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					                                 CURRICULUM VITAE

Name                                    Stephen O’Rahilly, MD, FRS, FMedSci

Date of Birth                           1st April 1958

Place of Birth                          Dublin, Ireland

Current Positions
Director                                2007-             Institute of Metabolic Science
                                                          Metabolic Research Laboratory
                                                          Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

Professor of Clinical Biochemistry      Oct 2002 -        University of Cambridge
& Medicine                              present           Department of Clinical Biochemistry
                                                          Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Honorary Consultant                     1994 -            Addenbrooke’s Hospital NHS Trust
Physician                               present           Cambridge.

Director, MRC Centre for                2007-             Institute of Metabolic Science,
Translational Research in Obesity       present           Cambridge
& Related Metabolic Diseases

Service Centre Director for Clinical    2002 -            Addenbrooke’s Hospital NHS Trust
Biochemistry & Immunology               present           Cambridge.

Deputy Director of the                  Oct 2002 -        Addenbrooke’s Centre for Clinical
Wellcome Trust Clinical                 present           Investigation.
Research Facility

Honorary Senior Scientist                1999 -           Medical Research Council Resource
                                         present          Centre for Human Nutrition Research

Previous Appointments

1998-2002        Director of the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, Addenbrooke’s
                 Centre for Clinical Investigation.

1996-2002        Professor of Metabolic Medicine, University of Cambridge.

1991-1996        Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Cambridge.

1989-1991        MRC Travelling Fellow, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA.

1987-1989        Registrar in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General medicine, Oxford Regional
                 Health Authority.
1984-1987      Research Fellow, Nuffield Dept of `Medicine, Diabetes Research Laboratories,
               University of Oxford.

1983-1984      Senior House Officer in Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London.

1982-1983      Senior House Officer in Medicine, St Bartholomew’s Hospital London.

1981-1982      Pre-registration House Officer, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

University Degrees

MB BCh BAO 1981 (National University of Ireland)
MD 1987 (National University of Ireland)

Professional Qualifications

MRCPI (1983); MRCP (UK) (1984), FRCPI (1996); FRCP (UK) (1996), FRCPath (2002)

Academic distinctions (Awards, Prizes, Named Lectureships)

1975 Department of Education Scholarship to UCD.
     Irish Institute of Chemistry, Gold Medal for First Place in Chemistry in Ireland at Leaving

1981 DK O’Donovan Medal in Medicine.
     Mater Hospital Gold Medal in Medicine.
     Mater Hospital Gold Medal in Surgery.
     Coleman Saunder’s Medal in Paediatrics.

1984 Dr John Keenan Travelling Studentship in Medicine from University College Dublin.

1986 William Stokes Award of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.
     Travelling Studentship in Medicine from the National University of Ireland.

1987 Charles & Maggie Green Jnr. Research Fellowship at Green College, Oxford.
     Awarded the “Golden Stethoscope” by the Oxford clinical students for best clinical

1992 Senior Research Fellowship, Churchill College, Cambridge.

1995 SmithKline Beecham Visiting Professor, SKB, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

1996 RD Lawrence Lecturer of the British Diabetic Association.
     Visiting Professorship, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
     Professorial Fellowship, Churchill College, Cambridge.
     Member of the Association of Physicians.

1997 Bayer Lecturer of the Biochemical Society, University College Dublin.

1998 Visiting Professorship, SEMDSA, South Africa.
1999 Clinical Endocrinology Trust Lecturer, U.K.
     Kroc Lecturer, University of Washington, Seattle.

2000 Archibald Byron Macallum Lecturer, University of Toronto.
     Rufus Cole Lecturer, Rockefeller University, New York.
     Society for Endocrinology Medal, U.K.
     Bristol-Myers Squibb Unrestricted Grant for Metabolic Research.
     Graham Bull Prize in Clinical Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of England.
     Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences UK.
     Honorary Fellowship, Faculty of Medicine, University College Dublin.

2001 Visiting Professor to University of California San Francisco.
     David Pyke & Peter Watkins Visiting Professor, King’s College Hospital, London.
     Alexander Marble Lectureship, Joslin Diabetes Centre, Harvard University.
     European Journal of Endocrinology Prize.
     Novartis International Award for Clinical Research in Diabetes.
     Pfizer Visiting Professorship, Yale University, USA.
     Physiological Society Annual Review Prize Lecturer, UK.
     Robert Turner Memorial Lecturer, EASD meeting, Glasgow.

2002 Gordon Cumming Memorial Lecturer, Medical Research Society, London.
     Peter Baker Memorial Lecturer, King’s College, London.
     Heinrich Wieland Prize, Munich, Germany.

2003 Fellowship of the Royal Society.
     Carl Gottschalk Award, University of North Carolina.
     Lydia Roberts Memorial Lecturer, University of Chicago.
     Harry Bostrum Lecturer, Swedish Society of Internal Medicine.

