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									                                                            August—September 2008   Issue #132 

                Striding Along
                                       Official Newsletter of the Gate City Striders Running Club 

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August - September 2008
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                              Club Directory
                                                 Night Phone      Day Phone          Email

Executive Board

President                     Skip Cleaver       (603) 888-2318   (603) 305-9871

Vice President                Ed Deichler        603 429-0221     781 377-2872

Treasurer                     Deb Miner                           978-323-2343

Secretary                     Mark Sage          472-3668                  

Activities                    Michelle Poublon   603 595-2239              

Communications                Dan Dugan          603-595-0668     603-557-6755

Membership                    Stan Klem          617-893-9627              

Competition                   Michael Wade       603 889-1208              

 Head Coach and Racing Team

Head Coach                    Dave Camire        978-430-5669              

Racing Team Manager           Scott Brown        207-713-4114              

Team Captains

Female Masters                Michelle Poublon   603 595-2239              

Female Open                   Amy Lacroix        264-2454                  

Female Seniors                Emily Strong       603 595-7149              

Male Open                     Michael Wade       603 889-1208              

Male Masters                  John Saunders      603 424-0347

Male Seniors                  Trevor Ward        882-2238                  

Male/Female Veterans          Skip Cleaver       (603) 888-2318   (603) 305-9871


Editor                        William Farina     603 577-8400              

Mailing                       Ellen Kolb                                   

Race Results                  Maddy LaRose       603 889-6049              
                              Mary Slocum                                  

Race Apps                     Emily Strong       603 595-7149              


Webmaster                     Steve Moland       603 315-0340     603 315-0340

StriderWear                   Deb Miner                           978-323-2343

Equipment Mgr                 Kevin Reynolds     603 891-1916              

 August - September 2008                                                       Striding Along               2
Editor’s Note:

Well, this edition of Striding Along is noteworthy for two milestones.
One important and one not so. The first is that this is the last paper edi-
tion of Striding Along. As you will read on page 7, the Board has
opted to go to a electronic web based newsletter. Bill Spencer has done
a nice retrospective of the Newsletter over the years.

Second, this is also my last edition as editor. It has been my privilege
to serve as the editor, but with the switch to an electronic version
comes a need for the next editor with fresh perspectives and ideas and                    Striding Along is published 6 times a
who can take the newsletter to the next letter.                                           year by members of the Gate City
                                                                                          Striders, Inc. of Nashua, NH. For cor-
                                                                                          respondence or a membership applica-
I want to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed articles, pic-                     tion, please write to:
tures, columns, and opinions. Your contributions makes the job of edi-
                                                                                          Gate City Striders
tor easy and actually fun.                                                                PO Box 3692
                                                                                          Nashua, NH 03061.
We are looking for a new editor. Please consider volunteering.                            Visit our Web Site
Thanks - Bill Farina                                                            

                                                                                          USA Track & Field Club # 157
 H E L P W A N T E D - Newsletter Editor
                                                                                          Our Mission Statement
 Your Gate City Striders are looking for a volunteer to as-
 sume the role of newsletter editor. The club will provide                                The Gate City Striders is an athletic
                                                                                          and social organization dedicated to the
 you with the software (Publisher and Adobe) and the tem-                                 promotion of running and fitness at all
 plates. It is as easy as 1 2 3                                                           levels. Members vary in ability from
                                                                                          beginning joggers to competitive mara-
 1. Collect the contributions from other club members,                                    thoners.
 2. Cut and paste into the template.
 3. Save as a pdf file and upload to the web page.                                        Membership meetings
                                                                                          Merrimack YMCA
                                                                                          3rd Wednesday of month.
 The benefits: Easy to do and a great way to volunteer for
 the club where you set your schedule. Great way to learn                                 Track workouts
                                                                                          Wednesday nights, Nashua High
 new skills - do something different.                                                     School South, April thru October.
                                                                                          Weekly runs at Pennichuck JH starting
 Skills needed: None, just a little creativity and a willing-                             the end of October

 ness to help your club.

   If you experience problems with the delivery of the newsletter call our membership
   chairperson. This newsletter is sent third class mail. There is no forwarding by the
   post office, so make sure we have your correct address. Advertisements are gladly

     August - September 2008                                                                 Striding Along               3
  President’s Column                                                 by Michelle Poublon

Thank you for all your words of encouragement since       against some larger clubs, and definitely some stiffer
I assumed the role of club President. I think so          competition. This is not to suggest that members are
highly of this organization and all of its members,       discouraged from running NHGP races. The NHGP
and I look forward to carrying on the traditions estab-   races are local, they are familiar, and some of them
lished by all those who have served before me. I          have become favorites and we make sure to run them
have been a member since 2003, and an E-board             every year, even when they are not Grand Prix
member for more than two years now, and I think           races. But as we are a competitive running club, it is
this is an exciting time for our club. It’s hard to be-   not only our responsibility to existing members but
lieve that it is August already, and we are more than     also essential to recruiting new members that we seek
halfway through our track season.                         new sources of competition.

Our coaching program is as strong as ever, with Dave      Every single member of the Gate City Striders is a
Camire and his assistants Jim Stronach, Keith             member of the TRIAD racing team and is encour-
O’Brien, Richie Blake, Brian Crane, Brian Withers,        aged to attend the NEGP races. Our success in the
and Dave Dunham returning for their second con-           NHGP all these years was in large part due to our
secutive year. After a three-week break, coached          size and depth in all age groups. Similarly, I believe
workouts resumed on July 23 to begin the second           a coordinated effort by all members to attend NEGP
half of our track season, which will continue through     races will enable us to field a full team (at least 5
Wednesday, October 15. We also welcome back               runners) in each scoring division and realize an al-
Dave Dunham who has returned to coach the Half            most immediate improvement in the standings of the
Marathon/Marathon training group, perfect for those       more competitive NEGP series.
members planning to run a half or full marathon in
the fall.                                                 We recognize that these races are bigger and often
                                                          further away. The Intra-Club Scoring System
Last summer we introduced the Mine Falls Summer           (initiated by GCS for GCS members only) was de-
Race Series. Now in its second year, the attendance       signed to promote some good-natured competition
at these races has grown significantly since last         between members in each of the age groups as an
year. It seems the word is spreading about this week-     added incentive to participate. Similar to the Ulti-
day race series, which runs on the nearby trails of       mate Runner competition, the overall winner earns
Mine Falls Park. It is a nice complement to the           bragging rights over his or her fellow age group
Freeze Your Buns 5k series that we offer in the win-      members! See Michael Wade’s Competition Report
ter months. The 5k and 5-mile races continue every        for details about how the scoring system works. The
Monday night through August 18.                           next New England Grand Prix race is the Bridge of
                                                          Flowers 10k in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. I
There is no doubt the most significant change for our     hope that many of you will be able to attend.
club in recent years was the merger of Moose Milers/
PR Racing with Gate City Striders in January 2007         Striding Along to Go Online
and the formation of the TRIAD racing team, which
is simply the same racing team, with more members,        For various reasons, which are detailed elsewhere in
a new name, and a sharp new singlet. At the same          this issue, the E-board has made the decision to e-
time, the club has shifted its focus from the New         publish the newsletter from this point forward, mak-
Hampshire Grand Prix race series, where GCS has           ing this the final hard copy of Striding Along. In this
been a dominant force for so many years, to the New       issue, Bill Spencer takes a retrospective look
England Grand Prix race series, where GCS is up                                                  (Continued on page 5)

 August - September 2008                                                        Striding Along         4
(Continued from page 4)                                     unteers as GCS hosted the Pack Monadnock 10-miler,
at Striding Along through the years and reminds us that     which this year was the third race in the NHGP se-
the newsletter is a “living history of the club.” Rest      ries. A few weeks later Dick Bersani, in his final year
assured, we are committed to continuing the newsletter,     as Volunteer Coordinator for the Mount Washington
the only difference is that it will be delivered to you     Road Race, and his team of volunteers received kudos
electronically, instead of by the U.S. Postal Ser-          from the race director for doing an excellent job with
vice. We will continue to use e-mail broadcasts, the        the parking detail this year. The E-board is grateful to
newsletter, and our website to disseminate information      Dick for his many years as coordinator. He will not be
to our members. I would like to take this opportunity       easy to replace. Finally, at the end of June, Rich Stock-
to thank everyone who contributed to this and past is-      dale recruited a team of Striders to work the 2-mile wa-
sues of Striding Along. Please continue sending in          ter stop at the Chase Corporate Challenge in Boston.
your stories, reviews, photos and anything else that you
think will be of interest to your fellow members, be-       Leeann and Trevor Ward have done another out-
cause the newsletter really is a living history of the      standing job this year as Directors of Fitness Univer-
club.                                                       sity. Fortunately for them, there were many Striders
                                                            there to help manage the record number of kids attend-
Volunteer Spotlight:                                        ing the 8 clinics in June and July and Finals Day, which
                                                            was held on July 26.
My relationship with the Gate City Striders goes back
about 17 years to the early 1990’s when I first became      During our mid-season break from coached track work-
a member. I was an on-again, off-again member for a         outs, the club hosted the Annual Hash Run on the trails
few years, attending track workouts and volunteering at     and Ultimate Runner Night. We are very grateful to
Fitness University (I still have the T-shirt with Robert    long-time member Warren Church, who lives in Con-
Parish’s signature across the left shoulder from Fitness    necticut and returned again this year to help lay out the
University 103). After a long break, I returned to the      Hash Run. (Be sure to check out Bob Thompson’s en-
club in 2003. Over the past 5 years, I have reac-           tertaining recap of the Hash Run in this issue.) Thanks
quainted with members I knew from long ago, and I           also to everyone who assisted at Ultimate Runner
have met many new members and made many new                 Night, especially Steve Moland and Kevin Reynolds
friends. My experience this time around has been so         without whom this event would not have been possi-
much more enjoyable, which I attribute to my partici-       ble.
pation in more club activities. I’ve learned that getting
involved in club events- either as a competitor or a vol-
                                                        Out on the trails, Michael Wade and a small, yet dedi-
unteer- is a great way to get to know other members of  cated group of volunteers are more than halfway
the club, not to mention a great way to give back.      through the Mine Falls Summer Trail Race Se-
                                                        ries. Attendance has been very good at these races, in
I do believe that the more you give, the more you get. spite of less than desirable weather conditions. The 5k
The success of any event, no matter what size, depends and 5-mile races continue every Monday night through
on the efforts of many hard-working volunteers. So      August 18.To each and every member who helped out
far, our volunteers have had a very busy summer.        with one or more of these events: THANK OU! Your
                                                        support is appreciated.
We kicked off June with a community service project
in Mine Falls Park. The assignment was to clear a path There are numerous opportunities to race and volunteer
and install a stairway on the steepest section of the   over the next couple of months as well, with six more
path. Now pedestrians entering the park at Locke        Grand Prix races, the CIGNA/Elliot Corporate race in
Street have a passable short cut from the upper trail   Manchester on Thursday August 14, the Lake Win-
along the canal to Spine Road and the nearby ball       nipesaukee Relay on Saturday September 19, followed
fields. What a great way to give back to a park that so by the Applefest Half Marathon and Relay on Saturday
many of us enjoy year round!                            October 4. Please consider helping out at one or more
                                                        of these events as a runner or volunteer and get to know
 The following day, Damian Rowe led a group of vol- more of your fellow Striders!

