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Untitled Collectors United (PDF)

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									                                                          Books: Dolls of three     Medina,        Minou,      Spirek,   N   10002
     Collectors                                           Centuries,       1951
                                                          $15.00, 1980 Kewpie
                                                                                    Fienne $495.00 each,
                                                                                    Enzo, Jule, both for
                                                                                                               Padre    Pio   Drive,
                                                                                                               Necedah, Wisconsin
                                                          Premier       $10.00,     $595.00, Timi, Toni,       54646, 608.565.7943
       United                                             German
                                                                                    $595.00 pair, Tara,
                                                                                    Katalin,     Shireem,      Very nice 20" Miss
        Your Master Key to the World of Dolls
                                                          Cieslik $75.00, The       Lilliane,    Neblina,      Revlon,       original
                711 S. 3rd Avenue                         ONe       Rose     by     Bastian, Lisa, Ellen,      dress,         shoes,
              Chatsworth, GA 30705                        Ruggles       $35.00,     Paula $295.00 each.        earrings,     missing
Phone 706-695-8242 – Fax 706-695-0770                     Collectors                Mrs. Beasley $50.          panties, and most
        Email:                 Encyclopedia of Doll      Call 920.337.4809          eyelashes on LEft
              Co-Owners: Dian and Gary Green              Clothes,     Coleman                                 eye, so only $25.00
                                                          $75.00,      Madame       Barbies: Bob Mackie        shipping & handling
                                                          Alexander catalogs,       Empress Bride with         extra. Kathy Gaylord,
A one-year subscription for only $36.00 First             2000,         $10.00,     shipper       $400.00,     3802 Sandy Lane,
Class or $24.00 Third Class will bring                    shipping & handling       McDonald         2010      Florence,       South
COLLECTORS UNITED to you each month.                      extra. A. Sperring,       Madame Alexander           Carolina      29501,
Remember, for your subscription you are entitled          209.369.2824              dolls. Feeling Groovy      843.678.8910
to a FREE 40 WORD LISTING of your dolls                                             Billy   Boy     Barbie
and/or related dolling world items in each new            Rare Franklin Mint        $75.00, Grand Ole          Madame Alexander
MONTHLY ISSUE. Extra words are welcomed at                Diana in Hachi Gown,      Opry Barbie, with          Little Genius,      7",
$.20 each.                                                Limited Edition of 100    Skipper $50.00, 1995       1950, hard plastic wig
                                                          $795.00,         Kathy    Happy New Year             $100.00,         Older
Our FORUM devotes itself to the transmittal of            Redmond        Fashion    Barbie         $40.00,     vintage dolls, 25 pairs
useful knowledge in our collecting world. With this       Cady $225.00, Ann         562.577.5993               of shoes $10.00 a
column, we can express our concerns with one              Parker        Florence                               pair, one pair is New
another.                                                  Nightingale $225.00,      For     Sale:    Vogue     York Doll Co., Ginny,
                                                          Steiff Chicken $75.00     Ginny, 1955, Kinder        Mint in box, with Little
           SUBSCRIPTION RATES:                            each.         Wanted:     Crowd, #26, MLSLW,         Men, #416 $100.00,
                                                          Ravca dolls. Lucy         all    original,    blue   Thailand #567 $80.
One Year – First Class                         $36.00     Heckman,        100-50    eyes, pink dress,          Caroline Cruz.
                                                          223rd Street, Queens      bloomers,        blonde
One Year – Third Class                         $24.00
                                                          Village, New York         hair, pink bow in hair,
Canada and Mexico                              $36.00     11429, 718.776.6285       original white shoes,      Remember, a five
Other International                            $48.00                               socks, pictured on         day return privilege
Single Copies                                  $3.00      For sale: Mint in box     page 136 Collectors        must be granted on
                                                          Himstedt         dolls:   Encyclopedia Vogue         ALL             C.U.
               DEADLINE DATES:                            Oscar, Kerri, Charly,     Dolls $225. Patricia       transactions!
The DEADLINE DATE for each monthly issue of
C.U. is the 10th of the month preceeding the
month of issue for the subscriber’s FREE ads.
The DEADLINE DATE is the 15th of the month for
display and paid ads. Example: July 10th and 15th
would be the deadline for your listing to be
included in the August issue.                             Collectors United is pleased to announce that effective
          DISPLAY ADVERTISING:                            with the September issue, Collectors United Magazine
15 Column Inches                       $75.00             can be accessed via internet as well as
(Page length-one column) or equivalent area
horizontally placed                                       your hard copy.
7½ Column Inches or Equivalent         $37.50
4 Column Inches or Equivalent          $20.00
                                                          This is available to all current subscribers.
            Advertising on the Net:
Single Banner Only                             $30.00
Double Banner with Link                        $40.00     Use      'Online'   Menu                   option       to        access
Double Banner with ½ Page                      $60.00     the Online Edition.
Double Banner with Full Page                   $80.00
Larger ads can be arranged through Collectors United.

The above rates include ART LAYOUT for your AD, if
                                                          Username ‘cureader’
necessary. There is no charge for including your          Password: 'trUT2p4'
“screened’’ (Velox, PMT’s, etc.) PHOTOS except for
the space they occupy. GLOSSY PRINTS
(black/white or color) $2.50 for screening.

A DISCOUNT of 10% is given for DISPLAY                    We have had so many request for this addition to our
ADVERTISING when purchased on a continuing basis
– at least three issues without change in the art work.

C.U. reserves the right to edit copy. We also reserve     Hopefully, it will be very helpful for those who prefer
the right to refuse listing space to those who have
repeatedly violated the dolling code of ethics. Only in   the internet.
this way can we maintain the integrity of our
publication. We cannot be responsible for any
advertising other than our own.                           Thanks for your continued support of C.U.
Collectors United – Founder: Donna Stanley,
                                                          Dian & Gary Green
Published monthly by Collectors United, 711
                                                                                          Sale: FAO Circus          Mattel 25" Charming
                                    TOYS                                                  Star $65.00, FAO
                                                                                          Shopping Spree or
1970’s Raggedy Ann, Andy music, box, savings bank, metal cookie tin                       Winter Velvet $40.00      tagged         clothes,
                                                                                          each,        Sapphire     includes white and
 (10’’ diameter)                                               3 for $25
                                                                                          Dream $60. Spiegel        blue shoes, red knee
1980 The Littles Belinda with 4 chairs, NRFB                            $15               Winners Circle $35.       length socks, blonde
1979 Sweet April with original box                                      $15               Barbie for President      hair, original glasses,
1920s Yale Trunk Locks books with kid’s cutouts pasted throughout $20                     or 50th Anniversary       two records, talks
Victorian framed scraps, 10½’’x4½’’ with Reward of Merit                $25               bathing suit, $25.00,     poorly, Neckerchief
Victorian Scrapbook with 33 pages of scraps                             $55               Silver Sizzle Marilyn     clasp $138. Alene
1906-1910 postcards with dogs                                  14 for $45                 Monroe        $60.00,     Denney, 2628 Peter
1908-1910 postcards with fashionable ladies                    14 for $55                 615.893.0931              Pan              Road,
1910-1913 postcards with children (Jesse Wilcox Smith)         12 for $55                                           Independence,        KS
1910 postcards picturing Nursery Rhymes                        4 for $25                  Betsy McCall's friend     67301, 620.331.1053
Alex 1950’s tagged Rosebud print nightgown                              $20               China Plate Jimmy
Bozo 1950’s Little Golden Record with colorful sleeve                   $10               Weeks and Nosey,          String of pearls for
                                                                                          $30.00, Hero's of         dolls, 6¼" $15.00, red
1950’s Whitman 11’’x14’’ puzzles, Mickey Mouse, Huckleberry Hound,
                                                                                          the           American    high heel shoes with
 Woody Woodpecker, Quick Draw McGraw                           4 for $25                  Revolution, Benjamin      golden pompoms, in
1950’s Furry Puzzle 12’’x9’’ Benny Beetle                               $8                Franklin,      Thomas     original box, fits 19"
1880’s candy box (beautiful blue cardboard with lace paper trim) with                     Jefferson,        Paul    to 20" doll $15.00,
 1880 Temple Lodge program, kid leather gloves                          $45               Revere,         Patrick   Ginny white fur hat
1911 man’s handkerchief box showing Seven Dials, London with                              Henry, John Paul          and     tutu  $10.00,
 hankies                                                                $25               Jones,         George     Alene Denney, 2628
1920’s colorful 4’’x2’’ Christmas seals boxes with seals       2 for $20                  Washington $30.00         Peter Pan Road,
1950’s miniature pitchers (great with dolls) china/glass, ½’’-3’’ 8 for $25               each,     all   6    in   Independence,      KS
1940’s oval picture of Gypsy lady head/shoulders, 10’’x12’’,                              boxes            Never    67301, 620.331.1053
 beautiful                                                              $25               removed from box,
                                                                                          Pao     Pao      Bruce    Email  your    ad    to
1965 Wishnik Troll paperdolls, uncut, mint                              $25                                         diang@collectorsunited.
                                                                                          Hsieh. 615.646.6992       com.
1926 Bringing Up Father (Maggie, Jiggs) storybook                       $35
1950’s 77 Sunset Strip Way Out with Kookie Book                         $20
1930’s Little Red Riding Hood Christmas Tree metal stand with nine
 electric light sockets around base, very unusual                       $85
1960’s round glass ball Christmas tree ornaments with original boxes
 (14 dozen) plus German glass tree topper                      ALL $55
1950’s Santa Claus plastic tree ornaments 2½’’-4’’ tall        5 for $25

