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Workforce Strategy


									   Workforce Strategy
               Sarah Elliott
 Director of Service Delivery Poole PCT
  Chair Poole Multi agency Workforce
Planning/Workforce Development Group
     What I intend to cover
Brief overview of National Workforce
Developing your local strategy
The Poole Workforce Planning
Developing a multi agency leadership
development programme
Over to you!
   What sort of a workforce do we
 Competent and             One that can work
  confident                  better in multi
 People aspire to be        professional teams
  part of and want to       One that has
  remain in – where          coherent career
  they can develop           pathways that
  their skills and build     enable staff to
  satisfying and             progress within and
  rewarding careers          across sectors
 Parents, carers,
  children and young
  people trust and
Key components of the national
Development and retention
Strengthening inter agency and multi
professional working
Workforce remodelling
Strong leadership and supervision
Developing your local strategy
Needs to be part of wider planning
process- Children and Young People’s
Need involvement of all sectors
including voluntary/community groups
Active participation of children , young
people and parents
Needs to take into account
demographic and diversity picture
                 Form multi agency group reflecting
                 Every Child Matters 5 outcomes

                                                Involve children, young
Consult with partners    Collate workforce data people and parents

                Analysis of data and input from CYPP

                        Agree priorities and draft
                        Workforce Plan

                           Communicate Plan
   Common Core of skills and
Effective communication and engagement
Child and young person development
Safeguarding and promoting the welfare
of the child
Supporting transitions
Multi-agency working
Sharing information
Related Frameworks to Workforce

Common assessment framework
Core Induction Standards
Lead Professional
Multi agency working
         About Poole
Population of 137900
32400 0-19 year s
Urban Unitary Authority
Local Area Agreement
Children’s Services Governance Board
Wide disparity in child deprivation
         Workforce Data Received
Sector            Organisation/Department

Social Services   Children and Families
Education         Schools
                  Pupil, Parent and Youth Services
                  Schools Advice and Support
Health            Poole Hospital NHS Trust
                  Poole PCT
Police            Child Protection
Voluntary and     Home Start
Independent       Sure Start
                  Quay Advice
       Key Roles/Professionals
Category        Role
Medical Staff   General Practitioner
                Paediatric Consultant
                Senior House Officer
Nursing Staff   Health Visitors
                School Nurse
                Nurse (Paediatric)
                Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
                Education Facilitator
Therapy Staff   Education Psychologist
                Community Dietician
                Occupational Therapist
Social Work     Senior Practitioner
Staff           Social Worker
                Education Welfare Officer
           Key Roles/Professionals
Category         Role
Teaching and     Teacher
Advisor Staff    Teaching Assistant
                 Advisor SASS
                 Consultant/Advisory Teacher
Support Staff    Physiotherapist Assistant
                 Nursery Nurse (Community and School Health)
                 Play Assistant/Specialist
                 Family Support Worker
                 Youth Worker
                 Connexions Support Worker
Management       Service/Senior/Area Manager
and              Team Leaders/Manager
Administration   Advisor
                 Health Visitor/Team Assistant
        Snapshot October 2005
Role                                        Headcount   WTE

Primary Care Nurse                                 83    56.9

Primary Care Support Worker                        20    11.3

General Practitioner                              102    95.0

Hospital Nurse – Child Health Department          106    82.7

Hospital Nursing Assistant – Child Health          34    24.5

Hospital Registrar/Consultant                       8     7.1

Teacher/Head Teacher                              757   697.7

Teaching Assistant                                454   201.8
            Age Profile-Numbers

                       < 30   31 - 40   41 - 50   51 - 60   > 60   Total

Poole PCT              6      28        37        23        7      101

Poole Hospital         40     59        76        33        6      214

Schools                307    569       844       591       99     2410

SASS                   9      7         19        20        1      56

Pupil Parent & Youth   40     41        45        57        6      198

Social Services        45     61        55        45        6      212
           Age Profile by %
25                                       Hospital
20                                       Schools
10                                       Soc Sev
     <30   31-40   41-50   51-60   >60
                  Gender Profile
Organisation/Sector         Male %   Female %

Poole PCT                      0.0      100.0

Poole Hospital                 9.0       91.0

Schools                       15.9       84.1

SASS                          26.8       73.2

Pupil Parent and Youth        14.6       85.4

Social Services               16.0       84.0

Connexions                     8.3       91.7

TOTAL                         15.0       85.0
                       White British %

Poole Population       95.6

Social Services        93.9

Education              92.1

Health                 93.4
 What else did we collect?
Location of staff vis a vis areas of need
Vacancy rates
Pay scales
    How is data being used
To plan recruitment campaigns
Estates strategy/location of Children’s
Joint training
Planning for generic roles
   Some Useful Lessons!
Be clear on objectives for workforce
planning data
Keep it simple at the beginning
Don’t worry if data collected in different
     Some useful resources
Sector Skills Council
Workforce Planning Toolkit

Children’s Workforce Development Council

NHS Workforce Review Team
National Remodelling Team
Workforce planning toolkit
Championing Children
  Leadership Development
Recognition that workforce change
needs to be led by competent and
confident managers
Complex environment in which to lead
and manage
Need to “grow” leaders of the future to
manage integrated services
No existing multi agency leadership
development programme locally
  Leadership Development
Co ordinated by Multi agency
Workforce Planning/Development
Specification prepared and based on
“Championing Children”
Cross section of potential providers
sought to submit proposal
Systems Solutions short listed
  Leadership Development
Pilot programme March 2006
3 day programme followed up with
Action Learning Set
20 Managers/Team Leaders from
across health, social services,
education, community/voluntary
And when you have finished your

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