    August - September 2008                                                       Striding Along          5
      Club News & Upcoming Events
                                                                                       These Striders are about to partici-
                                                                                       pate in a community service project
                                                                                       in Mine Falls Park along with mem-
                                                                                       bers of the Mine Falls Advisory
                                                                                       Committee. Their assignment was to
                                                                                       clear a path and install a stairway on
                                                                                       the steepest section of the path. Now
                                                                                       pedestrians entering the park at
                                                                                       Lock Street have a passable short cut
                                                                                       from the upper trail along the canal
                                                                                       to Spine Road and the nearby ball
                                                                                       fields. What a great way to give
                                                                                       back to a park that so many of us
                                                                                       enjoy year round!

                     GCS Volunteers at Mine Falls Trail Day:

      Standing (l-r) Bill Voss, Michelle Poublon, Tom Kolb, Jan Platt, Kathy Kirby, Amy Johonnett, Ed Deichler, Mark Sage
               Sitting (l-r) Justin Platt, Benjamin Platt, Ethan Platt, John Lewicke, Dave Camier, Joyce Oberholtzer
                                                       Not pictured: Ken Snow

Gate City Striders did the water
stop at the 2 mile mark this
year. It was a nice day and an
interesting race to watch from our
vantage point, at the one mile
mark heading out and at the two
mile mark heading back. Thanks
to all the volunteers for their par-

Dave Delay
Rich MacDonald
Heidi McGaffigan
Mary Minami
Shu Minami
Brian Sanborn
Genia Sanborn
Rich Stockdale
Emily Strong

Attached is a photo montage
courtesy Shu Minami.

   August - September 2008                                                                Striding Along             6
Striding Along, the Gate City Striders’                  Most importantly, there is a major upgrade underway
Newsletter Goes On-Line                                  to launch a new Gate City Striders Website, so our
                                                         communications will be greatly enhanced with a much
The bimonthly newsletter has been a mainstay and a       more navigable and user-friendly site where all neces-
primary means of communication since the early days sary information is displayed and current. So rather
of our club, and will continue to be going forward.      than our communications being diminished in some
However, the Board of Directors made the determina- way by the loss of paper, we will actually see more
tion to discontinue the hard copy version of the news- and better communications.
letter and go with the on-line version only. This publi-
cation, the August-September version, will be the last With our continuing bimonthly e-newsletter, applica-
that is printed on paper and mailed to the membership. tions can still be distributed as PDF files, ads will still
                                                         be possible, and all aspects of the newsletter will re-
As with any major decision, there were many factors main the same, only better.
involved and considered. Certainly technology has
changed over the years. Some of the older members           As with any change, there will be a lot of nostalgia
recall when the telephone hotline was a primary             and a sense of loss for some—especially long-time
source of news and necessary for communications; the        members. That is understandable. But as with any
club Website and the forum made the hotline unneces-        organization, we must keep up with technology and
sary and obsolete. Likewise the newsletter is already       also make the best use of your funds. Few members
available on-line; and as a greater percentage of mem-      even know about the old “hotline”, which at one time
bers chose to take the on-line version, the printed ver-    seemed so vital and necessary. We know everyone
sion has become more and more costly and unneces-           will enjoy the newsletter on-line version, and will
sary.                                                       really welcome our new Website.

As printing and mailing costs have escalated, and the       The Board would like to thank William Farina for a
number of mailed copies diminished, the cost per copy       great job as Newsletter Editor. He has done an out-
has become unsustainable. However, the newsletter is        standing job over the years. He initiated the terrific
so vital to our club, and such a tradition, if an on-line   color version of Striding Along for June-July, one of
version were not possible we would continue to pub-         our best ever. Newsletter Editor is a key volunteer
lish. But the fact is that more and more members take       position, so critical to our communications, and this
it on-line, and even many who have gotten hard copies       work has been greatly appreciated. Many members
have often already read it on-line. And for those who       have served in this vital position in the past, including
want to hold a copy, or file one, printing at home or       Alan Rube, Peter Paelink, Steve Moland and others.
work will be possible, of course.                           Thanks to all who served for bringing this essential
                                                            connection to us for more than 28 years.
                                                                                                   Michelle Poublon

   August - September 2008                                                         Striding Along           7
Striding Alone thru the Years
By Bill Spencer

Being the pack rat that I am, I have every Newsletter
that I received since I joined the Gate City Striders in
1991. In this edition, I would like to share the many
changes that have taken place. Although I didn’t join
the club until 1991, I have a copy of the September
1984 version. It consists of three double sided mimeo-
graphed pages that were stapled together and mailed to
each member for $0.20. There were no race inserts, but
members were told to go to Sunshine Sports in Nashua
to pick up applications. One page consisted of the
membership list of 94 members, 10 of whom still be-
long and there were no race results. There was a short

                                                          can still remember meeting some of my new club mates
                                                          for the first time at those races. The 1992 issues contin-
                                                          ued with the same format and size. In those days, the
                                                          coaching at the Wednesday night workouts was pro-
article on the Mill City Relays and on the Applefest      vided by volunteer club members and the Newsletter
Half Marathon.                                            contained the list of planned workouts. The February
                                                          1993 edition listed the current membership at 315 and
The next issue (Dec 1984) was edited by Allan Rube, a included a new membership application to remind
job he did for the club for the next eleven years. My     members that all renewals were due on January of the
first issue as a member was the Nov 1991 issue. It con- year. I joined the E board that year as Secretary.
sisted of five doubled sided printed pages, stapled to-
gether with the back page serving as the mailing label. The June 1993 edition ran seven pages, the largest to
The printing and collating was done by AlphaGraphics. date, and announced the start of the Gate City Strider
It included various articles, a calendar of future events Bulletin Board (BBS). The club was moving into the
and race results. In those days, club members were        information age and Allan was the moderator. That is-
asked to copy the results of members when they ran in sue also announced the beginning of the New Hamp-
a race and mail them to Allan for the newsletter as       shire Grand Prix series. Bill Gray was the NH RRCA
there was no such thing as on-line results.               representative and he organized the first series for the
                                                      NH RRCA Clubs. Races include Applefest and the
Skip Cleaver was president at that time and we had a Macks Apple 10 miler. The current series evolved from
single captain each for the men and women teams. That that first year to include any NH running club.
issue also announced the first Freeze Your Buns races
to be held at the Merrimack Athletic (now Y) Club. I
                                                                                                    (Continued on page 9)

   August - September 2008                                                       Striding Along           8
                                                          prove on that process. Dues were then $12 for a single
                                                          and $15 for a family.

                                                          In the Oct 1995 issue, Peter asked for help in putting
                                                          out the newsletter as, in his words, “our newsletter is
                                                          probably one of the most important parts of our club,
                                                          since it reaches many more of our members than any
                                                          other activity”. He also announced his plan to retire
                                                          “Stickman” as the Clubs logo as out dated. It also
                                                          marked the discontinuance of the calendar in the
                                                          newsletter and the implementation of a monthly post-
                                                          card instead.

                                                          That issue was the first multifold version and ran 16
                                                          pages and included the first of many “Thoughts while
                                                          running” by Skip Cleaver. The next saw Peter taking
                                                          over as Editor as well as President and the newsletter
                                                          had a new cover and format and was now 20 pages.
                                                          Added for the first time was the birthday list, while the
                                                          results section still only took two pages. Also, some-
                                                          where in this timeframe we began including race ap-
                                                          plications with the newsletter requiring newsletter

The August 1993 issue had the first of many articles
by Shu Minami. This one was a very scientific expla-
nation of why we have trouble running on a hot humid
day due to the reduction oxygen available due to the
humidity. Race results were still only running about a
page or so.

By the time the August 1994 issue was published,
Steve Doyle was president, we had five men and three
women team captains, and Dave Sargent was assist-
ing Allan by being responsible for the calendar and
advertising. That newsletter also announced that Dave
Williams would direct the first Ultimate Runner Track
meet. The winner that year was Jack Kick and Jim
Hanson was 6th.

The December 1994 edition saw the first of many
“Ran-dumb thoughts” columns by Bob Thompson.
Looking through the April 1995 edition, Peter Pa-
elinck had become President and posed some ques-
tions about the future direction of the club, including
the level of competitiveness. That issue began the
regular listing of membership renewals to try to im-

   August - September 2008                                                       Striding Along           9
(Continued from page 9)
stuffing parties. It also included a write up on the 2nd
annual Novemberfest. By this time, dues had gone to
$17 for a single and $20 for a family.

The June 1996 issue saw Dave Beauley as President,
our first official Coach in Art Demers and a results
section that was now 3 pages. It also announced the
club’s first Triathlon in Brookline. The April 1997 is-
sue had the first article on the USATF Junior Olympic
Youth XC program run by Nashua PAL and coached
by GCS members. The June 1997 issue had several
articles on the Cabot Trail Relay and marked the be-
ginning of many articles through the years on 24 hour
relays run by Club members. The April 1998 issue
published the first GCS youth workout schedule. The
results section still only ran 3 pages and Ed Sutcliff
announced an unofficial club web page on Geo- It also was the first time that the minutes of
the club’s General Meeting were published.

The November 1998 began Steve Moland’s tenure as
editor and Dave Camire and Mike Amarerllo were
setting up the first official GCS web site. The newslet-
ter was still running about 20 pages and the results
section only 3. The April 1999 edition introduced the
new E board including myself as Competition Direc-           their help in the various club activities.
tor. It also marked the reintroduction of the calendar to
the newsletter. March 2000 marked the first edition          The Oct 2002 issue was the first to identify Kevin
that featured the Youth Junior Olympic kids on the           Reynolds as Equipment Manager, a job he still holds
cover with an extensive story on their National Cham-        with distinction. By 2003, Bob Pelletier had become
pionship success. The newsletter was now 28 pages            President and one of the first things he did was to im-
and contained eight pages of results thanks to Mike          plement a survey of all the club members to see how
Amarerllo and many pages of photos. The issue of             they felt about membership renewal and dues, the
the newsletter announced the new Eboard and my re-           newsletter, the web site, monthly meetings, club ac-
placing Shaun McMahon as President.                          tivities, the hotline, coaching, competitive running,
                                                             club triathlon, and volunteerism. The results of that
The next issue was the beginning of a regular Youth          survey were reported in the April 2003 newsletter and
column in the newsletter. It also announced the shut-        served as guide to the E board as they developed plans
ting down of the GCS BBS because lack of use and             for subsequent years. With the Nov 2003 issue, Steve
the increase in dues to $20 and $25 respectively.            introduced the new Forum section on the Gate City
                                                             Web site, while the Jan 2004 issue high lighted the
The April 2001 edition had Steve and me swapping             change in paid coaching from Dave Camire to Mike
jobs as I took over as the editor. My first issue was a      Sarro.
modest 20 pages and by this time we were operating
with 8 team captains for the various teams. The Nov          The April 2004 issue saw Dave Delay take over as
2001 issue marked the introduction of a volunteer ac-        Editor and the major story was the change in the clubs
tivity section where members could be recognized for                                                      (Continued on page 11)

    August - September 2008                                                          Striding Along                 10
(Continued from page 10)
money awards for participation in the NHGP series
which the board had implemented the previous year.
Three year club memberships were now available for
$50 and $65 respectively. Youth membership was $10 a
year. Dave’s Oct 2004 issue introduced a new cover
design and was packed with stories and pictures includ-
ing our current president just beating past presidents
Steve and Bob in the Francistown 8k race. It also
marked the end of the Youth Column as a regular fea-
ture as well as the last set of race results provided by
Mike Amarello. The calendar was also gradually being
phased out. After many years, the last “Randumb
Thoughts” article was published in the October issue.

