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									             The Blind Bowler
Official Publication of the American Blind Bowling
                  October, 2009

              Nancy Giddings, Editor
               18014 Iodine St NW
               Ramsey, MN 55303

          American Blind Bowling Association, Inc.
                      2009-2010 Officers & Assistants
Keith Edgerton
3319 W. Parkridge Drive
Peoria, IL 61604-2011
(919) 621-1707

First Vice President
Art Tyson
520 West Franklin St. apt. 1104
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 643-3027

Second Vice President
Fred Nickl
111 South Dwyer
 Arlington Heights, IL 60656

 Tournament Director
Judy Mandelkow
P.O. Box 25499
Chicago, IL 60625
 (773) 588-3294

      Mike Staab
      1424 Dormont Avenue
       Pittsburg, PA 15216

Rozella Campbell
2826 Tall Oaks Ct. apt. 15
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
(248) 853-0209

Assistant - Awards
      Leslie Hawkins
      19461 Beaverland
       Detroit, MI 48219
      (313) 532-4143

Guide Rails Manager
      Craig Barnes
      2256 Rumson Road
      Raleigh, NC 27610
      (919) 832-9049

 Committee Chairs-Members & Area Associations
National Tournament Committee
Chairperson: Sharon Benton
 1209 Somerset Rd
 Raleigh NC 27610

    John Harden
    145 N. Halifax Ave. Unit 605
    Daytona Beach, Fl 32118
    (386) 238-5871

      Jeanettea Schaefer
      1220 Muessing Rd.
      Indianapolis, IN 46329

      Harry Cordellos
      1021 2nd St. # B
      Novato, CA 94945

      Judy Mandelkow (ABBA Tournament Director)
      P.O. Box 25499
      Chicago, IL 60625
       (773) 588-3294

Finance Committee
Chairperson: Art Tyson (First Vice President)
520 West Franklin St. apt. 1104
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 643-3027

Finance Committee Members:
      Kathy Brockman
      2735 S. 61st St.
      Milwaukee, WI 53219

      Jeff Hawkinson
       4945 Columbus Dr.
      Oaklawn, IL 60453
       (708) 499-4402

     Frank Tucker
     909 Westmont Dr.,
     Alhambra, CA 91803
     (626) 282-9969

     Rick Ryan
     6709 S. Clairmont St.
     Centennial,CO 80122
     (303) 773-6169

Corporate Fundraising Subcommittee
     Kathy Brockman
     2735 S. 61st St.
     Milwaukee, WI 53219

     Wilbert Turner
     3041 E. 121st St.
     Cleveland, OH 44120

     James Benton
     1209 Somerset Rd.
     Raleigh, NC 27610

     John Shaffer
     46 Macamley St.
     Buffalo, NY 14220
      (716) 822-7195

Legislative Committee
 Fred Nickl - (Second Vice President)
 111 South Dwyer
Arlington Heights, IL 60656
       Linda Keeney
       320 South Gramercy Place apt. 205
       Los Angeles, CA 90020

      Janice Erkilla
      5253 42nd Ave. S.
      Minneapolis, MN 55417

      Shirley Williamson
      3016 Corinth Ln.
      Durham, NC 27704
      919-667-8944 – (cell 919-667-8944)

      Icelynn Hunt
      2027 King Street
      Janesville, WI 53546

Public Relations Committee
 Chairperson: Wilbert Turner
3041 East 121st
Cleveland OH 44120
(216) 561-6864

    Joe Smith
    638 Dayton Rd.
     Bryn Mawr PA 19010
     (610) 527-2626

     Sue Edgerton
     3319 W. Parkridge Drive
     Peoria, IL 61604-2011

     Nancy Giddings, Blind Bowler Editor
     18014 Iodine St. NW
     Ramsey MN 55303

     Robert Wright – Webmaster
     2201 Sable Blvd., Unit 1003
     Aurora CO 80011
     (720) 222-0647

Public Relations Sub-Committee members:
      Wendell Williamson
      3016 Corinth Lane
      Durham, NC 27704
      919-220-1075 (H)
      919-308-8445 (cell)

     Alfred J. Inglesby
      5515 W. Market St. apt. 1506
      Greensboro NC 27409
     (336) 638-4115

     William Flippen
     1004 Westham Parkway
     Richmond VA 23229

     Ginger Rush
     5908 Periwinkle Ct
     Raleigh NC 27609-3660

Rules Interpretation & Enforcement Committee (RIEC)
Chair: Wally Burmeister
5314 S. Springfield Street
Chicago, IL 60632-3729

RIEC members:
     Jack Lenk
     6347 Mardel Avenue
     St. Louis MO 63109

     George Morris
     4211 Wyoming
     St. Louis MO 63116

     Judy Mandelkow
     P.O. Box 25499
     Chicago, IL 60625
      (773) 588-3294

      Rozella Campbell
      2826 Tall Oaks Ct. apt. 15
      Auburn Hills, MI 48326
      (248) 853-0209

Nominating Committee:
 James Benton
1209 Somerset Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27610

    Joyce Spencer
    2817 Kidd Road, apt. D
    Raleigh NC 27610-1846

      Rod Burris
      P.O. Box 8491
      Janesville, WI 53547

Area Associations:
Chairperson: Richard Patterson
6603 Leeds St.
Philadelphia, PA 19151

Members: President, Secretary/Trea., Tournament Dir., All Association Pres.,
Sec./Treas. & League Representatives.

