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					Reusable Alcohol Learning for Public Health
   (RALPH): a collaborative partnership

              Dr Aisha Holloway
              Mr Mark Holmes
             Dr Heather Wharrad
            Ms Caroline Thompson
• Division of Nursing, School of Nursing, Midwifery,
  Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine and Health
  Sciences, The University of Nottingham

• Framework Housing, Malville House, Nottingham
          Aims of the project
To develop 3 virtual reusable learning objects
(RLOs) to increase knowledge and
understanding related to:
– alcohol as a public health issue
– alcohol identification
– delivery of brief advice
                    RLO Design
• Incorporates a presentation with content delivered
  as text and audio
• Accompanying visual assets e.g. video, animations or
• Activities incorporated within or at the end to engage
  the learner
• Self-assessment and resource section
                   RLO Focus
• RLO 1 – Consequences of alcohol use with interactive
  Case Studies
• RLO 2 – Levels of alcohol consumption with
  interactive quiz and challenges
• RLO 3 – Identification and Brief advice with video
  footage of interaction/role play
• www.nottingham.ac.uk/nursing/sonet
      Links with EMTPHN objectives
• Identified public health issue of alcohol
• Collaboration and partnership
• Exchange and transfer evidence based good practice
• Workforce ‘fit for purpose’
• Innovative method of teaching, learning and skill
• Develop teaching capacity
          Benefits to the EMPHW

• Cross-professional learning
• Collaboration between academic public health and
  public health practice – publications, conference
• Complement existing initiatives
• Multi-platform
    Phase I Completed (Months 1-6)
•   Establish team
•   Set up Advisory Working Group
•   Re-fine study aims
•   Confirm areas of learning and teaching
    through completion of RLO templates
    Phase II Current (Months 6-12)
•   Gain ethics approval
•   Development of RLO 1-3
•   Formative Evaluation of RLO 1-3
•   RLO implementation
•   Summative Evaluation
 Phase III Pending (Months 12-14)

• Writing Final Report
• Producing paper for publication
• Presenting at conference

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