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Untitled - Forest Hills School District by wuxiangyu


                      Success for all students.
To provide educational opportunities that enable our students to
acquire the knowledge, skills and personal qualities necessary
for responsible citizenship and lifelong learning.

  •   The responsibility for the education of our students is shared by
      our students, their parents, the school district, and the community.
  •   We must invest in our students - they are our highest priority.
  •   Quality education recognizes that students learn in different ways
      and at different rates.
  •   Our educational programs should address the needs of the total
  •   Our school district must strive for excellence through continuous
  •   Community awareness, involvement, and support are essential to
      successful public education.
  •   Our staff promotes learning through their positive interaction with
      our students.
  •   We must maintain a safe and secure learning environment.
  •   All persons deserve respect and acceptance of their individuality
      and diversity.

We at Wilson will continuously strive to ensure the success of
our diverse and ever-changing population of students. With
this goal in mind, we believe the following:

  •   Our students have a right to a safe learning

  •   Our students have a right to receive the highest quality
      instruction and learning experiences available to them.

  •   Our students have a right to all of the talents of the
      Wilson staff, which means we will develop a professional
      and collaborative learning community in which a multi-
      disciplinary approach to learning is a priority.

                                   Directory of Offices

Board Of Education Office:     513.231.3600
Office of the Superintendent
7550 Forest Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

Dr. John B. Patzwald – Superintendent
Connie Lippowitsch – Curriculum Director
Gene Hutzelman – Director of Human Resources
Betsy Ryan – Director of Special Education
Rick Toepfer – Treasurer

Food Services:       513.231.3215
7600 Forest Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

Tia Straus – Supervisor of Food Services

Transportation:      513.231.3335
7600 Forest Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

Richard Porter – Supervisor of Transportation

Wilson Elementary:
2465 Little Dry Run Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Main Line             513.231.3240
Attendance Line       513.852.9565

Dr. Ann Roberts – Principal
Brad Lovell – Assistant Principal
Karen Parker – Secretary
Jean Bode – Guidance Counselor
Patti Lewis – Librarian/Media
Kelly Palazzolo – Attendance/Health Aide

                                      Table of contents
Absences                                                                  9
        Procedures For Excuse From Future School Attendance               9
        Leaving School Early/Arriving Late                               10
        Attendance/Tardy Information                                     11
        Change In School Routine                                         11
Animals                                                                  12
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures_______________________________________12
Bicycle Safety                                                           12
Birthdays                                                                12
Bus/Transportation                                                       13
Cafeteria/Food Service                                                   14
        Lunch Prices and Payments                                        14
        Food Allergies                                                   14
Calendar                                                           15 & 30
Computer Technology And The Internet                                     15
District Emergency Plan                                                  16
Discipline                                                           15 -18
Dress Code                                                               19
Drug Prevention Policy                                                   19
Family Concerns                                                          19
Field Trips                                                              20
Gifted Services                                                          20
Guidance Services                                                        20
Harassment                                                          20 & 21
Homework                                                                 21
Immunizations                                                      21 & 22
Kindergarten Entrance                                                    22
Lost and Found                                                           22
Medication                                                         22 & 23
Non-Discrimination Policy                                                24
Playground/Recess Rules                                                  24
Radios And Electronic Equipment                                          24
Registration And Enrollment                                              24
Scheduling Special Appointments                                          24
School Closings And Delays                                               24
Skateboards/Scooters/Roller Blades/Heelies                               24
Student Services                                                         25
Textbooks/Fines/Fees                                                     25
Vacation Request                                                         25
Visitors                                                           25 & 26
Volunteer And Chaperone Policy                                           26
Web Site                                                                 26
Appendix                                                                 27
Student Conduct __________________________________________________27-29
Policies related to Student Access of District-Owned and/or Educational Software____ __29
Wilson School Calendar_______________________________________________30

ABSENCES         Attendance Phone Line 513.852.9565

According to the “Missing Child Act” (Ohio SB 321) the primary responsibility for supervision
of a student rests with the custodial parent/guardian. Custodial parent/guardian must notify the
school on the day that a student is absent unless previous notification has been given in
accordance with school procedures for excused absences. Therefore, when a student is absent, a
custodial parent/guardian must call the school office by 9:30 a.m. and report the reason for
absence. If you have a PM Kindergartener, call by 1:00 pm. The Attendance Line operates 24
hours a day. If no call is received, our office will call the student’s home beginning at 10:00 a.m.
The law requires that a current home and/or work telephone number and an emergency telephone
number be on file in the school office.

When a student returns to school after an absence that has not yet been verified, the student must
bring a note signed by the custodial parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence. After
ten (10) days of absence in a semester, the school may require a doctor’s excuse for any future

   The following reasons are valid excuses for time missed at school:
      • personal/family illness
      • medical and dental appointments
      • recovery from injury
      • required court attendance
      • death in the family
      • such good causes as may be acceptable to the principal
      • religious holidays

   The following are examples of absences from school that are considered unexcused:
      • truancy
      • shopping
      • babysitting
      • missing the bus
      • vacation (unless pre-approved see vacation policy)
      • oversleeping

Additional Details for Absence From School

    When your child is ill and cannot attend school, you must call the school every day the child
is absent. Your child is to be – fever free – for 24 hours before sending back to school. Also call
the attendance line and let us know if your child will be coming into school late because of a
doctor’s appointment or any other reason. Please include your child's name, date, teacher, and
reason for absence. If your child is in grades 3-6 you may leave a message regarding homework,
if you wish.

