Term 3 week 4 - Gowrie Primary School by xumiaomaio


									       Term 3 – Week 4                                                            17th August 2011

                                                                     Jeffries Street GOWRIE ACT 2904
Principal: Judy Hamilton
                                                                               Telephone (02) 62057822
Deputy Principal: Jason Walmsley
                                                                               Facsimile (02) 62057825
Executive: Andrew Jacobson
             Simone Thomas                                                             Visit Gowrie online at:
Board Chair: Jane Dickenson
P & C President: Karen Johnston

                       Important Dates to Remember:
18th Thursday                 ACT Schools Pupil Free Day – no supervision provided
19      Friday                Year 6 Combined Band at Gowrie
22nd    Monday                Book Week commences
23rd    Tuesday               Book Week Parade – K-2 Assembly 9.15am
25th    Thursday              Year 6 Sport Expo at Caroline Chisholm School
29th    Monday                Swim Program commences
30th    Tuesday               Wear Yellow Day – A celebration for Daffodil Day
1st     Thursday              School Photos
                              Music Count Us In! – 11.30am
                              Father‟s Day Stall
2nd     Friday                Father‟s Day Stall
9th     Friday                Swim Program finishes
15th    Thursday              Japanese – “Doing Things Together Day”
20th    Tuesday               “Pass It To Me” Participation Day 3/4
22nd    Thursday              Learning Journeys
28th    Wednesday             Floriade – Whole School Excursion
30th    Friday                World of Maths


                   AFTER SCHOOL CARE – YMCA Program 3.00pm – 6.00pm daily
                                             Contact Numbers
                   YMCA Office: 62300165         Mobile Contact After 2.30pm: 0404635730

                      ***   We are an Approved Service for Child Care Benefits   ***
                                 We are collecting:
        Earn and Learn Dockets from Woolworths
          Sports for Schools Vouchers from Coles
                               2011 TERM DATES
                        Term 3    25th July to 30th September
                        Term 4    17th October to 21st December

                                  2012 TERM DATES
NOTE:                     Term 1      3rd February to 13th April
Kinder and New Students on 6th February - Monday
All other Students on 7th February – Tuesday
                          Term 2      20th April to 6th July
                          Term 3      23rd July to 28th September
                          Term 4      15th October to 21 December

                             PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE
Swimming Term 3
Thank you to all those parents who have returned their swimming enrolment
forms. We have had an overwhelming response for the Swim and Survive
program that will be running in weeks 6 and 7. Currently we have 90 students
enrolled with only 10 more positions available. So if you would like your child
to participate the enrolment forms need to be returned by this Friday. The
school will have information regarding groups sometime next week so
teachers can schedule a program for the students remaining at school.

Pupil Free Day
This Thursday 18th August (tomorrow) the teachers will be undertaking
Professional Development as part of the implementation of the Australian
Curriculum. There will be no supervision for students tomorrow. School will
resume as normal on Friday.

Therapy ACT
On Monday the launch of the Therapy ACT Pilot Project in Schools was held
at Gowrie Primary. ACT Community Services Minister Joy Burch launched the
$647,000 pilot program seeking to explore the benefits that on-site
therapists can have in improving student learning. The 12 month program will
spread the load of three full-time therapists and four therapy assistants
between Gowrie, Caroline Chisholm, Florey, Harrison, the Good Shepherd,
Malkara and Cranleigh Schools. For more information please read the article
from Tuesday 16th Augusts‟ Canberra Times which is attached to the Gazette

ACT Sport
Congratulations to Brodie Widdowson on attaining a Silver medal at the
Primary School Rugby League National Carnival in Melbourne last week. Brodie
represented the ACT playing a number of games and reaching the grand final
for the first time against Queensland. A fantastic achievement for Brodie
and we wish him all the success in his rugby league ambitions.

A reminder to parents that we are looking for a Parent Representative to
become involved in the renewal of the KidsMatter initiative. The KidsMatter
Program focuses on four key areas to improve student mental health and
    A positive school community
    Social and emotional learning for students
    Parenting support and education
    Early intervention for students experiencing mental health difficulties

Gowrie has been involved in this program for a number of years and we have
recently received some further funding to attend professional development
later this term and develop an action plan for 2012. Parent involvement is
fundamental to the programs success and we are looking for a parent to
accompany staff to the training day on the 15th September. Please let us know
if you would be interested in being part of this important initiative by
contacting the front office or Jason.

