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									                                            Thai Herb
1).The rice flower.
Other names: Rice (center), his USC film (above), white flowers of the (London) by Chain and
Kick (Sakon Nakhon) and O-grade fuel (Laos) Acrgecrืa (Sara), just to talk to him when the
Monkey. When Gunther was perhaps a bad corny (Karen - Lampang), City of (County).
Common names: -.
Scientific name: raphistemma pulchellum (Roxb.) well.


This is associated with wood vine. The trunk is smooth and still and white latex.
Application: It is the opposite pair. Like an oval or heart shaped. At the end of the blade is sharp
with a long tail. The leaf, the leaf is smooth and concave. Width of about 4-15 cm long, 60-20
cm leaf is thin. The middle of the blade at the base and top coat will be put to a cluster. Stem
leaves are 4-12 cm long, the slender and small.
Flower: White to be larger if the maximum is about 3-4 cm wide flowers are a bunch of forked
leaves. A bouquet of flowers around the stem, flowers and bouquets are 2-10 cm long and 5-10
cm long, pedicel very small, about 2-5 cm long flowers have 5 petals similar secondary elliptical
or parallel edges. The rounded edges of the petals of some The base of the petals 3-4 mm long,
connected with five petals, the petals are white base connected to a bell-shaped with a length
12-18 mm, the thickness of the petals. And shorter flower tubes too.
Pollen: Sat 5 petals and stamens are available with a length of about 10-12 mm, which is
attached to the layer of pollen pollen, which is connected.
The result: There will be a pod. There are about 15 cm in length and curvature.
Propagation: By the use of near side. The dry forest species over the other Ben.

Part used: fruit, flowers and seeds.


Flowers and fruit as food.
Cardiac glycoside poisoning seeds are used to treat fever and sweating.
Reference: Dictionaries Thai Dr. Wit Thiengburanathum.

2). Somutrocdm sorghum.
Other names: The Code The Code aims at the (South) Rice Green Rice Green Bird Hagchgag
(North) Korea raised Huang Xu (China) Haghan I Somutrocdm PUD (Central).
Common Name: Negro Guinea Grass, Millet Grass, Sorghum,.
Scientific name: Sorghum vulgare Pers.

From: plants such as grass. Stems are round and have a height of about 3-4 meters and will be
visible along with short brown hair.
Leaves: The leaves are alternate and narrow line width of about 4 cm long and about 50 cm
under the stomach, the leaves are hairless, but with the white powder.The middle line is
solid. It's really sharp end of the blade. The leaves and the leaves have short hairs.
Flowers: a bouquet at the apex is about 30 cm long
Seeds (fruit): the effect of the apparent strengths. Surface would be it. The seeds are rounded
with a Thai. Pop out of his shell. The seeds are brown to gray with a lot of dough.
Propagation: by seed.

Part used: seeds and roots are used as medicine. When the seeds are collected from April to
keep the seeds dry out and burn them to use. The root is used fresh.The drying time.


30-60 g of dry beans to boiling water, eat a delicious moist skin, body and energy.Harsh
treatment of cholera, dysentery heal intestinal and stomach. The non-toxic diuretic.
Roots to dry for about 15-30 grams and 30-60 grams of freshly boiled water, eating a delicious
moist. Do not use a diuretic, blood block pant I can treat asthma, stomach pain, calm the nerves
after birth, blood falls, and also help in accelerating the birth.
Do not use: pregnant women not eat.


1.'s Difficult birth. Take root, dried in the shade. Burned to ash and pulverized into a
powder. Dosage is mixed with 6 grams of alcohol.

. 2 digestive system of a bad boy. The seeds are dried and roasted until golden, about 30 grams
to put his son (Zizyphus jujuba Mill. Var inermjin (Bge.) Rehd), roasted and ground together,
scorched skin 2 times a day.

3. My stomach. Or chest pain, Brit fate. Root fresh water to warm it.

4. Women who fall in blood after birth. The fresh root, mixed with brown sugar, about 7 at about
15 g of water consumption.

5. The neurotic. I do not control. The root is about 30 grams of dry stalks still in Weanngm
(Acorus gramineus soland.) Segment Chinese grass (Juncus effuses L.) per 15 g of spinach
leaves, bamboo, Chinese (Pleioblastus amarus (Keng) Keng f.) 5 The use of boiled water. eat
6. Treat asthma, coughs, use dried root, approximately 15 grams of sugar, then pour soup to

Reference: Dictionaries Thai Dr. Wit Thiengburanathum.

3). Cassia.
Try Thai herbs. To relax the "Cassia" I try to solve the same time.

