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					Volume I, Issue IV
                               APhA-BITS                                                                                    February 2010

                              The Opportunity for Student Leadership Only Comes
Our Chapter Theme:            Knocking Once
 Passion for pharmacy,        By Jena Marion, 3rd Year Student Pharmacist
compassion for patients           Our years as students are          As part of the Academy of        great APhA-ASP events!
                              some of the most influential        Student Pharmacists, we have           Now is the perfect time to
                              years on our journey toward         the opportunity to participate      join a committee and become
             Editors          becoming pharmacists. Right         in conferences and conventions      more active in APhA for the
                              now we are a sponge, soaking        that cater specifically to our      spring semester, and applica-
         Christine Chim       up knowledge, experience,           needs as a student – the focus      tions are currently being ac-
                              and teachings of those around       on professional development,        cepted for executive board posi-
          Connie Choi         us. We have constant commu-         leadership skills, and passion      tions for next year. Don’t think
           Daisy Choi         nication with our fellow stu-       as a future pharmacist are in-      you’re ready? Try your hand as
                              dents, professors, supervisors,     dispensible (no pun intended!)      a Committee Chair next year,
          Carina Fung         and preceptors, all of whom         to our growth as a professional.    instead! More information will
          Usman Khan          have something interesting             But why stop there? We can       be coming out in March.
                              and unique to teach us.             learn so much about our future         As stressful and crazy as it
          Jena Marion             Some of you may be at the       patients – and ourselves– by        is being a student, college is
           Dr. V Arya         beginning of your journey,          attending a Patient Care Pro-       something we will all miss after
                              and others nearing the end; I       ject, traveling to Albany to        graduation. Whether that day
          Dr. D Ezzo          am just shy of the halfway          speak with legislators about        is in six years, or six months,
                              point on my own journey. But        health care reform, attending a     make sure you make the most
                              it is never too early or too late   lecture about heart disease, or     of your time here at St. John’s
                              to get involved in our profes-      participating in our annual         and get involved in your profes-
                              sion. Regardless of your year,      events such as Dress for Suc-       sion as a student pharmacist!
                              level of experience, or famili-     cess or Career Day. There are       For more information, please contact
                              arity with pharmacy, anyone         even opportunities to learn         Jena Marion, Chapter President-
  We’re on the web!           can find his or her niche in        more and develop skills by help-    elect, at jena.marion@gmail.com. Or
                                                                                                      visit www.aphastjohns.org.
 www.aphastjohns.org          APhA!                               ing to plan one of the many

                              Pharmacy in a Technologically Advancing World
                              By Praneeta Nagraj, 1st Year Student Pharmacist
 Inside this issue:
                                Slowly but surely, the role of    dispensing medications to more      misuse of medicine. Society’s
                              a pharmacist is evolving. With      of a “provision of relevant drug    views on medications continue
Rho Chi: A Personal       2   the addition of new tools and       information and drug therapy        to change, and debates such as
Perspective                   robotics, such as pharmacy          recommendation.”Dr. Sorofman        the return of LSD for psycho-
                              vending machines to dispense        predicted that in the near fu-      therapeutics, or legalizing
Mesothelioma              2   medication, where will that         ture, the role of dispensing        marijuana for medicinal pur-
                              leave the role of a pharmacist      might be handed over to phar-       poses, provide opportunity in
First Rotations           3   several years from now? It is       macy technicians and the vari-      how pharmacy may play a role
                              apparent that there is a posi-      ous robot dispensers.               in these developments.
                              tive trend in the profession          The pharmacy profession is          As a future pharmacist, the
                              towards pharmacists becoming        also affected by recent technol-    changing role of pharmacy can
                              much more involved in patient       ogy such as “central fill” pre-     seem a bit unsettling, but ex-
                              -care initiatives.                  scriptions, and the implementa-     tremely exciting at the same
                                Last semester, St. John’s         tion of a Novartis chip, a device   time. There is an endless
                              College of Pharmacy and Al-         implanted into one’s shoulder       amount of opportunity in the
                              lied Health Professions invited     that texts their phone when it      field of pharmacy, and it is up
                              Dr. Bernard Sorofman, Ph.D,         is time to take another dose or     to us to start opening doors and
                              from the University of Iowa to      medication. Although these          define our changing role. There
                              discuss the changing role of        advances in these advances in       has never been a more exciting
                              the pharmacy profession and         technology may increase effi-       time to be a pharmacist and a
                              its future. He mentioned that       ciency and speed of retrieving      student pharmacist than now.
                              as future pharmacists, our          medications, they can be viewed     It will be interesting to see how
                              profession is moving away           either as a great convenience or    the role of a pharmacist and the
                              from the traditional role of        a contributing factor to the        profession itself evolves.
 PAGE 2                                                           A P h A - B I TS                                       V O LU M E I , I S S U E I V

