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									      SUBJECT: DT: Moving Monsters                     Class:   Red                     Term: 3

Key Skills     Learning         Teaching Activities and               Evaluation      Cross Curricular
               Objectives       Focused Tasks
Speaking and   Pupils should    Week 2 (11th - 15th Jan) and    2. & 3.            Numeracy   ICT
Listening,     experience       Week 3. (18th - 22th Jan)                          Shapes,    Using
following      what is meant    Show the group a range of                          colour     relevant
instructions   by a pneumatic   products that use air to make                      Counting   programmes
Sharing,       system through   them work. Eg musical
cutting,        investigating     instruments, fans used in hot         Resources:
pasting,        various           weather, party blowers, air bed,      # examples of products
communicating   examples          foot pumps, bicycle pumps and         that use air eg pneumatic
with the aid    worked by air.    balloons.                             toys, foot pump for
of PECS                                                                 inflating air mattress,
                Experience how    Week 4. (25th - 29th Jan)             balloon pump.
                simple            Construct simple pneumatic       4.   # washing-up liquid
                mechanisms        systems for the pupils to             bottle, 5mm diameter
                can be            investigate.                          plastic tubing, balloons,
                controlled        Fasten a balloon to a washing up      sterile syringes.
                using pneumatic   liquid bottle, and two syringes       # materials for finishing
                pumps.            connected with a short plastic        eg coloured paper, paint,
                                  tube.                                 paper mache, fabric, foil.
                                  What happens when you squeeze         #PVA glue, masking tape,
                                  the bottle?                           parcel tape.
                                  What happens when you push one        #scissors
                                  of the syringes?

                                  Create a coke bottle rocket with
                                  a balloon which can be launched
                                  on a piece of string across the
                                  classroom The children will each
make their own.

Week 5 . (1st - 5th Feb) and
Week 6 . (8th - 12th Feb)
Make a pneumatic model –            5. & 6.
Making Monsters.
Make a monster where a balloon
is the tongue. Use a plastic tube
to move. Children evaluate their
work by taking pictures of their
monsters when they have

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