For your information:

             Ohio law defines a Habitual Truant as a student with:
                    - 5 or more consecutive unexcused absences
                    - 7 or more unexcused absences in a month
                    - 12 or more unexcused absences in a year

             The law also defines a Chronic Truant as a student with:
                    - 7 or more consecutive unexcused absences
                    - 10 or more unexcused absences a month
                    - 15 or more unexcused absences in a year

In general as the number of unexcused absences increases, the consequences for the student and
his/her parent(s) increases ranging from a phone call, to a warning letter, referral to the district
visiting teacher or even to prosecution under law.

We believe that good communication between schools and parents is essential and can prevent
problems, as well as solve problems. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call
at 513.231.3240.

Procedures For Excuse From Future School Attendance

Consideration will be given to those families, who because of unavoidable circumstances must
take their vacation during the school year. Prearranged approved vacations will not exceed a
total of five school days during the school year.

The vacation days may be granted under the following conditions:
                       A. The student has continually demonstrated good attendance.
                       B. You know your child best. Please consider the impact missing school
                          will have on his/her future learning.
                       C. At least one parent/guardian will be accompanying the student
                          during this vacation
                       D. Any vacation days MUST be approved at least seven (7) days in
                          advance of the beginning date of the vacation.
                       E. Students must make up work missed according to a schedule of one
                          day per each vacation day granted.
                       F. Failure on the part of the student to make up work will result in a
                          grade of zero for the work missed.

Leaving School Early/Arriving Late

Any student who is to leave the building during the school hours must bring a signed, dated note
from home. This note is to be presented to the teacher upon the student’s arrival at the school.
When you arrive, an office worker will call your child from the classroom to meet you. Anytime
during the school day that students are to leave the building, they are to be signed-out and/or
signed-in. The time must be included indicating the time of their departure and/or return. If
someone other than a parent is to pick-up a child, the office must be notified in advance in

writing. This same procedure is to be followed if a child is to leave because of illness. Unless
arranged in advance students will only be released to those on the emergency form.

Attendance/Tardy Information
Regular attendance develops a positive attitude toward school, encourages promptness, and
promotes the habit of dependability—all necessary ingredients for success in future school and
career efforts. State law mandates that the custodial parent/guardian is responsible for the child’s
regular attendance at school.

Children who arrive after 9:10 a.m. will be considered tardy and must report to the office. Bus
schedules are planned so children will arrive at school before that time.

Grades 1-6
Tardy:                 Arrive 9:10 am – 12:10 pm
Absent ½ Day:          If a student misses more than three hours.
Absent All Day:        If a student misses more than four and one-half hours.

Kindergarten Hours
Morning Kindergarten          9:10-11:55
Afternoon Kindergarten        12:55-3:40

Change In School Routine

Our experience has shown that any age elementary student can become confused when their
routine is changed. Please send a note to your child’s teacher when your child is to depart from
any normal routine. A note is especially helpful when you are taking your child out of school
early. When the teacher knows to expect you, assignments, books, etc. can be ready. You won’t
be delayed and valuable instruction time won’t be interrupted. If we do not have a written note
or a phone call before 3:20, we will insist that your child follow their regular routine. Students
may only ride their assigned bus (see Bus/Transportation).

Accidents/Medical Emergencies

Children who become ill at school can be better cared for at home. If your child becomes ill or
an accident of sufficient nature occurs making it necessary for the child to go home, you will be

The custodial parent/guardian should inform the office at the beginning of the school year about
special treatment required for their child in the event of allergic reaction to foods, bee sting or
other allergens. Medical equipment that is needed, such as a bee sting kit or inhaler, must be
provided to the school along with the “School Use of Medication” form including instructions,
and a doctor’s authorization. In some cases, adequate training must be provided to the staff in
order to properly care for your child. See “Food Allergies”.

Address/Contact Information

It is absolutely necessary that the school have up-to-date student/custodial parent/guardian
addresses and phone numbers, including work phone numbers and cellular phone numbers. This
is crucial in the event of an emergency. Please immediately notify the school of any change in
home or work contact information throughout the school year.


Due to allergies and safety concerns, bringing household pets to school is prohibited.


Morning Arrival (car):
       1. Students arriving by car will enter the building through the front entrance (office
          entrance). All students must use the designated crossing areas and should be ready to
          unload the car when it pulls up to the curb.
       2. Attached is a map explaining arrival procedures by car. The interior lane is used for
          drop off only. All cars must pull all the way forward before unloading.
Morning Arrival (bus):
       1. All students arriving from school on the school bus will enter the building through the
          doors on the bus line (Front hallway door, fourth grade entrance and kindergarten
       2. Students are to WALK to their classrooms both inside and outside.
Afternoon Dismissal (car):
       1. When called for dismissal students will WALK to their car. Students are only to
          load car from the curb unless parent walks them across the parking lot.
Afternoon Dismissal (bus):
       1. Students are not to leave their classroom until their bus number has been called over
          the PA system.
       2. Students are to WALK in the hallways and outside going to their busses.
       3. Students will use caution when walking between busses to board their bus.

       1. Pupils may ride their bicycles to and from school with parental approval. Check to
          see if the route from your home is safe.
       2. Pupils MUST wear helmets.
       3. The bicycles are to be walked on the school ground. They are not to be ridden in the
          parking lot.
       4. They are to be parked at a bicycle rack. Locks MUST be used.
       5. If a child does not follow safety rules, the principal reserves the right to require the
          child to walk to school.


Students’ birthdays are announced each morning to the student body. Please contact the
homeroom teacher for ideas if you or your child wants to bring a classroom treat. Balloons and
flowers interfere with safety on the bus and walking home; therefore, we do not accept delivery
of these items for students. As always we encourage healthy treats. Please also check with your
child’s teacher to see if there are any children with food allergies.


