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					                                                       Lead Times                                January 2011

                                                                  Atlanta Chapter
                                                                                 Serving Professionals Since 1964

                 January Professional Development Meeting
                                               January 18, 2011
   Integrating Continuous Improvement in the Supply Chain World – Where Does
         Supply Chain Fit in Your Overall Operational Excellence Strategy?
                     featuring Bob Charleston, Corporate VP/Mfg & Supply Chain,
                                    Associated Hygienic Products

                            Pre-Dinner Workshop Series—Finding a Job
                                For the unemployed, under-employed, or ‘just interested’
                                            will be lead by Steve Hines
The Workshop will begin at 4:30 pm and run about an hour, followed by the PDM activities. a Job. The Workshop is
included in your normal APICS Atlanta Professional Development Meeting (PDM) registration fee for that evening.

Contents                                                                  APICS Atlanta Events
Page 2     The Presidents’ Corner
Page 3     January Professional Development Meeting Info                  January
Page 4      Student Paper Competition                                     Sat, 8th     CPIM     Strategic Management
                                                                          8:00 AM      Class   of Resources
EDUCATION                                                                 Fri. 14th    CSCP     Four Friday Instructor-
Page 5     Article, ―Certification Maintenance‖                           8:00 AM      Class   Led CSCP Review
Page 6     CPIM Workshops - Winter / Spring 2011                                               Course
                                                                          Tue.         PDM     Integrating Continuous
Page 7-8    CSCP Learning System
                                                           2010           18th                 Improvement in the Sup-
Page 9     CSCP Workshops - Winter Spring 2011                                                 ply Chain World
CAREER CENTER                                                             Thur. 27th   Plant   Tour of Clorox Company
Page 10    Article, ―En Masse Retirements Challenge US Manufacturers―     8:30AM       Tour    Plant Forest Park, GA
Page 11    Automated Job Board                                            February
Page 12    Free Job Postings                                              Sat,         CPIM    Basics of Supply Chain
                                                                          5th          Class   Management
ATLANTA CHAPTER & INFORMATION                                             8:00 AM
Page 13    Atlanta Supply Chain Events Calendar                           Tue.         PDM     Sustainable Organiza-
                                                                          15th                 tional Improvements led
Page 14    Listing of Chapter Officers and Directors                      5:30PM               by Front-Line Ownership
Page 15    Recession Proof Your Career with CSCP                                               to Change

  Page                                                                  Lead Times | January-11
                                                    Abe Eshkenazi
      The Presidents’ Corner                                                               Atlanta Supply Chain News:
January Message from the President                                                     From: the Atlanta Business Chronicle

