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The Semiannual Newsletter for the VBS Community
                                                                                                          SUMMER 2011

VBS uncovers why some people have never given blood.

         Blood donation is a
quick, easy and relatively
painless     procedure    that
                                                                                               I have the ability to
                                                                                I do, as often as
                                                                                         possible. Thanks to Summer
                                                                                         Survival I won $500 and
directly benefits those     in
need. It contributes to t h e                                                            will be taking my family to
demand of a medical
community      that                                                                      the waterpark. Then we’re
relies on a steady,                                                                      going to see the new Harry
consistent stream
of donations. With only 38                                                               Potter movie!
percent of the U.S. population
being eligible to donate blood,
                                                                                                                    Andrew Lefeld
less than 10 percent actually
                                                                                                                    Donated blood at
                                                                                                                    the MeadWestVaco
                                                                                                                    blood drive the
   The benefits associated with                                                                                     week of June 13
donating are countless, yet some                                                                                    and won!
members of the community have
never donated blood.          Fear,
eligibility and awareness are
common issues that prevent                                                                   IN THIS ISSUE
these people from becoming
donors. For some of them, blood                                                          Don(‘t)ors........................................... 1
donation is an uncomfortable
subject that brings about feelings                                                       Coordinator Story.............................. 2
of fear and anxiety. The blood, the
                                                                                         Letter from the President....................3
needle and even the phlebotomist
can have an adverse effect on                Pictured: Andrew Smith, 18 year old who     Donor gives 400 times...................... 3
potential first time donors. Catherine       has never given blood.
Coday of Richmond, VA has a “terrible”                                                   Beyond the Call of Duty..................... 4
fear of needles, a fear that has prevented    potential donors who are uncomfortable
her from donating blood in the past.                                                     Welcome New Donor Groups............ 5
                                              with the medical procedures surrounding
                                              donation. Their fears overshadow their     What is it? QR codes........................ 5
“I just can’t imagine being able to sit still willingness to give blood.
with a needle in my arm while the blood                                                  VBS employee receives blood.......... 6
is being taken,” Catherine said. “I think            Others, who are not afraid and
donating blood is a great cause and I fully completely willing, may be ineligible        Summer Survival ............................. 7
support those (donors) who don’t fear the to donate blood. Eligibility factors can
                                                                                         In Kind Donations...............................8
needle, I’m just not one of them.”            vary from short-term to long-term and
                                              even permanent. Determined through
   Catherine is not alone. There are many
                                                     (Continued on page 2: Don(‘t)ors)
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    Don(’t)ors                                    This, in combination with other myths       familiar with how the process of donating
    (Continued from page 1)                       and beliefs, discourages eligible donors    blood works. “I’m not really sure how it
                                                  from giving blood.                          all works-I know some blood types can
    a mini-physical and questionnaire about
                                                                                              only donate to others and some can
    lifestyle, travel and medical background
                                                     Andrew Smith, a recent graduate of       donate to everyone,” he said. Though he
    some donors may be deferred, like
                                                  Clover Hill High School in Chesterfield,    feels unsure about the process he said,
    Cynthia Bilheimer, Assistant Director
                                                  has never donated blood because he          “I would probably donate if someone
    of Nursing at the Children’s Hospital of
                                                  doesn’t think there is a strong enough      wanted me to, but I’ve never been to a
                                                  need for his blood type.                    drive and no one has ever asked me.”
    “I can’t donate; I’m anemic and always
                                                  “I think my blood type is really common,       Blood donation does not have to be
    get turned away for having low iron
                                                  so I don’t feel as pressured to donate      done alone. Asking a friend to go with
    levels,” said Cynthia.
                                                  as people with rare blood types,” said      you can help make the process more
                                                  Andrew. “I’m sure there is a good,          comfortable for first time donors. Not
           Though she can’t donate, Cynthia
                                                  steady supply of what I could offer         only is that one more donation, but it is
    completely understands the importance
                                                  already available.”                         a unique experience that you both can
    of regular blood donation by those who
                                                                                              share together.
    can. “It’s very important; it’s the gift of
                                                    Andrew’s assumptions about donating
    life,” she said. “Blood donations can help
                                                  are common. Many potential donors              Many first time donors who may be
    with a multitude of medical conditions
                                                  are unaware of the constant demand          unfamiliar with the donation process are
    from chronic disease to acute trauma…
                                                  for blood. They, like Andrew, assume        simply waiting to be asked. With eligible
    there is always a need.”
                                                  that others are making contributions on     blood donors making up only 38 percent
                                                  behalf of their blood type. These, and      of the population, every drop counts.
          While some potential donors are
                                                  other similar myths, have a negative        By increasing awareness and dispelling
    ineligible, some are simply unaware of
                                                  effect on recruiting first time donors.     myths, new donors might come with a
    the constant need for blood of all types.
                                                                                              new mind-set.
    They assume that because they have a
                                                      Admittedly, Andrew is not entirely
    common blood type it’s never in demand.