Bus Stop Rules

   Students will:
      1. Be on time at the designated school bus stop.
      2. Stay off the road while waiting for the bus.
      3. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board.
      4. Line up in an orderly single file manner and not rush to board the bus.
      5. Watch step when boarding the bus.
      6. Be courteous; do not take advantage of other students in order to get a seat.
      7. No fighting, no horseplay and no physical games at the bus stop.

Pupil And Parent Responsibilities

Transportation Department
7600 Forest Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
Fax   513.231.3765

In accordance with the Ohio Pupil Transportation operation and safety rules, school bus drivers
are licensed to be in charge of the bus at all times, and have the authority to enforce the
regulations listed on the next page. Disorderly conduct or refusal to submit to the authority of
the driver will be reported and loss of transportation service is a possible consequence.

Pupil and Parent Responsibilities Continued

1)       Students shall arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
2)       Students must wait in a location clear of traffic and away from the bus stops.
3)       Behavior at school bus stops must not threaten life, limb or property of any individual.
4)       Students must go directly to their assigned seat.
5)       Students must remain seated, keeping aisles and exits clear.
6)       Students must observe classroom conduct and obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
7)       Students must not use profane language.
8)       Students must refrain from eating and drinking on the bus.
9)       Students must not use tobacco on the bus.
10)      Students must not have alcohol or drugs in their possession on the bus.
11)      Students must not throw objects on, from or at the bus.
12)      Students may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps.
13)      Students must leave or board the bus at locations to which they have been assigned unless
         they have advance parental and administrative authorization to do otherwise.
14)      Students must not put head or arms out of the bus windows.
15)      Guidelines will be formulated for the use and storage of equipment and other means of
         assistance required by handicapped students.
16)      Proper steps will be taken to collect, store and use medical information related to students
         known to have medical problems which may require the driver’s attention.
17)      High school and middle school students must present id card at the drivers request.


Ms. Tia Straus – Supervisor of Food Services       513.231.3215

School Lunch Program

Cafeterias operate in all Forest Hills schools to serve nutritious hot lunches to students. A listing
of daily menus is distributed to students monthly and posted online at

Students may also pack lunches. Please, for safety reasons do not use glass containers. Milk and
other items may be purchased individually.

All students eat lunch in the cafeteria and are expected to conduct themselves in a quiet and
appropriate manner. It is expected that your child(ren) use the proper table manners taught at
home in the cafeteria.

      The following rules will be enforced:
         1. Children will enter and leave the cafeteria in a quiet, orderly manner.
         2. Occasionally seats may be assigned by the supervisor.
         3. Children will remain seated until they are dismissed.
         4. Children will not throw food.
         5. Children will not talk loudly or turn around to other tables.
         6. Sharing of food is not permitted.
         7. Students are responsible for placing trays, paper and garbage in the proper waste
         8. Children will use proper table manners at all times.

Lunch Prices And Payments

A hot lunch, including milk, is provided in the school cafeteria for $1.75. Adult lunches are
$2.25. Milk can be bought separately with a bag lunch for $0.40. Menus are sent home monthly.

Lunches may be prepaid by the week or month. Checks should be made payable to Wilson
Cafeteria. The child's name and grade should be on the front of the check. Checks should be
taken to the cafeteria (not the office). Children may purchase only full lunches with pre-
payments. For you convenience Forest Hills will now provide online payment of school fees and
lunch payments. Please visit for more information.

Two or more children can prepay with one check but please specify the number of lunches per
child. No refunds can be made once the lunches have been rung on the register.

Children who have prepaid should enter their ID number into the keypad as they go through the
line. This helps the lunch line to move more quickly.

By July of 2006, every school district in Ohio was charged with developing a wellness plan.
Forest Hills took steps in 2005 to implement the plan that would introduce more fruits and
vegetables into school lunches. In keeping with the spirit of that plan, we discourage soda pop as
a part of a student lunch. Please help us in our efforts by not sending or bringing pop in for
school lunches.

Food Allergies

We serve many children with many diverse dietary needs. Your child’s specific needs and/or food
allergies need to be communicated to both the school office and food service director.

Free And Reduced-Price Lunches

Free and reduced-price lunches will be provided to children of qualifying families. Applications
are distributed to all students at the beginning of the school year. Forms are also available in the
school office.


The 2008-2009 calendar is included in the appendix of this handbook for your reference. The
calendar can also be found on the web page (web address is on the front cover). Please schedule
family vacations when school is not in session. Also please do not schedule dental and medical
appointments during state mandated testing.


Forest Hills Local Schools are committed to the effective use of technology to enhance the quality
of student learning. Students are to make appropriate and ethical use of computers and other
electronic equipment, accompanying software (see accessing software policy in appendix) and the
Internet. Disciplinary action will be taken against students if technology equipment and/or the
Internet are abused in any way or used in an illegal or unethical manner.


   In case of inclement weather, tune your radio to one of the stations listed on the next page.
Please be reminded that you can be personally notified by signing up for cnotify*. To sign up
just click on the link on the district home page (

                 WKRC       550 KH2          WSAT-FM            94.1
                 WLW       700 KH2           WRRM-FM            98.5
                 WUBE      1230 KH2          WKRQ-FM            101.9
                 WCKY      1530 KH2          WUBE-FM            105.1
                 WSAI      1360 KH2          WCPO-TV         Channel 9

  The Superintendent will decide on one of the following schedules. If there is no mention of
FOREST HILLS LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT, then schools will be in session as usual.

* PLAN A - One hour delay in school starting time, no adjustment in school bus route and pick-
up points.
* PLAN B - One hour delay in school starting time. Alternate bus route and pick-up points in
* PLAN C - Schools closed. If it becomes necessary to dismiss students earlier than the normal
dismissal time, this information will be broadcast through the media.

   NOTE: Parents will be notified by letter about the streets affected and the alternate pick-up
points during the limited bus service/alternate bus route runs.