                                                                            Jan 11, 2011
Glass Half-Full: Seeing Opportunity In Difficulty
As we come to the end of 2010, I am feeling pretty optimistic. The          Manhattan Associates Inc. has a new COO.
economic and global events of the past two years provided an oppor-         The Atlanta-based global supply chain optimization provider said Wednes-
tunity for organization leaders to understand the principles that are key   day it promoted Eddie Capel to chief operating officer.
to success. No doubt it has been difficult; but, as operations and supply   Capel had been executive vice president of global operations. His new
chain management professionals, you have met the challenges laid            duties include overseeing Manhattan's (NASDAQ: MANH) Asia Pacific
before you and have contributed to the slow, but none-the-less steady,      and Europe Middle East and Africa operations and the company's Ameri-
rebound of the global economy. As a result, you are being recognized        cas professional services business.
for the vital roles you play at your organizations and are being given      UPS partners with Red Cross
more opportunities to make a strategic impact.                              United Parcel Service Inc. has partnered with the American Red Cross to
I also am feeling optimistic because, as an organization, APICS is          start logistics emergency teams in several cities, including Atlanta.
growing again. Our membership, education sales, and conference at-
tendance all are up from 2009. We had our best year training supply         The urgent humanitarian relief teams also will be started with UPS' help in
                                                                            American Red Cross chapters in Houston, New Orleans and San Francis-
chain professionals in the history of the APICS Certified Supply Chain
Professional program, including significant growth outside North            co.
America. The number of professionals volunteering to be a part of           Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS) said it will provide logistics expertise,
APICS leadership and serve on subject matter expert teams nearly dou-       transportation and warehousing to local Red Cross disaster services coor-
bled in 2010 as more people want to be a part of setting the course for     dinators in the event of a large-scale emergency. Assigned UPS logistics
the organization and the profession. Finally, response rates to APICS       emergency team coordinators will work with each Red Cross chapter on
research—as well as body of knowledge and career research surveys—          needed logistics by providing skilled volunteers, transport of supplies to
have been astounding.                                                       affected areas and allocating space for storage, UPS reported.
For a number of years, we have been debating whether the concept of         January 7, 2011
membership still is relevant to professionals. Today, your time is lim-     2011 Economic Forecast
ited, so you may not have the opportunity to read APICS magazine or
respond to surveys. You are focused on your job, so it may be difficult     Industrial market players feeling more optimistic
for you to get away to education courses or conferences. You have           A handful of big-box distribution center deals kept the Atlanta industrial
opportunities to connect to colleagues via employee and social net-         market going this past year, with hopes high that economic recovery will
works, so getting to know other professionals in your local area may        help further whittle down the
not be a priority. Yet, over the past year, we not only have seen growth,   metro area’s overhang of avail-
but we witnessed a renewed sense of the importance of supporting the        able space during 2011.
profession for the development of the individual and the company he or      The Atlanta market entered
she serves. This was the founding principle of APICS; and today, it is      fourth-quarter 2010 fresh from
as important across the globe as it was in North America 50 years ago.      racking up some 2.7 million
If it was not for organizations such as APICS, supported by an army of      square feet of net occupancy
members, companies would not have been able to respond so immedi-           gains, according to the third-
ately to the global recession. Our members have enabled APICS to put        quarter Atlanta Industrial Re-
more than 100,000 CPIM and CSCP designees into action across the            port from Cushman & Wake-
globe—professionals who knew how to respond to the inventory crisis         field of Georgia Inc.
and now are keeping in step with unpredictable demand. During the           Deals done during the year
past 24 months, APICS has kept you connected and engaged through            included Clorox Sales Co.’s
discussions of how the practice of operations and supply management         lease of a 1.15 million-square-foot build-to-suit facility in Fairburn; Kraft
is continuing to develop. We have done this with our conference; pub-       Global Foods’ lease of a 969,150-square-foot facility in the vicinity of
lications; research; and, of course, our volunteer leadership teams. As a   Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport; Phillips-Van Heusen
result, the APICS body of knowledge continues to evolve to include          Corp.’s lease of an 852,000-square-foot building in Henry County; a
business practices that address the challenges you face in today’s new      459,134-square-foot lease by Systemax Distribution in Jackson County;
normal.                                                                     and a 750,000-square-foot lease by Colgate-Palmolive Co. in Douglas
This year, we have been reminded that professional organizations such       County.
as APICS provide a very unique opportunity. Through APICS and our           January 7, 2011
nearly 300 partners, you have the ability to support and contribute to
the development of your profession globally. You have the ability to        UPS opening 4 health-care distribution facilities
                                                                  United Parcel Service Inc. plans to open four new health-care distribution
both learn and teach. You have the ability to ensure professional prac-
tices continue to advance—and you do the same.                    facilities around the world in 2011.
If you were an APICS customer in 2010, we sincerely thank you The Atlanta-based shipping giant said new facilities in Singapore; Venlo,
for your business and look forward to serving you again in        the Netherlands; Burlington, Canada, and Louisville, Ky., will give it a
2011. If you are an APICS member, we all owe you special          total of 30 health-care-dedicated facilities set up to meet the needs of phar-
                                                                  maceutical, biotech and medical device companies.
gratitude. Your faithful support is the basis of everything we do
as an organization and everything we accomplish. Thank you,       ―We are seeing increased demand from health-care manufacturers wanting
                                                                  more agile supply chains,‖ said Bill Hook, vice president of global strate-
and may you have a healthy and prosperous new year.               gy for UPS Healthcare Logistics. ―This clear industry trend is driving
APICS CEO                                                         companies to look for more global solutions and deeper supply chain part-
Abe Eshkenazi             Reprinted from APICS—Nov.,Dec. 2010     nerships.‖