Jason Walmsley
Acting Principal
                               MERIT AWARDS
               Ashlyn Morton                     Jai Jenkin
                Riley Davey                   Lachlan Odewahn
              Ashleigh Dalton                    Ryan Ziman
               Erin Roberts
              James McIntosh                  Gabby De Angelis
               Thomas Jones                    Kayden Dunne
                 Kyle Hunt                     Mitchell Thomas
                Ashley Dunne
              Danielle Jackson                  Jarrod Bacon
              Christine Britten
                 Joshua Buchs                   Jasmine Turl
                 Tarek Hijazi
                        ATHLLON UNIT - JUNIOR LSU
                Cameron Black
                               GOWRIE GLEEKS
                Jessica Bateup                Brodie Widdowson
                         NATIONAL ANTHEM AWARD
            Ryan Leitch           Eve Davis           Erin Roberts
          Mandy Mitchell         Harry Jones        Maggie Alexander
         Kimberly Pocknall      Connor Graham         Dylan Whitely
           Poppy Hancox

                    Mrs Hamilton’s Well Done Awards
Thomas Greatbanks        Kelly Bateup               Cody Hunt
Amber Graham             Jai Jenkin                 Gabby De Angelis
Felix Stevenson          Charlie Leach              Chelsea March
Harrison Jaques          Blake Burden               Caleb Clark
Samuel McAlpine          Maddie Arnold              Dylan Whitely
     ROCK THE BLOCK – Postponed to Term 4
Unfortunately the Rock the Block Dance Program will now run in
Term 4 as the dance instructor is having surgery and will need
time to recover.

Any students who still wish to enrol for next term can see the
front office. The program will run on Wednesday lunchtimes each week
during term four.

                              SCHOOL PHOTOS
                            1ST SEPTEMBER 2011
        School Photo envelopes have been sent home today with the Gazette.
Each child will receive one envelope with their name and class already on it.
If your family requires a second envelope for each child please let Ali in the
front office know and she will allocate a second envelope.

Also sibling family photos will be taken on the day and these will be for sale
when the photos are returned to school. The cost of the family photo is $10
and this is to be paid directly to the school not in the Portrait Gallery

          Book Week Parade and Celebration
On Tuesday 23rd August the whole school will celebrate Book Week.
As part of our school’s celebration we are inviting all children to dress
up as their favourite author or book character.
There will be a parade in the new hall starting at 9:15am. Please feel
free to come along and look at the wonderful dress ups.

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 will be presenting
their Assembly Items during this time.

Thank you to those families who have been saving their Woolworths Dockets
with the Learn and Earn points. We have so far accumulated 556 points
which would enable us to purchase 3 Library books (for example). Please keep
the vouchers coming in as the more we collect the more we can select free
for the school. There is a Green Box in the front foyer for your dockets.

Thank you to those families who have also been collecting the
Coles Sport for School vouchers. We haven‟t counted the
vouchers as yet but the box is quite full. Keep these coming in
too!!! The big Blue Box is in the front foyer for the Coles

                                 BAND NEWS
The Year 6 Band will be hosting a Combined Band Practice with Fadden
Primary this Friday (August 19).

Parents and families are invited to attend our 30 minute Concert after our

The Concert will be held in the New Hall from 12.00 – 12.30pm. Mr Evan
Thomas from the IMP Program will be with us for most of the day.

The Year 5 Band members will have an additional 1 hour lesson after the
concert this week. There will be no band in the last session from 2.00pm-
3.00pm this Friday.

There are only 6 more weeks until the Gowrie Band perform at Floriade!! Band
members are being encouraged to make an extra effort over the next few
weeks to practice for our Floriade performance at home.

Yours in music!
Amanda Horne
Gowrie Band Supervisor
                                  K-2 News

We are well underway with our energy unit. The children are showing
their understanding of the need to conserve energy. Each class has
„energy inspectors‟ who are taking an active role in monitoring any
wastage in the units and around the school. For example; they are
        turning the lights off at lunch and recess times, reminding people to
        close the doors to keep the heat in, turning the computers off and
         reminding teachers to turn the smart boards off. They are doing a
            wonderful job of helping Gowrie to conserve energy usage.

           All classes in K-2 are hosting the school‟s Book Week parade on
Tuesday 23rd August. We are encouraging the children to dress up as
their favourite book character for the parade. It will be held in
the old school hall at 9.15 am. We hope to see you there.

Now that it is August, students need to make sure that they have a sun
smart hat to wear at school. If they don‟t have one, they will be asked to play
in the shade. We have many children in this situation at the moment.

We would like to thank Andrew Richards and Renne Garland who were taking
2S whilst Ms Spence was away. They did a fantastic job and the students
and teachers enjoyed working with them both. Welcome back Ms Spence!!

From the K-2 Team
Lyn Cleaver, Amanda Horne, Kristy McCumiskey & Amy Spence

                               Lambrigg News

Thank you to all the parents and children who are participating in the weekly
homework sessions. As you are aware, this term we are concentrating on
mental maths computations. While the maths pages look similar each week, a
few numbers on the maths pages have been changed to help child revise and
quickly recall number facts.