German Bisque, marked 9/0, stick p.m. body, 11’’ tall, unplayed with,
 Original from straw hat to black shoes, stockings, perfect little lady       $145
Armand Marseille 370, perfect bisque, 22’’ tall, legs’ kid leather repair,
 Old clothes, really pretty                                                   $125
Sweet Sue Sophisticate, 20’’ American Character redressed beautifully in blue
 Ballgown, excellent                                                          $75
1930’s Black Japan celluloid boy, rare, mint 3½’’ tall                        $55
1910-1920’s all-bisque jointed baby, 4’’ tall, unmarked, nice face painting $30
1930’s Betty Boop-type 7½’’ & 8’’ celluloid sisters                   2 for $15
Bed doll, 1920’s-30’s all-cloth, mask-face 25’’ with red hair, side-glancing
 Brown eyes, beautiful original yellow organdy outfit with hat, shoes         $145
1930’s black jointed baby with slender build, hair repaired                   $20
1930’s all-original 11’’ jointed composition girl with smaller pal, perfect
 composition                                                          2 for $45
Betsy McCall, 1950’s, MOC with extras plus Betsy’s yellow raincoat outfit,
 NRFB’s                                                                       $245
Littlechap Family, super condition, with original terry cloth covers and toy
 Catalog Ads                                                          4 for $75
Wanda Walker, doesn’t walk, clothes need washing, doll herself beautiful $45
Toni, 20’’ American Character redhead in shimmering blue “Dinner Date”
 Beautiful Sweet Sue Sophisticate in “Romance” blue ballgown with original
 Hose, shoes, earrings                                                        $145 each
Alex 1950’s Lissy with tagged Alex nitegown, blonde braids                    $55
1950’s sew, stuff 11’’ cloth brother and sister so sweet              pair $25
1920’s-1930’s chubby, chubby jointed 17’’ toddler, unmarked, beautiful
 composition, jointed, full mohair wig with barrettes, tin sleep eyes, all-original
 clothes                                                                      $145
1920-30’s composition, cloth toddler with original human wig, 21’’ tall,
 brown tin eyes, beautiful original dress, nice composition                   $95

                           MRS. GRIFFIN
Memories             of   The Wind Barbie,          Scarlett        #2255,    hair, faces, mint, plus    King Bear $50 Pair
Yesterday, exclusive      California collection     $200.00, Coco and         Girl with red suit, set    11" and 14", Merry
membership                dolls, red, green,        dog Cleo, with travel     $22.00,       Madame       Thought bears $75
figurines, Mint in box,   velvet, floral, Mint in   wardrobe     $160.00,     Alexander 12" Blue         both. Connie Holmes,
never displayed, We       box $295.00, Gone         Cabbage Patch Kids,       Boy, 1970's, mint with     356 Cream-ery Rd,
Belong       Together,    With The Wind cloth       Snack     Time    Kid,    original     costume,      Greenville, NY 12083
$8.00,         Charter    handkerchief,      with   really eats, comes        $53.00, Portrait Child     518.966.8934
member figurine, I'm      Clark     Gable    and    with play snacks,         Pinkie, long blonde
the Girl for You          Bonnie, mint $35.00,      Never removed from        hair, sleep eyes, pink     For Sale: Collection
$10.00, 1991 Charter      Artist cloth doll, 28"    box, 1995 $40.00,         ruffled dress, flower      15- 2" metal antique
Year, Welcome to          painted face, yarn        McDonalds Madame          bonnet, elegant $62.       cars in plastic cases,
your new Home, 5"         hair, long arms and       Alexander dolls, mint     801.226.7440               McDonalds figures,
tall $15. Anniversary     Legs, original outfit     in package, call for                                 12 pieces, 4 battery
Boy and Girl 3" $6.00,    $35.00, shipping &        wants, have all sets.     For Sale: Leaf Fairy       model cars, mint,
Hallmark         Merry    handling extra. Jean      Rita    Parker,    210    Wendy $20.00, Party        $150.00, from 1950's,
miniature set, Mint in    760.346.8606              Oakwood          Lane,    Dress Wendy $20.00,        1960's Garfield Pez,
box,      5     pieces,                             Elizabeth City, North     Red Riding Hood            mint $15.00, Peanuts
Peanuts       Pumpkin     Want to buy 10"           Carolina        27909     Topsy Wendy $70.00,        #1-50, soft covered
Patch $12.00, 3 piece     1940 doll with dark       252.338.6979              Veronica      Franco,      books & much more
Giving Thanks $6.00,      braids. For Sale: 4 -                               Cissette $50.00, 50th      $200. 330.832.6181
two piece Happy           15" doll cases. 1930's    German         Bisque,    Anniversary Cissette
Haunting $5.00, 5         8"     China      doll,   marked 9/0, stick         $50.00,        Spring      Toni, 20’’ American
piece Peter Pan set,      undressed      $10.00,    p.m. body, 11’’ tall,     Bouquet       Cissette     Character redhead in
$15.00, 1987 Turner       Wardrobe            of    unplayed          with,   $50.00,      Madame        shimmering        blue
3½" PVC Wizard of         handmade clothes for      original from straw       Celebrates American        “Dinner          Date”
Oz Movie figures,         larger doll $25. R.       hat to black shoes,       Design        Cissette     beautiful Sweet Sue
Dorothy, Tin Man,         Chaney,          3130     stockings,     perfect    $50.00, Philippe Van,      Sophisticate         in
Scarecrow, Cowardly       Meadowcrest       NW,     little  lady     $145.    280     Park      View     “Romance”         blue
Lion, Glinda, perfect     Massillon,       Ohio     Armand       Marseille    Terrace,         #101,     ballgown with original
condition $25. Please     44647, 330.832.6181       370, perfect bisque,      Oakland,     California    hose, shoes, earrings
call 731.423.1063                                   22’’ tall, legs’ kid      94610, 510.763.4363        $145     each;    Alex
                          Madame Alexander          leather repair, old                                  1950’s Lissy with
8" Ginny, 1950's,         dolls, Mint in box,       clothes, really pretty    Two              Muffy     tagged            Alex
walker,         blonde,   wrist tag, Picking        $125. 423-247-1639,       Vanderbears,          in   nitegown,      blonde
original outfit $59.00,   Bouquet ccs $80.00,       Mrs. Griffin              Christening outfit, one    braids $55. 1950’s
24"            Madame     Summer      of     57                               has a signed Paw           sew, stuff 11’’ cloth
Alexander 1960 baby       Cissette $80.00, 21"      1950's Sun Rubber,        $20.00 each, Steiff        brother and sister so
doll, vinyl/cloth body,   Scarlett       Picnic,    9" Boy, with painted      member Clubhouse           sweet pair $25. 423-
redressed, Gone With      #50001 $190.00, 21"       blue playsuit, molded     $25.00, Nesbit Pearly      247-1639