          The Rho Chi Induction Ceremony
          By Carina Fung, 4th Year Student Pharmacist

   The Rho Chi Honor Society hosted its         not least, Mohammad Rattu as Historian.          into our brains a myriad of pharmacological
annual Induction Ceremony on January            Under the guidance of Dr. Zito, Rho Chi’s        knowledge. I cringe at the thought of bal-
20th, 2010. A total of forty-five fourth-year   faculty advisor, we hope to see Rho Chi          ancing my responsibilities to Rho Chi and
pharmacy students were inducted along           members rise to great heights.                   APhA-ASP along with coursework as Drugs
with Dr. Sharon See, our honorary faculty                                                        and Disease exams loom in the not-so-
member. Students in the top twentieth                                                            distant future. Yet, I recognize that rather
percentile of their class at the end of their                                                    than solely striving for the impossibility of
third year were invited to join Rho Chi                                                          an all-encompassing pharmaceutical omnis-
during the fall of their fourth year.                                                            cience, I have learned to embrace the need
                                                                                                 to relish in the occasional joie de vivre
   As per tradition, the ceremony was held
                                                                                                 through what I hope to be poignant extra-
at Verdi’s Restaurant in Whitestone, NY, a
                                                                                                 curricular means.
truly stunning venue with its glorious dé-
cor, adding to the momentous occasion for                                                           I suppose what I’m trying to say in ten
many students. The evening, which was a                                                          words or less is: It’s not too late to get in-
celebration of academic achievement,                                                             volved. Although many are left skeptical
seemed perfectly timed- serving as a force         Rho Chi E-Board. Photo: Mohammad Rattu        about the possibility of excelling in both
of encouragement midway through our                                                              academia and extracurricular activity, I
most challenging year of pharmacy school.       It’s Never Too Late:                             believe a majority of the student body
For me, it was a refreshing end to the first                                                     places a heavy weight in favor of academic
day of classes and the perfect way to kickoff   A Personal Perspective                           achievement here at St. John’s, and in due
the spring semester.                               As I found myself progressing through         course, a lot of hidden talent goes under the
                                                pharmacy school year after year, I was           radar. This semester, I have observed out-
   Gregory Leighton, Rho Chi’s President
                                                growing exponentially aware of my contri-        standing energy and work ethic exemplified
of 2009, opened the evening with an invigo-
                                                butions, or lack thereof, to the profession. I   by student leaders in various organizations.
rating speech regarding the spontaneity of
                                                soon began to recognize an emergent void         In just two weeks of being the newly ap-
being, and encouraged students to meta-
                                                within me that needed to be filled. The          pointed Vice-President of Rho Chi, I feel
phorically     “Increase      Your     En -
                                                sheer thought of graduating without having       refreshed by the excitement that my Rho
tropy” (through active involvement in phar-
                                                pursued the things I love doing outside of       Chi peers have about their lives in phar-
macy.) Then, Dr. Robert Mangione, our
                                                class was supremely dissatisfying. I imag-       macy. Because Rho Chi inducts students in
Dean of Pharmacy at St. John’s University,
                                                ined a moment in the future when I would         their fourth year, it feels like a second
and the keynote speaker, Dr. John Rey-
                                                regret cheating myself out of the opportu-       chance for those who never found their
nolds, Dean of Pharmacy at Northeastern
                                                nity to develop not just my academic skills      extracurricular niche at the get-go. Person-
University, graced us with their presence.
                                                but also my talents and leadership skills,       ally, it provides me with the motivational
Their words of wisdom and visions of lead-
                                                thus provoking a Mrs. Dalloway-esque mo-         platform to take up responsibility, to chal-
ership exemplified St. John’s University’s
                                                ment in which I exclaim, “This gaiety would      lenge and push myself.
commitment to its students throughout
their academic growth.                          have been mine all day!”                             As students, we are invested in an edu-
                                                   For many seniors, this semester is their      cation, but also in an education of self dis-
   The evening proceeded with a spectacu-
                                                last chance to check off as many things as       covery. By being involved, we are chal-
lar dinner and warm conversation. The new
                                                possible on their crazy bucket lists (if not     lenged to improve ourselves as well as the
members of Rho Chi were individually sum-
                                                fulfill it in its entirety) as their under-      status quo. Otherwise, without our active
moned by the previous Executive Board to
                                                graduate years come to a close. However, as      engagement with the world around us, the
receive their personally engraved pins,
                                                student pharmacists, our not-so-senior           trifecta of academia, leadership, and ser-
certificates, and the new 2010 E-board was
                                                fourth year poses the greatest challenge to      vice will come crashing down. After all, as
announced: Khilna Patel as President, my-
                                                us. Developing leadership skills may be the      Gregory had said, “All it takes sometimes,
self as Vice-President, William Yu as Secre-
                                                last thing we think of when we are busy          is to be spontaneous and embrace a healthy
tary, Maxine Lee as Treasurer, and last but
                                                trying to understand, memorize, and cram         dose of disorder.”