Midwest Blind Bowling Association
President: Fred Nickl –
111 South Dwyer
 Arlington Heights, IL 60656

Thomas Lester – Secretary
19146 Ardmore
 Detroit MI 48235,
(313) 864-0448,

Membership fee = $5.00

Tournament Director: Louise Lawitzke
 1805 Davis
Wyandotte MI 48192-3517
(734) 285-6118

Eastern Blind Bowling Association
Mike Patterson – Secretary
6603 Leeds Street
Philadelphia PA 19151
(215) 879-5608

Membership fee = $3.00

Southeastern Blind Bowling Association
 Secretary: Judy Jeter
1031 Howell Drive
Vinton VA 24179,
 (540) 556-3489

Membership fee = $6.00

Tournament Director: Sandy McDaniel
1317 Fairway Ave.
Ormond Beach, Fl. 32174

Upstate New York Association
John Shaffer – Secretary,
 46 Macamley St.
 Buffalo NY 14220,
 (716) 822-7195

Membership fee = $2.00

Tournament Director: Jim Hancharik
249 S. Pearl St.
Canandaigua NY 14424

Erie Independent
Secretary: Richard Come
1184 Horstman Ct.
Erie, PA 16504

Tournament Director:
Penny Ohmer,
4142 Davison Ave
Erie PA 16510

Lake Erie Upper NY Blind Bowling Association
Secretary – Nancy Lockett
1926 Linwood Ave
Erie PA 16510
Tournament Director

Here we are, back for another season of bowling. Where did summer go?
Today I’m sitting in a beautiful Minnesota state park for the last camping trip of
the season, then next week it’s back to bowling. Hope that your summer was a
memorable one.

For our family, the start of summer is always marked by the national
tournament; this past summer was no exception. Wilbert Turner and his host
committee did a great job of hosting the tournament, they are to be
commended. The bowling alley and hotel were wonderful hosts also. Even the
guide dogs had their own special bowl of doggy treats at the hotel. It was a
good time for all. If you did not attend the tournament in Cleveland, mark your
calendars now. The blind bowlers in Greensboro, NC are hard at work trying to
give us as good a tournament in 2010 as we had in Cleveland. I know for a fact
too that the tournament committee in Minneapolis for the 2011 tournament is
already hard at work, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

At the convention in Cleveland, we elected new officers for the organization.
Congratulations to Keith Edgerton, President; Art Tyson, First Vice President;
and Fred Nickl, Second Vice President. Rozella Campbell continues in her role
as Secretary/Treasurer, and Judy Mandelkow continues on as Tournament
Director. The complete list of officers and committee information will be in this
issue of The Blind Bowler.

This past summer, we were saddened by the passing of Ed Fitzpatrick of the
Pittsburgh TopCats. Ed is one of the past presidents of the American Blind
Bowling Association (ABBA), and a good friend. There is a tribute to Ed in this
issue that mentions all of his hard work for blind bowlers. ABBA was important
to Ed, and Ed was important to ABBA. Congratulations go out to A.J. Inglesby
and Melody Heath, both of Gate City Blind Bowlers, Greensboro. They were
married this past August. We wish them many happy years together. So,
welcome back, and enjoy this issue of The Blind Bowler
--Nancy Giddings, Editor, The Blind Bowler

Welcome to the start of a new and exciting bowling season! Much has
happened within the American Blind Bowling Association and as President, I
am eager to share the good news about what is happening and will be
happening during the 2009-2010 season.

As you should have heard, ABBA has worked hard to increase its revenues and
decrease its expenses. The increase in sanction fees was a difficult decision,
but one that was necessary to keep ABBA a viable entity. Additional
fundraising and the addition of a Corporate Fundraising Subcommittee should
allow ABBA to better serve its membership. We are now in a better position to
expand our organization with an outreach to those areas of the country
without blind bowling representation.

I would like to thank Wilbert Turner and James Benton for organizing and
providing the tickets for the Lucky 300 Stimulus raffle. This is a great
opportunity for bowling and ABBA! Although each ticket is $100, this also
allows groups of people to have an opportunity to win a large amount of
money for their participation. Let’s all spread the word and help get all of
these tickets sold!

As the new bowling season continues, it will be important for everyone to get
involved by sharing their ideas on directions in which they would like to see
ABBA serve. Our organization is only as good as its membership and, to that
end, we would like to see more participation from each member league. The
mid-year meeting in Greensboro will be important for forging these directions.
I encourage all leagues to send representatives to participate. To help grow
our membership, I would also like to challenge each and every person to try to
bring in at least one new bowler into the organization. If anyone should learn
of or know of a location that would benefit from a blind bowling league, please
do not hesitate to let myself, any of the officers, or other committee members
know. We are here to grow and support the healthy activity of bowling
amongst other blind communities.

The National Tournament & Convention will also be held in Greensboro this
year. The bowlers from Greensboro have been working diligently to provide an

outstanding tournament and to welcome everyone to North Carolina. I look
forward to seeing everyone there! Good luck and have a great bowling season.
--submitted by Keith Edgerton, ABBA President

From The Desk of the Secretary Treasurer, Rozella Campbell
Sept. 2009

Bowlers! We made it through the 2008-2009 season and have been given the
privilege to begin the 2009-2010 season. Let us try and stay out of the gutters
and achieve that long awaited “200”, “250” or “300” game, some of our
members have proven it can be done, if they can do it, so can we.

Average Books were mailed/emailed in July. Informational packets were mailed
and (emailed upon request),to: Officers, Life Members, League Secretaries and
Committee Chairs.

