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									Search Engine Optimization
       Dr. Drew Hwang
  Search Engine Optimization
• The process of
  – improving the traffic to a web site from search
    engines via organic search results.
  – tweaking a website to appear among the top
    listings on SERPs.

        Off-site Optimization
• White Hat SEO:
  – Techniques that search engines recommend as part
    of good design
  – Conforms to the guidelines of search engines
  – Tend to produce results that last a long time
• Black Hat SEO:
  – Techniques that search engines do not approve
  – May be effective in the short run
  – May eventually be reduced in PR or be banned either
    temporarily or permanently automatically by the search
    engines' algorithms or by a manual site review
  – Examples: spamdexsing, cloaking, etc.
Search Engine Optimization
Timeline Search Engines     SEO
Mid-     Cataloging         Suggest an URL
1990s    Library model      On-page optimization
                            White hat optimization
                            Black hat optimization

1998 -   PageRank model     Off-page optimization
                            No black hat optimization
2004 -   Refined PageRank   Off-web optimization
         model with > 200   Social media optimization

      Search Engine Optimizers
• Skyrocketing growth of the search engine
• One of four jobs on the cutting edge right now
• Job description:
   – Research how search engines operate and determine
     page rankings with strong marketing skills, as well as
     the ability to communicate effectively and program
     using HTML
   – Increase a firm’s website traffic by improving its
     search-engine page rankings

             Reality Check
• A long-term commitment and an on-going
  – Successful SEO takes time and effort.
  – Search engines change their requirements.
  – Technology improves rapidly.
  – Web surfers alter their habits.
  – Competitors come and go.
  – Products or services change.
  – Etc.

             Reality Check
• Google doesn’t really want to tell you much
  about their secret, and they are always
  changing their algorithm, leaving testing as
  the only way to figure out what SEO
  techniques work.
• Google's comfortable market share have
  impeded technology innovation and growth
  due to the SEO practice.

             Reality Check
• No reputable SEO Specialist or company will
  guarantee rankings.
• Most SEO specialists are not experts in the
  field like their clients are, which means that
  clients will be required to produce or acquire
  content for their site on a regular basis.
• It’s easy to buy traffic from pay-per-click
• SEO should be part of a larger marketing mix.

                   PPC vs. SEO
• It’s easy to buy traffic from pay-per-click
• A search marketer survey (Sherman 2005):
  – 35% said that SEO produces higher ROI than PPC.
  – 11% said that SEO produces lower ROI than PPC.
  – 45% cannot determine whether SEO or PPC
    advertising provides a higher ROI. (Sherman,

                   PPC vs. SEO
                        A ROI Model

Other                        Avg. Profit
Advertising                  Per Sale

SEO                          Website                    Website
Ranking                      Traffic                    Profit

PPC                          Conversion
Advertising                  Rate

The Value of Search Engine Optimization: An Action Research Project at a
New E-Commerce Site Ross A Malaga. Journal of Electronic Commerce in
Organizations. Hershey: Jul-Sep 2007. Vol. 5, Iss. 3; p. 68-84.

                      PPC vs. SEO
                     A ROI Model - PPC
Profit (loss) per link =
(Average profit per sale * Conversion rate) - Cost per PPC
Cost per PPC link: $0.40/click
Conversion rate: 1.2%
Average profit per sale: $18.25
Revenue for every 100 visitors: $21.90 ($18.25 x 1.2)
Cost for every 100 visitors: $40.00 ($0.40 x 100)
Profit (Loss) for every 100 visitors: -$18.10 ($21.90 - $40.00)


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