*An alternate way to be contacted is to participate in the notification system first used in 2006-
2007. The Forest Hills School District has implemented a notification system that uses a
combination of phone calls, e-mails, and/or text messages to keep you informed and up-to-date
about emergency situations, closings, early dismissals, delays, and upcoming events.

We are excited to have low-cost, reliable service that will allow us to easily and immediately
notify you. We ask for 100% participation to ensure all parents are connected to this critical
communication tool. One common mistake was that some did not select a time that they wanted
notified. If this field is not filled out you will not be notified.

If you have questions or need assistance with the notification system, please contact support at
231.3600, ext. 5444 or

Note: If you participated last year you will not have to reapply.


It is expected that the custodial parent/guardian will support the teacher and reinforce classroom
rules and procedures.

Each teacher has consequences for classroom misbehavior, which may include reprimand,
isolation within the classroom, counseling, and/or the withdrawal of privileges. If a student’s
behavior repeatedly does not meet the expectations of the teacher, the teacher will contact the
custodial parent/guardian.

Discipline Continued

If this is not successful, the following may occur:
     1. Student is referred to principal for conference.
     2. Conference with principal, teacher and student is held.
     3. A conference with custodial parent/guardian, teacher, principal, and student can be held.
         At this conference, a plan to correct the student’s behavior will be devised.
     4. Suspension from school. A student may be legally suspended from school for up to ten
         (10) school days.
     5. Expulsion from school for the remainder of the semester.

For a better look at discipline issues faced by our school district see the district code of conduct
found in the appendix.

A violation of any rule may result in disciplinary action, including removal, suspension and/or

In-School Reassignment

In an attempt to provide a more constructive program and as an alternative to out-of-school
suspension, students who violate the school conduct code/rules may be assigned to in-school
reassignment. This will provide students with an opportunity to receive credit for their academic
work while being disciplined. Students who refuse to cooperate with the guidelines of this
program will serve their suspensions in the custody of their custodial parent/guardian.

When a student is assigned to in-school reassignment by an administrator, he/she will spend the
assigned time in a designated area under a very strict set of rules. Students will not have a chance
to socialize with other students and will not be allowed to participate in school functions
(intramural and inter-district sports activities, field trips) during the time they are reassigned.


Prior to the suspension of a student, written notice will be given by the superintendent or principal
to the student of the intention to suspend, which shall specifically state the reason(s) for the
contemplated suspension.

The principal must then provide the student an opportunity to appear at an informal hearing before
the principal, associate and/or assistant principal, or the superintendent or designee, to challenge
the reason(s) for the intended suspension or to otherwise explain his/her actions. A delay between
the time when the written notice has been served and the time of the actual formal hearing need
not exist. In the majority of instances, the principal, the associate and/or assistant principal, or the
superintendent or designee, may informally conduct the hearing by discussing the alleged
misconduct with the student minutes after it allegedly occurred.

After the informal hearing has been completed and the principal, superintendent or designee has
determined that suspension is necessary, the suspension shall begin immediately. Except in those
cases of disruption where the circumstances dictate that one or more students be removed from the
school property or activity immediately, no student shall be released from school during the school
day without notifying the custodial parent/guardian in person or by telephone.

Within twenty-four (24) hours after the time of the student’s suspension, the superintendent or
principal shall give written notice of suspension to the student, the custodial parent/guardian, and
the district treasurer. This notice shall include the reason(s) for such suspension, the duration of
the suspension, and the right of the student, custodial parent/guardian, or representative to appeal
such action to the superintendent and/or to the Board of Education. This notice shall further
inform the student, custodial parent/guardian or representative of the right to be represented by an
attorney at such appeal proceedings and the right to hear facts upon which the suspension was

The student or custodial parent/guardian may appeal a suspension by the superintendent or
principal, or an expulsion by the superintendent to the Forest Hills Board of Education or to its
designee. The student or his/her custodial parent/guardian may be represented in all appeal
proceedings and shall be granted a hearing against such suspension or expulsion before the Board
or its designee.

Expulsion Policy

Only the superintendent may expel students from school for a period of time as authorized by state
law. Prior to expulsion, the superintendent shall give to the student and custodial parent/guardian,
or other representative written notice of the intention to expel. Such notice shall specifically state
the reason(s) for the contemplated expulsion. The notice will further inform the student and
custodial parent/guardian or representative of the time and place of the expulsion hearing, of the
opportunity to appear in person before the superintendent or designee to challenge the reason(s)
for the intended expulsion, or otherwise explain the student’s action.

Removal Policy

The superintendent, a principal, or an assistant principal may remove a pupil from curricular or
extracurricular activities or from the school premises if the student’s presence poses a continuing
danger to persons or property or an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process taking place,
either within a classroom or elsewhere on the school premises.

If a student is removed from a curricular or extracurricular activity or from the school premises,
written notice of the hearing and of the reason(s) for the removal shall be given to the student as
soon as practicable within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the hearing, which shall be held within
seventy-two (72) hours from the time the initial removal was ordered. The hearing shall provide
the student an opportunity to appear at an informal hearing before the principal, assistant principal,
superintendent or the superintendent’s designee to hear the reason(s) for removal, to explain
his/her actions, and to challenge intended suspension or expulsion. If it is probable that the
student will be suspended or expelled in conjunction with the removal, such hearing shall then be
held in accordance with hearings for suspension or expulsion respectively, except that in either
instance the hearing shall be held within seventy-two (72) hours of the initial removal. The
individual who ordered the removal shall be present at the hearing.

DRESS CODE - District Policy Revised 6.16.06

Students are expected to appear at school in reasonable, neat, safe, appropriate attire and
footwear for the academic environment. The atmosphere at Wilson should be conducive to
teaching and learning. Students’ appearance should be such that it does not disrupt or detract
from the learning environment, nor should it impede the safety of any student.