The December 2005 issue marked the start of the Bill
Farina era as Editor with a 20 page Christmas issue.
His next issue was full of pictures, Skip was president
once again and the Coaches Corner stopped.

The August 2006 issue was his biggest one yet at 28
pages and dues were now $25, $30 and $10. The first
two issues of 2007 announced several new initiatives.
The Coaching was changed with Dave Camire return-       only color edition. It ran 32 pages and was full of pic-
ing with a full complement of assistant coaches, a win- tures, stories and four pages of results. As I worked on
ter track program was formed and the merger of Moose    this article, it revived memories of past races and how
Milers and PR Racing team was announced.                much fun the relays of all sorts were, of kids that I have
                                                        worked with that are now off to college, and of mem-
The June 2007 issue marked Bill’s redesign of the       bers who have since moved on to other States or activi-
cover. Youth Corner was also back as a regular feature. ties and lastly of those that contributed to the club in
It also announced the first GCS Scholarship winners.    many ways and have since passed on. These newsletters
                                                        are a living history of the club.
The last edition, issue number 131, was the first and



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    August - September 2008                                                                     Striding Along                              11
Another Great Day at the Mount Washington Road Race - June 21, 2008
By Dick Bersani

It was another spectacular day at the MWRR. Racing conditions were very good, there were many elite US
runners, many runners ran for PR’s, and there were a record number of finishers. And the GCS-Triad team
was in the middle of it all. David Herr was our top finisher in 40th place (of 860 finishers), and we had 44
members who finished the race. No other running club had more official runners or more finishers than GCS.
We accounted for more than 5% of all finishers!

There are a number of sources to find race results, so I am going to use this article to focus on the volun-
teers. Do you know that the GCS has one of the most critical volunteer assignments at the MWRR? We di-
rect the road traffic on US 16, and we direct all the pre-race and post race parking. I recall that four years
ago there was a backup of ¾ of a mile on Rt 16, and cars going straight through were delayed 15 – 20 min-
utes or more. Can you imagine the stress of people headed off to weddings, graduations, work, etc? It was
not a pretty site. Since that frustrating year things have improved each year. I want to share comments from
the race director this year. He always has some constructive criticism on how the traffic management and
parking has gone, but this year was different. Consider that this year set a record for the total number of fin-
ishers, and read the comments:

Here is a call of thanks to all the volunteers at this years’ race. I know that some names are missing from the list below, but it was
not intentional. Also note that a ‘*’ identifies volunteers who also ran the race. Their double duty is an option that other racers
might consider at GCS events:

Mark Wimmer *              Trevor Ward *                  Leeann Ward

Stan Klem                  Steve Moland *                 Judy Moland

Dick Miller *              Mark Sage *                    Mary Ellen Bersani

Mark Engerman *            Dan Houston *                  Laurie (Callaghan) Smith

Lisa Christie *            Dan Sweet *                    Ed / wife/ son Shanshala

Denny Leblanc *            Bill Boyd *                    Nate Parsons

John Curry *               John Lewicki                   Jessica Costa

Ken Goodwin                Diane McNamara                 Skip Cleaver *

   August - September 2008                                                                        Striding Along               12
                          Triad Racing News
                      The Rearview Mirror/                 fastest female runner was Karen Pattelena who
                          Racing Ahead                     trumped both of those fine gentlemen with quick
                     A look back at some recent            20:12 of her own. On the bright side, our Mens Veter-
                     Triad Racing Team events              ans team of Rick Stetson, Milt Schumacher & Harry
                         By Michael Wade                   Carter did manage to win the 5k Championship for the
                                                           Men’s 60+ division and we have 6 runners who are
                                                           still alive for the Iron-Runner status (and jacket). They
Pack Monadnock 10 Miler - Sunday, June 1 - Wil-            are: Dan Dugan, Harry Carter, Susan O’Connor,
ton, NH                                                    Janice Platt, Justin Platt & Karen Pattelena. Way to
Rhody 5k - Sunday, June 1 - Lincoln, RI                    go!

The first Sunday in June featured a split-squad day of     As an aside, I apologize to all of our dedicated runners
racing as part of our team headed down to Lincoln RI       who sacrificed their day by traveling down to RI for
for the Rhody 5k and the rest stayed a little closer to    this New England Grand Prix race. We/I should have
home for the Pack Monadnock 10m in Wilton, NH.             done a better job of supporting you with additional
The Triad Racing Team dominated the steep slopes of        teammates for this race. NEGP must be a priority for
Pack as 37 of us combined to score 157 points which        this Racing Team and we can (and will) do better next
nearly doubled those earned by our two nearest com-        time.
petitors. (GSRT-81 & GDTC-78). Our fastest Male
was Justin Fyffe who finished in second place overall      Mount Washington Hill Climb - Saturday, June 21
with a time of 1:06:36. A time many of us would be         – Pinkham Notch, NH
proud of on a flat 10m course! And, our fastest female
was Sara Graves who finished in a time of 1:22:39.         The 48th annual Mount Washington Road Race was
Both Justin and Sara finished first in their age groups    held on June 21st and 45 members of the Triad Racing
as well. Other first place age-group finishers included:   Team came out on top!
Randy Macneill, Todd Callaghan, Len Hall, John Le-
wicke (Sara’s dad) and Barbara Robinson.                   Our fastest Male Runner was David Herr who finished
                                                           in 1:12:07 and our fastest Female Runner was Bonnie
We had 3 first place teams including our Mens Open         Ritchotte who finished in 1:27:51.We had two age
team of Justin, Todd & Lou Bregou, our Men’s Mas-          group champions. They were Barbara Robinson who
ters Team of Randy, Steve Delahunty & Dan Collison         won the Female 70-74 age group & John Pelton who
and our Mens Seniors team of Len, Ken Snow & Rich          won the Male 65-69 age group. Our Team also had 3
Stockdale. We also had 2 second place teams includ-        other runners who finished in the top 5 in their respec-
ing our Womens Open team of Sara, Amber Cullen &           tive age groups. They were Reno Stirrat who finished
Felicia Lombardi and our Female Masters team of            3rd in the Male 50-54 age group, Keith Woodward
Heidi Havron, Michelle Poublon, & Andrea Pierce.           who finished 3rd in the Male 55-59 age group and
Congrats to all who competed and thanks for helping        Robert Mulvaney who finished 5th in the Male 55-59
us take a commanding lead in the overall NHGP team         age group.
title race!
                                                           In the Mens age-group team competition, our Open
Down at the Rhody race we did not fare quite as well.      Team of: David Herr, Lou Bregou, Fergus Cullen,
Only 10 Triad Racing Team members made the trip to         Ernest Brake & Todd Callaghan finished 4th overall.
Rhode Island. Our fastest Male runners were Franc          Our Masters Team of: David Herr, Ernest Brake, Reno
Karpo & Rick Stetson who both finished in 20:14. Our       Stirrat, Mark Engerman & Keith Woodward came in a

   August - September 2008                                                        Striding Along           13
(Continued from page 13)                                  children of families in crisis. It is presently staffed by
close second to powerhouse CMS. And, our team of          the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love. The
Reno Stirrat, Keith Woodward, Chuck Landry, Robert Sisters work with both the children and families with
Mulvaney & Len Hall won the Seniors Team Champi- the hopes of reunification. This is sometimes not possi-
onship and set a new 50+ course record in the process! ble and the children remain at the home until another
Way to go fellas!                                         permanent placement can be found. The running pro-
                                                          gram at St. Charles began during the summer of 1996
USATF-NE Mountain Running Circuit                         to help the children cope with the stress and anger
                                                          which often accompanies placement and separation is-
While we’ve had have a bit of a lull in both Grand Prix sues. Running is a natural antidepressant, and the main
Series I wanted to bring everyone up to date on what’s goal of the program is to enhance their self esteem.
happening on a slightly higher level.
                                                          Training and competition vary depending on each
Many Triad Racing Team members have been busy             child's age and ability, up to 4 miles a day, 5 days a
participating in the USATF-NE Mountain Running Cir- week. The children participate in 5k and 8k road races
cuit. The Circuit consists of 6 races and presents a good in the Seacoast area. The St. Charles 5k course is
mix of auto roads & trails as well as “all-ups” & “ups    USATF certified flat, fast 5k course and is ideal for fast
and downs”. This year the races are Wachusett, Pack       runners and safe for children. The pre-race day registra-
Monadnock, Northfield, Cranmore, Loon & Ascutney. tion fee (prior to August 15th) is $15 with a guaranteed t
Anyone who completes all 6 Mountain Races earns the -shirt to the first 400 runners or just $10 without the
title of “Mountain Goat”. And, are able to by-pass the shirt. Race day registration is still $15 (but no shirt),
lottery for the grand-daddy of all Mountain Races,        from 7:30-8:30 a.m. at the Martin Point Health Center
Mount Washington. In the end 6 Triad Racing Team          on Corporate Drive at the Pease International Trade-
Members can proudly call themselves “Goats”. They         port. All proceeds from this race benefit the kids at the
are Todd Callaghan, Justin Fyffe, Len Hall, John Paul St. Charles Children’s Home. The current records hold-
Lewicke, Felicia Lombardi & Rich Stockdale. Nice job ers for this race are by John Mortimer (14:46), and
folks!                                                    Mary Proulx (17:03).

