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quotes by hedongchenchen


									Addy              Aage Sorensen (1990) has noted that most labor market            I chose this quote because it was initially confusing. The     Hedstrom and            For besides contradicting orthodox economic and                I think this quotation successfully demonstrates the irony        Khurana, The CEO
                  sociologists think of theory as having to with which             whole idea of mechanisms seemed completely abstract,           Swedberg, Social        sociological accounts of this market, the closed nature of     within closed markets. In just thinking of my own                 Labor Market as a
                  variables should be included in the equations and how            however, in reading the rest of the text it made more          Mechanisms: An          the external CEO search process flies int he face of today's   knowledge of markets, the CEOs and top earners of closed          "Closed Market."
                  these variables relate to other variables - and not as           sense. Sociology should be about attempting to explain         Analytical              near-religious faith in markets as a mechanism for             markets often preach these ideas of equal opportunity so          50.
                  something which is about which mechanisms produce the            phenomena not just establishing associations because then      Approach to Social      achieving such socially desirable goals as equal opportunity   it's interesting to see how their own beliefs are actually
                  observed associations in the variables.                          it would be difficult to form larger scale ideas that could    Theory. 1998.           based on open competition, or advancement on the basis         being used against them.
                                                                                   be used in a different setting.                                Cambridge:              of merit.
Véronique Irwin   But though too large a reserve army may in certain cases         I thought this was interesting in light of Marx's ideas, as he University Press.
                                                                                                                                                  Protestant Ethic,       The people filled with the spirit of capitalism today tend to I know that Weber was not presuming to say that the                Protestant Ethic,
                  favor its (capitalism's) quantitative expansion, it checks its   probably would not have considered there to be a               pg 61                   be indifferent, if not hostile, to the Church.                spirit of capitalism cannot exist outside Protestant               pg 70
                  qualitative development, especially the transition to types      difference between a quantitative and qualitative                                                                                                    asceticism, but it still seems contradictory to what he's
                  of enterprise which make more intensive use of labor.            expansion of capitalism, but i was also wondering if this                                                                                            saying.
                                                                                   means that Weber believes we should strive for
Chason Sippel     A glance at the occupational statistics of any country of        developments in capitalism, whether he thinks this liked
                                                                                   Although this is the beginning of the Weber book, Iwould PESC 35                       According to Franklin, those virtues, like all others, are     This shocked me as I had no idea that so many of the                                  47
                  mixed religious composition.... business leaders and             this quote as, upon reading it, I realized that to Weber,                              only in so far virtues as they are actually useful to the      values and world views I had been taught as a child and
                  owners of capital, as well as the higher grades of skilled       everything comes back to status. Class and everything else                             individual, and the surrogate of mere appearance is always     had programmed into my brain were not valued because
                  labour, and even more the higher technically and                 can be linked to status whereas Marx had everything                                    sufficient when it accomplishes the end in view."              they were intrinsically good/moral but because they taught
                  commercially trained personnel of modern enterprises, are        stemming from class.                                                                                                                                  you how to get ahead in a particular economic system.
                  overwhelmingly Protestant.