Students should wear clothing which is appropriate for the weather, and footwear should provide
adequate foot protection. Flip-flops are inappropriate and unsafe for the school setting. Clothing
or accessories that advertise illegal and inappropriate products for minors are prohibited.
Immodest clothing should not be worn. As an example in the upper grades, short shorts, bare
midriffs, spaghetti strap tops and pants below the waistline exposing the undergarment are
inappropriate (as is hair color that is not of a natural shade).

Special functions may result in allowing hats, sunglasses or other items to be worn at specific
and scheduled times; otherwise, they should not be worn in school. Special dress rules may be
outlined for those attending extra-curricular activities, field trips, etc.

Building administrators will make decisions regarding inappropriate, disruptive or distracting
appearance. He/she may notify parents and/or require a change of clothing.


The Board of Education recognizes that the misuse of drugs is a serious problem with legal,
physical, and social implications for the entire school community. As the educational institutions
of this community, our schools strive to prevent drug abuse and help drug abusers by educational
rather than punitive means.

For purposes of this policy, “drugs” shall mean:
   1. all dangerous controlled substances as so designated and prohibited by Ohio statue
   2. all chemicals which release toxic vapors
   3. all alcoholic beverages
   4. any prescription or patent drug, except for which permission to use in the school has been
       granted pursuant to the Board policy
   5. anabolic steroids

The Board prohibits the use, possession, concealment, or distribution of any drug or any drug-
related paraphernalia as is defined by law on school grounds, in school vehicles, or at any school-
sponsored event. It further establishes a drug-free zone within 1,000 feet of any facility used by
the school district for educational purposes.


A student’s school work often reflects changes in the family – new baby, illness of a grandparent
or other family member, divorce, remarriage, loss of parent’s job, etc. Parents/guardians are
encouraged to inform the child’s classroom teacher, school counselor or an administrator of such
changes, which may be of deep concern to a child. Confidentiality will be maintained. Knowing
a special family circumstance will help the teacher handle the child with extra sensitivity. If
there has been a divorce, a copy of your custody papers must be provided to the school office.
We would be able to make these copies in the school office.

Throughout the school year students are offered the opportunity to participate in educationally
oriented field trips. These field trips offer students the chance to experience educational
opportunities that can not be provided in the classroom. In order to participate in a field trip a
student must have a current emergency medical form on file with the school and parental
permission slip.


All Wilson students K-6 are supported with gifted services: all are tested to see if they qualify
for individual support and classroom teachers are given assistance in differentiating instruction to
appropriately challenge all students. Judy Schechter and Wendy Tiesmann are the ELO
(Extended Learning Opportunity) teachers at Wilson. At the administrative offices Mrs. Connie
Lippowitsch, District Curriculum Director and Mrs. Connie West, Coordinator of Elementary
Programs coordinate gifted services. Please feel free to contact them at 231.3600 or Mrs.
Schechter at Wilson with questions regarding gifted services.


Mrs. Jean Bode is the school counselor. The elementary guidance and counseling program
supports children academically and socially.


It is a violation of school rules, and often of law, for any student to harass or intimidate another
student or staff member. Harassment of a student or staff member will be considered a violation
of the school conduct code.

It is the policy of the Board of Education to maintain an education and work environment free
from all forms of unlawful harassment including sexual harassment. This commitment applies to
all district operations, programs, and activities. All students, administrators, teachers, staff and all
other school personnel share responsibility for avoiding, discouraging, and reporting any form of
unlawful harassment. This policy applies to unlawful conduct occurring on school property or at
another location if such conduct occurs during a school-sponsored event.

The Board will vigorously enforce its prohibition against harassment based on sex, race, color,
national origin, religion, disability, or any other unlawful basis, and encourages those within the
school community, as well as third parties, who feel aggrieved to seek assistance to rectify the
problems. The Board will investigate all allegations of harassment and, in those cases where
unlawful harassment is substantiated; the Board will take immediate steps to end the harassment.
Individuals who are found to have engaged in unlawful harassment will be subject to appropriate
disciplinary action.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has no place in the Forest Hills School District, whether between the
supervisor and the supervised, between employees and students, between students, or between
any student or employee and a member of the public visiting the schools.

For the purpose of this policy, sexual harassment shall be defined as follows:

“Sexual harassment is the solicitation of sexual activity or reference to sexual themes in a
manner which the offender knows or should know is offensive to the listener or observer.”

In the event that any employee or student of the school district is suspected of sexual harassment
occurring on school property or occurring off school property but involving the possibility of
coercion due to the complainant’s status as an employee or student, the district administration
shall promptly investigate the allegation. Any employee of the district who becomes aware of or
suspects activity constituting sexual harassment shall immediately report it.

Complaints regarding sexual harassment shall be made in writing, signed by the complainant,
and directed to the Title IX coordinator who shall have the duty and authority to conduct an
independent investigation of the matter. The complainant shall have the option of filing the
complaint with the superintendent, who shall have the same duty and responsibility.


The Wilson policy regarding homework emphasizes that the work should be of a kind which the
teacher and the student find necessary to accomplish at home. Homework activities are an
extension of the classroom; as such, the teacher should provide adequate supervision and evaluate
the completed activities. Some students may need encouragement to pursue novel ideas or to
follow through on creative solutions to problems. Others may need guidance in providing needed
study and practice on some of the more basic skill areas. If you feel that your child is spending an
unusual amount of time with homework, please contact your child’s teacher.


Written evidence must be presented upon registering a new student that the student has received,
or is in the process of receiving, immunizations against Poliomyelitis, Mumps, Rubeola,
Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus, Rubella (German Measles), Hepatitis B, and a TB Skin Test unless a
written statement by the custodial parent/guardian objecting to immunizations for philosophic or
religious reasons has been presented to school authorities.