The final results also show a leader board filled with        Ollie 5m - Saturday, September 6th – 10:00 am -
Triad Racing Team members. Justin Fyffe finished first        Boston, MA
overall in total points for the men followed closely by
Todd Callaghan in second and John Paul Lewicke in   The NEGP Grand Prix Series cruises on into fall with
eighth. Justin finished on a definite roll after he come in
                                                    the Ollie 5 Miler on September 6th in South Boston,
fifth at Wachusett, second at Pack, and third at North-
                                                    MA. Going on its 68th year, this race is one of the old-
field, he won the Cranmore Hill Climb! On the       est in America. It was originally founded in 1941 as a
women’s side, Heidi Havron finished in fifth place  neighborhood event that brought together the commu-
overall among all women and 14 year old Felicia     nity and its families to support the mission of the South
Lombardi finished in sixth (first in the under 19 cate-
                                                    Boston Neighborhood House or the “Ollie” named after
gory). And, at the Northfield race Felicia broke the ex-
                                                    one of its founders Olivia Buckminster James. The
isting junior record by 1:26 with her impressive 53:12
                                                    course starts at The Bank of America Pavilion and
finish. Not to be outdone, 74 year old Barbara Robin-
                                                    winds through South Boston and the adjacent water-
son came away with the title in the 70+ age category.
                                                    front area. The pre-race day registration fee (prior to
                                                    August 25th) is $25. Race day registration is $30, from
St. Charles 5k - Monday, September 1st – 9:00 am - 7:00-9:30 a.m. at The Bank of America Pavilion. The
Portsmouth, NH                                      course records are 23:55 by Mark Carroll and 26:41 by
                                                    Amy Mortimer. Ollie offers $6,000 in individual and
The next stop for the NHGP is the St. Charles 5k in team prizes and the post race party is sponsored by
Portsmouth. The St Charles Children’s Home began as
an orphanage in 1913. In 1968, it became a home for                                           (Continued on page 15)

     August - September 2008                                                      Striding Along          14
(Continued from page 14)                                    leads on the Open & Ancient Teams, respectively.
Harpoon Brewery and includes live music, food and           For the Women: Karen Pattelena is clear of the field on
drink, duh.                                                 the Open Team. Janice Platt holds a lead over Cathy
                                                            Merra and Tammy Gaffey on the Masters Team. Susan
Intra-Team Competition                                      O’Connor is ahead of Aline Kenney on the Seniors
An update on the current NEGP-ITC standings                 Team and Jane Levesque is in the same position on the
By Michael Wade                                             Veterans team over Maddie Larose.

During the break between races I finally had a chance       Scoring for the NEGP-ITC is as follows: Runners are
to compile the standings for our New England Grand          awarded 5 points for participation in each New Eng-
Prix Intra-Team Competition. And, after just 3 of 7         land Grand Prix Race. Then additional points are
NEGP races, there are some pretty tight competitions        awarded to the top 5 runners in each age group within
going on within the various age groups.                     the club (5 points for first, down to 1 point for fifth). If
On the Men’s side: Justin Platt holds a slim lead over      there aren’t 5 runners in a particular age group, then the
Randy Macneill & Mike Wright on the Masters Team.           additional points begin from the bottom up starting at
Reno Stirrat is leading the way on the Seniors Team         1.
over Steve Tomasi, Tom Kolb & Steve Piper. Milt
Schumacher & Denny Leblanc are tied for first on the        Elsewhere in the newsletter is the complete ITC Point
Veterans Team and just barely ahead of John Lewicke.        Standings for everyone who has participated in the
                                                            New England Grand Prix so far this year. For those
While Dan Dugan and Harry Carter have good sized            who have run with us, take a look and see where you

Please Support our Club – Help at Applefest

The largest event for the Gate City Striders is Applefest, planned for Saturday, October 3. Every year, Ap-
plefest has grown in attendance, and stature amongst the running community, especially since we have added
the two-person relay.

We need the help of our Club members to make this a successful race. The Applefest Committee is looking
for help with pre-race activities, parking, water stops, food tent, finish line, clean up, and other things I’m sure
I haven’t even thought of. Time commitments can be as little as two hours early Saturday morning, an hour
after the race, or all day. Your volunteer support of this event will help ensure our success on many levels.

Applefest is a critical event for the Gate City Striders, as it generates income to keep programs like the coach-
ing, and social events funded. The event also allows the Club to make community-based donations, such as
much-needed bleachers at the Hollis-Brookline High School track.

This is our race, and our time to shine. Please volunteer to be part of this terrific event – we all have a lot of
fun. Sign-up sheets will be available at the track workouts for those of you who attend.


Anyone who would like to volunteer and does not attend track workouts, please contact me (Lynn Kisselbach)
at: 603-886-0247 (home phone, please leave a message), or

Sign up and be a member of the 26th Applefest team!

    August - September 2008                                                        Striding Along            15
Adventures Abound                                             even a little daring. Maybe.
at your local Farmer’s Market
                                                           If finding adventure by way of quirky fruits and vegeta-
By: Samantha Moland, M.P.H.
                                                           bles is not your idea of a Saturday morning thrill, then
                                                           perhaps a tour of the farm or chat with a couple grow-
Even though the hot and hazy month of August cranks
                                                           ers themselves might zest your appetite for knowledge
up the humidity, it does not deter our craving for ad-
                                                           and joviality. Pick-your-own is a fantastic way to ex-
venture and deserved relaxation. Across the Granite
                                                           perience your food in a way that no pre-packaged in-
State, New Hampshire towns are enlivened with festi-
                                                           dustrial foodstuff could ever offer. And besides, who
vals, Old Home Days celebrations, and bountiful
                                                           doesn’t like to get their knees a little dirty and fingers
farmer’s markets- all teeming with fresh and flavorful
                                                           stained with the sweet juice of fresh berries? Talking to
produce. Sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, tender kale
                                                           the growers themselves is also a great way to learn
and beet greens are abundant and at their peak of fresh-
                                                           about their farming history and growing practices, find
ness throughout the entire month of August. Sweet
                                                           out what unique flavors are in season and what crops
strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries burst with
                                                           are almost ready for harvesting. Buying locally also
simple natural goodness that no other confection could
                                                           reduces the environmental impact and costs of trans-
possibly rival in New England. Moreover a visit to
                                                           porting product. Moreover, supporting local markets
your local market may just have a few hidden surprises
                                                           and farmers helps sustain and preserve the local econ-
that are quite likely to inspire your inner culinary gen-
                                                           omy and deservedly so- seasonal flavors.
ius and tempt the appetites of even the pickiest eaters
around the dinner table.
                                                           Visiting a local farm stand might already be a weekly
                                                           stop for you to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables or
From the vivid violet hues of rhubarb and beets to the
                                                           perhaps you’ve thought about stopping at that quaint
intense viridescent of asparagus and arugula, the spec-
                                                           roadside stand with the hand-painted sign declaring
trum of color and variety of freshly harvested produce
                                                           Fresh Strawberries! Regardless of your farm-to-table
is simply beautiful. (I’ve often found myself com-
                                                           experience, a gaunt across town or scenic drive to the
pletely dumbfounded and overcome with the intense
                                                           nearest produce outpost can make for an exciting fam-
need to photograph everything in sight- only to awaken
                                                           ily adventure. So rally the troops, toss a few canvas
from my stupor upon the realization that the quizzical
                                                           bags in the car, and invigorate your weekend with a
glances of fellow market-goers were directed at myself-
                                                           nutritious and tasty local excursion.
the crazy girl zooming in on the spring onions). The
variety of lively colors is synonymous with a variety of
tastes and novelties yet to be discovered. Ever heard of
                                                           For a complete listing of 2008 NH farmer’s markets
a Saskatoon? Sweet, juicy, and mild in flavor, these
berries are also known as juneberries and tend to re-
semble blueberries. These beauties can be mixed into
yogurt, tossed into a salad, or shine atop a heart-healthy          
piece of almond encrusted salmon.                                                            
                                                                                            Lisa Klasman, ND 
                                                                                          Naturopathic Doctor 
                                                                                         9 Ash St, Hollis, NH 03049 
For another epicurious delight try kohlrabi. This vege-                                    Phone:  (603) 465‐2895 

table looks like a miniature turnip and tastes faintly of                              
                                                                                   Specializing in Natural Medical Care for the Whole Family 
broccoli. The crunch and slight spice of kohlrabi lends                                     Complementary and Primary Care 
                                                                                             •  General Medicine 
itself to raw exposé, but can be seasoned and roasted                                         • Chronic Diseases 
                                                                                              • Disease Prevention & Wellness 
for warm side dish. A kohlrabi and tomato salad is as                                         • Women’s Health Issues 
                                                                                                   o Menopause 
easy as chopping up two tomatoes, slicing one kohlrabi                                             o PMS 
                                                                                                   o Hormonal Imbalances 
into thin matchstick pieces, and mixing with two table-                        
                                                                                              • Gastrointestinal Issues 
                                                                                              • Cardiovascular Health 
spoons of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of half a lime,      

and a dash of salt and pepper. Fresh, crisp, and maybe

   August - September 2008                                                             Striding Along                             16
                   Reports From the Road
Hash Re-Hash                                              and “The Injury Waiting to Happen” went the wrong
By Bob “Bubba” Thompson                                   way which allowed the “half-fast” (say it fast) runners
                                                          to not fall too far behind from the get-go.

On Wednesday July 9th the annual GCS Hash Run             The hash pack regrouped just west of the highway as
was held in Mine Falls Park. Hash Master extraordi-       a “O” was encountered on the trail. This allowed the
naire Warren Church returned from Connecticut to          slower runners or runners that went off track to catch
host another successful hash event. Warren, with his      up. At the next “O” outside of the softball field “The
doctorate in Hashology, provided a brief history of       Hash Trash” and “The Undertaker” went right when
hashing and outlined the rules of the evening’s hash.     everyone else went left. “The Hash Trash” and “The
Hashers had to find and follow a predetermined            Undertaker” soon found out that everyone else was
course by following the symbols of “O”, ‘X” and “à”       correct as the shout of “on-on-on-on” rang out from
which were painted in limestone on the trail. “O”         under the canopy of pine trees as “The Hash Trash”
means stop, wait for 5 more runners and choose a di-      and “The Undertaker” quickly retraced their steps.
rection to run. “X” means you went the wrong way.
“à” means you are on the right trail and hashers call     Hashers continued along the left side of the softball
out “on-on” to let others know they are on the right      field to another “O” near the cell tower. Runners go-
trail.                                                    ing down the hill to the trail along the river shouted
                                                          out “on-on-on-on” indicating they were on the right
Hashers were also instructed to call out other hashers    trail. The lead pack started to dwindle as several
who digressed from the rules while derogatory name        hashers found out that two wrongs don’t make a right
calling and nicknames were not only allowed, but en-      and trailed behind. “The Bimbo and The Poofter” had
couraged.                                                 gone off on their own separate way. (We can’t expand
                                                          upon what they may have done next since this is a
Several elite local hashers were in attendance includ-    family magazine.)
ing, “The Quick”, “The Prez”, “N8rdoc”, “The
Church Lady”, “Long Pants”, “The Man from                 As the hashers proceeded along in single file along the
Maine”, “The Undertaker”, “Rowe Boat”, “The Snake         riverside trail, the hashing strategy of slowing down
Charmer”, “Scrotum Breath”, “Marathon Dreamer”,           paid dividends. Yes, being slow can be advantageous
“The Hash Flash”, “The Hash Trash”, “The Hash             in a Hash Run. As the hash leader reached the “O” the
Stash”, “The Bimbo & The Poofter”, “The Good Hu-          trailing hashers jogged slowly in order to save their
mor Man”, “The Neophyte”, and “The Injury Waiting         strength for the finish. Since the hash leader had to
to Happen”. (Any resemblance between these nick-          wait in the “O” for five more runners, there was no
names and actual Gate City hashers is merely coinci-      need to hurry to catch up. Slow can be a good thing in
dental.)                                                  a hash.