          Mesothelioma and Exposure to Toxins at Ground Zero
          By Sarah Darling, 3rd Year Student Pharmacist
   Mesothelioma is a highly aggressive          the mesothelium is a result of uncontrolled      their remarkable fibrous strength and flexi-
type of cancer in which malignant, or can-      and rapid division of abnormal cells which       bility. Because these fibers can be divided
cerous, cells are found in the mesothelium,     can cause tumors or invade surrounding           into threads and woven, the use of asbestos
the membrane which covers most of the           tissues or organs. If cancer proceeds long       has many applications and has been util-
internal organs of the body.1 One of the        enough without sufficient treatment, it can      ized throughout the past century in con-
most significant risk factors in developing     metastasize, or spread, to other regions of      struction materials, shipyards, and automo-
mesothelioma is the exposure to asbestos, a     the body, at which point recovery is more        biles for such uses as cement, roof shingles,
material found in excess in the debris of       unlikely, despite treatment. Asbestos is         flooring products, textiles, insulation, and
Ground Zero, following the attacks on the       thought to increase the likelihood of such       brake linings.2 However, asbestos is also
World Trade Center on September 11th,           cancer, although the adverse health effects      present in minute quantities in the atmos-
2001. Since the terrorist attacks, the impli-   of the mineral were not completely grasped       phere because it is a naturally occurring
cation that asbestos from Ground Zero is        until late in the twentieth century.             mineral on most continents.
responsible for the increase in cases of
                                                   Asbestos is the name given to a group of                         (Continued on the next page)
mesothelioma has become an overwhelming
                                                naturally occurring minerals known for
concern for health professionals. Cancer of
     V O LU M E I , I S S U E I V                                A P h A - B I TS                                                                 PAGE 3

(Continued from previous page)                  and mesothelioma.                               on the World Trade Center back in 2001.
   The collapse of the Twin Towers caused          In regards to data analysis, the reported    Since exposure to the toxins at Ground
a sharp increase in the amount of airborne      incidence of mesothelioma has significantly     Zero, more than 200 of those present after
asbestos as well as a release of several tox-   increased over the course of the past two       the collapse of the towers have died. Expo-
ins and pollutant                               decades: it is estimated to be approximately    sure to the asbestos and various other pol-
materials such as                               1 in 106,571 people or 2,552 people per year    lutants present in the rubble of the col-
heavy metals and                                (in the U.S.A.).4 This can be extrapolated      lapsed buildings has served as the cause for
carcinogens, like                               to approximately six diagnoses per day.         the increasing number of diagnosed cases of
barium and mer-                                 Estimations conclude that the calculated        mesothelioma as well as other respiratory
cury.    Although                               incidence of mesothelioma reached its peak      conditions since 2001.
other poisonous                                 in 2004, just three years after the collapse
materials    were                               of the world trade center. The mortality        References:
released, asbes-                                rate for mesothelioma is roughly 2,370 per      1. Common Health Mistakes Site. 31 Mar. 2009. Prevalence and
                                                                                                Incidence of Mesothelioma. 6 April 2009. <http://
tos was one of                                  year. In 2007, the World Health Organiza-
the most common                                 tion claimed on a world-wide scale, asbes-
materials utilized 9/11/01 World Trade          tos-related mortality had surpassed 90,000      2. The Mesothelioma Network Site. 2009. Mesothelioma News. 6
                      Center Attack                                                             Apr il 2009. <http://www. mesot heliomasite.com/news/
in erecting the tow-                            people deaths, including 43,000 as a result
ers. Thus, the collapse initiated the release   of mesothelioma.5 To focus more locally, in
of over 2,000 tons of microscopic fibers of     2008 a study by the New York State De-          3. 9-11 Heroes Site. 2008. Asbestos Causes a Deadly Cancer,