Are you
                          Gigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy Bears
                                                6029 N. Northwest Hwy
                                                  Chicago, IL 60631
                                  773-594-1540 -
Italian 28" Girl, dark     54616, 608.989.2150        Madame Alexander         condition   $325.00,          1991, Mint in box,
hair,    flirty  eyes,     evenings.                  8" bent knee walker,     Steiff Poodle, Jaco,          adorable $50.00 pair,
redressed $195.00,                                    excellent   condition,   shipping & handling           1940's cloth Snow
unmarked 32" Saucy         Himstedt dolls: Lot,       $60.00,      Madame      extra. Helen Keefe,           White and Seven
Walker, all original       best offer for all, Baby   Alexander 8" China,      803.945.9961                  Dwarfs set, nice, rare
$115.00, 35" Patti         Anchen,          Ayoka,    bent knee $50.00,                                      $75.         Wanted:
type $95.00, 28" Ideal     Pimba, Sanga, Jule,        Madame Alexander 8'      Mattel          Tammy,        original    or    not,
Saucy $125. Madame         Takuma,         Takumi,    Laurie, bent knee,       Crissy,     Dancerella,       Connie          Lynn,
Alexander McGuffey         with bracelets, Club       Mint in box $60.00,      American Character,           Lonnie    Anderson,
Baby, Cheek rub,           dolls, Tinka, Morgan,      Madame Alexander         Horseman,         Kissy,      good       condition.
Mint in box $120.00,       Never removed from         8" Thailand, bent        Skookum         Indians,      Reasonable.
Lively Kitten, works,      box, all certificates      knee,        excellent   Tressy, Effanbee, doll        Thanks.
#8055, needs stitches      and shipping boxes,        condition, $50.00, Bo    collection,    Scarlett,      856.456.0362
$95.     Elma     Hoff,    Mary                Ann,   Peep, 8" Mint in box     Barbie patterns, Dolly
W13622 Highway 95,         215.824.3541               $35.00, 19" Effanbee     Dingle fabric dolls,          Repairs/Restorations,
Blair, Wisconsin                                      Patsy Ann, excellent     Dolly        paperdolls.      restoration for all
                                                                               Leona Otey, 601 Lutz          types      of   dolls,

                          24th Annual                                          Road, Bloomington,
                                                                               Illinois, 309.557.8207
                                                                                                             composition.    Dolly

                                                                               Paddington Bear, all          Heaven,
                                                                               original,     tagged,         1.800.660.1912
                                                                               1988, cute $7. Laurel
                                                                               and Hardy pair, 16",          Fax your ad to 706-695-0770

                 Doll Show and Sale                                                              IOWA 2010
                                                                                              DOLL * TOY * BEAR
                 Antique, Modern Collectibles, Barbie’s                                        SHOWS & SALES
                                                                                             Promoted by Dora Pitts
                 Madame Alexanders & Antiques Toys
                             Appraisals                                                             FALL
                                                                                            Sunday, November 14th

              Dolly Door Prizes
                                                                                            DAVENPORT, IOWA
                                                                                               9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

        Jonesborough Visitor’s Center                                                     27h Annual Wonderland
                                                                                           Doll, Toy & Bear Show
          Jonesborough, Tennessee                                                       Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
                                                                                          2815 West Locust Street

                                                                                      Admission $3.00 (Under 10 FREE)
                      October 23, 2010
                                                                                           EARLY BUYERS $10.00
                        9:00 to 4:00
                 Admissions: Adults $3.50
                                                                                         Antique, Modern, Collectible
                                                                                  Dolls, Toys, Bears, Cars, Farm Toys, Star Wars

                 Children 12 and under free
                                                                                 Action Figures, Games, Artist Bears, Artist Dolls,
                                                                                 Comics, Hot Wheels, Doll Clothes, Doll Supplies,
                                                                                            Accessories, and MORE!

              For more information contact:
                                                                                             On Site Doll Repairs
                                                                                      Doll Appraisals * Door Prizes Hourly

                   DEBBIE MERRITT                                                              QUALITY SHOWS

                                                                                               WORTH THE TRIP!

                                                                                             DORA PITTS
                                                                                  PO Box 581 – Clinton, Iowa 52733-0581

                 1 DAY ONLY!

                                                                                       (Dealer Inquiries Always Welcome)
                              $195.00 selling for
***********                   $90.00         each.
     Forum                    Shipping & handling
                              extra. Please write.
Dear Dian & Gary,             Joan Flint, 41423
 After all these              Thornton, Hemet, CA
years, we still enjoy         92544-8272
you and your paper.
Keep up the good              Barbies: Bubble Cut,
                              Pony Tail, Midge,
work.                         Alan, Ken, Franklin
Elizabeth Filchack            Mint Jackie Kennedy
                              Bride, Poor Pitiful
Dear Dian & Gary,             Pearl, 1950's Ginnys,
 We really                    older        Madame
appreciate                    Alexanders, Porcelain
                              Ginnys,      Hummel
Collectors United.            figurines and dolls,
Thank you,                    and many other dolls.
M.L. Sheehan                  Ruth Williamson, 217
***********                   Sandspur        Lane,
                              Vidalia,      Georgia
 Miscella                     30474, 912.538.1028
  neous                       Doll Kits, vinyl and
Selling my collection         porcelain.    Catalog,
of Franklin Mint dolls,       $3.00,     refundable.
all Mint in box, Coca         1.800.835.7648 Fun
Cola         Collection,      Stuff Dolls, PO Box
Sarah,          Morgan,       999, Yuma, AZ 85366
Danny, Kirby, and   
Billy, original price

      Saturday, December 4th,

                9:30 am - 4:00 pm
                     ~ Admission ~
                      Adults: $5.00
        ($1.00 off with coupon, advertisement or
     package of diapers for the Tucson Diaper Bank)

           Children: 12 years & under: FREE

                   Early Bird: $10.00
             (7:30am - 9:30am/no discount)

           Randolph Park Hotel
           102 N. Alvernon Way
             Tucson, AZ 85711
           Antique, Vintage, Modern,
               Reproduction & Art
       Dolls, Accessories, Parts & Supplies
               Restringing & Repair
           Identification & Appraisals
              Holiday Doll Display