The run started in a “O” on the north side of the canal   “N8rdoc” led the hash leaders back onto the park’s
bridge near the track. There were 3 clear options on      main trail, Spine Road. From there the hash trail
which way to go and the pack quickly split into           headed east toward the Millyard. Another “O” lie at
1/3rds. Within 20-30 seconds many runners reached         the bottom of the new timber stairway leading to the
an “X” and scrambled back to the start to find the cor-   canal’s north side trail. After climbing the nearly ver-
rect path. With temperatures in the 90’s and high hu-     tical “Stairway to Heaven” the hashers were mostly
midity, misdirection was not a pleasant experience.       spent and were looking for the Hash rest, but one did
Fortunately, two of the faster hashers, “The Quick”       not exist. “The Hash Trash” and “N8rdoc” turned

    August - September 2008                                                        Striding Along          17
(Continued from page 17)                                   The hash leaders paused at yet another “O” along the
right thinking, hopefully, that the route to the finish waspaved path. “The Quick” and “The Trash” tried left
the short one. An “X” a hundred yards down the trail       again while the other hashers continued straight up the
pointed out their mistake and by this time the hash        paved path. At this point winning or losing was all left
leaders were quite far ahead in the opposite direction     to fate and this time “The Hash Trash” and “The
and “on-on-on-on” the correct trail. However, there        Quick” had made the right decision. “The Quick”
were only 5 of them and they had to wait quite a while     asked “The Hash Trash” what the finish would look
at a “O” for one more hasher before crossing the new       like and the trash-talking “Hash Trash” said “Look for
bridge to the south side of the canal.                     Warren”. This turned out to be quite a strategic move
                                                           as while “The Quick” scanned the surroundings for
After crossing the bridge, all of the hashers figured cor- Warren, “The Hash Trash” sprinted victoriously to the
rectly that the route must go right and not left toward    finish line that was painted on the grass in limestone
the Millyard. The hash pack had now slimmed down to just ahead.
include “The Quick”, “The Prez”, “N8rdoc”, “Rowe
Boat”, “Scrotum Breath”, “The Hash Flash”, “The            All hashers were accounted for as the Hash Master
Hash Trash”, and “The Injury Waiting to Happen”. A scoured the trails for misguided hashers.
few more “O’s” followed to keep everyone in conten-
tion and the paved trail on the south side of the canal    The Hash Cash (club treasury) rewarded the runners
appeared to be leading to the finish, but the Hashers      with ice cream treats from the local Good Humor man.
didn’t know where or how much further. Figuring that The serious hashers then retreated to the local Hash
the Hash Master wouldn’t lead us straight to the finish, House (Club National. a.k.a The Church) for the tradi-
“The Quick”, “The Hash Trash” and “The Injury Wait- tional Down-Down ceremonies.
ing to Happen” turned left at the next “O”, just west of
the highway. An “X” quickly greeted them and they          Thanks Warren for a fun time that was had by all.
back tracked to the paved path to catch back up.

                                                                                    Steve and Judy Moland:
                                                                                    Moxie 5K, Lisbon Falls,
                                                                                    Maine July 12, 2008

       August - September 2008                                                     Striding Along          18
Ultimate Runner Night photos by Steve Wolfe and Jim Rhodes
At Ultimate Runner Night on July 16, Kevin McIntyre bested a field of 28 to earn the title of Ultimate Runner
for an entire year. Kevin's age-graded times placed him first in each of the four events- 400m, 800m, mile and
5k. Here he is shown finishing strong in the 5k to clinch the victory. Also pictured is Aline Kenney, who was
the first female finisher. Her age-graded time of 67 seconds placed her second overall in the 400m.

   August - September 2008                                                    Striding Along          19
August - September 2008   Striding Along   20
                       Youth Corner                                      by Bill Spencer

                                Hollis 5k
                                  The Gate City Youths had their first
                                  team races of the season by fielding
                                  three teams in the Junior High Divi-
                                  sion of the Hollis 5k. The older girl’s
                                  team was led by Leah Kovitch fol-
                                  lowed by Gigi Piercy, new
                                  Strider Taylor Studley, and Cassie
                                  Wright. Their time of 1:05:20 not
                                  only won their Division but was also
                                  faster than the winning GCS
                                  women’s open team. We also had a
                                  team of 8 to 10 year olds who placed
second in the division in a time of 1:09:44, also faster than the
Women’s open team. Katie Valin was first across the line, followed
by Helen and Heidi Ntengeri and Lindsay Wright. The third team
was a coed team, which also
was a division winner. Molly McCabe finished 55^th overall to pace the team
to a 1:07:33 finish. Her teammates were Cam Murphy, Sarah Burke and Mi-
chael Pattelena. Thanks to Mike Wright, our parent’s team of Mike, Karen Pat-
telena and I were still able to beat the kids by a little over a minute. Individual
age group winners were Molly in first place (19:13), Katie in first place
(20:42), Felicia Lombardi in first place (18:51). Second place age group win-
ners were Leah (19:30), Lindsay (28:31) and Helen (24:24). Sister Heidi took
the third place medal (24:37). All in all, everyone except Molly set new per-
sonal bests at the race.

  August - September 2008                                                         Striding Along   21
   Mountain Series
The six race Mountain series concluded with the Mt Ascutney
race on July 12^th . Finishing in 6^th place overall and first in
her Division was Gate City Strider, 14 year old Felicia
Lombardi. She was nosed out of 5^th place by fellow Strider
Heidi Havron who finished 3 points ahead of her in the over-
all women’s standings. This was Felicia’s first time in the
Mountain series, which she ran while still competing for her
Middle School track team where she had an outstanding track
season as well. In her third mountain race, the Northfield
10.3k climb, she broke the Junior Record by 1:26 minutes.
Congratulations to Felicia.

   August - September 2008                                          Striding Along   22
Youth Running Schedule                                  some of the older youths. If anyone is interested in
                                                        them they should contact Coach Wright at
We have been meeting at the Nashua High School
track to run during the past month on Monday,           <> .
Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5:30. It seems that
each night has a different set of kids, with several    Youth workouts will stop after August and will start
participating on a regular basis. On at least two of    again at the conclusion of the school cross country
those nights, the kids were racing instead of working   season in late October. Five day a week workouts
out. They formed in teams and ran at the Hollis 5k      will start October 27^th for those Youths that wish
and in the GCS 5k relay, both of which are covered      to run on a Gate City Strider team in the USATF
in this newsletter.                                     Junior Olympic Cross Country program. They will
We will continue with this workout schedule for the     be training to compete in the Association qualifier
month of August, with the exception of Thursday         on Nov 16^th in R.I., the Region 1 qualifier on Nov
the 14^th . The Cigna 5k is that night and is an op-    23^rd in N.Y. and the National championship on
tional race for anyone that wishes to run. There will   Dec 13^th in Va. Details regarding the workouts and
be no workout in Nashua that night. During that         teams will be posted on the Youth Web site which
same week, eight of our regulars will be attending      can be found at
the Saint Anslem’s Youth Cross Country camp dur-        <> or
ing the day and will not be running in the evening      reached through the Youth link on
that week. We will have workouts on Monday and          <> .
Tuesday for those that are not attending the camp. In
addition to these Nashua workouts, Coach Wright         Coach Bill
has been organizing training runs in Milford for

 August - September 2008                                                       Striding Along          23
Monday night relay races
The Gate City Youths have been running on a regular basis, several
times a week in Mine Falls. The Club’s annual Monday night relay
races gives them a change in pace and a chance to race against each
other. The group that runs with Coach Bill had three teams in the 5k
relay. The “Dream Team” of Katie Valin, Sarah Burke, and Shannon
Wright were the first of
the three teams across the line, finishing in 20:47, just 2 seconds
slower than last year’s first place GCS kids team. Katie had the first
leg and opened about a 30 second lead over the other two teams,
Sarah picked off three teams on her leg while increasing their lead by
an other 20 seconds and then passed off to Shannon who ran a strong
anchor leg to hold off a charging last leg by Molly McCabe and bring
her team home in 6^th place. For their efforts, they were named the
winner of
“The best Olympic reference”. The second team was the “Picachu
Shock” (where did that come from) consisting of Gigi Piercy, Brette
Chumra and Molly McCabe. When Gigi passed off to Brette for the
second leg, the team was about 10 seconds behind our third team.
Brette cut that to about 4 seconds when she handed off to Molly. Molly
took off and was
able to cut into the lead but ran out of time, bringing her team home in
21:21 in 8^th place and winning the award for the “Best Team Name”.
Our third team was the “Ninga Turtles” consisting of Cam Murphy,
Griffin Gagnon, and Chelsea Shoemaker. They crossed the line in 9^th
place in 22:30, winning the “Best Cartoon Name”. In addition to these

 August - September 2008                                                   Striding Along   24
                                                USATF Track Championships
                                                While some of our Youths have been working out in anticipa-
                                                tion of running distance races, Coach Wright has been working
                                                with a group that has focused on the USATF Junior Olympic
                                                Track program. In addition, Striders Helen and Heidi Ntengeri
                                                have been running with the Amherst Track Club. This program
                                                is like the Cross Country program, in that a runner must qualify
                                                to move on to the next level of competition.

                                               At the Association level one must place in the top 6 positions
                                               in any given event. The Association meet was held at Fitchburg
                                               State College on June 21^st . Qualifiers in the Bantam Division
                                               were Lindsay Wright (400m in 1:31.43), Heidi (800 in 3:03.79
                                               and Long Jump in 3.14m), and Helen (1500 in 6:13.12). In the
                                               Youth Division, qualifiers were Cassie Wright (3k in 13:02.69)
                                               and Cecelia Muller (400 in 1:11.31, High Jump in 1.47m and
                                               Long Jump in 3.97m) Both jump distances are new GCS Youth
                                               records. In the Intermediate Girls Division, Peggy Lai won the
                                               3k in a club record 11:28.11 and Amanda Clark set club re-
                                               cords of 21:77 in the High Hurdles and 1.37m in the High
Jump. Connor Crowley set new Intermediate Boys records, placing second in both the 400 (53:87) and the 800
(2:24.14). Lastly, Corey Hahnl picked up a pair of third place finishes in club record time in the Young Men’s
800 (2:10.67) and the 5k in 18:37.23).