    Confessions of a Blood Drive Coordinator
                                                       Someone is in need of a blood          been able to grow a little bit, and that is
                                                  donation every two seconds. This            what I’m really proud of.”
                                                  startling fact is what first got Martin
                                                  Jones interested in the blood donation        Martin cares not only about the donors
                                                  process. This father of three is an         but his staff as well. He tries to make this
                                                  electronic programmer at Southern           process of donating as easy as possible
                                                  Graphic Systems, a graphic design           so no one feels overwhelmed and on
                                                  company with locations all over the         blood drive days he has Cracker Barrel
                                                  world. He loves the outdoors and            bring breakfast to staff and donors. He
                                                  considers himself to be an average          believes starting the day on a positive
                                                  guy; however, within the past year, his     note will lead to success.
                                                  contributions to his community have
                                                  been extraordinary.                           He became interested in coordinating
                                                                                              blood drives after a friend of his
                                                        Martin first started coordinating     introduced him to the donation process
                                                  blood drives about a year ago and has       and gave him the opportunity to see the
                                                  successfully completed four drives.         blood services from behind the scenes.
                                                  The efficiency of his blood drives          He befriended Christine Homan,
                                                  can be attributed to his dedication to      an Account Manager at Virginia
                                                  helping others. Martin spends months        Blood Services, who now helps him
                                                  planning blood drives for his community     coordinate blood drives.
                                                  and as soon as one is completed he
                                                  starts working on the next event. It has    “Martin has done an excellent job on
                                                  turned into a year-round promotion for      every aspect of coordinating a blood
                                                  him.                                        drive,” Christine said. “He has over 30
    Martin Jones, blood drive coordinator                                                     percent participation and many of his
    for Southern Graphics Systems.
                                                  “It’s hard to put in words, my passion      donors give automated procedures. He
                                                  for it,” Martin said. “Each drive we have   is a pleasure to work with.”
2                                                                                                  (Continued on page 4: Coordinator)
                                                                                                              SUMMER 2011

