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					                                                              CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program

                              Terms of Reference
                          Resource Mobilization Expert
        African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD)

An innovative program designed to boost the talent pool of African Women in
Agricultural Research and Development – AWARD – initiated its activities in 2008. The
overall goal of AWARD is to build an effective and transferable career development
program for women in agricultural research and development in sub-Saharan Africa,
which will allow African women to play their full role in agricultural development of the
continent. With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID, AWARD
is implemented by the CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program (G&D) and hosted by the
World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

The heart of AWARD is its fellowship program. High-performing African women
agricultural scientists are selected at three critical career junctures – on completion of
their bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. Priority is given to African women
delivering R&D attuned to the priorities of small scale farmers, especially rural women,
bringing about innovations for tackling hunger, poverty and environmental degradation.

The fellowships have three capacity building cornerstones: mentoring, science and
leadership. AWARD is delivered in collaboration with African agricultural networks,
African National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS), the CGIAR Centers, the
network of African Women Leaders in Agriculture and the Environment (AWLAE-Net),
selected African universities and other development partners.

AWARD today is funded for four years, reaching 10 Anglophone countries. We seek
additional funds to allow AWARD to run for another two or more years and to expand
into francophone Africa too. An additional US$ 9 million budget would enable AWARD
to achieve full potential. To help attract funding AWARD seeks to hire a professional
resource mobilization expert (RME).

We seek to hire an RME consultant, discontinuously, to carry out the terms of reference
within an estimated18 months. The task of the RME is to raise funds for AWARD from
new donors in the public- and private-sectors. Given the scope of the task, during a
period of financial crisis, the RME must be highly experienced and well connected with
the donor community, with an excellent track record of success.

February 2009
                                                             CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program

Terms of Reference for AWARD Resource Mobilization Expert
1      Role
Under the leadership of the G&D Director, Vicki Wilde, the AWARD Resource
Mobilization Expert will:
    thoroughly familiarize her/himself with the AWARD program, its goals, activities
       and intended outcomes;
    develop and implement strategic solicitation fund raising plan that incorporates a
       concise definition of goals, targeted audiences, and strategies from individuals,
       corporations, civil society and foundations, aimed at raising US$ 9 million within
       18 months:
    give priority to raising funds necessary for AWARD to expand to francophone
    work closely with the AWARD Management and Steering Committee and with
       BMGF staff to identify promising potential donors;
    work closely with AWARD staff to develop communications materials and
       channels conducive to raising funds for AWARD;
    travel to donor locations and other events to raise awareness of AWARD and to
       present funding opportunities, as needed;
    produce high quality and compelling concept notes and full proposals, as
       needed; and
    advise the AWARD team on necessary direct contacts and follow-up actions.

2     Selection criteria
Track Record and Knowledge
    a proven track record for raising significant amounts of funding for nonprofit
      programs, preferably in areas of capacity building;
    record of accomplishment that demonstrates initiative, creativity, managerial, and
      interpersonal skills;
    proven experience in the full spectrum of development including: gift policies,
      solicitations, stewardship, donor recognition, and administration;
    knowledge of public relations and marketing practices to provide direction to
      special programs for outreach to prospective and continuing donors;
    excellent communications skills, computer literacy, and experience articulating
      values, information, and compelling cases to multiple audiences, one-on-one and
      through formal proposals and/or presentations is essential;
    writing and presentation skills in French also desirable.

Personal Qualities
    demonstrates high degree of enthusiasm and personal commitment to the goals
     of AWARD;

February 2009
                                                                CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program

       possesses the ability to think critically and strategically about opportunities for
        strengthening the AWARD program;
       enjoys an excellent reputation among potential donors;
       possesses well-developed presentation and facilitation skills, and the ability to
        interact effectively with the senior representatives of donor organizations;
       a history of providing reliable, high quality, successful and timely RM services;
       a self-starter with excellent attention to detail;
       flexibility to travel essential;
       ability to work virtually (from home base) when not traveling for AWARD; and
       enjoys multicultural teamwork.

3       Timeframe
       deadline for application: 27 March 2009
       AWARD panel review of applications and short listing - April 2009
       interviews for shortlisted candidates – 4-15 May 2009
       selected expert starts work in June or as soon as possible.

4       Application Requirements
       curriculum vitae
       letter of application addressing selection criteria listed above
       list of previous clients plus indication of funding raised
       submission of the above to Marco Noordeloos (m.noordeloos@cgiar.org) by 27
        March 2009

For more information see
http://www.genderdiversity.cgiar.org/resource/award.asp or contact Vicki Wilde

February 2009

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