                   ~ Door Prizes ~

       Grand Prize Raffle to Benefit Charity
              Tucson Diaper Bank
    Sponsored by &
Sindy,      Littlechap,       box 1990 Dolls by           smaller pal, perfect      Vespers $85, Kubla       beautiful     $93.00,
Tammy-Dawn-Barbie             Jerri,    The     Milk      composition 2 for         (signed) $125, 1974      Dumpling Baby, 22",
&    Clones,      Darci,      Maiden, all porcelain,      $45. 423-247-1639,        Miss Ginny 15" crispy    Madame Alexander,
Dusty, Dolly Darlings,        or trade for Dolls by       Mrs. Griffin              mint, box $40, black     hard plastic head,
Petra        (German          Jerri Tina and Bo.                                    Gerber Baby 1970         rubber limbs, lovely
Barbie Clones), Tiny          Wanted: Dolls by            08 GUNZEL RESIN           $55, Lydia Richter       face $85. D. Crouch,
Teens, Penny Brite,           Jerri. Linda Contrael,      BRITE;            08-09   Beloved Kathe Kruse      Call      for     list.
Jenny (Takara), Holly         6356 Chiltern Road,         EDITON OF 100             dolls book $10, all      801.226.7440
Hobby, etc. Fashion           NW, Canal Fulton,           GUNZEL JOHANNA            plus shipping, call
Dolls       Available,        Ohio           44614        IN CHOC BROWN             Judy, 315-684-3162       Barbie, two Hi Dottie
Donna      Buckleman,         330.854.1207                GUNZEL           VINYL                             dolls, many more for
P.O. Box. 10808,                                          JAMES FROM THE            MIB     CHRISTMAS        sale, due to my
Baltimore,         MD.        Bed doll, 1920’s-30’s       Madame Alexander          DOLLS: 1990 Holiday      health, I am selling
21234, 410-446-2895           all-cloth, mask-face        COMPANY;          WPM     Barbie   NRFshipper      my collection, too
or            chang@          25’’ with red hair,         Piccollini;    GUNZEL     $25, Mackie Gold         many to list, Call for                  side-glancing brown         2998         BIGGIDUR     $99, Lawton Angel        your wants. Verneda
                              eyes,         beautiful     KIMBERELY VINYL           $75, Poppy Pepper,       597.2844 (Kentucky)
Mint in box Peggy             original         yellow     Gunzel; MIDDLETON         Crystal Winter $95,      If no answer, Leave
Nesbit Royal Baby             organdy outfit with         PINK           QUARTZ     Yuletide Carol $135,     message.
Commemorative Set,            hat, shoes $145.            MIDDLETON BEARY           Steiff Santa/reindeer
Diana, Charles and            1930’s black jointed        FURRY            LIGHT    $255, Alexander 14"      Patsy Joan, beautiful
Baby William $45.00,          baby with slender           GOTZ          GERMAN      green velvet Scarlett    repro $60.00, Effner’s
Mint in box Franklin          build, hair repaired        HANDCRAFTED               $75, SDH special         Snow           White,
Mint     1983       18"       $20.      1930’s     all-   PLAY DOLL KEA             "Angel Face" $45, 21"    Goldilocks     $30.00
porcelain    Lavendar         original 11’’ jointed       SPANOS         LIMITED    Jacquelyn red Monet      each,       Patsyette
Girl $12.00, Mint in          composition girl with       EDITION LIGHT OF          $110, Himstedt Minou     Romeo, Juliet, pair
                                                          LIFE EDITION OF           $265. 209-473-1771       for $40.00, Madame
                 DOLLS – MIB                              100; ZAPF 2000 ULI                                 Alexander Miss Unity,
             45 YEAR COLLECTION                           AND         NINI    BY    ADORABLE BLACK           1991, UFDC $75.00,
                                                          WILTRED          STEIN;   CABBAGE    PATCH         Puddin, blonde hair,
 21’’ Cissy, dressed street dress         $145.00         Middleton      Blessing   1978/1982    VERY        brown eyes $40.00,
 MIB 21’’ Scarlett/1986                   $275.00         OF HOPE LIGHT             NICE    CONDITION        Columbian      Sailor,
 21’’ Scarlett flowered gown/1986                         BLONDE; GUNZEL            $25, LONE RANGER         UFDC, 1993 $200.00,
 21’’ 1978 Cornelia/blue gown                             RESIN          CHYORI     19"   MIB  SUPER         all mint with boxes,
 MIB 8’’/MA/Spain; Ireland; Mother Goose floral           GUNZEL            WPM     SOFTIES       $50,       Carole 317.359.1802
  Gown; green parasol                                     BIGGIDUR SYLVIA           DONNY     OSMOND
                                                          LOUSIE NO BOX             MATTEL MIB $55,          1950's         Never
 Shirley Temple all 1957; 17’’ nude, flirty eyes,         HAVE COA NO HAT           TONI TENNILE MIB         removed         from
 beautiful                                                AS     SHOWN        ON    $60, KITTY O'NEILL       package whistle and
 15’’ Shirley Temple orig red polka dot dress $55.00      CERTIFICATE; 2010         MIB $35. BARBIE/         chain $10.00, 1950's
 12’’ original good condition                 $65.00      GUNZEL RESIN ULA          FRANCIE    GREEN         black patent center
 17’’ Shirley Temple redressed/red dots,                  POPULAR BEANIES           TRUNK $45, BABY          snap    shoes    and
  good color                                  $90.00      MINT WITH HANG            ALL GONE MIB $35.        pocket book for 10"
 15’’ redressed                               $95.00      TAGS.            EMAIL    THANK YOU, RITA          doll $20.00, Vintage
 21’’ Madame Alexander Scarlett Portrait                  billybuttonsdolls@        KOWALSKI 631 427         Pebbles and Bam
 21’’ Madame Alexander Cornelia/redressed $95.00               8562                     Bam, finger puppets
 16’’ Sweet Tears, original, NB               $75.00      CALL 856-853 -8128                                 $10.00, 1919 PIT
 13’’ Sweet Tears, original, NB               $65.00      Thank You - Janet         Old composition baby     cardgame in box
 Chatty Cathy                                 $40.00      Robinson                  doll, 24", Horseman,     $5.00,    Mint     in
                                                                                    looks     like    Baby   package Shillman doll
 MIB F&B Patsy; 15’’ Love & Touch real sister;            For  Sale:   Robin        Dimples,       dressed   hangers $5. Karen
  Girl/Watering Can; George Washington; F&B               Woods Blossom $65,        in vintage gown,         718.996.0511
  Bubbles; 14’’ Gone with the Wind Madame
  Alexander; 14’’ Scarlett/original tagged; 23’’ Pussy
  Cat Madame Alexander

 1 pair sexed boy and girl (nude)            $30 pair



      2564 Huntington Way
   Orange Park, FL 32073-5705
         We’re Gonna Have
             Our Annual
         Doll Show & Sale
       Saturday, NOVEMBER 6, 2010
                        9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

                 Adults $4.00 - Children FREE

The Collectors United Doll Show and Sale will have over 200 tables of collector dolls
with dealers from throughout the United States. There will be Barbies, Madame
Alexanders, Antique Dolls, Artist Dolls, and Beanie Babies.

                548 South Marietta Parkway
                            For more information contact:
                            GARY GREEN
                         Phone 706-695-8242
                          Fax 706-695-0770
                         Friends,                 totally      illustrated                                 with dogs 14 for $45.
***********              732.686.9431             $10.00.       Costume
                                                                             ***********                   1908-1910 postcards
    Forum                www.lesliesdolldream     dolls     authentically.         Toys                    with      fashionable
                                Researched designer                                      ladies 14 for $55.
Dear Gary,                                                                   1970’s Raggedy Ann,
                                                  patterns        include:                                 1910-1913 postcards
 I’ve        enjoyed     ***********              Barbie,           varied
                                                                             Andy music, box,
                                                                                                           with children (Jesse
                                                                             savings bank, metal
Collectors    United      Miscella                moderns,       compos,
                                                                             cookie     tin    (10’’
                                                                                                           Wilcox Smith) 12 for
for over 30 years                                 antiques,        repros,                                 $55. 1910 postcards
and have bought and
                           neous                  artist, First Ladies,
                                                                             diameter) 3 for $25.
                                                                                                           picturing     Nursery
                                                                             1980    The     Littles
                         Franklin     Heirloom    ethnic, period, brides,                                  Rhymes 4 for $25.
sold MANY dolls                                   historical.        Joan
                                                                             Belinda with 4 chairs,
                         Alice,   1991,    14",                              NRFB $15.        1979
through the C.U.         bisque head, hands       Cigler, 138 Arbordale,
 Keep up the good                                                            Sweet    April    with
                         and legs $50.00.         Painesville,       Ohio                                  Pale yellow Limited
                                                                             original box $15.
work!                    Shipping & handling      44077.                                                   Edition Steiff Circus
                                                                             1920s Yale Trunk
Linda      Contrael,     extra.       Elizabeth                                                            Dolly Bear $345.00,
                                                                             Locks books with
6356 Chiltern Rd.        Taylor    in    Riding   SELLING Himstedts                                        Vintage darling 5"
                                                                             kid’s cutouts pasted
                         Outfit,       National   All of these must go:                                    Cinnamon      mohair,
NW, Canal Fulton,                                 Ayoka         $400.00,
                                                                             throughout $20. 423-
                                                                                                           jointed       Monkey
                         Velvet, 1987 $60.00                                 247-1639, Mrs. Griffin
OH 44614                 shipping & handling      Emmi $400.00, Krissi                                     $95.00,       Vintage
***********              extra. Bisque 1982       I and II $400.00 each,
                                                                             32 Comic Books,
                                                                                                           Frosted       mohair,
                         Jan Hagara figurine      Liliane $250. Neblina                                    jointed       Monkey
  Barbies                Cristina $25.00 Mint     $400.00,       Marlee
                                                                             1951 to 1957 $2.00
                                                                             each, Dick and Jane
                                                                                                           $135.00, Steiff Snap
Barbies:       Happy     in box. Mercedes         $500.00, Mirte and                                       a Part bear, mint, no
                                                                             School Book $5.00.
Holidays 1995, 1996      865.687.0433             Kliene Mirte $500 for                                    box or certificate
                                                                             shipping & handling
$25.00 each, 1997                                 both, Shireem $400.                                      $135.00, 6" Gold
                                                                             extra. Call for details.
$15.00, Winter Velvet    Shirley        Temple    Pancho and Panchita                                      l960's Bear, $215.00,
                                                                             Kathy Gaylord, 3802
$25.00, Winters Eve      Publicity glosses list   $350.00 each, (would                                     Linda            Pilsl,
                                                                             Sandy             Lane,
$10.00,        Winter    $1.00 SASE. Kewpie       like to sell as set,                                     920.458.8934
                                                                             Florence,        South
Fantasy       $15.00,    bisque        Wedding    Inquire),         2008
                                                                             Carolina         29501
Holiday      Princess    Cake Topper $100.        Sanrike     $1200.00.                                    Old comic books, no
Snow White $30.00,       Limbaugh 3" bisque       lisnjim@                                     adverturers, 10 for
Hallmark ornaments       $40.00, Betty Boop       for photos or call 805-                                  $20.    D.   Crouch,
                                                                             Good Luck Trolls, 3,
$10.00, DLSASE for       5",     round    wide    937-4373.                                                801.226.7440
                                                                             excellent    condition,
list. Ludmila Smith,     eyes, stone bisque                                  $25.00, Rice Krispies,
128 A Street, South      $35.00, 12" Geisha       Dolls      for     sale,
                                                                             3, Snap Crackle and
San        Francisco,    Girl, glass eyes $30.    Collectible       dolls,                                 Alex 1950’s tagged
                                                                             Pop,          excellent
California     94080     Louise Williams, 705     bears, paper dolls,                                      Rosebud            print
                                                                             condition,     $25.00,
650.583.6269             East Culver, Knox,       1930's to 1990's,                                        nightgown $20. Bozo
                                                                             Flatsey 1960, original
                         Indiana         46534    doll hospital. DeJa Vu                                   1950’s Little Golden
                                                                             Little Lulu, Peanuts,
Barbies! Leslie's Doll   514.772.4608             Collectibles,      1038                                  Record with colorful
                                                                             Mickey Mouse, all
Dreamland, vintage,                               Pine             Street,                                 sleeve $10.     1950’s
                                                                             $25.00, 6" Tan Dog,
mod, and pink box        NEW              2010    Philadelphia,        PA                                  Whitman      11’’x14’’
                                                                             stuffed straw $25.00,
Barbie Family and        "Wonderful World Of      19107, www.dejavu                                        puzzles,       Mickey
                                                                             Campbell Soup doll,
                         Dolls"       costume                                     Mouse, Huckleberry
                                                                             excellent    condition,

