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                                           “To err is human.
                                           To put the blame
                                           on someone else is
                                                                                                       OF SPRING
                                                                                                        At the Farm, we laugh in the face of Old Man Winter,
                                                   - Anonymous                                          scoff at wind chills, and dare that freezing weather to
                                                                                                        try and stop us from getting our tennis in. Those of you

                                                LOVE MATCH                                              who have braved the cold will reap the benefits come
                                                                                                        Spring, which is slowly approaching. This Spring, we are
                                                                                                        offering more programs than ever, so no matter what
                                                                                                        level you are, or what time you can come out, there
                                                                                                        is something for you. If you don’t want to wait for the
                                                                                                        courts to thaw, the Valentine’s Day mixer is right around
                                                                                                        the corner! One of the most exciting new programs
                                                                                                        coming to the Farm this Spring is Quickstart Tennis –
                                           Steffi Graff and Andre Agassi were                           the best way to introduce your young one to the sport.
                                           the first married couple to have
                                           won both the men’s and women’s                               We’re looking forward to that first day of Spring and the
                                           singles Wimbledon Championships.
                                                                                                        return of the masses to the courts. See you then!

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                            FARM SPOTLIGHT: SAM WEISSLER
If you have been on the courts at                            the state in the boys’ 16-and-under                          academic world, and simply enjoys
the Farm for the last 10 years, you                          division. More importantly, Sam                              the game of a lifetime. Having had
have proabaly seen this young man                            embodies what it means to be a                               the privelige of working with Sam
playing beside you. 17-year-old                              “Farmer.” He is a great person, has                          for the past six years, I can say
Sam Weissler, a Chapel Hil native,                           great court etiquette, excels in the                         I have never seen someone so
is one of the best tennis players                                                                                         dedicated to his sport. Whether
in the southern region. He began                                                                                          the temperature outside is 110
his tennis career, as so many kids                                                                                        degrees or 20 degrees, you will
did, with Howard Schroeder when                                                                                           see him out there working on his
he was six years old. Starting in                                                                                         game. It is inspiring to witness.
the beginner clinics at the                                                                                               -Nate Lipson
Farm, Sam has grown
into a fantastic player.
He now travels
                                                                                                                             IN THE
around the country
                                                                                                                             PRO SHOP
to various Southern                                                                                                          The new Wilson BLX racquets are
                                                                                                                             here! This is a new technology using
and National                                                                                                                 basalt fibers (a natural volcanic rock)
                                                                                                                             to create the perfect feel and great
tournaments and was                                                                                                          control. Check one out in the shop now,
ranked number one in                                                                                                         or try them all during Farm Demo Day
                                                                                                                             on Saturday, March 20th.

                                                                                                                             It’s your LAST CHANCE for great deals
                                                                                                                             on gently used demos! Help us make
A QUICK TIP FROM THE PROS . . .                                                                                              room for the new racquets and pick up
                                                                                                                             one of last year’s models for a great
                                                                                                                             price. These won’t last long!
 “Slice is Nice”
                                                                                                                             Wilson K-Sting 105               $89.00
                                                                                                                             Wilson K-Four 105                $99.00
                                     If you watched any of the Australian                                                    Wilson K –Five 108               $99.00
                                                                                                                             Wilson K-Tour Team FX           $129.00
                                                      Open, you may have noticed that                                        Wilson K-One FX                 $149.00
                                                                                                                             Prince O3 Speedport Silver      $149.00
                                                              underspin, or “the slice,” was                                 Kneissl All in One              $129.00

                                                                    utilized more than ever.                                 Other winter deals include…
                                                                                                                             25% off warm-ups
                                                                         Even Andy Roddick was                               20% off all apparel
                                                                                                                             15% off junior racquets
                                                                            hitting 60% slices from                          10% off swim goggles

                                                                               his backhand side. So                         Look for information about ordering
                                                                                                                             your Farm Swim Team swimsuit
                                                                                 the next time you                           soon! Make sure you are on the Farm
                                                                                                                             swimteam listserv so you don’t miss
                                                                                 play, make sure that                        important dates for pre-orders through
                                                                                                                             the Farm Tennis Shop.
                                                                                  you mix in some
                                                                                                                             For more information, please call the
                                                                                  different spins. It                        Tennis Shop at 968-7645 or email
                                                                                 will really throw off
                                                                                                                             See you in the shop!
                                                                               your opponent.                                Lisa Soeters

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   TOP 10 REASONS                                                       THE JANE COREY TOURNAMENT
              by Jeff Cooper

  10. If you miss a shot in
  tennis, you can’t just jump up,
  grab the ball, and try again.

  9. When’s the last time an
  NCAA basketball player had
  to make a shot with the sun
  in his eyes?

  8. When a tennis player is
  seeing the ball incredibly
  well, he’ll say it seems as big
  as a grapefruit. How big is a                                                                                                        Photo by Jackie Fritsch

