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					                   SMART/WebEx Integration FAQ (11/18/09)

What are the requirements?

SMART Board drivers on a Windows XP/Vista machine connected to a SMART Board;
the machine should also have SMART Board/WebEx Integration software installed

Which SMART Board driver versions are supported? and later on Windows XP, 10.0.314.5 and later on Windows Vista

Where can I get the latest SMART Board drivers?

What is the latest version of the SMART Board drivers?

10.0.528.7 (SP7)

How can I find the version of the SMART Board drivers installed on my machine?

      Click on "Start Menu\All Programs\SMART Technologies\SMART Board
       Drivers\Control Panel"
      Click on “About Software and Product Support”,
      Click on “About this software” and look at Driver install version

Which SMART Board devices are supported?

Go to

Click on “Software downloads” on the “Quick Links” menu on the right

Click on “Windows operating system” under “SMART Notebook software”

Click on the “Release notes” link
In the release notes, find the Note reading “For complete specifications, see…” and
click on the link. The “Compatibility” section lists the supported SMART hardware.

Which WebEx release has this support?

This is a special release based on T27 SP11

Which WebEx Centers have this support?

Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center

Do I need to install SMART Notebook software?


Do I need to run SMART Board Tools?


When do I need to install the SMART Board/WebEx integration software?

Before starting/joining WebEx meeting, training or event

How do I install the SMART Board/WebEx integration software?

Go to the following link:

Click on HOST Log in and log in with the proper credentials

Download the WebEx SMART Integration Installer from the Meeting Center/Downloads
page (click on Download now link by the WebEx Integration for SMART Boards section)

         WebEx Integration for SMART Boards
         This software, which enables the use of devices like interactive
         whiteboards, displays, and graphic tablets from Smart Technologies, must
         be installed by every device user before starting or joining WebEx
         meetings. It is recommended that an administrator perform this
         installation. Currently, this integration is only available for Windows users.

         Note: The SMART Board's device drivers must be installed separately
         before starting or joining a WebEx meeting. The drivers are packaged with
         the SMART Board and are also available at

Run the downloaded Installer (wbxsmart.msi); follow the software prompts to install the
SMART Integration into WebEx

What does the SMART Board/WebEx integration software support?

It extends the set of annotation tools, which WebEx provides, to also include the
SMART interactive whiteboards devices. SMART whiteboard users can annotate in
Document sharing and Application sharing modes using the tools provided by SMART
interactive whiteboards such as pens and eraser. The annotations can be viewed by all
WebEx attendees. These annotations can also be saved.

When the presenter picks up a SMART Board pen in Application or Desktop sharing,
annotation mode is automatically started. Users can annotate using SMART devices if
they have the annotation privilege, e.g. if the WebEx annotation tools are enabled for
that user.

Are there any issues/limitations?

Attendees cannot see presenter’s shared applications while SMART Board Tools is
running and a pen is picked up. Close the SMART Board Tools in this case.

SMART Technical Support Website:
- View user’s guides, “how-to” and troubleshooting articles for the SB600 series

- Search extensive knowledge base for common issues

- Download current SMART software
SMART Technical Support:

Telephone: 1.866.518.6791 option #2 (toll-free in Canada or the U.S.) or +1.403.228-
5940 (all other countries)
(Available 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time from Monday to Friday)
Fax: +1.403.806.1256

How to orient the SMART Board if touch accuracy is off:
1. (a) Right click on the SMART Board icon in the system tray near the clock , Click on
Or (b) press keyboard and right click buttons simultaneously on the SMART Board pen

2. Use one of the SMART board Pens from the pen tray and press firmly into the center
of each cross hair one by one until all are done. Press one of the pen tray buttons if you
make a mistake to go back one step.

3. If your computer is connected to more than one SMART product, press the space bar
on the PC keyboard to move the orientation screen to the next screen to orient.

Troubleshooting Connections:
The SMART Notebook control panel includes a connection wizard for troubleshooting
problems with the connection between your computer and your SMART product.
For example, you may need to manually configure a serial port in the following
• Your operating system doesn't support plug and play.
• The Found New Hardware wizard doesn't appear.
• You connected your interactive whiteboard to a power source after you started your
• The Ready Light (lower right hand of board) remains red after you start SMART tools.
• The icon near the clock appears like this

To solve SMART Board connection issues:
1. Open the Control Panel by right clicking on the icon menu near the clock
2. Press “Connection Wizard” button
3. Follow the on-screen instructions
4. If the SMART Board is still not detected then try a different USB port on the computer
or try a different USB cable
5. Also see the flow chart troubleshooting for SMART Board at

Additional information on the control panel is available here:

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