  Page 2                                                                               Lead Times | January-11
                      January Professional Development Meeting
   " ntegrating Continuous Improvement in the Supply Chain World – Where
    Does Supply Chain Fit in Your Overall Operational Excellence Strategy?"
                                              Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
                                            Pre-dinner workshop begins 4:30 pm
                                              Open networking begins 5:30 pm
                                                   Dinner begins 6:15 pm
                                                Presentation begins 7:00 pm
                              Location: Villa Christina: 4000 Summit Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30319

                        This is a joint dinner meeting of APICS Atlanta and Atlanta WERCouncil.

                                                 Bob Charleston
                             Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain,
                                Associated Hygienic Products based in Duluth, GA
Sign-Up Here...

As usual, Jon Harvill will be hosting a pre-event workshop that is open to all. January’s topic will be ―Resume Writing‖
and will get started promptly at 4:30pm. Members and non-members are all welcome to join us.

                                              Directions to Villa Christina
                                              4000 Summit Boulevard
                                              Atlanta, GA 30319

                                            From GA 400:
                                            Take I-285 East to Ashford Dunwoody Road (Exit 29). Stay in the far right hand
                                            lane, which will put you onto Lake Hearn Drive. At first traffic light turn LEFT
onto Parkside Place. Travel one block and turn RIGHT onto Perimeter Summit Drive (into the Perimeter Summit Complex.) At
the stop sign, turn LEFT onto Summit Boulevard. Villa Christina is the last building on the LEFT.
From I-85 & I 285 (Spaghetti Junction):
Take I-285 West to Ashford -Dunwoody
Road (Exit 29) and turn LEFT. Crossover
I-285. At the first traffic light and turn
RIGHT onto Lake Hearn Drive. At next
traffic light turn LEFT onto Parkside
Place. Travel one block and turn RIGHT
onto Perimeter Summit Drive (into the
Perimeter Summit Complex.) At the stop
sign, turn LEFT onto Summit Boulevard.
Villa Christina is the last building on the
From the West or I-75:
Take I-285 East to Ashford Dunwoody
Road, Exit #29. At the end of the ramp,
turn right, onto Lake Hearn Drive. At
next traffic light turn LEFT onto Parkside
Place. Travel one block and turn RIGHT
onto Perimeter Summit Drive (into the
Perimeter Summit Complex.) At the stop
sign, turn LEFT onto Summit Boulevard.
Villa Christina is the last building on the
  Page 3                                                                  Lead Times | January-11
                           2010/2011 Student Paper Competition
The submission deadline for the 2010/2011 competi-                Awards To The Best Papers Selected
tion is February 25th, 2011.
                                                                  First Place
Are you an undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. student? Are          $400 cash. Recognition at the annual Student Night
you interested in a career in operations management, includ-
ing production, inventory, supply chain, materials manage-
                                                                  which will be held on April 20th, 2011, with an
ment, purchasing or logistics? If so, submit a paper to the       opportunity to make a 15 minute presentation to
APICS Atlanta annual student paper competition.                   the chapter. Publication of the winning paper in the
                                                                  APICS Atlanta website, an APICS logo shirt, and a
APICS is known globally for its outstanding training, recog-      one year Student Membership to APICS.
nized certifications and international network of industry pro-
fessionals.                                                       Second Place
                                                                  $200 cash. Recognition at the annual Student Night
APICS Atlanta would like to encourage students in a broad
                                                                  which will be held on April 20th, 2011. Publication
range of academic disciplines to become active participants in
the rapidly changing world of operations management. To           of the winning paper in the APICS Atlanta web-
promote this goal, APICS Atlanta offers students the oppor-       site, an APICS logo shirt, and a one year Student
                   tunity to submit a paper to be considered      Membership to APICS.
                   for public recognition, publication of the
                   winning papers in the APICS Atlanta
                                                                  Third Place
                   monthly newsletter, and a stipend to be        $100 cash. Recognition at the annual Student Night
                   used towards their education.                  which will be held on April 20th, 2011. Publication
                                                                  of the winning paper in the APICS Atlanta web-
                  The objective of the student paper compe-       site. An APICS logo shirt.
                  tition is to effectively demonstrate the
                  student understands an area of interest that
                  is important to APICS. The topic of the
                                                                   Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the
                  paper should be within the broad areas of
                                                                    existing infrastructure and possibilities for improving
the APICS Body of Knowledge, operations and/or supply
                                                                    and expanding these capabilities.
chain management.
                                                                   Innovation and depth of knowledge
Areas of interest to APICS are:                                   Writing quality and presentation.
1.   Production
2.   Inventory Control                                            Submission:
3.   Supply Chain
         • Procurement                                            Submit papers in Microsoft Word format as an email at-
         • Demand Planning
         • Supply Planning                                        The Subject in the email should be APICS Student Paper
4.   Logistics
                                                                     Competition. The body should include your full name,
         • Warehousing                                               academic affiliation, current year in school, major, ad-
         • Transportation                                            dress and phone number.
5.   Information Resources
                                                                  Papers should be submitted to
The APICS Atlanta Student Paper Committee will review all no later than midnight
submissions and the winners will be notified in mid-March.         February 25th, 2011.
Winners will be recognized at the April 20th, 2011 Profession-
al Development Meeting. Winning papers will subsequently          Incomplete and unformatted submissions will not be con-
be published in the monthly newsletter as determined by the          sidered.
Editor of the APICS Atlanta newsletter.
                                                                     Submitters need not be members of APICS. APICS At-
Criteria for evaluating submis-                                      lanta encourages students to become student members at
sions:                                                               the reduced student rate. For more information or to join
                                                                     APICS please visit
    Demonstration of understanding
of the current operations management

