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									                                        MINUTES OF THE AGM HELD AT JVT BANGALORE ON 21 JUN 09


Air Mshl ( Retd) NB Amaresh                President
AVM (Retd) SS Lahiri                       Vice President
Cdr (Retd) PJ Joseph                       Treasurer
Air Cmde (Retd) DK Hegde                   Member BOM
Wg Cdr (Retd) J Rebello                    Member BOM
Cpl (Retd) Galgali                         Member BOM
Ms G Paul                                  Secretary
118 Members and 18 Proxies                (As per attendance register).
Mr KC Shekhar                              Auditor (In attendance)

  Agenda Item                        Discussion                     Proposed &                        Decision                                  Action By
I – Roll Call      The Secretary informed the house that more than 85 members had registered and hence, quorum was established.

II -- Obituaries   The President said it was his sad duty to inform members of the passing away of three members: Smt Harshan Kaur (Flat 315), Wg Cdr R
                   Prabhakar (Flat 336) and Smt Theograj (Flat 711). He conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families. The house observed two
                   minutes silence.

III – Welcome      President welcomed all members and thanked them for attending in strength. He also thanked the Board of Managers for their time and
Address by         effort, Staff of the Association, residents of Block 1 for accommodating the venue of the meeting, volunteers who successfully conducted
President          festival celebrations like Diwali, New Year and Holi. He went on to mention the contribution of (i) R Adm Sampath Gopal for using his
                   good offices with AFNHB with regard to additional parking, (ii) Wg Cdr V G Kumar as the Web Master, (iii) Mr. Poovaya for architectural
                   inputs for the Community Center, (iv) Wg Cdr J Thomas for rainwater harvesting, (v) Wg Cdr USM Bish for getting additional free centrex
                   phones for gates/guards/office and for helping out with BESCOM and BSNL, (vi) Wg Cdr G Raman for water problems with BWSSB. In
                   the end he thanked Gp Capt Sinha for getting approx Rs. 1.8 crores released in BBMP for repair of the road outside the JVT colony.