At the first meeting of your League the following should/have taken place:
      A) Informed of ABBA sanction fee increase ($15)
      B) Non/sanctioned members can receive the Blind Bowler by email, just
      by signing up.
      C) Challenged Athletes Foundation gives grants to cover expenses when
      participating in sports.
       D) Two Policy changes – Expenses for Committee Members attending
      the Mid Year capped at $150, Officers, $225.
      E) 2010 Tournament will be held in Minn. F) Your league constitution/or
      by-laws and rules have been /will be read. If your secretary has not
      shared the information with you, please ask, they are quite busy at this
      time of the season.

Following are some needed corrections or additions:
   Average Book Corrections by page
   Gold Medal Winners
   Add under High Single Game:
   Jason Miller SM 300, TopCats Blind Bowlers, Pittsburg PA
   Rita Szymanski PF 221 Chicago Braille Center Chicago, IL

(Page 7) Chicago AA Blind Bowlers, Chicago IL. Remarks column.
 Byster, Sue – (Chicago Braille Center), Padilla, Maris – (Chicago Alba),
Szymanski, Rita, (Chicago Braille Center), Williams, Darnell – Wos, Larry –
Zwolinski, Rich – (Chicago ALBA)

(Page 8) Chicago Alba Blind Bowlers – Chicago IL, list under Remarks:

Padilla, Maria, Williams, Darnell, Wos, Larry, Zwolinski, Rich – (Chicago AA)

 Chicago Braille Center Blind Bowlers – Chicago IL - under Remarks please

Byster, Sue – (Chicago AA), correction, Symanski, Rita – (Chicago AA not

(Page 9) Chicago Braille Center,
      Tucker, Renee, 39 Games, 87 Average
(Page 17) Motor City Blind Bowlers
      Leslie Hawkins, 63 Games, 146 Average
      Carol Hawkins, 78 Games, 118 Average
(Page 18) Remainder of Motor City Bowlers:
      SF – Sharp, Jewel 66 Games, 121 Average
      TF – Staple, Ada, 63 Games, 86 Average
      PF – Steele, Matilda, 72 Games, 86 Average
      PM – Yancy, Mike, 87 Games, 125 Average
(Page 19) Kalamazoo Blind Bowlers, Kalamazoo MI
      Correct listing; all other information is correctly listed.
      Bailey, Pat
      Bailey, Sue
      Bailey, Tracey
      Branch, Mike
      Dubnicka, Mike
      Flinn, Robert
      Johnson, Sarah
      Thamon, Ken
      Moon, Jenny
      Moon, Marty

       Moxley, Michelle
       Richert, Gerald
       Sinkler, Terry
       Strou, Brain
(Page 23) Blind & Sighted WNY – Buffalo NY
       SF Bellezza, Karle 81 - 116
       SM Brown, Patrick 72 - 128
       SF Grabowski, Theresa 60 - 149
       PF Monks, Peggy 53 - 107
       SF Mule, Melissa 69 - 119
       SM Royer, Jeff 60 - 121
(Page 24) Buffalo League Sightless, Buffalo NY
       Cianciosi, Richard - average (51) not (120)
       Cianciosi, Sharon average (120) not (51)
(Page 30) Onslow Bears Blind Bowling – Jacksonville NC –
Insert Games Average
       TF Davis, Christine 54 - 64
       SF Huber, Susan 45 - 68
       SF Jones, Jeanne 54 - 119
       PM Lannon, Bob 42 - 84
       PM Shipard, Rodney 51 - 74
       PM Woodard, Monte 48 - 95

(Page 32) Capital City Blind Bowlers
      SF Abrams, Adrienne 17 - 117 (not have 21 games)
      SF Abrams, Betty Jean 78 - 107
      TM Abrams, Bob 84 - 65
      PM Allen, Scott 36 - 109
      PM Barnhart, Andy 84 - 87
      PF Gamble, Cindy 48 - 99
      PM Gamble Sr., Mike 87 - 93
      PF Gillen, Tina 93 - 105
      PM Knott, Paul 39 - 132
      PM LeMaster, Kurt 30 - 172
      PM McGowen, Thomas 96 - 157
      PF Miller, Der 69 - 100
      PM Miller, Matt 81- 90

      PF Mollett, Sandy 96 - 127
      PF Mortier, Joan 75 - 102
      SM Newman, Joseph 72 - 159
      SM Oesterie, Maynard 93 138
      TF Piepho, MaryLyn 36- 74
      TF Ruf, Kim 56 - 40
      SF Ryan, Joyce 96 - 146
      PF Sams, Donna 87 - 116
      TF Staley, Betty 24 - 32
      PM Staley, Howard 75- 109
      PF Ulicney, Theresa 86 - 118
      SM Workman, John 93 - 170
      SF Workman, Penny 96 - 132
(Page 55) April
      Upstate New York Invitational Tournament (UNBBA/UNBBAT)
(Page 56) ABBA National Tournament and Convention
      (May 26 – May 31, 2010)

August Mailing Packet; Corrections By Sections
2009-2010 Officers & Assistants
Page 10; Delete, Ollie Lester,
Replace with: Sue Edgerton, 3319 W. Parkridge Drive, Peoria, IL 61604-2011
Page 14; (Erie Independent, Secretary– Richard, not Roger Come)
Page 15; Lake Erie Upper NY Blind Bowling Association
       (Delete title, Lake Erie is under UNBBA Association)

Policy Statements
Page 29 - Change $225 to $150.