This week there is also a parent and child „Dice Roll and Match
to 100 Game’. All children have played this game in class and
should be able to support their parents with this activity. Have
fun and let us know if you enjoyed the game.
Please fill in your child‟s reading log and return it to school
each Monday.

Graphic Organiser.
This week‟s graphic organiser is for your child to read a book
and then retell the book in their words. The aim of a retell is
to recall all the information presented in the book from
beginning to end.

Congratulations to our new SRC people in Lambrigg.
This is a very important role. Each Monday our four representatives attend a
meeting in library and listen to new information about fundraising, the running
of the school and any other matters of concern that need to be mentioned to
their peers. The children then return to the class and provide feedback.

          3 / 4 Donnan                     3 / 4 Weickhardt

          Angus Greene                         Max Parker

          Maysa Hijazi                         Kailey Jitts

UP and Coming Events-
WEEK 9-Learning Journey and an excursion is also planned for Tuesday in
Week 9. Details will be sent home soon with your child.

Book Week Parade
Next week (Tuesday 23rd August) is the schools Book Week Parade.
Come along dressed in your favourite book character or author. This
will be held in the old school hall at 9:15am. Parents and friends


Keep in touch.
Sharon Donnan and Sharon Weickhardt.
                                Lanyon News

Please ensure your child has a hat for anytime they are outdoors. The senior
students are the role models of the school and need to model the SunSmart
Gowrie School Hats are available to purchase for $7.00 at
the front office if needed.

Year Six Combined Band is on this week at Gowrie, they will be joined by
Fadden Primary.

Next Thursday Year 6 students will be visiting Caroline Chisholm School for a
Sports Expo as part of their High School Transition Program. A note about
this has gone home; please return the permission slip along with the payment
of $2.00 as soon as possible.

Simone Thomas and Renee Broadhurst

on winning a Silver Medal as
part of the ACT Rugby League
Team at the National Primary
School Rugby League
Tournament in Melbourne last
                              From The Board

Your Board Representatives are:
                       Board Chair: Jane Dickenson
                   Parent Representative: Tania Arnold
                   Parent Representative: Kylie Thomas
                   Preschool Representative: Kylie Foley
                  Teacher Representative: Karen Farrell
                 Teacher Representative: Simone Thomas

                                  P&C News

                  Board and P&C Meetings next week:
Meeting arrangements:
                 P&C – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
          Monday        8th August          7.00pm
          Monday        8th August          5.30pm

                     GOWRIE TWILIGHT FETE RAFFLE
Thank you to those families who have returned their raffle tickets already.
It is great to see you sell them so fast.

If you would like another Raffle Book to sell please fill in the order form
below and return it to Ali in the Front Office. A new book will sent home the
following day.


  I would like to order ____ book/s of Raffle Tickets.

  Name: __________________________

  Child‟s Name: _______________________                  Class: ______
                        SEMESTER 2, 2011

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their
peers to represent their class on the SRC for Semester 2.

Yamba:          Saxon Davis
Athllon:        Joel Bohan                 Rose Davis
LSC:            Jake Borman                Ayesha Holmes
KC:             Lewis Weickhardt           Kelly Bateup
K/1H:           Perry Field                Lara Karjalainen
1/2M :          Ella Thompson              Kieran Abel
2S:             Ruby O‟Hart                Cody Hunt
3/4D:           Angus Greene               Maysa Hijazi
3/4W:           Max Parker                 Kailey Jitts
5/6B:           Lauren Trump               Joshua Arnold
5/6T:           Nick Lawton                Emily McNaught
  Father’s Day

  Thursday 1st &
    Friday 2nd

All gifts $5.00 each

Bring your money
on the day to buy
 Dad a fantastic
     gift for
  Father’s Day.

                  FRIDAY THE 19TH AUGUST

The Canteen will be having a Special Lunch this Friday which will include a Re-
usable Lunch Bag. We want to encourage everyone to use them as they are
specifically designed for lunch orders and the perfect size to fit lunch orders
into. They have a secure and separate pocket for money, they are easily wiped
clean and we found that they don‟t trap food smells like normal lunch boxes

Our Special Lunch will cost $10.00 and will include: Meal 1 and a Re-usable
Lunch Bag (sold separately for $8.00 at the Canteen).

If you have already purchased a Re-usable Lunch Bag from the Canteen, we
are offering you Meal 1 for $2.50. (You can also order this Special Lunch in
your own bag or lunch box for $2.50.)

                     Meal 1 SPECIAL $2.50
                               Hot dog
                     Chocolate or Strawberry Milk

                + Re-usable Lunch Bag

               Other Menu items will be available on the Friday as
               well as Special Lunch Deal.

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