2004 Julia McFarlane Diabetes Research Centre Special Lectureship, University of Calgary.
     Honorary Membership of the Association of Physicians.
     Foreign Membership of the Association of American Physicians.
     Lilly Lecturer, Queen’s University, Belfast.
     Pfizer Visiting Lecturer, SUNY Stony Brook.
     Linacre Lecturer, St John’s College, University of Cambridge.

2005 Visiting Professor, University of Sussex Medical School.
     H.C. Jacobaeus Lecturer & Novo-Nordic Award, University of Oslo.
     Hadassah Horn Memorial Lecturer, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel.
     Rolf Luft Award, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.
     Middlesex Hospital Medical School Commemorative Visiting Professor at UCH, London.

2006 Biolink USA-Ireland Lifescience Award.

2007 Feldberg Prize
     George Frederic Still Memorial Lecturer, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
     Solomon Berson Award, Mount Sinai Medical School, New York
     Kroc Lecturer, University of Massachusetts.
     Clinical Investigator Award, The Endocrine Society, USA

2008 Lambertsen Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania
Current Major Grant Support

Grants held as Principal Investigator

MRC Programme Grant
Title: Molecular Mechanisms in Human Obesity
Amount: £1,532,512
Duration: 2004-2009
Co-investigators: None

Wellcome Programme grant
Title: Molecular Mechanisms in Human Insulin Resistance.
Amount: £1.2M
Duration: 2006-2012
Co-Investigator: Dr A Vidal-Puig

Wellcome Trust Consortium Grant (Integrative Physiology Initiative)
Title: Integrative Physiology of Common Metabolic Disease
Amount: £5,000,000
Duration: 2002-2007
Co-investigators: 11 other PIs from Cambridge and Oxford.

MRC Centre
Translational Research in Obesity and Related Metabolic Diseases
Amount: £2.7 million
Duration: 2007-2112
Co-investigators: 17 other PIs from Cambridge and Oxford.

Grants held as co- investigator

MRC Research Grant
Title: Targeting therapy to molecular mechanism of disease in obesity & related metabolic
Duration 2006 - 2009

EU 6th FrameworkProgramme
EUGENE 2 “Functional genomics of type 2 diabetes”.
Principal Investigator: Prof. Ulf Smith, Gothenburg University, Sweden.
Amount for SOR lab: Euros 390,000
Duration 2004-2008.

EU FP6 Programme
Title: Diabesity
Principal Investigator: Dr S Dickson, Gothenburg University
Amount for SOR lab: £452,180
Duration: 2004 -2008

Wellcome Trust Consortium Grant (Functional Genomics Initiative)
Title: Biological Atlas of Insulin Resistance
Principal Investigator: James Scott, Imperial College London
Amount for SOR lab: £488,301
Duration 2003-2008

Contributions to Research Infrastructure in Cambridge

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust
Principal scientist co-ordinating the scientific case to the Wellcome Trust.
As its first Director, responsible for co-ordinating the design of the facility and the establishment
of its operating procedures.

Institute of Metabolic Science, Cambridge (IMS)
Principal scientist responsible for fund-raising from Atlantic Philanthropies, Wolfson Foundation
and Garfield Weston Trust.
Principal scientist responsible for design of facility, which will open in 2007.
Chair of IMS Management Committee.