Page 51-52 (insert the remaining Life Members)
*Edward Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh PA
*Wayne Keeney, Los Angeles CA
Anthony Pezzimenti, Buffalo NY
Cathy Fleming, Roanoke VA
Kathleen Brockman, Milwaukee WI
Travis Johnson, Paragould AR

    Jim Fleming, Roanoke VA
    Wilbert Turner, Cleveland OH
    Arthur Tyson, Richmond VA
    Mike Staab, Pittsburgh PA
    Linda Keeney, Los Angeles CA
    James Benton, Raleigh NC
   --submitted by Rozella Campbell, ABBA Secretary/Treasurer

Dates: November 19-22, 2009
Greensboro-High Point Marriott
One Marriott Drive
Greensboro, NC 27409
1-800-228-9290 or 336-852-6450
Fax: 1-366-665-6526
Room rate - $79 @ 12.75% tax
Rooms will be held until October 29, 2009
Meeting rooms will be labeled in Braille
Complimentary airport Shuttle to and from PTI airport 24 hours per day
Group rate will be offered 2 days prior and after our event, based upon

Mid-Year Meeting Schedule
Friday, November 20, 2009
7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Tournament Committee
Sharon Benton, Chair - Piedmont Ballroom
8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Area Association Meeting
Rich Patterson, Chair - Piedmont Ballroom

Saturday, November 21, 2009
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Finance Committee Meeting
Art Tyson, Chair - Piedmont Ballroom
8:45 a.m. – 9:45a.m. Public Relations Committee Meeting

Wilbert Turner, Chair - Salons A-C
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Legislative Committee Meeting
Fred Nickl, Chair – Piedmont Ballroom
10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Rules Interpretation and Enforcement Committee (RIEC)
Wally Burmeister, Chair - Salons A-C
12:30 p.m. Midwest Luncheon (By Invitation Only)
3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Mid-Year Board Meeting
Keith Edgerton, President – Piedmont Ballroom

Good news, when you come out of the Piedmont Ballroom, Salons A-C is
directly across the hall.

Questions, Additions, Deletions please contact: Secretary Treasurer – Rozella
Campbell @ 248-853-0209/ or President -
Keith Edgerton @ 919-621-1707/
--submitted by Rozella Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer

Hello Fellow Bowlers, This is the year we start to grow in number again. I am
looking forward to us having a great bowling season. First I wish to thank each
of you that made it to Cleveland for our last tournament. It was a success
because of you. I also say to those who had a desire to be with us, but were
unable to be there, we missed you and we will look for you in Greensboro.

 Should any of you have some ideas on how we can get more visually impaired
folks bowling - how we can contact folk that once use to be bowlers. I’m
talking about our friends in Dallas, Atlanta, Spokane, Portland, and Arkansas
and all of the other places where ABBA once had representation, please
contact us and them to encourage them to return. We miss and we need
them. Also if you have something that you feel is appropriate for the public
relations to address, contact one of us. We are representing you.

 Now, an update on our fundraiser. To date we have received $2300 from
tickets that already been paid for in Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio,
Kentucky, Washington DC, and Wisconsin. If your state is not listed, there is
still time, we have still have more tickets available for sale. If we can sell all
tickets by the midyear meeting, we can make 5 people and the ABBA happy for
both Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you need tickets, call Wilbert Turner at
216-561-6864 or email me at
--submitted by Wilbert Turner, Public Relations Committee Chair

 Hello to all American Blind Bowlers, here is hoping that each of you had an
enjoyable summer. I also hope that you are looking forward to another fun
filled bowling season.

During our May convention, we voted to host a 300 ticket raffle to help raise
money to sustain our organization. With the cost of everything going up, we
have the desire to keep our cost of bowling down so that more of us visually
impaired bowlers can continue to bowl. There are only two ways to make that
happen. One is to have a national fundraiser, which will allow each league to
participate. The other way is that we can increase our membership. You will
be hearing from the Public Relations committee in the future regarding the
things we wish to try to increase our membership.

About the Lucky 300, this raffle is a win/ win for at least 5 bowlers, or
potentially 5 leagues, or a combination of leagues or friends or associates. This
raffle is designed to raise $15,000 for the ABBA. $15,000 would greatly help our
organization. Let us look at how we can purchase these tickets.
The cost of a ticket is $100.00 and the prizes are as follows: First prize - $5,000,
second prize - $4,000, third prize - $3,000, fourth prize - $2,000, fifth prize -
$1,000. This means all prizes are large enough for you to divide and share with

Your league can buy a ticket and put the money in its treasury, or your league
can buy tickets and split the money with the league and its members. Two or

more people can purchase a ticket together. Then of course a lot of you know
someone that can and will buy a ticket if you ask them, please ask them. Also
Lions clubs, Rotary clubs, Knights of Columbus, and other nonprofit clubs will
buy a ticket if you ask them. In short, we have 300 tickets and there are 1500 of
us. Therefore if each member would commit to $20 towards a ticket, all the
tickets would be sold. You may contact our ABBA secretary, Rozella or me to
request tickets.

 The drawing is schedule to take place as soon as all the tickets are sold. If we
do not sell all of the tickets, we must draw on May 30th, 2010 at our next
Convention. Let's make it happen. Thanks in advance for your support.
--submitted by Wilbert Turner, Public Relations Chair

The Gate City Blind Bowlers and Gate City Lanes would like to welcome you to
Greensboro for this year’s National tournament. We are working very hard to
make your time in Greensboro the best it can be. We want to make it a
tournament that will be talked about for years to come. To make this happen
we already have many things in the works.

