreign tongue.             We had laid hands on Alice Moser the night before
* This continued a long time, but finally to our relief,      and it was soon evident that she was breaking through
she began to speak fluently in a clear powerful speech.       the timidity of her own spirit into a freedom and bless-
You cannot imagine how refreshing it was to see the           ing in praise as new to her as was charming to hear.
"oil of gladness" outpoured upon her also, causing the        She had it all to herself; the intimate way she audibly
same holy laughter as in my case. I had been singing          talked to the Lord kept us listening for a good while.
away each evening alone, but that night we had a duet.        In a short time she was speaking and singing in a new
       Now that Adele had received, my faith was con-         language. Her abandoned delightful laughter, her
firmed and increased. I wrestled with God in perse-           outbursts of enthusiasm in that open and frank manner
vering prayer for Miss Moser, Evangeline, Victoria,           of the Latin races was inimitable.
 Augustin, Herbert and the younger children. The
thirty-seventh Psalm became a daily refuge:                        Then Miss Moser began to sing as only she could,
          "Delight thyself in the Lord; and He shall          for her voice, being naturally high pitched, had been
                                                              trained and under inspiration became brilliant. That
     give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit             night we had a trio, the combination was most effective.
     thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and            Adele's voice was that of a baritone, low and full. It
     He shall bring it to pass".                              was remarkable to those who heard us how we could
       Do not think that such determined spiritual conflict   keep in such perfect accord. But we never gave it a
 is to the liking of the flesh! No! Not for one moment.       thought. The melodies rolled on and on, the chants
 Nothing but God's Divine Strength could have borne           and responses came instinctively. Our parts, whether
 me against the onslaughts of the enemy when engaged          tenor, soprano or alto varied, we sang with great free-
 in this battle from which the Spirit never released me       dom and force to such heighth as would not have been
 until through increasing intercession a definite work        possible to us naturally. The songs were often rapid
 was wrought for each one of them. God, it was, who           reaching loud and sudden conclusions or fading away
 gave me the will and the do of His good pleasure.            to the faintest whispers. These divine oratorios became
                                                              a nightly occurrence, sacred concerts of the richest
               The Heavenly Singing                           improvised music. How I had wished that some of those
     "We all assembled together on Sunday night.              original Heavenly hymns could have been preserved

    *   See "Your Pentecostal Blessing" same author.
                            —54—                                                       —55—
                   CHAPTER VIII.                           often continued till one and two in the morning. In
                                                           answer to Father's definite prayer Adele was granted
           DAYS OF HEAVEN ON EARTH                         the gift of interpretation. Now much of what was
     The atmosphere of the home was completely trans-      said in new tongues was made known, mainly messages
formed. The sound of singing and rejoicing met you         of comfort, cheer and exhortation. When strangers
everywhere. A supreme happiness reigned, we were           were present there were often solemn warnings and
all conscious that Christ was walking and talking with     calls to repentance, always impressive and deliberate
us. It was manifest in those little incidents and duties   with joy or sadness according to the sense.
of daily living. We strove to help each other, eager
to assist and to share in the work that had to be done.         The prophetic utterances in English were common
Our spirits were subdued and sensitive. The superflu-      to us all. The Spirit would place the subject for con-
ous word, the least unkindness or neglect, the             templation before us and prophecy after prophecy
smallest rising in irritation grieved our hearts. It       would come ringing forth on the theme. Sometimes it
was instantly checked and disposed of lest God's Gentle    concerned the Cross of Christ in daily life, or the pre-
Dove be offended. The glorious reality of the prevail-     paration of the Church for Christ's Coming or our en-
ing vision of Christ made any sin show its true hideous    joyment of Resurrection Power. Many of these were
color. At table our hallowed joys and tears would often    taken down in writing. In no case are such prophesy-
mingle with the meal. Instead of the boisterous talk       ings of equal value to the Word but they are useful in
the conversation was seasoned with grace. Though it        that they elaborate and dramatically apply the truth
was happy it was free from levity and carnal interests.    of Scripture.