               JOIN TODAY!!!
                         pattern Catalogs A/B                                                              Hound,         Woody
                                                                             $25.00, shipping &
                                                                                                           Woodpecker, Quick
                                                                             handling         extra.
                                                                                                           Draw McGraw 4 for
                                                                             Helene,         Keefe,
                                                                                                           $25. 1950’s Furry
                                                                                                           Puzzle 12’’x9’’ Benny
                                                                                                           Beetle $8. 423-247-
       Kish Collectors Society                                               Victorian
                                                                             with Reward of Merit
                                                                                                           1639, Mrs. Griffin

                                                                                                           Remember, a five
         Kish & Company                                                      $25.        Victorian
                                                                             Scrapbook with 33
                                                                                                           day return privilege
                                                                                                           must be granted on
                                                                             pages of scraps $55.
                                                                                                           ALL             C.U.
                                                                             1906-1910 postcards
                  Society offers its members
              A Kish Collectors Society Club Pin                                         Extraordinary Large
                                                                                         “BARBIE” Collection
              Kish Collectors Society Newsletters
                                                                                             FOR SALE
              Exclusive Members Only Offerings
                                                                                 December 11, 2010 at Morphy Auctions
                                                                                             Denver, PA
     Annual Membership is $25.00                                                            717-335-3435
                                                                                              and online
         Call 303.972.0053                                                                Many mint-in-box and mint.
                                                                                          National Prize Winners, too!
          Or join on line                                                      Vintage through early 1980’s “Barbie” and Friends
                                                                                  Dolls, outfits, vehicles, and early structures.
                                                                                            COME JOIN US!
Baby Shirley Temple             $25.00, postage paid.       good       condition,        8700 Riley Drive,          Never removed from
doll, 16", very good            Joyce Bock, PO Box          pictures    available        Little Rock. Arkansas      box $50.00 each,
condition,     original         350551, Palm Coast,         $70.00 shipping &            72005, 501.225.9494        1986 hard plastic
dress, bonnet and               Florida        32135        handling        extra.                                  Angel,         1989
shoes, paid $695.00             386.445.4317                Patricia Tafel, PO           For    Sale:    Peter      Christmas     Ginny,
but will sacrifice for                                      Box 3686, Evergreen,         Playpal $500. Patty        Never removed from
$425.00 shipping &              For Sale: Madame            Colorado       80437         Playpal $100. Saucy        box $28.00 each,
handling         extra.         Alexander 1st ladies,       303.679.6525                 Walker 32" $100.00,        Christmas        list
207.892.5182                    series II, set of 6                                      Saucy Walker 28"           available.  German
                                dolls,    Mint     in       Sweet              Sue       $75. Archie Bunker         ornaments,    Tavern
All Mint in box Sasha           box $300.00, 21"            Sophisticate,       20’’     Little Joey $50.00,        Candles,      mache
Girl $200.00, Nesbit            Elvis by World Doll,        American Character           American Character         house, and more.
Diana          Charles,         Mint in box $35.00,         redressed beautifully        Toodles, 25" $25.00,       LSASE for list with
William        $250.00,         Elizabeth   Sargent,        in blue ballgown,            Madame Alexander           $.61        postage.
Nesbit            Teddy         2108 Elm Street,            excellent $75. 1930’s        black Pussycat, 22",       Marlene    Mathson,
Roosevelt $200.00,              Manchester,     New         Black Japan celluloid        $35.00,     American       Blair,     Wisconsin
Lissi Doll of the Year,         Hampshire      03104        boy, rare, mint 3½’’         Character Follow Me        54616 608.989.2150
1989, signed $100.              603.624.0828                tall $55. 1910-1920’s        Eyes     $40.  Hazel       evenings.
Kenner Baby Orange                                          all-bisque      jointed      Barnett, 123 Coral
Blossom,          black,        For     Sale:      Miss     baby,       4’’     tall,    Vine           Court,      Vintage, Mod Skipper
$175.00, Corolle Girl,          Revlons,      excellent     unmarked, nice face          Greenville,    South       outfit, mint, complete,
16", signed $175.00,            condition,     original     painting $30. 1930’s         Carolina       29611       Outdoor        Casuals,
Corolle     Girl     12"        dress, 18", $159.00,        Betty Boop-type 7½’’         864.246.0209               Sunny           Pastels,
signed          $150.00         Madame Alexander            & 8’’ celuloid sisters                                  Flower Showers, Lots
shipping & handling             2010 Mint in box set        2/$15. 423-247-1639,         Two         unmarked       of Lace, Budding
extra. Joan Tracy,              of 2 convention dolls,      Mrs. Griffin                 Dionne Quint Babies        Beauty, Rik Rak Rah,
1122 Salinas Avenue,            Cissette and Wendy                                       7" original, tagged        Double         Dashers,
Costa             Mesa,         with extras $175.00.        19" Armand Marsaille         yellow dress $190.00,      Velvet Blush, Sweet
California       92626          Carol Yeager, 22303         bisque shoulder head         Identical doll with        Orange, Triple Treat,
714.979.9879                    Gallahad         Drive,     child, Kidaleen body,        organdy dress, not         and others. Audrey
                                Joliet,         Illinois    glass eyes, open             original $140 free         Fletcher, 84 Falmouth
Book - That Doll                815.744.1831                mouth, human hair            shipping.                  Court,         Bedford,
Ginny, signed by                                            braided            wig,      207.892.5182               Massachusetts 01730
Jeanne Niswonger,               Rare Tuesday Taylor         costumed as a little                                    781.275.3112
fair, 1958, straight            penthouse complete          girl,          marked        28" Suzy Playpal, red
Leg walker, Israelian,          with furniture, potted      Columbia,      original,     hair, strung tightly, so   Remember, a five
no shoes, one pink,             tree, easel, etc. Also      excellent    condition,      $170.00,           1981    day return privilege
one black, marked               tagged     outfit   for     circa     1910,       a      Effanbee           New     must be granted on
Ginny, right shoe,              Tuesday, no box,            charming doll. Flo           Orleans, Natchez,          all CU transactions!

                                                                              Greetings fellow doll folks, customers past and
                 “CHRISTMAS TIME                                                            present and Dealers
                 DOLL & BEAR SALE”
                                                                              Just a reminder to everyone of our upcoming show
           ANTIQUE TO MODERN DOLLS & BEARS                                                       November 6th.