Students Supervised

1.    Anna Krook (Oct 1992-Oct 1995) Elmore Prize PhD Student, Gonville & Caius College.
      Now: Principal Investigator Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.
2.    Philippa Humphreys (Oct 1992-Oct 1995) MRC PhD
      Now: Clinical Scientist GSK, UK.
3.    Heidi Kalloo-Hosein (Oct 1994-Oct 1997) Wellcome Prize PhD Student.
      Now Biotechnology Industry, UK.
4.    Carl Montague (Oct 1994-Oct 1997) MRC PhD
      Now Research Group Leader, Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Germany.
5.    Kevin Baynes (1996-1999) Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow, PhD
      Now Consultant Physician London.
6.    Claire Baker (Oct 1996-2001) BDA PhD
7.    Sadaf Farooqi (Jan 1997-2001) Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow. PhD
      Now Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist, Cambridge.
8.    George Millington (April 97-March 01) Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow PhD
      Now dermatology Specialist Registrar East Anglia .
9.    Ciaran Sewter (Sept 1997-Aug 2001), BDA PhD
      Now Sales Executive, Upstate Biotechnology UK.
10.   Claire Mulligan (Oct 1998-2002)
      Now Post-Doctoral scientist, QMW London.
10.   Ben Challis (Oct 1998-2001 ) Canada Cambridge Scholarship, ORS, Dept of Clinical
      Biochemistry PhD. Now Medical Student, University of Cambridge.
11.   Christopher Lelliot (Oct 1999 - 2003 ) MRC PhD
      Now Post Doctoral scientist AstraZeneca, Sweden.
13    David Savage (1999-2003) Wellcome Clinical Training Fellow MD, Capetown
      Now Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist, University of Cambridge
13.   Vivion Crowley MRC Clinical training Fellow MD Nat Univ Ireland
      Now Consultant Chemical Pathologist, Dublin
14    Stella George (Oct 2000-2003 ) MRC Clinical Training Fellow. PhD
      Now Endocrinology Specialist Registrar, East Anglia
15    Bill Gibson (Jan 2001-2004) Canadian MRC Clinical Training Fellow.
      Now Post Doctoral fellow UBC, Vancouver.
16    Connie Hung, (2002-2005) Cambridge Overseas Trust, ORS, privately funded PhD.
      Now Project Manager, Medigen Biotechnology Corp (Taiwan).
17.   Andrew Powlson (Jan 2002-present ), MBPhD student.
18.   Robert Semple (April 2002-2005), Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow. PhD.
      Now Specialist Registrar in Diabetes, Endocrinology & General Medicine.
19.   Anthony Coll (July 2002 -2006) MRC Clinical Training Fellow. PhD.
      Now MRC Clinician Scientist, University of Cambridge.
20.   Karen Tan, (2003-present) Singapore Agency for Science & Technology Research
      Scholarship. MBPhD student.
21.   Juliette Gray (Oct 2003-present), MRC PhD studentship. Now translator of scientific
      manuscripts in Paris.
22.   Wo-Shing Au (2004-present), Dorothy Hodgkin International studentship. PhD student.
23.   Rebecca Sanders (Oct 2005- present), MRC MSc studentship. Now in biotech industry.
24.   Zorica Jovanovic (Oct 2005-present), MPhil student, Cambridge European Trust, German
      Academic Exchange Service, Kurt Hahn Trust.
25.   Satya Dash (Oct 2006-present), MRC Clinical Training Fellowship, PhD student.

Clinical Activities

Diabetes Clinic (1 per week) Endocrine Clinic (1 per week)
Specialist referral service for patients with severe insulin resistance
Service Centre Director in Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology (2003-)

Undergraduate and Medical Student Teaching

Part II Cambridge Natural Sciences. Medical Biochemistry Option (1 lecture).
Medical Sciences Tripos, Pathology.: Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (2 lectures).
Lectures to clinical students in Medicine, Pathology & Therapeutics (approx. 3 per year).
Teaching to clinical students (15-20 sessions per year).

External Activities


Associate Editor of Diabetologia (1995-2001)
Scientific Editor of the Journal of Endocrinology (1996-2003)
Editorial Board Quarterly Journal of Medicine.(1999-2003)
Editorial Board Diabetic Medicine (2001-2005)
Editorial Board Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (2002-)
Editorial Board Reviews in Endocrinology & Metabolism (2000-)
Editorial Board PLOS Biology (2003-)
Associate Editor Cell Metabolism (2004-)


Member, BDA/Diabetes UK Research Committee (1996-2001)
Member, Wellcome Trust Clinical Interest Group (1996-2002)
Chairman, Wellcome Trust Clinical Interest Group (1999-2002)
Chairman, Awards Panel, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation Award for Metabolic Diseases (2001-
Member, Research Advisory Council of Research into Ageing (2002-2004)
Member, Scientific Advisory Council of the Dublin Molecular Medicine Centre (2002-)
Chairman, Medical Research Society (UK) (2004- )
Member, SAB of Dublin Centre for Human Proteomics (2004.-)
Member, Academy of Medical Sciences Council (2004 - 2007)
Member, Royal Society Sectional Committee 10 (2004-2007) and the Biological Sciences
   Awards Committee (2005-2007)
Member, Council of the Society for Endocrinology (2006 - )
Panel member, Foresight Tackling Obesities Project, Department of Trade & Industry (2006)
Scientific member, Ernst Klenk Foundation (2008- )
Member, SAB of the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Hammersmith Hospital (2008 -)
Chairman, MRC Translational Research Overview Group (2008- 2010)


Chairman of SAB and co-founder Cambridge Clinical Research (UK) (2001-)
SAB member Biovitrum (Sweden) (2001- 2007)
SAB member Paradigm Ltd (UK) (2002-)
SAB member of OSI/Prosidion (UK) (2003-)
SAB member Cambridge Antibody Technology (UK) (2004-)

Public Understanding of Science

Multiple contributions on national and international television and radio regarding the science of
obesity and diabetes.
Public lectures in schools and lay organisations.
Public Lecture in the Royal Institution Lecture Series 2003.

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