                   He said that the General Body was supreme and without wasting more time, he requested residents to help in making JVT a model
                   colony by practicing self discipline in order to maintain peace and harmony, respect, support and co-operate with the Security personnel,
                   ensure usage of vehicle passes, save water and avoid wastage, save electricity, keep the area clean and that animal lovers should
                   observe the sentiments of those, especially children, who may be afraid of pets and walk them outside the colony. He urged all to (i) take
                   a one-time centrex connection for Rs. 100/- only which will help with security and connectivity in times of emergency, (ii) to remove all
                   encroachments in the common areas and stilt parking, (iii) payments of O & M charges to be made on time. He welcomed constructive
                   comments and criticism but requested members to desist from raising old issues, repeatedly, that had already been closed.
IVA – Approval     The Secretary read out the minutes of the SGM         Brig (Retd) R The house approved the minutes.                          Secretary
of Minutes of      held on 09 Nov 08. She asked if the house could Rangarajan
GBM Held on 09     continue with agenda for the current meeting as       (725)
Nov 09              most points arising out of the previous meeting
                    were being dealt with later on during                 Col (Retd)
                    proceedings for the day.                              KV
IVB – Matters       Wg Cdr (Retd) M Damodaran (191) enquired about pending O & M dues from members. The President informed the                      Treasurer
Arising Out of      house that pending dues had been reduced from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 2 lakhs. There were only 8 defaulters as on 31
the Minutes         Mar 09. After exhausting all other means, legal action was being taken against these defaulters. He congratulated the
                    Treasurer on achieving this result.
V -- Report by      By way of updating the House on issues and events during the past year, the President said that the BOM had – (i) Economized in
President           manpower by multi-tasking, reduced extra lighting and brought down electricity expenses, controlled water pumping, liased with BESCOM
                    to stop them cutting off power to JVT on account of individual allottee bills, got the Corel exchange replaced by the BSNL exchange,
                    added an alternative land line to civil exchange, met MLA S Raghu and urged speeding up of the road work outside JVT, stayed the sale
                    of additional parking by AFNHB, settled the TATA Indicom case in our favor hence all charges stand dropped; allegations made against
                    earlier BOM now proved false, reduced O&M outstanding dues from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 2 lakhs, trained our staff in lift breakdown drill and
                    fire fighting drill, had a dialogue with a Doctor who will shortly see patients in the Association office for one hour in the morning and one
                    hour in the evening besides on Sunday mornings also, changed the Security and saved nearly Rs. 80,000/- monthly, introduced token
                    system to keep track of domestics and other workers, banked Rs. 91 lakhs (includes the LTMF payment received from AFNHB) and filed
                    IT returns for JVTAOA as per law of the land.
VI – Status of      With regard to the status of the Project, President said that modifications suggested by Mr. Poovaya (Apt 614) for the Community Centre
the Project         have been incorporated and the PDC for the swimming pool and the Community Centre will probably be end July 09. He said that the
                    Project Director pursued and along with the good offices of past President, Air Mshl B K Pandey, would hopefully ensure that the open
                    drain would get covered as funds were already allocated for this. He said that AMCs were contracted for and part payments made for
                    Lifts and Generators. Greening was in progress and outside help like generous gifting of 150 plants from Cdr. B K Nagaraj, (Apt 892),
                    Isha Foundation and Association efforts, saplings were put down which would be replanted as soon as the project is handed over in toto.
                    He said the sub-committee for rainwater harvesting led by Wg Cdr J Thomas, had shown on ground how saving of water can be
                    combined with saving of cash. He said that a doctor from ECHS would visit 2 or 3 days a week as soon as the MI room is completed. An
                    extension counter of the ASTE canteen is also likely to come in and talks with Vijaya Bank will soon result in an ATM in our complex. He
                    said that the process for Khata and Property Tax in on for a very reasonable fee. Lastly, due to efforts of Member Equipment, Air Cmde
                    DK Hegde, the Handing Over/Taking Over of all blocks other than 3, 4 and 5 were complete and lists with defects and deficiencies were
                    presented to the Project Director.
VII -- Policy on    The President mentioned that the swimming pool was an asset             President said that as soon as the pool is handed       Secretary
Swimming Pool       as well as a problem. Last year the GBM voted in favour of              over to the Association, a paper would be prepared
                    having the pool. Cmde V Kumar (771) said that all should share on the swimming pool, circulated to members and
                    capital expenses on the pool while running expenses should be           opinions invited.
                    borne by actual users. Air Cmde SP Deshmukh (283)
                    recommended that, in view of water shortage and high costs,
                    harvested rainwater should be used for the pool.
VIII – Additional   President said they had taken up this point with AFNHB and with President ruled that this sentiment would be                    Secretary
Parking             the good offices of Rear Adm Sampath Gopal, had convinced               conveyed to AFNHB in a letter.
                    them to stay the sale of additional parking to allottees. After
                   discussions members agreed that they did not want their own
                   land to be resold to them again and agreed that additional
                   parking should not be created and sold by AFNHB.
IX -- Brief on     The Vice President said that the SGM of 09 Nov 08 had               1. In view of the objections and the fact that this   1. Secretary
O & M Charges      constituted a committee to examine the O & M charges and to         report was not circulated 21 days before the AGM,
                   make recommendations. He said that the committee has                President ruled that a discussion would be allowed
                   submitted their report and had made three main                      but a vote on a hike in O&M charges or the options
                   recommendations: (1) There should be a differential slab system     to be enforced would be postponed for the next
                   for tenants and owners. (2) Insurance should be catered for (3)     GBM
                   Depreciation should also be catered for. While an increase of O
                   & M charges was necessary, the committee had given 3 options        2. The report is to be circulated to all members,
                   for the consideration of the house. He thanked Sqn Ldr AV           either by post or electronically.
                   Haridevan ( 875 ) for doing the bulk of the work and preparing                                                            2. Treasurer
                   the Excel tables. He said that the report would be useful for the
                   future also.
                   Cmde V Kumar (771) raised a point of order saying that the
                   report had not been circulated before the deadline for proxies (7
                   days); hence there was no time for members to study the report
                   and direct their proxies on how to vote. He asserted that, while
                   the house could discuss the issue, it would be improper to take a
                   vote. Brig. (Retd) R Rangarajan said that (i) the O&M committee
                   was constituted in November last year (2) that the same was an
                   Agenda point and if members had any suggestions for the
                   committee to incorporate, they had enough time to convey the
                   same. The objection of insufficient time for this report was
                   supported by Wg Cdr J Thomas (533), Air Cmde KB Menon
                   (521) and others but was opposed by Cdr M Chandrashekar
                   (631), Air Cmde R Merani (786) and others who felt that unless
                   we took decisions we could go on discussing to no end.
                   Sqn Ldr AV Haridevan (875) explained the details of the three
                   options. A spirited discussion followed. Wg Cdr USM Bish said
                   that a Bombay Court had allowed a 10% differential and some
                   members said that differential was in vogue in quite a few
                   residential complexes.