                  SAT., NOV. 6TH 2010                                       Things are really starting to move and we are looking
                                                                                towards a full house again this year so all you
                                                                              dealers…. Get those contracts in ASAP to get your
                    9:30 am TO 3:30 pm                                      spot. If you have misplaced your contract let me know
                                                                                        and I will e-mail you a new one.
                      RICHMOND, VA.
                                                                            Postcards are getting mailed as we go and if you need
                      Raceway Complex                                        one or a package let me or Sara know so we can get
                                                                           them in the mail. If you have run out, let me know and I
                           Colonial Bldg.                                      can send you more or send you the art work to
                           600 East Laburnum Ave.                                            print/send your own
                                  Free Parking
                                                                           I will be out of the country from September 8th through
                           PLUS- Accessories, Clothes,                      the 23rd so if you need something immediately during
                            Fabric, Notions, Supplies                               that time period, get in touch with Sara
                           Bring your sick dollies to see
                               “The Dolly Doctor”                          We are excited about the show and are looking forward
                                                                           to a great time for all. Again this year we are running
                              Admission - $5                                        with the Virginia Craftsman Classic.
                           Under 10 and Scouts in
                              Uniform – Free
                                                                                            SEE YOU THERE!!
                        For Information Call:
                                                                                                 Cece & Sara
                        Sara 804-323-5160
                       OR Cece 704-633-2736
                            look a likes, 14, mint       Griff, Snow babies        Santa Bell Ringer,          Claus plastic tree
***********                 in           package,        and Snow Bunnies by       1950, Mint in box,          ornaments 2½’’-4’’ tall
      Toys                  nitegown,          FP        Dept 56. DLSASE for       $25.00, 11" Smokey          5 for $25. 423-247-
                            Doghouse,      $22.00,       list. Ludmila Smith,      Bear, mint, $25.00,         1639, Mrs. Griffin
Older Rushton 23"
                            shipping & handling          128 A Street, South       l940's Disney Donald
Santa, vinyl face,
                            extra. Elma Hoff,            San        Francisco,     Duck, 16 piece China
molded            hair,
mustache,        open
                            W13622 Highway 95,           California     94080      Set, $45.00, Annalee         Miscella
                            Blair,      Wisconsin        650.583.6269              Christmas       Mouse,
mouth, tongue, beard
                            54616 608.989.2150                                     lights up, Mint in box        neous
worn, vinyl boots
                            evenings.                    Disney Toy Soldier,       $34.00,         Disney      For Sale: 1,400 +,
$70.00, 8½" X 11 1/2"
                                                         14", stuffed, with hard   Family Cook Book,           modern,       vintage,
Electircal glitterized
                            1880’s candy box             plastic face, original    1st edition, 1991 $20.      artist dolls, access.
Snow babies, etc.
                            (beautiful         blue      costume, from Disney      Wanted: McDonalds           Vogue          Ginnys,
house, unused, with
                            cardboard with lace          Movie         Toyland,    Madame Alexander            Tonner,      Effanbee,
mirror $40.00, Mint in
                            paper trim) with 1880        1960's?                   dolls     Alice    and      Madame Alexanders,
box 9 piece bisque
                            Temple          Lodge        801.226.7440              Cinderella. Shipping        Precious Moments,
Nativity, 10 3/4" X
                            program, kid leather                                   & handling extra.           Kish, Raggedys, C.
10½’', with manger,
                            gloves $45.       1911       1950’s        miniature   Jean 760.346.8606           Miller, Barbies, LS 4
$20.00,       Nesting
                            man’s handkerchief           pitchers (great with                                  SE. Donna Krug,
wood santas, ladies,
                            box showing Seven            dolls)     china/glass,   Mint in box Wendy           2689 North Galley,
trees $20. Marlene
                            Dials, London with           ½’’-3’’ 8 for $25.        Lawton      5      Little   Orange,      California
Mathson,         Blair,
                            hankies $25. 1920’s          1940’s oval picture of    Women by Ashton             92865 741.974.3779
Wisconsin       54616
                            colorful         4’’x2’’     Gypsy              lady   Drake         $199.00,
                            Christmas         seals      head/shoulders,           Madame Alexander
                            boxes with seals      2      10’’x12’’,    beautiful   Paper      dolls,      in   Artist dolls for sale.
                            for    $20. 423-247-         $25. 1965 Wishnik         package, Wendy Ann          My collection of artist
Cascade           Polar
                            1639, Mrs. Griffin           Troll       paperdolls,   Series,    and       the    dolls, Sculpted in
Bear,22",        Dakin,
                                                         uncut, mint $25. 1926     International series,       1990's,     for    list
Applause        Panda,
                            Elvis Presley plates         Bringing Up Father        $10 each, Madame  
mint with tags, $20.00
                            and       memorabilia,       (Maggie,         Jiggs)   Alexander       Special     or write to Tockey,
each, or all for
                            Steiff          125th        storybook          $35.   Events Doll, signed         931 North 16th, Enid,
$50.00, Santa Troll,
                            Anniversary      bear,       1950’s 77 Sunset          by    Tanya,      1994,     Oklahoma 73701
25", pj bag, mint with
                            Elephant pair, Florida       Strip Way Out with        $75.00 with special
tags, 8" Dam Troll,
                            Panther,        Molly        Kookie Book $20.          box.            Thanks      1920’s-1930’s
NiteLite, both $20.00,
                            Camel,         Animal        423-247-1639, Mrs.        425.397.8593                chubby,         chubby
1986 LB. Puppies,
                            figurines by Dean            Griffin                                               jointed 17’’ toddler,

    New Dates! New Location! New Dates!
                                                                                   1930’s Little Red           unmarked, beautiful
                                                                                   Riding           Hood       composition, jointed,

       Naples Doll Club Doll Show & Sale
                                                                                   Christmas Tree metal        full mohair wig with
                                                                                   stand      with   nine      barrettes, tin sleep
                 Friday, January 14, 2011 – 1 pm – 5 pm                            electric light sockets      eyes,       all-original
                                                                                   around base, very           clothes $145. 1920-
                 Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011 – 10 am – 4 pm                            unusual $85. 1960’s         30’s      composition,
                                                                                   round      glass   ball     cloth toddler with
                                                                                   Christmas         tree      original human wig,
           Moorings Presbyterian Church – Moss Hall                                ornaments         with      21’’ tall, brown tin
                                                                                   original boxes (14
           791 Harbour Drive – 1 block west of US41                                dozen) plus German
                                                                                                               eyes,         beautiful
                                                                                                               original dress, nice

                           Naples, FL
                                                                                   glass tree topper ALL       composition        $95.
                                                                                   $55. 1950’s Santa           423-247-1639, MRS.

           Antique, Vintage & Collectible Dolls & Miniatures
                 Admission: Friday $8; Saturday $5;
                       Children under 12 $3.00
                        Doll appraisals $5 each
                Proceeds to Local Children’s Charities

                   Dealer/Travel Information:
                  Myrna Eby
       239-947-3394 or 574-892-5866
         Dot Hagman – 239-434-6030
      Or simply Google – Naples Doll Club
                The most highly anticipated doll show of the season
Watching the Garden Die       IT GIRL             Wentworth Dynasty    Sealing the Deal    Fiddle-Dee-Dee
       LE 250                LE 500 2010            LE 500 2009          Bette Davis        LE 250 – 2009
  2009 Agnes Dreary         Monica Merrill         Tyler Wentworth      LE 500 – 2010     Gone with the Wind
        $85.00                 $99.00                   $99.00              $99.00          Tonner Ballet

    L’Hiver Louise                                                                            Tranquil
    LE 500 – 2009          Au Printemps Renee       Belle Watling         Black Magic       LE 500 – 2010
 The Devereaux Sisters       LE 500 – 2009          LE 500 – 2009         Ava Gardner        Antoinette
       $89.00             The Devereaux Sisters   Gone with the Wind     LE 200 – 2010         $99.00
                                 $89.00                $05.00                $99.00

      Flipped Out              Organic                 Wanton            On the Fringe    Woman of Passion
     LE 500 – 2010          LE 500 – 2010           LE 500 – 2010        LE 500 – 2010     Joan Crawford
     Monica Merrill          Antoinette              Antoinette          Monica Merrill    LE 150 – 2010
         $99.00                $99.00                  $79.00               $99.00            $115.00