asbestos into the air.3 After the collapse,     partment of Health was released declaring       Mesothelioma: Asbestos Exposure at Ground Zero after 9-11. 31
                                                                                                March 2009 <http://www.9-11heroes.us/asbestos.php>.
the level of asbestos in New York City air      that 200 of the people initially exposed to
was increased approximately 93,000 times        Ground Zero have already died, including        4. Common Health Mistakes Site. 31 Mar. 2009. Prevalence and
than was typical for the area. This increase    55 cases of cancer.6                            Incidence of Mesothelioma. 6 April 2009. <http://
in asbestos fibers in the air caused an in-       The abnormality of cells in tissue of the
crease in risk of exposure and risk of ill-     mesothelium, a rare but aggressive cancer       5. The Mesothelioma Network Site. 2009. Mesothelioma News. 6
ness. After the incident, thousands of sur-     known as mesothelioma, has been shown to        Apr il 2009. <http://www. mesot heliomasite.com/news/
vivors, responders, clean-up workers, and       be a devastating result of exposure to as-
residents of the area reported symptoms of      bestos. Especially devastating was the          6. 9-11 Heroes Site. 2008. Asbestos Causes a Deadly Cancer,
respiratory illnesses such as difficulty        effect of the asbestos released into New        Mesothelioma: Asbestos Exposure at Ground Zero after 9-11. 31
                                                                                                March 2009 <http://www.9-11heroes.us/asbestos.php>.
breathing, coughing, asthma, lung cancer,       York City air following the terrorist attacks

                                                                                        Practicing What I Preach
                                                                    By Christine Chim, 5th Year Student Pharmacist