X -- Any Other     1. Trilateral agreement among owner, tenant and BOM                 1. President said that this bye law will be fully     1. Secretary
Points Permitted                                                                       enforced from now onwards
by the Chair       2. Cdr S Niketh (146) said that there was a problem in Block 1                                                            2. Secretary
                   and that a dog belonging to the occupants of flat 162 had bitten    2. Secretary to pursue the matter.
                   one person. . President said that the BOM was aware of the
                   problem and the police were also dealing with it. The first owner
being abroad, there was delay in getting his contact details.
                                                                   3. President said that interior work is only allowed      3. For info
3. Mrs S Kodikal (836) said that there is excessive noise in the   from 0900 to 1900 hrs on working days. It was not
neighborhood, starting at 6 AM and also internally from the        feasible to impose further restrictions.
carpenters doing woodwork. She requested that carpenters be
prohibited from working in the afternoons from 2 to 4 pm.          4. President said that Moving In charges were free
                                                                   for the first occupation of an apartment but
4. Wg Cdr USM Bish (276) sought a clarification on interior        subsequently Rs. 1000/- would be collected for
charges.                                                           usage of freight lift. He said that interior charges of   4. For info
                                                                   Rs. 1000/- were for the carpenters who damaged
                                                                   the walls and took many trips in the lift for tea,
                                                                   meals, retrieving materials, etc..

5. Lt Col S Jagannathan (736) enquired about share                 5. President said that share certificates would be        5. Secretary
certificates                                                       printed and issued soon.

6. Gp Capt P Venugopal (524) said that the domestic workers
had collectively raised their rates                                6. President said that the current recession had          6. For info
                                                                   changed the climate and no immediate action was
7. Wg Cdr S K Kalra (472) recommended that a gym be set up         required.
in the new Community Centre                                                                                                  7. Secretary

8. Wg Cdr S K Kalra (472) said that the earthing in his flat was   7. President said that this was already in the            8. Secretary
defective                                                          plans.

                                                                   8. The Vice President said that he was aware of           9. Member ic
9. Cdr M Chandrashekar (631) said that the pits created for        the problem and it would be rectified.                    RWH/member
water harvesting were an eyesore.                                                                                            Greening

10. R Adm Sampath Gopal (211) said that the project was            9. President said that the work was not complete.
nearly complete but there were several issues pending. He          The area being with the PD, greening and planting
requested the general body to authorize the next BOM to take       of shrubs would resume when it is handed over to          10. For info.
necessary action, including legal action. Wg Cdr J Thomas          JVT.
(533) opined that the BOM had sufficient authority to tackle
various issues. He cautioned against taking hasty legal action,
which could boomerang against the JVT AOA. AVM SS Lahiri
(216) agreed 200 %, adding that calibrated action was required
and no blanket sanction should be given. Air Cmde SBS Paul
(272) said that the house had elected BOM members and
reposed confidence in them and that they would not take any        10. Blanket authority cannot be given to the BOM
hasty decisions. However, this was not an opportune time to        who are to function within the existing byelaws.
                    take legal action.

                    11. Wg Cdr V K Dhar (386) said that many residents had         11. The house applauded the recommendation           11. Secretary
                    encroached on the common areas by placing empty boxes and      given by Wg Cdr Dhar.
                    flowerpots in common areas. He urged the BOM to take stern
                    action against the offenders.
                                                                                   12. President informed the house that:
                    12. Points raised on internet:                                 (a) Insurance is being progressed.
                    (a) Insurance
                                                                                   (b) Tenants should not sub-let their flats to PGs.   12. Secretary /
                    (b) Paying Guests in some flats                                                                                     Treasurer
                                                                                   (c) Airtel had backed off from providing landlines
                    (c) Airtel landlines
                                                                                   (d) He could not give any firm commitment on
                                                                                   behalf of AFNHB
                    (d) PDC of the project
                                                                                   (e) The PD is arranging for suitable signage.

                                                                                   (f) Multiple bank accounts had become necessary
                    (e) Signage                                                    due to poor service on the part of the first two
                                                                                   banks. The new bank was providing free pick up
                    (f) Multiple bank accounts                                     for cheques. Moreover, the deposit insurance was
                                                                                   thereby tripled.

                                                                                   (g) The Centrex was performing satisfactorily and
                                                                                   all residents would benefit by availing of this
                    (g) Centrex                                                    facility.

                                                                                   (j) Members should write their names, flat no and
                                                                                   telephone nos. on the back of cheques. Two
                    (j) Cheques                                                    cheques are still held in the suspense account due
                                                                                   to lack of this info.