     As for myself the measureless blessings I had re-
ceived were not to be dissipated. Like David my prayer          Often we spoke back and forth in dialogue, then
was: "Set a watch, 0 Lord, before my mouth; keep           again would simply speak in turn, for instance (speak-
the door of my lips" (Psa. 141:3). Some confessing         ing of the Resurrection) one would exclaim: "See, His
and restitution had to be made. Humbling yourself to       enemies are fleeing! They who guarded death!" An-
your own brothers and sisters can be a thankless task,     other: "Running away from a broken tomb! Ah! When
but nothing could be permitted to disturb the infinite     He shall open all graves, then shall all the powers of
calm of the peace that passeth all understanding. My       darkness fear and know their day is measured." Then
Bible was my constant companion, my favorite portions      maybe Adele would say: "He rises victorious, His is
Solomon's Song, Isaiah and the Psalms. Hours were          all power here and now Hallelujah! And His is all
spent alone in meditation or under different burdens of    power in Heaven, shout aloud ye Angel hosts! His is
prayer. A succession of remarkably vivid dreams were       the sceptre of Heaven. Hallelujah! (Many times in
given me that proved in after years to have been accur-    song). Then the theme would be taken up again "See
ate forecasts of the future. I saw myself preaching        I arose with Him, His wounds and His glory are mine!
to thousands in different parts of the world, many of      All mine enemies have fled, those that watched over
these revival scenes were later recognized, even to such   my soul to destroy it have no power!" On and on the
details as individual faces.                               story develops, with the liveliest singing in between,
            Prophecy and Interpretation                    often interspersed with actions and various demonstra-
                                                           tion. This marvelous spiritual Opera was too choice
    The next week was more wonderful! Our worship
                         —56—                                                       —57—

and sacred to be exhibited and made common. This                  An elaborate succession of prophecy declared the
brief description will give a slight idea of the substance   approaching end of the age describing phases of the
of pages upon pages of these sayings by which we             coming of our Lord in glory. Many messages speci-
profited and were edified.                                   cally warned of tremendous destruction and death in
                                                             a "war of many wars." England was mentioned repeat-
            The Future and The World War                     edly and the "clouds of the north", she would yet "see
                                                             sorrow many days, her girdle will be loosened", (com-
     Messages came full of assurance that God would          merce) and her "pride was to fall to the dust, but God
soon baptize others, that greater things were to be          would yet forbear." All nations were told to repent,
expected. Some warned Father not to let any and              and their people to cease from folly. Fire, smoke and
sundry come in. For friends were beginning to attend,        blood, the sword and plague are constantly spoken of as
but if discretion was not used the working of the            scourges to punish the people of the earth. Once the
Spirit of God was hindered. Only when there was per-         sentence occurs "And I shall sow ships as rocks on the
fect unity did we enjoy the best. Otherwise much             foundations of the sea." An evil wind must blow down
time was spent in sorrow and travail of soul for the         "millions" and pass three times over the world, probab-
unconverted present. These tears and agonizing pray-         ly the Spanish Influenza epidemic.
ers would last till late, then a measure of freedom would         Mrs. Catherine Price then came up from London
return and the glory-singing would begin again.              to pay us a visit. Since she was the first in England to
     One evening Adele had an extraordinary exper-           receive in this present revival her advice was
ience. She went through the whole ordeal of Calvary.         invaluable. She confirmed the work of the Holy Spirit
Prostrated she described the betrayal, trial and flogging    in our midst, but warned us not to prolong the services
of Christ. By the Spirit she was made to personally          after the Spirit would lift, that is, to beware of the
live through every aspect of the Cross, the crowning         "afterglow". Other friends from afar came to witness
with thorns, the stripping and hanging. How she              the wonderful things Our Lord had wrought.
wept as the nails were driven in and the feet were
spiked, and we sobbed with her. Her prophesying con-                         Opposition and Slander
stantly applied what she so vividly felt to everyday life.