Martin Kessler    In view of the tremendous confusion of interdependent            I found this sentence interesting because it laid out the         Weber, "The          Finally, that this combination of intense piety with just as   I found this section of his argument very interesting             Weber, "The
                  influences between the material basis, the forms of social       method that Weber used to draw his conclusion that                Protestant Ethic     strong a development of business acumen, was also              because he is attempting to control for piety in                  Protestant Ethic
                  and political organization, and the ideas current in the         asceticism is connected to the capitalist spirit. Like Marx, it   and the Spirit of    characteristic of the Pietists, is common knowledge.           establishing the correlation between religion and                 and the Spirit of
                  time of the Reformation, we can only proceed by                  seems like Weber used history as his data for drawing his         Capitalism" 91                                                                      economic outcomes but he is doing so in a qualitative             Capitalism" 44
                  investigating whether and at what points certain                 conclusions. I wonder if some claim that his strategy of                                                                                              manner. It seems like most of the time that a variable is
                  correlations between forms of religious belief and practical     comparing the values as data is not quantitative enough.                                                                                              controlled for, it is done in a quantitative manner. But
Kyle Casey        ethics can democracy out. always drawn its underlying
                  American be worker has                                           i found this interesting because i do not think this              search for a        the progressive-era historian Frederick Turner argued that      Weber instead comesbrings uniqueness.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I agree that diversity up with a past historical example to       search for a
                  strength from the ethos of meritocracy.                          statement is necessarily true. I think that a big part of         corporate savior pg the openness of America was what guaranteed the                                                                                   corporate savior pg
                                                                                   America's democracy throughout all of time is political.          204                 distinctive quality of society.                                                                                                   204

Brandyn Curry     In Social Theory and Social Structure, Merton defines social     I chose this quote because i found it insightful and              Social               According to Bennett (1994), it is furthermore extremely       I found this quote to be incomprehensible. I do not see           Social
                  mechanisms as "social processes having designated                interesting. I really like this as the definition and purpose     Mechanisms: An       unlikely that a mechanism will ever be found, because          how finding a mechanism would violate the physical                Mechanisms: An
                  consequences for designated parts of the social structure"       of Sociology is and how we should approach it                     Introduction Essay   such a mechanism would violate well-established physical       properties.                                                       Introduction Essay
                  and argues that it constitutes the main task of sociology to                                                                       Hedstrom and         properties                                                                                                                       Hedstrom and
                  "identify" mechanisms and to establish under which                                                                                 Swedberg pg 6                                                                                                                                         Swedberg pg 9
                  conditions they "come into being", "fail to operate" and
Dee Giger         ...prefer to think in terms of mechanisms" and not "laws."       Sociologist always want to know why things happen                 Pg. 10 Social      It is useful to distinguish between a strong and a weak          It is simple to understand the difference but also very      Pg. 12 Social
                                                                                   instead of just taking a piece of information for its face        mechanisms: An     version of methodological individualism.                         insightful because if you just give up with the weak version mechanisms: An
                                                                                   value. I find this some what funny because these theorist         introductory essay                                                                  of methodological individualism then as sociologist, we      introductory essay
                                                                                   make the difference between mechanisms and laws seem                                                                                                  wouldn't get very far. With the strong version, sociologist
                                                                                   to difficult but its comparable to a 4 year old kid. When                                                                                             will always seek to find that deeper meaning or prove
                                                                                   having little brothers and sisters, you always come along                                                                                             something about the "non-explained social phenomena."
                                                                                   the question why? You tell them the short answer, "Don't
                                                                                   put that in your mouth." then the question comes,
                                                                                   "Why?" This is when mechanisms and laws are separated
Keri Hartman      To do this, Weber argued, groups single out certain social       This is a the clear simply to not put that in social closure
                                                                                   because very Law isand succinct definition of your mouth          Khurana,             It is precisely this however that seems so incomprehensible    Much of Weber's argument rests upon the assumption                Weber, The
                  or physical attributes that they themselves possess and          that helped to bring clarity to Weber's concept, from my          Searching for a      and puzzling, so sordid and contemptible, to precapitalist     that capital accumulation, rather than being the natural          Protestant Ethic
                  then define these as the criteria of eligibility.                perspective.                                                      Corporate Savior,    man. For anyone to make the purpose of his life's work         course of action of a rational actor, is actually a rather        (Penguin, 2002,
                                                                                                                                                     p. 49                exclusively the idea of eventually going to one's grave        strange idea when considered historically. It was because         ed. Peter Baehr &
                                                                                                                                                                          laden with a heavy weight of money and goods seems to          of this antithetical precapitalist attitude that the Protestant   Gordon Wells), p.
                                                                                                                                                                          him the product of perverse instinct.                          Reformation was needed to jumpstart the development of            24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         modern capitalism.