The immunization requirements for a student entering Forest Hills Schools this year are as

DtaP, DTP, or DT; 4 or 5 doses. A fifth dose is required if the fourth dose was given before the
fourth (4th) birthday.

Polio; 3 or 4 doses. A fourth dose is required if the third dose was given before the fourth (4th)

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella); 2 doses. All kindergarten through fifth (5th) grade students
must have two doses.

Hepatitis B; 3 doses. All students are required to be immunized against Hepatitis B. The vaccine
is a series of three shots. The second dose must be given at least one month (28) days after the
first dose, and the third dose at least two months after the second dose. Students in the process of
receiving the Hepatitis B series may be admitted to school but must be monitored by school staff
to ensure that other doses in the series are received.

As of 2006, students entering kindergarten are required to have the Varicella Vaccine (chicken


Early entrance to Kindergarten may be available for a child whose birthday falls between October
1st and December 31st of the early entrance year. In order to qualify for Early Entrance, a child
must demonstrate marked high ability and maturation in the areas of intellectual ability, social and
emotional maturity, language development, physical development/motor coordination, and
academic readiness. The purpose of Early Entrance Assessment is to determine if a child stands at
the 95th percentile or above in all areas. Thus, a child must be functioning 12 to15 months above
his or her chronological age. Parents should contact the principal for a registration packet.
Registrations will be accepted until the 15th of August. Testing will be done in June or August,
prior to the school year in question.


A lost and found container is located in the cafeteria and first grade hallway. Labeling each item
with the child’s first and last name helps reduce the number of lost items. Students should know
where lost items are kept and regularly check for lost personal articles. All unclaimed items will
be given to a charitable organization on the last day of each quarter.

Items lost on the bus are kept on the bus, so the child should check with the driver. After a length
of time, items are turned in at the bus garage (231-3335).


   Rules and regulations on administration of prescription and non-prescription drugs adopted by
the Board of Education states that medication should be given to the student at home if at all

   In case medication must be given during school hours, parents/guardians/custodians are
encouraged to come to school to administer it. If parent/guardian/custodian is unable to do so,
then an authorization and release form must be signed by the doctor before school personnel can
dispense medication. Forms may be faxed to Wilson at 231-3202.


   Non-prescription drugs fall under the same regulations and must be accompanied by a release
from the parent indicating what the medication is and how often it should be taken. The release
form must be signed by a physician for non-prescription as well as prescription medicines or
drugs. All prescription medicine taken to school should have the necessary information including
student's name, date prescribed, name of medication, dosage, name of physician, physician's
telephone number.

   Any medication at school will be kept in a locked container in the school health room. The
law allows for certain exceptions to keeping the medicine locked in the clinic. These exceptions
must have a doctor’s order and be reviewed with the office and clinic. It is expected that
parents will bring the medication to school or send it with a responsible adult.


The Forest Hills local school district Board of Education affirms that no person shall, on the basis
of sex, race, religion, creed, color, national origin, citizenship status, handicap, or disability, be
excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any
educational program or activity conduced under its auspices. Inquires concerning the application
of this policy may be referred to the Superintendent or designee.


Rules for the playground are straight forward and easy for all students to understand. They are as
    1. Students must remain on the playground and in the sight of the playground supervisors.
    2. All equipment should be utilized in the manner which it was intended. For example,
       students may swing back and forth on the swings but they should not twist or stand up in
       the swings. If a student is unsure whether his/her intended use of a particular playground
       toy is proper, that student should ask the playground supervisor.
    3. Games among students may involve tapping one another as a part of the activity (Tag is
       not permitted on any equipment). However, acts that are more aggressive in nature are not
       permitted. Therefore, grabbing, hitting, tackling, tripping, spitting upon, or throwing
       objects at one another are not permitted.
    4. Any activity which could result in personal injury is not permitted. Such things as jumping
       from the swings, jumping off of the platforms, hanging upside down, or playing on wet
       and slippery equipment is not permitted.

   None of these restrictions are meant to be all inclusive. They are meant as common sense

District Temperature guidelines for outside Recess
Outside Recess—If the temperature is above 20 degrees and the wind chill is above 15
A Brief Recess—When the wind chill is between 5 - 15 degrees, children will have a choice to go
outside for no more than 10 minutes or stay in. One monitor will remain inside and one will go
Inside Recess—When the depth of the snow is prohibitive and/or when the temperature is less
than 20 degrees and /or wind chill is less than 5 degrees, children will have indoor recess.

If a child has been ill, the teacher must be given a note signed by the custodial parent/guardian
requesting that the child stay in the building during recess on that particular day. If the request
exceeds three (3) consecutive days, a written request from a doctor must be submitted to the


Use of radios, music devices, electronic games, pagers, cell phones, ipods or similar electronic
equipment in the building or on the school grounds during school hours is prohibited. Use during
this time will result in confiscation of such devices by the person in charge. Music devices
required for activities previously scheduled in the classroom and monitored by a teacher are
acceptable. As control and safekeeping of these devices is difficult, the school will not assume
responsibility for them.


Registration for all Forest Hills Schools is handled by the central office. You may contact them at
231.3600 for registration times.

Documents Needed:
Deed, mortgage or settlement agreement, or most recent tax bill, student’s birth certificate, social
security card, Parents driver’s license and custody papers if applicable.

Residency Requirements for Attendance
The Forest Hills Local Schools provide elementary and secondary education (kindergarten through
high school) for children meeting residency requirements. In order to be eligible for public
education, a student must be in the legal custody of a resident or government agency within the


If it is known in advance that a child will need to leave school for a medical or dental
appointment, the custodial parent/guardian should notify the school through a written note in the
morning. The custodial parent/guardian should report to the office and sign out their child. An
office worker will then call for the student. Please review the district and Wilson (in appendix)
calendars so that if you have an option you might be able to schedule around key state testing


See “district emergency plan”.