First of all we already have the National t-shirts on sale. You will find an order
form in this issue and you will not want to miss getting at least one because
they are absolutely gorgeous. For the first time in a while there is a variety of
color choices for the shirts. The colors are hunter green with gold imprint,
burgundy with gold imprint, royal blue with white imprint, purple with white
imprint and navy blue with white imprint. All colors are available in sizes small
to 2XL but the navy goes up to 4XL. It doesn’t matter what size you need
because they are all one price. That’s right all shirts are only $20 per shirt!

Second we have lined up an excellent bowling center for your bowling
pleasure. The staff is very personable and will go out of their way to assist you
with your bowling needs. The house is a 52 lane center that can be challenging
at times. In addition the layout of the center makes it very simple to navigate
and find where you need to be. For example, there are two sets of bathrooms
one on either end of the center for convenience. The full service snack bar is

located near the middle of the center. It serves alcohol and awesome food at a
reasonable price. Ralph’s Pro Shop will be open and operating at full service
and can handle any of your last minute bowling needs.

You will be staying at the Greensboro Airport Marriot which is located on the
property of the Piedmont International Airport and only 8.3 miles from the
bowling center. The hotel’s grounds and layout are beautiful and easily
accessible to all guests. The room rate is a steal at only $79.00 per night plus
tax. The hotel is a non smoking hotel but they do have designated areas
outside the building for people to smoke at. These areas are on the hotel
property. One is located just beyond the front entrance and the other two are
located in the designated guide dog relieving areas.

We don’t want to forget about our doggie friends who will be traveling with
us. The hotel has set aside two areas for guide dogs to park. The main one is
located on the first floor by the Volleyball court. The second one is located on
the second floor just outside of the meeting rooms. Both are easily accessible.

Finally, transportation is in the works to assist those of you who are arriving via
bus or train to get to and from the hotel. More details will be forthcoming as
they come together. Since the hotel is located on the airport property they
offer a free shuttle for those of you who are flying into Greensboro.

We know that in these tough economic times you might be saying you don’t
have the money to cover your bowling expenses but you need not be worried.
Remember there is an organization that can help called Challenged Athletes.
All you need to do is fill out the application and provide the necessary
information and send it in by December 1st to qualify for a grant.

So there is no reason not to prepare for one of the best ABBA National
tournaments in the history of ABBA. The bowling as always will be fierce
competition but we will enjoy visiting with our old and new found friends in a
warm and inviting city full of southern hospitality. See you in Greensboro May
2010 and until then good luck and high scoring.
--submitted by AJ Inglesby, Gate City Bowlers
Editor’s note: The order form for tournament shirts is the last page of the

The Greensboro host committee is going to have the hotel raffle this year.
Each ticket is $5.00 per ticket. We will draw five winning tickets during the
tournament. Here is the breakdown of prizes:
       First place - The cost of three nights at the hotel
       Second place- The cost for two nights at the hotel
       Third place - The cost of one night at the hotel
       Fourth place - TBA
       Fifth place - TBA
If interested in buying tickets please tell us your name, league name, phone
number and how many tickets you want. Please send your money and
information to
       Lonnie Cunningham
       1007 Ashe St.
       Greensboro NC, 27406
 If you need to call him his number is 336-275-1377.
--submitted by AJ Inglesby

Just a thought, if everyone on a four person team pitched in $25.00 each and
purchased a stimulus ticket, even if you won fifth place, which would cover the
entry fee and most of your hotel room for the national tournament!!

The Chinese Auction during the Cleveland ABBA National Tournament was the
most successful to date! The amount of money raised for the ABBA Host
tournament fund was $1500.00

Thanks to everyone who made the auction such a great success! I would like to

thank those who donated gifts and those who purchased tickets. A special
thank you to Sue Edgerton and Linda McClary for their help in keeping the
auction running smoothly. Thanks also to Joe and Charlotte Laramie who
made the Braille labels.

There was a $5.00 Raffle for the Greater Cleveland host committee that raised

I look forward to seeing you all next year at the tournament in Greensboro.
-- Submitted by Janice Erkilla, Minneapolis Blind Bowlers.

Challenged Athletes is an organization that helps athletes with disabilities that
are on a fixed income. The application process is open from September 1, 2009
thru December 1, 2009. If you are mailing in an application, it must be
postmarked no later than December 1, 2009. Information can be obtained on
line by going to their website or by calling them
at 1-858-866-0959. The grant will be determined and awarded by April, 2010.

USABA First Annual Ten Pin Bowling Tournament
The following is information received from United States Association of Blind
Athletes (USABA).
      ABBA, USBC Sanctioned
      First National Ten Pin Bowling Tournament will take place during the
      week of November 16, 2009. You will bowl 3 games. Using last years
      ending average, handicap will be set at 90% of 220. New bowlers that
      wish to join in the tournament can do so; however, there will be
      handicap caps. Sighted bowlers will have a cap of 25 pins, partial sighted
      bowlers will have a cap of 50 pins, and totally blind bowlers will have a

cap of 75 pins. The purpose of the cap on the handicap is to help prevent
the possibility of a bowler sand bagging.

There will be no distinction between visual classifications. It will be most
pins over average over the 3 games. Your secretary and bowling center
manager will sign each printed score sheet to be mailed in. Hand written
scores will not be accepted under any circumstances to ensure accuracy
of scores.