Mitch Ross        closed markets undermine the faith in an open market             So if Weber is all about the individual and being able to         Rakesh Khurana,      But upon closer examination, it turns out that what often      Confused in that I was thinking that we are trying to             Peter Hedström
                  system on which financial markets rest, a faith that would       single people out around a group, wouldn't this point             Searching for a      goes under the rubric of social theory, should more            understand why people do things under Weber, but in this          and Richard
                  be monumentally expensive for society to replace through         toward more of a closed market? I understand that an              Corporate Savior,    properly be viewed as conceptual or sensitizing schemes,       it is saying no why but more general concepts. Weber is           Swedberg, Social
                  enforcement mechanisms                                           open market allows to have comparison, but it would               pg 206               and not as explanatory theory proper                           directed more towards the individualistic desires and             Mechanisms: An
                                                                                   seem that only necessary that a closed market would                                                                                                   therefore this text seems to deviate from this.                   Introductory Essay,
                                                                                   ensure more individualistic views                                                                                                                                                                                       pg 1
Yaa                                                                                I thought that this quote was interesting because it              Weber, The                                                                          I found this quote interesting as it gives greater                Weber, The
                  dominate economic life, educates and selects the                 explains how capitalism has taken over our lives and              Protestant Ethic     surpass worldly morality in monastic asceticism, but solely                                                                      Protestant Ethic
                  economic subjects which it needs through a process of            further describes the notion that individuals are obligated       and the Spirit of    through the fulfillment of the obligations imposed upon                                                                          and the Spirit of
                                                                                   to work and contribute to a capitalist culture.                   Capitalism, 54                                                                      positions and maintain the order of the world.                    Capitalism, 80

Jamie Song        Religion must necessarily produce both industry and              This is a great summary of what Weber took the last 30            Weber, Protestant Labour must, on the contrary, be performed as if it were          This quote is interesting in its perfect opposition to the     Weber, Protestant
                  frugality, and these cannot but produce riches.                  pages to say. Under Calvinism, individuals work hard and          Ethic, 175        an absolute end in itself, a calling.                             attitude that making money is an end in and of itself.         Ethic, 62
                                                                                   don't spend much money, which leads to the                                                                                                            Considering labor an absolute end seems applicable to
                                                                                   accumulation of capital.                                                                                                                              some professions that are considered "irrational" today,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         like being an artist. Artists tend to embrace their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         professions for the sake of art, for the sake of labor, rather
Jordan Nuckolls   The central concept I have used for unnderstanding how           This is interesting considering the contradiction this makes Khurana 204
                  the external CEO labor market arrives at results such as         with the earlier discussion that Khurana has about
                  excessive CEO pay and the blockage of mobility into the          America's equal opportunity for all and how that is what
                  CEO position is that of closure.                                 has made America so successful. That America looks past
                                                                                   birth at talent and ability.
Wesley Gordon   ...the main task of sociology [is] to 'identify' mechanisms   I thought it gave a succinct explanation of what Sociology Social               We might imagine a world where causal histories are short The quote just really highlights the idea that life outcomes   Social
                and to establish under which conditions they 'come into       aims to do. I'm also always interested in the ways people Mechanisms: An        and simple; but in the world as we know it, the only      can always be connected to some mechanism.                     Mechanisms: An
                being.'                                                       define sociology.                                            Introductory Essay question is whether they are infinite or merely enormous.                                                                Introductory Essay
                                                                                                                                           pg. 6                                                                                                                                       pg. 12
Hyatt Mustefa   "above all the idea of a duty of the individual toward the    I always thought of the protestant ethic as being            PESC17
                increase of his capital, which is assumed as an end in        something of the upmost ethicality, but I see the birth of
                itself."                                                      selfishness and inhumane search for capital in Weber's
                                                                              discussion of protestantism, just as both Marx and Weber
                                                                              commented would arise. The search of money for the sake
                                                                              of money (the m-c-m that Marx speaks of in previous
                                                                              readings) is defined here in Weber's work as well and
                                                                              troubles me greatly. I think the point I find most
                                                                              interesting and worth bringing up to the class, I find it so
                                                                              interesting that capitalism has strong roots in religion and
                                                                              a people's religious experience. Weber commented on this
                                                                              on page 20, when he remarks that ironically the protestant
                                                                              ethic came out of religiously established colonies in New
                                                                              England where as the capitalism more appropriate for the
                                                                              business colonies in the South didn't occur there until
                                                                              much later. Marx made the case that religion as an
                                                                              institution prevented the natural development of
                                                                              communism and it's fascinating to me that religion

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