For obvious safety and liability reasons skateboards, scooters, roller blades, and heelies are not
allowed on our school grounds.


Support services are provided to elementary students through the Office of Student Services or
the Office of Curriculum.

The custodial parent/guardian is asked to inform the child’s classroom teacher, school principal,
and/or counselor of any special needs the child may have. The district has a continuum of
program options to address the needs of children with physical handicaps and learning
disabilities. Special consideration will be given in cases of dietary restrictions, limitations on
physical education and playground activities, and other chronic or short-term needs. Your
child’s teacher may identify a special need that has not been previously recognized, and will
offer information about intervention support.

The school district offers many special services; these include, but are not limited to, the

Cognitively Disabled             Student Services                  Guidance & Counseling
Learning Disabilities            Gifted Education                  Emotionally Disturbed
Multi-handicapped                Psychological Testing             Intervention Support
Vision Screening                 Reading Intervention              Speech, Hearing & Language

OFFICE OF CURRICULUM                         Mrs. Connie Lippowitsch 231-3600
OFFICE OF STUDENT SERVICES                   Mrs. Betsy Ryan         231-3600


The Board of Education of the Forest Hills Local Schools provides all basic texts and non
consumables at no cost to the children of our schools. The condition of books will be recorded at
the beginning of the school year. It is suggested that you encourage your child to make a special
effort to point out any book damage to the teacher at the time of receipt so there will be no
question of responsibility at the end of the year. All books, including ones from the library, lost
or damaged during the year will be assessed a replacement fee according to the nature of the loss.

The school fees for 2008-09 will be; Kindergarten - $35 and Grades 1-6 -$40. Please pay the full
amount of your child’s fees as soon as possible. Fees to be paid at packet pick up.

VACATION REQUEST- Also see “procedures for future school absence”

If a student takes a family vacation during the school year or is to be absent for any reason other
than personal, family illness, or death in the family, a request stating the nature of the absence
must be sent to the principal seven (7) days prior to the child’s absence.


Wilson is unique in that we have 33 outside doors. All visitors must report, register, and obtain a
visitor’s badge in the Main Office upon entering the building. Please do not enter any other door
(including kindergarten and the modulars) until you have been to the office.

The Board welcomes and encourages visits to school by families, other adult residents of the
community and interested educators. In order for the educational program to continue
undisturbed when visitors are present and to prevent the intrusion of disruptive persons into the
schools, it is necessary to invoke controls including, but not limited to, the following:
   1.   Visits are to be scheduled in advance with the teacher.
   2.   Visitation will not be allowed during classroom testing periods.
   3.   A visitation should be no longer than thirty (30) minutes.
   4.   The number of visitors at any one time should not exceed two (2) family members unless
        extended by the principal.
   5.   Please be a silent observer and do not create any type of disturbance or disruption to the
        learning process.
   6.   Copies of instructional material being used by the students or teacher may not always be
        immediately available during the visitation.
   7.   Any comments made by individual students are to be maintained in confidence by the
        visitor to the classroom.
   8.   No visitor shall be allowed to videotape students in the classroom as it violates the
        privacy rights of students unrelated to the visitor. Please see a building administrator if
        you have any questions.


The Board of Education recognizes that certain programs and activities can be enhanced through
the use of volunteers who have particular knowledge or skills that will be helpful to members of
the professional staff responsible for the conduct of those programs and activities. If you are
interested in volunteering, please contact the building principal or classroom teacher.

All volunteers including chaperones need to display appropriate behavior at all times. In
accordance with R.C. 109.575, all volunteers who work or apply to work unsupervised with
children will be required to provide a set of fingerprints so that a criminal records check can be
conducted. If a criminal records check is conducted, it will be done as a condition of initial or
continued service as a volunteer. You need to contact Ellen Chamberlain at the administration
building (231.3600) to have your fingerprints taken for this records check.

The Wilson P.T.A. takes the lead in securing and organizing all volunteer activities.

Find additional information at

Excerpt from
Code of Student Conduct 8-22R
2007-2008 School Year

1. Willfully aiding another person to violate school regulations.
2. Violation of any board rule, regulation, or policy.
3. Repeated violations of the student code of conduct and/or any other board rule, regulation, or
4. Violating computer and/or on-line student privileges policy.
5. Theft or possession of stolen goods.
6. Damage or destruction of private property on school premises or in areas controlled by the
7. Damage or destruction of school property, property of school employees, or property of other
students, on or off of school premises.
8. Truancy.
9. Tardiness.
10. Improper or suggestive dress.
11. Cheating or plagiarizing.
12. Continuously and/or intentionally creating a noise or acting in
any manner that interferes with a teacher's ability to conduct class.
13. Demonstrations by individuals or groups causing disruption to
the school program.
14. Upon initial arrival, leaving school property without permission
15. Leaving school premises during school hours without permission of the proper school
16. Presence in areas during school hours or outside school hours where a student has no
legitimate business without permission of the proper school authority.
17. Presence on school property with a communicable disease.
18. Disobedience of driving regulations while on school premises.
19. Cursing.
20. Cellular telephones (including but not limited to camera phones), beepers, pagers, or any
other related electronic communication devices are not to be turned on or visible during the
school day. If a teacher or administrator observes any electronic communication device during
the school day, it may be confiscated. Electronic devices with the capacity to take pictures raise
concerns about individual privacy. No pictures are to be taken anywhere in the school building
or on school property without administrative/teacher authorization.
21. Possession of an electronic laser pointing device or electronic light emitting device without
expressed written permission of administration.
22. Failure to abide by reasonable dress and appearance codes set forth in student hand-books or
established by administration or the board of education. This includes the prohibition of all
clothing, jewelry, signs, etc., which, at the discretion of the administration is reasonably related
to or represents gang or gang-like activity.
23. Possession of matches or lighters or other similar devices.
24. Buying, selling, transferring, using, or possessing any substance containing tobacco,
including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, a clove cigarette, chewing tobacco, snuff,
and dip, or using tobacco in any other form.
25. Use of indecent or obscene language in oral or written form.
26. Publication of obscene, pornographic, or libelous material.
27. Fighting.