The Region 1 meet was held on July 12th & 13^th in New York. At this meet, only the top three in each event
get to move on to the Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska. Helen was the
only Bantam to qualify, running 6:21.8 in the 1500 for third. Her sis-
ter Heidi finished 5^th in the 800 in 3:00.44, just being nipped at the
finish. Lindsay improved on her time of the previous meet running her
heat in 1:28.63. In the Youth Girls Division, Cecelia was the only
qualifier with her second place finish in the High Jump of 1.40m. She
also ran a 1:12.19 in the 400. Cassie just missed qualifying, placing
4^th in the 3k in 13:04.76.^

On Sunday, the older kids were led by Peggy Lai who was 2nd in both
the 3k (11:14 club record) and the 2000m Steeplechase (8:15 club re-
cord) in the girl’s intermediate division. She lost both race by about 5
meters. Amanda Clark was 4th in the steeplechase and 7th in the high
jump 1.37m. Connor Crowley ran both the 400m 55.22 (3rd) and the
800m 2:15.87 (club record) for 6^th place in the intermediate boys

Corey Hahnl placed 3rd in his first 2000m steeplechase in a club re-
cord time of 6:58.98, only 10 second behind the winner in the young
men’s division. The fact that he took a nose dive in the water jump on
the gun lap had a little to do with his final placement.

   August - September 2008                                                     Striding Along          25
                                        Strider Wear

Strider Wear for Gate City Striders
Some of our current inventory of Strider Wear appears below. You may place your order for desired
items with Deb Miner at They will be distributed on a "first ordered, first
served" basis. Deb will carry them to Wednesday workouts or they can be shipped with an additional
shipping charge.

W ens
                                                                               Regular   Sale                      Extra
Brand             ItemDescription                      Logo           Color     Price    P      m
                                                                                          rice S all Medium Large Large
Sport Hill        BikeShort                            GC S           Black    $ 25      $ 10       3     1
Sport Hill        R        hort
                    unningS w/ back pocket             None           Black    $ 21      $ 10             3      7      5
Sport Hill        R unningShort                        None           Black    $ 21      $ 10             1      6      5
Sport Hill        LongSleeveTechshirt                  GC S           W hite   $ 15      $ 10                    2
Mizuno            Singlet                            /
                                             Triad w Doglogoon back   W hite   $ 18      $ 15             1
Mizuno            Singlet                           / CS
                                             Triadw G logo onback     W hite   $ 20                       2      1
Brooks            Singlet                              GC S           W hite   $ 18      $ 15       3     2      7
Sport Hill        Singlet                            GCS              White $      18 $ 5                         1
                                                                               Regular   Sale                      Extra
Brand             ItemDescription                      Logo           Color     Price    Price Small Medium Large Large
Sport H ill       BikeShort                            GC  S          Black    $ 25      $ 10                    1
Sport H ill       R unningShort                        N one          Black    $ 21      $ 10                          11
Mizuno            Singlet                            /
                                             Triad w Doglogoon back   W hite   $ 18      $ 15                           3
Mizuno            Singlet                           / CS
                                             Triadw G logo onback     W hite   $ 20                 3      6    13      1
Brooks            Singlet                              GC  S          W hite   $ 18      $ 15       5                   1
Brooks            LongSleeveTechshirt                  S
                                                   GC on back         W hite   $ 20                 1     15    14      6
Best of Tim  es   Singlet                            GCS              W hite $     18 $ 10                                 3
Cotton D  eluxe   LongSleeve                         GCS              Black $      15 $ 5                             2X- 1
                                                                               Regular   Sale                        Extra
Brand             ItemDescription                    Logo             Color     Price    Price Onesize Medium Large Large
Sport H ill          arm
                  W uppant                           None             Black    $ 20      $ 10                             1
Sport H ill          arm
                  W uppant                           GC S             Black    $ 20      $ 10                             5
Sport H ill          ind
                  W pant                             None             Black    $ 20      $ 10                             3
Best of Tim  es      arm
                  W uppant                           None             Black    $ 20      $ 10                      1      2
Cotton D  eluxe      arm
                  W uppant                           None             Black    $ 20      $ 10               2
                    esh unningH
                  M R           at                   GC S             W hite   $ 10      $ 10 Plenty

    August - September 2008                                                                Striding Along       26
                          GCS Racing Results
Mine Falls Summer Trail Series -                                      16 Cassie Wright     24.15
Race #3                            POW-MIA Race/Walk For Freedom 5    20 Ed Auclair        25.43
Nashua, NH, June 30, 2008          Miler                              25 Steve Delahunty   33.01
3m                                 South Boston, MA, June 29, 2008    27 Linda Delahunty   33.29
8 Felicia Lombardi 20.28           119 ED DONOVAN           47:16     5m
13 Anthony Lombardi       21.41                                       3 Mike Wright       33.08
16 Dave Delahunty 22.34            Mine Falls River Run #2            4 Steve Wolfe       33.10
18 Ben Platt        23.22          Nashua, NH, June 28, 2008          5 Chris Bougopoulos 34.02
22 Alyss Lombardi 24.13            9 JULIE HANOVER           20:56    10 Jeff Hammond 36.04
23 Justin Prindle   24.18          11 LEAH KOVITCH           21:43    13 Peggy Lai 3      8.36
24 Cassie Wright    24.19          22 THOMAS LOPEZ           25:43    15 Cathy Merra      38.58
25 Lisa Lombardi 24.38             28 ROBIN ROCHA            26:15
28 Stacy Beaudoin 25.04            49 JENNIFER VINCENT       33:09
                                                                      Smuttynose 5K and BEER-Fest
29 Ed Auclair       25.16                                             Newmarket, NH, June 22, 2008
30 Stacy Ascone     25.31          New Charles River Run
                                   Cambridge, MA, June 29, 2008       30 BONNIE RITCHOTTE 20:34
32 Robin Rocha      25.39                                             111 KEN GOODIN          23:32
36 Sarah Dennechuck       26.25    7.5 Mile
                                   201 Richard Doyle 57:50            382 JESSICA COSTA       29:51
39 Jim Delahunty    27.59                                             386 SUE DONOVAN         29:54
40 Steve Delahunty 27.59           5K
45 Mary Prindle     28.51          30 Samantha Moland 20:54
                                   42 Stephen Moland 21:48            48th Mount Washington Road Race –
50 Linda Delahunty 33.02                                              2008 U.S. Mountain Running
51 Jennifer Vincent 33.16          148 Judith Moland 26:26
52 Lindsay Wright 33.16                                               Pinkham Notch, Gorham, NH, June 21,
                                   Erin Roberts Memorial 5K
5m                                 Hanover, MA, June 28, 2008         2008
2 Mark Wimmer       32.06          12 RICK STETSON          20:11     41 David Herr            1:12:07
3 Mike Wright             33.16                                       59 Ernest Brake          1:15:57
5 Steve Wolfe       34.08          Appleton Farms 5K                  66 Mark Engerman         1:17:07
7 Chris Bougopoulos 35.55          Ipswich, MA, June 28, 2008         104 John Paul Lewicke    1:22:32
12 Jeff Hammond 38.38              182 LOUISE ROSETTI       1:00:22   105 Mark Wimmer          1:22:48
13 Chantal Croteau 38.34                                              136 Chuck Landry         1:25:46
14 Peggy Lai        38.53          CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #26     146 Robert Mulvaney      1:26:25
                                   Devens, MA, June 25, 2008          147 Len Hall             1:26:27
Cranmore Hill Climb                19 Ray Boutotte          26:34     186 Steve Wolfe          1:30:42
North Conway, NH, June 29, 2008                                       196 Trevor Ward         1:31:43
1 Justin Fyffe             52:51   Classic T-Shirt Night 5K           212 Amber Cullen        1:33:45
6 Dave Dunham              57:40   Lowell, MA, June 24, 2008          213 Danny Ferreira      1:33:45
12 John Paul Lewicke       61:52   53 LINDA MCCARTHY 23:21            245 Heidi Havron        1:36:00
33 Len Hall              1:10:29   64 STACEY ASCONE          23:57    307 Dan Sweet           1:38:53
                                                                      327 Carla Chandler      1:40:12
43 Bob Mulvaney          1:14:37   67 GEORGE BISSON          24:09
                                   82 JESSICA COSTA          25:00    336 Damian Rowe          1:40:37
60 Heidi Havron          1:18:23                                      344 Daniel Houston      1:41:00
68 Richard Stockdale     1:21:04   97 KEVIN REYNOLDS         26:51
                                                                      385 Richard Stockdale    1:43:43
74 Felicia Lombardi      1:22:38                                      469 Denny Le Blanc       1:49:13
                                   Mine Falls Summer Trail Series -
112 Lisa Lombardi        1:35:51                                      527 Gary Circosta        1:52:04
                                   Race #2
115 Raymond Boutotte     1:38:57   Nashua, NH, June 23, 2008          538 Dick Miller         1:52:27
131 Barbara Robinson     1:50:46                                      615 Steve Moland         1:57:31
                                   3mile                              616 William Boyd         1:57:33
                                   1Mike Peabody       17.34          620 Bill Gray            1:57:52
The Shaker Seven Road Race 7m      7 Jim Hansen        19.59
Enfield, NH, June 29, 2008                                            651 Robin Rocha          2:00:30
                                   9 Janice Platt      21.18          657 Mark Sage           2:00:52
2 Richard Smith    39:11           11 Ben Platt        21.37
8 David Birse      44:59                                              685 Bruce Brinkema       2:03:46
                                   13 Dave Delahunty   22.17
51 Alison Findon   57:50           15 Leah Kovitch     24.11                                 (Continued on page 28)

