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					                                                                    DAYBOOK PLAN – SAMPLE (ELEMENTARY)

                              Learning                                                                    Activities/                                                                                    Reflections
Period/      Topic          Expectations         Differentiation/        Assessment                        Materials                           Consolidation                    Application
 Class                                              Materials

9:00      Opening
9:10      Exercises
9:10      Mathematics   Group A: Identify    Provide peer            Correct               Group A: Student reaction to pictures      Students play “Match Mine”      Group A: Two assignments-        9:10
9:45                    six uses of          support for T while     responses as a        on board. Directed questions.              to check each other’s list of   textbook pages 69 questions      9:45
                        perimeter.           he works in Group B     large group.          Group B: Self-directed.                    uses of perimeter; one group    1,2, 4 and 9; illustrate six
                        Group B:             on self-directed        Observation                                                      leads the class to create an    uses or perimeter on one
                        Research on          activity.                                                                                anchor chart naming the six     blank sheet of paper
                        internet (8                                                                                                   uses.                           (provided)
                        students)                                                                                                                                     Group B: Continue with
9:45      Language      Group A: Spell       Provide basic list      Group A:              Group A: For pre-test, students work in    Create a letter set for the     Group A: self-directed.          10:00
10:00     Arts          words accurately.    words for M and P       Observation           pairs dictating words to each other.       group of words on their list    Group B: Share lists of words
                        Group B: Use list    as they are new to      Group B:              Group B: Work in groups of three to        and examine the different       in groups of six.
                        words as a base      Canada and ELL          Facilitate sharing    develop derivatives of list words.         sounds of the vowels “e” in
                        to spell new         learners                of responses                                                     various list words.
                        words.                                       among groups.
10:00     Language      Write introductory   Provide movie           Collect best          Begin with 60 second video clip of start   Teacher makes a chart of        Each student to write three      10:00
10:30     Arts          sentences that       buddies to M and P      sentences and         of a mystery movie (provided by the        students’ responses to the      intro sentences. Each student    10:30
                        arouse reader’s      to support their        record in             educational department of Arts and         question, “What                 then finds a partner who must
                        interest.            observation and         notebook (criteria    Entertainment). Ask students to share      characteristics of an opening   prioritize the three sentences
                                             writing.                must match those      memorable opening lines of a movie,        line make it                    as good, better and best.
                                             Allow them to           that students         TV show, book, play.                       memorable/famous?               Students will then share
                                             practice sharing on     identified in the     Question: How do people arouse                                             “best” sentence with entire
                                             tape before             consolidation)        interest? (question and responses on                                       class (time permitting).
                                             presenting their best                         experience chart paper)
10:30     Recess
10:45     Science       1. Identify bird     Provide J with a key    Video display of      Introduce with “chicken bones in a         Examine video and scanned       1. Draw flyways on provided      10:45
11:30                   migration flyways    role in the guessing    birds that fly        shoe-box” guessing game. Provide           pages of information from       map.                             11:30
                        2. Write two         game to capture and     various flight        students with advance organizer on         reputable Science sources       2. Write reasons why birds
                        reasons              maintain focus.         paths next class.     bird migration video (National             that shows research methods     know where to go.
                        explaining how       Provide M and P                               Geographic). Show video. Elicit            to help us understand bird
                        birds know where     with scribes to                               responses to work sheet. Discussion on     migration. Discuss why it is
                        to go when they      complete                                      how birds know where to go when they       valuable for us to understand
                        migrate.             worksheets with                               migrate.                                   these migratory behaviours.
                                             them (writing
11:30     French
11:55     Lunch
12:55     Language      Listen attentively   Provide a summary                             Introduce with “scary music”. Read         Make predictions about what
1:10      Arts          to novel. Predict    buddy for M and P                             pages 110-116. Stop and encourage          may happen in the next
                        what will happen     so they understand                            students to predict… Continue reading      reading and discuss
                        next.                what has happened                             pages 117-121 but read no further until    evidence to support ideas
                                             in the story.                                 tomorrow.                                  and opinions.
1:10      Physical      1. Demonstrate       Provide arm             Observation           Introduction: Movement activities          Create anchor chart to          Each group takes a turn to
1:55      Education     body control.        strengthening           checklist (against    involving different levels, speeds and     identify criteria for what      share routines with other
                        2. Demonstrate       exercises for L who     criteria as defined   directions.                                would constitute a good         group
                        creativity in a      has a broken ankle      on the anchor         Do ice cube activity.                      routine.
                        “routine”.           and cannot do the       chart.)               Skill: Large group demonstration of        Note: Change arm
                                             movement and roll                             three types of formal rolls.               strengthening exercise for L
                                             activities.                                   Move into squads to practice and           as other students work on
                                                                                           create a routine.                          Consolidation and
                                                                                                                                      Application of rolls.
1:55   Special
2:30   presentation
       by local
       police on
2:30   Recess
2:45   Social         1. State how    Provide pictorial     Individual         Introduce with used car oil and water       Examine and discuss                                               2:45
3:30   Studies        people have     descriptions of       supervision with   activity. Discussion of slides that focus   interpretation of some slides.                                    3:30
                      exploited the   Arctic exploitation   written comments   on mining, chemical pollution, oil          Why are some                     1. Create a list of how people
                      Arctic.         for M and P, dual     in anecdotal       disasters, and whaling.                     sensationalized?                 have exploited the Arctic in
                                      captioned in simple   record book        Provide students with summary of the                                         the past.
                                      English and in                           Antarctic Treaty, 1991 (six key                                              2. Explain the purpose of
                                      Chinese.                                 concepts) taken from Arctic and                                              international use treaties.
                                                                               Antarctic: The Changing World, ISBN                                          3. With a peer group, discuss
                                                                               1-57145-122-6 and discuss role of the                                        why preservation of Arctic
                                                                               treaty.                                                                      regions is vital.
                                                                DAYBOOK PLAN – TEMPLATE (Secondary)