I have often seen people go through this proxy-cruci-              Our whole street learned of the meetings and,
fixion since. It is extremely precious and sacred to         especially on Sunday nights, the home was thrown open
the person in question, a very serious and affecting         to strangers; on one occasion every nook and corner
thing to behold. Adele told us that for awhile her           was occupied, our guests sitting all the way up the
hands, feet and side smarted with the wounds with            stairs. Evelyne always arose early to practice the
which she had become so intimate. The Spirit of God          piano and the services lasting until the wee hours, the
had actually impressed them upon her flesh!                  continued noise caused a consternation among our
     The interpretations were now often given by Miss        neighbors. Soon a courteous petition arrived, signed
Moser and myself. Some plead with members of our             by many asking that the clamour cease or be con-
family to earnestly seek God and not reject the visit-       trolled. Father taking quilts and blankets fastened
ation. One foretold that we Would soon be scattered.         them tightly over the? windows and french doors,
Once a visitor was strongly rebuked for doubting that        making a perfect sound-proof prayer room.          The
this was of God.                                             Heavenly music went on unabated, one of my school-
                                                             chums was converted and dear Frieda, Evelyne and
                          —58—                                                        —59—
Theodore would often wait upon God with us.                   but unnoticed to witness the wonder-working of the
     Do not imagine that Satan was idle. Oh! No!              Spirit. After the hymns and Scripture reading we all
he was literally raging about. Not only through dir-          knelt. At first the usual arduous burden-bearing and
ectly attacking us * by the most stupid ways but by           praying in the spirit carried us on a tide of intense
spreading the news that strange meetings were being           intercession, then we joined in the Heavenly choir, the
held in our home. At the Salvation Army Headquar-             praises pealing forth between prophetic messages.
ters it was rumored that we were countenancing spirit-              We always kept our eyes shut so I was quite
ism. That we were 'speaking in tongues' was a con-            startled to realize that Mother had moved over, knelt
sternation to our christian friends. Father stood like        beside me and was looking into my face. Her hands
a rock, had it not been for his faith we could not have       were folded in the attitude of prayer, tears in her eyes
broken through to victory for the whole family. My            as she softly said: "William! Pray for me too !"
parents had much at stake, their influence in the evan-             Now I shrank from such a thing. Listening from
gelical world was immense and they realized that much         childhood to my parents addressing thousands, as a boy
depended upon their attitude. God gave them grace,            of fifteen I had an uncommon respect and regard for
understanding and humility without which there can            them. The love of God that had newly filled my heart
be no walking in the light, for it is written "W$lk while     would not do anything unbecoming or unseemly. Yet it
ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you." (John        was easy to discern that my precious Mother had been
12:35).                                                       greatly moved and was longing and hungering for God
     They did not make the fatal mistake that a host           to let her share in the general chrism of power that had
of prominent christian leaders have made. They did            fallen upon us all. Reluctantly I prayed for her and
not judge that to be necessarily of the evil one or merely     she placed my hand upon her head and said: "Lord
psychic or emotional; because they did not at first un-        give me this blessing too."
derstand it. They were mindful of the prophecy:                      Christmas came and what a different Christmas
         "Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and per-           this was. The frolicking and loud celebrations simply
    ish: for I work a work in your days, a work                did not fit in with the happy piety and praise pervading
    which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man           the atmosphere. What a privilege to possess parents
    declare it unto you." (Acts 13:41.)                        well instructed in the mysterious ways of God! They
                   Mother Comes Home                           would not tolerate what might even have been lawful
     From her extensive campaigning Mother arrived            but what under these circumstances was not expedient.
home. Although Christmas was nearing the meetings              Mother noticed the tremendous change in me and the
never stopped. I shall never forget the first time she         blessed effect of the visitation on the whole house. She
was with us. You know how supersensitive mothers               pronounced it a work of the Holy Ghost: "I know" she
 are, especially when anything deeply affects their            said "because humility is the hall mark of the hand-
children. I had a Mother of Mothers, a rarely gifted           work of God!" A lot of frivolity and indulgence was
                                                               eliminated and throughout the holiday season our meet-
woman whose life-long ministry is said to have brought         ing together in the evening was an occasion looked for-
over a million souls to Christ-                                ward to through all the day.