     Page 4                                                                 Lead Times | January-11
                                       Certification Maintenance
                                                                                                   By Tom Cox
    APICS Atlanta’s February 2011
   Professional Development Meeting
                                                                                   Mark your calendars !!!!
―Sustainable Organizational Improvements led
by Front-Line Ownership to Change‖
Presented by : Ray Attiyah                                                     2011 APICS International
Chief Innovation Officer, Definity Partners
                                                                                  Conference & Expo
Time is of the essence in the New Normal economy, but for             The 2011 APICS International Conference & Expo
front-line leaders, it is at a premium. Too many of these indi-
viduals get bogged down in wasteful day to day running,
                                                                      October 23-25, 2011, will take place in Pittsburgh,
                                                                      Pennsylvania, USA.
meaning they cannot spend time focusing on improving and
growing their business. The key to being able to detach from          Our theme this year is Achieving Sustainable Productivity:
the Run is getting the buy-in of the front-line. By enhancing         Meeting Customer Demand in an Unpredictable World
the systems and processes of the operation, front-line opera-
tors and their supervisors are freed from wasted time so they
can take on more responsibility. With more responsibility
comes confidence and with confidence comes trust. It is a
positive cycle that continues to build on itself, ultimately be-      Coming Attractions
coming imbedded in the organization’s culture.                        2011 Annual APICS Atlanta Golf Outing will be
APICS Atlanta’s February 2011 Professional Development                held on April 11, at the wonderful River Pines in Johns
Meeting—Tuesday, February 15th, 2011                                  Creek.
Villa Christina – 4000 Summit Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30319
The Pre-dinner ―Finding a Job‖ Workshop will be
―Interviewing‖, lead by Steve Hines.