                         Letter from the President
                                             take extra time in their days, even with         The Summer Survival campaign
                                             already heavy responsibilities to help      has created a fun environment around
                                             spread our mission throughout Central       donating during such a serious time of
                                             Virginia.                                   year. Marge the mosquito is featured on
                                                                                         our t-shirt designs and every donor has
                                                     We strive to recognize and          the chance to win prizes each week of
                                             appreciate the selfless acts by the         the summer.
                                             thousands of people who support
                                             our lifesaving efforts. Thank you for           In addition to our summer drive,
                                             making a difference in the lives of local   we are really promoting VBS Donor
                                             patients who require blood for their        Rewards ( This
                                             survival. With your support, we face        is our online program where donors
                                             the future with confidence that we will     can earn and track points for giving
                                             meet Virginia patients’ ongoing need        blood. This summer center donors are
                                             for blood.                                  earning triple points on the weekends.
                                                                                         The only catch is donors must register
                                                 During summer, we know you are          to track and redeem.
                                             taking vacations, spending time with
                                             your children by the pool, or just trying      Again, these summer programs are
                                             to beat the heat by staying indoors.        in place to reward our donors and
     Every day people from all walks of      And we know that you are aware of           thank each one because they are our
life make Virginia Blood Services part of    the greater need for blood donations        everyday heroes. On behalf of VBS,
their lives, despite the many demands        because our regular donors may be           thank you for helping us meet our
on their valuable time and the rising        away or unable to give blood right now      community’s need for blood. Together
costs of gas. They donate blood so           and at the same time our local hospitals’   we can improve lives, one donation at
others’ lives may be saved or improved.      needs increase due to higher volumes        a time.
Even with everything else in life going      of accidents and elective surgeries.         Sincerely,
on, their simple act of kindness means
hope for Virginia’s patients.                  You are important, and we could not
                                             meet our mission without you. That’s
    Our blood drive coordinators go          why this summer we have several
the extra mile at their places of            programs in place to assure you know
business, worship, or extra-curricular       how much you are appreciated.               Robert E. Carden, Ph.D.
organizations to help recruit roughly half                                               President and CEO
of VBS volunteer blood donors. They                                                      Virginia Blood Services

      VBS Top Donor Gives 400th
  Special congratulations to Doug Schutte, VBS top blood donor. Doug began
donating blood with VBS in 1989. He was inducted into the Society of 100 nine
short years later.

   Doug donates double platelets every two weeks, about a two hour process 24
times a year. What’s a double platelet? One automated platelet donation is the
equivalent platelet count VBS would get from six whole blood donors. In other
words, Doug donates 12 times as many platelets than a whole blood donor, every
two weeks!

  Although Doug is a unique donor and the first to reach such an amount, there
are 500+ donors who have donated 100+ times, about 50 who have given blood
products 200+ times and nine trailing closely to Doug at 300+ donations.

We appreciate your commitment to saving lives!

Pictured: Doug Schutte giving his 400th blood donation at Emerywood donor center.
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    Going Beyond the Call of Duty
                                                                                                 Want to coordinate
                                                                                                   a blood drive at
                                                                                                  your business or
                                                                                                 organization? Find
                                                                                                      out more:
                                                                                                  804-213-4133 or

                                                                                                (Continued from page 2)
                                                                                                  For potential new donors, Martin
                                                                                             tried to emphasize the benefits of
                                                                                             what a single donation can do and the
                                                                                             importance of the local blood supply.
                                                                                             He explains that the blood can be
                                                                                             separated into three different blood
                                                                                             products: plasma, platelets, and red
                                                                                             blood cells. One donation, he explains,
    Pictured from left: Officer Greg Deeds and Officer Ken Puffenbarger donate blood
                                                                                             can potentially save up to three different
    at the RMH donor center, previously located at Rockingham Memorial Hospital.

         Officers Greg Deeds and Ken              my time six times a year. Regardless of        Blood donations drop in the summer
    Puffenbarger have been partners for 12        who the donation is going to, I know I     months, so Martin and his facility have
    years. As police officers it is their job     am helping someone out,” said Office       begun additional plans to increase
    to protect and save the lives of those        Deeds.                                     donor participation at the upcoming
    around them, but in their spare time                                                     summer drives. Martin tries to involve all
    they have found that donating blood is          His partner, Officer Ken Puffenbarger,   of his employees at Southern Graphics
    equally rewarding.                            a West Virginia native, worked in          Systems when it comes to his blood
                                                  the road construction business for 15      drives. He encourages them to not only
       Officer Deeds spends his spare time        years before joining the police force.     participate in the drives, but to bring a
    training and shooting, but another            He became a police officer because he      friend with them when they come.
    hobby he enjoys is donating blood.            had other family members who were
    Deeds first started donating blood back       involved in law enforcement and wanted     “The thought pattern behind this is to
    in college after a friend was diagnosed       to protect and serve his community.        plant a seed,” said Martin, hoping that
    with leukemia. His family asked for                                                      new donors will be inspired to begin
    blood donations to help save his life.           Officer Puffenbarger first started      blood drives in their own facilities. “I
    Even though his friend lost his battle        donating 20 years ago when a close         just know there are so many untapped
    with leukemia, the blood donations            friend’s wife became very ill and needed   resources in Richmond.”
    he did receive helped him have more           a blood transfusion. His desire to help
    time with his family and friends. This is     her led him to blood donation.                Martin has been encouraged by the
    the driving force behind Officer Deeds’                                                  enthusiasm and successful donations
    donations. This personal connection to          “I see how much it helps, it’s nice to   from within his company. For him, the
    blood donation has held a special place       be able to give back to people,” said      best part of coordinating blood drives
    in his heart throughout all these years       Officer Puffenbarger.                      is knowing that the time and effort put
    after he saw how one simple donation                                                     into coordinating the drives has been
    can change someone’s life.                      Both Officers Deeds and Puffenbarger     worthwhile.
                                                  donate at blood donation centers and
       “It is my job to protect and serve         make it a point to donate at the county    “There is potential for growth in a lot of
    people; it’s a small thing I can do to help   fair whenever it is in town.               different areas,” said Martin. “We’re just
    people out. It only takes 30 minutes of                                                  getting started here.”
                                                        (Continued on page 7: Duty)
                                                                                               SUMMER 2011