                    For more information contact:
                       COLLECTORS UNITED
                Phone 706-695-8242 - fax 706-695-0770
                             mroden@calstatela.e       got smuged by ball           $15. R. Chaney, 3130           decorations $25. $4
***********                  du     or    jerrilee     point pen and I              Meadowcrest       NW,          postage. Quart jar of
   Wanted                      can't
                                                               get   it   off.
                                                                                    Massillon, Ohio 44647,
                                                                                                                   old marbles $25 - $8.50
                                                                                                                   postage. Ginnys, Sarr,
Wanted – Wanted –            Wanted: Mary Ann          Ragsdale,          285                                      Brook            Shields,
Wanted:       Patent         Storybook Dolls, Blue     Ragsdale         Road,       TEN YEARS OF BLUE              Jordache,         Barbie,
pending Terri Lee            Boy and Ships A           Dallas, Georgia 30157        BOOKS,         beginning       outfits, all 70’s-early
and Jerri Lee dolls,         Sailing.       Nancy      770.445.3835                 1978 through 1985              80’s – MIP $5 each.
Gene Autry dolls,            Choate, 1004 Salem                                     FOR SALE! Numbers              $2.50 postage. Have
Linda Baby, Connie           Lane, Austin, Texas       Wanted        Annette        4, 7, 8 hand signed Jan        lots of Vintage costume
                             78753 512.836.3064 or     Himstedt Fina, Monja,        Foulke! All eight for          jewelry. I can sell for $5
Lynn, Tiny Terri and
                             Email      nancsnest      Liska, Gretchen or           $29.00     plus    $7.50       each. $1.00 postage. I
Tiny Jerri Lee dolls,                  Linchen. I will pay          postage. A good deal in        can restringing dolls for
tagged Terri Lee                                       $300 for a Kenner            V.G to EX condition!           $5      –    all    sizes.
clothing, hangers,           Wanted: Collectors of     Blythe doll, more if         Virginia at: (757) 871-        Customer pays postage
and Helen Pessl              dolls from Hollywood      MIB. Also vintage            9616 or email ruby             – both ways! Happy
Little         Lady          Doll    Manufacturing     black wire stands              Doll Days! Jacqueline
products.    Dennis          Co., 1941 to 1958, to     for Barbie and Ken,                                         Horning, 19 James-
Ross, 626-446-9678,          collaborate    on     a   original sandals and         WANTED:          Madame        towne Drive Cincinnati,
5659 Halifax Road,           collectors       book.    towel for Ken and box        Alexander Jacqueline           OH 4524l 5l3-779-3708
Arcadia, CA 91007-           Buying      Hollywood     inserts. Linda Smith,        Doll. Annie Rooney
8416, email:                 dolls,     salesman's     (317)893-4225, lindaks       Paper      Doll.   Avon        FOR SALE: All MIB
                             samples,           etc., www.           Skin-So-Soft Mermaid           Condition!         Tyler
      Illinois                  Decanter           Glass       Wentworth Dolls $55
 Doll, Bear & Toy                                      *********************        Bottle. 24’’ Sweet Sue         each: Millennium Ball/
  Show & Sale                Wanted: Dress for 8"      Miscellane                   Annie Oakley. SALE:            Blond;         Midnight
(formerly Joann Reynolds)    Madame      Alexander                                  Box of miscellaneous           Sapphire/Something
                             walker, Factory made          ous                      dolls excellent to mint.       Sleek    Brown;     Sig-
    Julie Bronski            baby dress for 16"        FOR      SALE:   Giant       M. Cellini, PO Box 698,        nature/Red; Outfits $50
   PO Box 31333              composition baby doll     Barbie and Ken Case.         Syracuse, NY 13206-            each:        Fragrance
                             or will sell dolls.       Contains 4 dolls, one        0698                           Launch;      Cashmere
     Chicago, IL
                             Wanted!!!    Madame       Dodi, one Pete, and                                         Nair; Wake Up Call;
     60631-0333              Alexander Jacqueline                                   Child’s mint purse MIB         Urban     Sport;   Kitty
                                                       Grown-Up Tammy, and
 Phone 312-919-1735          doll, life doll with                                   $125. Pearl necklace           Collier;   Summertime
                                                       one Dollikin. Contains
  Fax 773-775-2701           working eyes. Mary        doll clothes and four        NOB has Terri Lee on           Swing/red hair $45.          Cellini, PO Box 698,      pillows. PRICE SLASH!        box, cutie $75. 2 Flatsy       Basic/black hair $45.    Syracuse, New York                                     dolls – both for $20.          770-366-3946
                                                       Was $85. Now only
                             13206-0698                $60. Call Adrienne           1950’s Minirliner with
                                                       Kimball at 916-372-          tag doll trunk $55. 18’’       Peanuts      Collection
                             Looking for: Vogue        8433,            West        dress Saucy Walker             1950-up,       original
    2010 Doll                Ginny Crib Crowd,         Sacramento, CA               $35. Salesman Sample           books, holiday plates,
   Teddy Bear                hard plastic, sleep                                    pull       out       sofa      games, figures, mint
Toy Shows & Sales            eyes,    all  original,   FOR      SALE:       One     approximately 1920’s-          $100. 12 hard cover
                             mint condition. Please    Tammy’s Magic Mirror         1930’s great shape             books    about    early
   All shows have an         send pictures, price      Fashion           Show,      $125. Valentine 18’’           American     Historical
        appraiser            and description. Will     excellent condition, cost    ballerina with OC $45.         People for children,
                             return pictures if not    $100 – it’s a steal!         MIB      Indian      Doll      mint $30. R. Chaney,
   All show hours are        purchasing        doll.   Contact        Adrienne      Crimson        Collection      3130      Meadowcrest
      9 am to 3 pm.          Thank you. Patricia       Kimball,           West      $150. Kissy MIB $150.          N.W., Massillon, Ohio
                             Spirek, N 10002 Padre     Sacramento CA, 916-          1970’s     snow     baby       44647, 330-832-6181
 Early admission begins      Pio Drive, Necedah,       372-8433                     bisque snow suit $45.
        at 8 am.             Wisconsin       54646,                                 Darlene, 423-239-7884          For    Sale:    Vintage
                             608.565.7943              Box seven 1940’s-                                           porcelain         dolls,
  All show admission                                   1950’s dolls, all sizes.     Box Lot of Alexander           Precious Moments dolls
         prices              WANTED:         Uncut     Many parts for small         McDonald Dolls – 3 for         and figurines, large
 Are $5 adults, $2 kids      paperdolls – one or a     dolls. Lots of handmade      $50. $7.50 postage.            variety available. Call
       (under 12)            collection   –    pre-    clothes, all sizes, very     Shoe box of doll shoes         Sharon 561.844.8688
                             1980s.         Please     good condition $35.          from 8’’ to 18’’ $25.          or    Email   for    list
    Early Admission          send me your list or      Dorothy Hamil Olympic        $6.50 postage. Shoe            smurfette053@bell
      $10 @ 8 am             email       me      at    doll     1976,     extra     box of old Christmas 
  *****************          smharwood@sbc             costume, ice rink, mint
  September 26, 2010         Harwood,         1428                             Collectors United
         (formerly           Gardenia St., Irving,
 Gigi & Sherry’s Show)       TX 75063                      would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of
   Doll – Teddy Bear                                                        JULIAN MOBLEY, JR.
 Collectible Show & Sale
                             SASHAS:         Santa
      Ashton Place
     Banquet Center
                             needs help finding        Dr. Julian Mobley, Jr. of Roswell, Georgia, passed away on Wednesday, September 29,
  341 West 75th Street       SASHAS for under          2010, with his closest companion by his side. He was born in Birmingham, AL on
    Willowbrook, IL          our Christmas trees!
                                                       November 5, 1931. Julian was a loving and kind person and will be remembered by all
    (Chicago suburb)         Pre-loved    SASHAS
                             without    boxes   or
                                                       as a multifaceted man with a heart as big as his personality. Julian held a degree in
   November 21, 2010         clothes are always        Dentistry from the University of Alabama, class of 1957. He also attended Auburn
    Doll – Teddy Bear        interesting . Happy       University earning a Bachelor of Science in 1963. Julian practiced dentistry in
 Collectible Show & Sale     Turkey Day! Marilu        Birmingham prior to relocating to Georgia in 1972. He enjoyed collecting Tonner
 Hilton Lisle/Naperville     Sheehan, 506 East         dolls, classic movies and opera. He served as a Captain in the Air Force from 1957-
3003 Corporate West Dr.
                             Lockhart      Avenue,     1960. He worked for Cobb County and Douglas County Health Departments serving as
Lisle, IL (Chicago suburb)
                             Alpine, Texas 79830.      Dental Director beginning in 1972 until his retirement in July of 1996.
      Dealer inquiries       432-837-2395.
   are always welcome!                                 Julian is survived by his long time partner, William Branch, resident of Roswell,
     Club Attendance         Please!!! I need some     Georgia.
    inquiries welcome!       one to tell me how to
                             get ink spots off vinyl
  Show Flyer exchanges       dolls. I forgot how to
                                                       A home service was held on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 4818 Shallowford Road
     also welcome!           do it. I have one that    NE, Roswell, Georgia 30075.
                          Lincoln,       Eleanor    $25.00, Hansel and       Elizabeth; Emperor &      Diana, Lenci $125.00,
***********               Roosevelt       $55.00    Gretel $25.00, Austria   Nightingale; Miracle      MIB with wrist tag
 Alexande                 each,         includes    Boy $12.00, Red Boy      131st          Wendy;     and certificate. Venita
                          shipping, all Mint in     $12.00, free shipping.   Tiny Tim #18001;          Sims POBox 110684,
    r                     box.               Call   Call    860.521.6451     $35.00 each; lyon         Nashville, TN 37222,
Madame Alexander          407.859.4675              Joni Sevarino, 282;         615.831.3299
8" Peter Pan with                                   Ridgewood       Road,    706-499-4405; call for
custom stand and          Madame Alexander          West         Hartford,   shipping costs            Doll Kits, vinyl and
box $40.00 shipping       Cissys    for    sale,    Connecticut 06107                                  porcelain.    Catalog,
& handling extra.         Timeless       Beauty
                                                                             ***********               $3.00,     refundable.
Madame Alexander          Violet $550.00, Prima     I need to sell my
                                                    extra        Madame
                                                                              Miscella                 1.800.835.7648 Fun
10" Mrs. Darling with     Dona         $500.00,                                                        Stuf Dolls, PO Box
custom stand and          Timeless       Beauty     Alexanders to buy          neous                   999, Yuma, AZ 85366
box $45.00 shipping       Rose         $475.00,     other dolls. Wendy's     2005     San     Jose
& handling extra.         Maimey       $275.00,     New Jean Jacket,         MADC 16" Affair to        Betsy McCall, 1950’s,
Madame Alexander          Sunset          Cissy,    $75.00,       Spring     Remember, banquet         MOC with extras plus
8"     Wendy       with   $295.00, Ellen Tracy      Garden Party $75.00,     centerpiece $225.00,      Betsy’s         yellow
custom stand and          $200.00,       Daisey     Wendy Turns 50,          Steiff special edition,   raincoat         outfit,
box. All these dolls      Resort, $195.00, free     Going Away Wendy         Teddy Bear, blonde,       NRFB’s           $245.
are from the l990's.      shipping.     Brenda      $75. Henrietta Luna,     22 with book, A           Littlechap     Family,
Madame Alexander          Frey, 4745 Bull Road,     2709 West Harvard,       Celebration of Steiff     super condition, with
21"    Manet,     style   Dover, Pennsylvania       Santa Ana, California    $175.00, shipping &       original terry cloth
#2225,     with   box.    17315, 717.292.3091       92704, 714.545.8800      handling extra. Pat       covers     and      toy
$100     shipping     &                                                      Sutton, 1469 Hill         catalog Ads 4 for $75.
handling         extra.   Madame Alexander          Madame Alexander         Avenue, Cincinnati,       Wanda          Walker,
Madame Alexander          8" dolls: Victorian       8" dolls: Calamity       Ohio            45321     doesn’t walk, clothes
8"         Christopher    Marigold      $25.00,     Jane #100352; He         513.521.2098              need washing, doll
Columbus with stand       Dutch Boy, Dutch Girl     Loves Me; Romeo;                                   herself beautiful $45.
and     box     $25.00    $25.00, Jack and Jill     Juliet; Fannie           1985 13" Limited          423-247-1639, Mrs.
shipping & handling                                                          Edition Princess          Griffin
extra.        Madame
Alexander            8"
Tinkerbelle        with
custom made stand
and     box     $40.00
shipping & handling
extra. Call JoAnne