                                         Learning                                                                    Activities/                                                        Reflections
    Period/Class          Topic        Expectations     Differentiation/Materials                                     Materials              Consolidation         Application

1.                     The causes                       Provide an area of the      Post work on           Show three-minute video        Brief recap with   Place the causes of
9:00 to 10:12          of WWI-part                      classroom where             bulletin board.        clip of assassination of       key, educative     the war in the
                                       • Create a
Grade 10 History       of the unit                      students can re-examine     Students comment       Archduke Ferdinand in          questions on       circles. Show the
(Applied) (CHC2P)      on                               the video clip if           on the                 Serbia. Use follow up          definitions and    relationship among
                                       organizer to
“Canadian History in   Canada’s                         necessary.                  effectiveness of the   discussion to unpack the       consequences       the causes by
                                       show the
the Twentieth          participation                    Provide a pre-started       graphic organizers     six causes of World War I.     of major terms     drawing and
Century”               in war,                          graphic organizer with      based on criteria of   Present a variety of graphic   such as            labelling arrows
                                       among the
                       peace and                        one example for M, K, T     content and            organizers.                    imperialism,       among the circles
                                       causes of
                       security.                        and R.                      communication          Challenge students to          arms race, &
                                       World War I.
                                                                                    effectiveness (use     develop a graphic organizer    Bismarckian
                                       • Supportively
                                                                                    3 stars and wish       depicting the relationships    Alliances to
                                       assess the
                                                                                    strategy).             among the causes.              check for
                                       work of
                                       • Experience
                                       the impact of
                                       various points
                                       of view.

2.                     See period      See period 1     Provide a pre-stared        See period 1 class.    See period 1 class.            See period 1       See period 1 class.
10:20 to 11:32         1 class.        class.           graphic organizer with                                                            class.
Grade 10 History                                        one example for L, M,
(Applied) (CHC2P)                                       and P.
“Canadian History in
the Twentieth
Lunch 11:32 to 12:40   Reminder of the brief department meeting to discuss curriculum concerns – Room A234
3. 12:40 to 1:52       Preparation Period. Mark assignments from yesterday. Book video on Canada’s Contribution (Ypres, Somme, Vimy Ridge) for Friday’s class.
4.                     Part of the                    Include T, R and L in a       Collect notebooks. Show three-minute video        Use bubble map In their notebooks            Collect notebooks.
2:00 to 3:12           unit on                        single group and work         One mark will be   clip (see period 1). Use list  to paraphrase     students prioritize        One mark will be
                                     • Prioritize the
Grade 10 History       Canada’s                       with them to get them         given for each on  of causes listed in article by discussion        the six reasons for        given for each on
                                     six causes of
(Academic) (CHC2D)     participation                  started on the task.          analysis,          A.J.P. Taylor. Individuals     points            World War I and            analysis,
                                     World War I.
“Canadian History in   in war,                        Review the stages of          interpretation and choose one cause as most                         defend their choices       interpretation and
                                     • Apply the
the Twentieth          peace and                      effective inquiry with        drawing of         important. Then, in groups,                      in writing.                drawing of
                                     skills involved
Century”               security-                      them before posing the        conclusions.       they share their choices,                                                   conclusions
                                     in an inquiry
                       How                            task. Ask T to record for                        their reasons and try to
                       Canada                         this group.                                      reach agreement on the
                       became                                                                          most important cause.
                       involved in                                                                     Groups present their results
                       WWI.                                                                            to one another. Discussion

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