             Welcome New Donor Groups      12/01/10-6/1/11

RICHMOND                       In honor of Glen Duke                       Virginia College
American Family Fitness -      In memory of Tremaine Jo’el                 Vitamin Shoppe
Midlothian                     Barksdale                                   Waverly Baptist -Waverly
American Family Fitness -      Ironworks                                   Community Drive In Memory
Chester                        John Rolfe Middle School                    of Gary Pierce and In Honor of
AT & T Mobility                Masonic Lodge Petersburg                    Lon Bickham, Jeremy Everett
Broadus Memorial Baptist       Temple                                      and Trent Kimbrell
Church                         Nationwide Insurance
Brusters Bermuda Square        New Hope Ministries                         WEST
Bunzl USA                      International                               Amerisist of Orange Assisted
Capital One East Shore II      North Shore Commons Building                Living
CareAdvantage                  Operation Inasmuch                          Charlottesville Chiropractic and
Chanello’s Pizza               Pamplin Fire Department                     Sports Medicine
Children’s Home of Virginia    Quaker Steak and Lube                       DAR Augusta Parish Chapter
Baptist                        Randolph Elementary School                  East Rockingham High School
David A. Harrison Elementary   Richmond Department of Social               Elkton Masonic Lodge
School                         Services                                    Envoy at The Village
Dinwiddie County Health Fair   Sheehy Mechanicsville                       Golden Corral of Waynesboro
Elko Middle School             Skipwith Elementary                         Greene County Farm Bureau
Evergreen Enterprises          Southside Virginia Community                Harrisonburg VFW Post #632
Faith Baptist Church           College- Daniel Campus                      Lake Anna Rescue Squad
Farmville Detention Center     Spotswood Elementary                        Logan Rathbun Honor Drive
Feed More, Inc.                Suntrust Mortgage - Riverfront              Martin’s Food Store
Glen Allen Lodge               Plaza                                       Smiley Tile Carpet One
Gold’s Gym -Mechanicsville     Tuckahoe Elementary                         Staunton Fire & Rescue
Hanover Insurance              University of Richmond-                     Stony Point Ruritans
Hilton Garden Inn - Richmond   Department of Recreation and                Wendy’s
Downtown                       Wellness