XI – Ratification   President informed and sought ratification of the   Cmde EG    The house approved the expenditure of                Treasurer
of Expenses         house for Rs 1,82,362/- that had been spent on      Govindan   Rs 5,63,816/-.
(Community          improvements to the Community Centre. This          (236)
Centre)             included adding marble and creating space for a
                    pharmacy, waiting room and fast food counter.       R Adm T
                  Addition sum of Rs.3, 81,454/- was also incurred     Ganesan
                  as the advance payment for AMC for lift for the      (526)
                  year 2009-2010.

XII -- Approval   The Treasurer explained the salient features of      Lt. Cdr. M Y   The house approved and passed the Accounts for      Treasurer
of Accounts for   the Accounts for 2008-09. Cdr GV Iyer (473)          Swamy (792)    2008-09
2008-09           said that depreciation should not come in the
                  expenditure statement. The Treasurer as well         Wg Cdr S K
                  as Gp Capt KV Karunanidhi (755) clarified the        Kalra.(472)
                  rules regarding depreciation.
                  Wg Cdr Gopi Raman (515.) and Wg Cdr USM
                  Bish (276) wanted to know where from the
                  corpus fund of approx Rs 6 crores had been
                  obtained. The auditor, Mr KC Shekhar, invited
                  members to peruse Schedule 1, which gives
                  details. He said that the amount was the value
                  of fixed assets plus cash. Air Cmde DK Hegde
                  (545) Member Equipment confirmed that the
                  items referred to have been taken on charge.
                  The auditor said that depreciation starts from the
                  date the asset was put into use. This was
                  legally permissible. He added that, if
                  depreciation were not accounted for, the income
                  tax liability of JVT AOA would be very high.
XIII -- Budget    The Treasurer explained the salient points of the    Cdr KV         The house approved the budget with the following
for 2009-10       budget. He said that, at the time of preparing       Ravindran      amendments:
                  the budget, there were 70-second cars on the         (744)
                  campus. Therefore, he had provided for an            Wg Cdr SK      1. The proposed income of Rs 2.7 lakhs for car
                  income of Rs 2.7 lakhs. This item is to be           Kalra (472)    parking is deleted.
                  Wg Cdr J Thomas (533) pointed out that we                           2. The proposed expenditure of Rs 8 lakhs for
                  have ample water storage capacity. The BOM                          construction of a sump is re-appropriated towards
                  should utilize the capacity of the overhead tanks                   development work like shops etc…                    Treasurer.
                  whenever the main sump was full. Therefore,
                  the proposed expenditure of Rs 8 lakhs for
                  construction of an additional sump was not
                  required. The President said that the point was
                  taken and the money would be utilized for
                  development works like shops, guest rooms
XIV -- Closing      The President thanked all members, tenants and staff for their co-operation in running the association affairs. He withdrew his nomination
Address and         from the election and endorsed the nomination of R Adm Sampath Gopal as the next President.
Vote of Thanks      Mrs G Paul, Secretary proposed a Vote of Thanks on behalf of the BOM.
                    Air Cmde SP Deshmukh (283) proposed a Vote of Thanks on behalf of the members and associate members to the outgoing members of
                    the Board of Managers.

XV -- Election of   Elections were conducted by Wg Cdr VG              The following were elected to the BOM :
Office Bearers      Byakod (Flat 561) as the Returning Officer.
                    There being a paucity of nominations, the house     President               R Adm Sampath Gopal (Flat 211 )
                    waived the requirement for nominations to be        Vice President          Air Cmde DK Hegde (Flat 545)
                    received two working days in advance.               Secretary              General Body directed the BOM to elect a Secretary from amongst
                    There were no valid nominations for Secretary.     Treasurer            Cdr PJ Joseph (531)
                    The House suggested that a Secretary be            Managers
                    chosen from the existing, elected members of       Cpl S Galgali          (Flat 932)
                    the Board of Managers. There being a vacancy       Mr Ashok Palanivel     (Flat 471…)
                    for another Board Member, it was decided to        Wg Cdr VK Dhar         (Flat 386 )
                    induct a volunteer in the next few days.           AVM B Shivakumar        (Flat 686 )
                                                                       Gp Capt PB Devayya (Flat 511)
                                                                       Air Cmde KB Menon       (Flat 521)
                                                                       Gp Capt KV Karunanidhi (Flat 755)
XVI -- Remarks      R Adm Sampath Gopal, incoming President, thanked members for reposing confidence in his team. He thanked the outgoing BOM for
by Incoming         their wonderful work. He added that they had done a marvelous job. He welcomed suggestions and constructive criticism from members.
President           He aimed to make JVT a model colony and looked forward to receiving the co-operation of all stakeholders.

(Ms G Paul)

1st Jul 2009

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