  7. When you get tired in                                       The Jane Corey Tennis                                      one of the longest matches
  tennis, your coach can’t                                       Celebration was, yet                                       of the tournament. Connor
  just take you out and put
  someone else in your place.                                    again, a great success.                                    Sept and Connor Diaz won
  6. How often does a college
                                                                 Todd ordered up another                                    the doubles in this division.
  basketball player have a                                       unbelievably beautiful day                                 In the U.S. Open division
  perfectly good shot blown out
  of bounds by the wind?                                         filled with great tennis and                               (Intermediate) Kevin Huang
  5. If a basketball player places
                                                                 great fun. A Farm staple,                                  defeated Lucas Prata with
  a shot a little longer than                                    this junior tournament is a                                some great tennis played
  intended, no problem. There’s
  a backboard to make the ball                                   way to introduce our up-                                   by both competitors. Kevin
  bounce in.                                                     and-coming juniors to the                                  also won the doubles with
  4. Grand Slam tennis matches                                   tournament scene. Many of                                  partner James Shaheen.
  commonly go more than
  three hours. When’s the last                                   the previous entrants have                                 Lastly, in the Wimbledon
  time you saw a three-hour                                      gone on to have fantastic                                  division (Advanced), Max
  basketball game?
                                                                 tennis careers on state                                    Fritsch defeated Aaron
  3. If you’re not making your
  shots in basketball, you can
                                                                 and national levels with                                   Warshauer to become one
  just pass the ball to someone                                  some making the jump to                                    of the youngest winners of
  who is.
                                                                 college tennis. Much like                                  the advanced draw. Patrick
  2. Tennis players have to                                      years past, we had some
  contend with a net running
                                                                                                                            Taylor and Trevor Howarth
  right across the middle of                                     incredible matches with                                    dominated this doubles
  the court. I’d like to see how
  basketball players would                                       well fought points and great                               draw. It is exciting to see the
  cope.                                                          sportsmanship. This year, in                               future of tennis at the Farm,
  1. Tennis balls move at up to                                  the French Open division                                   and we hope to see even
  145 mph. Basketballs top out
  at around 30.                                                  (Beginner), Aiden O’Connell                                more juniors in next year’s
                                                                 defeated Connor Sept in                                    tournament.

This pdf has been optimized for on-screen viewing. Hard copies can be found in the Farm office, or you can email Nate for a high-res pdf to print at home.
February 12                                                  on building strokes and getting                              This practice is free of charge for
Valentine’s Day Indoor Mixer                                 comfortable rallying from the                                Ladies’ Triangle Team members.
Let’s play some indoor doubles                               baseline. This clinic is all about the                       Includes a variety of drills to
in the winter! Bring a spouse or                             basics!                                                      sharpen your game for Wednesday
significant other or sign up as a                                                                                         matches.
single and get paired up! $10.00                             Junior Development Program
per person. Balls, snacks and                                4:30-6:00 Tuesdays/Thursdays                                 March 20
beverages provided.                                          This group of competitive juniors                            Racquet Demo Day
                                                             works on developing his/her                                  Try out all of the exciting new
March 1                                                      game to go to the next level.                                equipment by Wilson and Prince.
Spring Clinics Begin!                                        For tournament or school team                                Find that missing link to dominating
                                                             players. Contact Todd or Nate if                             your opponents!
Quickstart Tennis                                            you are interested in joining this
Ages 4-7                                                     group.                                                       April 5
3:15-4:00 Mondays/Wednesdays                                                                                              Easter Adult Tennis Doubles
We’ll use over-sized tennis balls                            March 4                                                      Round Robin
and smaller courts to teach the                              Adult Clinic                                                 9:30-11:00
game to our youngest crowd.                                  6:30-7:30 Thursdays                                          Free of charge with can of tennis
Our pros are certified to teach                              This clinic is for men and women                             balls.
Quickstart! If you are interested                            who are looking for basic game
in this program, please call Todd at                         play in a fun environment.                                   April 23-25
225-8563.                                                                                                                 CHCC/FARM USTA Junior
                                                             March 5                                                      Tournament
Beginner Juniors                                             Ladies’ Doubles Clinic
Ages 6-10                                                    9:30-11:00 Fridays                                           May 31
4:00-5:00 Mondays/Wednesdays                                 Concentrate on improving your                                Memorial Day Adult Tennis
Learn the basics and build strong                            doubles game through various                                 Doubles Round Robin
foundations while having fun and                             strategic drills. Heavy emphasis on                          9:30-11:00
getting familiar with the game!                              strokes, such as volleys and service                         Free of charge with can of tennis
                                                             returns.                                                     balls.
Intermediate Juniors
Ages 8-12                                                    TBA                                                          TBA
5:00-6:00 Mondays/Wednesdays                                 (Usually the last week of March)                             Tennis, Music and Beer!
Start using spin and directional                             Ladies’ Team Camp                                            Play some tennis, listen to music,
control to improve match play and                            Get ready for the Spring Triangle                            and drink some cold beverages!
strategy. Learning how to serve                              Team season! We will put you                                 This was one of the Farm’s most
is another building block of the                             “through the wringer” with drills                            exciting events of 2009 and is
Intermediate clinic.                                         and game situations designed to                              coming back! More details to
                                                             prepare you for Triangle League                              come...
March 2                                                      tennis. More details to follow once
Beginner Adult Clinic                                        the Triangle League dates are set.
10:00-11:30 Tuesdays                                                                                                       FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT
For men and women looking to                                 Ladies’ Team Practice                                         FARM TENNIS, PLEASE VISIT
                                                                                                                           UNCFARM.ORG OR CALL
learn the game of tennis. Focus                              9:00-10:30 Mondays

This pdf has been optimized for on-screen viewing. Hard copies can be found in the Farm office, or you can email Nate for a high-res pdf to print at home.

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