     August - September 2008                                               Striding Along               27
(Continued from page 27)             5 Miles                                469 Lynn Kisselbach 1:22:01
686   Jessica Costa        2:03:51   2 Mark Wimmer         30.03
703   Skip Cleaver         2:05:33   3 Steve Wolfe         31.31            The Jimmy Kennedy Memorial Run
724   Barbara Robinson     2:07:28   4 Chris Bougopoulos   32.13            for ALS
738   Lisa Christie        2:09:48   8 Jeff Hammond         34.28           Quincy, MA, June 14, 2008
753   George Bisson        2:10:50                                          134 Skip Cleaver  44:13
                                     Fathers Day 5K
Gardiner 5 Mile Road Race            Tyngsboro, MA, June 15, 2008           CMS 52 week 5K series #24
Gardiner, ME, June 21, 2008          7 TIM BURKE              17:55         Devens, MA, June 11, 2008
18 Bill Hall 37:58                   24 LINDA MCCARTHY 25:02                20 Ray Boutotte   27:22
                                     26 SARAH BURKE           25:33
Christopher Scott Cash Memorial 5K   29 RAY BOUTOTTE          25:58         North Medford Club Overlook 7M
Old Orchard Beach, ME, June 21,      34 JIMMY STRONACH 26:28                Trail Race
2008                                 37 SKIP CLEAVER          27:42         Fitchburg, MA, June 8, 2008
11 TJ Hesler 16:35                   69 JESSICA COSTA         46:17         5 Michael Fraysse 50:23
                                                                            45 Ray Boutotte   73:20
Gail Polizzotti Memorial 5K          40th Annual Battle of Bunker Hill 8K
Methuen, MA, June 21, 2008           Charlestown, MA, June 15, 2008         La Sportiva Northfield Mountain
58 SHU MINAMI             24:37      11 Michael Fraysse 30:11               Northfield, MA, June 7, 2008
101 ROY DENNEHY           31:21                                             3 Justin Fyffe      36:50
                                     Skip Matthews Memorial Father’s Day    36 Len Hall         45:29
CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #25       Run                                    48 Rich Stockdale 48:40
West Boylston, MA, June 18, 2008     Lebanon, NH, June 15, 2008             58 Bob Mulvaney 49:54
3 David Birse     18:38              1Rod Viens 21:45                       79 Felicia Lombardi 53:12
53 Ray Boutotte   26:07                                                     82 Heidi Havron     53:45
                                     Bradbury Scuffle - 6 Mile Trail Race   108 Kate Naples     57:42
15th Annual Louise Rossetti 5K       Pownal, ME, June 15, 2008              135 Lisa Lombardi 1:02:48
Women's Race                         49 Jerry LeVasseur 1:02:59             138 Skip Cleaver    1:02:59
Beverly, MA, June 18, 2008                                                  142 Ray Boutotte    1:03:43
279 Louise Rossetti 1:00:54          YMCA Fit Fest 5K
                                     Auburn, ME, June 14, 2008              Hollis Apple Country Fast Five
Temptation 5K                        60 Steve Moland    22:18               Hollis, NH, June 5, 2008
Lowell, MA, June 17, 2008            66 Bill Hall       22:32               21 TIM BURKE                    17:08.5
28 KEN GOODIN             21:37      99 Jerry LeVasseur 24:43               22 MICHAEL WRIGHT              17:12.1
55 LINDA MCCARTHY 23:57                                                     24 CHRIS BOUGOPOULOS 17:15.1
67 STACEY ASCONE          24:38      Run For Your Life 5K                   25 ISAAC ST.MARTIN             17:28.9
70 GEORGE BISSON          24:45      New Boston, NH, June 14, 2008          34 TREVOR WARD                18:23.0
91 JESSICA COSTA          26:21      3 DAVE BIRSE             18:21         36 JONATHAN GREEN              18:26.4
124 KEVIN REYNOLDS 28:47             65 CHUCK ROSSIER         29:02         44 JEFF HAMMOND               18:46.8
                                                                            46 FELICIA LOMBARDI 18:50.6
Mine Falls Summer Trail Series –     1st Annual Sports Medicine 5K Run/     55 MOLLY MCCABE               19:13.1
Race #1                              Walk                                   68 HARRY CARTER               19:45.7
Nashua, NH, June 16, 2008            Keene, NH, June 14, 2008               92 JOHN DIONNE                 20:19.5
5K                                   1 Justin Fyffe 15:43                   112 BILL SPENCER               20:59.3
2 Corey Hahnel      18.51                                                   142 GABRIELA PIERCY            21:39.2
3 Mike Wright       18.56            Market Square Day 10k                  145 CASSIE WRIGHT              21:49.1
5 Felicia Lombardi 20.56             Portsmouth, NH, June 14, 2008          163 KEVIN SLATTERY            22:15.9
6 Jim Hansen         21.20           8 Rich Smith       34:36               173 ANTHONY MERRA             22:34.5
8 Anthony Lombardi 22.28             9 Randy MacNeill 34:57                 182 ELIZABETH FAY             22:48.7
12 Tom Conley        23.32           120 Gerry Duval    43:33               185 RICHARD GAGE              23:01.7
14 Leah Kovitch      25.28           247 Richard Doyle 47:17                198 LINDA MADDEN              23:19.9
15 Cassie Wright      25.29          431 Alison Findon 50:38                205 KATHIE ROY                 23:30.5
17 Beth Whipple      25.52           434 Stan Klem      50:43               208 LISA LOMBARDI             23:36.2
19 Alyss Lombardi 28.08              592 Andrew Najberg 53:18               225 CAMERON MURPHY 24:03.8
20 Lisa Lombardi     28.08           953 Jane Levesque 58:26                234 SARAH BURKE              24:16.3
21 Mary Prindle      30.08                                                  2/7 HELEN NTENGERI           24:24.2
26 Lindsay Wright    33.58           Hyannis Sprint 1 Triathlon             248 HEIDI NTENGERI           24:36.5
27 Jennifer Vincent 34.55            Hyannis, MA, June 14, 2008                                   (Continued on page 29)

      August - September 2008                                                    Striding Along               28
(Continued from page 28)                    153   Denny Leblanc      1:37:39        5 Michael Fraysse 18:27
261   STACEY ASCONE     24:53.5             158   Richard Blake       1:38:48       93 Andrew Najberg 25:58
274   ED DONOVAN        25:12.0             161   Robert Knight       1:39:16
286   MICHAEL PATTELENA 25:42.7             191   Andrea Pierce      1:44:23        20th KeyBank Vermont City Marathon
289   KAREN PATTELENA 25:43.4               195   Mark Sage          1:45:01        Burlington, VT, May 25, 2008
293   RYAN LECOURS       25:52.4            199   Jim Ecke           1:45:39        216 Amber Cullen 3:18:56
301   ALYSS LOMBARDI     25:58.5            208   Greg Neilley       1:47:08        268 Daniel Ferreira 3:24:32
337   JANE LEVESQUE     26:56.4             210   Shu Minami         1:47:34        1730 Derek Brown 4:38:12
387   WILLIAM FARINA    28:20.2             212   Sue Donovan        1:47:55        2081 Mary Prindle 5:05:12
390   LINDSAY WRIGHT    28:31.3             236   Bob Thompson       1:53:07
398   BOB WELTS         28:47.8             248   Barbara Robinson    1:57:20       Pineland Farms Trail Challenge 50km,
412   MICHAEL WHELTON 29:02.0               249   Raymond Boutotte    1:57:35       25km
430   DEBRA GREEN      29:47.8              256   Skip Cleaver        2:00:41       New Gloucester, ME, May 25, 2008
501   JENNIFER MACK    35:59.2              276   Joanne Pomeranz      2:18:13      25km
                                                                                    82 Dawn Heinrich 2:17:15
CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #23              Rye by the Sea Duathlon and 5k           50km
Devens, MA, June 4, 2008                    Rye, NH, May 31, 2008                   2 David Herr      3:43:56
19 Ray Boutotte          27:16              4 Jeremiah Fitzgibbon
                                                   1:29:16                          2008 Runners Alley/Redhook 5k
Affirmation 5K                              11 Steve Tomasi          1:32:21        Portsmouth, NH, May 25, 2008
Lowell , MA, June 3, 2008                                                           47 Cathy Merra 19:38
28 KEN GOODIN               21:15           52 Week 5K Series #22                   121 Mike Merra     21:16
32 STEVE MOLAND                     21:29   Devens, MA, May 28, 2008                810 Jane Levesque 28:19
62 SUE DONOVAN              23:24           16 Ray Boutotte    26:48
75 LINDA MCCARTHY           24:18                                                   Boston's Run to Remember
96 GEORGE BISSON            25:17           Still We Believe 5K                     Boston, MA, May 25, 2008
114 STACEY ASCONE           26:08           Lowell, MA, May 27, 2008                Half Marathon
118 JUDI MOLAND             26:29           25 KEN GOODIN            21:49          591 Richard Doyle      1:45:53
129 JESSICA COSTA           27:08           31 STEVE MOLAND                22:20    758 Pam Triest-Hallahan 1:48:37
139 KEVIN REYNOLDS          28:13           44 SUE DONOVAN           23:07          2055 Allan Sabiski     2:04:33
                                            51 LINDA MCCARTHY 23:37                 3114 Mary Slocum       2:25:23
6th Annual Mary’s Run                       62 GEORGE BISSON         24:59          3176 Martha Burns      2:28:30
Henniker, NH, June 1, 2008                  73 STACEY ASCONE         25:13          3368 Madeleine LaRose 2:42:39
14 Alex Werne     19:55                     79 JESSICA COSTA         25:28          5-Miler
19 Jeff Hammond 20:32                       105 KEVIN REYNOLDS 29:15                879 Ed Donovan      48:23
                                                                                    1378 Michele Fagan 54:59
                                            4th Annual WCA Black Fly Blitz 5K
Pack Monadnock 10 Miler
                                            Wilmot, NH, May 26, 2008
Wilton, NH, June 1, 2008                                                            Baldi River Run 5-Miler
                                            19 Bob Thompson          22:44
2    Justin Fyffe        1:06:36                                                    Haverhill, MA, May 25, 2008
4    Randy MacNeill      1:09:01                                                    22 DANIEL HOUSTON         33:08
                                            Katie's 5K Memorial Day Road Race
21 Mark Wimmer           1:16:42                                                    52 DENNY LEBLANC          36:28
                                            Boylston, MA, May 26, 2008
25 John Paul Lewicke 1:17:42                                                        86 SUE DONOVAN            38:52
                                            85 Raymond Boutotte      27:15
32 Len Hall              1:19:56                                                    252 LOUISE ROSSETTI 1:02:01
36 Steve Delahunty       1:20:12
                                            13th Annual Memorial Mile Race
51 Michael Wade          1:23:06                                                    RUN FOR THE SUN 5K ROAD RACE
                                            Cumberland, ME, May 26, 2008
55 Ken Snow               1:23:52                                                   Brunswick, ME, May 24, 2008
                                            41 JERRY LEVASSEUR 6:41
59 Jim Velino            1:25:03                                                    30 Jerry Levasseur 23:49
77 Richard Stockdale 1:27:18
                                            Snowy Egret 5K
81 Trevor Ward           1:28:16                                                    16th Wachusett Mountain Road Race
                                            Scarborough, ME, May 26, 2008
99 Mick Fortier          1:30:10                                                    Princeton, MA, May 24, 2008
                                            4 Chris Bougopoulos 18:17
105 Danny Ferreira       1:30:50                                                    5 Justin Fyffe           26:20
                                            40 Steve Moland     22:04
111 Felicia Lombardi     1:31:32                                                    28 Mark Wimmer           30:21
                                            49 Bill Hall        22:36
115 Tom Kolb              1:32:21                                                   31 John Lewicke          30:29
                                            88 Stacy Beaudoin 25:19
116 Heidi Havron         1:32:24                                                    32 Isaac St Martin       30:39
                                            109 Judi Moland     26:21
128 Jonathan Green       1:33:42                                                    52 Len Hall              32:32
134 Ken Goodin            1:34:58                                                   63 Bob Mulvaney          33:35
                                            2nd Annual Russell M. Durgin Memorial
136 John Lewicke         1:35:21                                                    73 Sarah St Martin       34:32
                                            Day Race
139 Michelle Poublon      1:35:29                                                                         (Continued on page 30)
                                            Henniker, NH, May 26, 2008