                                                                      the CPIM certification. Passing the CSCP exam is also worth
   Keeping Your APICS Certifications                                  20 maintenance points for CPIM. Conversely if you have the
                                                                      CSCP certification, any CPIM exam you pass is worth 10
                                                                      points toward maintenance of CSCP.
As we start into the year 2011, many of us will be looking to
submit documentation to APICS to maintain our certifica-              Any learning opportunities that you may have, taking compa-
tion(s). Anyone who achieved Certified Supply Chain Profes-           ny classes on a new ERP software application, or corporate
sional (CSCP) the first year it was available will be in this         classes on procurement procedures, etc, all count for mainte-
category.                                                             nance points at the rate of one point per classroom hour of
                                                                      attendance. Seminars And conferences are great places to get
Both certifications,                                                  maintenance points, because you will normally be attending
the Certified in Pro-                                                 many hours of education sessions during a compressed time
duction and Invento-                                                  period.
ry Management
(CPIM), and the                       A. P. I. C. S.
                                                                      APICS will notify you when it is time to start preparing and
CSCP require                                                          submitting your documentation for maintenance, usually about
maintenance every                  2,
                                   3.                                 nine to twelve months before it is due. You can either down-
five years after the                                                  load the pdf form or order the form to fill out and submit with
award of the certifi-                                                 your payment to do maintenance. Other questions may be di-
cation. The Certified                                                 rected to Tom Cox, VP, Education or any of the other Board
in Integration and                                                    members.
Resource Manage-
ment (CIRM) pro-                                                      Just remember, it is ultimately your responsibility to submit
gram does not re-                                                     the maintenance documentation on time to keep your certifi-
quire any mainte-                                                     cations current.
nance at this time. It is no longer offered as a certification pro-
gram. Points used to achieve one of the certifications may be
                                                                      Tom Cox, CFPIM, CSCP
used to maintain the other. For example, if you are CPIM cer-
                                                                      VP, Education
tified and you decide to work toward the CSCP certification,
                                                                      Cox & Associates
any points for classroom attendance may be used to maintain

   Page 5                                                                        Lead Times | January-11
                                           CPIM Workshops
              Three Day Review Workshop Schedule for CPIM Exams
                 Atlanta, GA - Winter and Spring 2011, Full Series

        We will review the materials to pass the CPIM Exam, every other month.

Basics of Supply Chain Management – Saturday (February 5, 12, and 19 and April 2. 9, and 16, 2011)
In the Basics, you get a complete overview of material flow, from internal and external suppliers to and from your
Topics include: Elements of the Supply Chain, Just-in-Time (JIT), Total Quality Management (TQM), Manufacturing
Resources Planning (MRP II), Demand Planning, and Capacity Management.

Master Planning of Resources – Saturday (March 5, 12, and 19, 2011)
The course focuses on the importance of producing achievable master schedules that are consistent with business
policies, objectives, and resource constraints.
Topics include: Demand Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Master Scheduling, and
Measuring Business Performance.

Detailed Scheduling and Planning – Saturday (April 2, 9, and 16, 2011)
Study detailed descriptions of material requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirements planning (CRP), inven-
tory management practices, and procurement and supplier planning.
Topics include: Recognizing Techniques and Practices of Inventory Management, Mechanics of the Detailed Mate-
rial Planning Process, Planning Operations to Support the Priority Plan, and Planning Procurement and External
Sources of Supply.

Execution and Control of Operations– Saturday (May 7, 15, and 22, 2011)
The course explains techniques for scheduling and controlling production processes, the execution of quality initia-
tives and continuous improvement plans, and the control and handling of inventories.
Topics include: Prioritizing and Sequencing Work, Executing Plans and Implementing Controls, Authorizing and
Reporting Activities for Push and Pull Systems, and Evaluating Performance and Providing Feedback.

Strategic Management of Resources – Saturday (June 4, 11, and 18, 2011)
The course addresses three main topics: aligning resources with the strategic plan, configuring and integrating oper-
ating processes to support the strategic plan, and implementing change.

  Southern Polytechnic                            REGISTER TODAY!
  State University                        Online at
  1100 S. Marietta Parkway
  Marietta, GA 30060                              or call 770-460-5370

                      Workshop Fee: Member price for BSCM course is $450.00
                            Non-member price for BSCM course is $500.00
                          Member price for all other CPIM courses is $350.00
                            Non-member fee for all other courses is $400.00
                      Late registration fee is $50.00, two weeks prior to class start
                        Cancellation fee, $50.00 if within one week of start date.

                 Get Certified and be Recognized as an Industry Expert!
                 Each Student will need to bring the appropriate Participant Workbook to each workshop.
                                      BSCM class also includes one reference text.
                 Computer based test is given in partnership with ASI; go to to register.