Madame Alexander
sale,   set     of   5,
Housewives,       2007,
Never        removed
from box $450.00
shipping & handling
extra   firm!!!    Call
252.747.4227 before

Madame Alexander
Limited Edition Dolly
Madison, Mary Todd

 Patent       pending
 Terri Lee and Jerri
 Lee dolls, Gene
 Autry dolls, Linda
 Baby, Connie Lynn,
 Tiny Terri and Tiny
 Jerri    Lee    dolls,
 tagged Terri Lee
 clothing,    hangers,
 and Helen Pessl
 Little          Lady
    Dennis Ross
  5659 Halifax Rd.
    Arcadia, CA
             Calendar of
               Events                                      October 2010
The Holyoke Doll, Toy, and Teddy Bear Show and Sale. October 30, 31, 10 am to 4 pm Saturday, 10am to 3 pm Sunday. New location, Holyoke
Holiday Inn, directly off I-91 exit 15. Holyoke, Massachusetts, 245 Whiting Farms Road. Dealer Information: 516.627.8804

                                                          November 2010
NOVEMBER 6, 2010 - COBB CIVIC CENTER DOLL SHOW, MARIETTA, GA – Contact Collectors United, 706-695-8242 for more

RICHMOND, VA. Raceway Complex, Colonial Bldg., 600 East Laburnum Ave., Free Parking - PLUS- Accessories, Clothes, Fabric, Notions,
Supplies - Bring your sick dollies to see “The Dolly Doctor”, Admission - $5 - Under 10 and Scouts in Uniform – Free,
For Information Call: Sara 804-323-5160 OR Cece 704-633-2736

York Doll, Toy and Teddy Bear Show and Sale. York fairgrounds, old main building, November 7th, 2010, Sunday. York Expo Center, 334
Carlisle Avenue, York, Pennsylvania. Information: Ron and Sue Funk, 3045 West Meadow View Drive, Gordonville, Pennsylvania 17529,
717.687.8101                                                                                                              evenings.

Doll – Teddy Bear Collectible Show & Sale, Hilton Lisle/Naperville, 3003 Corporate West Drive, Lisle, IL (Chicago suburb). Contact: Julie
Bronski, PO Box 31333, Chicago, IL 60631-0333, phone 312-919-7135, fax 773-775-2701,,
for more information.

Albuquerque Doll and Bear Show, November 14, 2010, McM Elegante, 220 Menaul, Albuquerque, NM. Information: 775.342.7629 or Email

IOWA 2010 DOLL * TOY * BEAR SHOWS & SALES Promoted by Dora Pitts – FALL Sunday, November 14th , DAVENPORT, IOWA, 9 a.m.
– 3 p.m., 27h Annual Wonderland, Doll, Toy & Bear Show, Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 West Locust Street, Admission $3.00 (Under 10
FREE), EARLY BUYERS $10.00, Antique, Modern, Collectible, Dolls, Toys, Bears, Cars, Farm Toys, Star Wars, Action Figures, Games, Artist
Bears, Artist Dolls, Comics, Hot Wheels, Doll Clothes, Doll Supplies, Accessories, and MORE! On Site Doll Repairs, Doll Appraisals * Door
Prizes Hourly, QUALITY SHOWS - WORTH THE TRIP! Information: DORA PITTS, 563-242-0139, PO Box 581 – Clinton, Iowa 52733-0581,
Email:, (Dealer Inquiries Always Welcome)

Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear Show, November 20, 2010 San Jose, California, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Information:

Doll and Bear Show and Sale, Sunday, November 21, 2010, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission $5 adults - $2 kids (12 and under); Early Admission 8
a.m. $10 per person. Free Parking – Door Prizes. FREE doll appraisals with paid adult admission. Limit of 6 items per person. Antique, Modern,
Original, Collectible & Barbie Dolls, Miniatures, Teddy Bears, Clothes, Accessories. Location: Hilton Lisle/Naperville; 3003 Corporate West
Drive, Lisle, IL. Directions: Take I-88 to the Naperville Road Exit, go North on Naperville Road and go to Warrenville Road, turn right onto
Warrenville Road to the Hilton. For more information contact: Julie Bronski,,, phone 312-919-
7135 – Next Show – November 2011.
                                                          December 2010
TUCSON HOLIDAY DOLL SHOW & SALE - Saturday, December 4th, 2010 - 9:30 am - 4:00 pm - ~ Admission ~ Adults: $5.00 ($1.00 off with coupon,
advertisement or package of diapers for the Tucson Diaper Bank), Children: 12 years & under: FREE, Early Bird: $10.00, (7:30am - 9:30am/no discount),
Randolph Park Hotel, 102 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711. Antique, Vintage, Modern, Reproduction & Art Dolls, Accessories, Parts & Supplies
Restringing & Repair, Identification & Appraisals, Holiday Doll Display, ~ Door Prizes ~, Grand Prize Raffle to Benefit Charity
Tucson Diaper Bank. Sponsored by &

                                                           January 2011
January 14-15th Naples, Florida, Naples Doll Club, Moorings Presbryterian Church, 791 Harbour Drive, Firday 1-5 PM, Saturday 10-4 pm,
Admission $8.00 - Information: 239-434-6030
                                                          February 2011
February 12, 2011, Hill Country Doll Show & Sale, BEST Doll Show in TEXAS! Antique to modern dolls, bears, miniatures, supplies, books & repair. New
Braunfels Civic Center, 375 S Castell Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130, 9am-4pm, $5 Adults & $2 Children. Hourly door prizes and free parking., 830-708-8054

"The Little Show" Denver/Golden, Colorado Jefferson City Fairgrounds, 15200 W. 6th Ave. Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys Saturday, February 19,
2011 - 10am - 4 pm. Sale of handcrafted miniatures, dolls, bears, Silent Auction, workshop, Snack bar. Admission charged
Registrar: Audrey Fryer, 720-329-4973 PO Box 150509, Lakewood, CO 80215 - Pat Vick - Board Liaison to the little show. Visit the Denver Museum of
Miniatures, Dolls and Toys - Experience the Joy!
                                                             August 2011
August 27, 2011, Hill Country Doll Show & Sale, One of the BEST Doll Shows in TEXAS! Antique to modern dolls, bears, miniatures, supplies, books &
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