    This past January, I completed my first     direct patient care. In the first week I was-   and the patient – medication lists, disease
experiential rotation at Beth Israel Medical    n’t expected to know everything, but that is    states, drug addictions – subside, and you
Center’s Residency in Urban Family Prac-        why we are taught in drug information           realize that a patient-to-health care pro-
tice Program in Manhattan under the su-         class how to look up information and where      vider relationship has transformed into a
pervision of Dr. See, an Associate Clinical     to look.                                        person-to-person relationship. It is crucial
Professor within our Clinical Pharmacy                                                          to retain compassion and respect for pa-
                                                   I am currently on a geriatrics rotation
Practice Department. This was a family                                                          tients and not to become numb or insensi-
                                                with Dr. Lam at Winthrop University Hos-
medicine rotation that called for the care of                                                   tive to them.
                                                pital. My perspective has changed as I am
all patients, no matter the age, sex, or dis-                                                       Often times, I am physically drained by
                                                working with a completely different patient
ease state. What I most appreciated about                                                       the full time work that rotations call for,
                                                population; last month, I encountered more
this particular service was the fact that it                                                    but I appreciate the fact that as a student
                                                adult patients with alcohol and other sub-
incorporated the social and emotional as-                                                       pharmacist, I am able to do something
                                                stance addictions, and now, I am seeing
pects of life into the care of the patient,                                                     great with what I have learned in the past
                                                elderly patients with very different issues.
looking into the person beyond their dis-                                                       four years of school, and can actively con-
                                                The treatments and approach to caring for
ease states allowed for the provision of                                                        tribute on rounds with physicians to make
                                                these patients may be different but my
optimal therapy and care.                                                                       a difference both large and small! All phy-
                                                compassion continues to be a motivational
                                                                                                sicians and residents I worked with at Beth
   As I describe just the surface of this       force towards achieving optimal care for
                                                                                                Israel were grateful for pharmacists’ role in
experience, I can say it was definitely a       each person.
                                                                                                their patients’ care, and constantly and
challenging first rotation, but I know that I
                                                   I have always promoted patient care as       actively sought our help. However, the
have walked out more prepared and fo-
                                                one of the critical aspects, if not the abso-   most important thing I noted was that the
cused for my upcoming rotations. I learned
                                                lute foundation, of pharmacy practice.          healthcare team’s care extended beyond the
so much and wish I had two more weeks to
                                                Writing about my experiences during rota-       patients’ disease states and into the pa-
really put into practice what I was just
                                                tions does not do them justice. I see first-    tients’ well being and quality of living, all
starting to become more comfortable with,
                                                hand, that once you begin talking to a pa-      the while remembering that the patient is a
such as making medication recommenda-
                                                tient, all the various factors between you      person of dignity, integrity, and respect.
tions and collaborating with doctors on
                                                                    Upcoming Events
The mission of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of
                                                                    February 2010
  Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) is to be the collective voice of   Thursday 25: APhA-ASP Chapter Elections—Common Hour* Sullivan B14
   student pharmacists, to provide opportunities for professional
growth, to improve patient care, and to envision and advance the    March 2010
                                                                    Thurdsay 4: Mandatory meeting for APhA Annual Meeting attendees—Common Hour*
   future of pharmacy. For over 40 years, the APhA Academy of
                                                                               Sullivan B14
 Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) has played a key role in helping    Monday 8 to Friday 12: Spring Break
  students navigate through pharmacy school, explore careers in     Friday 12 to Monday 15: APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition, Washington, DC
       pharmacy, and connect with others in the profession.         Thursday 18: General Body Meeting—Common Hour* Place TBA
                                                                    Thursday 25: Dress for Success—Common Hour* CVS Lounge, St. Albert’s Hall
For more information on how to join APhA-ASP, please email us at
  aphastjohns@gmail.com, visit us during our office hours in the    April 2010
CVS Lounge of St. Albert’s Hall, or visit www.pharmacist.com, the   Thursday 1 to Monday 5: Easter Break
                     official website of APhA.                      Friday 9 to Saturday 10: Relay for Life—Friday 7pm-Saturday 10am Carnasecca Arena
                                                                    Tuesday 13: Legislative Day—Time TBA, Albany, NY.
                                                                    Thursday 15: Pharmacy Career Day—Time TBA Taffner Field House
                Executive Board 2009-2010
                   President: Daisy Choi                            *Common Hour is 12:15-1:20pm
               President-Elect: Jena Marion                         Please send us an email at aphastjohns@gmail.com to join our email list to receive updates on
                 Secretary: Andrew Kaplan                           upcoming events.
                Treasurer: Geena Ingrassia
   Pre-professional Vice-President: Emiliya Bagdasarian                         Spring 2010 Office Hours—St. Albert’s Hall, CVS Lounge, Room 1
Membership Vice-Presidents: Christine Chim & Danielle Quinn                                        Monday 10:15am-1:15pm
               Historian: Mohammad Rattu                                                          Tuesday 10:15am-12:15pm
            Fundraising Chair: Michelle Pernice                                         Wednesday 10:15am-12:15pm; 2:30pm-4:30pn
               SPAN Liaison: Tiffanie Taylor                                             Thursday 10:15am-12:15pm; 2:15pm-3:15pn
        Student Government Liaison: Connie Choi                                                    Friday 10:15am-12:15pm
          Patient Care Projects Chair: Gary Lok
             Peer Mentoring Chair: Regina Hu
               APhA-ASP Chapter Advisors
                        Dr. M. Sulli
                        Dr. D. Ezzo
                      Dr. E. Ambizas
                       Dr. C. Avena
                        Dr. V. Arya

                                        February is American Heart Month!
             The Tell 2 Campaign: Heart to Heart Lecture featuring Dr. Russell J. Shiff, MD from
                   Winthrop University Hospital presenting on Heart Disease Awareness .

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