   Page 6                                                                Lead Times | January-11
         APICS CSCP Learning System

Page 7                     Lead Times | January-11
         Continued — APICS CSCP Learning System

Page 8                            Lead Times | January-11
                                         CSCP Workshops
                         Two Instructor Led Review Workshops for
                         Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
                                    Atlanta, GA - Fall 2011
                 These classes will be held over four consecutive Fridays or Saturdays.
                           The books are provided as part of the course fees.

Supply Chain Management Fundamentals –                    Friday, January 14 and Saturday, April 30, 2011
This session will explore how successful supply chain management adds value to your organization. You will
also learn how to develop a supply chain strategy that aligns with corporate strategy, and you will understand the
importance of supply chain design and its evolving capabilities.
Topics include: Overview of Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supply Chain Management Strategy, Managing
the Supply Chain, and Improving the Supply Chain.
Building Competitive Operations, Planning and Logistics – Friday, January 21 and Saturday, May 7, 2011
This session will teach you to understand natural dynamics within the supply chain to optimize performance and
increase profitability. You will also learn the distribution and transportation options and how to align them with
supply chain strategy, and how to evaluate the process constraints and choices within global logistics to establish a
plan that is linked to the overall supply chain strategy.
Topics include: Demand Planning, Product Design Considerations, Manufacturing Planning and Controlling, and
Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships –           Friday, January 28 and Saturday, May 14, 2011
This session will teach you to how to categorize customers based on their profiles and needs, and how to establish
measures of customer satisfaction. You will understand the strategic importance of purchasing and supplier rela-
tionships, and how to effectively use customer data to improve service performance and increase value to suppli-
ers and customers.
Topics include: Relationship Management in SCM, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier
Relationship Management (SRM), and Integrated Customer / Supplier Relationship Management.
Using Information Technology to Enable –                 Friday, February 5 and Saturday, May 21, 2011
Supply Chain Management
This session will teach you how technology-enabled supply chains contribute to business strategies and operating
plans. You will also gain understanding of the innovative technologies enabling collaborative commerce and
global visibility, and how to apply technology to enhance distribution, reverse logistics, and global supply chain
Topics include: Role of Information Technology in the Supply Chain, ERP in supply Chain Management, Inno-
vative Technologies and Their Uses, Using IT to Enhance Supply Chain Performance, and e-Business.
      This course will include the study materials recommended by APICS, including one year access to the website with the Pre-test, tests for each Module and a Post-test, for self-assessment.
              Dress will be Business Casual. Lunch is included, with coffee and soft drinks all day.

   CSCP Classes                          Non-                        REGISTER TODAY!
                           Members      Members            Online at
  January 2011
                                                           e-mail to
      Before Jan 4,        $1,795.00     $1,895.00                  or call 770-460-5370
      After Jan 4,         $1,995.00     $2,095.00
  April 2011                                                         Location:
                                                                     Southern Polytechnic State University
      Before April 18,     $1,795.00     $1,895.00                   1100 South Marietta Pkwy
      After April 18,      $1,995.00     $2,095.00                   Marietta, GA

 Page 9                                                              Lead Times | January-11
        Article—Mass Retirements Challenge Us Manufacturers

     Career Center
                                                            ers have too few programs for recruitment and employee

                                                            Top skills in short supply include: management, legal,
En Masse Retirements Challenge                              sales/marketing, operations and technical/computer.