 What’s that
                                   Wondering what these pixelated              QR marking is supported by the
                               boxes seen in advertising are? Quick        increasing popularity of smartphones
                               Read/Response (QR) codes are                like the iPhone or Android. With a

  thing???                     popping up everywhere across the
                               world. Though they have existed since
                               nearly 1994 in Japan, here in the U.S.
                                                                           modern smartphone and QR application
                                                                           (APP), a user can scan and be directed
                                                                           to the QR’s referring site allowing the
                               they have become part of a recent           user to connect anywhere.
                               social marketing trend.
                                                                               This year, Virginia Blood Services
                                    QR codes are two dimensional           launched a QR code supporting the
                               barcodes that, when scanned by a            VBS Facebook fan page. The code
                               reader, usually on a smartphone or          will continue to be used on posters,
                               tablet, direct a person to a specific set   postcards, drives and potentially t-
                               of information. This information could      shirts. The VBS QR code has been
                               be in the form of a website, Facebook       designed and redesigned for use at
                               page, YouTube video or any other            drives and events.
                               digital resource accessible over the
                               internet. QR codes are as complex and       Download a QR reader on your smart
                               unique as a human fingerprint.              phone and snap the image to the left.
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         A VBS
     experience as a
     blood recipient.
        Pictured from left: Paul and
     Lori Rozecki, with son, Mason.

         Virginia Blood Services (VBS)          built up around my heart and lungs               The last few days in the hospital
    employee Lori Rozecki knows all             causing my kidneys to fail as well.”         were spent with family, friends and
    about blood donations. During her 11                                                     coworkers. “People ask me if I was
    years of service she has worked as a          As Lori’s condition grew worse, the        nervous about my son and I receiving
    recruiter, been on blood drives and now     doctors moved her to the Intensive Care      blood, but I never was,” Lori said. “I
    coordinates the organization’s blood        Unit (ICU) where she would spend the         know how efficient we (VBS) are and
    drive calendar. But her real experience     next 17 days on a ventilator.                every employee plays an important role
    with VBS came just recently, when Lori                                                   in the success of our mission.”
    herself needed a blood transfusion.         “I think I realized just how bad the
                                                situation was when they said I had to            Lori has always donated blood
       On August 25, 2010 Lori and her          go on a ventilation machine,” Lori said.     regularly, but because of her recent
    husband Paul had a baby boy, Mason.         Several days after being in the ICU,         transfusion she is temporarily deferred.
    He was four weeks premature from            during a vitals check, it was decided that   With her experience, she makes it a
    an otherwise normal pregnancy and           her iron levels had fallen too low and       point to thank all donors she sees and
    had to spend his first month in the         she would need a blood transfusion.          when she is eligible again, she says
    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at      Everything she had done to recruit           she will donate her blood with a greater
    Henrico Doctors’ Hospital because of        donors and collect blood at VBS was          sense of purpose.
    respiratory complications. During that      now coming full circle.
    time he was placed on a respirator, put                                                    “When I think back on it, or I talk about,
    under a special light for jaundice and         When the blood bag was brought in         I realize how severe my situation was,”
    received blood.                             to Lori’s room she told the nurse where      Lori said. “I missed the first month of
                                                she works and asked to see the label.        Mason being here and I still have a
      On September 7, Lori and her husband      Over a decade of working in the blood        hard time accepting that, but I would do
    welcomed Mason home for the first           donation business helped put her at          it all over again to be with my son.”
    time and were relieved he was doing         ease when she saw the VBS name on
    so well. Yet, nearly two days later, Lori   the front of the bag.                             When Mason is older, Lori will
    was rushed to the emergency room at                                                      explain to him why donating blood is so
    Memorial Regional Medical Center.              As Lori began to receive the first of     important and how it saved both of their
                                                three units of blood she couldn’t help       lives. Considering Mason’s parents’
    “My family said I suddenly became           but lay there and wonder where it came       careers, in blood services and music,
    unresponsive,” Lori said. “I woke up        from, who had donated it, was it their       Lori knows her son will definitely play
    hours later in the hospital and was told    first time, what drive did it come from      an instrument and be a blood donor.
    I had a cardiomyopathy and fluid had        and with which account manager.
                                                                                                                SUMMER 2011

      Summer Survival through September
      Help your friends, family, and         to beat the heat by staying indoors. Help      Featured below are some winners
coworkers survive this summer by             cool down summer blood shortages by         from the summer campaign. Pictured
starving a mosquito and winning big.         donating blood at your upcoming blood       from left: James Foley, Tarranika Turner,
                                             drive and everyone wins! Learn more         Timothy Seitz, and Doris Williams. Thank
     Summer is the toughest time of          about summer prizes by visiting www.        you for donating during the summer, a
year for Virginia Blood Services to                                great time of need for VBS!
recruit blood donors. To thank donors
for helping local patients survive this
summer, VBS has got the goods that
will make your summer sizzle! Every
week all donors will be entered into a
raffle to win a prize valued up to $500.