28. Abuse of another. No student shall use or direct to, or about a school employee, or student,
words, phrases, or actions which are considered to be slanderous or degrading in nature, words or
phrases which could be considered threatening, menacing or indicate an intent to cause harm to
person or property, and/or words or phrases which are obscene or profane as defined by the
majority of our society. Name calling and negative, uncomplimentary, and offensive remarks
related to physical handicaps or defects, mental handicaps, race, religion, nationality, appearance,
or other reason is prohibited. (Also see Policy 8-21.05 Violent, Disruptive, or Inappropriate
Behavior Not to be Tolerated)
29. Hazing (to persecute, harass, or humiliate another student and/or employee).
30. Harassment of school personnel or other students during school and/or non-school hours.
31. Assault on a school employee, student, or other person.
32. Extortion of a student or school personnel.
33. Arson or other improper use of fire.
34. Buying, selling, transferring, using, possessing, or being under the influence of any alcoholic
beverage or intoxicant of any kind. Buying, selling, transferring, using, or possessing any drug
or alcoholic paraphernalia to include instruments, objects, papers, pipes, containers, etc.
36. Buying, selling, transferring, using, possessing, or being under the influence of any drug,
medication, inhalant, or other controlled substance which can be taken internally where the
students involved cannot show a legitimate health or other reason for the use of such substances.
37. Buying, selling, transferring using, possessing, or being under the influence of any controlled
substance (drugs, narcotics, marijuana, etc.) or inhalants, or buying, selling, using, possessing, or
being under the influence of any counterfeit controlled substance (any substance that is made to
look like a controlled substance, or is represented to be a controlled substance, or that is believed
to be a controlled substance).
38. Sell, offer to sell, or possess a controlled substance on school premises or at a school-related
function (trafficking in drugs).
39. Possession or use of dangerous weapons or ordnance or objects, which look like weapons or
ordnance, including, but not limited to, guns, firearms, ammunition, knives, grenades, sling
shots, bows, arrows, machetes, brass knuckles, chains, studs, etc.; or possession or use of objects
which may render physical harm to another if improperly used, including, but not limited to,
axes, hatchets, hammers, saws, ice picks, screwdrivers, knives, etc.
40. Convey, attempt to convey, or knowingly possess a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance
onto any property owned or controlled by or to any activity held under the auspices of the board
of education.
41. Carrying concealed weapons.
42. Indecent exposure.
43. Engaging in sexual acts, displaying excessive affection or other inappropriate behavior with a
person of the same or opposite sex.
44. Turning in false fire, tornado, bomb, disaster, or other alarms.
45. Making a bomb threat to a school building or any premises at which a school activity is
occurring at the time of the threat.
46. Failing to report the actions or plans of another person to a teacher or administrator where
these actions or plans of another person, if carried out, could result in harm to another person or
persons or damage to property, when the student has information about such actions or plans.
47. Aggravated assault.
48. Felonious assault.
49. Involuntary manslaughter.
50. Voluntary manslaughter.
51. Murder.
52. Aggravated murder.
53. Gross sexual imposition.
54. Felonious sexual penetration.
55. Rape.
56. Commission by a pupil of any crime in violation of the Ohio Criminal Code, Ohio Traffic
Code or the Ohio Juvenile Code.
57. Placing of signs and slogans on school property without the permission of the proper school
58. Distribution on school premises of pamphlets, leaflets, petitions, buttons, insignia, etc.,
without the permission of the proper school authority.
59. Disregard of reasonable directions or commands by school authorities including school
administrators and teachers.
60. Skipping detention.
61. Disrespect to a teacher or other school authority.
62. Refusing to take detention or other properly administered discipline.
63. Any disruption or interference with school activities..
64. Any other activity by a pupil, which the pupil knows or should know, will disrupt the
academic process or a curricular or extracurricular activity.
65. Chronic misbehavior, which disrupts or interferes with any school activity.
66. Any type of prohibited activity listed herein taking place on a school bus shall be reason for
expulsion, suspension, or removal.
67. Failure to abide by rules and regulations set forth by administration for student parking.
68. Falsifying of information given to school authorities in the legitimate pursuit of their jobs.
69. Gambling.
70. Forgery of school or school-related documents.
               This entire Code of conduct is also posted in the building.

Policies related to Student Access to District-Owned and/or Educational Software (6-45) and
Nondiscrimination Compliant/Grievance Procedure (6-4R):

In June/July 2006 two policies were adopted by the Board of Education to ensure equal access
for all students to district-owned and/or provided educational software; and, to ensure procedures
for filing discrimination complaints.

The software policy requires specific procedures to follow in selecting and purchasing
educational software. These programs must be accessible to all students, including students with
physical disabilities. All students should be provided an equal opportunity to participate and
benefit from educational programs and activities that involve the use of computer related or
computer-operated programs.

The District’s Nondiscrimination Policy was revised to include a complaint and grievance
procedure to be used by employees, students, student advocates and/or members of the public
who wish to file a compliant alleging discrimination.

To learn more about these recently adopted policies, please contact the Department of Special
Services in the Administration Office, 231-3600.


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