US Manufacturers                                            An associate professor of sociology at Ithaca College,
Newswise — As millions of boomers prepare to retire,        Stephen Sweet studies the intersections between
US manufacturing companies, hit harder than other           work, family and community. His most recent book,
sectors by the recession, now face huge costs for           “Changing Contours of Work: Jobs and Opportunities
training new employees in the forthcoming years, ac-        in the New Economy,” examines how economic trans-
cording to a report by the Sloan Center on Aging at         formations are reshaping work opportunities in the
Boston College.                                             United States. Sweet serves as a visiting scholar at the
                                                            Sloan Foundation and he is co-primary investigator in
"In many ways, the aging of the workforce will be like a    the series of reports on “Talent Pressure and the Aging
tide, drawing the talents of older workers out of the       Workforce.”
labor force,” said Ithaca College sociologist Stephen
Sweet, coauthor of the report “Responsive Action
                                                            APICS The Association for Opera-
Steps for the Manufacturing Sector.”                        tions Management Releases 13th
In comparison to other sectors, the manufacturing sec-      Edition of the Venerable APICS Dic-
tor has a disproportionate number of older workers and      tionary
men are significantly over represented. Only one in
three employees is a woman.                                 The Well-known APICS Dictionary contains emerging
                                                            terminology and core definitions critical to effective
“The limited successes in attracting or retaining female    global supply chain and operations management
workers may be symptomatic of organizational practic-
es that will also likely fail to respond to the diverse     Chicago, Ill. (January 4, 2011)—APICS The Associa-
needs and expectations of workers in the future,” said      tion for Operations Management today released the
Sweet.                                                      13th edition of the world-renowned APICS Dictionary,
                                                            the standard for core terminology and emerging defini-
The median cost of replacing employees in the manu-         tions in the operations and supply chain management
facturing sector is $5,000 per employee, compared to        professions. APICS is the global leader and premier
$3,000 per employee in other sectors. Beyond the            source of the body of knowledge in supply chain and
cost, manufacturers face the challenge of transferring      operations education and certification. “By using com-
knowledge to the next generation of employees.              mon terminology, operations and supply chain man-
Compensation in the manufacturing industry has stag-        agement professionals can ensure efficiency and un-
nated over the past decade. The report suggests that        derstanding whether they’re communicating with col-
in order to attract and keep workers (particularly fe-      leagues down the street or across the globe,” said
males), providing substantial compensation may not be       APICS chief executive officer Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP,
enough to retain key talent who look for flexibility to     CPA, CAE. “With APICS resources like this new edi-
accommodate family responsibilities.                        tion of the APICS Dictionary, we aim to help individuals
                                                            and their organizations achieve bottom-line profitability
Manufacturing has traditionally, and by necessity,          and efficiency.” The new edition of the APICS Diction-
called for rigid work schedules. However, the research      ary contains more than 300 new terms and definitions,
suggests there may be room for innovation.                  including “triple bottom line,” “dynamic kanban,”
                                                            “strategic variables,” and more. In addition to emerging
“One strategic means of addressing future talent short-     terminology, the APICS Dictionary contains valuable
falls is to identify and introduce flexible work arrange-   core definitions that help individuals understand one
ments, such as flexible work schedules, career breaks       another across the supply chain.
or job sharing,” Sweet said. “These will enable employ-
ers to hold on to the workers they have while attracting    The APICS Dictionary is a member benefit of APICS
the workers they need.”                                     The Association for Operations Management. The 13th
Other findings show that manufacturers are less likely      edition is offered for the first time as an electronic
than other organizations to engage in retirement and        download, which can be printed or viewed on multiple
succession planning and employers report manufactur-        devices.

  Page 10                                                             Lead Times | January-11
                         APICS Atlanta Career Center

                              APICS ATLANTA
                                Career Center
                             Automated Job Board
             Please visit the automated job board on our website.

Companies now have the ability to post more complete job descriptions, and each listing
is still line-listed in our newsletter and on the Career Center web pages.

Each posting will remain active for 90 days, or until the job is filled, and our Career Cen-
ter Team are still available to help maintain the focus of our postings, and the quality of
information available about them.

Though this new tool does not presently notify our team as new jobs come in, we are
working with iChapter (the developers of our websites backend tools) to make sure that
this happens, so that we can continue to properly notify individuals that have subscribed
to our New Job Notification List.

Please contact us with questions, concerns, or compliments:
―Jon Harvill, CPC Atlanta Career Center Director ,
770-952-0009 or

  Page 11                                               Lead Times | January-11
                            APICS Atlanta Career Center
As a totally free service, the APICS Atlanta Career Center accepts notices of regional job oppor-
tunities from local companies and third party agencies for listing on the Web site and in the up-
coming newsletter. Companies can now publish their jobs directly, and they will automatically
disappear after 90 days. These postings should look and feel more like full job descriptions, and
we hope they will benefit everyone.