The entry fee will be $50 per person. If we have 200 participants the
total entry fees will total $10,000. Approximately 20% of the entry fees
will be held to help sponsor the USA Bowling Team for the International
Ten Pin Tournament in 2011. Of course, if we have more or less
participants, the pay schedule will be adjusted. Entry fees are due on or
before November 14, 2009 and there will be no exceptions, so please
plan accordingly. The top ten places will receive trophies. There will be
three trophies awarded for high scratch games and three trophies for
high scratch series based on visual classifications for both men and

Additional forms and registration packets can be located and
downloaded at Please contact Gerald Rickert at Further information can be found at
Pay schedule:
First place will be $1000,
Second place will be $900,
Third place will be$800,
Forth place will be $700,
Fifth place will be $600,
Sixth place $500,
Seventh place will be $400,
Eighth place will be $300,
Ninth place will be 200,
Tenth place will be 100,
Eleventh to Twentieth place $100

If you have further questions you can contact either USABA, Keith Edgerton or
Nancy Giddings.

Midwest Blind Bowler members don’t forget our prize week. The annual Prize
Week is bowled November 1 -7, 2009 during normal league times. Members
bowling in leagues that have sanctioned by Oct. 15th of the current season are
eligible, averages to be used are those printed in the ABBA average book for
the previous season 208-2009. The prizes range from $40.00 to $10.00 and an
additional $10.00 will be paid for a qualifying ABBA award. Therefore it is
important that league secretaries send in the entire series and not just the
total. The league secretary must also send the award to ABBA. Prize Week is
based on pins above average. Prizes will be paid in all divisions A thru E as
follows, 75 pins above for a man, 65 pins above average for a woman in A thru
C divisions, 70 pins above for d and e males division and 60 for D and E
woman. Scores must be submitted within 10 days after bowling session is
over. They may be called in to the secretary treasurer at 313-864-0448 or mailed
to Thomas Lester 19146 Ardmore, Detroit MI 48235. Remember these scores
are on a series not just one game.

Congratulations to the winners of the High 3 Game Series. The list will be
printed in the October Newsletter.

The 2010 53rd Midwest Blind Bowling Association Tournament will be held in
St. Louis MO. The dates will be March 12 thru March 14, 2010. The host hotel
will be the Airport Marriott at a rate of $74.00 per night plus tax, up to 4
persons in a room. The hotel has an indoor pool and full bar and restaurant.
We will be using The Strikes and Spares Lanes which has a bar and food
service. These are the same facilities used by the National tournament in 2008.
The bid for St. Louis was approved for the 2010 tournament. There will be
more information to come, as the 2010 tournament gets closer. Here is the
hotel information; St. Louis Airport Marriott, 10700 Pear Tree Lane St.Louis, Mo.
63134. Reservations can be made by calling 800-228-9290 Or (314)-423-9700
--submitted by Tom Lester, MBBA Secretary

United State Bowling Congress (USBC) league rule 102 authorizes the league
president to appoint a prize committee, which is to report to the league with
proposals for one or more prize lists no later than the fifth week of the bowling
season. USBC rule 117 states that the league board of directors or the general
membership must approve a prize list. ABBA leagues that are not part of USBC
may use this same procedure or may establish its own policy.

All ABBA leagues are bound by USBC rule 17 which allows a league board of
directors to dismiss a bowler for unfair tactics including a violation of rule 17,
section B paragraph 2 which reads as follows; “Failure to distribute prize
money to team members consistent with verbal or written agreement”
The major portion of prizes should go for team position standings based on
wins or losses or a point system. Other prizes should be for team and
individual high games including handicap. Most blind bowling leagues do not
award prizes for scratch scores. The prize list in addition to cash prizes may
include trophies, medals, merchandise or gift certificates.

ABBA does not normally become involved with conflicts within a league.
Certainly, ABBA is not a collection agency for misused funds. Once a league
dismisses a member for not paying prizes, then ABBA may consider suspending
that person from ABBA membership until the situation is resolved.
--submitted by Walter C Burmeister, ABBA Rules Committee Chair

The ABBA lost one of its pioneers when my father Edward Fitzpatrick passed
away on August 9, 2009 from complications due to diabetes. He was 72. The
Blind Bowler Editor asked me to write a tribute to him. I hope this does him

My father had two great loves in his life - his family and bowling, more
specifically the ABBA. My father began losing his eyesight at the age of 22.
This never prevented him from pitching batting practice or quarterbacking a
game of football in the street with us kids. My father introduced me to
bowling and encouraged me to join my high school league. He taught me how
to keep score as well as pin spot. Bowling would become our strongest bond.

He joined the ABBA in 1961. He caught “bowling fever” and was never the
same again. He married my mother Judie in May of 1965 and they spent their
honeymoon at the ABBA National Tournament in Washington, DC. I did him
one better when I married my lovely wife Pam during the 2004 tournament in
Las Vegas (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

Our family routine often revolved around bowling tournaments: Erie in
October, the Midwest in March and the National in May. He accumulated a lot
of bowling trophies while I was growing up. He bowled with the legendary
“Over the Hill Gang” and its members Oral Miller, Buddy Keith, Joella Johnson
and Bill Spiers. “Brother Fitz” as my father was called also bowled doubles
with the “Big O” Oral Miller. My dad would also bowl doubles with Angie
Burmeister in many other Midwest and National Tournaments. My dad invited
me to join the TopCat Blind Bowlers in 1989. I went to my first National
Tournament in Denver that season. I got to bowl with my father and Oral
Miller as a member of the “Over the Hill Gang”. This will always be one of my
most treasured bowling memories with my father.