    August - September 2008                                                            Striding Along            29
(Continued from page 29)              Parker School Road Races                 9 Danny Ferreira       19:53
81 Richard Stockdale       35:09      Devens, MA, May 18, 2008                 17 Trevor Ward         21:00
140 Heidi Havron           37:51      69 RAYMOND BOUTOTTE              46:50   25 Dave Delahunty       22:05
156 Scott Casa             39:17                                               33 Jim Delahunty       23:05
186 Dick Miller            40:45      Lowell Firefighters 5K                   33 Jim Delahunty       23:05
287 Barbara Robinson       47:38      Lowell, MA, May 18, 2008                 92 Leeann Ward         28:39
296 Lisa Christie          48:41      3 MICHAEL FRAYSSE        18:42           153 Debra Green        33:28
303 Raymond Boutotte       49:24      7 DANIEL HOUSTON         20:45           154 Jonathan Green     33:28
                                      16 DENNY LEBLANC         23:10           157 Linda Delahunty    34:23
DEF 5K Road Race                      44 STAN KLEM             25:17
Duxbury, MA, May 24, 2008             48 JESSICA COSTA         25:38           Run for the Roses ...Woman's Race
10 Rick Stetson  19:47                                                         Salisbury, MA, May 15, 2008
                                      Thoreau School Road Races 5K & 1M        192 Louise Rosseti 53:37
Melody Miles                          Concord, MA, May 18, 2008
Hamilton, MA, May 24, 2008            1 JOHN DALTON 18:40                      52 Week 5K Series #20
5K                                                                             Devens, MA, May 14, 2008
1 TYLER BRANNEN         17:52         Trav's Trail Run 3 mile Cross Country    23 Ray Boutotte    26:50
131 LOUISE ROSETTI      59:25         Race
5 Miles                               Newburyport, MA, May 18, 2008            Tranquility Base 5K
33 MELISSA WU                         10 DAVE DUNHAM                  16:28    Lowell, MA, May 13, 2008
                                      127 SUE DONOVAN                 24:04    24 STEVE MOLAND          21:27
CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #21                                                 32 RICH MILLER           21:41
Devens, MA, May 21, 2008              34th Annual Bedford Rotary Memorial      50 SUE DONOVAN           22:58
13 Ray Boutotte  27:22                Road Races                               58 LINDA MCCARTHY 23:34
                                      Bedford, NH, May 17, 2008                76 JESSICA COSTA         24:36
Ocean Bank & Hutter Construction 5K   12K                                      84 STACEY ASCONE         25:05
Rock ‘n Race                          2 Rich Smith          41:19              97 KEN GOODIN            25:38
Concord, NH, May 21, 2008             3 Randy MacNeill       41:43             116 GEORGE BISSON        26:33
10 Mark Wimmer 17:16                  16 Chris Bougopoulos 47:46               136 KEVIN REYNOLDS 28:22
11 Tyler Brannen 17:19                17 Danny Ferreira      48:00
70 Jonathan Green 19:52               20 Len Hall           48:38              8th Portland Sea Dogs Mother's Day
618 Sarah Dresser 26:20               25 Cathy Merra         49:33             5K
1343 Debra Green  32:15               26 Michael Wade        49:40             Portland, ME, May 11, 2008
                                      29 Jim Velino         49:54              11 Andrew Van Hoogenstyn 16:17
Sandbaggers Special 5K                32 Trevor Ward        50:00              13 TJ HESLER             16:29
Lowell, MA, May 20, 2008              37 Amber Cullen       50:13              280 CHRISTINE HESLER 23:12
30 RICH MILLER           21:10        38 Richard Stockdale 50:40               319 JERRY LEVASSEUR 23:43
33 STEVE MOLAND          21:24        39 Tom Kolb            50:47             462 BOB PAYNE            25:12
54 SUE DONOVAN           22:50        40 Matthew Houghton 51:01
64 LINDA MCCARTHY 23:20               41 Justin Platt       51:02              The Medical 6K
81 JESSICA COSTA         24:31        48 Jonathan Green     52:08              Nashua, NH, May 11, 2008
82 KEN GOODIN            24:32        56 Daniel Dugan        53:31             49 Randy MacNeill      20:23
102 STACEY ASCONE        25:32        61 Kenneth Snow       53:52              92 Michael Wright      22:02
111 GEORGE BISSON        25:46        62 Harry Carter       53:53              107 Steve Tomasi       22:41
112 JUDI MOLAND          25:54        89 Richard Doyle      56:51              110 Michael Fraysse    22:47
158 KEVIN REYNOLDS 30:08              96 Mark Sage          57:35              139 Karen Pattelena    23:43
                                      106 Andrea Pierce    58:58               145 Cathy Merra        23:50
Mountain Man Duathlon                 109 Steve Moland      59:10              156 Trevor Ward         24:05
Ascutney, VT, May 18, 2008            123 Alison Findon    1:00:36             173 Justin Platt       24:29
6 Jeremiah Fitzgibbon    2:02:51      134 Elizabeth Fay    1:01:43             179 Ken Goodin         24:36
                                      151 Richard Gage     1:03:07             181 Jonathan Green      24:39
Run of the Mill - Estabrook 5K        157 Terrence Kenney 1:03:38              193 Richard Stockdale 24:51
Lexington, MA, May 18, 2008           162 Aline Kenney    1:04:19              195 Dave Contrada      24:51
87 ED DONOVAN 27:50                   171 Edward Auclair 1:05:35               206 Tammy Gaffey       25:08
                                      172 Judi Moland     1:05:52              210 Daniel Dugan       25:13
Our Angels 5K                         182 Skip Cleaver     1:07:21             211 Tom Kolb           25:15
Lynn, MA, May 18, 2008                5K                                       217 Michael Leary      25:22
72 Louise Rossetti 1:00:51            3 David Birse          18:40             220 John Lewicke       25:25
                                      7 Steve Delahunty       19:27                                  (Continued on page 31)

    August - September 2008                                                        Striding Along              30
(Continued from page 30)             45 Kathy Engle        36:51               5k
227    Daniel Houston     25:38      67 Bill Engle         42:22               1 TIM BURKE     18:25
230    Gerry Duval        25:47                                                73 SARAH BURKE 26:47
236    Harry Carter        25:56     Big Lake Half-Marathon                    10k
241    Richie Blake        26:14     Alton, NH, May 10, 2008                   3 RICH SMITH               34:48
243    Len Hall           26:19      15 Tyler Brannen 1:23:58                  32 SCOTT CASA              47:24
247    John Dionne         26:31     20 Steve Wolfe       1:24:33              50 SUE DONOVAN             50:07
254    Robert Knight       26:43     23 Raelyn Crowell 1:25:19                 53 ALISON FINDON           50:18
258    Janice Platt        26:51     27 Brian Coates      1:26:30
266    Bill Spencer        27:06     46 Chuck Landry 1:31:11                   Education and Preservation 5K Run
268    Denny Le Blanc      27:09     91 Carl Hefflefinger 1:36:12              for Fun
273    Leah Kovitch        27:19     112 Carla Chandler 1:37:31                Duxbury, MA, May 4, 2008
284    Yuki Chorney         27:38    117 Leslie Reap      1:37:41              8 Rick Stetson           21:25
301    Steve Piper          27:59    151 Mike Merra       1:39:27
316    Pam Triest-Hallahan 28:43     156 Lisa Lawrence 1:40:00                 7 Sisters Trail Race
321    Thomas Conley        28:55    259 Mark Sage        1:45:45              Amherst, MA, May 4, 2008
324    Cassie Wright        28:58    358 Damian Rowe 1:51:23                   71 Steve Wolfe       2:38:52
341   Shu Minami           29:44     364 Paul Joyce       1:50:17
357   Terrence Kenney      30:37     445 Laura Joyce      1:53:00              Women Run the World 15k
359   Aline Kenney          30:37    473 Melissa Wu       1:55:11              Orlando, FL, May 4, 2008
370   Elizabeth Fay        30:59     657 Allan Sabiski    2:01:42              799 Pat Kiesselbach 1:36:29
390   Edward Auclair        31:39    865 Martha Burns      2:13:26
395   Stacey Ascone         31:54    1100 Jennifer Mack    2:37:29             New Jersey Marathon
412   Richard Gage          32:23                                              Long Branch, NJ, May 4, 2008
464   Jane Levesque          34:47   CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #19            696 Zeb Brundage 4:02:50
506   Lindsay Wright        36:57    Devens, MA, May 7, 2008                   1164 Mary Schmidt 4:34:48
532   Christine Sweetser    37:40    19 Ray Boutotte   28:08
538   Mary Slocum           37:55                                              Breakheart Classic 6k
541   Michael Whelton       38:05    XMas in May 5K                            Wakefield, MA, May 3, 2008
543   Bob Welts             38:11    Lowell, MA, May 6, 2008                   115 Louise Rossetti 73:01
562   Joanne Pomeranz       39:43    12 KEN GOODIN             20:02
564   Jennifer Mack         40:07    20 DANIEL HOUSTON         20:44           17th Annual Foot Health 5K
566   Debra Green           40:25    34 STEVE MOLAND                   21:52   Derry, NH, May 3, 2008
590   Michele Fagan        43:56     58 SUE DONOVAN            23:20           43 CHUCK ROSSIER         30:01
591   Madeleine Larose     43:56     67 LINDA MCCARTHY         23:41
                                     109 JESSICA COSTA         25:46           5th Annual Miles For Mito 5K Run/
Melrose Run for Women                111 STACEY ASCONE         25:50           Walk
Melrose, MA, May 11, 2008            117 GEORGE BISSON         26:18           Manchester, NH, May 3, 2008
624 Louise Rossetti 1:05:41          121 JUDI MOLAND           26:26           1 CHRIS BOUGOPOULOS 18:51
                                     159 KEVIN REYNOLDS        30:23           5 JUSTIN PLATT              20:18
Season Opener Triathlon                                                        6 JEFF HAMMOND              20:38
Hopkinton, MA, May 11, 2008          Hot Pursuit 5K Road Race                  12 BENJAMIN PLATT           22:39
187 BETH WHIPPLE          1:30:20    Brunswick, ME, May 4, 2008                16 STACY BEAUDON            24:34
                                     42 Jerry Levasseur 23:48                  40 ED DONOVAN               27:58
Muddy Moose Xterra Xduro Trail
Races                                Kennebunk Beach Classic 5 miler
Wolfeboro, NH, May 11, 2008          Kennebunk, ME, May 4, 2008
4 Miles                              27 Bonnie Ritchotte     33:36
10 Mick Fortier   30:47              50 Harry Carter         35:44
43 Hanne Heinrich 44:24              56 Steve Moland         36:27
14 Miles                             168 Judi Moland         45:44
20 Dawn Heinrich 2:09:19
26 Heidi Havron 2:16:56              Fourth Annual Exercise for Education
43 Jane Deshaies 2:37:02             Burlington, MA, May 4, 2008
                                     8 Daniel Houston  20:42
Westmoreland PTA 4M Road Race/
Walk                                 Westford Road Race
Westmoreland, NH, May 10, 2008       Westford, MA, May 4, 2008

    August - September 2008                                                        Striding Along             31
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