For additional information on the Career Center:,
Jon Harvill, CPC, APICS Atlanta Career Center Director,, (770)
952-0009, E-mail:, Website: professionalsearchatlan-

                              FREE Job Postings (NEW!)
  Posted On         Company                               Title                 Opn’s         Location

  12/22/2010   MAU                         Planner Scheduler                       2      Aiken, SC

                                           Technical Lead, SCM software
  12/22/2010   Niche Technologists, Inc.                                           1      Orlando, FL
                                           (JDA Manguistics
  12/14/2010   EndoChoice, Inc.            Inventory Specialist                    1      Alpharetta GA

  12/13/2010   Johnson Controls,Inc        Supply Chain Management             Various    Regional

                                           Production Planning and Inventory              Douglas County,
   12/9/2010   Alum-A-Lift, Inc                                                    2
                                           Control                                        GA
   12/3/2010   bubba brands, inc.          Director of Supply Chain                1      Smyrna, GA

                                           Consultant – Process Improvement
   12/2/2010   UHY Advisors                                                       1+      Atlanta, GA

  11/24/2010   Remington Medical           Planner                                 1      Alpharetta GA

                                           Warehouse/Inventory Control
  11/22/2010   Bankers Exchange                                                    1      Smyrna, Georgia

APICS Atlanta Career Center has be-                                                    The remaining
gun a nine month series of workshops                                                   Workshops are:
on the various functions associated with
Finding a Job. Each Workshop is in-                                               4. Networking, Jan 18,
cluded in your normal APICS Atlanta                                                  lead by Steve Hines
Professional Development Meeting
(PDM) registration fee for that evening.                                          5. Interviewing, Feb
The Workshop will begin at 4:30 pm and                                               15, lead by Steve
run about an hour, followed by the PDM                                               Hines.
                                                                                  6. Negotiating, Mar 15
The next Workshop to be held on Janu-
ary 18, 2011, will be titled NETWORK-                                             7. Planning Your Ca-
ING and will be lead by Steve Hines,                                                 reer, Apr 19
author of the career search system

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                       Chapter Board of Directors for 2010-11
Position                  Name                            Company                         E-mail
President        Martin Samuels,CPIM, CSCP Philips Medical Systems      
Executive VP     Vacant
VP, Education    Tom Cox,        CFPIM, CSCP Cox & Associates           
VP, Finance      Shaunn Harris, CPIM, CSCP Arylessence, Inc.            
VP, Marketing    Keith Singleton               Sunny Delight Beverages Co.
VP, Membership Brian Skelly,     CPIM, CSCP Zodiac Services             
VP, Programs     Scott Luton                   Definity Partners        
Secretary        Jeff Kazanow, CSCP            Marietta Logistics       
Past President   Russ Thorne, CPIM CSCP        Cargill Texturizing Solutions

Career Center Director:
Jon Harvill, CPC                               Professional Search of Atlanta
Education & Seminars Directors:
Vid Chandraiah, CPIM, CSCP, PMP        Ingersoll Rand Club Car            
Kris Kathiresan, PhD, CFPIM, CSCP, PMP Kennesaw State University             
Newsletter Director:
Jeff Kazanow, CSCP                             Marietta Logistics            
Programs Coordinator / Registration:
Matt Mastenbrook, CPIM                         Price Industries, Inc.
Tours Director: Scott Luton                    Definity Partners        
Website / Career Center Administrator:
JD Harvill, CPC                     Professional Search of Atlanta
Website Director:                              Henry Levine, CSCP       
Academic Liaisons:
Dr. Craig M. Gustin, PhD, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP American InterContinental University
Robert W. James                         DeVry University                   
Mark Ferguson                           Georgia Institute of Technology
Ken Levine                              Georgia State University        
Kelli Crickey                           North Georgia College & State University
Student Chapter Coordinator: Open
Directors At-Large:
Bob Beecy, CFPIM, CIRM, CPM                                                     
Karin Bursa                                    Logility                         
Marketing Coordinator: Nan Beatty                                           
Membership Coordinator:
Debbie Dearman, CPIM                    Yamaha Motor Mfg. Corp.
Eric Issa, CPIM                                                                 

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