I loved going to tournaments with my dad. As a diabetic he was never allowed
to drink alcohol. He used to say I drank enough for the both of us. I would
always answer him “It’s the Irish way”. Even though he couldn’t drink he
would love to sit in the bar with us “party animals” sipping on his diet soda.
After we would close down the bar the two of us would find a party in
someone’s hotel room. He always loved to meet new people as well as meet
up with old friends at the hospitality room and the dance.

My father was involved in many aspects of the ABBA. He was Second and First
Vice President as well as a Past President. He was also President of the MBBA
and served on numerous ABBA committees. He was also the National

Tournament Chairman when the tournament was held in Pittsburgh in 1968,
1978, 1988 and the 50th in 1997.

His greatest ABBA achievement was when he was selected to receive the Abe
Cohen Lifetime Achievement Award. I think he was most proud of this
accomplishment. It was because of this that we buried the award with him.
My dad went to every National Tournament between 1961 and 2009, except
one. In 1996 he was in the hospital for surgery on his feet (diabetes again).
When the doctor told him he could not go to the tournament in Winston
Salem, North Carolina, it was the only time I can recall seeing my father cry. He
gave his life to the ABBA and in turn the ABBA and its members gave him life.

I heard a quote about how a man’s wealth can be judged by how many friends
he has. If this is indeed true, my father was a wealthy man. The outpouring of
prayers and condolences from leagues and bowlers from the ABBA was truly
overwhelming. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind
thoughts and prayers. It is so comforting to know he touched so many lives
and had so many people he could call friend.

I as well as my family and friends are sure going to miss his boisterous laugh,
his great sense of humor and even his goofy jokes. I think the ABBA will miss
his honest and integrity.

I am sure he is up in Heaven now, anxious to get the bowling season started. If
I know him, he’ll want his hero Earl Anthony as his doubles partner. I sure hope
he saves a spot on his team for me when it’s my turn to go. Bowling sure will
not be the same for me without him, but I know he would want me to continue
on with this wonderful organization. I look forward to seeing you all in the

He was my father, my friend, and my hero. I love him, miss him and am proud
to be his son. I love you dad.
--submitted by Kevin Fitzpatrick, TopCat Blind Bowlers of Pittsburgh

On April 18, 2009, Lamar Mitchell of the Chicago Tappers, who has an average
of 169, bowled a perfect game of 300 at Lawn Lanes in Chicago, IL. On the
same day he learned that his best friend passed away. Lamar was sad and
stated that he wasn’t even going to come bowling that day but something told
him to come anyway. He kept to himself and got in a zone and with every strike
that he threw; he dedicated it to his best friend, Dirk. Congratulations and
great bowling, Lamar.
--submitted by Vanessa Pitts, Chicago Tappers

   November 19-21, 2009, Mid-Year Meetings – Greensboro, NC
   November 16 - 22, 2009 USABA Mail-in Tournament - your bowling alley
   December 10 – 16, ABBA Mail-O-Graphic Tournament - your bowling alley
   March 12-14, 2010, Midwest Tournament – St Louis, MO
   May 26-31, 2010, ABBA National Tournament and Convention

So, except for the tournament results, here we are at the end of The Blind
Bowler. If you have any comments, additions or corrections, please send them
to Nancy Giddings,, or if you do not have a computer,
my address and phone number are listed at the beginning of the newsletter. If
you have an article that you wish to submit, please follow the same procedure.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to post the ABBA award
winners for last year. They will appear in the next issue of The Blind Bowler.
Thanks for your understanding. Hope you have some great scores for me to
post in an upcoming issue.

The following is a list of the top three finishers in each category. If you have
further questions about tournament results, please contact Judy Mandelkow,
Tournament Director. Her contact information can be found at the beginning
of the news letter

Master’s Event
First Place: Carolina Sharpshooters          1966 total pins   $358.00
       Susie Davis            Raleigh
       Joyce Spencer          Raleigh
       Terri McLean           Raleigh
       James Benton           Raleigh
       Mike Blount            Raleigh

Second Place: Carolina Cowboys               1954 total pins   $308.00
     Alice Kelly            Raleigh
     James Oates            Raleigh
     Diane Johnson          Raleigh
     Robert Johnson         Raleigh
     Herbert Everett        Raleigh

Third Place: Rough Riders            1901 total pins     $258.00
      Gregg Scott              Pittsburgh
      Maggi Ostrowski          Pittsburgh
      Mike Staab               Pittsburgh
      Fred Nickl               Chicago
      Ken Roehl                Madison

High Series – Gold Medals
      Laura Russell            Los Angeles         349
      James Benton             Raleigh             384
      Terri McLean             Raleigh             451
      Herbert Everett          Raleigh             541

Team Event – Handicap
First Place: Indianapolis #5       2623 pins w/handicap $492.00
       Joe Higdon            Indianapolis
       Russell McNeely       Indianapolis
       Nancy Cole         `  Indianapolis
       Leslie Mitchell       Indianapolis
Second Place: Knock ‘Em Down              2578 Pins w/handicap $452.00
       Clarence Diming       Chicago Tappers
       Nina Phillips         Chicago Tappers
       William Bryant        Chicago Tappers
       Patricia Fraley       Chicago Tappers
Third Place: Macomb Blind Bowlers         2558 Pins w/handicap $412.00
       Michelle McBride      Macomb
       George Kolon          Macomb
       Charles Ogier         Macomb
       Eric Hoffmann         Macomb