      Unobstrusively she came desiring to take no part
     * See the book "Your Personal Pentecost, How to Obtain        "Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophecy"
it." Under the chapter "The power of Darkness Oppose"; by
the same author.                                                   My schooling had to be resumed after Christmas,
                           —60—                                                         —61—
but all its pre-occupations did not dampen my zeal for        simultaneously, most of whom were prostrated and soon
the Lord and His law. My meditation was of Him day            praised God in the new tongues. It would take a book
and night! That spring I could often wander into              twice this size to relate the wonderful things we wit-
the wood and by the streams, alone with my Bible.             nessed in three extensive tours in which we saw many
My heart was filled with countless sermons and what           new works and missions established. God was espec-
if I did preach them outloud, nature seemed to always         ially visiting the land of Luther ere the vicious war
say amen.                                                     clouds completely darkened the sky and the holocaust
     The first of my brothers and sisters to receive the      of the world war practically paralyzed such revival
Baptism was sweet Frieda; it was an event of great            efforts bringing them to a stand still.
joy. The baby of the ten, Josephine, was the next to
receive. Later Father took Eric and Herbert to a                                     In Conclusion
Convention called by Mr. Boddy, an Episcopalian vicar,             My story has been told and must end!
in Sunderland, North England. They both returned                   In bold relief, vivid and beautiful stands the whole
transformed, bold to testify, their whole delight in the      experience, as all that is truly God-given unsullied, un-
things of God. Augustin and Theodore received their           altered and more real than ever! Naturally my mind
Blessing in 1910 and Victoria and Evelyne soon follow-        has matured but the vision is not dimmed but has
ed. Prayer had been answered in every case!                   brightened with the near thirty years that have inter-
     Later I went to a boarding school in London where        vened. All that I have seen and experienced in preach-
the trials and persecutions were the best furnace in          ing to thousands upon thousands throughout the world,
which God could test and purify my consecration. The          all that has occurred has only the more deeply con-
ostracism and opposition helped fan the flame of the          firmed the genuineness of the visitation of God to me
desire to win others to Christ. I won some of my              at that time. My first convictions have been repeatedly
school mates. Then came a greater, wider door. My             confirmed and vindicated.
Father knew of my call and together we departed for                I have heard numberless christian leaders and
the continent. In Holland, all over Germany, in Poland        teachers rage, rail, rant, reproach and ridicule that
and on the Russian border we pioneered, conducting            which has been here described. Yet all their supposed
many campaigns and conventions. I confined my min-            repititions and denouncements have not in the least
istry mostly to the children and everywhere God gave          shaken but rather further established the conviction
me much fruit. My audiences of German boys and                that this is of God. Some have been gently laid aside,
girls often reached six hundred or more. Hundreds             others suddenly stricken down and such as have proved
upon hundreds were converted. The power of God                reprobate God has dealt with. Thousands have re-
invariably fell upon them in the prayer after services,       ceived their Pentecostal Blessings in our own cam-
and they would be baptized in the Holy Spirit ten,            paigns; many more thousands will as the outpouring
twenty or more in one night. The Heavenly choir was           continues. No ecclesiastical King Canute can stay
a common feature. Many of them would sing together            the rising waters of this tide, they will all be swept
in new tongues in perfect accord and harmony. They            away one by one. God's banner goes marching on.
manifested remarkable faith; signs and wonders,               To God be all the praise and glory.
visions and prophecies accompanied these children's                Finally, dear reader, the gift of the Holy Ghost's
revivals. * Once the Spirit of God fell upon 160              for you! Let no one dissuade or discourage you. God
     * See "Your Pentecostal Blessing; How to Obtain It" By   is no respecter of persons, if He baptized me He can
the same author.                                              and will baptize you.
                          —62—                                                          —63—

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