Many people would never eat curry Cassia. Menu, prepared with chili paste and coconut milk. It
hides a nasty taste sweet, slightly bitter taste of Cassia, it helps to have a good appetite The
young leaves and flower buds of the Cassia. The substances named. Call Barbara Ann
Hydro. (Anhydrobarakol) has properties which helps to relieve stress and mild laxative effect,
with the alkaline compounds in the leaves Cassia Lloyd. Sedative effect, making sleep easier.

The Cassia flowers are full of nutrients. Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals including
vitamin A, vitamin C helps the body and eyes, gums, teeth, bones and skin care improves
immune. The healing faster.

Beta-carotene contained in Cassia. Also reduces the risk of cancer.
Cassia leaves are high in calcium, phosphorus, strengthen bones. Teeth. Nourish the brain,
nervous system maintenance.
Iron helps to build red blood cells.
Vitamin B1, B2 and night scene in the car carbohydrate, protein, fat and dietary fiber. Helping to
excrete it.
Cassia is one of the authentic Thai herbs. It is the scientific name Cassia siamea Britt. But it can
also be found in Southeast Asia. And the Pacific Islands. From Indonesia to Sri Lanka. Cassia is
a beautiful flower. The growing popularity as a shade tree by the roadside. Abroad have been
ordered Cassia species in Thailand.To be grown as ornamental plants.
In the rural way of Cassia also the theme of many types. The drugs were healthy.And the East
have to memorize the words rhyme. "I bet the steel beach" to the red nucleus is the core
essence Cassia prickly Mahad four core themes should eat regularly to keep body pain and

Cassia is a fast growing timber tree. Smart people are often planted under levee Cassia. The
leaves are cured and cooked fruits regularly. Cured without the use of gas to lose flavor. Cassia
is growing and planting one or two years the wood used.

Remember that the house next to Gai's litter will be out to collect firewood for them.Curry said
his mother made using fire wood. Beef is the meat. Smell of smoke and fire. Firewood at home
is mostly wood, with wood Sakae Cassia. But I would prefer a Cassia tree.

Cassia trees because the wood is good. Leaves of Cassia. I also eat a delicious curry. Curry
that I had to eat the whole village. It does not need to be taken from the ridge above his home,
free firewood, leaves Cassia is free. I can share.

How Cassia curry leaves. Prior to boiling water for a few water to reduce bitterness.Cassia curry
done in various ways. Put the coconut milk, curry, roast beef, it is very wonderful. The jungle
curry leaves Ieanag I put the juice to taste again.

Cassia also contains many nutrients including protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus,
iron, thiamin, niacin, and if there are two soft flower soup with vitamin A and vitamin C will be
quite high. People that like to eat curry Cassia her in vain. Do not eat as a side dish. You can
enjoy a whole day without really want to eat something else. Cassia leaves may be because
almost all the nutrients it.

Cassia is like eating soup that is eaten in a bowl. I make my soup into a bag around.Put them in
the refrigerator. What I found was on the other. From the original work or need to spin this. After
eating a bowl of soup in Cassia we will feel comfortable and strangely serene. I think that would
be a drug to Cassia curry. Later came to know that. Substances in the leaves of
Cassia. Barbara's collection (Baracol) which is capable of relaxation.

Obama's call for higher dimensions. The drug helps sleep. If the size is not very effective to help
calm the nerves relax without making a song like the nerves of foreign drugs. If we are serious,
then we go to the doctor present. We will be given relaxation. These drugs relax (Anxiolytic
Drug) has a side effect. The sleepy. It interferes with our normal operating conditions. News and
rumors symptoms Lึ session. Not work well.

But Barbara's collection. Relaxation of natural compounds from more than I was lost without a
song. This is a study that will bring you Barbara Collection is made of relaxation. It has a clear
head and a capsule containing Cassia sold. Advertised as relaxation. The drug is already

If it works, it's good to eat. It is of Thai herbs. If it's too expensive to sell. We do not own it. The
market was going to buy Cassia curry leaves to eat. The ground I do bolus. I dried the water or
coffee and tea consumption. Nothing is damaged.

Stress is caused by our mind. What drugs are all external dependency. No long-term solution. In
turn stabilize the emotions. In practice I see many things. Depending on the condition that it is
wrong. As a result of various factors. Unequivocally I do not have to go beyond that. It is the
right solution than the use of antidepressant

Said the American one. I often write prescriptions. Four times a day for meditation, breakfast,
lunch and dinner and at bedtime, instead of dispensing medications. If you want to use
relaxation. We should turn to experiment with drugs natural relaxation. We do with your
hand. Without having to wait for him to make medicine capsules in a pure place. I do not know
when it will be done once. (Like many other pure compounds from Thai medicinal plants. The
research is not complete), then the price is very expensive.

We should begin to rely on internal mental stress. Then I drug. Start with a dose of nature, such
as the Cassia, which we are familiar with it as safe. Let me see I could not stomach.

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