Scratch Trophy and Gold Medal – Team Event
Pure Dynamite                                  1821 pins
      Denise Santiago       Chicago
      Rick Jorgenson        Chicago
      Dino Santiago         Chicago
      Evell Jones           Chicago

Doubles Event – Legally Blind
First Place: Kerrie Worth - Raleigh 1421 pins w/handicap     $294.00
             Albert Roberson - Raleigh
Second Place: Carl Evans        Forsyth   1373 pins w/handicap $274.00
               Lonnie Cunningham Forsyth
Third Place: Sue Kolodziej - Sacramento     1355 pins w/handicap $254.00
             Ben Kolodziej - Sacramento

Scratch Trophy and Gold Medal – Doubles, legally blind
Carl Evans - Greensboro                  986 total pins
Lonnie Cunningham - Greensboro

Rich Jorgensen - Chicago Alba                 932 total pins
Evell Jones - Chicago Alba

Double Event – Sighted
First Place: Regina Smith - Philadelphia      1391 w/handicap $216.00
             Willie Johnson – Cleveland
Second Place: Dominick McKinley – Flint,      1356 w/handicap $196.00
                James Thompson – Flint,
Third Place: Anthony Alexander – Chicago Tappers 1351 w/handicap $176.00
             Deon Sims – Chicago Tappers

Scratch Trophy and Gold Medal – Doubles, sighted
Elaine Vining – Minneapolis                    1173 total pins
Kevin Fitzpatrick – Pittsburgh

Singles Event – Totally Blind with handicap
First Place: Simon McNeal – Cleveland               696 w/handicap $125.00
Second Place: John Mavis – Los Angeles              693 w/handicap $115.00
Third Place: Carol Riddle – Cincinnati              692 w/handicap $105.00

Scratch Trophy and Gold Medal – Singles – Totally Blind
Alverness Scroggins – Flint               361 total pins
Simon McNeal – Cleveland                  378 total pins

Singles – Partially blind with handicap
First Place: Eric Hoffmann – Macomb                 747 w/ handicap $167.00
Second Place: Charlene Lloyd – Forsyth              719 w/handicap $152.00
Third Place: Michael Wilmoth – Forsyth              719 w/handicap $152.00

Scratch Trophy and Gold Medal – Singles – Partially blind
Robin Roland – Flint                      477 total pins
Eric Hoffman – Macomb                     648 total pins

Singles – Sighted with handicap
First Place: Martin Moon – Kalamazoo          768 pins w/handicap   $132.00
Second Place: Dominck McKinley – Flint        745 pins w/handicap   $122.00

Third Place: Trey Gregory – Durham      730 pins w/handicap        $112.00
Scratch Trophy and Medal – Sighted bowlers
Karen Arndt – Flint                     562 total pins
Jimmy Clemons – Chicago Tappers         640 total pins

All Events with handicap – totally blind
First Place: Simon McNeal – Cleveland    2071 w/handicap $108.00
Second Place: Kendra White – Peacebreakers 2027 w/handicap $ 98.00
Third Place: Gina Shanks – Troublemakers       1980 w/handicap $ 88.00

Scratch Trophy and Medal - All Events, Totally blind
Alverness Scroggins – Flint                1120 total pins
Simon NcNeal – Cleveland                   1117 total pins

All Events with handicap – Partially blind
First Place: Kerri Worth – Raleigh         2040 w/handicap $127.00
Second Place: Michael Wilmoth – Forsyth 2031 w/handicap $120.00
Third Place: Eric Hoffmann – Macomb        2015 w/handicap $113.00

Scratch Trophy and Medal – All Events, Partially blind
Robin Roland – Flint                      1359 total pins
Evell Jones – Chicago Alba                1913 total pins

All Events with handicap – Sighted
First Place: Dominick McKinley – Flint        2166 w/handicap $114.00
Second Place: Trey Gregory – Durham           2112 w/handicap $104.00
Third Place: Rick Irving – Post 80            2104 w/handicap $ 94.00

Scratch Trophy and medal – All Events, Sighted
Sandy McDaniel - Daytona Beach            1590 total pins
Kevin Fitzpatrick – Pittsburgh            1833 total pins

ABBA Awards
Pins Over Average
AJ Inglesby       Greensboro                  60 pins over
Al Travers        Denver                      75 pins over
Charlene Lloyd Troublemakers                  60 pins over

Maurice Williams Troublemakers            60 pins over
Mshenda Diming Chicago Tappers            75 pins over
Nancy Lockett    Erie                     75 pins over

Split Conversions
Albert Roberson     Raleigh               7-9 Split
Chuck Graham        Carter Family         8-10 Split
James Baxter        Harrisburg            7-10 Split
Ken Pleuss          Carter Family         7-10 Split
Robert Weiss        Carter Family         7-10 Split

Silver Medal
Albert Roberson Raleigh                   231
Alverness Scroggins    Flint              180
Dave Olson       Journey for the Blind    254
Eric Hoffman     Macomb                   234
Evell Jones      Chicago Alba             254
Greg Mulvaney Carter Family               257
Mike Gates       Rock County              264
Leslie Hawkins   Motor City               226
Tom McGowan Columbus                      237

Bronze Medal
Carrie Woodward Chicago Alba              223
Jeanetta Schaefer Indianapolis            188
Karen Arndt       Flint                   223
Kevin Fitzpatrick Pittsburgh              256
Regina Smith      Philadelphia            256
Ron Stanchak      Delaware Valley         215
Terrell Jones     Gate City               224

                                   Gate City Blind Bowlers, Greensboro NC

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