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									Is Marijuana
a Medicine?

    David C. Nicole F.
    Henry F. Carson F.
Real Life Cases

• Charlene DeGidio
  never smoked
  marijuana, but a year
  ago, after medications
  failed to relieve the
  pain in her legs and
  feet, a doctor
  suggested that the
  Adna, Wash., retiree
  try the drug
Real Life Cases Cont.
    • Ms. DeGidio, 69 years old, bought candy with
      marijuana mixed in. It worked in easing her
      neuropathic pain, for which doctors haven't been
      able to pinpoint a cause, she says. Now, Ms.
      DeGidio, who had previously tried without success
      other drugs including Neurontin and lidocaine
      patches, nibbles marijuana-laced peppermint bars
      before sleep.

    • "It's not like you're out smoking pot for enjoyment or
      to get high," says the former social worker, who
      won't take the drug during the day because she
      doesn't want to feel disoriented. "It's a medicine."
Getting Marijuana

   • Access to
     Marijuana is
   • No need to go
     to the Drug
     dealer on the
     corner, step
     right into the
     new Marijuana
• “states have been legalizing medical use
  of marijuana since 1996”
• “the FDA does not regulate marijuana”
• Currently 14 states allow the medical use
  of marijuana
States that Allow the Medical
      Use of Marijuana
Dispensary Rules
  • Most dispensaries are run much like
  • You can‟t even enter the store without a
  • Depending on the prescription employees
    dispense the correct amount
Problems with Dispensing
• No standard dosing recommendations
• Varying potency, no standard among dispensaries
  “I don‟t know what to recommend to patients about
  what to use, how much to use, where to get it,”
  says Scott Fisherman, chief of pain medicine at the
  University of California, Davis Medical School
• Lack of research on the drug‟s effectiveness and
  side affects
• Employees can‟t really recommend what
  customers should use, Thea Sagen said “she was
  disappointed to find that the staffers couldn‟t say
  which of the products, with names like Pot „o Gold
  and Blockbuster, might boost her appetite or
  soothe her anxiety”
• Manages neuropathic pain, bolsters
  appetite, and treats nausea (especially
  helps with cancer patients)
• More effective and faster than some
  prescription drugs, Glen Osaki says
  “smoking marijuana was more effective
  and faster than prescription drugs he tried,
  including one that is a synthetic version of
  marijuana‟s most active ingredient, known
  as THC”
Side Affects
• Hallucinations, dizziness, confusion,
  anxiety, panic
• Loss of concentration
• Vomiting, upset stomach
• “an analysis published in the journal
  Lancet in 2007 tied marijuana use to a
  higher rate of psychotic conditions such as

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