What’s the best part? Donors pick the

     In addition to the weekly prize
drawings, every donor wins with VBS
Donor Rewards (www.vbsrewards.
com). Fridays through Mondays through
September 11, all center donors will
receive triple points while field donors
also get double points on Fridays and
Mondays. We’ll have you singing
“Summertime...when the giving’s easy!”
in no time with these donor perks.

  One in seven people will need blood

when entering the hospital this summer.
At the same time folks are on vacation,
spending time by the pool, or just trying

  Duty                                       “Once we get a call from VBS letting        but as the years have progressed, the
  (Continued from page 4)                    us know the next time we can donate,        community has become more involved
                                             we will both write it on our calendar       in hosting their own drives. Officer Deeds
“I really enjoy seeing the people at the     and help remind each other to go and        noted he has seen at least one blood
center every time I go in and it’s a great   give blood. We’ll go and give blood on      drive a week around the community.
feeling to be able to give back,” said       breaks, we help keep each other on          The Harrisonburg community is active
Officer Puffenbarger.                        track,” said Officer Puffenbarger.          in the participation of all the local blood
                                                                                         drives, and the police officers use the
   Not only are they partners on the line        Together these two police officers      buddy system to show their support.
of duty, but they are partners in blood      have donated over six gallons of blood.
donations as well. Their police squad        When one donation can potentially save         “The Harrisonburg’s Traffic Unit takes
has a unique system called the buddy/        up to three lives, their total donations    pride on helping out the public one pint
partner system. This allows for partners     have potentially touched over 145           at a time,” said Officer Deeds. Both
to keep each other on track and to           people.                                     Officers pride themselves on knowing
remember the ultimate goal: ‘Help save                                                   their donations have touched so many
lives.’ With the new donation center in        The Harrisonburg police station used      lives.
Harrisonburg it makes it even simpler.       to host many of their own blood drives,
In Kind Contributors
                                                Don Pepe                                              MIDAS of Richmond
American Family Fitness                         Everyday Shoppes & Café                               NBC 29
Auntie Anne’s                                                                    Olive Garden
Baker’s Crust-Cary                              Famous Daves                                          Panera Bread
Ben & Jerry’s                                   Funny Bone                                            Papa John’s
Best Buy Short Pump                             Gold’s Gym                                            Piccola Pizza
Bill’s BBQ                                      Grease Monkey                                         Pizza Bella South Restaurant
Bonefish Grill                                  Guadalajara                                           Qdoba
Bow Tie Cinemas: MovieLand at                   Hibachi Grill and Supreme                             Red Robin
Boulevard Square                                Buffet                                                Richmond International
Buffalo Wild Wings                              IHOP                                                  Raceway
Capital Ale House                               Iron Bridge Sports Park                               Shackleford’s
CBS 6 (WTVR)                                    Jersey Mike’s - Colonial Heights                      Smoothie King
Chap’s Ice Cream                                Jersey Mike’s- Ashland                                Snow’s Garden Center
Charlottesville Radio Group                     Jersey Mike’s-VCU                                     Superstars Pizza
Cheeseburger in Paradise                        Jimmy John’s - UR                                     The Double Tree Hotel
Chick-fil-A                                     Jimmy John’s - Midlothian                             The Paramount
CiCi’s Midlothian                               Keglers AMF Bowling                                   Tripp’s
Cox Media Group                                 Martin’s                                              UVA Athletics
Crutchfield                                     MASA Corp                                             Wendy’s
Daylight Donuts                                 Melting Pot
   Please call (804) 359-5100 or (800) 989-GIFT if you have comments, questions or suggestions.
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